A Boyfriend for Cindy
Copyright 2020 by Caliboy1991. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Part 4
The following Sunday.

Cole parked the lawn mower in the garage next to his sister’s car. By the beginning of November things were supposed to be getting cooler, but his face was streaked with sweat and his shirt was damp with sweat. He topped off the gas tank and checked the oil before he headed into the house. He opened the fridge and sighed as the chilled air cooled his face. He smiled when he saw the six pack of Dr Pepper on the top shelf. Cindy hadn’t forgotten when she’d gone to the grocery store.

His throat was coated with the dust of the McClusky’s and Smith’s yards. Both were corner lots and took longer to mow that most. Still, they paid well, and who was he to complain? He really wanted to grab one of the twelve-ounce cans, but opted to close the door and get some water out of the tap. As much as he loved a soda, experience had taught him to hydrate with water.

He set the glass back on the counter and smelled something in the oven. A quick check confirmed Cindy had put a casserole in. Not long ago, either, judging by the unmelted cheese on top. The boy’s stomach rumbled. He could eat a horse but would happily settle for whatever Cindy had thrown together.

Figuring he had a bit of time, he headed back to his bedroom where he stripped down to his underwear. Between his wet t-shirt and grass covered pants, even to a boy with a less than perfect appreciation for good hygiene, it all needed to be washed. His underwear was slightly damp from his sweat and it soon joined his pants and shirt on the floor. After the way his date with Cindy ended a couple of nights earlier, he wasn’t too concerned if she were to catch him going between his room and the bathroom across the hall, but he was pretty sure she was in her bedroom, given the music coming from behind her door.
The boy opened his door and took a step across the hall. The door was closed but unlocked. He swung it open and stood dumbfounded as he saw his sister sitting on the toilet, with her shorts and panties around her ankles. That wasn’t really what surprised him, though. Her hand was between her splayed legs. And it looked like one of her fingers had disappeared inside her slit.

“Oh, shit, Cubby.” Cindy cried as she pulled her hand away from her pussy and reflexively closed her legs. “I thought you were still out mowing.”

Cole’s eyes were drawn to his sister’s glistening finger. “I thought you were jamming in your room. I, uh…” Words failed him as he realized his penis was reacting. While he’d played with his sister down there a couple of days before, he’d not thought that she might enjoy playing around her slit by herself. The idea excited him, more than he could have imagined.

His sister broke the silence, “You need to pee?”

As Cindy spoke, Cole noticed her legs were starting to open up and her one of her hands rested just below her belly. The fluttering from the other night returned as he felt his stiffy twitch.

The boy shook his head. “I, uh, was gonna take a shower.”

Cindy grabbed a bit of toilet paper, “Me, too. Sorry, I got a little distracted.”

Despite the drink of water a few minutes before, Cole’s mouth was dry. He felt envious of his sister’s finger. He’d touched her special place the other night, but after she’d made him cum, they hadn’t gone any farther.

Cole moved over to the bathtub, as he continued to stare at what lay between his sister’s legs. Before, he’d seen only her slit and even though he’d ran his fingers along it and had played with the little button near the top, he hadn’t gotten a view this good. The slit had hidden a gash that looked like a double pair of lips. They were slightly splayed from where Cindy’s finger had just been. Above the gash was the little knob-like button that she’d referred to as her clit. Even though the butterflies had returned and he felt a newly familiar tingling at the base of his stiffy, Cole didn’t want his sister to leave.

“I, uh, you, er,” his tongue stumbled over itself, trying to find a coherent word. The smile his sister gave him just made the tingling worse.


His voice squeaked as he stammered, “You want to wash my back? I could use the help.”

A smile split Cindy’s face as she flushed the toilet. “You sure, Cubby?”

Despite feeling nervous, Cole nodded, “Heck, yeah, Sis.”

Cindy pulled at the hem of her shirt and lifted it over her head, revealing her erect nipples.

“No bra?” Cole asked as he turned on the water.

“Nah, just when I go out. It’s not as if I need the support.”

Cole could see what she meant. Her boobs stuck out enough to make covering them in public necessary. But nothing more. Also a bra was a good way to hide the fact at school that she’d drawn the short straw when it came to breast size.

Cole reached out and ran his fingers over one of the boobs. It still sent chills of electricity through him. “Maybe. But I love them. What’ll happen to those other girls with bigger tits when they get older? I bet gravity won’t be as nice to them as it will be to you.”

