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To like or to dislike…

Levi Holland wanted to know if it was possible to lower the bar for you, the reader, to give feedback. He proposed something like Facebook’s Like button.

Strangely enough, I never thought about this. But I really liked the idea, so I started looking. Turns out, it was fairly easy to incorporate this on the site. So from now on, there’s an easier way for you to show your love 😊. Just press ‘Like’ (Thumb up) or ‘Dislike’ (Thumb down) at the bottom of each page!

And don’t worry! There’s absolutely NO relationship with Facebook! I’m all about privacy, especially on a site like this. I only have the standard Google and Microsoft tools to see how my site is performing. How many visitors, broken links, that sort of stuff. Everything is anonymized, and no hidden cookies or anything. Especially not for Facebook. Or Meta. I don’t care. Both are evil!

So if you’re up to it, please help us out by pressing one of these buttons after you finish the story.



I Hate You!

Today, I released my latest story ‘I Hate You!’ The premise isn’t exactly original, but I really like how it turned out with the little twists and turns I added. I won’t reveal the premise here, but I’m sure you’ll recognize it when you read the story.

It’s a nine-chapter story, but a little warning is in order here. I was focused on keeping it short and tidy. But as always, I didn’t manage. It turned out as a small novella at 25K words. The first couple of chapters is plot-only. If you’re just here for a quick ‘pipe-cleaning session,’ I recommend waiting for the last four chapters. But if you’re into a little build-up and interested to see how a story develops: Have fun!

Another (again!? Yes, again!) big shout-out to E-o-F!! He helped me out with some ideas and always manages to fish out the typos. Thanks again, Ed!

And also a thank you to Randall Stanhope! He’s good at pointing out some flaws; this one did have a few. Thanks, Randall!!

But this time, I also had some help from Levi Holland. He was kind enough to read through it and gave me many general tips and pointers. These didn’t all make it into the story, but they will help me become a better writer in general. So, also, a big shout-out to Levi!

Thanks, guys! This all helps a lot!

Anywho… Enjoy the new story! If you can’t find it in the menu, here’s the link.

Levi has his own place

A couple of days ago, I announced a new author posting his work on this site. The author is Levi Holland, and as you can see in the menu, Levi has his own place.

Right now, the only story is ‘A Dream of Darkness‘ and I’m positive you’ll enjoy it! Welcome to the club, Levi. Let’s hope it’ll be a long and prosperous relationship with the readers and me 🙂

As usual, the link to him is in the menu. As time progresses and he sends me more of his stories (he’s a bit busy in his personal life at the moment), the menu will automatically expand.

I’m really thrilled to be able to publish his work! If you’ve got questions, comments or anything, just ask me in the regular ways. You can also mail him directly at leviholland@protonmail.com.

His own place can be found here

Direct link to the new story ‘A Dream of Darkness’

Direct link to the new story ‘The Side Hustle’

Stay tuned for more!

New author

There’s a new author coming to the site!

Hey guys,

Recently, I came into contact with a new author who writes pretty awesome stories! E-o-F found his stories and pointed them out to me. And I’m sure glad he did! It’s the high-quality stuff I like so much. The focus isn’t solely on just a quick wank, but written with great detail for character development and a ‘realness’ over them.

We started emailing back and forth, and when I asked him if he was willing to post them on jasoncrow.eu, he was a bit hesitant. Maybe even shy 😀 But there’s absolutely no need for that! Eventually, he was convicted and even excited.

His catalog isn’t as extensive as Alex’s, but neither is mine. As long as the stories are good, that isn’t a real issue, is it?

So… stay tuned for more high-quality work on my site! I’ll send an email broadcast when the first story is online. So if you didn’t subscribe yet, make sure you do to be the first to read these new stories!

I know… a bit of a cliffhanger 😊

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