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Arthur and Ellie

October 14, 2008

Arthur and Ellie
Alex Hawk

During the winter of my thirteenth year my sex life, which to that point had basically involved just my left, and occasionally right, hand, took a great shift towards actual, real life sex. The great change occurred when my aunt and uncle came to visit for Christmas and New Year’s. They brought along their fourteen-year-old daughter, my cousin, Ellie.

Ellie was absolutely beautiful. I’d had a major crush on her for… well, forever! She had a vaguely elven look to her features. Wonderful green eyes. Beautiful blonde hair. And a body that seemed to get better each and every time I got to see her.

We had only a small, two-bedroom house. The arrangement was made, when our guests arrived, that my aunt and uncle would share the hide-a-bed in the living room. After much discussion, Ellie was given my bed, and a small cot was put into my bedroom for me to sleep on. I wasn’t overly happy about that part. I would have rather just shared the bed with her, but there was no way I was telling my parents, or hers, that.

The first night that Ellie stayed with me, we spent most of the night watching TV. Finally we retired to the bedroom. Once we got there, I got down to my boxers and t-shirt and got into the cot. Ellie went into the bathroom and came out wearing a nightgown. She turned off the light and got into my bed.

“You have a very comfy bed, Arthur,” she said after a moment.

“Yeah, I know,” I grumbled, annoyed at how uncomfortable the cot was.

“Poor Arthur, stuck down there,” Ellie said with a little giggle in her voice. “I feel bad for you.”

“I bet.” I shifted around uncomfortably. “You feel so bad, let me come up there with you,” I suggested, not really thinking she’d go for that idea.

“Well, I don’t know… I don’t wear anything when I sleep.”

“What?” I was puzzled. “I thought I saw you put on a nightgown?”

Something flew out from the bed and landed on me. Her nightgown. “I took it off under the covers.”


“But I guess if you don’t mind sleeping next to a naked girl, you can come up here.”

My heart leapt into my throat and my penis instantly hardened up. “What? Really?”


“Ok… if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t.”

Shakily, I got up off the cot and made my way over to my little bed. I got under the blanket next to Ellie and laid there flat on my back, unable to believe I was actually in a bed with a naked girl and wondering what was going to happen next.

I didn’t have to wait too long. As I laid there, Ellie rolled over and put an arm around me, snuggling up close.

“I like to cuddle when I sleep,” she explained. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“No!” I squeaked. I could actually feel her bare breast against my arm!

“Good,” she snuggled even closer and then said, “Hmmm…”


“Well, it doesn’t seem really fair that I’m naked and you’re not.”

It took a moment for that to sink in. “You want me to be naked with you?”

“It’s only fair, don’t you think?”

“Yes,” I managed to say.

“Well, then.”

I sat up and pulled my t-shirt off my body. Then I laid back down and wiggled out of my boxers. Now feeling very aroused and very exposed, I laid back down next to Ellie.

“That’s better,” she said, running a hand down my bare chest.

I sucked in my breath. “Thank you…” I whispered.

Ellie snuggled a little closer to me, and now I felt her breasts pressing much harder into my body. “I really like you, Arthur.”

“I like you, too.” It sounded lame, but who could think of anything original under circumstances like this?

Ellie’s hand moved from my chest down to my stomach. My heart began beating about a million miles an hour as the hand went lower and lower. I felt it brush gently against the tip of my penis and stifled a gasp. I wasn’t able to stifle one when her hand wrapped around my throbbing teenage erection.

“I like this, too,” Ellie said, a little giggle in her voice.

“Oh… that’s nice…” was all I could think of.

Ellie giggled again. “You’ve never done anything with a girl, have you?”

“Not really,” I admitted.

“I’ve done lots with boys,” she said in a voice of authority. “I even lost my virginity a few months ago!”

“Really?” I never knew anyone who’d had sex before. Some of my friends claimed they’d gotten laid, but I figured they were lying.

“Oh, yes.”


Ellie took her hand off my penis and took my hand in hers. She guided it up and placed it onto one of her wonderfully pert little breasts. I swallowed hard in surprise as I felt the nipple against my palm.

“Move your hand around a little,” Ellie suggested.

“Like this?” I asked, moving a bit.

“Yeah…” Her hand returned to my penis, stroking me just a little.

Ellie turned her face towards mine, then, and the next thing I knew she was kissing me tenderly on the lips. I was surprised, but I did my best to kiss back. I’d kissed a couple girls before, but never like this, of course. I certainly wasn’t prepared when my cousin began to work her tongue into my mouth, but I didn’t stop her. It was pretty nice. Her mouth tasted of peppermint and chocolate, which was no shock since we’d had hot chocolate with candy canes in it not too long ago.

Then Ellie rolled me onto my back and began kissing a path down my chest and stomach. No sooner had I figured out her destination, than I felt the sweet sensation of her tongue licking along the shaft of my penis. Before I could really get used to that, she opened her mouth and slid it all the way down my virgin erection. I was getting my first blowjob!

“Oh, Ellie…” I whispered, placing a hand on the back of her head. This was the most amazing thing I’d ever felt in my life. I knew it wouldn’t be too long before I came. It would be the first orgasm I’d ever had with another person, and even now I could feel it building. “Ellie?” I gasped.


“I’m gonna… cum soon…”

I expected my cousin to take her mouth off me at that point, but to my surprise she just started going faster and faster. I did my best to hold back, but when the orgasm finally hit, my penis nearly exploded with pleasure as my sperm fired off into Ellie’s mouth. I was dimly aware of her swallowing as she kept her mouth on me.

When I was done cumming, Ellie lifted her face off my penis and began kissing her way back up my body until she reached my mouth. I was a little reluctant to kiss her given that my sperm had just been in her mouth, but aside from a little saltiness I couldn’t taste anything too strange.

Besides, I was too distracted as I realized that with her positioned like she was, she was basically sitting on my still somewhat hard penis. I could feel it against something a little wet and I wondered if it was her vagina.

Ellie broke the kiss and smiled at me. “Having fun?”

“Yeah, of course…”

“Good.” She kissed me again and then giggled. “You know what, Arthur?”


“I’ve had a major crush on you for like years.”

“You have?” I blinked.

“Yeah. Ever since we were little.”

“Wow… cool. I’ve had a crush on you for a long time, too.”

“Cool.” We started kissing some more and then my cousin said, “You wanna try something?”


“Doing to me what I just did to you.”

I thought about it for about a tenth of a second. “Sure!”

“Cool.” Ellie rolled off me and laid down on the bed next to me. “Ok, get your face down between my legs.”

I scooted down under the blanket. I couldn’t see a damn thing, of course. “So what I do?” I asked from down there.

“Give me your hand.” I did what I was told. Ellie took my hand in hers and pressed it against something that felt… well… odd, but not in a bad way. “That’s my clitoris. When I tell you to start, you lick your tongue all over that, ok?”


She moved my hand down and for an instant I felt one of my fingers pressing against something warm and wet, and then felt my finger slipping into a place beyond my imagination. “That’s my actual vagina. Sticking your tongue in there will feel really good for me.”

“Ok,” I said, a little weakly.

“Beyond that, just lick everything around there you can, ok? Along the sides and stuff.”


Ellie pulled her hand away, leaving me with a finger stuck into her vagina. “Whenever you’re ready, Arthur.”

A little nervous and uncertain, I stuck my tongue out and flicked it alongside her clitoris. It didn’t taste like much of anything. Emboldened, I began licking more and more, running my tongue all over the little knob, and eventually working it up into my cousin’s vagina, joining the finger that I figured I should be moving around.

From the way Ellie was acting, I knew I had to be doing things basically right. She kept moaning into a pillow and squirming around. She must’ve really been having a good time! It was so cool that I could make a girl feel good like this.

After a few minutes of me eating her out, Ellie reached down and pulled gently on my head. I took the hint and began kissing a path up her body, just like she’d done for me. When I reached her mouth, she kissed me passionately and held me tight against her, my penis resting directly against her vagina. For the first time I was now totally aware of what was going to happen next.

Sure enough, Ellie reached down and gave my erect penis a couple gentle strokes, and then moved it around a little. I felt something warm and wet against the tip and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize where I was.

“Put it in me, Arthur,” she whispered.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I took a deep breath and gave a little push with my hips, feeling myself sink inside just a little. I pulled back and pushed forward twice more and before I knew it I had every bit of my thirteen-year-old virgin penis buried inside the molten warmth of my cousin’s amazingly wonderful fourteen-year-old vagina. I let out the breath I’d been holding as my pubic hair met Ellie’s. That was it. I’d never be a virgin again!

“Oh, god, Arthur,” she whispered. “Oh, you’re so nice…”

I couldn’t speak, I could only grin stupidly. I was getting laid! Who could think at a time like this?

“Move it in and out, ok? Go real slow…” she said as her hands moved down to rest on my butt.

I nodded and started moving my hips slowly back and forth, savoring the unbelievable bliss of having my penis inside a girl for the first time. Oh, god, it was wonderful in there. Like nothing I’d ever even imagined! Who could imagine something like this?

As I fucked my cousin for the first time, I was really happy that I’d already cum a few minutes before. If I hadn’t, I’d never have managed to last. As it was, I managed to screw Ellie for about five minutes altogether before I felt the familiar tingling sensation in my body. I pushed hard into her in a series of rabbit like thrusts as my penis erupted with sperm, splashing it’s load into a girl’s vagina for the first time in my thirteen years of life.

When my orgasm was complete, I collapsed onto Ellie’s body, both of us breathing hard and covered in sweat. It was, without a doubt, the most wonderful night of my life.

