You and I Both

You and I Both – Part seven

The guys from the lawn service were hard at work when we arrived back at the house, the sound of lawnmowers suddenly competing with the sound of the big bike. The smell of fresh-cut grass filled the air. Without a garage door opener on the bike, I had to get off and open the door before rolling it inside. Adam stood and watched the guys working; one man on a riding mower, one man with an edger circling around the drive, and a final guy pulling weeds in the flowerbeds.

I came up behind him after ducking beneath the descending garage door and put an arm around his shoulder. “If I’d known you’d be so impressed by lawnmowers I wouldn’t have bothered with the motorcycle,” I teased.

Adam grinned up at me. “Do you think they’d let me ride on the back?”

I laughed. “Well, you could always ask. Would you like me to make you a snack?”

Adam thought a moment. “Fruit?”

“Did you just ask me if I’m a fruit?”

Adam giggled and punched me in the arm. “You’re a doofus.”

“Ow!” I said, doubling over as if in great pain. “You brute!” Then I straightened. “Fruit it is!”

I headed into the house with Adam’s backpack while he went to flag down the guy on the mower. I didn’t doubt for a moment that he’d be able to cadge a ride from him.

As I dropped Adam’s bag in his bedroom, I happened to spot the little journal he kept when birding. Curious, I picked it up. I wasn’t snooping, just curious. Really. I flipped through it, and almost immediately came across a drawing of a bird. It was actually quite good. He had a good sense of light and shading. The line work was a bit unsteady, but that would come with practice. There were several other pictures; apparently birds he’d seen. I made a mental note to add an easel to the studio, imagining teaching him to paint over the summer ahead of us.

That thought led to other thoughts of the future. The future. When was the last time I thought about the future? When was the last time I cared? Was I actually going to have a future with this wonderful boy? How had that happened? I suddenly felt dizzy and had to sit on the side of the bed. What did a future together even mean? This assumed it was even possible, of course. There were a few huge obstacles in the way of a future together as I saw it. Namely, his mother, the fact that I had no legal rights at all, and the niggling reality that I was engaged in some seriously illegal and morally questionable activities with him.

I sighed. It’s like I had been living the past few days lost in a dream; a dream that didn’t permit things like logic and laws. Perhaps it was time I gave some serious thought to the realities of Adam staying here with me. Determined, I went to grab my phone. Took me a minute to find it, and even longer to remember what Adam had told me about how to work the stupid thing. I finally managed to scroll through the contact list Adam had… I don’t know, transferred? Input? Anyway, he had all my numbers in there somehow. I scrolled until I found my lawyer’s name and hit call.

Two rings and a woman’s voice announced, “Berg, Young, and Hoffman, how may I direct your call?”

“Hey, Janeane, is Jerry in?”

“Brad? You wicked man. You don’t call, you don’t write. What’s a girl to think?” Her voice was amused. Janeane was actually in her late forties and happily married, but she loved to flirt with me.

“You know how jealous Jerry gets,” I teased. “I have to back off so he at least has the illusion that he has a chance.”

I could hear the smile in her voice as she said, “He knows you’re the only one for me. How are you, Brad? Surviving out there in the wilderness?”

“Should have done it years ago,” I said.

“Well, you certainly sound happy,” she said. Janeane was a very perceptive lady.

“I really am,” I assured her.

“Well, if anyone deserves it,” she said, and left it at that. “Let me get Jerry for you. You’d better promise to keep in touch.”

“You have my word,” I told her.

There was silence for a moment, and then, “Brad! How’s my favorite client?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t talked to Ryan in weeks,” I said, referring to his biggest client, a friend of mine who owned a brokerage firm.

“You wound me,” he joked. “What can I do for you, man?”

“I need a referral,” I told him. “You know someone in family law?”

“Whoa, you knock somebody up already? I knew those mid-western girls were easy.”

“Nothing like that,” I laughed. “Just have a little situation here and I could use some advice.”

I could hear keys tapping and a moment later Jerry said, “Joel Hirsch. Buddy of mine from Harvard. He’s with a large firm here, but specializes in family law. If I had an issue, that’s who I’d call. I’ve got his number here. You want me to text it or should I shoot you an e-mail?”

“Better e-mail me,” I told him. “You know me.”

“Yeah, the Luddite,” he said, deadpan. “We all mock you, you know.”

“You’ll beg for my forgiveness when the robots take over,” I said. He chuckled. It was an old joke between us.

We spoke for a couple more minutes, catching up while I watched Adam laughing and smiling from the driver’s seat of the mower. The guy was off to the side, watching, probably wondering how in the hell he’d been talked into letting an eleven-year-old drive his expensive mower.

By the time I hung up with Jerry, the worker was back in control of his mower and Adam was nowhere to be seen. I heard the front door a moment later. A moment after that Adam came through the kitchen. “Where’s my fruit?”

“I’m over here,” I said.

Adam giggled. He ran over and gave me a hug. Looking up at me, he asked, “Can I kiss you? The windows were on the mirror thing.”

“Then you may certainly kiss me,” I said with a smile. I bent down and Adam kissed me soundly, even slipping his tongue into my mouth for a quick exploration.

“You can’t be horny again already,” I said.

“I got a boner riding the mower,” he confided with a grin. “It’s bouncy.”

I reached down and gave him a squeeze. He was as hard as he said he was. He squirmed as I felt him through his skinny jeans. I scraped a fingernail up and down over his little package. “You’re a sex monkey,” I told him.

“Sex bunny,” he said, pulling me down for another kiss. Then he broke it and whispered in my ear, “Will you suck it?”

“Right here?” I asked, amused and a bit excited myself.

Adam shook his head. “Over there.” He pointed to a sofa that looked out over the lake. It also showed two of the workers going about their business.

I instantly understood. “So you can see them, but they can’t see you.” He grinned mischievously and nodded, biting his lip. I took his hand and led him over to the sofa. I sat and had him stand with his back to me, facing the window. I then reached around him and unbuckled his belt. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Taking a grip at either knee, I yanked his jeans down, leaving him in just his camo boxer-briefs. Adam had already kicked off his shoes at the door, and now he stepped out of his pants. I could hear his increased breathing. He was getting really turned on, showing himself off, without actually exposing himself.

