The Vlog
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The Vlog – Part 1

Natalie gave an exasperated sigh and stared angrily at the ceiling of her bedroom. She was lying on her bed, naked, her hands between her legs, fingers wet from the dampness there. She was trying to get off, but every few seconds there was a –


There it was again. A bump and a round of high-pitched giggles from her little brother’s room next door. She didn’t know what her brother Jacob and his friend Luke were doing in there, but it was getting on her last nerve.

The fifteen-year-old tried to ignore it once again. She slid two fingers from her right hand into the gripping wetness of her pussy while the fingers of her left raced in a tight little circle around her clit, not quite touching, but still being stimulated by the nearby pressure. Her slender teen hips began to lift up off the bed as she felt a warmth beginning to spread out from her middle and a tingling start at her feet. Her finger moved more urgently inside her young cunny. She needed to cum so bad and –


“Ahr!” the girl cried in exasperation. She fell back to the bed, her hands out to either side, her pussy aching for release, for relief. From next door she heard more muffled laughter and talking.

Knowing she’d never be able to finish herself off with whatever the boys were doing, she wiped her fingers on her sheets and got up angrily from her bed. She reached down and grabbed up the bikini briefs she’d taken off earlier, and stepped into them. Then she slipped on a pair of tight pink shorts and a little yellow spaghetti strap shirt.

The laughter of the boys grew louder as she opened her bedroom door. A few steps took her to Jacob’s door, which was covered with signs warning against trespassing and the zombie apocalypse. She ignored the signs and opened the door. The boys looked up, laughter in their eyes until they spotted the anger in hers. They were in a tangle on the floor.

“Hey,” Jacob said cautiously, recognizing his older sister’s warning signs.

“What are you retards doing?” she demanded, hands on hips.

Jacob looked nervous, not sure what he’d done wrong, but Luke didn’t know Natalie as well. He scooted forward and grabbed Jacob’s iPad, which was propped up nearby and hit a button. “We’re making a video,” he explained. Then he held up his phone, which was paused on a picture of two people in some weird pose.

“What kind of video?” Natalie asked, curious despite herself.

“It’s a challenge video. I’m going to put it on my YouTube channel and it’s called the yoga challenge.” He stood, bringing the phone closer. “See, it has all these different poses,” he pressed pause and the video went forward, demonstrating various yoga poses. “You have to try to do them and you record it all. It’s a challenge.”

Natalie eyed the boy suspiciously. “You have a YouTube channel?” At the boy’s nod, she asked, “Have you done challenges before?”

Luke shrugged. “Nah, just gaming videos mostly, but people keep asking for ’em.”

“Yeah, I bet,” Natalie said.

“What’s that mean?” the boy asked.

“It means YouTube is full of old perverts who get off watching cute boys do all these weird challenges,” Natalie explained, then blushed as she realized she’d just called the boy cute. He was though.

Twelve years old like her brother, Luke was the opposite of Jacob, blond to her brother’s black hair, tan to her brother’s paleness, pale blue eyes to her brother’s dark gray. Both were very good looking boys though, she could admit to herself, slim, athletic, with perfect bone structure. Luke’s hair was cropped short on the sides and back, and longer on top. Jacob kept his long, cascading in gentle waves to his shoulders. Each boy was under five feet tall.

“Like pedos?” Jacob asked.

“Whatever you want to call them,” Natalie said. “They troll all these channels owned by boys and ask them to do all these challenges so they can get off watching it.”

Luke shrugged. “I just wanted more views,” he said, a bit disappointed.

“Oh, you’ll probably get tons of views,” Natalie said, “but you’re doing it all wrong.” Natalie didn’t consider herself an expert by any means, but she’d had a bit of experience in the area with a friend who had a YouTube channel when she was eleven. The girl had quickly learned that the videos where she accidentally flashed a bit of panty or even a quick, mostly flat-chested nip slip would get her tons of views. Soon enough, the ‘accidents’ weren’t quite as accidental. She had over two million views on one of her vids before her parents found out and made her delete her account.

“Wrong how?” Jacob asked, sitting up, interested. He’d been lying back on his elbows.

