The Vlog
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The Vlog – Part 3

If there were a battle being waged, even if it was one that existed only in Natalie’s head, then the remainder of the weekend represented either a stalemate or a cease fire. The boys remained shirtless for the weekend, which again wasn’t unheard of, but unusual enough to seem at least slightly suspicious, making her wonder if they weren’t trying in some way to put their own immature moves on her. Natalie stayed in her skimpy outfit, but didn’t go any skimpier. The boys combated their erection problem by changing into less revealing shorts after their showers Saturday evening, or at least they were wearing tight briefs underneath, because she never got another hint of a preteen boner; a fact which filled her with equal measures of relief and frustration.

Luke headed home Sunday afternoon and it was just her and Jacob for the rest of the afternoon, until their mom arrived in time for Sunday dinner. It was one of the few times they were able to all get together during the week. Natalie knew her mom would be up and out of the house before she even got out of bed the following morning, so she enjoyed her company while she could, sharing the events of the week. She and Jacob each left out any mention of the challenge videos.

On Monday morning, Natalie grabbed her phone and turned off the alarm with a groan. Five thirty came way too early. She had to be in school by seven, a full two hours before Jacob who was in sixth grade this year, his first in middle school.

She made her bed quickly, then she walked to the bathroom naked. She usually wore a robe, but there was maybe a 1% chance or less that Jacob would see her, and she thought she might be beyond the point of caring. She took a quick shower, then spent time doing her hair. Finished with that task, she went to her room, pulled on a pair of panties, sat at her small desk and carefully applied her make-up. She didn’t use much, just enough to sort of punch things up a bit. A tiny bit of mascara, a thin layer of lipstick, a touch of liner. She didn’t need foundation or bronzer or eye shadow. She’d done all that when she was thirteen and quickly learned that less was more, especially when you were young and had pretty flawless skin.

Next she pulled on a nice white demi cup bra and a v-neck shirt. She checked herself out in the mirror. The panties, which she’d barely glanced at when she’d grabbed them from the drawer, were also white. They were very low rise, lacy boyshorts. They were cut high enough to leave a couple inches of her firm young ass hanging from the bottom, and sheer enough to show the crack of her ass, as well as the dark triangle between her legs. She remembered wearing them once for Noah. They hadn’t gone all the way by that time, but she remembered the feeling of his fumbling fingers between her legs and the taste and feeling of his dick in her mouth, followed quickly by the strange, salty taste of his cum.

She went to her closet and grabbed a pair of culottes, but then hesitated before pulling them on. She glanced at her phone. 6:12 am. She had to be at the bus stop by 6:40 and still had to get breakfast. Most of the time that meant a bowl of cereal or a bit of fruit and oatmeal, but she saw herself in those sexy panties again and had an idea.

So she headed downstairs, still in her revealing panties, and turned on the stove and started grabbing things for another egg and bacon breakfast. She got the bacon cooked in a few minutes while she made her toast, and then turned down the heat and got the eggs going and toast for Jacob in the toaster. Then she ran up the stairs.

She knocked lightly, then opened Jacob’s door. His drapes were closed, and it was dark in his room. The light from the hallway gave her just barely enough confidence to walk across his room to his window. “Get up, kid,” she said, as she drew back the drapes.

Jacob groaned and Natalie turned to find him with his arm over his eyes, blocking the soft light of dawn. “C’mon,” she urged. “I’ve got breakfast cooking. Real breakfast. Eggs and bacon, but you have to hurry.”

“Naaaat,” he complained with a boyish whine. “What time is it?” He’d have set his alarm for… well, she wasn’t sure. He didn’t have to be to school until 9am this year, which was even later than fifth grade for some reason. Since he usually showered the night before, she had the idea he probably got up at 8:30, grabbed a bowl of cereal and was out at the bus stop ten minutes later.