Still reaching around Adam’s slim body, I caressed his stomach with one hand, while the other rubbed lightly over his cloth-covered erection. He pushed it into my hand. I placed a kiss on his back, just above his waistline, then licked at the tiny golden hairs there. Hooking a thumb into either side of his briefs, I slowly lowered them. Adam’s breathing grew even quicker.

With my face against his back, I reached down and caressed him from calf to hips. Hands on his hips, I kissed each of his pert asscheeks. Then my right hand reached around and found his slim little prick. Adam gasped as I gripped it between thumb and two fingers. I began to move them up and down, stroking him gently. My other hand reached around to fondle his hairless sac, rolling the little balls between my fingers.

“You gotta suck it, Brad,” Adam moaned.

I smiled and scooted to my right. I pulled him down so that he was sitting where I’d been. I slid onto my knees on the floor. Outside the large windows, one of the men was going back and forth on his mower. Another young man, early twenties, good-looking, blond, was working in the flowerbed, maybe two feet from the window. I knew he was seeing nothing but a reflection of himself, and Adam knew it too, but his proximity made this little act of ours seem all the more dangerous and illicit.

I moved down between Adam’s spread legs. I had him scoot down until his ass was right on the edge of the cushion. I spread his legs wide, and moved to sit between them. His three-inch erection stood straight up, quivering. I knew Adam didn’t need any teasing or foreplay. He just wanted to come, so without any preliminaries I took him completely into my mouth and began bobbing up and down while supplying steady suction.

Adam’s eyes immediately drifted closed. He was biting furiously at his lower lip, a look of intense concentration on his sweet, young face. I had my right hand pressed against the base of his cock, my thumb poking at his balls. My left caressed his chest, tweaking his tiny nipple. Adam was beginning to voice those little gasping moans of his. Every few seconds his hips would involuntarily twitch, giving a little thrust. I continued to work my mouth up and down, the slick sucking noises competing with the muffled sound of the mower going back and forth outside.

Adam’s right hand drifted down to his right thigh and I saw him squeeze his leg hard while his face twisted in a grimace, like he was fighting the pleasure with pain. Anyone seeing his face would think he was asleep, in the midst of a disturbing dream. Then both of his hands were at work on either thigh, squeezing, pulling, rubbing. He couldn’t sit still. His face was a series of grimaces and scowls and wide-mouthed gasps. Random twitches seemed to shoot through his legs, his arms, his neck and shoulders.

Then Adam’s hands were on the back of my head. He gave a deep, long groan, and then his little hips were working frantically, driving his tiny cock into my mouth. His legs lifted and his heels were on my back. His legs were squeezing me then, warm earmuffs which dampened the sound of his needy, yelping moans. His hips worked erratically, seven or eight short, desperate thrusts followed by one or two slow, shuddering ones, then back to fast ones. His hands held my head tightly against him while he fucked my mouth.

Then his legs were trembling around me, shooting straight out but still tight around my head. His narrow hips lifted up off the couch, his back arching. “Unngghh! Ungghh! Uhn, uhn, uhn, guhhnnnnnng!” he yelped while his little cock twitched frantically inside my mouth.

Adam vibrated there for maybe fifteen seconds before he finally collapsed with a sigh. Eventually his hands left my head, and with a last little suck I lifted up off his glistening little prick. I gave it an affectionate lick, which made him shiver. Slowly, his eyes drifted open. He met my gaze and smiled. “Can I have some fruit now?” he asked.

I laughed. I gave him a little kiss on the head of his cock. He squirmed against me with a giggle. “Greedy little piglet,” I teased. Adam giggled again, biting that lip, looking adorable. I sat back and just looked at him. He ran his hands up and down his thighs, obviously still alive with sensation. He shivered. Then he was leaning forward, his arms around my neck and kissing me sweetly.

I stood up, intending to head into the kitchen and get my boy his fruit. Adam stood after a minute, then shook his wiener at the guy in the garden with a giggle before gathering up his pants and underwear and heading into his bedroom. He came out a minute later wearing socks and a pair of soft cotton shorts. He was shirtless. He joined me at the kitchen counter and we ate grapes and strawberries and cantaloupe.

Eventually the lawn guys packed up their gear and left. Adam was sitting at my computer, probably looking at something he shouldn’t. I was in the kitchen, trying to decide what to do for dinner. That’s when I heard the bike outside. A Harley makes a pretty distinctive noise, and it’s loud enough to be heard even in the house with my thick windows. Curious, I started to make my way out of the kitchen. That’s when I saw Adam standing behind the desk, staring out the front window, a look of growing alarm on his face.

“Brad!” he warned.

I rushed out of the kitchen to the window. The guy was rough looking. About my height, six foot or so. Not as broad in the shoulders as I am. Long, stringy black hair. Sleeveless jean jacket, ragged jeans. Sorta handsome in a rugged, scruffy way. A hard ass.

“Who is he?” I asked.

Adam was at my side by the window. “One of my mom’s boyfriends. His name is Rick. He’s a moron, and he’s mean.”

“You stay in here,” I told him. Outside, the guy was getting off his bike. I ran to my desk. A quick search turned up a business card. I handed it to Adam. “Call this number. It’s Sheriff Perkins. Tell him what’s happening. Stay inside.”

Adam nodded. I went to the front door. I looked to my left, at the coat closet. Inside was a hunting rifle and a small gun safe holding two pistols. I decided to leave them there. Through the door, I could see the guy looking up at the house. Just as I put my hand on the door handle he leaned back, with his hands cupped to his mouth, and shouted, “Hey, faggot, you in there?”

I opened the door, stepped through and pulled it closed behind me. The guy’s attention was on me instantly. I saw him sizing me up, and then dismissing me. He grinned. That was a mistake. I’m not saying I’m Rambo or anything, but I can fight. After a fashion anyway. Over the years I’ve trained in several martial arts as well as boxing. Again, don’t want to give the impression that I’m some secret kung fu master. It was always just about exercise for me. I haven’t been in a real fight since I was fifteen. Still, I was fairly confident that this guy wouldn’t be a problem. After a certain amount of training, you can tell the dangerous guys just from the way they move. I was guessing this guy would be all fury and no finesse.

“Hey, Rick,” I said, by way of greeting.