Cole wouldn’t have thought of that if he hadn’t checked out Mrs. McClusky or Mrs. Smith when they’d paid him. Even through their blouses, Cole could tell that their bras trapped their sagging boobs.

Cindy stepped up next to him and shook her chest. Her small boobs jiggled a bit. Cole laughed, “My sister, goddess whose breasts defy gravity.”

Cindy’s mouth popped open, as though surprised. “Wow, where’d you come up with that, Cubby? A goddess?”

Cole adjusted the hot water as he drank in his sister’s boobs, only inches away from him. “I had some English homework yesterday. Short story about the Greek gods. Made me think of you.”

The look on Cindy’s face finally made Cole look away from her boobs as she closed the short distance and kissed him on the lips. They were soft and tasted of bubblegum. Cindy liked flavored gloss for her lips and Cole discovered that he did, too.

His sister broke the kiss, “I don’t know about being a goddess, but your kiss makes me think I’m in heaven.”

She took his hand and they stepped into the tub. As Cole shut the curtain, he felt a blast of warm water hit his back. “Mmm, that’s nice.”
He turned toward the front of the tub and nearly bumped into his sister’s back. Water cascaded over her as she stood under the showerhead. “Will you wash my back, Cubby?”

Cole enjoyed the feeling of the butterflies and the tingling at the base of his stiffy as he picked up a bar of soap and lathered up his hands. The heavy suds slipped down Cindy’s back as he reached up and started at her shoulder blades. His hands moved methodically down her back, stopping from time to time to refresh the suds on his hands, until he reached the Cindy’s butt. He paused in his downward path and massaged her lower back.

“Mmm, that feels great. You’re pretty good at this.”

“Thanks. I like washing your back.”

His sister turned halfway, exposing her left nipple to his view. “I want you to promise me something.”
Curious, Cole’s hands stopped roaming over her back.

“Wash me all over. Touch my butt, my boobs, my pussy. And when it’s my turn, I’ll was you all over, too.”
With that, she turned back around, shook her butt a little and Cole soaped up his hands and ran them across each orb. If the skin on his sister’s back has been smooth, now he felt like his sudsy hands were sliding across pure silk.

His sister spread her legs a bit, “All of me, Cubby. Even down my crack.”

The boy’s stiffy twitched as he ran a hand down her crack. As his soapy fingers traced her crevice, his sister bent over, and spread her ass-cheeks apart, exposing a rosebud.

“I see your poop hole,” the boy managed to say as his finger stopped a couple of inches shy.

Cindy giggled, “Go ahead, all of me, Cole.”

Uncertain about it, but not wanting to disappoint his sister, his finger traced around her glory hole a couple of times before he put it in the center of the rosebud.

There was a tremor in Cindy’s voice, “It’s all right. Push in.”

The boy pushed against his sister’s sphincter until the tip of his finger disappeared.

“Oh, shit, wow,” his sister exclaimed. “Don’t move yet. It feels kinda weird.”

Cole stood, just behind his sister, his finger partially submerged in his sister’s butthole. He couldn’t help but agree with her. It was really weird. After a moment, Cindy said, “Okay, go deeper.”

As the boy pushed deeper, his sister did something with her muscles that reduced the pressure gripping his finger until he’d inserted the whole digit.

Cindy wiggled her butt and gasped, “Wow. Oh, wow.”

She leaned forward until Cole’s finger popped out with a wet plopping sound. “Hmm. Next time we’ll use something other than soap. It felt really good, but the soap’s making it burn a little.”

Cole grabbed the bar of soap and washed the abused finger, even though he didn’t see anything brown on it. Still, he wasn’t going to chance it. From there, he got on his knees as he worked down her left leg until he reached her foot and then worked his way up her right leg. Then she turned around. Her shaven pussy was only inches from Cole’s face.

Cole gazed up at his sister’s eyes. The smile on her face was angelic. “I’m so glad you’re my boyfriend, Cubby. Forget what I said earlier about going to make some girl happy. You’re making me the happiest girl in the world.”

Cole dropped his eyes and was rewarded by seeing his sister’s pussy. Her legs were spread apart and he could see her clit protruding from the slit.
His sister’s fingers caressed his hair and scalp as Cole looked at his sister’s sex. Ever so gently, her fingers pushed his face towards her pussy. “Kiss it, Cubby.”
As Cole’s lips made contact with his sister’s pubic area, he kissed it. Instinctively, he knew he needed to go lower, so each successive kiss went lower until his lips touched his sister’s diminutive clit. Cindy gasped when his lips touched her. She gripped his hair a bit and pushed to encourage him. Parting his lips, Cole licked at the little button and was rewarded with an even bigger gasp and a “Don’t stop. Oh, God, don’t stop.”