She knelt by his bed and shook him. The smell of him, of his bed, rose up to her, a bit funky, but not at all unpleasant. Still, she made a mental note to wash his sheets. Speaking of which, his upper sheet was across his naked chest. Down lower, it was bunched up, making it impossible to tell if he might be hard under there. Natalie knew about morning wood, but wasn’t real clear on the particulars. Did it happen every morning, to every boy? Did it happen before or after they woke? Heck, was Jacob even old enough for morning wood? She assumed he was. She didn’t really know why. She didn’t even know if he had hair down there, or anything really. She had pubes at eleven. Did a boy have to have pubes to get morning wood? It was a mystery.

Natalie shook her baby brother again. He groaned again, but didn’t otherwise respond. “Okay,” she said, standing. “I’ll just eat all the bacon.”

With that, she headed down the hall. Behind her, she heard a thump as his feet hit the floor. She smiled, having suspected that would do it. As she hit the head of the stairs she heard the clank of the plastic toilet seat hitting the ceramic tank, then a powerful hiss as Jacob started peeing. She hurried back to her eggs, which were in danger of being overcooked.

Her back was to her baby brother as he came into the kitchen. She heard him stop and she knew he was staring at her ass. The thought made her grin, and she couldn’t help cocking her hip a bit as she lifted the skillet off the stove and turned.

Jacob was standing there a few feet away, long hair mussed from sleep, half covering his face. His eyes were suddenly bright however. He was dressed only in a pair of black boxer-briefs. Because they were black, it made it hard to see any detail, but if the sudden drop of his hand to his crotch was any indication, he was either still suffering from morning wood, or had just caught a case. His eyes were locked on her crotch, and she watched him squeeze himself through his underwear.

“Geez, Nat,” the boy sighed.

“What?” she asked, pretending not to understand. She then went and dumped half the eggs on his plate. When he didn’t answer and didn’t move, she said, “Your toast already popped. You better butter it while it’s still hot.”

That seemed to shake him from his reverie, and he hurried into the kitchen, one hand clutched guiltily over his crotch. Natalie sat and started into her breakfast, looking at her phone. Then she glanced up under a lowered brow and caught sight of him holding a piece of toast with a knife in the other hand. It was still a bit hard to see from her distance and with the black briefs, but there was a decided lump there and she felt a grin stretching the side of her mouth.

“What’s the occasion?” Jacob asked as he came to the table in a strange scuttling walk designed to keep his boner from being obvious. He slid gratefully into his chair, safely hidden by the table.

“I just felt like cooking,” Natalie answered. She glanced at her phone again. 6:33. Two more bites of eggs, half a strip of bacon, a bite of toast and a final sip of o.j., then she was dusting the crumbs from her fingers. “I have to run. You’ve got enough time to shower this morning.” He normally showered the night before. “You smell a bit funky, so you should. Have a good day at school, dork.”

“You too, skeez,” Jacob said, quoting an oft repeated goodbye.

She could feel her brother’s eyes following her as she hurried up the stairs to finish dressing. She called out another goodbye as she left and then she was out the door and heading quickly to the bus stop.

The rest of the week continued pretty much the same. Natalie was a bit more relaxed about what she wore around the house. Well, not relaxed so much. There was very little relaxed about it, if she were being honest. In fact, it was all pretty calculated, with thin, revealing clothes to provide teasing peeks, or tight, curve-hugging clothes to provide thrills.

She wasn’t the only one. Jacob didn’t wear a shirt all week after school, and several times he laid around after his shower in his jammers or even boxer-briefs. However, she was pretty sure he’d taken to heart some knowledge she’d passed on about video composition because, although she knew he owned them, because she was the one who most often did the laundry, her little brother never wore a single pair of lighter colored boxer-briefs, which would have made it easier to see what he had down there. Nor did he wear any briefs. So he was doing his own little dance of seduction, but it was much more hesitant than hers.