Natalie wondered for a moment if she should say anything. She felt sure she could help these boys get lots of views on their videos, but if her parents, or Luke’s parents found out, there might be hell to pay. She thought about what would be involved, basically sexualizing her little brother and his friend, and she felt a little tingle of warmth between her legs. The weirdness of that feeling surprised her a bit, but also helped her decide to help.

With authority, she marched past the boys and settled herself on the edge of Jacob’s bed, flipping her long, dark hair back off her shoulder. She leaned back a bit, thrusting out her chest subtly. She knew Jacob was always looking at her, and Luke was just as enamored. Justly so, she knew. She’d inherited her mother’s beauty, and although she’d never be very big breasted, what she had was firm and high and molded against her thin shirt. She felt her nipples growing stiff at the thought.

“I can help you guys get tons of hits on YouTube,” she said, catching each boy’s eyes. She looked to either side then, catching a whiff of some strange smell. Jacob’s bed was unmade, the blue sheet twisted up behind her, his pillows askew. She realized that she was just smelling the boy’s sweat and suddenly wondered if her little brother jacked off yet. She imagined that if he did, it was probably right here in this bed, and the thought made her feel weird.

Seeing that the boys were waiting for her, she continued. “Look, there’s basically…” she thought for a moment, “like, three types of people that are gonna look at your videos. One is other boys like you, looking for ideas, or comparing your vids to theirs, hoping you can sub each other, that kinda thing. The second kind is girls, and probably some boys, who just think you’re both cute and watch you so they can giggle over you with their friends and talk about how cute you are.”

Jacob and Luke shared a look then, part excitement and part embarrassment. Jacob asked, “What’s the third kind?”

“I told you,” Natalie said. “The pervs. Those are the guys, and probably even some women, who like little boys like… you know… sexually. Those are the ones that are gonna give you your views, because there’s tons of them and they’ll keep coming back and watching the same vid over and over. Plus they all have playlists of vids they like that they share, so a vid they all like will get bounced all over the place.”

“I don’t know if I want a bunch of pervs watching us,” Luke said hesitantly.

Natalie shrugged, not caring one way or the other. “Up to you,” she said, “but if you want views, that’s the group you have to go after.”

Then Jacob, always the practical one, asked, “So what are we doing wrong then? Should we do a different challenge?”

Natalie focused on her little brother. “The yoga challenge is okay,” she said. “I’ve seen girls doing it before. The girls who get the most views though are the ones who wear less clothes, or tighter clothes.” She gestured at them. “Look how you’re dressed. It’s all wrong.”

The boys looked down at themselves. Each was wearing typically baggy shorts, Luke’s in khaki, Jacob’s in shimmery blue, as he was dressed for the indoors in a pair of gym shorts. Luke wore an over-sized soccer shirt and Jacob a black t-shirt featuring a smiling poop emoji.

“What’s wrong with it?” Luke asked.

“Do you really wanna do this?” Natalie asked. “I’ll help you if you’re serious, but if not tell me so I can go back to my room.”

Luke, who really was desperate for more views, was the first to nod and say, “We wanna do it.” Jacob nodded his agreement.

“Okay, but that means you listen to me and do what I say, okay?” The boys nodded.

“Okay, first, take off your shirts,” Natalie instructed.

The boys looked at each other for a moment, weighing their commitment, then they each shrugged and peeled off their shirts. Natalie found herself admiring their upper bodies. They obviously weren’t as muscular and sexy to her as older boys would be, but she could see the potential there in each boy, and there was a certain alluring attraction to their youth.

Natalie had gone all the way with a boy who was a year older than her just a few months before, then he’d immediately dropped her and left town for the summer. She hadn’t heard from him a single time, and when school started up again he basically pretended she didn’t exist. She’d felt betrayed, and it also left her with a newfound sexual itch that she just couldn’t scratch. She wasn’t the type of girl to fall casually into bed with just any boy, so she’d been frustrated for months. She wondered if that wasn’t somehow coloring the odd attraction she was feeling as she stared at her brother and his friend.

