Bullied to Buff – Part Four
Jason Crow

“I don’t wanna talk about things we’ve gone through,” Kaylee said to me.

I tried to talk to her about our dad and the history we had, but she wouldn’t have it. Seeing her in denial now, made me realize she’d probably need some psychiatric help in the future. But to be honest, she did appear fine. Heck, maybe I was the one needing psychiatric help. Kaylee just hugged me and said she liked the way we live now way too much to care about the past. I could only praise her for that attitude. We were dressing for school now after our morning shower. Kaylee practically abandoned her own room and was doing all her stuff in mine now. Only now and then, when she needed peace and quiet for her homework, she’d go to her room.

Our workout routine didn’t change much after our last session for the remaining days our mom was at home. We kept masturbating each other, and only once ate and sucked the other. By now, it was Monday, and our mom left this morning for an entire week. This was the first time she was gone for such a long period, so she gave us quite an extensive list of instructions. Kaylee and I were both looking forward to being alone all the time, so we just let it come to us.
That morning, after my math class, I was walking to my locker when I saw Thomas running toward me. He had a worried look on his face.

“Hey, dude. Where’s the fire?” I asked jokingly.

“It’s Kaylee… Nelson… basement…” he panted.

I slammed my locker shut and ran to the basement, vaguely aware Thomas was following me. ‘The Basement’ was a room known to all people in school. It was a small room below our main building, used for storing the outdoor sporting equipment and only accessible through a narrow corridor that led to a set of stairs that ended in the storage room.

I had no idea what was going on with Kaylee, but the look in Thomas’ eyes had me on full alert. So as I was running toward the basement, all sorts of awful images went through my head.

“Keep going! I’ll get Mrs. Collins!” Thomas called behind me.

I had no intention of stopping. There was something wrong with my sister and I needed to help her! That was all I was thinking about. I passed Mr. Hoffs, who yelled something at me, but what he yelled didn’t register.

I rounded the corner around the main building and from here on it was a straight shot toward the hallway that led to the basement. I could already see one of the two guys that were always with Nelson. I couldn’t see if it was Crabbe or Goyle as we always called them, but I didn’t care at all. He was obviously on the lookout. I slowed down a bit as I approached him and, he looked a bit surprised to see me.

“Nelson! NO! Stop it!” I heard my sister scream from inside the basement.

The tone I heard in her voice was one of great agony. There was no doubt about that. I quickened my pace to a full-on sprint, and the guy on the lookout made a move to stop me. I jumped toward him in full sprint with my shoulder pointed at him. He didn’t expect that, because My shoulder hit him on his chin at full speed, causing both of us to tumble over. I quickly crawled up, leaving the guy motionless on the ground. I wasted no time on him and sprinted toward the basement through the hallway.

The moment I entered the small room, it took me a second to realize what I was looking at. Kaylee was lying on her back with her blouse unbuttoned and her bra pulled up, exposing her breasts. Goyle (or Crabbe) was pinning her down by holding her wrists and looking directly at Kaylee’s breasts. Nelson stood between her legs with his pants around his ankles and his erection tenting out the front of his underwear. He had pulled Kaylee’s skirt up, exposing her underwear. Nelson was stunned seeing me, considering the look on his face.

“Hey, freak… Get lost! Or do you want a piece of her too?” He then laughed at Goyle (or Crabbe) “But only after I’m done! With that monster of yours, you’ll probably split her in half!”

That last part didn’t register. Everything before my eyes got a red glow, and I just lost it. I don’t remember anything from what happened in the basement. Later Kaylee told me what I did.

Before he finished his sentence, I stepped toward Nelson and kicked him in the nuts with everything I had in me. He curled into a fetal position, and at that time, Goyle (or Crabbe) shouted something. I took a baseball bat from the storage bag behind Nelson, and in one, swift motion, swung it down on his forearms. He fell to his knees and he started screaming, looking at his arms that were in an unnatural upward bend. I turned around, lifted the bat above my head, and struck Nelson about three or four times before someone grabbed me from behind and dragged me out of the basement.

The first thing I remember is looking at the worried face of Mr. Hoffs, who was pinning me down. He’d run after me and followed me into the basement. Even pinned down, I could see Mrs. Collins enter the basement. Thomas was hard on her heels until she told him to wait outside.