Brother and sister spent some time during the week monitoring their videos on YouTube. The ice bucket challenge especially was getting tons of views. They laughed over the flame wars in the comments sections, as people screamed at other people about them being sickos and pedophiles for watching the vid, completely ignoring the fact that they themselves had come to watch it.

“Look at this one,” Jacob said. “This must be Herbert from Family Guy’s favorite channel.

Then, “Look! This guy made links to all the times when you can see our dicks and stuff!”

A few moments later, “What’s Pedobear?” Then, “Who’s Chris Hansen?” Finally, “Geez, like fifty people seriously want to suck our dicks,” he said, looking at his sister. “Some of them are even girls.”

Natalie laughed. “Probably pervs in disguise.”

“There might be girls who wanna suck it,” he replied stubbornly.

Natalie couldn’t help a glance towards his lap. “Maybe,” she allowed.

Luke of course was there quite often during the week, and he also got into the trend of not wearing a shirt around the house. His eyes rarely seemed to leave Natalie’s body, and the fifteen-year-old girl was sure that she’d seen his erection pressing against the front of shorts on more than one occasion.

Speaking of erections; although he was always careful to hide them, Jacob couldn’t completely disguise the fact that he was getting boners around his sister, especially in the evening and especially on those nights when his own dress was skimpier than usual. Still, frustratingly, he managed to camouflage himself to a degree that Natalie never got a really clear idea of what he had down there.

That all changed on Friday.

Natalie had given it a lot of thought; of the progression of the challenges to keep getting more and more revealing for the viewers, to keep them coming back for more. This week, she’d decided the boys would do the ‘ice down the pants’ challenge, each dropping several ice cubes down the front of their underwear.

Natalie had checked out similar videos online and the best of them could get pretty revealing. It also gave the boys themselves lots of opportunities to grab at their dicks, and talk about their junk, and just generally focus all of their attention, and that of the viewers, on that area.

In preparation, she showed Jacob and Luke a few similar videos that she’d found and bookmarked. The best ones were out of places like the Netherlands, because the boys were cute and not at all averse to doing challenges in skimpy little briefs. In a couple of her examples, the boys would pull out the front of their shorts or briefs far enough that if the camera were in the right position and the light was good, you could see all the way down to the roots of their young dicks. That was the type of thing she was hoping to get, she explained.

Surprisingly, while there was a tiny bit of understandable hesitancy, especially on Jacob’s part, the boys were mostly on board. They were excited about how popular their videos were becoming and they wanted more fame and attention.

In fact, Luke had the idea that they should do it in regular briefs, because, according to Luke, “If you do it in boxers, the ice just goes down the legs.”

Jacob protested, with a quick glance at his sister. Apparently he wasn’t ready for wet briefs in front of Natalie, but he did compromise. It was decided the boys would do the challenge in Speedos. Jacob had several pairs, so finding one for Luke would be easy as they wore the same sizes, and Jacob was at least used to appearing in front of people in a Speedo.

So there were discussions about the general logistics of the challenge; where it would be shot, some idea of the way it would progress, an idea of what they would say and when. While the boys went to change, Natalie went into the kitchen and gathered ice into a small cooler. She’d thought about just throwing it into a bowl, but wasn’t sure how the shoot would go and it was hot out so she didn’t want a bunch of melted ice in the middle of the shoot.

Having learned their benefits from the earlier shoot, Natalie was wearing sunglasses when the boys returned. She’d changed after school and was wearing short shorts and a small t-shirt. She’d thought about a bikini top, but didn’t want the boys concentrating on her boobs while they were in Speedos. She was on the back patio with the cooler on a nearby table, checking the light through the iPad when she heard the back door opening.

Luke came out first. He was dressed only in a tight yellow Speedo with a black stripe on either hip. The suit looked great against his tanned skin, and the V of muscle disappearing into that tight little garment made her heart beat a little faster. However, she was immediately worried, because she couldn’t really make out the bulge in the front. The sun was shining right on them. She knew she’d have to do a camera test.