The boy sucked on the clit, making it feel even harder as he ran his tongue over it. It mostly tasted like the tap water running over their bodies, with a hint of salt. Hearing his sister’s moans, Cole continued sucking.

The tingling in the boy’s belly as he slurped on Cindy’s clit felt good and the way she cooed and moaned made Cole feel even better. His sister’s fingers, still entwined in his hair pushed down and her tasty clit slipped from between his lips. The saltiness increased as his tongue touched her inner lips.

“Oh, stick it in me, Cubby,” Cindy gasped.

The feeling coursing through Cole made his stiffy twitch as he stuck his tongue out as far as possible. He felt her inner lips peel back and a tasted a moisture different from water. He liked it and swirled his tongue around.

“Shit, shit,” Cindy exclaimed. “I’m gonna cum, Cubby. Don’t stop.”

With his hands gripping the back of his sister’s legs, he felt them quiver as she started shaking, The salty moisture became a dribble and he swallowed as he kept swirling in his sister’s pussy. When she stopped shaking, she pulled his head back, “Oh, God. That felt awesome. How’d you learn to eat a girl like that, Cole?”

Licking his lips, the boy looked up at his sister’s face, a smile played across his own. “Dunno. I wanted you to feel as good as I did last time.”
Cindy seemed to be catching her wind, even though she had the most amazing smile on her face. She pulled Cole back to his feet and put his hands on her belly. “You haven’t finished yet, my love.”

Cole’s soapy hands circled around on his sister’s belly until he reached her boobs. He focused his attention on the left nipple until Cindy pushed his hand over to her other boob. “They’re kinda sensitive right now, thanks to your amazing tongue.”

Cole’s mouth tingled as he ran his tongue over his teeth, still tasting his sister’s juices. If he’d known what was waiting on him, he’d have never gone out to mow those yards. His sister slowly turned around, letting the shower wash the last of the soap suds from her body.

She took the bar of soap from Cole and said, “My turn, Cubby.”

They swapped places and the boy turned his face up and let the water cascade over his body. His back tingled as he felt his sister’s soapy hands massage his shoulders. She deftly and gently dug her nails against his skin, getting a soft moan from Cole. She worked her way down his back until she got to his butt.
He felt her skin against his back, thinking it was probably one of her boobs. His stiffy twitched as she whispered, “You’ve got a fine ass, Cole. I’m going to enjoy washing every crevice.”

With that, she pushed on his neck, until he got the idea and bent over, sticking his butt up in the air. Cindy ran both soapy hands over both globes simultaneously. Then a finger ran into his crevice.

“Cubby, can you spread your cheeks?”

Cole was quivering all over as he complied. He nearly jumped when he felt her finger pressing against his opening. Her finger felt moist and slick as she softly pressed until her finger slipped in through the first knuckle.

“Oh, shit,” Cole clinched his teeth. He wasn’t expecting the pressure.

With her free hand, his sister caressed his butt. “You’re doing great, sweetie. I’m going to go a bit deeper. I want you to push against my finger, almost like you’re trying to poop. It’ll make it easier.”

Gritting his teeth, Cole pushed and he felt his sister’s finger slide deeper, until she said, “Holy fuck, Cole. My finger’s all the way in. What’s it feel like?”
Cole stopped grimacing and wiggled his butt a little. “Really weird, but kinda cool, too.”

The boy felt his sister twist her finger around and at one point, he felt a shiver and a brief moment of intense pleasure. “Fuck, Sis. Do that again. That was incredible.”

His sister kept wiggling her finger around until he gasped again. “Oh, wow. That’s fucking intense.”

He felt a loss as his sister withdrew her finger. “Wow. I wasn’t expecting that, Cole. I wonder what happened.”

The boy stood up again. It took him a moment to stop shaking as his sister continued downward, washing his legs. Once the back was finished, she turned him around. She was on her knees as she worked back up the front of his legs.

It took only a moment for her to touch his stiffy. “Your dick is absolutely beautiful, Cubby.”

He watched as she leaned in and planted a kiss on his head. “Mmmm, that feels good, Sis.”

