October 19, 2008

Alex Hawk

As I cleared away the dishes from dinner, I could barely restrain my growing excitement.

This was the night!

I lived out in the Cascade mountains with my two kids Kody and Kylie, twin brother and sister who had just turned twelve last month. Their mother had died about six years ago and we’d moved out here where we could live in peace. I homeschooled the kids with help from the state, lived off the land, and relied on the outside world as little as possible.

I’d taught my children everything. How to live out here, how to do math, about science and history, I’d taught them just about everything they’d ever learned. And now, tonight, I was going to teach them all about sex.

I’d planned this for the last couple years. I don’t know why I liked the idea so much. But I did. I had a great plan and it was going to be great fun for us all!
Kody and Kylie were waiting in the living room as I finished up the dishes. I’d told them to go in there and wait for me. I sat down on a chair while they sat on the couch.

“So I guess you’re wondering why I asked you in here today,” I began, smiling a little at the cliche.

“Yeah,” said Kody. Kylie nodded.

“Well… it’s time we had a special talk. Part of your education. In this case we’ll be talking about where babies come from.”

“Finally!” said Kody. They’d both been bugging me about this for a few months now as puberty started to encroach. I’d begged off, but now would be giving them the information they needed.

“So where do they come from?”

“Well, it’s a pretty basic and simple explanation, but there’s a lot of detail. I’ll give you the broad strokes first and then the rest, ok?”

“Ok,” both said at once.

“The simple and short version is: a boy and a girl get together and perform a certain act. The boy basically plants a seed inside the girl which grows and develops into a baby that in nine months comes out from her.”

Both my kids now had expressions of confusion and revulsion waring on the faces.

“He plants a seed?” Kody asked.

“Not a real seed. Well, kind of real. This is where the details come in.”

“Ok, so what are they details?” asked Kylie.

“Well, there’s a lot of them. This is going to take a pretty long time to explain. You sure you kids are ready?”

“Of course, Dad,” Kylie said sounding a little exasperated.

I smiled. This was going to be really easy. “Ok. Here’s what we’ll do: I’ll teach you two how to make a baby by having you two do it with each other.”
After a moment of thinking Kody said, “So I’d be putting my seed into Kylie and making a baby with her?”

“Yes. That way you two will have a little brother or sister to play with.” Actually a son or daughter, by why quibble?

“Really? That would be kinda cool,” Kylie said. I knew both my kids got pretty lonely out here in the mountains. Having someone else to play with would be nicely tempting.

“So me and Kylie will make a baby together?” Kody asked.


The kids looked at each other. Together they said, “Ok!” After they got done giggling, Kylie said, “So what do we do?”

“Well, to start with you both have to be naked.”

“Ok,” Kody said as he and his twin sister started undressing. I’d had them naked in front of each other for many years.

Once both my kids were naked, I took a moment to look them over. Neither was really into puberty yet, but both were showing signs of it starting. Kody’s body had started to take a somewhat more adult form. His penis was beginning to grow, though and he didn’t seem to have any hair yet. He seemed to be decently hung, though. Even though he was soft, I figured he probably sported at least three inches or so. Not bad for a boy of twelve.

As for Kylie, her body was still largely boyish, except that she had very small breasts just starting to poke out, and unlike her brother had a couple strands of hair between her legs, right above her small virginal slit. My penis hardened up instantly as I looked at my daughter. I fully planned to fuck her after her twin brother took her virginity.

“So you two have seen each other naked a lot,” I began. Both kids nodded. “You know there’s differences in your bodies. That’s because Kody is a boy and Kylie is a girl. In order to make a baby you have to have one boy and one girl.” I hadn’t told them a lot about their bodies as they grew up. They both knew that Kody had a penis and Kylie a vagina, but that was about it.

“It has something to do with the different parts?” asked Kylie.

“Very good!” I said, pleased at my daughter. “Yes, it does. And what exactly are the differences?”

“Well, Kody has a penis and I have a vagina.”