Ellie and I fucked a lot more during the next two weeks. She showed me every position that she knew and taught me everything she could about how to make a girl feel good in bed. It was a wonderfully educational experience.

Unfortunately, one aspect of her teaching that was lacking was birth control. Two months after she’d left, she called me and told me she was pregnant and there was no question that I was the father. My stomach did a little lurch to the right at that point.

Needless to say, when our parents found out they were Not Happy. I endured every lecture they could come up with. There wasn’t much they could do about it, though, and in the end Ellie ended up giving birth to our daughter nine months after our first fuck. I got to see the baby when we visited them during the holidays, though they were smart enough to keep me and Ellie away from each other. We managed to find a way to fuck twice, but that was about it.

Now I have a girlfriend and I’m about to start high school. I get to see my daughter every few months and I still keep in touch with Ellie, of course. She’s my cousin, after all. She’s got a boyfriend herself now, and that’s fine with me. I wish I hadn’t gotten her pregnant, but I certainly had no regrets at all about losing my virginity to her.


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk. ?siht daer uoy naC

Not much of a story, admittedly. No real character development or plot. That’s ok, though. Sometimes it’s nice to just work on a little something like this as practice, and I think it turned out pretty nice, so hey!

Fact Versus Fiction

October 21, 2008

Fact Versus Fiction
Alex Hawk

You all know me from my work. You don’t know my name. Not my real name at any rate. I write as Jason Crow, and I’ve done about 60 stories, give or take. Porn stories all of them. They tend to be heavy on the subjects of incest and teen sex. They’re pretty popular, I guess. I average about one or two bits of fan mail in my email box every day.

One day my fame on the Internet wound up paying off more than I’d expected.

It was a pretty average day, really. I’d worked hard and was looking forward to getting home, relaxing and jerking off. Maybe writing a few bits on my latest story. I also, of course, had to check my email.

Booting up the computer, I sat down at my desk, ready to go. Once my connection was established I visited www.operamail.com, where I have my mailbox. I read the first two letters. Nothing special. One was spam and the other was an email from a girl who said she loved reading my stories, and was I done yet with part 14 in this long-ass 14 part series I was writing? I updated her, thanked her and went onto the last bit of new mail from someone named Miloboi91.

hey dude (the mail said) i really like reading ur stories u really kno how 2 write like a teen 🙂 my sister and me love 2 read ur stories 2gether. im 14 and shes 13 so where like the kids in ur stories. sometimes we even like play with r selves while we read them like jerk off and stuff u kno? we never do stuff 2 each other tho we think about it sometimes
ne way ur stories r hot thanks for writing them! take care dude
milo and kassie

“God, what a mess,” I thought, desperately wanting a red pen to go over the text with. Still, it was a nice bit of mail, even if it was, I figured, total bullshit. I’d get letters like this every once in a while. I figured most of them, if not all, were adults pretending to be teenagers. Eh. That was probably for the best. The last thing I needed was to be in contact with REAL teens on the Internet.

Hey, Milo and Kassie (my reply began). It’s nice to hear from you! I’m glad you enjoy my work, even if you are a little too young to be reading it (I always threw that in when I figured it even MIGHT be real kids. CYA, you know). ^_^ It’s cool you feel comfortable reading together like that. You probably read in some of my notes on my stories that I had sex with my sister when I was younger. It was a lot of fun. ^_^ If you guys ever take it up a notch, let me know.

Thanks for reading, thanks for writing! – Jason Crow

Then I hit send and went off to a few other websites. About thirty minutes later, as I was downloading some porn, I thought I’d check my email again. Just in case. Much to my happy surprise there was a letter from Milo.

thanks for writing back dude its real cool 2 hear from u 🙂 yah my sister and me talk about doin more but we havent yet but maybe we might soon 🙂 did u and ur sister really like do everything even fuck? were both virgins and i wanna try fuckin kassie but shes not sure about it yet
we took a pic and put it at the end of the message. hope u like it! bye
milo and kassie

I scrolled down and looked at the pics. They showed a boy and a girl sitting at a desk in what looked like a bedroom. Nothing really big. They looked like they were in their early teens and could have been brother and sister. Pretty cute, too. What really got me to sit up and take notice, though, was the fact that they were holding up a bit of paper on which they’d written “Hey, Jason!”

“Well, now…” I said as I sat back to consider my next move. Of course, if there was even a chance they were really teenagers, my smart move would be to run for the hills. But I wasn’t entirely convinced. I knew that with the right software, one could easily make it look like that bit of paper had anything on it. It didn’t really mean anything, but it helped.

After thinking for a few moments, I had my reply in mind.

Hi, guys! Thanks to YOU for writing back so soon! ^_^ Yes, my sister and I did everything together, including intercourse (this was a lie. I’d neve done anything with my sister. I just got off on telling people I did). I lost my virginity to her, though she wasn’t a virgin the first time we did it. We were almost the same age as you guys, too. I was thirteen and she was twelve. You’re a year older than me, Milo! Better hop to it! ^_^

That’s a nice picture. I love the sign. ^_^ You’re both pretty cute. If you guys lost your virginities to each other, I wouldn’t know who to envy more, you or her. ^_^ If you wanna send another pic, do it with Milo’s shirt off and Kassie making a stupid face. ^_^ – Jason Crow

I figured that last bit would help verify what they really were. Sadly, it looked like it was going to be a while before I found out because the mail server that I used decided to start crashing when I checked on it about a half-hour later. Damn. It stayed down all night. Finally, grumbling, I gave up, admitted defeat and went on to other things.

* * *

The entire next day at work, I was really distracted. I kept flubbing my lines and had to go over again. The director was getting understandably pissed. I did voice-over work. I had the script right in front of me. It wasn’t like it was difficult.

Finally I made it back through the chaos of rush hour traffic in Los Angeles and back to my apartment in Woodland Hills. I parked my car and raced inside, turning on my computer before I even turned on the lights. I wanted it to boot up while I did everything else I needed to do.

Thank god the mail system was back up. I would have gone insane if I’d had to wait very much longer. Hopping into my account I saw a series of four letters, one of which was from Milo! I tore through the other three and then opened up that one.

hey dude glad u liked r sign 🙂 we did what u said and the picture is down at the bottom
its kool u and ur sister used 2 fuck kassie wants 2 know did it hurt her the first time u guys did it and werent u worried about havin a baby?
ne way thanks 4 talkin with us its pretty kool ur nice 🙂 bye
milo and kassie

And there it was, down at the bottom, a picture of the same boy and girl. His shirt was off, and she was making a stupid face. He was, too, even though I hadn’t asked that.

Now I’d gone from being 90% certain they were fakes to being 90% certain they were real. What next?

Nice picture, but too many clothes. ^_^ Yeah, its nice talking in email like this, but if you like, you can get onto ICQ and contact me there (I threw on a link to my account). Then we can talk a little more easily.
Take care! – Jason Crow

About ten minutes later, as I was typing a little on my latest story (I’d promised people I’d have part 14 done by now, damnit!), my ICQ made a little sound. Daring to hope, I clicked, finding out that, indeed, Milo had contacted me!

[hey dude]
Holy shit! [Hey, guys!]
[kool now we can talk like this 🙂 ]
[Yeah, or more if you have the right software.]
[what u mean]
[Well, you have a cam, right? You can set that up so that you’re streaming video to me. Then I can see you while we talk. ^_^ I’d set up one myself, but I don’t have a cam. 🙁 ]
[we can huh/] came the reply. [how]

I walked them through the process and sat back to wait and wonder.

Moments later a screen popped up. I clicked on it and there, large as life, was a view of Milo and Kassie sitting side-by-side at his computer. I could even hear their voices.

“Let me see if he can see us,” Milo said. He typed onto his keyboard and I saw [can u see us] on my screen.

[Yes, and hear you, too. You can just talk if you like. I DO have a mike, even if I don’t have a cam, so I’ll set that up and we can talk directly.]

“Hey, he says he can hear us. Cool. Hey, Jason!” he said. He and Kassie waved at the camera.

I turned on my mike and got it working. “Can you hear me now?”



They both laughed and Kassie said, “It’s so cool we’re really talking with you!”

“For me, too. I’m glad you guys aren’t fakes. I had a mental image of some eighty-year-old potato farmer from Idaho trying to talk with me pretending to be a teen.”

Both kids laughed. Milo said, “Not that old yet!”

“How old are you?” Kassie asked.

“Thirty,” I said. In my little FAQ I put out about me, I’d shaved a few years off, but I figured I might as well be honest now.

“Cool,” she replied.

I looked into their bedroom. “Hey… is that a Dodgers pennant?”

Milo looked over his shoulders. “Yeah.”

“Cool! You guys live in LA?”

“Yeah, we do. Well, kind of anyhow. We actually live in Canoga Park.”

I was floored. They lived within only a few miles of me! Holy shit! “Cool. I live in Woodland Hills.”

“Wow, really?” Milo said. “Hey, we’ll have to meet up some time!”

“That might be cool. So you guys like my stories, huh?”

“Yeah, they really rock!” Kassie said.

I laughed. “Glad to know it.”

“Yeah, we’ve been reading them for like a couple months now,” Milo added.

“And you like… shall we say… enjoying yourselves while you read them?” I asked.

They giggled again and Kassie said, “Yeah. Well, it was his idea, but I like doing it, too.”

“Do you do it to each other, or just yourselves?”

“Just ourselves,” Milo said.

“So I bet you’re both pretty horny right now, huh?” I asked with a slightly fake laugh.