“Okay, that’s the tops,” she announced. “Now honestly, if you wanted tons of views, you should probably do it in your underwear,” then she increased the volume of her voice to override the sudden cries of protest, “BUT I realize you probably aren’t gonna do that.” The boys quieted and she continued. “So you’ve got two choices. You can either wear something real tight, like those jammer things you have, Jacob,” referring to the knee-length skin-tight trunks her brother often wore for his diving competitions.

“Those are for swimming,” Jacob protested.

Natalie shrugged. “Either that, or something really loose, so you get lots of shots up inside them at your underwear.”

The boys each blushed. Jacob said, “Everybody will see our… you know.”

“SMH, Jacob,” Natalie spelled out, with rolled eyes and a sad shake of the head. “That’s the whole point. That’s all they care about. They want to see you shirtless, and as close to naked as you can get on YouTube. If you want the views, that’s what you have to do. Anyway, Jacob, you wear those swim things in front of tons of people when you dive. And seeing up your shorts isn’t like they are actually seeing anything,” she said, directing the comment at Luke. “It’s just the tease.”

Luke, looking a bit skeptical, shrugged and said, “I guess we could try it.”

The more submissive of the two friends, Jacob agreed. He got up and went to a drawer and grabbed two pairs of jammers. Natalie, seeing this, said, “Maybe not both of you in them. It seems a little… fake maybe. Jacob, you wear a pair, and let’s find some short shorts for Luke.”

“Short shorts?” the blond boy asked.

“Shorts like Jacob has on, but shorter,” Natalie explained. “So when you do some of those yoga moves, they’ll ride up and you can see your underwear. Oh, are you wearing boxer-briefs or regular briefs?”

“Boxers,” Luke said with a slight blush.

“That won’t work,” she said. “It’ll look stupid under shorts. Jacob, give him some briefs to wear, and I’ll get him a pair of my shorts.”

“Girl shorts?!” Luke asked, appalled. “And wearing Jacobs undies? That’s gross.”

“Oh, shut up,” the girl said, exasperated. “His underwear are clean, at least the ones in his drawers,” she said with a suspicious glance around the room, “and my shorts will look just like boy shorts, but they’ll be a bit shorter.”

Natalie hurried to her room, wondering at her eagerness. She still felt a bit of residual horniness from earlier, but now it was mixed up with the excitement of this video and the challenge. She rummaged around in her clothes, looking toward the back of her shorts drawer to the stuff she still had but was too small for her. She finally pulled out a pair of light blue shorts which she hoped wouldn’t look too girly on the boy. Not that she figured that would probably hurt anything.

When she returned to the room it was to find Jacob already dressed in a pair of his jammers. They were black with coruscating purple and blue lightning up the sides. She tossed the shorts to Luke, who nearly fumbled them and announced to her baby brother, “Too busy. Plus black is a bad color. It just washes into the camera and you can’t see anything. What about those plain gray ones you had?”

Jacob blushed. The gray ones were one of the first pairs his mom got him, and he’d quickly stopped wearing them, embarrassed by the way they showed off his junk. He didn’t want to say that to his sister though. In fact, he didn’t want to say anything to her and so he knew he’d just go ahead and wear them, embarrassed or not.

“Try those on,” Natalie instructed Luke. “Change into the gray ones,” she told her brother. “Yell or something when you’re ready.” Then she returned to her room.

As Natalie sat on the side of her bed she imagined the two young boys stripping down together, looking at each other’s naked bodies. She wondered if they’d ever played around together. Luke spent the night all the time, and they both slept together in Jacob’s full-sized bed. She felt a tingle race through her as she imagined the two of them playing with each other’s dicks and she wondered what was wrong with her. Not only were they both twelve, but one of them was her own brother.

Before she could consider it further, she heard a muffled shout from the other room and she rose to join them. Jacob was wearing the gray jammers, hands over his crotch, looking decidedly nervous. Luke was wearing her blue shorts. They weren’t nearly as long as the shorts he’d been wearing before, but they weren’t unnaturally short or anything. They also looked loose enough in the leg that she thought they’d ride up really well during the right pose.

“Cool,” she said with a grin.

Natalie volunteered to be the camera person. She instructed the boys to ignore her, as she didn’t want to be officially involved, but she also knew that the best, most alluring shots, couldn’t be achieved with a still camera shot. She allowed them to introduce themselves much as they had in their earlier attempt, and although seeming a bit shy at first over the way they were dressed, they soon seemed to forget all about that and get into the fun of the challenge.