That seemed to confuse him a moment, but then he managed to work out how I’d know his name. “Guess you got me at a bit of a disadvantage,” he said in his thick West Virginia accent.

“I can’t imagine anything I say changing that,” I responded.

I watched his wheels working, but he wasn’t going to make sense of that one. Instead he stuck that cocky smirk back in place and said, “Guess you’re wonderin’ why I’m here.”

“I couldn’t care less why you’re here, Rick, but I’m going to politely ask you to leave.”

“Angie’as right ’bout you; you really are a faggot, ain’t ya?” he said.

“Actually, it’s just courtesy and a firm command of the language, but I can understand how that might confuse you.”

“You talk too fuckin’ much, anyone ever told you that?” Seemed Rick was getting angry. He moved closer to me. Not overly aggressive, but I could see the calculation in his eyes. He was planning violence.

“Yeah, I completely washed out of mime school,” I said, frankly amused with my own cleverness. The rejoinder again seemed to confound poor Rick.

He shook his head, as if to clear it of confusion. “This is simple, faggot,” he said.

What is it with these people and the word faggot, I wondered.

“My old lady says you’re fuckin’ her rug rat. That’s some sick shit by the way, but hey, know what I say? To eat his own. Meanin’, I don’t give a shit what you do. My old lady does though, but the way we figure it is this, you can go on plowin’ that little faggot’s ass all you want, but it’s gonna cost ya.”

To eat his own? I was thinking. “So, just to make sure I understand,” I said. “You’re okay with me ‘plowing’ Adam, as you so succinctly put it, so long as I pay for the privilege. Is that about right?”

Rick grinned happily. “You got it.”

“Okay, I have to admit, you’ve peaked my curiosity. Just how much does a good ass-plowing go for these days?”

“See, I knew you was a faggot,” he smirked. “Le’s see… I figure fi- ten grand. Ten grand and you can have the little shit. Free an clear.”

“That’s quite a bargain,” I said, stalling for time. How long would it take the sheriff to get here? “Will you take a check?”

“I ain’t gonna take no fuckin’ check. Are you dickin’ me around? You don’t wanna dick me around, man,” he warned.

I couldn’t help myself. “Are you sure? You look like you could use a good dickin’ around.”

“What are you talkin’ about, man? That some faggot shit? You hittin’ on me?”

“Yeah, you’re fucking gorgeous, how could I resist?” Seems I was getting a bit angry myself.

“I hate you faggots,” Rick snarled. “Bible says that shit’s unnatural.”

Is this guy going to start quoting scripture at me, I thought, incredulous. “Rick,” I said, growing tired of the situation. “Leave. Now.”

“Nah,” the guy said, waving me off with a mean grin. “You don’t get it. You don’t pay, the kid’s comin’ with me. Ain’t that right, kid?” he asked, looking over my shoulder.

Shit, I’d told him to stay ins– BAM!

Guy clocked me as I turned to see Adam. As I spun away, trying to absorb some of the blow, I could see the front door was closed. No Adam. Okay, so maybe the guy wasn’t as stupid as I’d thought.

“Ooooo!” Rick crowed. “That had to hurt!” He was laughing, hands raised, bouncing around on the balls of his feet like he’d just won a title fight, psyching himself up. Okay, so maybe he was a moron after all. Lesson one, once a fight starts, finish it.

I turned and rose from the crouch I’d gone into, hand on the side of my face, testing. He’d gotten me just above the left temple as I’d turned. Was probably going to hurt like hell later. I twisted my neck side to side, rolled my shoulders. Working out the kinks. Then I set myself and waited.

“Ooooo, the pansy wants a fight,” Rick said, chuckling.

I waited. Always let them come to you, I’d been taught. He bounced forward on his toes, like a boxer, but I could tell he knew little about boxing. He was clumsy. He punched the air a few times, showing off as he moved closer. His punch, when it came, was so telegraphed I thought I should look around for a Western Union office. I twisted my body down and to the right, allowing his right fist to slide past me, then pivoted back, putting my shoulders into a blow with my right palm that hit him dead center in his solar plexus.

He coughed explosively as I hit him, the force of the blow knocking him back about three steps. He brought both hands to his chest, a look of surprise on his face as he struggled to take a breath. I set myself again and waited. After gaping like a fish and sucking no air three or four times, he finally managed a deep, shuddering breath. His eyes never left me.

Finally he got enough breath to say, hoarsely, “Yer gonna pay for that, motherfucker.” Then, eyes still on me, he backed until he was at his bike. Then he turned and quickly grabbed a baseball bat from a side saddle bag. I watched him warily.

I thought I heard a noise behind me, and then I heard Adam’s voice say, “Brad?”

Rick was a good thirty feet away, so I risked a glance at the front door. Adam stood framed there. In his hand was the iron fireplace poker. I was so proud. My boy was coming to my rescue.

“Hey look,” Rick said. “It’s faggot junior. Come to watch me beat the shit outta your boyfriend?”

“Fuck you, Rick!” Adam said defiantly.

“Fuck you, Rick!” Rick repeated in a high-pitched sing-song mockery of Adam’s sweet treble voice. “Fuck you, Rick! Gonna fuck up your boyfriend, and then maybe see about you, how you like that?”

“Adam, go back inside,” I said calmly, my eyes never leaving Rick as he sidled closer, swinging the bat lightly back and forth.

As it turned out, I never got the chance to test what I’d learned about disarming an assailant. At that moment, siren silent but lights blazing, a sheriff’s car tore up the drive. Painted in the lurid red and blue lights, Rick spun around. Then he turned to look at me and said, “You called the cops?” like I’d somehow betrayed him.

The car screeched to a halt, the door opened, and a voice I didn’t recognize said, “Put down the weapon, now!”

“Okay, okay, it’s down,” Rick said, carefully placing the bat on the ground and raising his arms over his head.

“Take three steps to your right,” the voice ordered.

As Rick was complying with the deputy’s orders, another car, lights also flashing, pulled in behind the first. It was hard to see through the lights, but a voice I recognized as belonging to the sheriff called out, “You okay, Mr. Canyon?”

“Fine here, Sheriff,” I called back.

I went up on the porch to join Adam as, between them, they got Rick handcuffed and placed in the back of the deputy’s cruiser. The sheriff joined us a minute later.