After a moment Jacob followed through the door, turning to shut it. He was in neon green, and they hugged his firm little ass wonderfully. Then he turned and caught up to his friend as they walked up to her. Safe behind her glasses, Natalie could concentrate her vision on those bulges in the front of their suits. Closer now, she could see the thin tube of Luke’s young dick stretched up to the left across his groin, maybe three inches long. The suit was tight enough to see the ridge of his little cockhead. Below, his young balls were a single, jumbo egg-sized lump.

Jacob’s suit was perhaps even more tight. That meant it flattened and compressed his young dick, leaving just a small little lump poking a bit out against the satiny material. It didn’t seem to be even half the size of Luke’s, although his balls were just as large and possibly larger.

Seeming to sense his sister’s gaze, even if he couldn’t see it, Jacob adjusted himself through the Speedo, leaving his young dick in much the same position as Luke’s. It was pointing a bit up and to the left, although still looking less than half the blond boy’s size at not even two inches. The neon green of the Speedo somehow seemed to really compliment his paler skin, as did the shimmering cascade of raven hair over his soft shoulders.

Natalie explained the need for a lighting test, especially as far as Luke’s suit was concerned. So she had Luke and Jacob dance around a bit, moving here and there, while she moved in a circle around them, to see if there was an optimal configuration. Watching the footage back afterwards, they decided that if the sun was to the boys’ backs that the yellow Speedos were fine and in fact showed him off quite nicely.

Afterward, Luke said, “I can’t believe I’m standing here deciding how good my dick looks with my best friend and his sister.”

“Nobody said it looked good,” Jacob teased. “Just if we could see it or not. You know… without a microscope.”

“At least I don’t look like I already have ice in my pants,” Luke rejoined.

“At least I don’t look like a 4th grader down there!” Jacob said angrily.

“At least I don’t!” Luke said with a pointed glance.

Jacob’s face reddened with anger and embarrassment and he opened his mouth to say something when Natalie jumped in front of him with a calming hand on his chest. “Hey,” she said gently. “You guys are supposed to be best friends,” she reminded them both with a meaningful look.

Jacob glared for a moment, matched by Luke, then he frowned and sighed. “Sorry,” he mumbled.

Luke shrugged as if it had all meant nothing. “S’okay.”

Natalie looked between them and said, “Look, guys, we don’t have to do this if you don’t want. If it’s gonna make you feel uncomfortable then we should just stop.”

Luke’s eyes grew desperate. “We gotta do it!” he pleaded. “Please, Jake?”

Jacob looked to the ground, saying nothing.

“We wanna do it,” Luke said to Natalie. He looked to Jacob, who remained silent, and his face grew more resolved. “We do,” Luke insisted. “We’re just…” he reddened, “…shy.”

“About what?” Natalie asked. “You guys look hot.”

“We… do?” Luke asked. Even Jacob appeared to perk up a bit, listening.

Natalie looked from boy to boy. “Your videos are getting tons of views cuz you’re both…” and it was her turn to redden a bit, “…sexy. Like, really.”

Luke grinned. “You think we’re sexy?”

Natalie sighed and rolled her eyes, trying play it off. “For, like, kids,” she said.

Luke grinned even bigger. “You really do think we’re hot,” he half-teased. Then he did a sexy pose and kissed his left bicep.

Natalie rolled her eyes again. “Now I’m the one that’s gonna quit,” she warned.

Jacob, apparently over his embarrassment, said, “Aww, don’t go, Nat,” and he stepped up and took her in a gentle hug, trying to be funny.

Natalie meant to push him away playfully, but then the warmth of his bare skin and the feeling of his slim body against hers made her hesitate, and she felt herself melting a bit into the hug. Soon she realized that it was going on a bit too long and she pushed away, her breathing a bit accelerated.

