The Road Less Traveled – Chapter 7

“How many sales so far?” Gabe asked as he put a pan into the dishwasher.

The laptop was open and on the dining table. I wagged a soapy finger at him from where I scrubbed a pot we’d used to cook some veggies in, “You’ve gotta give it some time, Gabe. The novel’s been live for less than four hours.”

He went around to the laptop, wiping his damp hands on his shorts, “Can I hit the refresh button?”

I set the rinsed pot on the counter, “If you want, then come back in here and finish loading.”

A moment later, he exclaimed, “Holy shit! You’ve already sold a hundred copies of the new book!”

I grabbed a hand towel and went and stood next to him. He was right. But this wasn’t my first rodeo. The first thirty days were critical to most books’ success. Rarely would they sell more books than right out of the gate. My problem was, book four in the series had only sold about eight-thousand copies since its release about six weeks ago. Book 5 would probably only sell six thousand copies over the same amount of time. The only saving grace is it was time to take on a new series and the only thing I had available was Give the Devil His Due, which my agent was convinced would kill my career.

I tousled his hair, “Not too bad. But I’m only as good as my last book.”

Once the dishwasher started, I said, “We’ve got a bit of light still left. Want to go lounge in the chairs and read for a bit?”

Gabe looked out the window, “Dunno. What about the pool? The sign says it’s open until ten.”

That gave us plenty of time. “I guess so. Go on and get changed.”

When we had stopped in town on our way to Mesa Verde, we went into a Walmart and picked him up some clothes. One of which was a swimsuit. The way Gabe hurried to the bedroom and rooted around in the drawers told me he was ready to try out the pool.

He bolted into the bathroom area and closed the pocket door, and I could almost hear clothing flying about as he changed. I found my swimsuit in another drawer and placed the two pieces on the bed. I had bought the swimsuit last year. It had been on a lark after finishing an earlier book series. At that time, I had been fantasizing about my previous bad boy billionaire and had impulsively bought the purple string bikini. I used it a few times in my fantasies before moving on to the next fantasy. Since then, the swimsuit remained in the drawer. Was it too revealing to wear to the pool with Gabe? I wasn’t sure.

The door slid open, and Gabe appeared. The swimsuit wasn’t those horrid board-shorts that were only slightly less long than pants. No, he wore an honest-to-God swimsuit. The blue and red stripped shorts ended about halfway above his knees. I hadn’t noticed until now, but going around wearing just shorts, the boy was developing a nice tan across his shoulders and stomach.

He came over and looked at my swimsuit, “Is that yours?”

“I bought it last year. I’m not sure about it.”

His eyes flitted between the swimsuit and my body, “Why not? I think you’d look nice in it.”

Seeing the look in Gabe’s eyes was enough, “Okay. Give me a moment and we can go.”

The door safely closed behind me, I stripped down. I tied the bottoms into place and admired myself in the mirror. Really, it was just to wish my body had more definition to it. I didn’t think skinny was sexy. The cups on the top were slightly larger than my breasts. If I had it to do over, I would have bought a top with padded breasts. The material was supposed to stretch a bit, make other women jealous and men take notice. Now, I was hoping we would have the pool to ourselves.

I sighed as I tore my eyes away from the reflection staring back at me and opened the door. Gabe sat on the end of my bed, lying back with his hands folded under his head, waiting. When he turned, I could feel his eyes taking in the skimpy suit. Not content to give him the first word, I said, “Still think it looks nice on my boney bod?”

He sat up, not taking his eyes off me, “Y-, yeah. You look really pretty.”

I felt myself smiling. I didn’t get compliments about my body very often. I’d take all the compliments Gabe sent my way. “Okay. You look pretty handsome in your swimsuit, too. So, let’s grab a towel and head over.”

The pool was near the front of the park and surrounded by a wooden privacy fence. The sign on the gate said, “No children under 13 unless accompanied by an adult. No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk.”

