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Strip Foosball

September 20, 2018

Strip Foosball

Flip! Twirl! Swoosh! Wham! The miniature soccer ball bounced around the playing field as the twirling upright men spun and alternately tried to hit and block the moving ball. Hands twirled the metal rods as they moved in and out of the holes in the game’s sides.

Smash! Score! Goal!

“Aha! Beat you again!” Dominic cried in triumph as he spun the kicking player’s rod that scored the winning goal.

“Let’s see now — that’s four out of five games I’ve won. What do you say to that, Angie?”

The young girl stood there looking at her brother and deciding whether or not to say something smart or just leave it alone. They were alone downstairs in the game room of their families’ home on a Saturday night. The holidays were here; Christmas was just next week. And of course with the holidays came the visiting. And Dominic and Angie’s parents were upstairs right now entertaining relatives of their vast Italian family.

Dominic Chila was Italian, like his father, who had married a pure Italian girl, and thereby created offspring with all-Italian looks. He had the jet black hair of the Italian race, the prominent facial characteristics, the mannerisms and more importantly the attitude.

Dominic was 12 years old but he was already showing signs of becoming just like his father. When he would become older, Dominic Chila would be a very handsome man and most likely a notorious heartbreaker.

Angie Chila, Dominic’s sister, was 13 years old, and stood a head taller than her younger brother. She, too, had the luxurious jet black hair and hers hung down her back almost to her waist. She had a sharply distinguished nose and a full mouth with puffy red lips. If she kept on her well-developed course Angie Chila would look like her mother and be a knockout when she reached her early 20s.

Being the only two children in the family, when the relatives came visiting, Dominic and Angie were usually forced somewhere away from the adults. Like tonight, they were down in the game room and the adults were upstairs playing their party games and probably getting drunk. But this was what usually went on at the Chila family get-togethers so Dominic and Angie were used to it.

Which is why right now Angie had to bite her tongue and not say anything that might make Dominic mad and quit playing with her and leave her alone because then she’d be bored as anything because she wouldn’t be allowed to go upstairs while the adults were playing their games and drinking.

So, Angie, being 2 years older than her brother, simply said, “You’re pretty good, Dominic, I’ll give you that!”

Which of course satisfied his Italian ego, no matter how young Dominic was.

“Wanna play another one?” Dominic asked his sister.

“What’s the sense?” Angie said. “You’ll just beat me again.”

“Why don’t we make it more interesting?” Dominic added. “More challenging?”

“How?” Angie wanted to know.

“We’ll play Strip Foosball!”

“What?” Angie said, unsure of what her brother just said.

“Strip Foosball!” Dominic said again.

“Wha — what’s that?” Angie asked, unsure of what her brother had in mind.

“Okay, listen, you say I can probably beat you, right? Well, how about if we make it so that it’s harder for me to win? That’ll give you a chance, right?”

“How would that happen with Strip Foosball?” Angie wanted to know.

“Easy! Look, we’ll play with me using just one row of players on my side, all right? That gives you the advantage right away, right? Then, for every goal I score, you have to take something off. Every time you score a goal, I have to take something off, get it? So, it’ll make you want to play better and defend my shots better because you won’t want to take anything off and I’ll be worrying about me having to take something off and I won’t be able to concentrate on the game. What do you say, Angie?”

The young girl stood there not quite believing what her younger brother had just said about their playing Strip Foosball. It was kind of daring, but at the same time it wasn’t right — they were both too young and they were brother and sister. Still, he was just going to use one side of his players so it wouldn’t be that easy for him to play and make goals. And she really didn’t like him being so boastful of his beating her all the time. She could actually beat him for a change. Besides, she didn’t think it would get any further than her underwear, and Dominic had already seen her in a bathing suit, so what was the big deal?

While Angie was thinking the situation over, Dominic was looking at his pretty sister. Although he was only 12 years old, he was growing up fast. His thoughts about girls had intensified over the past six months. He had already found out about pleasure of masturbation. He knew that for a boy his age he had a rather nice-sized dick. Not much hair, in fact, hardly none at all, but when he got hard his dick was nice and fat. And now, being down here in the cellar all alone with his cute older sister well — he had certain horny thoughts on his mind.

“Okay,” Angie finally said, making Dominic’s heart beat faster. “Let’s play!”

