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New Story – Date Night Discovery

Hi folks,

A couple of moments ago, I released my latest story. It’s called ‘Date Night Discovery’, and in this one, we follow Carol on a night out as she goes clubbing with her roommate. She’s picked up by a handsome fellow, and we read all about the night (and day) as it unfolds.

It’s what some people might call a stroke story. Nothing fancy in the form of character development and story arc. So, don’t expect to be triggered that way. But I’m positive that it’ll trigger you in other ways! Wink, wink…

And… Be ready for another first… I’ve been playing around with AI-generated images. I’m not nearly as good as some people, but it’s damn easy to create something. So, I made a couple of pictures that correspond with the story. I’ve tried a few different settings and posted (IMHO, at least) the best results inline with the story. Maybe, I’ll post the ones that didn’t make it later for you to judge. Not sure yet.

I hope you enjoy this one!

Here’s the link by the way…

Oh! And the Audiobook and Ebook are also ready. You can download them if you want to. Completely free of charge 😀

New Jason Crow Story – Aetheria

Hi guys,

There’s a new Jason Crow story, and it’s called Aetheria I’ve just published the first chapter, so go and check it out! Aetheria is a Sci-Fi story. If Sci-Fi isn’t your thing, don’t bother. But then again… It’s a Jason Crow Sci-Fi story, so you know what is going to happen. I won’t give away too much about the plot, but a twin boy and girl (twins again!? Yes, again! It’s my goto kink, so stop bugging me! 😊) head into space with their parents, and the whole galaxy seems against them. Don’t worry! There’s no ‘Danger, Will Robinson!’ in this one.

My inspiration mainly came from ‘The Marian’ and ‘Project Hail Mary’ by Andy Weir. And since I’m a HUGE fan of the Alien franchise (siderant: Why the HELL did they ever make Alien 4!?!), there’s probably a bit to found in there, too. Some might think it’s got a little Avatar in it, but I don’t like these movies that much, so it’s unlikely but not impossible in a Sci-Fi story. Much like every boarding school story has some Harry Potter in it…

But beside all that. I think this story turned out quite nicely. I like the characters, I like the action, and I was really invested in writing it. And this time, I’m actually proud of the result. I didn’t do complicated flashbacks, double storylines, or anything like that. Just straightforward and in my favorite style: first-person, past tense.

This time, I wrote the epilogue right after I was finished. And this story needs an Epilogue for some people, and maybe for all. If you’re happy with the ending, don’t bother with the epilogue. But I agree with that the story needs closure, and there aren’t spoilers or anything in it. I just take a peek into their future. The original ending is on an emotional high, which I think is always a good ending. But it doesn’t tie anything up. So, yeah…

E-o-F helped me out big time again with this one. His ability to fish out the typos and illogical parts, and come up with story ideas and twists is always a HUGE help. Thanks, Ed! Again 😊

Oh, one more thing! My big example, Alex Hawk, wrote a story called ‘In the FLiN‘ back in the day. I used a couple of references to that story in mine. Maybe read that one before you read this one. They’re two completely different and separate stories, but there are some things you might recognize.

You can find the story page here, and I’ll add the new chapters over the coming days.

Let me know what you think! I always like feedback, good and bad!

Story page
First chapter
Second chapter


Goodbye Dad!

I am sad… This morning, my dear father passed away. He’s had a rough two years behind him, with hospital visits, COVID, pneumonia, heart failure, and other medical ‘inconveniences’. This morning, his heart suddenly stopped beating, and he was gone. Gone. Just like that.

Thanks, Dad! For everything. You will be missed!

I love you.

Thank you all for the kind words and the support you guys gave me! Truly heartwarming, and good to see people still care about each other’s feelings.


Parker Monroe

Hi guys,

A short while ago, Parker Monroe contacted me about the story ‘Blake and Ashley’ by Alex Hawk. He loved the story and wondered if there were any accompanying pics available. When I told him there weren’t, he offered to create some himself. Well… let AI generate pictures.

I’ve done some digging in the AI department myself, but it isn’t quite as easy as one might think. I’m getting some results that I can use on my site, but it’s a slow process with a high learning curve.

But Parker is WAY higher on the learning curve than I am, and he sent me two pics that I’ve added to the ‘Blake and Ashley’ story. So, now there’s a new story header image and one inline pic to liven up the story. And all of this is on the brink of a new year! (Check out ‘Ringing in the New Year’ part one and part two for more fun 😊 )

I want to thank Parker for his efforts, and hopefully, he can help me out with animating some of my new stories.

To everyone, a Happy New Year, and see you next year on the Jason Crow website!

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