Milo and Kassie laughed in return as he said, “Yeah, I am anyhow.”

“I am, too, kinda.”

“Well… you wanna know a way to repay me for all the stories of mine you’ve gotten off to?”

“How?” Milo asked.

“Well, if you want, you could to it right now and let me watch,” I said, reaching down to adjust my incredibly hard penis.

“Right now?” Kassie asked, trading a look with her brother.


Milo looked at Kassie and shrugged. “I don’t mind if you don’t mind.”

“I guess it’s ok,” she responded after a minute.

“Ok.” He looked at the cam. “We like to be naked when we do it. Is that ok with you?”

“Sure,” I said, trying not to cheer.

Both teens stood up and started undressing before my eyes. First went the shirts, then the pants and then lastly the underwear. Once they were both nude they sat back down. I couldn’t really tell what their proportions were, but they looked nice, that was for certain. As soon they sat down their hands went to their genitals and they started masturbating.

“Now THAT’S a wonderful sight,” I said with total sincerity as I pulled out my penis and began rubbing.

Sounding nervous, both kids giggled. Milo said, “Are you doing it, too?”

“Yeah,” I replied, stroking slowly.

“Cool,” he said.

“So what did you and your sister used to do?” Kassie asked, finger slipping around her vagina.

“Everything,” I lied easily. “We started out just masturbating together, and then we started to do it with each other and it went from there.”

Kassie nodded. “Cool.”

“What she really liked when we first started out was having me sucking on her nipples while she fingered herself.”


“Yeah, she said it was really incredible.”

Both kids traded a look, getting notions.

“That’s something you guys could do with each other,” I hinted. “Just to start out with at least.”

“You wanna, Kassie?” Milo said.

“I guess. If it feels good.”

“Alright.” Not removing his hand from his penis, Milo leaned down and kissed his sister’s right nipple. I nearly came right then and there as I looked at this bit of incest. If I could actually get them fucking… damn!

“How’s that feel, Kassie?” I asked as Milo continued his work.

Kassie sucked in her breath. “Your sister was right…”

“You got a finger inside you?”

“Yeah…” she said with a gasp.

“Let Milo put his inside you while he sucks you,” I suggested.

“Oh… alright…” I saw her hand move aside.

Probably unable to believe his luck, Milo moved his hand down between his sister’s legs. He fumbled around for a bit, then looked down and I saw the look on Kassie’s young face change as her brother’s finger entered her vagina.

“Oh, god…” she whispered so quietly I barely heard it.

“You like that?” Milo asked.


He started sucking on his sister’s bare breast while continuing to finger her vagina. Knowing that they were both having a great time, I figured I might as well increase the pleasure for Milo.



“You think you could play around with Milo’s penis a little?”

She looked down between her brother’s legs and nodded. I could barely see what she was doing from the angle I was at, but it was pretty obvious when she put her hand around her brother’s penis because he jumped a little and began fingering her faster.

Jesus, I thought. This was really incest! I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to get to see this, especially since they were both teens and virgins! This was like a wet dream come to life for me! Now I just HAD to get them to fuck.

Suddenly those thoughts were sidetracked when Milo let out a strangled moan. Seconds later his sister called out, “Ew! Gross! MILO!”

“Sorry… sorry…” the boy whispered as he staggered onto his chair, penis still twitching.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Sorry, Kassie. I’m guessing he made a bit of a mess.”

“Yeah, a bit…” She was wiping her hand off on the side of the chair.

“Wait, don’t get rid of all of it yet,” I said, an idea taking hold.

“Ok.” She looked into the cam.

“Take some of it and rub it around and in your vagina. My sister always loved it when I did that.” This was pure fabrication, but it made sense.

“Ok,” Kassie said, sounding doubtful. But then she started to do it and her eyes went wide. “Wow! You weren’t kidding!” She began going faster and faster and then suddenly gasped, twitched and shuddered as she experienced her orgasm.

Once she’d come down from her orgasmic high, I said to the kids, “That was great, guys! Did you have fun?”

“Oh, yeah,” Milo said with a grin.

Kassie nodded and said, “Yeah, that was cool.”

“Great!” I took a breath. “You know… if you guys want, we can meet up in person at some point? Say at the mall?”

The children traded looks. Milo said, “Sure, I guess. Like tomorrow?”

“Ok. How about at four down in the food court?”

“Sounds good.”

“Ok, see you guys then.”

“Bye,” Kassie said as her brother waved and broke the connection.

Well… I had something to look forward to!

* * *

The Topanga Plaza Mall was just a short walk from my house on Victory. I’d gone there a lot over the years whenever I needed to pick up this or that. In this case I’d be picking up something entirely different from usual.

I entered the mall and went down to the food court. I’d shown up early. I walked over to Tommie’s and got myself a chilli-cheeseburger, fries and a Coke. Then I found a table in a quiet area and sat to wait.

I didn’t have to wait too long. I was only there sitting for about five minutes before I saw Kassie and Milo walk into the food court. I smiled. In person they were even more beautiful than on the screen.

“Milo, Kassie!” I called out waving. They looked at me, waved a little nervously and walked over.

“Jason?” Milo asked.

“More or less.” I shook their hands. “Have a seat. Want some of my fries?”

“Sure,” Milo said, helping himself.

“Wow…” Kassie said. “I can’t believe we’re, like, really meeting you!”

“In the flesh,” I said, striking a little pose.

“So… what now?” asked Milo.

I took a breath. “Well, we can either hang out here for a while, or, if you guys want, we can walk back to my apartment. It’s only a few minutes from here.”

They exchanged looks with each other again. Slowly Milo said, “Well… I guess that’ll be ok. You seem alright.”

“I’m pretty average,” I agreed. “You guys want something to eat before we go? My treat.”

“No, I’m good,” Milo said.

“Me, too,” Kassie replied.

I stood and gathered up my things. “Then let’s go!”

Making our way out of the mall we started talking about any number of things. With Milo I mostly talked about baseball. We both laughed at the idea of a team called “The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim”, and justly so.

Kassie was largely quiet through the walk. Consumed in her own thoughts.

When we got to my (overpriced) apartment I let the kids inside and showed them around. Then I got them each a Coke and we sat down in the living room.

“Well!” I said. “You guys wanna take a look at my latest stories? The ones I’m still writing?”

“Sure!” said Kassie.

“Yeah, that’d be sweet.”

“Come on, then.” I stood up and lead them into the bedroom. I’d left my computer booted up when I’d headed out earlier. I called up a couple partial stories and then moved aside and said, “Here, take a look.”

Kassie sat in the chair at the computer itself while Milo pulled up a smaller chair and sat next to her. She began to scroll through the story. It was about a brother and sister couple, strangely enough the boy was fourteen and she was thirteen, who wind up getting horny after reading some porn and eventually end up fucking. I’d gotten it to the part where the kids had masturbated each other to orgasm and were pondering more. It had taken me the better part of the morning to write the damn thing.

“Well, gee,” Milo said with a smirk. “I wonder who THIS is about?”

“I wonder?” I laughed.

Kassie looked at me. “So what happens next in the story?”

“I don’t know. What do you think happens?”

She shrugged. Milo said, “I think they should have sex.”

“I think you’re right,” I said. Looking at Kassie, I asked, “Do you think they should?”

“Yeah,” she said softly after a moment.

“I was thinking,” I went on, “that maybe they might meet an older man who could show them how to do it. What do you both think?”

Kassie said, “That would probably make it easier for them.”


“Why not take off your shirt, Kassie?” I suggested.

Moving slowly, like she was in a dream, Kassie pulled her t-shirt off her body. She followed that by dropping her bra to the floor, exposing her lovely teenage breasts.

Taking a chance, I leaned forward and cupped one of her small breasts. She shuddered and closed her eyes. Looking at Milo, I said, “Take off your shirt, too, and then put your hand on the other one and do what I do, ok?”

“Ok.” He removed his shirt and closed his hand over his sister’s other breast.

I gently massaged Kassie’s breast and then began circling her nipple with my fingertips, watching as Milo followed my every move. Kassie seemed to be in heaven, and things only got more heavenly when I leaned down and started sucking on her nipple, her brother following suit.

As I kept sucking on Kassie’s nipple, I took Milo’s hand in mine and slowly moved it down towards Kassie’s jeans. Once we were there, I unbuttoned and unzipped them, then slipped my hand and Milo’s down into her panties. I felt a shiver of delight go through her body and mine as my fingers made contact with her vaginal area.

“You keep working up here,” I said to Milo. “I’m going down there.”

“Ok,” Milo said as he began licking and sucking both nipples now.

As soon as I was down between Kassie’s legs, I began pulling her jeans and panties off. Once she was nude, I drank in the sight of her lovely body. She only had a small amount of pubic hair above her vagina. Lovely. I leaned in and started licking all over the place.

“Oh, god,” Kassie whispered, her body tensing as pleasure shot through her.

“Take off your clothes, Milo,” I whispered to him as I lifted my face for a moment before going back down between his sister’s legs.

“Ok.” He stood up and quickly slipped out of the rest of his pants, his virgin teenage penis all nice and hard and ready to go.

Seeing him nude was enough to make up my mind as to what was going to happen next. I worked my way out of my clothes, not skipping a beat on my efforts with Kassie’s vagina. She was clearly having fun.