Natalie for the most part just stayed out of their way, documenting but not interfering in any way. They were basing the challenge off a website which Luke had up on his smart phone. It displayed a man and a woman in a variety of different poses which Luke and Jacob would then attempt to duplicate. Luke had experience editing videos from his gaming vlog, and he’d dress it up and put in stills of the poses to show viewers the poses they were trying to achieve.

So Luke and Jacob would reference the pic on the phone, and then scramble to duplicate the pose while Natalie moved slowly around them, searching for the best camera angles. She tried to think like a dirty old man, and concentrated on what she thought they would want to see. So in her hands, the camera lingered on hairless armpits, small brown nipples, flat stomachs, smooth thighs, rounded little asses, and most especially on their little bulges. She tried not to be too obvious about it, but she didn’t try really hard.

Jacob’s crotch was the easiest to see of course. In nearly every pose the boys attempted, her baby brother’s little penis lump was on display to one degree or another. Having never really paid all that much attention to it before, she found herself intrigued and a bit surprised. He had more down there than she’d have expected, having not seen it since he was probably around five or six, and she found herself wondering what it would look like hard.

As for Luke, she was mostly getting shots of his cloth-covered balls up the legs of his, or rather her, shorts. She saw that he was wearing gray briefs, and she managed to catch quite a number of shots at the soft, round lump of his balls inside them, as well as the swell of his young penis through the shorts from time to time.

As the challenge continued, Natalie found herself growing more and more aroused. She actually began to worry towards the end if she was going to end up with a visible wet spot on her shorts as her panties soaked through. She grew more upset at having missed the opportunity to get herself off earlier, blaming that on the throbbing between her legs.

Finally, the challenge ended. The boys, happy with their fun, stood with arms on each other’s naked shoulders as they smiled into the camera and said their goodbyes and asked their viewers to like and subscribe. Then they finally signed off.

Feeling a bit flustered, Natalie handed off Luke’s iPad, spoke a few words to the boys that she couldn’t even remember later, then hurried back to her room. She didn’t even bother locking the door behind herself, immediately stripping and flopping onto her back on her bed. In moments she was recreating the scene from earlier, both hands between her legs, two fingers plunging rapidly in and out of her young, gripping pussy, while two others fiddled rapidly at her swollen clit. As she bit her lower lip to muffle her cries, her slim hips lifted up off the bed, her legs tensing, and then she began to shake as waves of pleasure finally washed over her body.

As Natalie hovered there, body locked rigidly at an angle, pussy sucking madly at her invading fingers, she had a vision of her little brother between her legs, his stiff young dick filling her cunt, while Luke knelt beside her, his slim preteen cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She practically choked, trying to keep from crying out her pleasure as she heard the faint sounds of boyish laughter and talking from next door.


A week passed. By the time Friday rolled around, the boys’ video was up to nearly 37k views. The boys were ecstatic. Luke said he’d never gotten over 200 views on any of his videos. He’d picked up tons of new subscribers, and although the video generated a whole bunch of creepy comments, the boys were ready to try again with a new challenge video. They came to Natalie for advice.

The fifteen-year-old had given it some thought through the week, having kept herself up to date by monitoring the progress of the video on her own. She was amazed by some of the comments, but she also kept them in mind as she planned the boys’ next challenge. She’d also done a bit of research on her own, to see what kinds of challenge videos kids were doing. She thought she’d come up with a good progression, as she wanted to ramp the boys up slowly, giving the pervs out there more and more each week without plateauing early, or getting banned from YouTube.

Natalie had gone back and forth between two narrowed down choices for the next challenge, and finally decided on the ice bucket challenge. It was one that nearly everyone did, and with the proper preparations and executions, she thought it would give the pervs more of what they wanted while allowing the boys to have a lot of fun, which she thought would be just as important.

Luke showed up Friday afternoon ready to spend the night, or more likely the weekend, with a backpack of clothes and such. Natalie had an idea that the kid didn’t have much of a home life, considering the amount of time he spent at their house.