“And that’s why we pee different,” Kody said with a cute little giggle.

I laughed a little. “Yes, that’s why. But those parts are used for making babies, too.”

Both kids were taken aback by this news. “What? How?” Kylie asked.

“Well… this is where it gets interesting. First, lets go over the differences in the parts. We’ll start with Kody. Kody, you sit in the middle of the couch and Kylie and me will each sit on one side of you.”

“Alright,” my son said as we three all moved around.

When we were settled I turned towards the kids, took Kody’s small penis between my thumb and forefinger and said, “So this is Kody’s penis. This is what makes him a boy.”

“Ok,” Kylie said.

“Now watch this.” I gave my son’s penis a couple strokes, pleased to see it harden up quickly. It was indeed about three inches. I wasn’t into boys as much as I was into girls, but I could appreciate a nice young lad like Kody.

“Wow! Why did it do that?” Kody asked in surprise.

I pulled my hand away and said, “It has to be hard like this to make a baby.”

“Oh, ok.”

“Kylie, why don’t you touch it like I did?”

“Alright.” Kylie reached down and took her brother’s penis between her fingers, fondling it like I had.

“Feels good, huh?” I asked Kody.


“Making a baby is the best feeling in the world,” I confided. “This is just a taste of how it feels.

“Cool,” Kody said. “I like it.”

I knew he would, of course. To Kylie I said, “So you like touching it?”

“Yeah. It’s pretty cool,” continuing to play with her twin brother’s preteen penis.

I watched as my daughter masturbated my son. I wanted to reach into my pants and start jerking off myself, but I didn’t want to scare the kids with how big my penis was. So I just settled for enjoying the (very nice), show.

“Ok. So that’s a boy’s body,” I said to the kids. “Now let’s move onto a girl’s body. Kylie, why don’t you switch places with Kody. Lay back and spread your legs really wide and kind of lift them up a bit.”

“Like this?” she said once the kids had moved around.

“Yeah.” I drank in the sight of my little girl’s virgin vagina. I couldn’t wait to watch as her brother sank his penis into there.

“Looks really different,” Kody said, looking between his sister’s legs.

“That’s to be expected, Kody. Girls are VERY different and much more complex. Now. This is what’s broadly called a vagina,” I said, gesturing towards the whole thing. “There are many different parts. This little part here is called the clitoris,” I said, brushing it gently with my fingers. Kylie moaned a little. “It feels very good when it’s touched. Kind of like a boy’s penis.”

“Cool,” Kody said.

“These parts here,” I said, tracing another line, “are the labia. That’s just a fancy word for lips. See why they’re called that?” I gently parted them with my finger tips.

“Yeah…” Kody said, totally enraptured by his sister’s vaginal region.

I licked my pinky, getting it good and wet and then said, “This is your sister’s vagina. This is the place where the really interesting stuff happens. Watch.” I pressed my wet pinky finger against Kylie’s vagina and then felt it slowly start sliding into her. I worked it inside until my finger was totally in her, pleased at the lack of a hymen.

“Oh, wow,” Kody said as Kylie whimpered a little. “That’s pretty cool!”

“Yeah.” I worked my finger back and forth inside my daughter’s vagina and then turned towards my son. “Here, try it with your finger,” I said as I pulled back.
Kody moved in close and wet his pinky just as I had. Then he pressed it against the place I indicated and got wide-eyed as his finger disappeared into his twin sister’s preteen vagina.

“Oh, wow,” he said again. “Wow, it’s cool in here.”

“You like it, huh?”

“Yeah! It feels really awesome…” He began moving his finger in and out.

“Then there’s other parts of your sister’s body that are nice, too,” I said, reaching up to cup one of my daughter’s small breasts in my hand, happy that I was at last living out one of my major fantasties. I massaged her breast and then gently tweaked one of her nipples. Kylie let out a little moan at the combined sensation of my hand and her brother’s finger.

“Oh… this feels so nice…” she whispered.