“Glad you called us, Adam,” he said. “You did the right thing. Glad nobody got hurt.”

“Brad was kicking his butt,” Adam said, coming to my defense. I had a moment to be thankful that Adam had thought to put on a t-shirt. More and more these days it seems that people think there’s something sexual about a shirtless boy. Well, there is, but they shouldn’t be thinking that.

I chuckled. “I don’t know about that. And he got one good shot in,” I said, touching a finger to the side of my face.

“Well, we’ll be able to add assault to his charges then,” the sheriff said. “So, revenge, I assume?”

I looked at Adam. “Adam, why don’t you go put your weapon away there while I talk to the sheriff.”

“Okay.” Then he was gone inside.

I pulled the door shut, then turned to Sheriff Perkins. “Actually,” I told him, “it was a business meeting. He tried to sell Adam to me.”

“He what?” the sheriff said, appalled.

I nodded. “Not an exact quote, but I believe he said that in exchange for ten thousand dollars I could ‘keep him free and clear’ and ‘plow his ass’ as often as I wanted.”

“Well, that’s just fu- lovely,” the sheriff said after a few moments of shocked silence, just stopping short of using the unprofessional expletive. He looked at the doors where Adam had disappeared. “The boy heard that?”

I shook my head. “He was inside until just before your deputy showed.”

Sheriff Perkins nodded thoughtfully. “Okay, I don’t want to disrupt your evening any further. Can I get you to come down to the office tomorrow and fill out a report?”

“Absolutely,” I said. “I can stop by after I drop Adam at school if that’s alright.”

We spent a couple more minutes talking. The sheriff said he’d arrange for someone to grab Rick’s bike. By the time everyone left, and I was able to get back inside the house, I found Adam waiting anxiously near the front door.

“Are you okay?” he asked, coming to me and wrapping his arms around me.

“I’m fine, bunny,” I told him. “That was some quick thinking with the poker.”

Adam grinned. “You didn’t need it though. I saw how you were kickin’ his butt. Could you teach me to fight like that?”

“Why would you want to fight?” I asked. Adam shrugged, a bit embarrassed it seemed. I thought I understood. He wanted to be able to stand up to the Ricks of the world. Of course, I wanted that for him, too. “I think I can probably show you a thing or two,” I allowed.

Adam gave me a grin. Then said, “Brad?”

“Yeah?” I asked, kissing him on his forehead.

“I’m starving.”

I chuckled. “Me, too. Hmm, a bit late for making dinner. How about you go get cleaned up and ready for bed and I’ll order us some pizza?”

“Pizza!” Adam said, excited.

“Pepperoni and sausage, right?” I asked, remembering an earlier discussion we’d had about pies.


I grabbed the phone and ordered the pizza while Adam headed upstairs to hop into the shower. Twenty minutes later there was still no sign of Adam. I emptied the baggy full of ice and melted water that had been wrapped in the tea towel I’d been holding to my head into the sink and headed up the stairs. I didn’t want Adam seeing it and worrying. Standing at the bathroom door, I could hear Adam singing softly to himself. I was surprised again that he actually had a very nice voice, very sweet.

I’m gonna paint you by numbers
And color you in
If things go right we can frame it and put you on a wall

And it’s so hard to say it but I’ve been here before
Now I’ll surrender up my heart
And swap it for yours

I opened the door slowly, hoping I wouldn’t interrupt his singing, but he saw me immediately. He was sitting in the tub, grinning.

“Are you gettin’ in?” he asked, perking up with excitement.

“Pizza coming, remember? I wish you hadn’t stopped singing,” I said. “You sounded great.”

Adam blushed, then asked, “Why did you come in, then?”

“Just wanted to make sure you hadn’t drowned. Guessing you found something to play with instead.”

Adam grinned and stood. Sure enough, he was stiff as a nail.

“You’re gonna wear it down to a nub,” I chuckled.

Adam thrust his hips. “Come and give it a kiss,” he teased.

“Pizza’s coming,” I reminded him.

“Just a itsy bitsy lil kiss?” he asked in a sing-song voice, pushing down on the base of his cock so it was pointing straight at me.

“Fine,” I smiled. I went and sat on the edge of the tub. Adam eagerly pushed his dick towards me. It was glistening with wetness and I have to admit I wanted to do a lot more than just kiss it. It was amazing to me just how sexy this little boy was. I reached out and cupped his tiny testicles while gripping the base of his cock between thumb and forefinger. Then I leaned forward and placed a soft kiss right against the very tip of him. Soapy.

Adam giggled, and thrust his hips forward. I opened my mouth to accept him and his slight length quickly slid to the hilt between my lips. “Mmmm,” Adam cooed, holding himself there. I sucked at him lightly, my fingers toying still with his balls. “Blowjobs are the best thing in the world,” Adam sighed.

I chuckled around his throbbing little dick and then began to slide my mouth back and forth on him. I reached up behind him and took a firm little asscheek in my hand. Adam moaned and began to work his hips. I held still, allowing him to fuck my mouth with slow, gentle thrusts, all the while working him with my tongue and suctioning mouth.

Adam brought his hands down to lightly grip the sides of my face, just as the doorbell rang. I stood, causing Adam to groan in disappointment. “Sorry, buddy,” I said with a grin. “You’ll just have to take care of this little guy yourself.” I gave his cock an affectionate squeeze.

“We don’t need pizza!” Adam cried as I turned to leave the bathroom.

I turned and grinned at him. “Man does not live by blowjobs alone.” Then I was gone and followed down the stairs by the sound of Adam giving me a raspberry. I laughed.

The pizza boy was one I hadn’t seen before, I could see him checking out the house as I paid him and took the box. I’d have invited him to take a look around, if it hadn’t been for Adam upstairs. I’d happily shown the place off to past delivery drivers who’d shown an interest.

Instead of the kitchen, I carried the box to the coffee table in front of the tv, then returned to the kitchen for paper plates and napkins. Adam joined me a minute later, still naked, and still hard. It was difficult to know whether or not he’d finished himself off after I’d left him. Knowing him, he could have jacked off twice in that time and still been as hard as he was still. Instead of heading to his room to dress, which is what I was expecting, Adam just flopped onto the sofa in front of the pizza.

“Dining au natural this evening?” I asked, amused.