Of course, hers wasn’t all peaches and cream either. Their dad had left their mom a couple of years before, and they saw him for maybe one afternoon a month, if he wasn’t too busy. Her mother worked all the time, often for fifteen or sixteen hours a day, leaving very early in the morning and not returning until after they were in bed. Sometimes a whole week would go by without them seeing her. It fell to Natalie to make dinner and keep the house from falling apart.

As soon as Luke arrived the boys began clamoring for them to begin with the shoot. They decided to film in the backyard. It was sunny out and the stained pine fence that surrounded the yard was high enough to provide them plenty of privacy. Natalie first sat them down to go over some instructions and ideas for the video, then, when she felt they were sufficiently prepared, they got started.

Natalie was once again filming with Luke’s iPad. As rough as the kid’s home life might have been, at least his father indulged him with gifts; likely out of guilt, much like her own dad with her and Jacob. So Luke was armed with the newest iPad, which allowed them to shoot in 4k. The pervs and all the horny little girls and boys who watched their vids would be able to see every little detail of the boys’ bodies.

At her call of action, the boys came through the back door from the kitchen to the patio. Luke began with, “Hey, it’s your boy Luke, AKA Thunderkid, and my best bud, Jacob AKA… Jacob!” The boys grinned, staring into the camera, very likable and cute.

Luke clapped his hands and pointed at the camera and said, “You folks out there seemed to like out last video a lot, and so we listened to your requests and we’re bringing you another challenge video. As you probably already read, it’s the dreaded ice bucket challenge!”

“Brrr!” Jacob said, hugging himself and giving a fake shiver.

The boys proceeded to joke and play around a bit while Natalie continued to film, always conscious of what she thought the viewers would want to see. She followed Luke and Jacob as they filled two buckets of water at the tap in the back of the house. She filmed as they filled each bucket with half a bag of ice that they’d bought for this purpose. The boys were naturals on camera, funny and engaging and, she had to admit, cute as hell.

At her instruction they were each dressed similarly in khaki shorts that reached below their knees and large soccer shirts, much as Luke had been dressed the week before. Luke was in yellow, red, and white. Jacob was in blue, green, and black. They’d taken off their shoes and socks earlier.

After awhile the ice had had a bit of time to melt and the boys continued to joke around in anticipation of the challenge to come. At a signal from her, they became more focused and in a loosely rehearsed speech, Luke announced that they were ready to proceed. He explained that neither wanted to get their clothes wet, so the boys looked at each other and gave a carefully choreographed clap. They were playing a bit of a joke. The video would be edited at this point to make it look like the boys’ clothes had magically switched places, with Luke in Jacob’s outfit and vice versa.

To accomplish this bit of movie magic, the boys slowly slipped out of their clothes, being careful not to move from where they were standing and to put each foot back where it had been after stepping out of their shorts. They handed their clothes to Natalie, who in turn helped them each put on the other’s boy’s clothes. She couldn’t help sneaking peeks of the boys in their underwear.

After getting dressed again, the boys gave each other comic looks and talked about screwing up their magic trick and about trying again. This time they handed their clothes again to Natalie, who laid them over the back of a nearby lawn chair.

She noticed that Luke seemed much more relaxed this time, and found it funny that Jacob still seemed a bit reluctant, funny because, as she’d pointed out before, he regularly displayed himself before people, and not just in jammers, but sometimes in super skimpy Speedos. After a pause for the edit, each of the boys was left dressed in just their boxer-briefs, Luke in baby blue with a white waistband, Jacob in gray and a black band. They stood there a bit self-consciously for a few moments, smoothing their underwear, unconsciously touching themselves.

Natalie had wanted the boys in briefs, but each twelve-year-old was still slightly reluctant and she figured the boxer-briefs would play well enough on camera. Now, as filming resumed and the boys joked around and kidded each other about being in their underwear, Natalie took the opportunity to zoom in on them a bit, getting shots of their young dicks through the thin cotton material. She wasn’t too blatant about it, but she was perhaps a bit more than subtle. She was trying to walk the line of what YouTube would permit as well as not wanting people to think there was a total pervert behind the camera. There had already been questions on the last vid about who was holding the camera, which she’d instructed the boys to simply ignore.