“You’re in big trouble, mister!” Mister Hoffs said to me.

I didn’t care what he said. I struggled to get free from him and check on Kaylee, but he was too strong for me. After a few moments and to my great relief, I saw Mrs. Collins come out of the basement with her arm around Kaylee’s shoulder. She was crying, wearing MRs. Collins’s jacket around her shoulders. The moment she saw me, she ran to me and hugged me the best she could, considering me Hoff was still pinning me down.

“Thank you!” She said to me, still crying and kissed me on my cheek.

After a short while, other teachers showed up and entered the basement too. Mr. Hoffs helped me to my feet and took me, together with mister Sanchez, to the principal.

Well, to make a long story short, Mr. Hoffs was the school counselor at our school for many years, and now it became clear that this wasn’t the first time Nelson tried to rape a girl. In fact, Kaylee was the fourth. Nelson got away with it each time because mister Hoffs didn’t want to deal with all the hassle it generated. Each time he talked the girls into not going to the police and assured them this wouldn’t happen again.

Thomas bringing Mrs. Collins was a good thing because she wouldn’t let Nelson get away with it of course. Otherwise, it would’ve mean getting expelled from school. This series of unfortunate events brought a shitstorm over our school. They had to fire Mr. Hoffs because of his actions and even pressed charges against him. I don’t know the punishment he got, and I frankly don’t care.

And for me? Well, the first guy I knocked down (his name was Jason) had a concussion and broke his jaw. They wired it shut, and he had to eat through a straw for seven weeks. He got suspended for two weeks and had to go to detention for the rest of the year. The other guy (his name was Max) broke both his forearms and had to wear casts for about five weeks. He also got suspended for two weeks and had to go to detention for the rest of the year. Both boy’s parents were so shocked when they found out what their kids were into, they didn’t even blame me. Max’s parents even thanked me personally for setting their boy straight and apologized deeply for what had happened.

Nelson was a different story. My kick broke his pelvic bone, causing him to piss blood, and I later learned the healing took about eleven weeks. Hitting him with the baseball bat broke two of his ribs and bruised one, which also kept him under the weather for ten weeks. Kaylee was a random victim, and he didn’t know she was my sister. His parents insisted on a thorough investigation of the events, because ‘Their poor boy wouldn’t do such horrible things’

The police came, interrogated everyone, and of course, Nelson never stood a chance. Because of his parents and the police investigation, he needed to go to court. He got eighteen months in juvie for attempted rape and got kicked out of school.

This is what happened afterward: The day this all happened, Kaylee asked the principal to call our grandfather, considering our mom was away, and we didn’t want to ruin her first time away in her new job. And besides that, she’ll quickly learn what had happened.

Of course, he came right away and talked to the principal. My granddad was mad as hell when he went into the office, but came out a lot calmer and looked after us after hearing all parts of the story. I had a bruised shoulder and a bruised foot, but luckily that was all. The school did have to punish me because I had broken the rules about violence in school, and they couldn’t let me get away with that. I had to write a two-page essay about grass. It was obviously a symbolic punishment, and I understood why they gave me this penalty.

After everything was said and done in school, our grandfather took us to their home where where by our grandmother greeted us. We had a great lunch and talked about the events a lot. Kaylee appeared to be okay and assured us all that she was doing fine. My granddad couldn’t stop talking about me and how amazing it was what I did. I honestly wasn’t proud of what I’ve done. Mainly because I didn’t remember it, but also because I never wanted to hurt anyone. But most of all, I was scared of the person I was when I lost it and went berserk.

Our grandma offered us to stay the night. I figured it was the sensible thing to do, so Kaylee wouldn’t be without adult supervision for the night. So we agreed and our grandma made our beds for us. We stayed here a lot in the past, and each had our own room upstairs. Our grandparents slept downstairs, so we just had to call out to them and they would be upstairs in a matter of seconds.

After dinner, we called our mom. We put the phone on speaker so everyone could listen and chip in when necessary. Of course, our mom was shocked, and her first reaction was to come home immediately. But after talking a while and our granddad assured her that everything was under control, and that there was nothing she could add by coming home, our mom calmed down a bit.