The pool area was empty, although there were chase lounges scattered around the pool, enough for a dozen sunbathers. At either end of the pool area, a couple of security cameras were set up to cover the pool area. I ignored all that and dipped a toe in the crystal-clear water. It was almost warm after a whole day under the summer sun.

Gabe pulled his shoes off and came over and sat on the ledge, “When I was in the campgrounds office, the cameras weren’t working.”

I nudged his back, sending him into the water with a splash. When he came up, sputtering water, I said, “We don’t want you to drown. Nobody would know who to blame.”

He swam across the pool while I slid into the relaxing water. All the stress of the day ebbed away. From the stress of releasing my latest novel to the slow death of my sister, the water pushed all that aside for a while.

Gabe waited until I appeared relaxed, floating on my back in the middle of the pool. He came over. The water was chest deep on him. “You look comfortable, Aunt Sydney.”

“This was a good idea. Relaxing in the water is therapeutic.”

He grinned at me and I felt a moment of impending doom, “So is dunking your friends.”

With that, he sank into the water and grabbed me around the waist, pulling me under. As soon as I began to struggle against his hold, he let go and splashed toward the deep end. I ignored the tingle in my body in that too-brief moment when he wrapped his arms around me. There were more important things in life. Like revenge.

He was fast, I’ll give him that. By the time I nearly reached him where the marker said the pool was nine-feet deep, he kicked away from me. I finally caught him near the shallow end. I came at him with my arms outstretched, the water didn’t quite reach the tops of our swimsuits so there was less resistance as I grabbed onto his upper arms and pushed him over backwards.

My momentum kept me moving and as he gave way, I landed on top of him, driving him toward the bottom of the pool. I don’t think his butt touched the bottom, because he was kicking away from me. He surfaced where the game started, in the middle of the pool. He wore a huge grin as he said, “I see how it is. You’re going down, woman!”

To hear his unbroken, treble voice say those words sent a shiver through me. It was entirely inappropriate, but for the briefest of moments, I wanted Gabe to dominate me. So, when he charged me, I may not have been as quick to move out of the way. And when he threw his arms around my neck, pulling me under, I may have waited a few seconds before I wiggled myself free.

When our faces broke the surface, I splashed him in the face, “Is that all you’ve got, Mr. Nelson?”

If his howl of protest was muted, in awareness that we were playing in a public pool, who I was to say? In that moment of play, the look of pure joy on Gabe’s face was proof I may not be a good aunt, but I was going to be the best friend possible to this boy. When he lunged at me, I back pedaled into deeper water. When he caught me, he threw his arms around my neck and pulled me toward him as he sank. Our faces were inches from each other. I responded to his feral grin with my own smile. Instead of wiggling my way free, I let us sink. Finally, when my butt brushed the bottom of the pool, I snaked my arms around his waist and pulled his body against mine long enough to lean in and kiss his cheek. Then I broke free and pushed toward the surface.

Gabe’s head appeared a second or two later. The look of wonderment on his face made my heart melt. The alarm bells that should have been going off in my head were muted and I relished the thought I’d put that expression on his face. After a moment, with a silly grin on his face, he swam over to me. We stood on the concrete bottom’s slope, our shoulders still above the water. Our bodies were nearly touching. His face was a few inches from mine. His voice matched the surprised expression on his face, “Did I do a good job taking you down?”

I knew the difference between reality and fantasy. The fantasies I served up to middle-aged women were about being dominated by a man worthy of their adoration. But those were just fantasies. Why did my nephew make me feel like I wanted to be dominated? I didn’t know the answer, but I wanted my fantasy. I slid my arms around his neck, “Yeah, Mr. Nelson. You’re stronger than me.”

The grin that radiated from his lips was enough to set my heart on fire. For the second time, I pulled his body against mine and kissed his cheek. I let the kiss linger until I felt something against my bikini bottoms. Warmth spread across me as my entire body enjoyed the touch. Then, after far more time than I could ever explain away, I broke the kiss and let go of his neck, a look of worry creased my features. When I put an arm’s length between us, I stopped, “You okay, Gabe?”

