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Levi has his own place

A couple of days ago, I announced a new author posting his work on this site. The author is Levi Holland, and as you can see in the menu, Levi has his own place.

Right now, the only story is ‘A Dream of Darkness‘ and I’m positive you’ll enjoy it! Welcome to the club, Levi. Let’s hope it’ll be a long and prosperous relationship with the readers and me 🙂

As usual, the link to him is in the menu. As time progresses and he sends me more of his stories (he’s a bit busy in his personal life at the moment), the menu will automatically expand.

I’m really thrilled to be able to publish his work! If you’ve got questions, comments or anything, just ask me in the regular ways. You can also mail him directly at leviholland@protonmail.com.

His own place can be found here

Direct link to the new story ‘A Dream of Darkness’

Direct link to the new story ‘The Side Hustle’

Stay tuned for more!

New author

There’s a new author coming to the site!

Hey guys,

Recently, I came into contact with a new author who writes pretty awesome stories! E-o-F found his stories and pointed them out to me. And I’m sure glad he did! It’s the high-quality stuff I like so much. The focus isn’t solely on just a quick wank, but written with great detail for character development and a ‘realness’ over them.

We started emailing back and forth, and when I asked him if he was willing to post them on jasoncrow.eu, he was a bit hesitant. Maybe even shy 😀 But there’s absolutely no need for that! Eventually, he was convicted and even excited.

His catalog isn’t as extensive as Alex’s, but neither is mine. As long as the stories are good, that isn’t a real issue, is it?

So… stay tuned for more high-quality work on my site! I’ll send an email broadcast when the first story is online. So if you didn’t subscribe yet, make sure you do to be the first to read these new stories!

I know… a bit of a cliffhanger 😊

Dear Jason

And there it is! Dear Jason is my first story in 2023. It’s written in that dark-ish period in my life. I know it isn’t my best work. But I think it turned out okay, nevertheless. E-o-F put it nicely: the plot is unfocused. And he’s right! I found it hard to keep focused during writing. I had a nice premise in my head, but there was a considerable risk of writing myself into a corner. When I realized that, I started drifting a bit. And I wasn’t in the mood AT ALL to read back and make changes. So I did all of that after I was done. I never had such an extensive read-back and correction phase because of that approach.

But anyhow… It’s a story where I’m the main character. Yay! Something has happened to me, and I write about that. I don’t want to give away too much, so you’ll have to find out for yourself this time! I asked Randall to illustrate again, but he made a good point that one of the significant plot elements is pretty challenging to illustrate. So maybe next time! Thanks for even considering, Randall!

Another big thanks to E-o-F!! He’s the best at proofreading my stories. He’s always honest and immediately knows how to pinpoint weaknesses and strong points in the story and plot. And he always finds the typos I missed. I’m not a native speaker, and sometimes I still make stupid mistakes. E-o-F always manages to find them. And he’s ALWAYS willing to help! So, thank you very much, Ed!! Again.

I’m unsure yet at what pace the chapters will be released, so check out the website to see if new work is released. Or, maybe better, subscribe to the email service on my site. I’ll drop an email with that tool whenever I release new work. I sure hope you all enjoy this one. As always: please drop me an email, comment, or whatever, telling me what you think of it.

Here’s the link to the story page. Enjoy!

Story page

Happy Holidays!

Hi people,

Happy Holidays to all of you! I want to wish all of you a very happy ‘Whatever doesn’t Offend you!’ 🙂

Seriously… Enjoy the holidays with your family and/or loved ones. The worst things with COVID seem behind us. Thankfully! I’m not too certain yet that everything is over, but things sure are looking better. The war in the Ukraine rages on with that Russian madman as the source of all that misery. Let’s hope this madness ends soon and that peace is soon upon us.

I wish for all the other places in the world where there’s suffering and misery, that things will also get better soon. One can almost state that I’m hoping for world peace…

Why don’t we all do our best on a smaller scale and help the people around us? And maybe, just maybe, this will morph into something bigger. It doesn’t hurt to dream about world peace, right?

Take care and stay safe!

before anyone starts complaining: the picture above this post is CGI. No real butts were harmed in this picture 🙂

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