I slowly kissed my way up Kassie’s body until I was nuzzling against her breasts again. This also meant that my hard penis was resting against her young vagina. I began altering between kissing her breasts and neck as I reached down to take hold of my erection, rubbing it against her slit. Oh, she was nice and wet.
I knew it was time. This was my chance. Milo might have dreamed about taking his sister’s virginity, but I was going to beat him to it. I moved up and began kissing Kassie on the mouth, pleased as she started kissing me back, as meantime I lined up my penis with the entrance to her teenage body.

“Dude…” Milo whispered, looking down. “Are you gonna…?”

Without saying anything further, I pushed forward slowly, feeling my thirty-year-old penis began to work itself into Kassie’s thirteen-year-old virgin vagina. It took some serious doing, but the sensation of her wet, tight sleeve clinging to my erection was enough to keep me going. And go I did until I was finally all the way inside this lovely young girl.

I held myself still for a few seconds, looking into Kassie’s eyes. Or at least trying to. She had them closed.

“Kassie?” I whispered.

She opened her eyes.

“How’s it feel?”

“I… it… it’s… I like it…” she whispered.

“Good.” I flexed my hips, moving my penis back and forth inside her a little.

“Wow…” Milo whispered, looking down to where I entered his sister. “That is SO COOL.”

“You wanna see what it feels like?” I asked the teenage boy.


I slowly withdrew my penis from inside Kassie’s vagina and moved over, turning to Milo to say, “Come down here.”

Milo got down on his knees between his sister’s legs. He took his penis in his hand and said, “Now what?”

“Here, let me.” I got behind him and took his penis in my hand. I lined it up carefully and then said, “Push.”

Milo pushed forward, and I felt his fourteen-year-old virgin penis burry itself smoothly and easily inside his sister’s thirteen-year-old vagina. I sat back then and looked at his gorgeous young body as he held himself in place. It was like one of my stories come to life! Wonderful.

“Oh, wow…” he muttered, his innocent boyhood gone forever.

“Yeah…” Kassie whispered back.

“Now fuck your sister,” I said to Milo.

Milo took a deep breath and started moving his penis slowly in and out of his sister’s vagina. He didn’t pull out very far, presumably to avoid slipping out as he enjoyed his first fuck. The expressions on the faces of him and his sister were the hottest things I’d ever seen.

Sadly, Milo’s first bit of intercourse didn’t last long. He was inside his sister for only about a minute before he began to grunt and convulse as he fired off his sperm into his sister’s unprotected vagina. I wondered if he’d get her pregnant? I hoped so. THAT would be sweet.

When Milo was done cumming, I gently pushed him aside. He pulled his no-longer virgin penis out of his sister and I got into place, guiding myself back inside her, feeling the sperm her brother had left behind. I might have been the first person to get into Kassie, but he was the first to cum in her. Moments later, I did the same.

Milo and I spent all day taking turns fucking Kassie. She seemed to enjoy it more and more each time we screwed her. I have no idea how many times we fucked that day or how many times we did it after that, but it was certainly a lot.

Turns out that even just once might have been too many, because sometime around the first time we’d fucked, Kassie wound up getting pregnant. Mind you, I didn’t notice this until the day some nice men in blue came and knocked on my door. Turned out that she’d panicked and told her mother everything.

The arrest… sucked. The trial… was brief. I was the father according to the DNA test. The prison term… sucked even harder. Four years. As I sat there in prison, scared and mostly bored, I kept running over in my mind what had happened and wondered if I’d ever do it again?

Given the chance, how could I not?


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk. Or Jason Crow. Or Cyril Raven. Or Foghorn Leghorn… well, probably not. While I am into chicken… oh, nevermind.

Note by JC: In case you’re wondering… This never happened to me and will never happen! By now I’m confident enough to say that I’ll pass on this opportunity if it ever presented itself to me. I do LOVE to read about it though 🙂


October 22, 2008

Alex Hawk

Summer TV generally sucked. It was only the second week of summer vacation and I was already bored out of my mind. We lived way out in the desert, out in the middle of nowhere, ten miles away from the nearest anything, and there was just nothing at all for us to do.

“Bored much, Tamesin?” asked my twenty-year-old sister, Madison as she walked into the living room. She was home from college for the summer.

“Yeah, kinda.”

“Well, turn off the TV for a moment. I’ve got something I wanted to talk with you about.”

“Ok.” I turned off the television and turned towards my sister as she sat down on the couch next to me. “So what’s up?”

Madison took a deep breath. “Well. I need your help with something.”


“I’m working on an experiment for my classes.”

“What kind?”

“It’s a biological experiment.”

I nodded. She was majoring both biology and psych. “Ok. And?”

“Well… I plan to get pregnant. I want to have a baby and use certain techniques to raise him or her.”

“Oh. Ok. Sounds a little weird, but ok.” I wasn’t at all clear where this was going. “What does this have to do with me?”

Looking me in the eye, Madison said, “I want you to be the father.”

I was happy I was sitting down, or I probably would have fallen over. “What?” I managed to say after three tries.

“I want you to be the father of my baby.”

“Uh… ok. There’s like a billion things wrong with that,” I said. “I’m your brother and I only turned thirteen just last month.”

“You’re a boy, and you’re fertile,” she said. “Probably, anyhow. At thirteen you’ll produce quite a bit of sperm.”

“Uh… yeah… but, like, if we, you know, had sex, that would be illegal.” I blushed at the very thought of it.

“I wasn’t proposing to have sex with you.”

“Oh.” I wasn’t sure how to take that now.

“What I want you to do is to masturbate into a cup. You bring me your sperm, I’ll suck it up with these eyedropper-like things, insert them into my vagina and squirt your semen into me. That way I’ll get pregnant with your baby.”


“See, there’s lots of nonsense out there about inbreeding. It’s my hope that I can give birth to a perfectly normal baby, raise it and have it turn out just fine. I won’t reveal that the baby was fathered by my brother until he or she turns eighteen. By then the Statute of Limitations would have expired, assuming there’s anything illegal about this, which I’m not sure of.”


“It’s my contention,” Madison went on, “that a child born of brother/sister parentage will turn out to be better than either. All the best attributes of both for intelligence, looks, personality, etcetera.”


“So what do you say?”


“Something more answer like than that would be nice,” Madison pointed out.

I shook my head to clear it. “Uh… I don’t know, Madison. I mean, this whole thing sounds more than little bit… I don’t know. Weird.”

She nodded. “I understand. You don’t have to do it, but it would be very helpful to me. The whole experiment hinges on finding a baby who has a brother and sister for parents and the best way to be sure of that is to get pregnant by you.”

For some reason, I had a raging hardon. I did my best to ignore and it and decided to stall for time. “Can I have a few days to think about it?”

“Sure. Try to make up your mind as soon as possible, though. We only have the summer and this won’t be the most efficient way of making myself pregnant.”

“What would be the most efficient way?” I asked distantly.

“Well, having sex, obviously.”

“Oh, right.” I took a deep breath. “Ok. Look. I need some time to think about this, ok? I’ll let you know as soon as I make up my mind.”

“Fair enough. I’ll talk with you later,” Madison said as she stood up and walked from the room.

There was no way I could sort this out easily, especially given the distraction of my very hard penis. I spent all day trying hard to figure out what to do. Finally I ended up retiring to my bedroom, hoping that I could lay down and think about this without any distractions.

As I laid there on my bed, I thought about all the possibilities. It might be really cool to have a baby with my sister. It would kind of suck that I would be a father without getting laid, but still. None of my other friends had done anything similar.

While I thought about this, I reached down and unzipped my pants, reaching inside to extract my penis and stroking it slowly while thinking. It was a mind-blowing idea. The more I thought about it, the more that I liked it. Could I really say yes?

My orgasm hit me by surprise while I pictured my sister pregnant with my baby. I had barely enough time to get my hand under my penis and catch a handful of sperm before it all splattered onto me. Moving awkwardly and pulling up my pants without spilling any of my sperm, I made my way out into the hall and knocked on my sister’s door.

She opened it. “Oh, hey, Tamesin. What’s up?”

“Uh… I got something for you.” Rather awkwardly and feeling very embarrassed, I held out my spermy hand.

“Is that…?” She leaned close. “It is! Hold still!”

Madison vanished into her room and came back with what looked like, and probably was, an eyedropper. She used that to suck up as much of my sperm as she could.

“Thanks, Tamesin,” she said, giving me a little hug. “Next time try to get it in a cup, ok?” She handed me a small plastic sleeve full of cups.

“Yeah, ok. When will we know when you’re pregnant?”

“Well, I’ll be doing pregnancy tests pretty often. I’ll let you know what happens each time, ok?”


“Ideally,” she continued, “we’ll need to be doing this a couple times each day.”

“Ok. I think I can manage that.”

“Great!” Madison gave me another hug. “Well, I have to get busy. See ya, and thanks!” She shut her door.

I stood there for a few seconds and then went back to my bedroom, mind swimming with thoughts about what Madison was doing right now.

* * *

The next couple weeks crept past. Twice each day, once in the morning and once at night, I would masturbate into a cup and bring it to my sister. She’d take my sperm, disappear into her bedroom and do her thing. Hopefully we’d know soon if it had worked.

One morning just as I was getting ready to jerk off, there was a little knock at my bedroom door. Opening it, I saw Madison standing there.

“Hey, sis. What’s up?”

“Well, Tamesin, I just took a pregnancy test.”

My heart skipped a little. “And?” I asked carefully.

“I’m not pregnant yet.”

“Oh.” I wasn’t sure how to feel.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll make this work,” she said, patting me on the shoulder.

“So why hasn’t it worked yet?”

“Well… it’s possible that too much of the sperm is dying or becoming inactive in the time you ejaculate to the time I get it inside my vagina. Two or three minutes might not sound like much, but it can make a difference.”