His hand was on his swimsuit, adjusting himself. He glanced toward the gate before saying, “I-, um, I’m sorry, Aunt Sydney. I don’t know what happened.”

I was to blame for making him hard and there he was, blaming himself. I loved him all the more for his innocence. “Please, Gabe. That wasn’t your fault. That was just your body responding to something nice. I shouldn’t have hugged you like that.”

Gabe flushed, “Even though I liked it?”

We moved to the side of the pool, where we leaned against the concrete ribbon. He was on the shallower side, so appeared few inches taller than me. “I liked it too.”

This was getting too weird. I knew we needed to talk, but not like this. “Can I ask you a favor, Gabe?”

He nodded, “Sure, Aunt Sydney.”

I reached out and took his hand, “You know how I told your mom I wanted to be your friend, because I thought we got along well as friends?”

He squeezed my hand, “Yeah. It’s even better than you being my aunt.”

I smiled at that. “Definitely. For the rest of the evening, let’s focus on our friendship. Just call me Syd. Not Aunt Sydney… just Syd. Okay. And you’ll just be Gabe. Not my nephew Gabe.”

He grinned, “You never call me that. It’s always just Gabe. Okay… um, Syd.”

I wasn’t sure how to proceed. But I would not let myself be burdened by guilt. We needed a conversation between friends. “How much do you know about your, um, body? Like when you got hard?”

His cheeks flushed, “It happens sometimes. Sometimes when I get up in the morning, it’s like that. But it goes away after I pee.”

He looked at me out of the corner of his eyes, as though embarrassed to go on. “When I read your novels, sometimes, when the man and woman are doing stuff, I mean, having sex, I get hard.”

He looked adorable, giving up what he probably thought was a big secret. I whispered, “Sometimes?”

An embarrassed giggle slipped out, “Okay. A lot. Then when we touched. Those were the best hugs in my life. After reading the stories, I thought it was normal for it to get hard like that.”

I wanted to reach out and kiss him. He may have been incredibly naïve, but he understood more than most boys his age, more than a lot of men twice his age. But I also wanted to strangle my sister. She had kept him so sheltered; he didn’t appear to know what to do with himself.

I realized as we shared that moment, I wanted to have him hold me again. To feel him against me. He was my fantasy come to life. But how could I surrender myself to his power when he didn’t know the power he held over me?

I let the water pull me closer to Gabe, but stopped about half a foot away and looked up at him. I liked the illusion of him being taller thanks to the steeply sloping pool floor. “It’s completely normal, Gabe, to get hard when you read something sexy or when you touch someone you really like.”

The tiny eddies and currents of the pool closed the distance a bit more until only a hand’s width of space separated our chests, He breathed, “But what do I do when it happens?”

I rested my arm on his shoulder, “Have you touched yourself down there?”

He flushed as the current lightly brought our chests together. “Sometimes. But last year Mom told me not to put my hands down there.”

Our chests parted, leaving a couple of inches of water between us again, “Did you ever hear any of the boys talking about jacking off?”

Gabe’s cheeks flared crimson. He whispered, “Y-, yeah.”

“Do you know what they meant?”

The tiny currents connected our chests again, “They touch themselves.”

I wanted to cry inside. Every twelve-year-old boy should know how to masturbate. I knew Abby wouldn’t approve of our conversation, but frankly, I didn’t care. Gabe needed a friend a lot more than he needed an aunt. The hand on his shoulder slid around his neck, pulling our bodies gently together again, “It’s a bit more involved than that, sweetie. Would you like to hold me again?”

He let go his purchase on the concrete ribbon and his arms slid around my back. Almost immediately, I felt his hardness against my abs. His voice shook, “Is this okay, Aunt Syd-“

“Please, Gabe. No more aunt. Just Syd.”

“O-, okay. Is this okay, Syd?”

Perhaps it was wrong. But I didn’t care. Gabe was my fantasy incarnate. I needed him. “Yeah, sweetie. That feels nice. Do you want to kiss me?”

His body trembled against mine, in a voice that squeaked with emotion, he gasped, “On the lips?”