“All right!” he said. “Now remember the rules. You score a goal, I take something off. I score a goal, you take something off, okay? Also, socks have to stay on. Your shoes count, but not your socks. We really shouldn’t be going around down here in bare feet. Might get splinters in them. All set? Let’s go!”

And the game was on.

It was hard for Dominic at first because he was using only one side of his men to play. But he was sure that he would get the hang of it and he would eventually win out and beat his sister.

As they played, Dominic checked out his sister’s clothes to see what she’d hopefully be taking off. She was wearing blue jeans with white sneakers and Dominic could see that she had on some kind of white socks between the bottom of her jeans’ legs and the tops of her sneakers. She wore a long-sleeved gold slipover sweater underneath which Dominic could see a white top of some kind up around her neck.

What caught his eyes the most, however, were the two noticeable lumps on her chest underneath the sweater. Being 13 years old, Angie had started to develop. Dominic first had noticed his sister’s cute, shapely little ass in those tight jeans she was wearing. Then he had seen her front — very nice. They weren’t fully developed by any means but they were nice enough for his first look at a girls’ breasts.

Dominic was wearing a pair of jeans also, black sneakers and white gym socks. He wore a long-sleeved red and black slipover shirt with nothing on underneath it. So he had less to take off, of course, but that was all in the plan.

Naturally, Dominic was at a great disadvantage in the beginning. So much so that his sister scored a goal almost immediately after starting the game.

“Aha!” Angie cried as her soccer ball disappeared into the other side’s slot.

“First blood,” Dominic said as he laughingly bent down untied his one sneaker and slipped it off, tossing it aside.

Back to the game!

Again, his sister scored another goal. This was going to be harder than I thought, Dominic thought to himself as he untied and took off his other sneaker. Now he stood there in his stockinged feet.

They started playing again and Dominic was starting to get the hang of it, playing with only one side of players. He scored a goal soon after.

“Gotcha on that one!” he cried proudly.

Angie resigned to the fact that he scored a goal so she bent down and untied one white sneaker. Grasping the heel of it in her fingers she slipped her foot out and tossed the sneaker aside. Dominic could see her white-stockinged foot exposed now on the wooden floor of the cellar. It was a soft, fuzzy-looking sock, with lines on it. Something about her white-stockinged foot made Dominic even more horny now.

But back to the game. Luck was with him because he soon scored another goal on his sister. Angie again bent down and untied her other white sneaker, again grasping the heel of it and slipping her foot out of it and tossing it on top of her other discarded sneaker. Now Angie stood there in both of her white-stockinged feet. They began to play again. Both sides fought hard and furious. Neither one wanted to be the next to remove an article of clothing. But the task fell to young Dominic because his sister shot the soccer ball into the slot on his side.

“Ha!” Angie shouted, pleased to see that her brother was taking more clothes off than she was.

Dominic slipped off his shirt, tossing it to the ground on top of his sneakers. Now he was shirtless. It was very warm in the cellar so it didn’t bother Dominic to be standing there with no shirt on.

Not to be outdone, Dominic attacked the game with a new fervor. Almost immediately he scored a goal, raising a fist in the air and celebrating. Angie wasn’t worried, though. She had a lot more clothes on than he did. She started pulling up her sweater from her waist and lifted it up and took it off over her head. She flung the sweater over on top of her sneakers and stood ready for the next attack.

Dominic now saw his sister in a white ribbed (lined) cotton top which was kind of low-cut on her chest. Now he could make out her developing breasts even better. He could see that his sister wore a white bra beneath her cotton shirt she was wearing. Still, the lumps on her chest stuck out rather nicely as he looked at her.

“Dominic? Let’s play! Dominic?” His sister was talking to him and he wasn’t listening.

He snapped out of his thoughts and said, “Oh, yeah, sorry, Angie, okay, let’s go.”

Again they picked up the pace of the game. The soccer ball slammed around the base of the game in a furious battle. Who would score next? The answer came when Dominic slammed the ball home into his sister’s goal slot.

“Yessss!” he shouted triumphantly.

Angie was beginning to have second thoughts. This wasn’t going the way she thought it would. But being a true sport. she started opening her blue jeans.

Dominic watched his sister while she popped open the button on her jeans at her waist. He saw her pull the zipper down and her jeans spread apart. He saw a pair of white panties in the opening there. This was great, he thought to himself. He could feel stirrings in his pants. His balls were feeling kind of funny and his dick was getting antsy.

