A Dream of Darkness – Chapter 3
Levi Holland

Chapter 3

Okay, so math class was still boring as hell. In fact, Henry had been struggled so much during the lesson that he’d nearly forgotten about the incident outside with the cute preteen boy. The potential power to give people boners and make them cum was cool, but nothing killed a boner more to Henry than math. A + B did not equal sexy time.

After giving up hope of ever learning algebra before he was feeble-minded, Henry made his way to his reading class, something he was actually good at. Not only that, but they were still in the middle of giving their projects. Normally, Henry would’ve thought this the worst, but now he figured it was the perfect time to test his new theory.

He sat in one of the back rows as his classmates filled in around him. After Ms. Jackson finished with roll call, Henry stole a quick glance around the room. About half of the class were boys, but not all of them were what Henry would call attractive. Some were a bit overweight, some just had uninteresting faces, and others were spotted with bad bouts of acne, but there were a few standouts, Asher and Max among the top of his mental list. He’d already spent a number of nights pounding his meat at the thought of these boys, Asher in his soccer uniform, all hot and sweaty after an intense practice; Max, stripped down to his underwear as he teased himself to a shuddering, blissful cum, his angelic face rolling in bliss. Both were sexy in their own ways.

If he really had the ability to affect peoples’ arousal, Henry had every intention of seeing just how far he could push these two.

“Remember,” Ms. Jackson called out to the class, “we are respectful while people are sharing. You will lose points from your grade if this becomes a problem.”

“Yes, Ms. Jackson,” the class halfheartedly answered.

“Myra, come on up, dear,” Ms. Jackson said.

As Myra went to the large flat screen at the front of the class to present her project, Henry tried to remember all the similarities between what happened between Keegan and the boy from outside. It seemed like the effects began each time Henry was turned on in some way. That was easy enough to do. Even a gentle touch, whether sexual or not, was enough to chub him up sometimes.

Henry leaned over his desk and trailed his fingers lightly across his nipples through his shirt. Within seconds, the little nub stiffened and pressed back against him, and Henry’s dick soon twitched to life.

At his house, he hadn’t intentionally been focusing on Keegan the first time, so maybe the feeling had naturally bled out of him. This morning, however, he knew he’d been targeting the boy outside. Maybe the same would happen if he focused on one of his classmates.

Two rows ahead of him was gorgeous Max Stanfield, a boy he had zero trouble fantasizing about at home. It was simple enough for Henry to maintain eye contact without being too obvious since most people were looking at Myra. In his mind, Henry imagined Max’s blue eyes and freckled face. Having spent every day of the school year in class together, Henry knew Max’s voice hadn’t yet broken. He’d be shocked if Max had any pubes at all, or if he did, there couldn’t have been much, similar to his own. Henry felt his arousal increase and directed those thoughts toward his classmate.

Almost immediately, Henry noticed a flush creep onto Max’s face as his hands shifted toward his pockets. As Max reached inside to adjust himself, Henry thought it incredibly obvious what he was doing. Thankfully for the two of them, no one seemed to pay any attention. Myra rambled on about Hatchet as Max fiddled with himself, independent of any encouragement from Henry, but he couldn’t say he was disappointed to see the cute, horny boy touching himself, even if clothed. That thought gave him a different idea, however.

Henry concentrated on Max again and willed the boy to snap his fingers. Nothing. Hmm…maybe if he added something dirty to his thoughts.

He tried again while imagining Max resting on his knees while giving Henry a blowjob, and still nothing. Maybe the ability didn’t involve any kind of mind control, but it was clear Henry was having some kind of effect on the preteen ahead of him. Inside his pants, precum leaked through his dick, and Henry hoped he wouldn’t stain through his clothes.

As Myra finished her project, the class politely clapped as she sat back down. Ms. Jackson looked at her clipboard before saying, “Max, you’re up.”

The boy’s shocked expression told Henry everything he needed to know. It was the dreaded feeling every boy faced when dealing with a hard-on at the worst possible time. His hands were still stuffed in his shorts pockets.

The boy’s treble voice asked, “Could I actually go after a few more people?”

“What?” Ms. Jackson asked. “There’s no need to be nervous. Everybody’s got to share eventually.”

“It’s just…” He faltered for a moment. “I’ve got a really bad stomach ache, and I was hoping to use the bathroom first.”