Adam looked up and grinned. “I cleaned my butt.”

I laughed. “Well, it’s good to know the cushions are safe, but if you drip hot pizza sauce on your ween, don’t come crying to me.”

“You’ll just lick it off anyway,” he teased, and of course he was right.

So we sat and we ate pizza, and nobody had to lick anything off anyone else, and my cushions remained safe. That doesn’t mean that the meal was without drama however. While Adam was interested in the show we were watching, I was much more interested in watching Adam. He remained hard the entire time, thanks in no small part to his ever-present left hand, which stroked and teased throughout the show. Time and again I would find myself looking over at him with something akin to awe, at his beauty, his sensuality, and most of all, his presence in my life and my home.

By the time the show was over and it was time to head up to bed, I was practically bursting through my shorts. A fact that Adam didn’t miss, giggling and pointing as I stood to clean up dinner.

“You got a boner,” he said.

“You started it,” I said accusingly.

Adam hopped off the couch, his own erection so stiff it wasn’t even bouncing, and came to me. He reached out and groped me through my shorts. Then, he pulled down the front of my shorts and briefs and wrapped his hand around my naked cock.

“Geez, Adam,” I gasped, nearly dropping the pizza box and plates.

While I had a hand out to either side, helpless, Adam grinned up at me, his hand slowly jacking me now. He watched a little precum bubble up out of my slit, and he bent over and wrapped his mouth around my cock, his tongue swirling. I nearly collapsed. I must have made some sound of alarm, because Adam straightened and grinned at me, licking his lips.

“You liked that, huh?” he asked, mischief flashing in his eyes.

“You’re gonna make me drop something,” I warned.

“Your pants?” he joked, and then the little brat pantsed me!

“You little weasel!” I exclaimed. Adam danced away, giggling. Rather than try to pull them up, I just stepped out of my shorts. “You’re so gonna get it,” I warned as I headed quickly to the kitchen. Adam squealed with excitement and raced up the stairs, pale ass flashing. I hurriedly dropped off the plates and pizza box on the counter, figuring I’d clean them up in the morning. I wanted to race after him right then, but I had to shut off the lights and lock up, which I did quickly. Then, stiff cock bouncing, leading the way, I hurried up the stairs.

I burst into the bedroom expecting him to be in bed, waiting for me with that stiff little erection. The bed was empty. I stepped forward, as if he would magically appear if I got closer. The light in the bathroom was on, providing a swath of light which provided decent illumination into the room, but I didn’t even see him in the shadowy corners. Nothing.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” Adam screamed as he attacked me from behind.

“Ahhhh!!” I screamed back, running around the room with Adam on my back. “Get it off! Get it off!” I screeched like a girl. Adam was laughing hysterically. I circled the room a few times, swaying back and forth, causing Adam to have to clutch me tightly, difficult when he was laughing so hard.

Finally, a bit winded, I stood swaying at the foot of the bed. “I… I’m gonna faint,” I said. Adam took the cue and jumped back and off me as I collapsed onto the bed.

From flat on my back I glanced toward the head of the bed. Adam crouched there giggling. “I got you.”

“You got me,” I agreed with a grin.

“Now you gotta suck it,” he said with a cheeky smile. He moved around and squatted on my chest.

“How does that work?” I said. “You jumped me.”

“Right,” he explained. “So I win and you gotta suck it.”

“Uh uh,” I said, shaking my head. “No way.”

“Uh huh,” he grinned. He rose on his knees, leaning forward a bit to push his dick towards my mouth. I made a show of squeezing my lips together and then I made the zipper motion with my right hand. I grinned.

Taking his dick in his right hand, he rubbed it back and forth over my lips. Then he smacked me a couple of times with it. When that didn’t work, he starting making tiny jabs with his hips, poking me in the lips with his little cockhead. “Open up for the choo choo,” he sang.

I couldn’t help it. I laughed, and Adam didn’t miss the opportunity, thrusting his three inches into my mouth. I nearly choked, laughing around his little cock and then, still smiling, I began to work him with my mouth as he started to thrust himself in and out. Adam held himself upright, hands supporting himself on the headboard, as he fucked my mouth. Almost immediately he was gasping with pleasure. Then he stopped and pulled himself out of my mouth.

“Can you get the buzzy thing?” he asked.

I laughed. “The buzzy thing?”

He scowled at me. “You know what I mean.”

I smiled. “You grab it, it’s in the nightstand.”

Adam eagerly crawled across the bed on his hands and knees and opened up the drawer. What a vision. He quickly returned with the little vibrator and the lube, which he handed to me. He then positioned himself on my chest again, trying to poke his little dick back into my mouth.

I sputtered and laughed. “You’re killin’ me, Smalls.”

Adam’s eyes widened in surprise. “I love that movie!”

“It’s a good movie,” I agreed. “Now, if you want to play with Mr. Buzzy, you’ll have to give me a minute to get him ready.”

“Hurry!” Adam laughed.

“I’m hurrying, I’m hurrying,” I assured him, as I carefully lubed up the little vibrator. Recapping the bottle of lube, I let it fall to the side while I reached up over Adam’s thighs and behind him.

While the fingers of my left hand found Adam’s rubbery little sphincter, and my right carefully moved the vibrator into place, Adam said “Choo choo!” again, in a not so subtle hint, and I dutifully opened my mouth to admit his throbbing little boner.

Adam immediately began thrusting himself again into my mouth. I tried talking, but it was useless. He realized I was trying to communicate though, and he pulled himself from my mouth again. “You’re gonna have to sit still if you want to do this,” I told him with a smile.

“Sorry,” he said. “I can’t help it.”

I took him back into my mouth and held him steady with my left hand while I pressed the vibrator against Adam’s sphincter. I slowly slid it inwards. I could feel Adam tense above me.

“Hmm hmm?” I hummed, unable to talk with his little cock in my mouth.

Adam nodded, understanding. “It’s big,” he said. “Keep goin’, though.”

I grinned around Adam’s dick and carefully pressed forward. Adam’s eyes were locked on mine and and I saw them grow wider as the full thickness of the vibrator spread the tight ring of his anus. He bit his lip and shut his eyes for a moment. I was worried he was in pain, and then I saw the tip of his tongue emerge and realized he was lost in the sensation. The vibrator was halfway in and I switched it on, my eyes on Adam’s face. His eyes flew open and he grinned down at me.