Angie started slipping her jeans down over her hips and pushed them down her legs, bending forwards as she did this. She slipped each of her long legs out of the jeans legs and threw them onto her sweater.

Dominic now looked at his sister standing there in her white cotton top, white underpants, and white knee high socks. The tops of her knee highs had a thick solid band around the cuff. Her feet looked so dainty and cute. This turned Dominic on somehow and he liked looking at his sister’s white-stockinged feet.

“Well?” Angie asked, waiting.

“Oh, right,” Dominic said, and they went back to playing.

Angie fought hard and finally managed to score a goal. Dominic had to take off his jeans now. A little nervously, he opened his jeans and pulled the zipper down. All the while he was praying that his dick wouldn’t get hard and his sister would see it in his white undershorts.

Dominic slid down his jeans and stepped out of them. He tossed them on top of his shirt. Now he just stood there in his white undershorts and his white gym socks. The bottom of the game hid his crotch from the sight of his sister so he wasn’t too nervous about it yet. His dick was making a slight bulge in the pocket of his undershorts, but nothing major yet.

Angie giggled at seeing her egotistical brother standing there in nothing but his underwear.

Now the game got down and dirty. They both played furiously. Dominic had no more clothes to take off. If he lost, he would have to take off his undershorts since he had insisted that socks stayed on. He’d be naked in front of his sister.

Getting serious now he managed to score a goal. “Yahoo!”

Angie hesitated, then reluctantly grabbed the hem of her cotton top and started pulling it up her pre-teen body. Dominic watched wide-eyed as his sister drew the top off over her head and threw it onto the pile of clothes on the floor. Now his sister was just in her bra and panties and knee socks. The bra, he noticed, was a plain white bra, like a beginner bra, you know, like a training bra, but much more than that. The cups were almost like triangles, not really holding that much inside them. But enough for his young mind. His sister’s underpants were the same plain white, shaped into a vee covering her crotch. He found himself wondering if she had any hair down there yet.

He could feel his dick jump and he knew that it was starting to get hard in his undershorts. Damn! He’d have to concentrate if he didn’t want to lose again. He played as hard as ever and scored again. He couldn’t believe it. With only one side of players. He really was the best at this game.

Angie just stood there looking at her brother apprehensively.

“C’mon, Angie, you know the rules!”

Angie hesitated again, and then her hands went to her back where she unsnapped her bra. The white bra straps fell off her shoulders and she held the bra against her chest as she withdrew her arms from it. Dominic watched in silence as his sister finally left go of her bra and it fell away from her naked chest. Dominic was staring at her breasts. They were beautiful to him. As best he could describe them they were like small cupcakes kind of flattened out. There wasn’t really any shape to them. Atop each mound was a round dark pink circle, and in the center of that was a pink nipple. Angie’s long black hair had fallen over top of one of her bared breasts and it just looked so sexy to Dominic that way.

“What are you looking at, Dominic?” Angie asked him.

“You’re beautiful,” Dominic replied, unable to say anything else.

Angie was taken aback at that because she knew her brother to be only concerned about himself and how he looked. This was unusual.

“Okay, thanks, but let’s get back to playing. This should be the last game because then one of us will have to take off our underpants and then one of us will be naked. Let’s go.”

They both played that last game like it was the end of the world. Dominic with his one-armed one-sided attack and Angie with both hands and arms flailing. It was do or die! It was all or nothing! It was — ZIP — Angie’s soccer ball sailed cleanly and untouched into Dominic’s goal slot. Angie had won! Dominic was dumbstruck! She had beat him! His sister had beat him! Now he had to take off his undershorts. His plan had backfired. He was motionless.

“Well?” his sister asked, watching from the other side of the game. “I won, Dominic, fair and square. Come on, off with them!”

Angie was starting to enjoy this, now that she had the upper hand. She was actually looking forward to seeing her younger brother naked. She had actually never seen another boy naked before, you know, not counting babies, and she was naturally curious.

Dominic stood there looking across at his half-naked sister. His dick was semi-hard; not yet a full boner.

“I wanna see this,” Angie said, moving around from her side of the game.

She walked towards her brother dressed in only her white panties and white knee socks. Dominic looked at his sister’s pre-teen tits as she neared him. They looked so pink up closer now. Her pink nipples were stiff and poking out from the tips of each flattened cone.

Angie walked right up to her brother and said, “Okay, Dominic, take ’em down!”