Natalie had worked out some instructions beforehand, so when she moved around, the boys, who were busily flexing their nascent muscles, turned subtly to keep in front of the camera, which put them in the perfect light so that the camera picked up every inch of their smooth, hairless bodies. The boys had been told that they shouldn’t hesitate to touch their dicks through their shorts, but she realized now it had been an unnecessary comment. Boys, she’d noticed, could barely be restrained from touching their little penises. She’d often wondered what it would be like, to have that thing always down there, sticking from you, sometimes hard, sometimes dangling around. Every guy certainly seemed to be in love with their own dick, and seemed to love to touch them about every chance they got.

Jacob had expressed the worry that if they touched themselves on camera, they might get hard, but Natalie had assured him it wouldn’t happen in front of all of them, and privately thought that it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if he did. She wasn’t sure if she’d be able to use it, because she knew there was a line on YouTube and she had to be careful not to cross it, but if Luke or her baby brother got half-hard or something, that would probably be great. Plus, she’d come to realize that she secretly wanted to see it.

So she found herself a bit fascinated as she watched the boys joking around, their hands reaching down every few seconds to pinch, squeeze, lightly slap or otherwise manipulate their young dicks. The boys both seemed to be about the same size down there, but in their underwear it was hard to tell, and she also knew that there was no real comparison between soft and hard dicks. In any case, she made sure the camera caught every second of it, but when she felt she had everything she needed she gave the final signal, instructing the boys to get on with the actual challenge.

She followed them over to where the buckets were sitting in the shade, but then signaled them to walk closer, so they were in the sunlight. In order to stretch it out, it had been decided that they would go one at a time, instead of dumping their buckets together. They’d done a trial run with empty buckets, so when they sat their buckets on the ground, Luke ran back and grabbed a green plastic step stool, which he placed behind Jacob, who stood there nervously, hands covering the little bulge in his undies, cupping himself protectively. Natalie watched her baby brother squeezing his dick, not even aware of what he was doing, and she grinned, knowing the pervs would go crazy.

Then, thin arms straining with the weight, Luke stepped up on the stool behind Jacob and asked, “Are you ready?”

Jacob started to answer, but before he could get a whole word out, Luke dumped the bucket. The raven-haired boy gasped and squealed, and Natalie could tell that he desperately wanted to run around and work off the shock, but she’d been very firm with her demand that the boys stay in one spot and restrict their movements as much as possible so that she could get the best film.

Later on that night, armed with the raw footage, Natalie would watch this part of the video over and over, using the step feature to go frame by frame. Luke struggled to get the bucket up high enough, which is why they’d included the step stool. Then the water came cascading out of the bucket in a shimmering wave, crashing over her brother’s head. There was a look of shock on his cute face as his long hair was plastered to his scalp and neck, the wavy locks stretching even longer. The water raced quickly downwards, reaching his gray briefs in just a couple of clicks. In moments, his underwear went from light gray to dark gray and where there had been a rounded lump from his balls and what might have been another lump beside it, there was suddenly a very visible tube of flesh just to the left of a rounded sac.

Natalie risked a slight zoom into her brother’s crotch then, wanting to catch as much detail as possible. As she watched later, she saw his hand come down and squeeze. He’d been told not to touch anything, as she’d seen a lot of boys on YouTube in damp underwear who ruined the view by pulling out the front of their briefs, allowing in air and breaking the molding effect. Jacob seemed to remember just afterwards and moved his hand, but his squeezing had only pronounced the effect, moving his dick more to the side and making the whole thing even more visible.

Amidst much squealing and jumping around, it finally came around to Luke’s turn. Jacob struggled even more with the bucket, squeaking as some of the water sloshed over and ran down his front, helping again to mold his underwear to his young penis. Then he managed to get the bucket up high enough and it was Luke’s turn to scream and jump up and down in place as his body was soaked in freezing cold water.

Watching later, Natalie also spent several minutes repeatedly watching this section. Luke’s baby blue boxer-briefs, lovingly hugging his young dick already, turned darker blue as they were hit with the water, and his penis became instantly visible. It was easy to see that the blond boy wasn’t quite flaccid. His cock was pointing mostly upward, although more to left than center, and the head was pressing against the thin cloth, so that when the underwear became wet it almost surrounded his dick on every side, molding itself around at least three quarters of his width and his full length, which Natalie’s best guess as she watched the footage over and over with a finger working in her pussy that night was close to four inches.