We discussed our options and things we had to do to wrap this whole thing up. Our mom was obviously bummed out by the fact that she wasn’t there for us when she needed to. But we all dismissed that, and praised her for getting her life back on track. We agreed that this was just a minor bump in the road. She decided to stay at her work, but Kaylee and I had to promise that we’d call every day.

After this, we hung up and the four of us played a game of clue. Kaylee and I didn’t have to go to school the next day because of the events, but around ten, Kaylee announced she wanted to go to bed. It made me realize I was tired too, so we both said goodnight and went upstairs.

Kaylee went into the bathroom first to brush her teeth, so I went to my room and stripped down to my underwear. I entered the bathroom the moment she was finished. She dried her mouth, hung back the towel, and turned around. Out of the blue, she gave me the tightest hug she ever gave me.

“Thank you SO much for protecting me, big brother!”

“Of course, Kaylee! I know you would’ve done the same for me.” I tried toning it down.

“Don’t.” She said. “I know you scared yourself doing this, but I’m glad somebody stood up for me. And it’s even better that you were the one that stood up!”
She loosened the hug and kissed me on my cheek.

“I’m turning in now. Good night!”

“Good night, Kaylee! Don’t let the bed bugs bite..” I smiled.

“I love you, Wyatt. Good night!”

“Love you too! Good night.”

I brushed my teeth and went to my bedroom. I got rid of my underwear and got under the covers. We didn’t have our cooling down session, and normally I’d jack-off before I went to sleep. But right now, I didn’t feel like it at all. I blamed that on everything that happened today. But despite all that, sleep came quickly, and I fell in a deep, dreamless sleep.


“Wyatt?” I heard a whisper.

I opened my eyes, but in the pitch dark room, it was as if my eyes were still closed.

“Wyatt?” I heard the whisper again.

“Hmmph,” I grumbled, not fully awake yet.

“I can’t sleep, Wyatt. Can I sleep with you please?”

When we were younger, she used to sleep in my bed a lot. But as we grew older, she stopped coming into my room, and we each slept in our own beds. But her coming in my room now and asking for this meant something was off.

“Of course you can! Get over here.”

I was aware that I was as naked as the day I was born, but I guessed she wouldn’t mind too much. Good thing I was soft too. Otherwise, she might be freaked out or something. I felt my sheets moving and her body moving in under the covers.

“Thank you. I’m a bit scared on my own in that dark room.”

“No problem, sis.”

I felt her head on my chest as she laid her body partially on me. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, pulling her close. It was almost as we were watching tv on a night after our workout. I also felt the heat of her pussy on my leg and realized that she was naked too. That combination sent my dick to full-on boner in a few seconds. I decided not to pay any attention to it and hoped Kaylee wouldn’t notice. This just wasn’t the time or place to fool around.

“I really hate Nelson, you know…” she said out of the blue.

“Yeah. I do too… he’s a total dick!”

“And a pencil dick too from what I could see in his underwear..” she giggled.

“Glad you can laugh about it all.” I complimented her.

“Yeah. Me too. Thanks to you!” And she hugged me again, raising her right leg and draping it over my lower body to just below my balls.

We just laid in bed, enjoying each other’s company and not feeling the need to talk. After a few minutes, I felt Kaylee’s breath deepen and her feet doing some sleep twitches. Just as I remembered from when we were younger. She was falling asleep.


I woke up feeling hot. The early morning light was coming through the windows, but I could see it was still early. I felt Kaylee’s breast against my chest and her pussy still warm on my leg. We both barely moved during the night. One thing moved, though. Kaylee’s hand was wrapped around my erection, just holding it. I tried moving the blankets down as carefully as possible, so we wouldn’t be that hot anymore. Kaylee moved a bit, but she didn’t fully wake up. Her hand moved up and down on my dick as a sort of involuntary reaction, and it caused me to moan softly. The jerking motion stopped after a bit, and I slowly drifted off to sleep again.

I had some vague dream about school that abruptly ended, and I felt Kaylee’s body moving and her breasts rubbing against my chest. It took me a few seconds to realize where I was, and at that moment Kaylee started nibbling at my ear and whispered:

“Time for you to wake up too,” and her hand moved up and down my shaft again.

“Grmpfh” I answered, but enjoying the feeling on my dick a lot.

“I hear grandma making breakfast downstairs, so we need to get up.” She said, still slowly jerking me.