Dominic put his hands on the side of his hips and stuck his fingertips inside the elastic waistband of his undershorts. Angie’s eyes went to her brother’s underpants’ crotch where she could make out the outline of his youthful bulge.

Dominic slowly began to slide his underpants down. His pubic pad came into view first, and Angie could see a fine fuzz of hair growing there, hardly able to be seen, since he was so young. Then Dominic slid his undershorts down the rest of the way, exposing his entire groin to his sister’s sight. The undershorts pooled at his stockinged feet and he just stood there naked in front of his sister.

Angie stared at her brother’s genitals. For a twelve-year-old kid her brother had a pretty big penis. She knew what the correct terms were for the parts of their bodies. Dominic’s penis hung down below his ball sack, having been slightly aroused and elongated now.

“Is — is it always that — big?” his sister asked him wonderingly.

“Well, no, not usually. It just hangs there limp, you know, but seeing you undressed made it start to, um, grow — uh, you know.”

“You mean you were gettin’ a boner?” Angie said, smiling.

She had heard that word from some of the older girls at school.

“Yeah, I almost did when I saw your tits — uh, breasts,” Dominic said, not really meaning to say the crude word for his sister’s exposed chest.

“That’s all right, Dominic,” Angie said, “you can call ’em tits. You can call ’em anything you want.”

“Okay, then this is my dick!” Dominic said proudly, wanting his sister to say the word.

“Dick!” Angie repeated, and Dominic said, “Tits!”

Both siblings laughed and the ice was broken.

“Will it get any harder?” Angie asked her naked brother.

“Sure. Do you want to see it get harder?” Dominic asked his sister.

Angie shook her head yes and Dominic said, “All right, but you have to do something for me.” “What?” his sister asked, eager to see her brother’s dick get even bigger than it already was.

“Take off your underpants,” Dominic urged his pre-teen sister.

Angie hesitated a second but then quickly decided and then slipped her fingers into her panties and skimmed them down her long legs. Dominic watched with interest as his sister became naked with him. Now they both only wore white socks.

Angie stood there exposing her body to her younger brother.

“Well, what do you think?” Angie asked him.

Dominic looked at his sister’s bare genitals. He knew the proper term for it — vagina — but he liked to call them pussies. Her young pussy had just started getting some dark pubic hairs at the top of the vee, on her pubic pad. He could see where the narrow slit widened as it disappeared between her legs. He could see just a part of her pussylips but that was all.

“Turn around, Angie,” Dominic said huskily.

His sister slowly turned her back to him and he was now looking at her naked ass. They were beautiful, those twin globes of flesh. Nice and shapely for a 13-year-old girl.

Angie turned back around and both children looked at each other. Angie looked at her brother’s dick and it still had not yet gotten any bigger.

“Dominic, what’s the matter with it?” she exhorted. “It’s not any bigger.”

“Well, you have to help it grow,” he said.

“But I took off my underpants,” she agreed.

“Well, now you have to do more,” Dominic told his sister.

“Now what?” Angie wanted to know.

“Lemme feel your tits!” he said, staring at them.

“I — I don’t know, Dominic. Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this,” Angie said.

“It’s all right,” Dominic promised her. “Everybody’s upstairs and they’re all probably passed out drunk by now, if not soon. We’ve got time. C’mon, Angie.”

Angie thought about it for a few seconds and then said, “Okay, but be gentle. Don’t be so rough.”

Dominic stepped a little closer to his sister and reached out his hands towards her naked chest. Angie held her breath while watching her brother raise his hands to her tits. No one had ever touched her breasts besides herself and she was anxious to see how it felt when they were touched by someone else.

Dominic’s hands hovered right in front of the pretty black-haired pre-teen girl’s mounds, hesitant. Then, slowly and gently, his hands cupped his sister’s tits at the bottom, slightly lifting them upwards and squeezing them at the same time. Angie let her breath out in a whoosh! A slight moan escaped from her lips — it felt great! Angie’s nipples tingled as her brother gently massaged both of her pre-teen titties.

As he was fondling his sister’s chest, Dominic’s dick was starting to elongate and stiffen. Angie watched with satisfaction as her brother’s penis began to get bigger. She watched as it started to thicken and stand out and up from his nearly-hairless groin. Soon it was totally hard and sticking up at an angle, pointing towards her own bare crotch.

“Gee, Angie, your tits sure feel nice!” Dominic said, his fingers now rolling over his sister’s stiff pink nipples.