Ms. Jackson sighed. “Fine, go on. You’ll present when you’re back.”

Max stood up to leave, but before Henry could seal the deal, Ms. Jackson surprised him by calling up Asher instead.

The soccer player stepped confidently to the front of the room. Asher was someone he had seen naked on the way to the gym showers, and even though the glances had been brief, Asher was smokin’ hot. He was tall, lean, and had the perfect amount of bulk to Henry. He had the type of haircut that was shaved on the edges but kept a little long on top. He also seemed to be a little further into puberty than Henry would have guessed, with a small stripe of pubes above his dick. Asher’s voice was like his own, definitely starting to drop, but it still carried a husky tone that made Henry’s heart flutter. Asher’s skin was beautifully sun-kissed as well, and he had an effortless tan that only stopped at his groin before running down his smooth, bronze legs. Henry would have done anything to spend time alone with this Adonis of a boy, but this might be just as good.

Asher started talking to the class about his project on Maniac Magee while Henry fixed his thoughts on his own arousal. He chanced a hand down between his legs and gave himself a soft squeeze, hoping nobody would notice. His eyes rolled as he steeled up inside his pants again, directing those thoughts toward the dream of a boy at the front of the class.

Asher paused mid-sentence and briefly cast his eyes down as a bulge began to take shape. His penis must have already been pointed at an angle, because as Asher continued to lengthen, his erection stretched diagonally in his jeans, at least four-and-a-half inches, Henry guessed. It looked thicker than expected, too. Henry thought he heard a snicker from a boy somewhere behind him, but a quick, terse cough from Ms. Jackson silenced him. At the front of the class, Asher tried to pivot his body away from their view.

Henry felt like he’d been close with Max, but now it was time to see how far he could push someone. Asher started speaking faster as his discomfort grew, and Henry let his thoughts trail to the boy god’s naked torso. He imagined Asher having just the tiniest tufts of armpit hair and imagined what it would be like to stick his nose in there, to take a sniff before running his tongue along Asher’s chest and teasing the boy’s nipples.

A painful swelling grew in Henry’s dick. He would need to get relief soon if he didn’t hurry this along.

Asher started to breathe heavily as he spoke, and Henry knew he was so close. Just another little push. In his mind, he grabbed Asher on either side of his face before smashing his lips against the boy’s, sliding his tongue between his lips to meet Asher’s own. Frenching was something he had fantasized about often, and it seemed the mental kiss was enough to push Asher over the edge.

The preteen’s eyes fluttered closed, and he gasped as he shook in place. Henry watched as the obvious bulge pressing against Asher’s pants began to twitch.

The class stared on in shock, some realizing right away what happened, while others looked on in concern and confusion.

“Are you alright?” Ms. Jackson asked, her cheeks tinged through her makeup.

“I…I made a mess,” Asher confessed. He reached down and pressed a palm against the front of his pants, shuddering again as he did so. When he pulled away, there was a growing wet spot spreading against the front.

Ms. Jackson stammered a few times before clearing her throat. “It’s perfectly alright. It’s a natural reaction. Just excuse yourself to the bathroom, and clean yourself up.”

Henry couldn’t believe it. He’d nearly creamed his own pants just watching the ordeal take place. If he had any doubts before, they were 100%, absolutely gone. He really could turn people on enough to make them cum, but how? He pinched himself on the arm to make sure he wasn’t somehow dreaming. If this was real, did that mean the voice from his dream was somehow real? What was going on?

By the time Max came back in, he ducked his reddened cheeks down as he headed back to his desk. It was clear he’d crossed Asher’s path in the hallway. Henry could only imagine what Max thought after seeing the wetness on Asher’s pants. The rest of the class passed by in awkward silence, save for the few presenters left to go. When Asher returned nearly forty minutes later in a different set of jeans, Henry guessed he had to call and wait on one of his family members to bail him out. He ended up giving the class a guilty smile and a half shrug, which Henry was certain only raised Asher’s cool factor by 100.

Later when Henry walked into the lunch room, he was surprised to see his friend Aiden had shown up to school after all. He was already seated next to their buddy Cody. Although Aiden was in a different set of classes than Henry, it was clear that word had spread about Asher’s accident.

“Sorry I missed you earlier,” Aiden said, “Dentist appointment. Is it true Asher straight up jizzed his pants?”