Adam shuddered and his little dick jerked in my mouth. “I love Mr. Buzzy,” he said. He hugged himself, like he was cold. I began to suck lightly on his cock. At the same time, I began to slowly work the vibrator in and out of his ass.

“Uhhhh,” Adam groaned, and his eyes drifted closed. He began to tremble. He didn’t seem to know what to do with his hands. He was rubbing his body, first his arms, then his chest and stomach, his sides, his thighs. All the while his small body was jerking, as if he were receiving intermittent electric shocks. Accompanying all this was a series of boyish sighs, “Uh… uh… uh…” One every five seconds or so.

After only a couple of minutes Adam sucked in a sharp breath and his whole body shook. “Nnnaa, naahhhaann,” he gasped while his little cock jerked repeatedly in my mouth. His tiny asshole closed up tight, making the lubed vibrator difficult to move, so I just held it in place.

Finally, Adam began to relax, and after a few moments he looked down at me with a huge grin. I pulled back enough to allow his still-stiff little prick to slip wetly from my mouth. “You liked that, huh?”

Adam nodded happily and slid down until he was lying on my chest. “It’s the best thing ever.”

“Well, I think maybe you’re the best thing ever, but I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I told him with a smile and a quick peck on the lips. I started to slide the vibrator out of Adam’s ass, but he reached back and grabbed my wrist, holding it in place.

“Don’t take it out, okay?” he asked.

“You like Mr. Buzzy, hmm?” I grinned.

Adam grinned. “It makes me feel all squiggly inside.”

I laughed. “Squiggly?”

Adam grinned and stuck his tongue out at me. I lifted my head enough to suck the tip of his pink tongue into my mouth. With a hungry sigh, he hugged me tightly and then kissed me lustily, his still-stiff cock humping against my chest. The taste of his mouth was so sweet. The way his small tongue worked against mine, the eager sounds he made into my mouth, all combined to drive me a bit crazy. While I worked the vibrator in and out of Adam’s tiny asshole, my other hand grabbed one of those firm little buns, squeezing gently.

Then Adam was moving himself downward. His lips left mine, moving to my neck. I gasped as I felt the heat of his body come into contact with the head of my cock. I heard another eager little moan escape my delicious little boy, and then he was stretching his arm back, and I felt his small hand wrap itself around my throbbing shaft.

“Mmmm, Adam,” I moaned. I shuddered as his hand slowly jacked me.

Then Adam pulled back and stared at me, an indecipherable look on his young face. “Brad?”

“What is it, bunny?” I asked.

“I really wanna do it,” he said.

“Do what?” I asked, confused for a moment.

“You know,” he said, squeezing my cock. “Please? I promise if it hurts I’ll stop.”

I tried to think of an argument, but to be honest, the look in his eyes and the feel of his hand on my cock were making rational thought difficult. “You really promise?” I said, finally.

Adam nodded, eyes flashing with nervous excitement. I slid the vibrator out of his ass, laying it on the bed and awkwardly twisting the base to shut it off. Adam adjusted himself on top of me, and then I felt the head of my cock pressed against the heat of his tiny pucker.

“Wait!” I said. Adam looked ready to protest, but I stopped him by holding up the bottle of lube. “This’ll help.”

Adam grinned. He grabbed the bottle and slid over to kneel on my right side. Opening the bottle, he carefully squirted a small puddle into his right hand. He snapped the lid closed against his chin and dropped the bottle to the mattress next to the abandoned vibe. Then he reached out and carefully spread his handful of lube over the length of my cock. I shuddered as he made sure every one of my five inches was slick and glistening.

“You sure about this, bunny?” I asked, as he straddled my waist again.

“I wanna try,” he assured me.

Once again, I felt the tip of my cock being mashed against his fevered asshole. I was tense, watching his face, the intense look of concentration on his beautiful features as he pressed himself back against me. I felt him shudder above me as he pressed his body downward, saw the strain on his face, then felt the center of him suddenly giving way, and with a mutual gasp, the head of my cock was inside him.

“Are you okay?” I asked, worried, seeing his eyes wide.

“It’s inside,” Adam gasped, but he gave me a look of triumph.

“Adam, if it hurts…” I began.

He shook his head, his coppery locks momentarily hiding his face. His hand left the shaft of my cock and then he was steadying himself with a hand on either side of my chest. He trembled on top of me as the tip of my cock throbbed at the entrance of his rectum.

“It’s really big,” Adam finally gasped, his shoulders trembling. “Just gotta get used to it.”

As Adam struggled with this new experience, I was having struggles of my own. As a lover of boys, I’d often fantasized about this moment of course, but the reality of the situation was nearly terrifying. Not the physicality of it, which was everything I’d dreamed, but the implications of the act. I was having sex, actual intercourse, with a boy. A young boy. Thoughts of prison went through my head, thoughts of an older Adam crying in front of a therapist, newspapers with my name in large, angry letters – and those were the more pleasant thoughts. Part of me felt compelled to put an immediate stop to it, but I’d been down that road already and we had reached this point for better or for worse. If this was what Adam wanted, I wasn’t going to stop him. Of course, the fact that I desperately wanted it myself may have been affecting my rationale.

It wasn’t reverie so much as mental masturbation, but whatever it was, Adam pulled me out of it as he began to force himself downward around my straining cock. My hands went to my little boy’s hips. I could feel the muscles in his ass tensing, his hips trembling, as he pushed down. I tenderly rubbed his asscheeks, offering silent encouragement.

“You okay, bunny?” I asked, unable to stay silent. Adam gasped, breathing hard, as if he’d been holding his breath. He probably had been. “Stop a sec, Adam,” I suggested. “Back off a few seconds and try again.”

I’d just intended him to slide back until only my cockhead remained inside, but he moved forward until my entire cock slid out of him. I desperately wanted to be back inside him. “Okay?” I asked.

“I’m doin’ it,” he grinned. Then he was kissing me. It was a hungry, fevered kiss, and when it ended I was the one gasping for air. I hadn’t even been holding my breath.

“I’m really proud of you, sweetie,” I said, thinking he’d appreciate the encouragement.