“Okay. Mmmhh..” I replied.

“Thank you for letting me stay here last night. I needed that.” She said, abruptly let go of my dick and sat up exposed her breasts to me.

“Sure. Anytime!” I responded, feeling a slight disappointment that she let go of my dick.

“I’ll shower at home. We’ll ask grandpa to drop us off, okay? That way we can do an extensive workout and be on our own. Agree?”

“Good idea. I didn’t do my workout yesterday and this morning, so yeah. And I need to do some laundry.”

We both got up, got dressed, brushed our teeth, and went downstairs to eat breakfast. After breakfast our grandfather took us to the police station, so Kaylee and I could answer some more questions. After that, he dropped us off at our home, and Kaylee and I were alone again.

We managed to get a few chores done and we did some homework together we needed to do for the next day. Next, we went downstairs, stripped and both did an extensive workout, without our usual cooling down. Kaylee didn’t initiate it and I didn’t know if she was ready for it yet.

We did shower together, and Kaylee asked me, for the first time, if I could wash her back. I eagerly accepted the option to touch her magnificent body and lathered her back. I hesitated slightly near her butt, but quickly decided to go for broke and wash her butt too.

“Nice.” She said. “Can you do my front too, please,” as casual as she could and she turned around.

I’d never let an opportunity like this go to waste, so I made sure there was enough shower gel on my hands and started working my way from her shoulders down to her feet. I couldn’t help myself and paid extra attention to her boobs, feeling her nipples harden even more under my touch. I lingered as long as I could around her boobs, before I made my way down her stomach.

Once I reached her pussy, I hesitated. But Kaylee helped me out by spreading her legs a bit, allowing me better access. So I rubbed around at her pussy, making sure to pay extra attention to her clit. She never gave any signs of liking or disliking it, and she never moaned, but I knew she liked what I was doing by all the experiences we shared already. I moved lower to wash her legs and feet and by the time I was back at her pussy, Kaylee said:

“Thanks! Let me do you now,” and she closed her legs. “Turn around.”

I turned my back to her as she poured some of my shower gel in her hands and started working on my neck and shoulders. It was more of a massage then soaping me up, but I found it extremely nice and relaxing. She worked her way down my arms and back before reaching my ass. Kaylee didn’t hesitate and kneaded both my cheeks, and I liked it.

Her hands went lower, and she washed my legs. When she was at my feet, she asked me to turn around. I almost hit her on her head with my boner when I turned around, but we both acted like it didn’t happen, although I had to suppress a giggle. Her hands moved slowly from my calf’s upward to between my legs. Her wrists touched my balls as her hand and fingers washed me between my legs. She paid special attention to the bit between my ball sack and anus, which I learned then was a highly erogenous zone.

Her hands left my thighs and the inevitable happened. Both her soapy hands were going up and down on my rock hard dick. I couldn’t stop moaning as she did this. One hand went to my balls and started massaging them, while she kept jerking me.

All too soon, Kaylee stopped and stood back up, her hands going further upward and washed my belly.

“Hmmm… Your six-pack is getting there, brother…” and she kept rubbing me there.

Her hands went to my chest and shoulders, and her massaging hands made me feel proud of all the hard work I’ve done so far. Kaylee surprised me by licking my ear and moaned in it. At the same time, her hand moved back to my dick and she started jerking me again. Fast and determined this time.

Because of all the touching, groping, and moaning, I was close to cumming already.

“Ohhhh…yeahhhh,” I moaned.

“Shoot for me! I want to feel your cum spurting out of your fat cock!” She moaned in my ear.

Her talking like this was so insanely exciting, I couldn’t hold it back. I immediately came.

“AAAHHHHHH..” I groaned.

“Yesssss… shoot for me, big brother… let it go!” And her hand kept milking me.

She jacked me off enough to know when to stop jerking. And so she stopped just in time before I got too sensitive. As the water still cascaded down on us, I opened my eyes and looked at her. She looked me horny in my eyes and kissed me hungrily on my mouth. It lasted a few seconds before we broke apart and I smiled at her.

“Wow. That was… wow! You sure know how to do it just right for me, Kaylee!”

“Then why did you stop fooling around, Wyatt?” She asked seriously.