Henry nodded, feeling a bit of the same naughtiness from earlier creep into him.

“I would die if that ever happened to me,” Cody said.

“Are you kidding?” Aiden asked. “He got to cum in school and didn’t get in trouble! I bet he thought it was great.”

“I heard he ran out of the classroom in tears,” Cody said.

“Not true,” Henry said and explained what happened to Asher, minus all the sex urges he’d directed Asher’s way.

After he’d finished explaining, Aiden had a smirk on his face. “I’ll tell you what, all this talk has me boned up for sure.”

“Dude! TMI,” Cody said in mock disgust, but he briefly shifted his eyes to Aiden’s crotch.

Henry could tell by the way Cody reacted that he might have been horny as well. It occurred to Henry that he might have unintentionally affected his two friends with his arousal when going through the details. He’d have to be careful if that was the case.

“What?” Aiden protested. “Don’t lie and say you don’t want to spank it after hearing that story.”

Cody said nothing but was instead very interested in stuffing his face with his burger and not adding to the conversation.

“It was hard not to,” Henry confessed. “After Asher came, I think every boy in there who knows about jacking off needed to take care of things.”

“Who doesn’t know about jacking off?” Aiden blurted loud enough to draw a few glances his way.

“Can we stop talking about this?” Cody said through a mouth full of burger. “It’s ruining my appetite.”

“Clearly,” Aiden said.

Henry laughed, and pretty soon the lunch period had ended. Henry found he didn’t have much of a chance to test any more of his power during the day, and before he knew it, he was back on the bus, taking his usual seat at the window halfway back. He wondered if he might even be able to use his power on some of the cute boys there, but it was tough to concentrate with all the commotion and the bumpy ride back. Instead, Henry resigned himself to listening to his music until the bus squealed to a stop on his street.

When Henry got home, he came into the house to hear the familiar sound of the television. It was blaring a little louder than usual, so after dropping off his book bag, Henry went to go admonish his younger brother. In the living room, a blanket was thrown over Keegan’s midsection as his hand bopped up and down beneath the blanket. Keegan stared at the TV, his face a concentrated mix of pain and pleasure.

“You keep cranking it like that, and you’ll rip it off,” Henry joked.

Keegan jumped in surprise, snatching his hand out from underneath the blanket. Keegan’s little boner still made a tent against the cloth material. When Keegan saw it was Henry, he relaxed and gave a nervous laugh.

“You said make sure I do it in private, right?”

“You’re right,” Henry said. “I’ll give you some space.” He was about to step away when a thought entered his mind. “How long have you been jacking off?”

“Pretty much right after I got home. I’m getting MUCH better at orgasms.” Keegan wiggled his eyebrows at Henry, who laughed at his brother’s cute dorkiness.

“Just be sure to give it a rest from time to time. And keep an eye on the clock!”

“‘Kay,” his brother called back, already slipping his hand back beneath the blanket, and Henry retreated to his room.

Ahh, the weekend, Henry thought. There was nothing like two whole days off from the slave institution of school. With the weather outside being so nice, Henry considered going to the swimming hole out in the woods over the weekend. He hadn’t decided whether he might go alone or take Keegan with him. If he took his brother, he’d end up having to play babysitter rather than enjoy his time there. Maybe he could sneak away without Keegan even realizing he was gone. Henry had a feeling his brother would have enough fun playing with himself for the foreseeable future.

That night, Henry once again had a dreamless sleep. He still couldn’t shake the feeling he was being watched, but anytime he glanced out the window, nothing would ever be there. He knew he must be imagining things, but then again, something had awakened this power within him. Henry had started cooking up some shenanigans he might be able to pull off. He was only partly concerned by the possible ethics of what he was doing. If he wasn’t really hurting anybody or making them do anything against their will, then what was the big deal?

Misty Pines was filled with a plethora of hot boys, and even though most of them had to be straight, his ability would give him the chance to at least continue fueling his own fantasies for months, if not years to come.

Saturday morning rolled around, and the day promised to be a scorcher. A trickle of sweat ran down Henry’s neck as he took out the trash to the can at the end of their driveway. A couple of the neighborhood kids rode past on their bikes, shirtless and in their bathing suits, presumably on their way to the swimming hole. That settled it. He had to get down there.