His sister took his head and held it against his pubic bone, and stuck her tongue out and licked him from his crinkled ball sack all the way up until she reached his piss slit. His knees wanted to buckle, so intense was the sensation in his stiffy.

Cindy opened her mouth. In a flash, she put his whole penis into her mouth. Her lips pressed against his bald pubic area, but it was her tongue that make the tingling travel up and down his stiffy. It danced across his small mushroom, flicking into his slit and then circling around his shaft. Then her lips started sucking. His dick was trapped in his sister’s powerful vacuum. Still, as she sucked, her tongue continued stimulating him.

Cole wasn’t sure how she’d managed it, but he felt his balls constrict a bit as that feeling of needing to piss began building. He knew what to expect now. “Mmm, You’re about to m-make me shoot my stuff, Sis!”

Cindy didn’t let up. Her tongue flitted around his head until his knees nearly buckled as his dick gave its most powerful twitch yet. He felt something bolt out his slit, followed a second later by another shot. His dick continued to fire, but after the first two eruptions, each twitch simply sent jolts of pleasure washing over him, as the rest of the eruptions were blank.

Cole would have collapsed had he not locked his knees. His sister stood and wrapped her arms around his back and pulled him into a hug.

“Un, fucking, believable, Cubby. You can eat my pussy any time you want. It still tingles.”

Cole managed to catch his breath, “You tasted good, Sis. But what you did to my stiffy… oh my God. That felt so good.


Cindy set the cheese grater aside and eyed the bowl of cheese. Satisfied with the results, she scattered it across the contents in the glass dish. Once the bowl was empty, she put the casserole in the over and set the alarm for an hour.

A show played on the TV in the living room. The teenager sat in her favorite spot on the couch and promptly ignored the TV as her eyes slid over to Cole’s normal spot on the couch. He was out mowing a couple of yards. Some people mowed their yards year-round around Houston, even though the grass really didn’t grow much from November to February.

Seeing the empty spot took her back to Friday night. She closed her eyes, playing back the build up to Cole’s little eruption as she had jacked him off. Even now, the drop of semen splattering onto his chin sent chills along the girl’s spine and a tingling between her legs. Without realizing it, her hand drifted to the spot between her legs and started rubbing through her jeans, trying to find the sense of pleasure that Cole had given her the other night.

After a frustrating moment, she headed to the bathroom determined to find a bit of release. She pulled her pants and panties down and got comfortable on the toilet seat and let her finger return to her slit. Now, without anything to interfere, her finger found her clit and started massaging it.

“Mmm, yeah, Cole. Fuck me baby,” She murmured.

Cindy purred as she let the tingling between her legs wash over her. She let her finger move down a bit as she slipped it into her wet pussy. She bit her lip as her insides quivered with pleasure. The girl had discovered masturbation a few years earlier, but with images of Cole playing through her mind as she fingered herself, the feeling was more intense than before.

As she worked her finger around her wet pussy, the door opened and Cole walked in. Naked as the day he was born.

Cindy froze in the moment, “Oh, shit, Cubby. I thought you were outside mowing.” She slid her finger out, feeling embarrassed at being caught thinking of the boy who stood in front of her now.

Cindy felt her brother’s eyes on her as he stuttered, “I, I thought you were in your room, jamming to your music.”

Words seemed to fail him at that moment. But even as words died on his lips, his dick chose that moment to spring to life.

Cindy realized she cut a silly image, sitting on the toilet naked from the waist down holding a finger in the air, wet with her own juices. Her lips quirked into an awkward smile, “You need to pee?”

Cole’s hand fell to his shaft where he absentmindedly fondled himself. “I, uh, was gonna take a shower.”

The casserole still had another forty-five minutes to cook and the idea of climbing into the shower with Cole made her wet. “Me, too. Sorry about this,” She said pointing at her nakedness, “I got a little distracted.”

Cindy enjoyed her brother’s eyes on her pussy even as he moved over to the bathtub where he turned on the water. As he continued staring, he managed to say, “I, uh, you, er…”

It was the cutest thing, bringing a smile to Cindy’s face. “Yeah?”

The boy’s voice squeaked as he stammered, “You want to wash my back? I could use the help.”

The words were music to Cindy’s ears, “You sure, Cubby?”

“Heck yeah, Sis.”

Encouraged by her brother’s words, Cindy grabbed her shirt by the hem and lifted it over her head, revealing her boobs to Cole.