“Look, your dick’s really hard now, Dominic,” Angie pointing down at his crotch.

Indeed, Dominic’s twelve-year-old erection was jutting out from his groin. It was about five inches in length, and about two inches around. Angie seemed mesmerized by it. Dominic’s dick throbbed hotly. He wanted his sister to touch it.

“Wanna feel it, Angie?” he asked her, huskily.

“Can I?” she said anxiously.

“Sure, go on, squeeze it with your hand.”

While Dominic kept his own hands squeezing and feeling his sister’s tits, Angie reached out her right hand and brought it near to her brother’s hard dick. As her hand neared it, she felt heat coming from it. As her hand brushed against it, it jumped, bobbling upright in the air.

“Ooh,” Angie breathed, watching as her brother’s dick stopped jumping and stood still again.

Angie then closed her hand around it, gently squeezing it at first but then tightening her grip, when her brother started moaning softly. Dominic had jerked off many times in his bedroom but to have someone else touch his dick was even better.

“Am I hurting you, Dominic?” Angie asked her brother.

“No, no, man, it feels great when you do that, Angie!” he told her, and she squeezed his dick hard again.

There stood the two siblings, naked but for their white socks, next to the Fusbol Table. His hands on her budding tits, her hand on his erect dick. Where would this lead?

Dominic let go of his sister’s tits and Angie said, “What’s wrong?”

She still held onto his dick with her right hand.

“I wanna feel yours now, Angie,” he said anxiously.

“My what?” she asked innocently.

“Your pussy,” he said, glancing at the triangle between her legs.

“All — alright, go ahead — if you want to,” Angie said, stepping back a bit.

Dominic took his right hand and brought it forwards near his sister’s exposed vagina. He grazed the back of his hand over the sparse.black-haired pubic fuzz at the top of her vee. Nice and soft it felt. Then he rubbed his hand down into the juncture there and Angie spread her legs apart a little to allow him to continue feeling her pussy.

Dominic could now see his sister’s pussy slit. The only ones he had ever seen were the ones in magazines. His sister’s looked like those, only hers didn’t have much hair on it. His knuckles brushed over Angie’s pink vaginal lips, causing her to sigh softly.

“How — how did that feel?” he asked his sister.

“Good,” Angie breathed back.

Now Dominic turned his hand around and started touching her pussy with his fingertips. First he began gently rubbing her slit at the top moving the flesh around in circles. Angie let out a louder moan.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked her.

“No, no, keep on doing it, though,” Angie told him lustfully.

In truth it was the greatest feeling she had ever felt!

Dominic continued rubbing his sister’s pussy, gradually lowering his hand down in between her legs. His fingers felt her fleshy lips around the opening to her pussy and he rubbed her there. Instinctively his middle finger slipped inside the small hole there and and when his sister began thrusting her hips towards him he began sliding his finger in and out of her pussy. He was fingerfucking his sister!

Angie was going out of her mind! She’d touched herself before in bed at night but it felt so much better when someone else was touching her. Her brother hadn’t even touched her little round button at the top of her slit yet and she was feeling those glorious feelings that she gave herself. She couldn’t hold it any longer and her muscles contracted and she had an orgasm at the hand of her brother!

Dominic could feel his sister’s genital muscles tighten up on his finger and when she relaxed he withdrew his finger from her pussy and removed his hand from in between her legs.

“Wow!” was all Angie could say as she stood there panting.

Over to the side of the basement room was a futon sofa which could be turned into a full-sized bed. Dominic suggested that they go and sit down on it and both catch their breaths. The two naked siblings walked over to the sofa and sat down. Dominic’s dick had once again softened a little and now hung kind of drooped down on top of his ball sack as he sat on the sofa.

Angie turned sideways towards him and picked up his semi-hard dick in her hand and said, “It went down again, Dominic.”

“You can make it harder again, Angie,” he told her. “Just play with it some,” he urged his sister. Angie began to fondle and play with her brother’s dick in his lap. While his sister was feeling his dick, Dominic was looking down at her white kneehigh-stockinged feet. Her one leg was propped on the floor and she was resting that foot on its toes, thereby lifting up the back of her foot, the stockinged heel in the air, as it were. Her other leg was bent underneath her as she sat sideways facing him. This visual image along with her ministrations on his dick helped to once again make his dick fully hard and erect.

“Look, I did it, Dominic, I made it hard again!” Angie cried, proud of what she had done.