I nodded, “That’s the way we do it.”

I tilted my neck and put my face within a hairsbreadth of Gabe’s. I wanted this kiss. But more so, I wanted him to want it enough for him to put his lips on mine. When his soft lips pushed against mine, it felt like my heart skipped a beat; like a tiny electrical shock traveled between our lips. A heartbeat later he looked into my eyes, “Is that how it’s done, Au-, um, Syd?”

I squeezed him against me and nodded, “Yeah, Gabe. That was nice. You can do it again, if you want.”

The second kiss was even better. His lips melded to mine the way a kiss should be. A few seconds later, he grinned, “That feels really nice. Is that how men kiss women in your books?”

Baby steps, Sydney, I reminded myself. I nodded, “That’s right. How do you feel, Gabe?”

Lips curling into a smile, Gabe said, “Kinda good. Kinda weird. My stomach feels like a million butterflies are flying around. My, uh, penis is hard… And it’s… Um, Syd, should I move it?”

The heat radiating through his shorts against my abs was the best feeling I’d ever felt. The one time I’d had sex in college had nearly ruined it for me. This felt like a second lease on life. “No, sweetie. If it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, it feels nice our bodies being so close.”

The lights around the pool were weak; several of them needed to be replaced. We were more in the shadows now that the night was upon us. Still, I figured we had another hour until ten and I really didn’t want to get out of the pool now. So, I leaned forward, planted a peck on his lips and then whispered in his ear, “You’re the big, powerful billionaire. Catch me if you can!”

With that, I pushed away from the side of the pool and angled toward the deep end. Gabe stood, his mouth agape for a couple of seconds, before he chased after me. I splashed at him as he tried to close with me. I was scared because if someone were to barge in on us, explaining what we were doing was impossible. I was scared because I didn’t know what Gabe would do. I was scared for Gabe too; I didn’t want to push him too far or too fast.

He finally caught up with me at the deepest part, wrapping his arms around my neck and pulling me tight against his chest. Neither of us fought as we sank below the water. Instead, he leaned into me until our lips touched, bubbles filling the water around our heads. He broke the kiss and the hold around my neck first and kicked to the surface. When I broke the surface, he was beaming at me, “Caught you, woman!”

Even though I was still breathless, I closed the narrow space between us and took his hand in mine, “You did. You conquered me, Mr. Nelson. I’m yours.”

Despite the shadows, Gabe’s eyes grew round in shock. He gasped, “Really?”

I was treading water in the deep end in more ways than one, “Yeah, if you kiss me again.”

Gabe closed the distance, and we treaded water together as he leaned in and kissed me again.

The kiss had just ended when the gate rattled. A moment later, an old woman shuffled into the pool area. By the time she saw us, we were on opposite sides of the deep end. Her voice was a-pack-a-day rough, “You kids mind if I get in the shallow end? The water helps my arthritis.”

I leaned against the side of the pool, “Not at all. I think we’re about done here.”


Gabe fell against the couch once the door to the RV closed behind us, “Oh, crap, I thought for sure we’d been busted,” his laughter was fueled by the adrenaline we both felt after that near-scare.

I collapsed next to him, “No shit. Aside from some old woman scaring five years off our lives, how’d you enjoy the pool?”

His eyes gleamed as he leaned into me, his face inches from mine, “That was really cool, uh, Syd. I liked it.”

I traced my finger from his lips, along his neck, down his sternum, not stopping until I reached his innie belly button. “Enough to kiss me again?”

The lights were out in the RV and the shades covered the windows. We wouldn’t be bothered. His voice shook, “Here?”

Our bodies already touched. I moved, pressing my body against his, “Sure. You conquered me, Gabe.”

I didn’t want to spook him, but my body felt more alive than ever, and I wanted him to. If I was wrong, then so be it. I added, “You can do what you want to me, sweetie.”

Again, I stopped just short of his face. A moment later, his lips pressed against mine as his arms wrapped around my back. The kiss ended after a few heartbeats, but we held on to each other. After a moment he said, “I never knew how much fun kissing would be.”