“Huh!? What do you mean?” I asked.

“Yesterday and today you avoided me like the plague. Is it because of what happened with Nelson?”

“What? No! Of course not! Well… a little bit maybe… I wanted you to have some space. I reasoned that letting you set the pace was the best thing to do. I didn’t want to impose myself.”

“That’s very considerate of you, Wyatt. But I already told you I’m fine! So let’s keep the good thing going, okay?”

“Okay, Kaylee. I won’t hold back anymore. I promise!” And my hand started moving toward her pussy.

“Thank you! But not right now,” she smiled and closed her legs shut. “First we eat and watch tv. Maybe another workout session tonight?”

“Maybe,” I responded and retracted my hand.

I wasn’t too much into another session after the intense session I just finished. But I wouldn’t want to spoil another opportunity either. So that ‘maybe’ was exactly what I meant to say. We did just what Kaylee proposed. We went downstairs, naked of course, and I ordered the pizza. Kaylee poured the drinks and selected a movie from the extensive list of movies I downloaded and placed on a hard-drive, connected to the tv. When the doorbell rang, I threw on my bathrobe, got the pizza and paid the delivery guy.

As we started munching down on the pizza, I realized how long it’s been since we had pizza. I knew it didn’t fit into our diet, but man! It was tasty!

“I didn’t know I missed pizza this much,” Kaylee said with her mouth full.

“Funny! I was just thinking the same!” I laughed.

The movie Kaylee selected was ‘The Blue Lagoon’. I never heard of it, and seeing it was released in 1980 didn’t exactly get my hopes up. But if I could watch a movie naked, with a naked girl cuddled up against me, I’d even watch a four hour documentary about snails growing up.

But the movie surprised me big time! I even boned up a few times during the movie, which Kaylee found funny, and it made her playfully bounce my boner around. On the other hand, I felt her nipples harden a lot of times during the movie too. And each time they did, I softly pinched them. After the movie was over, I was both horny and confused. They were sort of brother and sister and got a kid together. And horny because of all the flesh I’d seen. I was soft at the moment and still doubtful about another workout session.

“Do you mind if we go to bed?” Kaylee quietly asked.

“Not at all… I was just thinking about how tired I am and that another workout isn’t an option for me.”

“Good!” And she stood up and started cleaning up the plates and glasses.

I made sure all the doors and windows were shut and turned off the lights. We brushed our teeth side by side and the moment I was ready to wish Kaylee a good night, she looked me in the eyes.

“Do you mind if I sleep with you again tonight?”

This was more than just a normal question to sleep in my bed. Maybe I read into it, but her whole body language was different than normal.

“I think I’m ready for it…” she whispered.

My heart skipped two beats, hearing her say this. I immediately knew what she meant, and I didn’t read into it! The butterflies in my stomach were back with a vengeance. I was so nervous, I didn’t even get a boner from the anticipation.

“Oh…” was all I managed to get out my throat.

My little sister stood there before my eyes in all her glory, and without a shred of clothing or bashfulness. But she looked so vulnerable at the same time, I felt I needed to do something. So I stepped forward, put one arm behind her knees and the other around her back, and I picked her up in my arms. Kaylee wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply on my lips.

I carried her into my room like a groom carrying his bride, where I put her down on my bed gently. The glow coming from the hallway light made her body almost radiant. She looked magnificent and fragile, a sex goddess and a young girl. All at the same time. I laid down on the bed beside her and kissed her on her lips. I slowly moved down to her neck, while my right hand played with her left nipple.

“Mhhh… this is nice” Kaylee purred. “Will you make me a woman?”

“I’m afraid I’ll hurt you… You know… With my… um big… penis…”

“Don’t be. Just be as gentle as you always are. I know you’ll never hurt me on purpose. We’ll do this together.”

Kaylee spread her legs and looked at me full of lust and anticipation. She smiled nervously and then eyed my boner.

I was feeling all sorts of mixed emotions. I didn’t want to hurt her but was also very excited to be devirginized. I didn’t want to do anything wrong but also wanted to put my dick inside her and feel what it was like. I decided not to dwell on these feelings and got between my little sister’s spread legs, my hard-on leading the way.

I put my hands next to her head and lowered my body down on top of her and felt her breasts press against my chest. My dick nestled between her legs, lying on top of her warm and moist pussy.