“Okay,” she said, trying to wrestle back control of the situation. “Let’s do a practice run. No ice, but just a rehearsal so we all know sorta where to stand and what to do and all that.”

So they ran through it, then sat and watched the video. The boys had mimed putting ice into their Speedos, but the replay didn’t show much of anything. Natalie said, “I think we really need to be able to see further down. You know, into your Speedos. Maybe if I stand closer?”

“Geez, Nat,” Jacob complained. “If you go any more you’re gonna see… you know.”

“I don’t wanna see your dicks,” she assured him, although at this point she realized that was an outright lie.

“Not that,” Jacob said. “You know, higher. What’s above,” he said, as if talking to a six-year-old.

“He means hair,” Luke said. Jacob turned and gave him a look that Natalie didn’t quite catch, and Luke shrugged and said, “Well, you do.” Then he turned to Natalie and said with a grin, “He doesn’t want you seeing all his pubes.”

“At least I’ve got some!” Jacob said with a bit of heat, thinking he was being teased again.

Luke took a breath to protest but Natalie jumped in quickly. “Okay, okay, enough of that. We’ve already done this. Just chill.” Still, she’d been wondering about this for weeks now, so she couldn’t help a curious look at her baby brother, and she asked, “You really do?”

Jacob immediately reddened. He gave a tiny, helpless shrug and Luke laughed.

Jacob glared again. Luke turned to Natalie and said, “He’s got hair on his dick, but none on his balls, and I’ve got hair on my balls and hardly any on my dick. Plus I’m blond so it’s hard to see.” Eyes twinkling, he gave a mischievous grin and asked, “Wanna see?”

Without waiting for an answer, and apparently prepared to ramp up the slow building seduction game between them all, Luke hooked a thumb into the front of his yellow Speedo and pulled them out and down, stopping with his thumb pressed against the base of his cock. Natalie couldn’t help but look. Luke had spoken true, as far as she could see. There was the lightest dusting of barely discernible peach fuzz at the base of his young dick, and only one hair of any length that she could see, less than an inch long and standing alone on the left side of his groin. Natalie found that mostly bald expanse of pale groin oddly tempting, but she was even more excited about the tiny bit of cock she could see, and she tried to gauge its width.

“Geez, Luke,” Jacob complained, clearly embarrassed.

Luke shrugged and removed his thumb, and although the Speedos snapped back, they were still obscenely low, well below the defined tan line, so that if he’d had a bit more pubic hair it would be showing still. Natalie could see his young dick lying sideways near the lowered waistband.

Luke reasoned with his best friend, “It’s gonna be on video. She’s gonna see it. All those pervs are gonna see it, or pretty much. Might as well show it off. Like you said, ‘flaunt it if you got it.’” Then he looked down ruefully at his exposed groin and shrugged. “Or even if you don’t,” he grinned. Then he turned to Natalie while sliding his thumb back into his swim trunks and asked, “Wanna see my dick, too?”

“Geez, Luke!” Jacob said, eyes wide in alarm as he pushed the other boy in his shoulder.

Luke laughed. “You should see your face,” he said, removing his thumb. Then he shrugged. “I don’t care though, I’ll do the video naked if you want and you guys can just blur out my junk.”

Natalie felt she had to say something, so she said, dryly, “As thrilling as that would be, I’m not sure where you’d put the ice.”

“Oh yeah,” Luke said. Then he turned to Jacob and said, “Bro, you might as well show her. Anyway, she’s your sister. She’s not gonna care.”

“That’s what makes it worse,” Jacob explained.

“Oh,” Luke said. Then a look of confusion came over him and he asked, “Why?”

“I…” Jacob began, but then trailed off, at a loss.

Feeling a bit guilty, Natalie said, “I really would like to get an idea how far down we can shoot. I mean, we wanna go low enough to give the pervs a thrill, but I think if we show ’em actual pubes, we could maybe get in trouble with YouTube.” She was rather proud of this absolute lie.