Adam grinned. Then he gave me a loud smack on the lips, arched his back, and reached behind him to take hold of my cock once again. With a small grunt of effort, my cock was back where it belonged, stretching my beautiful little boy’s asshole. Yeah, I said back where it belonged. I’m willing to admit when I’ve been an idiot. Almost have to be, as I seem to make such a habit of it.

I could feel the tight heat of him as he enveloped my throbbing cock. Adam was trembling atop me again and he pushed himself further and further down the length of my cock. I couldn’t believe the heat of him. My cock hadn’t been inside anyone for so long, and this tiny boy’s ass was by far the most amazing home it had ever found. Tight, gripping, burning with a sweet and gentle heat, like… the breath of an angel. Yeah, I can’t believe I just said that either.

Before I think either of us was really aware of it, Adam had fully engulfed me. He pressed hard back against me, but there was no longer anywhere to go. His eyes grew wide and he smiled, pride and wonder writ large on his shining face.

“It’s all in me!” he exclaimed.

“You’re okay?” I asked.

Adam’s eyes looked up and off, full of contemplation while he wiggled atop me experimentally. He slowly pushed his upper body back, eventually squatting atop me on his haunches. I saw that his cock was about half hard. He shifted back and forth. Then his eyes met mine with a huge grin.

“I really did it,” he said, awestruck.

“You really did,” I smiled. Then I flexed, causing my cock to jump inside him. Adam’s eyes widened.

“Do it again!” he said, eagerly.

So I flexed again, while I reached out and gently pinched the tip of his little penis between my thumb and forefinger. With very little manipulation it was as hard as ever.

“Does this mean I’m not a virgin?” he suddenly asked.

I chuckled. “I think it definitely qualifies.”

Adam grinned. “Cool.”

“You ready to try moving a little?” I asked, frankly desperate to start fucking, but wanting him to take things at his own pace. My beast was attempting to rear its head, and it was all I could do not to flip Adam under me and start pounding his delicate little ass.

Adam slowly leaned forward, his hands pressing into my chest, drawing himself off me. I shivered with a little chill as his heat was replaced with the coldness of empty space and it was all I could do to not pull him back down around me. I looked up at him, his face was in shadow, but the light from the bathroom created a coppery halo of his hair. His bottom lip was between his teeth, his eyes closed, his head tilted slightly back. The fading bruise around his left eye was lost in artful shadow.

He rose slowly, until only the head of my cock remained trapped by his warmth, then with a slow hiss of pleasure, he lowered himself once more. As his little balls settled against my groin and the hair of my pubic bush smashed against the satiny skin of his ass, Adam’s eyes opened and fixed on me.

“I love you,” Adam said, his voice barely more than a whisper.

“I love you too, beautiful boy,” I smiled. “Are you sure you’re okay? No pain?”

He shook his head and smiled. “I feel like a turkey.”

I laughed, and the motion caused us both to gasp in pleasure. “A turkey?” I said, confused but tickled.

“I’m stuffed full,” Adam giggled, and then we were both laughing, and gasping, pleasure and humor rocking us both.

Then Adam began to rock back and forth, already gasping and panting as my cock speared him over and over. I was frankly feeling a bit light-headed. Not only the physical sensation, but the sight of my boy atop me, pleasuring himself with my cock, was nearly too much for me. Already I could feel my body racing towards orgasm, but I forced it back, wanting to enjoy this as long as possible.

Then suddenly Adam rose to his knees. He knelt there over me, eyes locked with mine. Between his legs, his sturdy little cock rose stiffly. He began to rub his body, his stomach and chest and nipples as he began to rise up and down, riding me.

“I can believe how good it feels,” he gasped. “I’m so filled up.”

“Better than Mr. Buzzy?” I asked with a smile.

“Different,” he allowed, “but a bunch better.”

“You look so sexy like that,” I told him, which got me a grin.

He laid down again then, skin to skin, his head reaching towards me. After a moment he said, “I can’t kiss you.”

“So scooch up,” I said.

“But then your thing’ll fall out,” he pointed out.

“Just for a minute,” I reasoned.

So Adam moved forward along my body until my cock slid wetly from his gripping asshole. He kissed me hungrily, moaning into my mouth while his cock throbbed against me. I reached down to clutch his perfect little ass.

“Hug me,” Adam insisted.

So I wrapped him up in my arms while he straddled my sides. He settled his head against my neck then said softly, “I love you so much, Brad.”

“I love you too, bunny,” I assured him him, stroking his back.

Then he pulled back so he could look down at me and asked, “Can you put it back in?”

“Of course,” I said, beginning to move him downwards, but he stopped himself.

“Can you be on top?”

“Of course, Adam,” I said. “We can do it however you like, but you have to tell me if it starts to hurt.”

Adam slid off me while I rolled to my side. He thought for a moment and finally lay on his stomach where I’d been. “Can we do it like this? So you’re smothering me up?”

“We can certainly try,” I said with a smile.

So while Adam lay his face tenderly upon his crossed arms, I moved so that I was hovering over him. He looked so small and delicate lying there. Holding myself on hands and knees over him, I looked down between us and saw my cock straining between my legs. I took myself in hand while I carefully lowered myself.

“Lift yourself a bit, Adam,” I said softly, and his pale little ass rose a few inches to meet me. I maneuvered the head of my cock between his legs, feeling around with my finger until I located his little pucker.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

Adam nodded, but didn’t otherwise answer.

Carefully, I pushed myself forward. For a moment I thought I’d misaligned myself, but then Adam grunted and the tip of my cock was once again engulfed by his heat. Hearing no further protest, I began to push myself into him. He shifted a bit at about the three inch mark, but I pressed on and soon I was buried to the hilt inside him.

“How’s that?” I asked. I kissed the top of his head.

“Do it to me,” Adam whispered, and I could hear the strain in his voice.

Hesitantly, I began to slide backwards and then forward again. Adam gave a low moan and his ass gripped me tightly. Carefully then, I lowered myself until I was pressing against him, most of my weight pushing him down against the mattress. I slid my hands in from the sides, sliding them under his chest, palm up so that I was clutching his chest while my thumbs hooked into his armpits. With my knees firmly against the bed and my toes bent to give me traction, I began to work up a serious rhythm.