On his way back in, Henry found his mom working on her laptop at the island in the kitchen. His dad was busy mowing the grass in the backyard as a bit of grass and gravel sprayed against the side of the house.

“Mom, is Keegan around?”

She shrugged. “I think he’s been in his room most of the morning. Why, you need him?”

“Not really,” he said. “I was just hoping to go swimming.”

“It is hot,” she said and cast a glance out the backdoor window to where his dad was. “You’ll be back when?”

“Uhh…I don’t know,” he answered honestly.

“I don’t want you getting burned. At least grab some sunscreen before you go. A few hours at most, okay?”

“Okay, got it.” He had already started to walk away when she called him back.

“And Henry?”

“I know, Mom,” he said. “Don’t wander off alone.”

After putting on his swimsuit, Henry found his dad in the backyard and told him where he was going. He unlocked the gate at the fence, grabbed his bike from the side of the house, and pedaled out towards the swimming hole. The local spot was a hub for all kids in the area, not just the ones from his neighborhood. Some went to his middle school, but there were just as many elementary kids or even high schoolers, although they seemed drop off the older they got. Henry couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen a senior show up at the swimming hole. He knew that’s what happened when you got older, though. Little kid stuff was in the past, and you moved on to more mature activities. What those mature activities were, Henry couldn’t say, but like all mysteries of life, they were sure to be revealed one day.

When he reached the familiar dead-end side street, Henry pulled the bike off the curb and continued pedaling through the tire-tracked mud leading into the woods. The shade loomed over him, offering a slight reprieve from the sun as Henry led his bike along the familiar path down to the swimming hole. The joyous sounds of squealing and laughter and party music blared from several Bluetooth speakers as Henry broke through the treeline.

Although referred to as the swimming hole, in truth, it was more like a miniature rock quarry, surrounded on several sides by jutting slabs of stone where people jumped from different heights. Henry propped his bike against a tree at the top of the hill and walked down to the gritty sand beach. Up on the diving rock, a string of boys and girls waited their turn to leap into the waters. A few others waded in the lake, splashing each other or talking while they drifted along. And then there were the handful of early high school girls in their skimpy bathing suits, stretched out on their towels while soaking in the sun. More than a few boys perved on their barely covered breasts and tanned thighs.

Henry was ready to leap into the water when he locked eyes with a shirtless boy further down the quarry. Standing by himself, the boy gave him a charming smile before waving at Henry and walking over. The kid wore a pair of dark, navy blue swim trunks which contrasted against his milky, pale skin. Henry thought this boy must get sunburned like crazy.

“Hey,” the kid greeted him. “I’m new around here. You hanging out with anyone?”

I am now, he thought. Henry was immediately smitten with how the sun highlighted the boy’s blue eyes. His dirty blonde hair was stylishly messy, and he swept it over to one side using his fingers as a comb.

“Uh, umm, yes,” Henry stammered and cleared his throat. “Actually, no. I’m here by myself. I’m Henry.”

“Aleks,” the boy said, “with a k.”

“Dude, that’s so,” Henry said and shook his head, annoyed at his loss for words.

“Lame?” he offered.

“What!? No! I was gonna say cool.”

The pale boy shrugged once but smiled. “I’ve gotten used to it. I like the name Henry. Its nice to say.”

Standing about half a foot shorter than Henry, the boy posed with his hands on his hips, giving Henry the opportunity to check him out in full. He lacked a defined chest or any noticeable abs, but he wasn’t skinny to the point of being all ribs. Despite his lack of muscles, Aleks presented himself with utter confidence. Henry sensed his penis was about to betray him and chub up. He gestured to the lake as one of the older boys performed a can-opener splash in the water.

“Do you, uhh, want to go swim?” Henry asked. “With me?”

“I thought you’d never ask. I’m burning up out here!”

His new friend sprinted off toward the murky lake waters, and after ditching his t-shirt on the sand by his feet, Henry followed after Aleks.

The two boys waded through the water, splashing each other as they swam to the base of the diving rock. They pulled themselves out of the lake and waited at the back of the line for their turn to jump, cheering for the people who made the most impressive jumps. When they reached the front, the two boys stuck their heads over the twenty-foot plunge, and Henry’s palms grew clammy as the drop loomed before him.

“It’s uhh, a little higher than it looks,” Aleks said. Even his new friend had goosebumps on his arms.

