Kyle’s Little Discovery – Epilogue

“Don’t leave your backpack on my vanity, Kyle,” Mom said as I set my backpack down. I was looking forward to three whole months of not having to think about school now that summer has arrived.

I smiled sheepishly back at her and hefted my backpack and took it over and dropped it in the closet, in the corner. Out of sight, out of mind.

“Don’t forget what happened last year when you forgot your gym clothes all summer,” Mom said.

I wrinkled my nose. That had been bad. Who knew that damp gym clothes could mildew and ruin a backpack? I shrugged and took my PE clothes from the bag, and dropped them into our hamper.

I looked at the stack of movie rentals we picked up on the way home from the restaurant. There weren’t many ways better to spend an evening than watching movies. I’m so glad Mom likes a lot of the same movies as me. Now that I’ll be in the eighth-grade next year, mom added rated R movies in our mix of rentals.

Thinking over the past few years, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself. My home life was rated X, and yet I couldn’t watch rated R movies until a few months ago. Still, I didn’t really mind.

I pulled my shirt off and added it to the hamper as I said, “I picked the last couple of movies. It’s your turn.”

Sitting on the bed, I pulled off my pants as Mom sorted through the tapes. “What about Die Hard. Watch that tonight, and then maybe tomorrow night, we can catch the sequel at the movie theater.”

“Sounds good,” I said as I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, just below her breasts. I rested my chin on her shoulder as she pushed the VHS cassette into the player. It still feels a bit weird to be as tall as Mom. However, she keeps telling me that I’ll get a lot taller.

She turned around and kissed me. The longer our lips touched, the more her body pushed against mine. And the more my dick strained at my underwear. Her mouth tasted of the Chinese food we’d eaten earlier. I could almost taste the heat from the General Tso’s on her lips.

The movie was forgotten as I pulled at her T-shirt with our school mascot on it. I dropped it on the floor as I reached around her and unfastened her bra. Over the past few years, I’ve gotten to be pretty good undressing my mom, and I certainly felt myself get even stiffer when her small breasts came into view.

For the moment, I ignored everything else as I sank my mouth onto her left tit, sucking on her nipple, feeling it grow hard against my tongue. Then I knelt and unfastened her jeans, pulling them and her underwear down in a single tug. I don’t know how many times I’ve done this since I was ten, but it never got old. I even leaned in and kissed where her slit and pubic mount met. It was smooth under my lips, which tingled from the touch.

Mom pulled me back up and then slid my underwear to my ankles, where I kicked them off. This was the moment I liked best, when we’re both naked in front of each other. She took me in her hand, wrapping her fingers around my erection.

I’d done more that grow more than six inches over the past few years. Now, that my thirteenth birthday is about two months away, I think Mom likes my dick even more than she used to… and she’s always wanted it. Used to, Mom would wrap just her thumb and index finger around me. But know she can get almost get her entire fist around me when she jacks me off.

She let go of me and crawled onto the bed and lay back and spread her legs. The smoldering look was all I needed. I followed her onto our bed and moved between her legs. I grabbed my nearly five inches and leaned forward, resting my chest against Mom’s breasts. The tip of my dick tingled as it touched the folds of Mom’s pussy. She was already wet, which told me she wanted me inside her just as much as I did.

When my head slid into her pussy, it was already slick. I pushed my pelvis forward, sliding all the way inside her. The warm walls of her pussy gripped my shaft, making me tingle all over. I don’t know how many times I’ve felt her pussy walls grab my dick over the past few years, but it never gets old.

As I slid back, Mom wrapped her legs around my butt, pulling me back inside. My pubic bone glided smoothly against hers. In the past few weeks, I’ve started making semen, and I bet by the end of the summer, I’ll be getting Mom’s help to pluck out any hair that comes in. I know it sounds weird and crazy, but after three years of heaven, I’d become addicted to the smooth feeling of our bodies grinding and gliding against each other, and if plucking or shaving a few pubes was what I have to do, then it was a small price to pay.

My hips rocked back and forth. In no time at all, we found that rhythm where our bodies almost felt like one. Mom’s breathing quickened as she groaned, her head leaned back against the bed, “Ahhh, mmm.”

I sped up as Mom’s fingers dug into my back. Seeing her expression turn to one of bliss, knowing she was close to cumming, made me tingle even more. My balls tingled, my dick tingled, even my belly button tingled as I felt myself closing in on that electrical feeling.

My balls pulled up, and then my dick jerked inside the tight confines of Mom’s pussy. I felt that first hot spasm shoot out of my dick. Bam, bam, bam… With the first couple of jerks, my watery cum shot into Mom’s pussy. Still, my dick kicked, thinking there was more there. I didn’t care. The physical feeling of my semen erupting out of my slit was incredible. Yeah. When I get older, I know there’ll be more, but for now…it was, like Mom says, Nirvana.

I could hear Kyle in the bedroom. He was watching some TV show, waiting for me. There was nothing more that I wanted to do than get up and go in there. It’s crazy, I know. If you had told me the first time I slid his three inches into me that I would love it even more when he was a bit older, I would have laughed, simply because he’s been perfect at every stage.

But it did get better. When we first started making love, seeing his little erection would make me wet and horny. At least I thought it had. But by the time he was twelve, he was four inches of delight. Seeing him naked made me even hornier and the sex even better. Of course, by then, we had turned his bedroom into his study. He hadn’t slept in any other bed than mine in more than a year.

I guess it was sometime after this last spring break that I felt him ejaculate for the first time. The first time Kyle ejaculated had been a few weeks before the end of the school year. We were making love, him on top of me, when I felt his penis felt like it grew even harder inside me right before he came. I my mind I knew it had mostly felt the same as before. But it didn’t feel the same. I wanted to see it, to experience my boy’s newest development. After pulling him out of me, I only waited long enough for him to catch his breath before going down on him with my mouth. I ignored my taste on his penis, as I slurped and bobbed and sucked.