“Unnggghhh, Brad,” Adam gasped after only a minute or so and I felt him shudder beneath me as his rectum rippled around my fucking cock. His small hands reached out to grip the edge of the mattress, knuckles showing white.

I’d known Adam was a vocal lover before, but my earlier experiences with him were nothing compared to this. Each thrust of my cock elicited a strangled cry from him. They sounded pained, but Adam assured me I wasn’t hurting him, so I continued to fuck the little boy while staring at a spot on the wall, trying to trick myself into believing that I wasn’t driving my cock in and out of this beautiful little boy, as each glance at his face in profile against the mattress, eyes closed and mouth gaping as he moaned, made me shudder and feel closer to orgasm.

After another two or three minutes Adam shivered again, his agonizing gasps of pleasure peaking again as another orgasm ripped through him. Then he was gasping, “Kiss me!”

It took a moment for me to wrestle control of my body back from the animal side of my brain. I carefully pulled back until my cock slid from Adam’s body. Like a fish desperate for escape, Adam twisted beneath me and hooked his arms around my neck, pulling himself up until he could reach my mouth with his. Then he was practically devouring me while his legs wrapped around my sides.

“Again!” Adam gasped, and I looked down into the face of this gorgeous boy to see a fevered, dreamy look upon his face that almost made him look like a stranger.

“Keep your legs wrapped and slide down,” I told him.

Adam figured out what I wanted quickly and he wiggled his way downward until his legs were around my hips, his ankles locked above my thighs.

As I went to take all my weight on one arm, Adam said, “I’ll do it!” Then his hand was down between our bodies and suddenly gripping the slimy length of my cock. It took a few moments of adjusting, but eventually we were able to get my cock back into position and Adam gasped as my cock once again slid into his asshole.

I had to lower my weight to get any traction. Underneath me, Adam’s little body was bent practically double, his ass raised upward. Now I could watch my boy’s face as I began to work my cock into him. His head was shaking back and forth, his eyes fluttering. I began to give in then.

Thoughts of being careful, of paying close attention to Adam’s condition, began to get lost in the haze of the fever which was filling my head. With each meaty slap of my crotch against his ass, I went further and further down the rabbit hole. Rabbit hole. Bunny, asshole. Okay, a moment of clarity there as I recognize what I’d just thought. Then I was back under and fucking as hard and fast as I could.

I’m not sure how long I was gone. It couldn’t have been as long as it felt, because I was already struggling not to come. What brought me back was the staccato vocalizations slipping from Adam’s throat.

“Bra… ad… I nee… nee… need…”

I wasn’t sure what Adam needed, but it snapped me out of my daze and looked down at my boy to see him staring at me wild-eyed, his mouth hanging open. He was clutching my shoulders desperately and gasping while his body shook. Once again I felt that rippling sensation up and down the length of my cock which told me the boy was coming, and with a last, powerful thrust, I felt myself explode.

I held myself stiffly, pressing forward as hard as I could while my cock lurched mightily, spitting out thick globs of cum deep into Adam’s bowels. I saw his eyes widen as I filled him.

“I can feel it,” he said, voice hoarse but full of wonder.

Suddenly worried that the vicious pounding I’d just given the boy might be painful, either now or later, I carefully worked myself onto my back while holding him against me. I pulled the covers over us, even though I was sweating profusely.

For the next couple of minutes I just stroked Adam’s back while his ass continued to milk my cock. Eventually I softened enough that Adam’s body expelled me.

“Are you okay, bunny?” I asked finally.

Adam raised his head so he could see my eyes. He gave a soft smile and said, “That was amazing.”

“You really liked it?” I asked.

He nodded. “It hardly hurt at all and only at first. Then it was… well, I don’t know how to describe it, but it was awesome. Plus I cummed so many times I lost count.” Then he asked, “Did you like it, too?”

“It was the best thing in my life,” I assured him.

“You promise?”

“Cross my heart,” I said, doing just that.

Adam lay his head back against my chest and said softly, “I’m glad.”

We lay like that for a bit. Adam eventually said he was warm and we pulled the covers back. I could still feel sweat on his back, as well as the wetness of more sweat between our bodies.

I was actually getting drowsy when Adam lifted his head and said, “Maybe next time we can…” and then he trailed off.

“Adam?” I asked, sensing something with was off.

With a look of alarm, Adam was off me and racing for the bathroom, hand held behind him between his legs.

“Adam?” I called out. I got a grunt in return.

Worried, I hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom to find Adam squatting on the toilet, arms around his middle. I knelt in front of him, hands on his knees. “Are you okay, Adam? Did I hurt you?”

Adam shook his head and I saw him tense and lean forward. He grunted. “I got a cramp,” he said in a strained voice. Then he farted loudly and gave me a look of pure mortification. “I’m sorry!”

I moved around till I was squatting on his side. I stroked his left thigh and caressed his back. “Adam, I think it’s air. I’m pretty sure I’ve read that air can get in there when you do… what we just did. It can cause cramping, and… you know… air. Let me go check the internet.”

“I think it’s getting better,” Adam said, reaching out to grip my arm.

“Are you sure?” I asked, still worried.

Adam nodded and slowly straightened. He took a couple of breaths. “I think it’s gone,” he said.

“Okay, bunny, but you tell me if starts again, okay?” He nodded and I helped him stand. I didn’t see it, but I imagined my cum leaking out of his ass. “How about we hop in the shower and get cleaned up?”

So we did that. I was really worried that Adam would relapse, so I made sure we kept it very utilitarian, then I took him back to bed. Just to make sure, I went and got a heating pad and laid it over his stomach.

“Is that okay?”

“Feels nice,” Adam softly, and I could hear the exhaustion in his voice.

I lay down beside him and gently brushed the hair from his eyes, then softly kissed his forehead. After turning out the lights I lay back beside him and caressed his chest, listening to his soft breathing. Eventually sleep also found me.

The end.

Copyright 2024 – Rwxxx13
All rights reserved

Yes, really! The End. No more chapters will follow. Not written by me, nor by Rwxxx13. Sadly, he passed away and will never write another chapter. Even though I think it deserves a more satisfying ending, I’ll never write an end to it. I don’t want to touch this genius writer’s work, because I know I’ll never do it justice. But please! Feel free to do so yourself, and send it to me and I might end up posting it here!

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