He fell into silence for a bit longer. He was processing our evening so far, “Syd, was this real or was it a fantasy?”

The question surprised me. “Of course it was real, Gabe.”

He grimaced, “Sorry. What I meant is that you pretended to be one of the women in your books. You treated me like I was like one of the powerful billionaires. That’s a fantasy, right?”

Maybe Gabe was smarter than me. But that didn’t change how I felt or what I wanted. It just gave me another reason to love the boy. “Yes, it is. But I still I enjoyed it when you were in control and kissed me.”

He gave me a perplexed smile, “It was fun. I liked how it felt to kiss you. But I don’t know what I’m doing.”

I knew the feeling. I’d only been with one man on one night six years ago and it left me nearly as inexperienced, despite writing hundreds of steamy sex scenes into my novels. “Can I tell you a secret, Gabe?”

When he nodded, I continued, “I don’t really know what I’m doing either. Almost everything in the books is just stuff I’ve read about or seen in videos. Before tonight, before you, I was with one guy when I was eighteen and it sucked. But it’s like I said earlier, I want to be your friend.”

He smiled through his confusion, “I like us being friends even more than being your nephew. I feel more like a grown up when you treat me like you did today. But…”

I finished for him, “You don’t know what to do?”

Flushing again, he nodded.

Like Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon, or more aptly, like Blackbeard hoisting the Jolly Roger, I leaned against him and brushed my lips across his, “Would you like for me to show you?”

The eagerness with which he nodded his head set my heart racing. I pulled my body away from his and stood, “Okay, sweetie, take my hand.”

I pulled him to his feet and drew him to me. Our eyes were level, from our toes to our chests, our bodies touched. My arms went around his waist as I murmured, “Put your arms around my neck.”

When he did so, I felt his breath hot on my lips. Once again, something hard poked against my pubic mound. I said, “Do you want to kiss me?”

Instead of nodding, Gabe closed the last inch, and our lips met. Although it was still two people learning how their lips worked together, I felt passion rising in my chest as our heartbeats thundered in our chest. When he finally broke the kiss, he grinned, “That was really hot, Syd.”

I was breathing heavy, “Yeah, you’re a natural. What would you like to do now?”

He glanced between us. My bikini top pressed against his chest. I gave him a welcoming grin, “You can touch them. I’d like that.”

He retracted one arm and pulled it between us. He rested his palm against the flimsy fabric and despite the thin covering, my skin felt his fingers as they brushed against my tit. Tingly heat spread from his touch. “Wow, it feels so soft.”

Nobody had ever touched me like that. Gabe understood me more at eleven than Kyle ever did at eighteen. “I like it. Your fingers are like a touch of heaven. Do you want to see them?”

He gave me a questioning look. I grabbed one of the cups and pulled it open, giving him a quick flash of nipple, “If you want to see my tits, I’ll take my top off.”

Gabe bit his lower lip and nodded. His eyes never leaving his hand over my chest. My body must have trembled at the idea of letting Gabe see my tits. I fiddled with the ties around my back and neck for a moment before finally loosening them. Then I grabbed the string and pulled. The material slid between his fingers and my skin until I was free of the top. I dropped it on the floor and enjoyed Gabe’s admiring stare.

My nipple was hard under his delicate touch. “You can feel them, if you want.”

His other hand retracted from my neck and soon he cupped them both over my tits. Despite his young age, or maybe because of my small boobs, my little half-lemon shaped tits fit comfortably in his palms as he squeezed them. He was making me feel wet between my legs, and he’d only touched my tits. Gabe didn’t know what he was doing to me. “Whatcha think?”

His treble voice was full of worship, “They’re incredible, Syd.”