“Glad you’re having fun,” I said with a little chuckle. “Learning should always be fun.”

Kylie and Kody both grinned up at me. I smiled back at my beautiful children and made ready to move things to the next level.

“So you ready to learn how to put your seed into Kylie?” I asked Kody.

“Yeah!” my son said, excitement in his voice.

“Ok. Pull your finger out of her.”

“Ok.” He did.

“Now. What else do you have on your body that might fit inside Kylie’s vagina?” I asked Kody.

He thought for a moment and then brightened up. “My penis?”

“Yes,” I said as my son grinned ear-to-ear. “What you do to make a baby is you put your penis into Kylie’s vagina.”

“Oh, ok! Cool!”

“He puts his penis in me?” Kylie said, looking down at her brother’s young erection.

“Yes,” I said, nodding. “Don’t worry, it’s made to go in there. That’s why it has to be hard for sex. It’ll feel really good, trust me. Making babies is a lot of fun.” I gave my children another smile.

Both kids smiled back and Kody said, “Ok, so how do I get it in there?”

“Well, get on your knees between your sister’s legs.”

“Ok.” Kody moved into position, kneeling on the floor between Kylie’s legs. His penis was at just about the perfect height for his.

“Now, just to make it really easy for your first time, I have something to put on your penis.” I reached into my pocket and pulled out a very small bottle of lube. “This will make your penis really slippery and much easier to get into your sister’s vagina. Since neither of you have done this before, it’s a good idea. Once you’ve both had sex a few times, you won’t need it anymore.”

“Ok,” Kody said, obviously getting antsy and ready for his first fuck.

I smiled quietly at my son’s enthusiasm, remembering what it had been like when I’d lost my virginity to my sister. Of course, she’d been totally passed out at the time having spent the night drinking. Still, it had been nice for me at least.

“Alright, hold still,” I said to Kody. I squirted a little bit of lube into my hand and rubbed it all over my son’s penis, getting him good and slick. Once I was done with that, I took my still slippery finger and worked it up inside my daugther’s vagina, getting her ready to be penetrated for the first time.

“Ok, kids,” I said to my children. “You ready to have sex?”

“Yes!” they both chimed.

“Alright. Kody, get really close to your sister and touch her vagina with your penis.”

“Sure.” Kody did as he was told.

I got behind my naked son, reaching around him to take his hairless penis in my hand. I gave it a couple strokes and then lined it up with his sister’s preteen vagina. I placed the tip right at the entrance to paradise.

“Right. Now just push,” I whispered to my son as I placed my hand gently on his bare ass and pushed him slowly foward.

I couldn’t see Kody’s face as he penetrated, but I could see Kylie’s face as her twin brother’s lubed up, barely twelve-year-old virgin penis slid for the first time into her equally young twelve-year-old virgin vagina. I leaned over my son’s shoulder, looking down as the last of his shaft pushed into his sister’s tight warmth. My kids were officially fucking each other! I nearly came in my pants.

“There now,” I whispered, beginning to caress my son’s ass. “How’s that feel?”

Kody let out a ragged breath he’d been holding. “Oh, god, Dad, it feels so good…”

“Start moving it in and out a little,” I suggested. “Don’t pull it out, though.”

“Ok.” Kody began awkwardly flexing, trying to screw his twin sister. I kept one of my hands on his firm little ass to keep him from pulling back so far that he slid out.

As Kody fucked Kylie, I reached up to fondle one of her breasts again, tweaking and stroking her nipple, trying to give her as much pleasure as I could. Then I trailed the hand down to her clitoris, massaging the whole area while her brother’s penis moved within her body.

“You having fun?” I asked my daughter.

“Oh, yes…”

Kody kept fucking his sister and soon was starting to breathe really hard. “Dad…?” he asked, sounding nervous. “Something’s… something’s happening…”

“You’re going to cum, Kody. You’re about to spurt your seed into your sister. Just let it happen,” I said, caressing his head as he kept fucking.