“You sure you want to do this?” I asked one last time as I moved my butt back, so my penis moved toward her opening.

“Go for it, my big, strong brother,” she whispered.

My dick was moving slowly downward and flopped down on the mattress when I was at the end of her pussy. Kaylee immediately took it in her hand and lined me up. I felt the wet, warm opening of her pussy at the tip of my dick.

“There… Now just push it in slowly,” she said and the anticipation beamed from her face.

I carefully pushed forward. I felt the pressure on my dickhead growing, but also felt that I was entering something warm and wet. The next thing I noticed as I pushed forward, was a small ‘popping’ feeling as the rim of my glans was engulfed and surrounded by my sisters pussy lips.

“OHHHH. Wyatt!” Kaylee moaned. “I feel it going in!”

I was lost for words. The feeling on my dick was so overwhelming, I could barely think. I paused a few seconds after my dickhead was in my sister’s pussy. But I needed to go further. I wasn’t sure how far I could enter her, because I had no clue how deep a girls pussy was. I was constantly reminded of how big my dick was, so I was a bit worried that only the tip, or maybe only a tiny bit more could go in.

So I kept pushing and felt more and more of my dick slowly entering the most wonderful place I ever felt. I was about halfway in when I heard Kaylee moan again, but this time it wasn’t just pure pleasure.

“AAHHHH!” She said and pushed at my chest with her hands.

“Did I hurt you? Do you want me to pull out?” I asked worriedly.

“No no! Don’t you dare take it out!” She panted. “Just give me a moment to get used to being so filled up down there.”

I held perfectly still and looked intensely at her to see if she was doing okay. I still saw that hornier than horny look in her eyes, so I figured it was still good.

“Slide back a tiny bit and then forward again,” Kaylee whispered.

And that is just what I did. Pulling back a little got me lubed up again, which made pushing forward again a lot easier.

“Ohhhhh, Wyatt…. Don’t stop! Push it all the way in! I’m… Agghh” Kaylee moaned, and her eyes turned back in her head.

She wasn’t cumming. I knew her too well for that, but she was losing control over her body, that much was clear. And I felt a vague sense of pride being the one giving it to her. I pulled back a bit and pushed forward two more times when I felt my pubic hair met hers. This was it. I was all the way in! Kaylee looked at me a bit unfocused and placed both her hands on my butt.

“I ooh… feel you hitting aahhh… something inside,” she panted.

“Does it hurt!?” I asked worriedly again.

“Ahh… What?” And she tried focusing on my eyes again. “No, no! It’s amazing! Now fuck me, big brother. Fuck me! Please fuck me!”

This wasn’t the Kaylee I knew from our other endeavors. It was almost like she was possessed or something. But I wasn’t thinking too clearly myself by now. My dick was in the most wonderful place I could ever imagine, and I was encouraged to move in and out of it.

The moment I pulled back, I was careful not to pull back too far, because I didn’t want to slip out. So all too soon I pushed back slowly, still being careful.

“Ooaahhh!” Kaylee groaned as I was fully back in again.

I could feel her pussy contracting around my dick. It was almost as if she was cumming. The difference was that the contractions weren’t as strong, nor as frequent as normal.

“AAHHH… YESS!” And her fingers dug themselves in my butt cheek and lower back.

This second encouragement got me going. I moved out and in again, this time a bit further out. The next time even further. The third time I slipped out, but this time I managed to quickly get it in myself and it slipped in easily. I immediately slid it all the way back in and I felt no resistance doing so.

“Faster!” Kaylee groaned again. “Do it faster!”

I shrugged mentally because that’s what she wants, and by now it’s obvious I’m not hurting her in any way. On the contrary. And that’s when a good rhythm started to form. I was glad I came not too long ago, so I could last a bit longer and savor this awesome feeling. In the back of my mind, the idea hit that Kaylee planned it back then already and wanted me to cum, so I could last longer. Ah well… I didn’t mind one bit…

I was now steadily pounding away, and Kaylee’s head moved from one side to the other, constantly moaning and her pussy still contracting. I was starting to lose it myself as the pressure in me kept boiling.

“FSTRRR!” Came from Kaylee’s mouth.