“So what we need to do is somehow decrease the amount of time. And to that end, I have an idea.”


Madison nodded. “What I’m wanting to do is this: next time you masturbate, I’ll be in the room with you, and I’ll just be wearing a bathrobe. That way when you climax, I can get the sperm and get it inside me all within less than a minute.”

“So, you’re going to be here while I’m jerking off?” I wasn’t too sure about this idea.

Madison shrugged. “I think it’s the best way to get this done.”

“And you’ll put my sperm in you while you’re in here?”


I thought about that. “That might be interesting to see.”

“You’re welcome to watch if you want. I can hardly say no, seeing as it’s your sperm that’s going to be going into me.”

“Yeah.” Despite my misgivings my penis had hardened up considerably. “Ok. Do you want to do this right now?”

“Let me go get my stuff. I’ll be right back.” Madison was gone and returned in less than two minutes. Once she was back in my room she said, “Alright, I’m ready when you are,” and sat down on the chair at my desk.

Blushing and feeling really shy, I got on my bed and pulled the blanket up over my body. I then reached into my boxers and pulled out my hard penis, giving it a couple tugs.

Madison was sitting there, watching me. This put me off my game.

“Uh… would you mind… like… turning around or something?”

“Oh! Sure, sorry.” She turned around and faced the wall, taking a book off my desk and looking through it.

I closed my eyes and tried to forget that my sister was here as I began masturbating a little more. The blanket was making a rhythmic rustling noise as I beat off, but I tried my best to ignore that, hoping Madison wouldn’t hear it.

I tried my best to get off, but it just wasn’t working. Finally I had to give up. I sat back with an annoyed sigh.

“What’s wrong?” Madison asked.

“I just can’t… you know… with you in here,” I said, feeling like a dork.

“Oh… well, I have an idea.”


Madison sat back and propped her legs up on either arm of the chair, lifting and spreading them as she did so. She had only a skirt on and, I knew now, no panties. I was looking at my first ever real life vagina.

“Holy shit,” I muttered.

“Does this help?” she asked, smiling a little as she took a finger and rubbed it along her slit.

“Yeah… hell, yeah!” I said, grabbing hold of my penis and stroking as fast as I could, no longer caring if my sister saw.

“You should pull back the blanket,” she said. “That way you won’t get any sperm on it.”

“Ok.” I pulled the blanket back, exposing my hard penis to my sister for the first time, and leaving me basically naked, since all I was wearing were boxers that were pulled down. I began jerking as fast as I could, knowing that now I would have no trouble cumming. Seconds later, I let out a low moan and my penis seemed to explode, sperm shooting out all over my bare chest and hand.

“Wonderful!” my sister said, hoping down from the chair and coming over to me. “Now hold still.” She took one of the little eye droppers and held it against my stomach, sucking up some of my sperm. She did the same with another one and then sat back down, spreading her legs wide.

Now my eyes went about as wide as Madison’s legs did, as I watched her insert one of the eye droppers into her vagina and give it a squeeze. She followed suit with the second one and then sat back looking pleased.

“Alrighty,” my sister said, giving me a happy smile. “With any luck, I’ll be pregnant in a few minutes.”

“Cool,” I whispered, somewhat overwhelmed by the thought.

Madison walked over and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. “I’ll see you later tonight,” she said as she walked off.

As for me, I laid back with a stupid little grin on my face, my penis still slightly hard as I thought about my sister being pregnant by me and as I thought about how cool it had been to see her vagina.

* * *

Another couple weeks went past, me ejaculating every day and watching my sister suck it up into the eyedropper for another round of attempted impregnation. Each time she did it I had the joy of watching her stick something into her vagina. She didn’t always masturbate with me, but at least I got to see my sperm going into her.

Finally the day of the next pregnancy test came up. I waited impatiently outside the bathroom while my sister did her thing. After a few minutes she came out with a little frown on her face.

I drooped a little. “Not pregnant?”


“I’m sorry,” I said, feeling somehow responsible for my sperm not doing their job. Get to work, guys! I wanted to shout.

“That’s ok, we’ll just keep trying,” Madison said, giving me a little kiss on the cheek. “You up for it right now?”

“Hell, yeah.”

“Good. Let’s go.”

It wasn’t too much longer after the conversation that I had yet another orgasm while my sister watched and waited. It wasn’t the best orgasm I’d ever had, but it certainly wasn’t bad. I laid back and watched as she sucked up my sperm with her two eyedroppers. Suddenly an idea occurred to me.

“Hey, Madison, wait a second,” I said as she was getting ready to put the eyedropper into her vagina.


“Can I…” I blushed a little, despite the fact that I was currently naked, laying on top of my bed with some remnants of sperm on my stomach while my semi-naked sister was sitting across from me with two eyedroppers of semen ready to stick into her vagina. “Would you mind… I mean… can I… like… put it in you?”

“The sperm?”


“Uh… well, sure, I guess.” She handed me the eye droppers and said, “Here, let me lay on your bed. It’ll be easier that way.”


I moved aside as my sister got comfy on my bed. Once she was settled she spread her legs high and wide and said, “Ok. You think you know where it goes?”

“I think so.” Shaking a little I reached out and poked the first eyedropper against what I thought was the right place. “Here?”


Very slowly I began to insert the eyedropper, thinking how cool it was to see it sliding into Madison’s vagina. Once it was all the way inside I gave it a little squeeze, seeing my sperm shoot up into her. It was way cool. I did this again with the second one and by the time I was done my penis was massively hard again.

“That was sweet,” I said, sitting back a little.

“Glad you liked it.” Madison smiled at me.

I looked down at my penis. “Uh… if you want, I can give you some more right now?”

Madison laughed. “Let’s save it for later tonight, ok?”


She sat up and gave me a little hug. “I’ll see you later!” she said, gathering up her things and heading back to her bedroom.

* * *

For another month Madison and I continued this little ritual. Now things were getting a little more tense, however, since there were only three weeks before she had to go back to college. We were both very hopeful that her next pregnancy test would show a plus rather than a minus.


No such luck.

“Dammit!” I said, feeling annoyed.

“Don’t worry,” Madison said, putting her hand on my shoulder. “We’ll make this work. I have a little idea to try. I’ll meet you in your bedroom in a couple minutes.”


I went to my bedroom and got naked, laying on top of my bed, idly stroking my penis and wondering what Madison’s plans were.

When she came into my room, my sister was wearing a bathrobe. She said, “Ok, here’s the idea. The problem is probably a matter of too much of your sperm dying before I get it into my vagina. So I’m thinking that what I’ll do is lay on my back and when you get ready to cum, you hold your penis right up against the entrance to my vagina. That way your sperm should go directly from you into me without any problems.”

“Oh!” I thought about this. “Uh… sure, ok.”

Madison pulled the bathrobe off and was now entirely naked. I’d seen her vagina more times than I could count, but hadn’t ever seen her breasts before. If I hadn’t already had a major hardon, this certainly would have given me one. She laid on my bed next to me.

“Right, now get between my legs as you masturbate. Then when you’re about to cum, just move really close and put your penis right here,” she said, spreading her vagina open and showing me the small hole I’d gotten familiar with lately.


I crouched between my sister’s legs and stared directly at her vagina as I started masturbating. It was a beautiful view! As I masturbated I thought about how incredibly cool it was that I might, with any luck, be a father in nine months as a result of our activities! Wow!

These thoughts, as they often did, drove me ever closer to an orgasm. As I felt it building up, I whispered to Madison, “I’m gonna cum soon…”

“Quick, put it right here!” my sister said, holding her vagina wide open.

I moved forward, touching the tip of my penis to her wetness. I pushed slightly, just enough for a little bit of the tip to go in, and then started cumming harder than I’d ever cum before. I my best to keep myself steady, hoping that enough of my sperm would get inside my sister to make a difference.

When I was done cumming, I sat back, a tiny string of semen connecting the tip of my penis to my sister’s vagina. It snapped eventually. I saw just a tiny bit of sperm leaking out of her, but not a great deal. I hoped most of it had ended up inside.

“Do you think it worked?” I asked as I sat back on my knees.

“I hope so!” Madison said, continuing to lay on her back, letting my sperm flow into her body. “I think it probably helped, at least. Much more of your sperm should have survived the trip this time.”

“Cool.” I looked at her vagina and pictured my little boys swimming. “It’s really kind of… awesome to think about, you know?”


I laid down next to her. “What are you going to do with the baby once it’s born?”

Madison shrugged. “I’ll raise it and take good care of it. No one will know who the father is until the baby is eighteen, and then you’ll get the credit you deserve.” She smiled at me.

“Cool.” I grinned back.

“I hope if it’s a boy he winds up looking like you,” Madison said, smiling at me.


“Yeah. You’re a good looking boy.” She ran her fingers down my bare chest. “Especially when you’re naked.”

I giggled a little. “You’re pretty nice naked, too.”

Madison let her hand drift down my body. She let it come to a rest on my still hard penis. She’d never touched me there before. As she gave it a couple slow strokes, she said, “It’s very nice thinking that because of this, I’ll have a baby.”

I let out the breath I’d been holding since she touched me. “Yeah…”



“You think you can cum again?”

“Like now? Yeah.”

“Well… get between my legs again. We can try something else.” My sister’s voice had an odd quality to it.

“Ok.” I got up and knelt between her legs, looking down at her vagina. “Now what?”

“Put your penis against my vagina again.”

“Ok.” I did so.

“Now…” Madison reached up and put her hands on my shoulders, tugging me down towards her. “Lower yourself down a little.”

