The Son Also Rises is, what I think at least, Rwxxx13’s final story. Caliboy pointed out that Rwxxx13 (or Wolfboi on some other sites) died of cancer. The story isn’t finished, but Rwxxx13’s style is more or less soap-opera like. He can keep a story going and find new angles to keep it interesting. So I’m not implying that Soap-opera is a bad thing! It’s just something I’m not capable of doing.

The story itself is VERY entertaining, and although it is a father / son story, I think he managed to keep the power imbalance that goes with these types of relationships within the margins I find suitable. But that’s entirely up to me, you be the judge of that yourself.

Sadly, Rwxxx13 isn’t among us anymore, but his stories live on! Rest in peace, Wolfboi!!

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