Cole’s hand snaked out towards her chest, “No bra?”

Cindy shook her head, “Nah, just when I go out. It’s not as if I need the support.”

Her brother’s outstretched hand connected with one of her tits, making the girl shiver all over. “Maybe. But I love them. What’ll happen to those other girls with bigger tits when they get older? I bet gravity won’t be as nice to them as it will be to you.”

Cindy closed the gab between her and Cole and shook her chest at him. Her small boobs jiggled a bit as Cole laughed, “My sister, goddess whose breasts defy gravity.”

Hearing her brother call her a goddess took Cindy’s breath away. It was her turn to stammer, “W-wow, where’d you come up with that, Cubby? Me, a goddess?”
Her brother was standing so close to her that Cindy felt his breath on her boob. He said, “I had some English homework yesterday. Short story about the Greek gods. Made me think of you.”

The feeling of lust that rocked Cindy’s body as she closed pressed her body into her brother’s and kissed him on the lips. “I don’t know about being a goddess, but your kiss makes me think I’m in heaven.”

Looking forward to staring at Cole’s body for the next little bit, Cindy took him by the hand and stepped into the bathtub. As her brother closed the curtain, Cindy turned the knob sending a jet of warm water washing over them.

Cindy felt her brother brush up against her. She wanted, she needed his hands to caress her body. To range over every square inch. She cast a glance at him, “Will you wash my back, Cubby?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure.”

A few seconds passed and then little sparks of electricity shot deep within Cindy’s body as her brother touched her back. His sudsy hands ranged over her shoulder. He seemed to gather more confidence as he worked his way down her back. As he reached the bottom of her back, Cole hesistated.

That wouldn’t do. Cindy needed to feel her brother’s hands. “Mmm, your hands feel great. You’re pretty good at this.”

Standing so close to her, Cole only had to whisper to be heard, “Thanks. I like washing your back.”

It was time to move things along. Cindy turned a bit, offering her brother a glimpse of a nipple. “I want you to promise me something.”
Cole’s hands stopped washing her lower back.

“Wash me all over. Touch my butt, my boobs, my pussy. And when it’s my turn, I’ll wash you from top to bottom, all over, too.”
In case Cole needed any further encouragement, Cindy shook her butt. She was rewarded by his soapy hands moving from her lower back down to her butt cheeks. It was like that movie with the kid who studied Karate, wax on and wax off, as Cole’s hands moved in a circular direction. Cindy spread her legs a bit, “All of me, Cubby. Even down my crack.”

There was a moment of hesitation and then Cindy felt a soapy finger slip between her two cheeks. To encourage her brother, Cindy bent over from the waist, exposing her crack and helping her brother out even more by using both hands to spread her cheeks apart.

“I see your poop hole,” came a voice that confirmed she was doing it right.

Giggling at what must have been going through her brother’s mind, she added, “Go ahead, all of me, Cole.”

The boy’s finger traced around her little puckered rosebud a few times before Cindy felt a bit of pressure on her glory hole. The girl tried to steel her nerves, uncertain about how it would feel once Cole’s finger was inside her. “It’s all right. Push it in.”

As the finger pushed through the tight sphincter, Cindy gasped at the feeling. “Oh, shit, wow,” his sister exclaimed. “Don’t move yet. It feels kinda weird.”

As she adjusted to his finger up her ass, Cindy found that the feeling wasn’t as unpleasant as she’d feared. “Okay, go deeper.”

Cindy pushed a bit, as though she was trying to poop. The flexing of her muscled loosened the death grip her anus had put on her brother’s finger and the digit slipped deeper until she felt his hand on her asshole.

She wiggled her butt and gasped, “Wow. Oh, wow.”

It was weird but not really unpleasant. She leaned forward until she felt her brother’s finger pop out from her butt with a wet plop. Then the soap started to burn. While the burning sensation wasn’t unbearable, neither was it something she’d want to do again.

“Hmm. Next time we’ll use something other than soap. It felt really good, but the soap’s making it burn a little.”

The a dutiful boyfriend, her brother continued washing her legs until he’d reached the bottom. Cindy turned around, and her pussy was now at eye level to her brother, who had gotten down on his knees to wash her legs.

He was looking up at her, smiling. The expression melted her heart, “I’m so glad you’re my boyfriend, Cubby. Forget what I said earlier about making some other girl happy. You’re making me the happiest girl in the world.”