“Uh… ok.” I lowered my body down on top of my sister. It was hard to keep my penis positioned just right, though. I started feeling an odd sensation around the tip.

“Uh… Madison?” I asked, putting two and two together as I felt a strange, warm wetness work itself around the tip of my penis and then slowly along the shaft.


“But I think I’m-”

She put her fingers on my lips. “Shhh…”

“But… I’m going into you…” I whispered.

“I know…”

“Oh, god,” I whispered, feeling the last bit of my thirteen-year-old virgin penis sliding into place deep inside my sister’s tight twenty-year-old vagina. My sister and I locked eyes as my pubic hair merged with hers. Sparks of pleasure were shooting from my penis and going out all over my body. I’d never felt anything so amazing! I was actually inside a girl!

“What do you think?” Madison asked me quietly. I could feel her heart beating fast inside her chest.

“I think… I… oh, it’s wonderful…”

“You think you can… move it around a little…?”

“Yeah…” I flexed my hips, feeling my penis move slightly inside my sister’s vagina. It felt good, so I kept doing it. It was sweet.

Under me, Madison was moving around, wrapping her legs around my waist, moaning a little and shivering with pleasure. She started whispering into my ear,
“Fuck me, little brother… fuck me… give me a baby… fuck me…”

I began fucking as fast as I could, trying hard not to slip out of Madison. Hearing her talk like that, realizing that I was actually fucking a girl and that I might, I hoped, get her pregnant, was so fantastic I couldn’t believe it.

Soon my thrusts became very rapid and short. I started breathing very, very hard as the pleasure swept over my young body. Then I let out a grunt of pure joy as my penis began firing off inside my sister’s heavenly vagina. I fired off several hard blasts of sperm into her.

As soon as I was done cumming, I fell on top of her, totally overwhelmed by everything I’d experienced, my sister gently stroking my hair and whispering, “You did good, little brother… you did real good…”

We fucked every chance we had after that. Almost every time we did it, I was on top of her, the logic being that my sperm would have a better chance of getting her pregnant that way. I didn’t really care too much at this point. All I knew is that I was getting as much sex as any young boy could hope for.

My sister eventually went back to school. She took the last pregnancy test while she was there. She told me in a very excited phone call that it had been positive. A little chill went through my body as she told me that I was going to be a father in a few months.

Now a year has gone by since my sister first asked me the favor. Our baby daughter was born a couple months ago. She’s healthy, happy and doing well as is Madison. I don’t know exactly how the baby will turn out in the long run, and it does feel kind of weird to be a father at my age, but I knew that with Madison taking care of her everything would, hopefully, work out ok in the end.


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Just Practicing

October 23, 2008

Just Practicing
Alex Hawk

For the curious out there, this is the first story I ever published! Enjoy!

It was a cold, dreary day in late March. Thankfully the snows were finally starting to melt away. We lived out in the woods of Alaska, about four hours from the nearest… well, anything. The next-door neighbors lived an hour away. Our family consisted of me, Trey, my thirteen-year-old twin brother Dane, our twelve-year-old sister Nichole, and our Mom and Dad. We’d lived out here in the middle of nowhere for as long as I could remember, though we were actually all born in New York.

A couple weeks ago our world had been shaken up. Our parents had told us that Mom had accepted a job at a university down in southern California. She’d be working as a teacher! We were all proud of her and everything, but it meant that we’d have to move all the way down to California. I couldn’t imagine a place stranger than that!

Now our parents were out in Anchorage for a few days, tying up some loose ends and getting things ready for us to move. We’d be leaving our home in just a month. They wanted Mom down there early. This left my brother, my sister and myself at home by ourselves for the first time since the bomb had been dropped on us.

“It’s gonna be weird leaving here,” said Dane.

Nichole said, “Yeah. I can’t wait to actually go to school.”

We’d all been home schooled, of course. There wasn’t any real way for us to go to a real school, not being so far out into the wild, so we’d been taught here. It wasn’t bad, and we’d learned a lot. We even had Internet access over the last couple years, so that had made it even easier.

“It’ll be cool, yeah,” I said. “We can meet some new people. Make some friends. Maybe Dane and I can even meet some girls.” I grinned at my twin brother. He grinned back.

“Uh… hello? I’M a girl, dummies,” said Nichole.

“Yeah, but you’re our sister,” said Dane. “Trey means that he wants us to meet girls for girlfriends.”

“Oh, right. Duh. Yeah, that would be different.” Nichole looked thoughtful. “Maybe I could even meet a boy.”

“Uh… hello?” I said in a snotty tone. “WE’RE boys, dummy.”

Nichole stuck her tongue out at me and we all laughed. The three of us got along pretty well. We had to, really. I mean, we were each other’s only friends. If we didn’t get along well the winters would be cold and lonely.

Later that night, after dinner, which Dane cooked (badly), the three of us sat around and turned on the DVD player.

“What do you guys wanna watch?” asked Nichole.

I stood up and went over to the Wall o’ Movies. We had over a thousand. Mom and Dad figured it was a good way to keep us all from going nuts.

“What ones haven’t we seen? I know Aunt June sent us a whole bunch of new ones last month,” I said, looking everything over. What with one thing and another our parents hadn’t had the chance to sort them out properly.

Dane came up and stood next to us. “Most of these look kinda boring,” he said, thumbing through a few.

“Yeah…” I read off a few titles. “‘Murmur of the Heart’, ‘Europa, Europa’, ‘Pelle the Conqueror’, ‘Leolo’, ‘1900′. Jesus, these are all, like, foreign films. I don’t wanna read subtitles.” Despite our parents best efforts I remained a pure barbarian when it came to such things.

“What’s this one?” my sister said. “‘Blue Lagoon’.” She read from the cover. “This could be pretty cool. It’s about some people stuck on a desert island.”

I took it from her and looked it. The girl on the cover was pretty hot and wasn’t wearing a lot. “Looks good to me,” I said, passing it over to Dane.

Dane said, “Yeah, let’s watch this.” He passed it back to Nichole who put the movie into the player. The three of us sat back on the couch to watch.

When the movie was over we all sat there with wide eyes, our minds whirling. Nichole was the first one of us to speak saying, “Well… that was… interesting…”

Dane and I nodded slowly. He managed to say, “Yeah… very… interesting. It kind of reminds me of what we were talking about earlier.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

He shrugged. “Well, when we were talking about meeting girls and stuff.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“And me meeting a boy,” said Nichole.

“Yeah… I wonder what it’s like to do some of the stuff in that movie,” I mused.

Nichole looked at me. “You mean like sex? Like they did?”

I shook my head. “No. Well, yeah, kind of. I guess. Mostly even just stuff like kissing and such, you know? I mean, I can’t wait until I get to at least kiss a girl.”

Dane and Nichole nodded and she said, “Yeah… kissing a boy sounds like fun, too. At least for me. I mean, you guys might not like it.” She grinned a little.

Both Dane and I laughed. He said, “Well, I just hope that when the time comes to kiss my first girl I don’t screw it up. I mean, you gotta know that everyone down there’s done a lot of stuff.”

“Like what?” I asked. “You think most kids our age have already kissed and stuff?”

“I think most kids our age have probably already had sex,” he said.

The three of us digested that for a bit. Nichole said, “You know, I got an idea.”

“What?” I asked.

“Well… maybe the three of us could, like, practice some stuff.” She blushed a little.

“Yeah? Like what?” asked Dane.

Nichole shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe we could try kissing each other. I mean, I don’t think it would be a big deal or anything, you know? It’s just practice.”

Dane and I considered this. He said, “You know, you might have a good idea there.”

“So, like, Dane I would kiss you?” I said.


I looked at Dane. He looked at me. Almost at the same time we said, “Ok!”

Nichole giggled a little nervously. “Ok. So… Trey. Why don’t you try kissing me?”


My heart beating a million miles a minute, I moved close to my sister. We leaned our faces towards one another and pressed our lips together. My virgin penis started getting a little hard at the contact. It felt nice kissing Nichole.

After we broke our kiss, Dane said, “My turn now?”

Nichole said, “Yeah.”

He moved over and the two of them kissed. It lasted about as long as my kiss with Nichole had. When they were done, Dane said, “Hey, can we try something different?”

“Ok. What?” asked Nichole.

“Well… how about we try it like they do in the movies? With our mouths open and stuff?”

“Oh, you mean like French kissing?”


Nichole nodded. “Ok.”

I watched as my brother and sister moved close again. They started out kissing like normal but then opened their mouths and started really kissing. Now my penis got fully hard and I knew that as soon as I was back in my bedroom I’d be whipping it out and having a good time.

After about a minute their kiss ended and Nichole said, “That was pretty cool.”


“Can I try it?” I asked.


My sister and I put our faces together and followed the same pattern she’d used with Dane. When our mouths opened up, it took me a few seconds to figure out exactly what to do, but soon I got the idea. It was a lot better kissing like this than it was with our mouths closed, that was for sure!

“That’s much better,” I said.


“Can I kiss you again?” asked Dane.


For the next ten minutes or so my brother and I took turns making out with our sister. It was really sweet! Then I had a little idea.


“What, Trey?”

“I wanna try something. Can you, like, lay down and I can lay down on top of you and we can try kissing that way?”

“Oh.” My sister considered this. “Ok.”


Nichole laid down on her back, spreading her legs a little. I got on top of her, holding myself up with my hands. I leaned my head down and we started kissing again. It was very different doing it like this. Not bad at all!