That was it for me. I started pounding away faster and harder. This also meant I was reaching the point of no return quickly now. The feeling around my dick and my thrashing sister below me, obviously having the time of her life, were making me feel all warm and tingly inside. A few moments later, that same tingle focused on my balls. I was reaching my climax.

My movement was stronger now. Slower, but stronger. I practically slammed my groin against Kaylee’s pussy now as the pressure in my balls kept building. I tried holding back as long as I could, but the moment Kaylee’s body stiffened under me and her arms and legs wrapped around me, I felt it. Her pussy contracted sharply, and I managed two more pushes before I shot my sperm in my thirteen-year-old sister’s pussy.

“AAARGGHH!” Kaylee almost screamed.

“AHH… I’m cumming!” I managed to grunt.

“Ohhh… Yes! I can feel it splashing inside me…” Kaylee said with wonder in her voice.

She held me firmly against her with both her arms and legs as I kept unloading and tried to catch my breath. Kaylee started kissing me all over my face and neck.

My body went practically limp on her, and I laid my head down next to her face. I felt both exhausted and proud. Exhausted because of the intensity of the actions and proud because I gave my sister an intense orgasm during her first fuck. My dick was deflating, and I felt it slowly slipping out of Kaylee’s pussy. I pulled it out completely and laid down beside her. Kaylee immediately cuddled up against me and put her hand on my now soft dick.

“Now THAT was totally mind-blowing, Wyatt!” Kaylee giggled. “I never felt anything like this. I just knew that your big dick would feel amazing inside me!” And she squeezed my dick as she said it.

I just laid there catching my breath and let the good feelings wash over me. I couldn’t speak now, even if my life depended on it.

“It felt SO amazing being so filled up with your dick. At first, it hurt a bit, but when I got used to it, I felt like being stretched too far. But in a good way, you know? And as you started fucking me, it almost felt like one big orgasm. I was sort of cumming the entire time and I couldn’t keep my head straight. And the tip of your dick kept hitting something inside me, which felt amazing. And the moment you started slamming me really hard, you hit my clit, my pussy, and that spot inside at the same time! I felt like I exploded internally. And then I felt your cum splatter my insides, and I came again.” Kaylee blabbered on…
I absolutely loved this about my sister! When she’s hyped and excited, she can’t stop talking enthusiastically about it. I just lay there listening to and enjoying the torrent of words flooding out of her mouth.

“Do you think you can make it hard again already? I want to do it again…” She asked just like that and squeezed my dick.

I looked at her in her puppy eyes and couldn’t suppress a giggle.

“Just a few moments, please. Remember this was my first time too!” And I laughed at her eagerness.

“And you did an amazing job! No matter what anyone ever says about your penis, it’s perfect for fucking me!” And she kissed me on my mouth.

In the meantime, she started playing with my dick more seriously, and she started Frenching me at the same time. This had the expected effect of me getting stiff again. She must’ve felt it too because she moaned in my mouth the moment she couldn’t wrap her hand around my base anymore. She never stopped kissing me and straddled my waist, rubbing her still dripping wet pussy up and down over my dick. She moved her hips up a bit, grabbed my dick, and impaled herself on it.

Not being in control now, but my cock still nestled in that wonderful place was a whole new ballgame to me. Just as awesome, but different. We must’ve fucked like this for about five minutes before Kaylee turned over and lay on her back.

“I like the control and how deep you get when I’m on top, but I like you doing it better,” she moaned as I slipped back in.

She started trashing again below me, the minute I started pounding hard again. I felt my balls slap against her ass, each time I went in. After a few minutes of this, I felt Kaylee cumming again. I wasn’t there just yet so I just kept going, guessing that she liked being fucked hard like this during her orgasm. Kaylee came three or four times during the second time we fucked, before I shot my load deep in my sister once again.

We lay there side by side on my bed after this and I pulled the covers over our bodies. Kaylee wasn’t talking that much now, but was cuddled up against me and already breathing deeply. We both fell asleep like this.

The next morning I was awakened by her hand toying with my dick. The moment I was fully awake, she was sitting on it again and we fucked again. In fact, we fucked each morning, afternoon, and evening the entire week our mom was away. I never felt this sexually satisfied my whole life. Looking back on it, we were lucky Kaylee didn’t get pregnant during that week.