I took him by the hand and pulled him toward the bedroom, stopping only when we stood between the bed and the bathroom. I turned the light in the bathroom on, letting us see each other better. The first thing I noticed was the way his swimsuit poked out between his legs. For as long as I’ve looked at porn, I’ve known that men in videos are not normal men when it comes to the size of their cocks. Kyle had cured me of that belief. When he fucked me, it was as though he had something to prove, violently shoving his five inches into me. What little I knew of boys was they were much smaller versions of men. I dared not get my hopes up, reminding myself that even a three-inch cock was a thing of beauty.

I kissed him again and pressed my bare chest against his. The heat against my pubic mount drove me to say what I said next, “Gabe, can I see your cock?”

Gabe’s cheeks seemed to inhabit a permanent state of crimson. He stared at my tits for a moment before he said, “Y-, you want to see my penis?”

Count on Abby to teach him the right words. Shame she hadn’t explained how to use it. I nodded, “Only if you don’t mind.”

A few heartbeats passed before he nodded, “O-, okay. You can see it.”

He took a step back and put his hands on the band of his swimsuit. I reached and grabbed one of his wrists, “Can I do it? Pull them down?”

“Y-, yeah. If you want,” he breathed.

Kneeling before him, as gently as possible, I pushed his hands aside and took hold of the elastic. Slowly, like unwrapping a birthday present, I tugged his shorts down his hips. I kept pulling them down until the milky-white base of his penis came into view when his shorts became caught on his boner. Not wanting to hurt him, I pulled the front of the swimsuit away, freeing him and giving me the first few of an erect penis in six years.

I don’t know what I was expecting. He had been three inches soft, so it was reasonable to assume he would be close to that when hard. On the other hand, I’ve read plenty of teen drama online while researching stories. And well-endowed boys tended to brag about their dicks being huge. But the reality was somewhere in between. Gabe’s erection was closer to five inches than four. And unlike his thin, little noodle from a few years before, he was at least an inch thick at the base. It was breathtaking in its perfection.

Time stood still as I studied the indention above the base of his shaft. Unlike Kyle’s thick bush, Gabe didn’t have a hair anywhere. I wanted to touch it, to feel its heat under my fingers. Instead, I worshiped it. Finally, Gabe’s plaintive voice penetrated the fog, “I know it’s not very big, Syd. But is it okay?”

I turned my eyes upward and smiled, “Yeah, sweetie. Your cock is perfect. Do you want me to touch it?”

His eyes grew round, “You wanna?”

“Oh yeah. A lot.”

Much quicker than when I’d asked if I could see him, this time he nodded right away.

It was just my imagination, but when my index finger touched the soft, spongy skin of his shaft, I felt something like an electrical current shoot through my hand. For the first time in my life, I studied the paradox of a boy’s penis. Gabe’s penis looked younger than Kyle’s. And where Kyle’s penis, while hard, lacked the near absolute rigidity of Gabe’s erection, it was like feeling steel under Gabe’s soft skin.

I eased Gabe onto the side of the bed as I wrapped my fingers around his nail-like boner. Almost of its own volition, my hand stroked up and down on his cock. His eyes remained wide, staring at my hand on his erection. He stammered, “W-, wow. Is this what you meant earlier about jacking off?”

I nodded and kept my relaxed speed. Less than a minute passed when he said, “S-, Syd! It feels like I gotta pee.”

Thank God for a voracious literary appetite. I knew he was nearing his orgasm. Boys as young as Gabe were a mystery to me. Until he starts puberty, I figured his first orgasm would be dry. My fingers moved faster as he moaned again. A third moan and Gabe pushed his hip off the bed. How his cock managed it, I don’t know. But it grew even harder as it expanded slightly within my fingers. He grunted again when a drop of clear liquid fired out his piss slit. The drop hit me between my tits as both of us gasped in surprise.

I kept pumping him a few more times, but that was his only gift. He just stared at me in an orgasmic haze. I let go his boner and joined him on the edge of the bed. I looked down; this little bit of watery cum had slid down my chest, disappearing in my belly button. I chuckled as I slid my arm around his shoulders. My voice was shaky, “And that, my love, is how you jack off. What’d you think of your first orgasm?”

He lay his head on my shoulder, “Wow, Syd. Wow.”

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