Four inches or not, Luke wasn’t so far into puberty that his squeal as he was soaked was any less high-pitched than Jacob’s. Again, Natalie had zoomed in a bit on Luke’s crotch, but she pulled back after a few tantalizing seconds as the boys began to dance around and laugh about what they’d just done. Then they stood together, arms around each other’s shoulders, each in their wet, clinging underwear, and invited their viewers to like and subscribe and offer suggestions for their next challenge. The last was unnecessary, as Natalie already knew what she was going to have them do next, but it made the viewers feel more invested.

After stopping the camera, Natalie joined the boys and they all talked about how the shoot had gone. Natalie was wearing sunglasses and was glad, as she could look at the boys’ bodies without them realizing where her eyes were focused. She noted that Jacob’s little penis seemed even smaller than ever in his wet undies, no doubt because of the cold and wetness. What surprised her was that the cold and clinging wetness seemed to have the opposite effect on Luke, who was angling himself and using his hands to attempt to nonchalantly hide what was obviously a full-on erection. Natalie tried to make it seem that her eyes were locked firmly at the same level as theirs, but in fact she was staring as much as she could at the cute little blond boy’s crotch, feeling a little thrill each time she got a glimpse of his straining boner.

Finally, Luke announced that he wanted to get out of his wet briefs, so the boys gathered up their shirts and shorts and headed inside, Natalie following and shutting the kitchen door behind her. The boys were whispering as they walked away from her, and she could see Jacob’s head turned in such a way that she was sure he was looking at his friend’s crotch and then there were hushed boyish giggles as the pair headed up the stairs.

Staring guiltily after the boys, Natalie stepped into the kitchen, alert for any noise signaling their return, and backed the video to the point where Luke’s underwear got soaked. Then she zoomed in until his crotch filled the screen in exquisite 4k detail and bigger than full life size. Not fully hard, she thought once again, but certainly on the way there. She felt a throbbing between her legs as she ran the video forward in slow motion, and felt ridiculous. A fifteen-year-old girl panting over a twelve-year-old boy was about as weird as a seventy-year-old man with a twenty-year-old girl. Hell, probably weirder, because at least people would be thinking about how lucky the old guy was. Nobody would think she was anything but a weird perv.

That didn’t stop her from staring at the screen though, watching Luke’s bouncing dick, feeling the heat and growing wetness between her legs. Guiltily, she pressed a hand against her pussy and felt her knees go weak. Making sure to close out the video, she set the iPod on the counter and rushed up the stairs. She heard the boys talking in hushed voices as she hustled past her brother’s bedroom, and then she was pulling the door closed behind her and flopping down on her bed.

Natalie lifted her hips, skinning her shorts and panties down to her knees and spreading her legs, which forced them down to her ankles. She slid her left hand up under the camisole top she was wearing and lightly squeezed her braless tits. Her other hand slid between her legs, feeling the heat and moisture there. She shuddered as she slid a finger between her swollen lips, then bit her lower lip as she slowly slid that finger into her pussy. She felt herself close around the invading digit, sucking at it eagerly.

This time she imagined it was Luke’s cock entering her. He was certainly thicker than her finger, but not as thick as two, so she let one do for now. As she began to work her finger in and out of her tight teen cunt, she squeezed and pinched her stiff nipples. Through the wall she could hear laughter, and wondered what the boys were talking about. She wondered what they thought about her filming them, seeing them displayed like they’d been, in those wet, clinging briefs.

Natalie turned her head, pressing her face into her pillow as her orgasm rolled over her, muffling her cries of pleasure. She lay there shaking for several seconds, feeling the rippling waves roll through her pussy, the racing tingles shooting throughout her body. Finally, she lay back, breathing heavily, shorts and panties still around her ankles, her left breast exposed, her hands out to her sides, her juices drying in the little black triangle of hair between her legs.

What the hell am I doing? she wondered.

End of part 1

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