For a moment Jacob just looked back and forth between his best friend and his sister, as if trapped. Then he sighed and said, “You know what? Fuck it. You wanna see? Go ahead.” Then, as if he were martyring himself, he hooked his thumbs into either side of his Speedo and pushed them all the way down on his thighs, completely exposing himself.

Natalie heard a gasp from herself and Luke both. Jacob stood there defiantly, hands on hips, making no move to cover his nakedness. Natalie couldn’t help but stare. Her baby brother certainly did have pubes. As black as the hair on his head, they was hard to miss, but the starkness of it against the paleness of his flesh made it look as if there was more than there actually was. They didn’t form quite a half a circle, but probably a third of one, radiating outward around the root of his young penis. They fanned out no more than an inch around the pale little organ, a sparse field of silky hairs, mostly straight, none even an inch long.

Jacob’s penis was about what Natalie had imagined. She hadn’t seen it since he was about eight or so, and it seemed hardly bigger, she thought, than it had then. The pink little head was only very slightly darker than the shaft, which looked like a wrinkled little larva, but she thought it might be bigger around than she remembered. The whole thing was probably an inch-and-a-half or less. Below, looking like two large grapes in a crepe-paper sac, were his balls. They were strangely over-sized compared to the size of his dick. She couldn’t see a single hair there.

From Luke came an awed, “Duuude.” Then, apparently not wanting to be left out, exclaimed, “Gonna rock out with our cocks out!” Then he too pushed his Speedo down.

Now Natalie was confronted with yet another sight that captivated her. Even under his Speedo, Luke didn’t seem nearly as pale as Jacob, so there was more of a hint of pinkness about his young dick. She’d seen most of the area at the root of his cock, but not all of it, and now she noticed two more short hairs. His balls were a bit smaller than her brother’s, and looking carefully she could see several wispy blond curls covering the little round orbs. His dick was over three inches long, she thought, and less than an inch thick, but it fit his body well and she felt an incipient throbbing between her legs as she stared at it.

“Now you,” Luke said with a cheeky grin.

“Right,” Natalie said with a snort, dragging her eyes with an effort from the boy’s penis.

“At least your boobs,” Luke said.

“That’s my sister,” Jacob said, pulling his Speedo back up.

Luke sighed. “Only fair,” he said, disappointed. Then he reached down and pinched his dick between two fingers and wiggled it at her. “Are you sure?” Before she could answer, he laughed and pulled his trunks back up around his skinny hips.

After all that, the shoot itself seemed a bit tame to Natalie. The boys quickly shook off any bit of weirdness they’d been feeling and got into the spirit of the challenge. They were enthusiastic and energetic, like a couple of infomercial pitchmen. Natalie kept those delicious little bulges in their Speedos in view most of the time, and when they went to load themselves up with ice, she was able to get good shots into their trunks without showing too much. Or at least she hoped.

After that it was lots of jumping around and high-pitched squeals of laughter and pain. Both boys spent the majority of the challenge clutching their dicks and balls until Natalie would give them a signal and they’d remember and release them, usually amid a bunch of pained bouncing while she tried to keep their crotches in focus.

About two thirds of the way through the challenge, Natalie saw something interesting. The ice had had its effect on the boys early on, and she’d noticed that both boys had shrunk a bit in the front. Or seemed to, as it was a bit hard to tell as they each had several ice cubes jammed down there with their junk. However, either due to the way he was constantly touching himself or being on camera, or whatever the reason, Jacob seemed to be getting more and more crowded in the front there.

The girl didn’t notice it at first. Jacob was already fidgeting and squirming uncomfortably because of the ice, but then the squirming seemed to take on a different quality, as did the unconscious twiddling with his boy parts. Then Natalie noticed that what she had taken a few moments before to be an ice cube, which were shaped like a fingernail moon, was in fact moving. That’s when she realized that Jacob was getting a boner. The ice cubes were helping to disguise it, but it was becoming more and more obvious.