When I was done kissing Nichole, Dane took his turn. He seemed to be enjoying it just as much as I had. Soon he and I were taking turns kissing our sister and enjoying every bit of it.

After the last time I finished kissing Nichole she said, “Hey, guys?”

“What?” I asked.

“Can I see you two kiss each other?”

“Uh…” I looked at Dane. He looked about as thrilled at the idea as I was.

“Please?” Nichole asked. “I mean, since it’s just practice it’s not a big deal, but I just kinda wanna see what it’s like to see, you know, two boys kissing…”

“Well… I guess since it’s just practice…” I shrugged. “I don’t know. What do you think, Dane?”

He shrugged. “I guess it’s not a big deal. I’ll do it if you want to.”

I shrugged. “Ok.”

Awkwardly my twin brother and I moved towards each other. Soon we were pressing our lips together and, eventually, had our mouths open and were swirling our tongues around one another. It was really strange kissing my brother. We were identical twins so it was almost like I was kissing myself.

When Dane and I were done kissing I pulled back and looked into his eyes. We didn’t say anything, we just kind of looked at each other. Nichole said, “That was pretty sweet.”

“Thanks,” Dane said.

“Let’s try all kissing each other at once,” I suggested.

The three of us leaned in together and started rather awkwardly trying to kiss each other. It wasn’t too easy, but we made it work and it was pretty cool, even if it wasn’t all THAT great.

Nichole looked at the clock after that. “We should probably get to bed. It’s getting pretty late.”

“Yeah,” I said. I was anxious to go jerk off.

Each of us gave the other a good night kiss and we all headed off to bed. No sooner was I in my bedroom than I’d stripped naked and laid down, my hand wrapped around my teenage penis, jerking furiously. It wasn’t long before I’d had one of the best, most intense orgasms of my life. Some of my sperm even landed clear up on my cheek! It was amazing! Eventually I drifted off to sleep.

* * *

The next morning all of us got up fairly late. I made up some French toast for us and when we were done eating, Dane said, “So I had an idea last night.”

“Oh?” asked Nichole.

“Yeah. I was thinking… you guys wanna, like, pretend we’re on an island? I mean, like we can strip down to our underwear and run around like they did in the movie.”

I was about to veto the idea and then I reconsidered. I’d be seeing Nichole in her underwear. I said, “Ok, Dane. I’m in. Nichole?”

Our sister thought for a bit and then shrugged. “Sure. As long as we turn up the heat a little. Otherwise it’ll get pretty cold.”

We both nodded and once all the breakfast dishes were cleared we gathered together in the living room, all trading nervous glances.

“So… since this was your idea, Dane, you go first,” Nichole said.

“Ok.” Dane stood up, pulling off his t-shirt as he did so. Then he very quickly pulled down his jeans and stood there clad only in his briefs. I could clearly see a faint bulge where my twin brother’s penis was located. I wondered if his was anything like mine. The rest of him certainly looked almost exactly like I did.

“I’ll go next,” I said, standing up and stripping until I was down to only my tighty-whities.

Nichole looked at us and said, “You guys look just the same.”

“Of course we do,” I replied. “We ARE twins, you know.”


“So… you gonna take your clothes off?” asked Dane.

“Ok.” Nichole took a breath and stood up. Moments later she was standing before us wearing only her bra and panties. This was not a bad thing! Not bad at all.

“No, come on, Nichole,” said Dane. “You gotta take off your bra, too.”

“What? Why?”

“Well, in the movie the girl didn’t have a bra on.”

“That’s true,” I added.

Nichole looked mildly irked. “Yeah, but she had long hair that covered her up a little. My hair’s too short for that.”

“Look,” said Dane. “If you take off your bra, Trey and I will kiss each other really hardcore, like we did last night.”

“You will?” she asked looking at me.

Hesitating only an instant, I nodded.

“Well… ok.” Nichole reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, pulling it off her body. I drank in the view of my sister’s small breasts. They weren’t too much to look at, really. Just a couple small mounds that looked like peach ice cream with cherries on top. But I liked what I saw!

“Now you two kiss,” she said after a bit.

Not even pausing, I pulled Dane over and started kissing him, our bodies pressed together. It felt really different doing this just in our underwear. I could feel his bare skin against mine, and down bellow I could feel my hard penis rubbing against his. I liked it!

Then after I was done kissing Dane, he said to Nichole, “You wanna try kissing with us again?”

Nichole slowly said, “Well… yeah, ok.”

I watched my brother and sister start kissing again, but this time it was much different than it had been before. They were hugging each other while they kissed. I wondered what it felt like for Dane to have Nichole’s breasts pressed up against his chest. I’d get the chance to find out soon!

Sure enough, as soon as they were done kissing, Nichole moved over to me and we began our lip-lock. It was a LOT different doing it like this, that was for sure! Feeling my sister’s breasts against my body was driving me nuts.

For the next few minutes Dane and I took turns making out with Nichole. Eventually we wound up laying on the floor and doing it that way for a while. Having my underwear clad penis resting against my sister’s underwear clad vagina made the kissing even better and it gave me a good idea.

“Hey, Nichole?”


“You wanna try practicing… you know… Doing It? I don’t mean actually Doing It,” I said quickly, seeing a little look of near panic in her eyes. “I mean I just start moving on top of you like we’re doing it. Just to get used to it. I mean, we still got our underwear on, so it’s not like it’s a big deal or anything.”

“I think that’s a good idea,” piped up Dane. “It’s not like anything bad can happen or anything, and we’ll all get some practice.”

“Well…” Nichole looked thoughtful. “Ok, I guess we can do that.”


Rather awkwardly I started moving on top of my sister, rubbing my crotch back and forth against hers. From what I’d seen in movies and such, this seemed like how people did it when they had sex. I wasn’t sure that I was doing it right, but I knew for a fact that it felt wonderful!

“Oh, Trey…” whispered Nichole. She wrapped her arms around me and spread her legs a little wider. “That feels really nice…”

“Yeah. For me, too…”

We moved silently from there. Finally after a couple minutes Dane said, “Hey, don’t I get a turn?”

I shot a look of total death at my twin brother as Nichole said, “Yeah… yeah, you do.”

I got off Nichole and sat on the couch while Dane got on top of her. It took him a little longer to figure out what he was doing, which made me happy. Soon, though, he was thrusting away on top of Nichole’s mostly nude body. I wondered what it would feel like to actually be naked while doing it. I bet it would feel really good!

After a couple minutes of Dane thrusting against Nichole, I was just getting ready to ask if I could have a turn. Just as I opened my mouth, though, Nichole started whimpering and holding Dane tight against her.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered. “Go a little faster…”

Dane’s body started moving a little quicker, and Nichole’s moans got a little louder. Suddenly she tightened up her whole body, put one hand between Dane’s shoulder blades and the other right on his ass, and gave one loud, long moan.

By the time she was done moaning, both Dane and I were totally motionless, looking down at our little sister. Eventually she relaxed and looked up at us with a little grin on her face.

“THAT was nice…”

“What happened?” I asked, thinking I might already know.

Blushing a little, Nichole said, “I had an… well, an orgasm.”

“Oh!” Dane said, blushing himself. “Did I make that happen?”

“Yeah. Well, both of you,” she said, grinning up at me as well as Dane.

“Can I have another turn?” I asked.

Nichole shrugged and said, “Yeah, ok.”

Dane reluctantly moved aside. I could see just a tiny bit of wetness on both his underwear and our sister’s panties. I wondered what it was. But I didn’t really care that much. I got into position on top of Nichole started thrusting away.

“Go a little slower, Trey,” she whispered.

“Oh. Ok.”

I slowed down and closed my eyes as I moved on top of her, feeling her whole body against me. Well, all of it except one patch. I knew what I wanted to try next, but I also knew Nichole might say no. Finally I screwed up my courage and said, “Nichole?”


Swallowing hard I said, “You wanna… like… try it without any underwear? Just to see what it’s like? If we don’t like it, we can always stop.”

“Uhm… well… sure, I guess we can try it.”

“Ok,” I said as blasé as possible while inwardly my heart did backflips of joy.

Nichole reached down and very quickly pulled off her panties. When she laid back down her legs were spread wide and I could see her vagina for the first time. It was beautiful. Just like some strange kind of flower. She only had a tiny bit of hair up at the top, and I didn’t see any sort of hole where the boy’s penis went, but I didn’t really care. I was just happy to see it!

Now I pulled off my underwear, my very hard four-and-a-half inch penis popping up and smacking against my stomach for an instant. I was dimly aware of Dane taking off his underwear and I cast a quick glance at my twin brother. His naked body, even his erection, looked pretty much the same as mine.

“You look really cool,” said Nichole softly.

“You, too.” I smiled at her. “Should we get started?”


I laid on top of my sister’s nude body and felt my penis come to rest against her vagina. THAT was sweet! I could feel this wonderfully warm, moist skin against the shaft of my teenage erection. It was glorious! I started very quickly thrusting against her once again.

It wasn’t too long, though, before I heard Dane say, “Can I have a turn?”

I didn’t want to stop, but I didn’t have any real choice. I pulled off Nichole and sat back to watch as Dane got on top of her. On the bright side, I learned, as I watched my twin brother dry-fucking our sister, that at least I apparently have a good looking butt, because Dane’s seemed pretty nice.

I didn’t want Dane to be the one to give Nichole an orgasm this time. It had to be me. I let him go on for about three minutes before I crouched down, put my hand on his butt and said, “My turn, ok?”

Dane looked a little startled, but all he said was, “Huh? What? Oh. Yeah, ok,” and then got off Nichole.