“You’ve done this before, right?” Henry asked, raising an eyebrow toward the gorgeous boy beside him.

“Yeah, duh, of course I have,” Aleks said, but Henry noticed the way Aleks cradled his arms across his chest.

“Well…” Henry started, “I’ve always heard that jumping with someone at the same time is way more fun.”

Behind them, a boy from his gym class shouted, “Let’s move it, Tucker, before we’re all grandparents here!”

“Can it, Charlie!” Henry shot back. To Aleks, Henry asked, “Well, how about it? Jump at the same time?”

“I guess that’d be alright.”

“On three?”

Aleks paled as he peered over the water’s edge, but he gave a wobbly smile and nodded.

“One,” Henry said.

In a shaky breath, Aleks said, “Two.”

“Three!” they both shouted together and leapt forward into the sunlight.

The world slowed around Henry as he flew through the air. He caught a glimpse of Aleks in free fall behind him, sporting a gleefully terrified face. He had just enough time to squeeze his nose shut and close his eyes before crashing into the dark water below. The shock against his skin nearly took Henry’s breath away as he sank. A heartbeat later, another body entered the water beside him in a muffled whoosh before Aleks’s arm flailed against Henry’s side. Aleks bumped him again as he tried to reorient himself, and Henry felt the boy take his hand in his own, interlacing their fingers together.

Despite the chill, Henry’s heart did a few loop-de-loops, and his penis sprang from 0 to 60 in under three seconds. When they broke the surface of the water, Aleks released Henry’s hand and sputtered out some of the lake water before giving him a sheepish smile.

“Confession time,” Aleks said as he wiped the water from his eyes. “That might have been my first time jumping.”

“Duh, you think?” Henry jested, and they both cracked up. Even Alek’s laugh was soft bells ringing in Henry’s ears.

Aleks dove forward and started wrestling Henry, who grabbed the boy by the wrists as they tugged and flopped around in the water. Henry tried to will his erection away, but the cold water had no effect. He didn’t want to have an embarrassing brush up with his new friend and have him think he was a pervert. Actually, he didn’t mind the first part, but Henry didn’t want it to come across the wrong way. Instead, he thought it would be better to excuse himself for a few minutes and relieve himself privately instead.

“Hey, uhh, I’ll be right back,” Henry said. He reached down to angle himself upward in his swimming trunks and hoped they wouldn’t stick out too much.

“You taking a piss? I could go, too.”

“No, no,” Henry said quickly. “Not exactly. It’s fine, I’ll be back in like five minutes.”

“Okay…” Aleks said, shrugging as he floated in the water as Henry departed for the shore.

There was a secluded spot off the main trail where Henry had spent plenty of private time in the past. A few dead twigs snapped under his bare feet as he climbed the bank away from the swimming hole. Over the hill, the ground became layered with thick moss, and the gritty soil gave way to smooth rock bed. His feet thanked him as he walked across the smooth ground.

Two minutes later, he reached the familiar stone ledge. From his vantage point, he’d have plenty of warning should anyone unwelcome wander along. Reaching inside his trunks, Henry grabbed his erection in his fist and nearly groaned out loud when something or someone shuffled underneath the rock ledge where he stood. His heart hammered in his chest as he let go of his dick, worried that someone was watching him. Henry dropped to his knees and crept towards the edge of the drop off. Chancing a peek over the top, his jaw dropped wide open.

Scootched back against the stone wall with his legs spread open was an eighth grader he recognized from the school’s basketball team. Jake Anderson had short, curly red hair both on top and below, with a thick-looking dick curving upward at least five-and-a-half inches and a heavy ball sack that hung much lower than Henry’s. The freckles that littered his face also covered his arms and chest, sweeping down to the top of his coppery pubic patch. His swimsuit lay to the side as Jake squeezed the cock in his hand. The head was already an angry purple, but Henry wasn’t sure if that was because of Jake’s skin tone or his horniness.

In his free hand, Jake scrolled through pictures of naked women as he steadily pumped his cock. Henry never saw the appeal. There was a time when he tried looking at different breasts and pussies, but nothing ever did it for him—there was nothing mysterious about a girl’s vagina or boobs to him…they were just there. Plain. Henry decided dicks were just way more interesting to him.