Luckily, or not depending on your point of view, a phone chimed, indicating that the agreed upon time of five minutes was up and the challenge was over. The boys eagerly began to unload the last of the mostly melted ice from their trunks, and Natalie had to shift the camera to concentrate on Luke, as her little brother’s erection had become pretty noticeable, stretching against the thin material of his Speedo.

She was careful to shoot them from the waist up as they finished off the video, speaking to the viewers and again begging for subs and likes. Then they were out and Jacob was covering himself and Luke was laughing and teasing him about being ‘boned up’.

Jacob turned to head into the house and Luke’s voice followed him, amused, asking, “Seriously, bro, how can you bone up from ice? I got a serious case of shrinkage.”

Jacob didn’t answer, just continued into the house. Luke shrugged, his hand lightly squeezing his bulge. He looked at Natalie and said, “I think I froze it off. Wanna see?”

“You are a weird kid,” she said, unable to stop smiling.

“Yup,” he agreed with a grin, and then he went ahead and pushed his Speedo down.

Of course she looked. It was indeed smaller. It wasn’t more than two inches long now, and the head had a definite bluish tinge. His little balls were drawn up tight underneath.

“Shrinkage is real,” he announced solemnly, as he began to gently rub his cock and balls. Noticing that Natalie wasn’t moving, but was instead staring, he said, “Wanna see it hard?”

“Damn, Luke,” she said, shocked out of her staring trance.

“I don’t mind,” the boy said, clutching his dick. Squeezing it. “How big was Noah’s?” He knew she’d been dating the older boy under recently.

“How do you know I even saw it?” she asked, not turning her head away from his squeezing hand.

Luke gave her a look that clearly said she was being obtuse and he knew it. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to,” he said.

“Well, it’s not like I ever measured it,” she said. She had though. At the boy’s insistence she’d measured it with a roll of sewing tape one night when they’d been making out in her bedroom. She’d been sucking him, as they hadn’t gone all the way yet and she thought that was how you kept a boy happy. It had been five and a quarter inches. She remembered because he’d announced that it was six inches and she was measuring it wrong. She was pretty sure she wasn’t, having looked up later online exactly how to measure one.

“Mine’s almost four,” Luke announced, and then he moved his hand and there it was, pink and hard and swollen, pulsing a bit with his heartbeat, bouncing as he thrust his skinny hips forward to better show it off to her.

Natalie felt her breath catch in her throat. She turned a guilty glance at the back of the house, wondering if Jacob was watching her. Of course her gaze was quickly drawn back to Luke’s preteen erection, standing up so proudly from his seemingly hairless groin.

She wondered what it would be like to have this cock in her mouth. She’d actually grown to like sucking dick, she found to her surprise. There was something powerful in the ability to make a boy feel whatever she wanted to make him feel. Plus, always in the back of her mind was the thought that she could just chomp down and take it off, and that lent her a further sense of control. That wasn’t all of it though. She liked the feel and taste of a dick in her mouth. She wondered if Luke’s young dick would taste somehow sweeter and fresher than Noah’s cock had.

Realizing that she hadn’t reacted and was just looking, Luke grew bolder and quietly said, “You can touch it if you want. I don’t care.” Seeing her hesitation, he added even more softly, “Jacob does.”

Natalie gasped then, her eyes locking with Luke’s even though he couldn’t see her gaze through the sunglasses. “Damn, Luke,” she said finally. “Put that thing away before someone gets hurt.”

Disappointed, he did so.

Then, stepping close and lowering her voice, Natalie said, “Besides, you couldn’t handle this,” and with that she reached out and gave his young dick a quick squeeze through his Speedos before turning on her heel and heading back into the house. Luke just stared after her, young dick pulsing in his trunks, heart beating crazily in his chest.

End of part 3

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