Happily I laid on top of our sister and started moving against her one more, savoring the pleasant sensation of my shaft rubbing against her slit. Oh, it was spectacular! I figured I’d take my time and go nice and slow, hoping that might make Nichole feel even better. I figured also that the further back I rubbed against her, the better it would feel.

I’d been at it for a bit more than two minutes when something strange happened. I’d pulled back really far and pushed forward slowly. As I did so, I felt the tip of my penis get caught in something. It popped right out again, and I wasn’t entirely sure what had happened. I decided to see if I could make it happen again, and sure enough it did!

Now I suddenly knew what had happened. I pulled back and pushed forward once more, but this time when the tip of my penis got caught I stopped and held it there. It was poking up against something very warm and kind of wet. I knew instinctively that this had to be the entrance to my sister’s vagina. Adjusting the angle slightly I pushed again and felt almost all of the tip slide into her.

“Trey…?” Nichole asked in a shaky voice.

“Sorry,” I mumbled. “Do you want me to take it out?”

“Shit, Trey!” gasped out Dane. “You don’t have it IN her, do you?”

“No… just the tip,” I sort of spoke, sort of grunted.

“Let me see!” said Dane.

I sat up a little, looking down to where the tip of my penis disappeared up into my sister’s vagina. It looked pretty damn cool there.

All three of us were silent as we looked at this display. Finally Dane said, “I wanna try it! Please, Nichole? Let me try it!”

I knew I didn’t want to pull out. I didn’t have any choice, though, because Nichole said, “Ok… you can try it for a bit, too, Dane…”

Hating my brother at this point, I sat back, feeling the tip of my penis pop right out of Nichole’s vagina. I kind of moved back and Dane got between our sister’s legs, looking down at her spread out body. He said, “Ok… where exactly does it go?”

I had an idea that, for some reason, I wanted to try. I said, “Here let me help,” and reached around twin brother’s nude body to take hold of his hard penis. It felt almost exactly the same as mine did when I was holding it. Dane didn’t say anything as I put my hand around his erection, but I did feel his body tense up a little.

Leaning forward a little, I looked over my brother’s shoulder, feeling my penis brush briefly against his butt. I lined up his erection with Nichole’s vagina and said, “Ok, just push a tiny bit until the tip starts going in, ok?”

Dane took a breath and nodded slowly. I felt his body move and watched as the tip of his penis slid slowly and delicately into our younger sister’s vagina.

“Wow… I like that,” he said with a little grin as I let go of his penis and laid down next to Nichole.

“What do you think, Nichole? How does it feel for you?” I asked our sister.

Nichole nodded a little and said, “Yeah… it feels… it feels kinda good like that…”

“Can I maybe… try putting in a little bit more…?” Dane asked.

“Yeah… I guess so… but not all of it, ok?”

“Like how much?”

“Uh… maybe half?” Nichole said after thinking for a moment.


I sat back and watched in annoyance as Dane began pushing his penis a little deeper into Nichole’s vagina. On the one hand it was really cool to see him sliding into her. On the other hand, I hated the hell out of him for getting his in deeper than I had mine.

“Can I… can I like… sorta… move it in and out a little?” Dane asked quietly.

“I guess,” said Nichole after a few seconds. “But be careful…”

“Does this count as sex?” I asked after watching for a few seconds.

“I don’t think so…” Nichole managed to say. “I think the boy… has to be all the way in…”

“Oh, ok.”

I watched Dane pseudo-fuck Nichole for a little under a minute. It was really interesting seeing everything he was doing. He pulled almost all the way out and then pushed his penis back to the halfway point. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Nichole? Can I try it for a little bit now?”

Nichole took a deep breath and nodded a little. She said, “Dane… give Trey a turn for a bit…”

Dane pushed his penis back to the halfway stage and then pulled back all the way, sliding out of Nichole. Looking death at me, he moved out of the way and said, “Ok, Trey. Knock yourself out.”

I got back in position between my sister’s legs and touched my penis against her vagina. I found the entrance really easily and pushed forward. It seemed like my tip went in much easier than it had before Dane had his in her.

Once I had my tip inside Nichole, I pushed forward a little more, feeling some of the shaft of my penis entering her vagina. I pulled back a little and then went forward some more, until just like Dane, I had half my shaft up inside my sister.

It was the coolest thing I’d ever experienced.

“Wow…” I said, looking over at Dane. “You were right… this is incredible…”


Looking down at Nichole, I said, “Can I move like he did?”

“Yes…” she whispered. She was pretty well lost in pleasure, I guess.

Very slowly I started working my penis back and forth inside Nichole’s vagina, feeling the sensation of her flesh clutching at me as I moved. It was so sweet! I longed to get myself all the way inside of her.

Getting an idea, I said, “Can we kiss some more?”

Nichole said, “Sure.”

I leaned down and started kissing Nichole, acutely aware of what every part of my body was doing as it contacted her body. While we kissed, I started moving back and forth again. Each time I pushed into my sister, I tried to push a little deeper than I had before. Very slowly I was working every bit of my hard, thirteen-year-old virgin penis farther up into my sister’s twelve-year-old virgin vagina. When I finally stopped, I was all the way into her, and could feel little sparks of pleasure shooting all up and down the shaft of my erection. It was mind blowing.

Nichole must’ve known that we’d just lost our virginities to each other. She whispered, “Oh, Trey… oh, Trey…” One of her hands slowly moved down to rest on my butt.

I couldn’t say anything. I just held myself inside my sister’s vagina and tried hard not to cum.

“Dude… Trey? Are you… are you actually fucking her…?”

Both Nichole and I were looking into each other’s eyes, and we nodded pretty much at the same time.

“Holy shit!” Dane said. “Is it better than what we were doing before?”

“Not even in the same building, Dane…”

“Wow… I wanna try it! Can I? Please?”

Ignoring my brother, I started moving slowly, fucking my sister very gently. It felt so good inside of her, I never wanted to pull out. I knew that I would have to eventually, if for no other reason than to give Dane a turn, but I was determined that at the very least I’d have my orgasm first.

Pretty soon it was obvious that wasn’t going to take very long. I felt the sensations building up inside my body and almost totally lost control as I let out a series of hard grunts and pushed as deep into my sister’s vagina as I could get, feeling my penis start to kick and buck inside her as my sperm shot into her waiting body. I collapsed on top of her, totally overwhelmed.

After a few seconds, I felt another hand join Nichole’s on my ass and I heard Dane say softly, “Trey? Let me have a turn now, ok?”

My mind whirling with the fact that I’d just lost my virginity to my sister, I pulled back from her, my penis withdrawing from the Gates of Paradise that laid between her legs. I couldn’t quite read her face, but I was too busy concentrating on my own feelings to worry about it.

Dane got between Nichole’s legs again and looked over at me.

“Do you wanna put me in again?”

For some reason the idea of touching Dane’s penis again really appealed to me. I don’t know why. But I got in behind him, taking his erection in my hand, and gave it a couple slow strokes.

“Yours is almost just like mine,” I said softly to my twin brother.

“Yeah…” He reached back and wrapped his hand around my penis, giving it a couple strokes, just like I was doing to his. “Except yours isn’t virgin anymore. Mine still is.”

“Not for long.”

I took my twin brother’s thirteen-year-old virgin penis and pressed it against our sister’s vagina. Then I pushed against his butt and saw/felt him slide into place. I let go once he was all the way inside her and then laid back down next to Nichole, anxious to see my brother experience his first fuck.

I couldn’t quite describe what Dane’s face looked like. I knew that he looked at least as blissed out as I felt when I fucked Nichole. I also looked over at Nichole. She had her eyes closed, but it seemed as though she was enjoying herself.

Dane didn’t last quite as long with his fuck as I did with mine. It wasn’t very long before he held himself against Nichole just like I had. He moaned a little, and his whole body seemed to tremble as the orgasm took hold of him. It was wonderful to watch!

After Dane was done cumming, he pulled out Nichole’s vagina. I could see a little of our sperm leaking out of her. He flopped down on the floor on the other side of her and we all laid there in silence. I think they eventually drifted off a little bit. I know I did. When I woke up they were quietly fucking once again. After Dane had his turn, I got to have one of my own.

The entire time our parents were away, the three of us had sex as much as we possibly could. Most times it was me or Dane fucking Nichole, but there were a couple times Dane and I wound up jerking each other off while Nichole fingered herself. She really liked seeing us doing stuff with each other. We’d kiss each other while masturbating one another, and a couple of times she even talked us into sucking one another off. It wasn’t the best thing in the world, but it was pretty sweet.

It wasn’t until after we’d been in California for a few months that we found out Nichole was pregnant. It was even money on who’d done the job, me or Dane. I liked to think that it was me who made the baby, but there wasn’t really anyway to tell.

Nichole lied to our parents and said she’d gotten drunk at a party and had sex with a boy who had gotten her pregnant. She couldn’t remember who he was. When she finally gave birth, to a boy, both Dane and I helped her take care of him, which made our parents very pleased.

After our son was born, we all sort of stopped having sex with each other. Dane and I still jerked each other off from time to time. We had really gotten to like that. But we didn’t do anything with Nichole. We didn’t want to get her pregnant again and the idea of using protection just seemed kind of… wrong, somehow.
Just recently, though, Nichole started talking about the idea of having another baby. She approached both me and Dane with the idea. It’d been two years since the birth of our son. Maybe we’d have a daughter, who could grow up to be her brother’s first lover. Maybe.


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. All characters and events depicted are fictional. Any similarity to real people or events is entirely unlikely.

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