Jake switched apps to the familiar yellow bell of Snapchat, while Henry stuck his hand past the waistband of his swim trunks to grab his cock. Even though his dick was nowhere near as big as Jake’s, he didn’t care as desire flooded his body, and he shuddered. God, he needed to cum so bad. Regular porn had nothing on the hot teen wanking in front of him.

Jake started making a video to one of his contacts as he stroked up and down his long cock, twisting his palm over the top to rub in whatever precum was there before working his way back down. Memo to me, Henry thought, try that out later. Feeling safe in the seclusion of the forest, Jake let out a long groan as he continued filming.

Henry wanted desperately to see Jake cum. He was certain the older boy’s cum would be that thicker, pearly white he’d seen in porn videos. He’d never had the chance to see it in real life, and he was finally about to. He wondered whether Jake was more of a shooter or dribbler, and he nearly burst out laughing at the unintended basketball pun.

A soft crackle behind Henry made his insides crawl.

“What’re you doing?”

Aleks was there, his eyebrow raised with his hands on his hips. A teal, sleeveless t-shirt hugged his damp torso.

Henry cocked his head forward and raised a finger to his lips as Aleks slid in beside him. The small boy peered over the ledge.

“Oh,” he whispered knowingly, “He’s masturbating.”

Well la-di-fucking-da, Henry thought.

“I didn’t think you knew what it was,” Henry whispered back.

Aleks rested a hand on Henry’s shoulder, who had to force himself to break eye contact below. Henry raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“We should go,” Aleks said, holding Henry’s gaze. “It’s private.”

The sounds of sex from Jake were unmistakable in the quiet of the woods. The two could clearly make out Jake’s pants and groans. Despite wanting to see the older boy finish, Henry felt a flicker of guilt run through him. Aleks was right. Stumbling upon Jake in the woods might have been an accident, but that didn’t mean Henry had to stick around. Wouldn’t Henry want the same courtesy if he thought he was alone?

“Come with me?” Aleks asked, and without waiting for Henry’s response he crawled quietly away.

Henry followed and watched how Aleks’s swim trunks clung to his ass as he moved along. This was doing nothing for his boner.

After they’d gotten back to the part of the woods with fallen leaves and branches, Henry cleared his throat to speak.

“Just so you know, I wasn’t trying to spy on him. I guess I just got caught up in it.”

Aleks looked back with what Henry could only describe as an understanding and sympathetic smile. “I know.”

Amazingly, whether from the embarrassment of getting caught or feeling guilty, Henry’s dick softened. He wasn’t even concerned that Aleks might have noticed him being hard until long after the fact.

When they returned to the swimming hole, some of the kids from before had left, while others had filled in. Henry noticed Molly, the presumed school slut, laying across her towel as she made sure to stick her bikini-covered ass out a little extra for all the boys around her to suffer through. Henry and Aleks spent time together diving into the waters while applauding some of the more daring and advanced divers who leapt like madmen off the edge. It was there that Henry learned how Aleks was new to the area, having only recently enrolled in one of the 6th grade classes at Misty Pines Middle. Henry promised he would introduce Aleks to his friend Aiden on Monday, as well as a few others he thought were fun to hang around.

While waiting their turn for the next jump, Jake emerged from the woods. There was no denying the lopsided smile plastered on the copper-haired boy’s face or the way the front of his shorts ballooned out. Aleks shot Henry a knowing smile before diving off the rock with a yelp.

This boy, Henry thought. The day wasn’t even over, and already he had Henry in his clutches. Before then, Henry would have never passed on the opportunity to watch someone like Jake cum. Better yet, it hadn’t even occurred to Henry to use his new abilities on the eighth grader. He probably could have forced Jake to jizz right away, but he guessed that would have sapped some of the fun from it. As he stared at the top of Aleks’s blonde head below him, Henry couldn’t help but acknowledge the fuzzy feeling blooming in his chest. Even if Aleks didn’t turn out to be gay—and Henry genuinely believed Aleks might be—then this was still a pretty amazing day in his life.

End of Part 3

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Author’s note: Look at you, Henry, making new friends out there in the world. Nothing like a gay boy building up hope in his mind that his friend might be like him. I’m sure that’s never bit anyone in the ass before. Thank you again for reading if you made it this far into the story. I’d love to hear some feedback from you all if you enjoyed it (LeviHolland@protonmail.com). There are a few chapters left to go for this story, so stay tuned!