And sure enough, my boy, just a bit older than twelve and a half years, deposited his second load of semen into my mouth. It was thin and watery, yet sweet on my tongue. We didn’t get much sleep that first night he came. The last time I brought him to orgasm, his cum was dry.

By the time summer came, we made love almost every day. There was one Saturday that we only got out of bed to eat. He came in me five times that day, and each one better than the time before.

And now, that school is just around the corner, there I was, sitting on the toilet, staring down at that plastic stick. Those two lines felt like they were staring back at me, accusing me. I shook my head, uncertain of what to do. Until a few months ago, Kyle wasn’t ejaculating at all, just dry orgasms. And then, when he started producing that clear semen, I figured his body wasn’t making any sperm, at least not yet. After all, he is still smooth, without even a hint of pubic hair. I had expected Kyle’s semen to have no sperm for the first few months. I’d been planning on starting birth control when school begins in the fall.

I looked to the ceiling, as though I would find an answer there.

I muttered, “Shit.”

In my heart, I knew I would have found another excuse come the start of school to hold off the birth control. Somewhere inside, I knew why, too. Simon had been my love, and part of me had died the night I learned he died. Some portion of me was resurrected when Kyle was born. He was the continuation of my love for Simon.

And then, when Kyle turned ten, and our love blossomed into something so much more than just mother and son, my boy filled the same place in my heart that his father had filled. It wasn’t that Kyle was a stand-in for Simon. Not at all. In the same way Simon had been the love of my life when he was alive, Kyle is the love of my life now. And as fucked up as it may seem, I think deep inside, I delayed birth control, hoping in my subconsciousness that Kyle would impregnate me.

As I fretted over my predicament, I came to understand that my subconsciousness had long been at work on this. For the last year or so, my coworkers thought I’d been dating a guy from Houston. It was a convenient lie I came up with when several of my friends at work kept trying to set me up on a date. Still, when I couldn’t hide my pregnancy, the lie was already in place. I could tell them this made-up guy had dumped me upon finding out I was pregnant. Anything other than the truth.

But I couldn’t lie to Kyle. It had nothing to do with the fact he knew he was my one and only lover, but everything to do with how much I love him and that didn’t have it in me to deceive him.

I threw the stick in the trash. I’d need to schedule an appointment with my gynecologist pretty soon. My periods had never been what you’d call regular and predictable. I hadn’t thought anything of it when I missed my period six weeks ago. But missing the second one and the mood swings I’ve had lately, I needed to know how far along I was.

I needed to tell Kyle, and soon. But first, I needed him, and badly. I stripped down and opened the bathroom door. A few steps later, I stood at our bedroom and looked at him. He must have been wanting me just as much as I needed him. He was already naked, his five-inch erection laying almost flat against his smooth belly.

I climbed onto the bed and crawled toward him, not stopping until I straddled him, his penis lying flat against my labia. When I moaned how much I needed him, I don’t think I’ve ever meant it more.

I grabbed his penis, feeling the slickness of his precum, and rubbed his head up and down my labia until his erection was slick with both our juices. I slipped him inside me as I groaned at the anticipation of our orgasms.

My hips and my knees moved with a frenzied abandon I’d never felt before. Kyle’s eyes, filled with lust, molded himself to my movements. He reached out and fondled my breasts, and already there was a change in how sensitive they felt.

God, his penis felt so good in me. If he was like his father, he might grow another inch, become a good deal thicker around, but even at five inches, he felt terrific, sliding in and out of my pussy. One thing about our lovemaking; it was frequent, and my hips and knees had built up some well-used muscles now.

Sweat was pouring off my body by the time I felt Kyle tense up under me. He squeezed his eyes shut and bit his lower lip as he gripped my hips, bucking and slamming up against me as I felt his penis kick inside me. There was even a bit of pressure deeper in me. Was that his semen? Even though I always felt Kyle’s orgasm, this was the first time I felt physical pressure from his semen.

When he stopped bucking, I continued my own up and down motion. I wasn’t there yet, and God, I needed to cum, too. Up and down, again and again. I lost track of how long I’d been riding my son. Even my knees and thighs were shaking. Even though Kyle’s position was easier, he was soaked in our sweat when I finally felt that rush of pressure deep inside me as my orgasm washed over me, my body shuddering from the intensity.

I didn’t want this moment to end. I was wet. So wet that more than just Kyle’s penis was slick. Our bodies slid against each other, soaked with my juices. I shut out the pain in my knees. The walls of my pussy practically vibrated as that rushing feeling kept pouring over me.

And then, Kyle yelled, “Ah, fuck!” He knew I hated him cussing. Still, to hear him swear gave me one last burst of energy. I rose up, feeling his head briefly slide out from me, and then I crashed down, taking all of him back in me.

Then he shuddered as I felt his penis spasm again. He groaned, “Ahhh…”

When I finally rolled off, his eyes were glassy, still in the throes of his back-to-back orgasms. I snuggled against him as we both came down from our sexual highs. Despite all the fear and emotion of what was to come, at that moment, holding Kyle, I felt satisfied.

After a bit, Kyle said, “Wow. Did you know you rode me for like, twenty minutes! I haven’t ever cum that much…like, ever!”

I reached down between my legs and felt his semen on my pussy lips. “I felt it this time. Actually felt your cum fill me up.”

I loved the curiosity on his face, “What’d it feel like?”

I took his hands in mine and drew them against me, “More intense than ever.”

He smiled, letting me hold him. He said, “Why do you think that’s so?”

I steadied my nerves, “Kyle, there’s something I need to share with you…”

The End

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