“All right, now, I want you to try something for me, okay, Angie?”

“What?” she asked him curiously.

“Remember how good I made you feel?”

“Uh huh. It felt great, Dominic!”

“Well, now you can make me feel the same way, okay?”

“Sure, I guess so. What do I have to do?”

“All right, get on the floor in between my legs,” Dominic instructed his sister.

Angie got off of the sofa and crawled in between her brother’s spread legs. She was on her knees, her white kneehigh-stockinged feet upturned behind her. Dominic could see the undersides of his sister’s feet and it made his dick jump.

“Now what, Dominic?” Angie asked her brother. Dominic reached down and took hold of his dick in his right hand and held it steady, pointing it right at his sister’s face.

“I want you to kiss and lick and suck on my dick, Angie,” he said.

“What?” Angie said, hesitating.

“C’mon, Angie. It’ll be alright. Honest. Just try it once.”

Angie looked at her brother’s hard dick. He had made her feel very very good before. She should do something for him, shouldn’t she?

“Okay,” she finally agreed.

“Okay, great! First, just kiss the head of my dick. Then lick it some with your tongue.”

Angie looked at the bald head of her brother’s hard dick. She pursed her lips and planted a kiss right on the very tip. Then she stuck out her little pink tongue and swiped it over the domed head. It didn’t taste too bad, she thought.

Dominic couldn’t believe the feeling when his sister licked his dickhead. Wow!

“All right now, Angie, take some of it in your mouth and suck on it, like you’re sucking on a milkshake through a straw.”

Angie opened her mouth and started to put it over top of her brother’s dick. She covered the head and some of the shaft before she closed her mouth around it. Her tongue bathed it instinctively and she began to suck on the rod.

Dominic let go of his dick and she held it steady in her own hand while she sucked it.

“Oh yeah, Angie! Yeah! That feels so good! So goddamn great!”

Angie liked the fact that she could make her brother feel so good so she continued sucking him in earnest. Up and down her black-haired head bobbed on his dick. She would stop once in a while and just stroke his dick in her hand. She liked to see how wet his dick was from her mouth. Then she would go back to sucking him. Dominic could feel his balls beginning to compress. He was gonna shoot a load soon! He thought that he’d better warn his sister of the impending explosion.

Once, when she lifted her mouth from his dick and was jerking him with her hand he said, “God, I’m gonna come soon, Angie! I don’t wanna come in your mouth so maybe you can make me come with your hand, okay?”

“Sure, Dominic,” Angie agreed, and continued stroking her brother’s dick with her hand.

She had heard the other girls at school talking about a boy’s dick shooting out this thick white liquid and now she was about to see this act for herself.

“Ungghh!” Dominic moaned, as his sister’s hand flew up and down his stalk.

“All — alright, Angie, here it comes! God, get ready, Angie! Ohh, ohh, here it comes! Oh God, I’m coming!”

On one of her hand’s upsweeps on her brother’s dick Angie could feel as well as see the explosion from the tip of his dick. The white liquid flew up into the air and landed on her hand as she kept stroking the shooting dick. She watched as her brother shot out stream after stream of white stuff, the spurts eventually getting shorter and shorter until finally no more shot out of the rod.

Angie climbed back onto the sofa and sat down beside her spent brother. Both pre-teens were exhausted. Dominic’s dick went completely soft and lay shriveled up in his groin.

Angie saw this and said, “I can’t believe how big it gets when it starts out so small.”

“it’s amazing, isn’t it?” Dominic said, gazing over at his sister’s naked body next to him.

“Well, we’d better get dressed before someone comes down here and catches us, huh?” he said.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Angie agreed, and both siblings got up and started gathering their clothes together, slipping them on, tying and buttoning things up.
Once fully dressed, Dominic said, “We’ll have to play this game again sometime soon!”

“You bet!” Angie agreed.

“Don’t say that word,” Dominic said and they both laughed.

Then both pre-teen siblings made their way back upstairs to the main party which was still going on. This would be one Christmas that neither sibling would ever forget.

The End


  1. Avatar for Mike

    Nice story. But if Angie is 13 she is NOT pre-teen. And if Dominic is 12 they are NOT 2 years apart.
    Otherwise a good short story, that skipped the messy cleanup at the end.

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      I completely agree. It’s a bit messy, but the overall premise is entertaining. Definitely not the best on the site, but still a lot better than most stuff you find at Nifty or storiesonline.

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