“Oh… ok… oh… I… oh… it feels… oh… oh… OH!” Kody abruptly pushed deep into Kylie’s nearly hairless vagina, his whole body shaking. I pictured his sperm shooting out his penis and up into his sister, ideally getting her pregnant.

As Kody began cumming down from his orgasm, I knew I couldn’t take it anymore. I started to undress. Both kids looked over at me as I took of the last of my clothes, my hard penis popping up into view. I’d been naked in front of them before, but never hard.

“You did really good. Both of you.” I smiled at my children.

“Thanks… Dad…” Kody whispered.

“Thanks…” Kylie said.

“Take your penis out now, Kody.”

“Alright…” Kody pulled back, his still-hard hairless penis sliding out of his sister.

I nudged him aside and knelt between Kylie’s legs. “Kylie,” I said gently. “I want to put MY penis inside you now. Who knows, it might be you and me who make a baby instead of you and Kody.” I grinned, really turned on at the idea of getting Kylie pregnant. My daughter grinned back a little apprehensive. “Do you mind if I put mine in?”

“I guess not,” she said after a bit. “It’s kind of big, though.”

Actually, I was a little under six inches. I never thought I’d be happy to be smaller than average. “Don’t worry,” I said in a reassuring tone. “It’ll fit ok.”

“Well… alright.”

“Good.” My hand shook as I took my penis and started rubbing it up and down against my daughter’s vagina. I couldn’t believe that I was finally going to fuck her! Oh, god, it was cool to think! I’d planned for years to screw her and now I actually would!

Kody moved over and sat down next to his sister, massaging one of her breasts exactly the same way I had. I traded a smile with him, pleased at what a fast study my little boy was.

I knew getting into Kylie was going to be a little tight, to say the least. I took a liberal amount of lube and coated my penis with it, then worked some up into Kylie. After that, I positioned myself at the entrance and said, “Ready, Kylie?”

“Yes, Daddy…”

With that I pushed slowly and gently forward, looking down and watching in happiness as my thirty-two year old penis began easing itself into my daughter’s very wet, very tight, wonderfully amazing and almost hairless twelve-year-old vagina. I stopped when I could go no further, surprised that almost all my shaft was inside her.

I was fucking my daughter at last! The thought nearly made me cum.

I looked lovingly down at Kylie’s face, my penis twitching inside her exquisite vagina. “How’s it feel?” I asked her.

“It… kinda hurt a little…” she admitted. “It feels mostly good, though.”

“Good…” Taking one of her legs in each hand, I began moving slowly, gently fucking my daughter for the first time.

“Wow, that looks cool,” Kody said, looking down to where my penis vanished up into Kylie’s vagina.

“It feels cool…” I said with a grin.

With that I started fucking my daughter in quiet earnest, determined to cum inside her. I was so happy to finally be fucking her, and pleased as punch that she and her twin brother had lost their virginity to each other. Oh, it was sweet!

The images of my children fucking played through my mind as my orgasm overtook me. I pushed deep into Kylie’s tight vagina, my penis kicking as my sperm fired off into her in several sharp blasts. I didn’t know if I was going to be lucky enough to get her pregnant, but if I didn’t it wouldn’t be from a lack of trying, that was certain!

After I pulled out of Kylie’s well-fucked preteen vagina, her brother wanted another turn. I moved aside and watched as Kody fucked her once again, and when he was done, I took another turn. The three of us spent the better part of the rest of the night fucking.

Kody and I fucked Kylie off and on for another four months before she started throwing up in the mornings. I gave her a pregnancy test and was pleased to see it come up positive. There was no way to tell who the father was, but I pretended that it was Kody.

A little more than a year after Kylie’s first fuck, she gave birth to a little baby girl. They named her Sally. I smiled down at my granddaughter, holding her young body in my hands, and thought about how nice it would be if she ended up with a brother so that I could continue educating the next generation.


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. A tisket a tasket… what the fuck is a tisket or a tasket?