After our mom got back, our fucking intensity dropped significantly. And Kaylee talked our mom into getting her to a doctor to get a prescription for the pill. Even though our mom was home, Kaylee slept in my room almost constantly. Our mom never got upstairs, so we dared to take that gamble. Looking back now, I guess she knew what was going on, but decided not to say anything about that.

I’m still deeply grateful for the fact that she let us be this way and didn’t judge us. We were in love after all.

The end.


At school, everything was going pretty good now. I wasn’t instantly the most popular guy in school, but I wasn’t picked on anymore either. And everyone knew me now as ‘That guy that saved a girl from Nelson’. I fit in way better than before and made some actual friends. And so did Kaylee. We both had a really good and normal school career after everything that had happened.

And at home? Well… A few months after we fucked the first time, our grandmother died of a heart attack. We were all devastated, our grandpa especially. Kaylee and I visited him a lot, making sure he was doing fine. During our vacations, we stayed there to keep him company. When we stayed there, Kaylee kept sleeping with me, but we had to keep our sex to a minimum.

After high school, I went to a local community college, so I could keep living at home. I got myself a nice car, thanks to my administrative job at a local realtor. Kaylee and I kept our relationship going and had sex on a very regular basis. We both dated a few times, but that was just to keep up appearances. When possible, we tried to double date, so we still ended up together at the end of the evening. We, of course, both never got serious dating anyone else.

My first year in college, our grandfather died. By that time our mom had paid of all her debts, and we had moved to a new house in a better neighborhood. After our grandfather’s funeral, their will was presented to us. Our grandfather left everything to Kaylee and me in a fund that we both could access for fifty percent the moment Kaylee turned eighteen. Our mom was very pleased with this arrangement and understood it completely, considering her history.

But that same history had paid its toll on her body. The day after I turned eighteen, our mom was diagnosed HIV positive, combined with a severe and lethal form of hepatitis. Her prognoses weren’t good. The doctors didn’t think she had very much time left. Her illnesses got progressively worse and almost a year later, she died. Kaylee and I were now orphans. The silver lining was that our mom had arranged everything for us. We could stay in our home and she made sure the mortgage was paid off. She even had arranged for insurance that paid for our college, so we started our adult life debt-free. I still don’t know how she managed to do all this, but it sure gave my sister and me a nice head start.

The fact that our mom was gone, meant that Kaylee and I didn’t have to pretend or be careful anymore when we were at home. In our home, we were practically nudists. The moment we were at home, we shed our clothes. We also fucked a lot! I guess we averaged at about 1 ½ times a day.

Only a few people in our small social circle knew we were brother and sister, but this meant that outside our home, we still needed to hide the fact that we loved each other. So the moment Kaylee graduated from college, we put our meticulously planned strategy into motion. We sold the house, and with that money, we bought another house up north. I had found a nice enough job there in Alaska, and Kaylee would start looking the moment we settled in. Since houses are a lot cheaper there, we also bought a nice, fully utilized cabin in the wilderness of Alaska. It was a four-hour drive from our new home, and we went there almost every weekend.

The people out there didn’t know we were brother and sister, and we broke our bonds with our past life. The people there just assumed we married young, considering our last names. Of course, we couldn’t officially get married, but we sure as hell pretended we were. It was a bit silly, but we even did a pretend marriage in our own home, just like they did in ‘The Blue Lagoon’. It was silly, but we both cared deeply about this ceremony.
A long time ago, I came to terms with my large, eight inch penis. By now, I liked showing it off in a tight speedo at the swimming pool, or In the showers in a public gym. Kaylee enjoyed it a lot too when I did this, so we went to the pool a lot. We both also made sure we kept working out enough. I had a nice, slightly muscular body. Not buff, but certainly not scrawny anymore.

So we settled ourselves as a married couple and started living our adult lives. We got two healthy kids, a boy named Michael and a girl named Taylor. We never told our kids we’re brother and sister and we probably never will. Kaylee and I also decided to let them be together in case they wanted that. But we also figured these chances are slim because Kaylee and I provided a normal youth for them and not do drugs or be gone half the time. We’re just a normal family with a normal social life and a normal routine.

So… Life is good.

This time the witty Latin text is:
Vi superare gloriosius cogitantes mihi mala

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