The boy was staring at her snatch. Cindy couldn’t figure out how she became even more aroused. She wanted him worse now than even before and she caressed her fingers through his hair as she said, “Go ahead and kiss it, Cubby.”

Cindy quivered as her brother’s lips connected with her shaved pubic area. The sense of tingling grew as each kiss landed a little lower until she felt his lips touch her clit. She gasped at the electric charge traveled through her pussy all the way to her heart.

Reflexively, she gripped her brother’s hair and pushed a bit, willing him to get to work on her clit. “Don’t stop. Oh, God, don’t stop.”

Her sensitive clitoris felt enlarged the more Cole sucked on it. She thrust her pelvis forward, as she wanted him to work his tongue over the small knob. He must have been in tune with her as he continued swirling his tongue around her sex.

Cindy’s gasp was loud, as she almost shouted, “Oh, stick it in me, Cubby,”

After a bit of tongue action, Cole went a bit lower, leaving her clit twitching and more sensitive than she’d ever imagined it could be. His tongue slipped inside her inner lips. She wanted to scream as the pulsing feeling threatened to overwhelm her.

Damned if the boy didn’t do it. Cindy felt a wet pressure as Cole’s tongue penetrated her lips and entered her pussy. The tingling feeling exploded out from her pussy as the boy twisted his tongue around. “Ah,” Cindy yelped as the first wave of her orgasm hit. “Oh, shit, ah, shit. I’m coming, Cubby. Don’t stop!”

Her little brother continued penetrating her as each successive wave washed over her. In all the times she’d fingered herself to an orgasm she’d never experienced anything like that before. “Oh, God, Cubby. That felt awesome. How’d you learn to eat a girl like that?”

With doe-like innocence in his eyes, her brother looked up at her, her slick juices on his chin. “I dunno, Sis. I wanted you to feel as good as last time.”

After her brother finished washing her too sensitive boobs, it was Cindy’s turn.

Cindy slipped around her brother, letting him take his place under the showerhead. “My turn now, Cubby.”

Standing a few inches taller had its advantages as Cindy placed her soaped up hands on her brother’s back. She peered over his shoulder at his erect penis. What she really wanted was to turn Cole around and put her hands all over his lovely cock.

By the time she’d reached her brother’s butt, Cindy realized the tingling had returned. Sure, it wasn’t as strong as before, but as she slipped her soapy hand onto Cole’s delicious bubble butt she said, “You’ve got a fine ass, Cole. I’m going to enjoy washing every crevice.”

Her brother responded to her hand on his neck and bent over at the waist, raising his butt above the rest of his gorgeous body. Satisfied that his ass cheeks had never been cleaner, Cindy slipped a finger into his crevice.

“Cubby, can you spread your cheeks?”

Cheeks spread, Cindy saw the pinkish rosebud and licked her lips appreciatively as she ran her finger around his anus. Remembering the burning sensation of Cole’s soapy finger, the girl rinsed her finger until the soap was gone and then stuck it in her mouth until it was coated in her spit and then she pressed her finger forward until it slipped into Cole’s ass up to her first knuckle.

Cole gritted his teeth, “Oh, shit.”

Cindy caressed his butt, “You’re doing great, sweetie. I’m gonna go a bit deeper. I want you to push against my finger, almost like you’re trying to poop. It’ll make it easier.”

Her finger slid in easier the rest of the way until her hand rested under his ball sack, she was in all the way. “Holy fuck, Cole. My finger’s all the way in. What’s it feel like?”

Cole rewarded her by wiggling his butt. “It feels really weird, but kinda cool, too.”

Cindy couldn’t explain her next action, she just felt the need to keep her finger impaled in her little brother’s ass and so she flexed and twisted her finger around until she felt Cole shiver. “Oh, fuck, Sis. Do that again. That was incredible.”

The teenager wasn’t sure what she’d done to her brother, but she kept moving her finger around in his butt until he gasped again. “Oh, wow. That’s fucking intense.”

Cindy didn’t know what had caused her brother’s reaction. She didn’t know what a prostate was or why having it massaged had felt so good to her brother. “Wow. I wasn’t expecting that, Cole. I wonder what happened.”

Even as her brother stood up, Cindy washed her hands and resoaped them as she moved down his legs. Once she reached his ankle, she put her hands on his hips and had him turn around. Cole’s cock was only a few inches from her face and even though she was supposed to wash the front of his legs, her hand grabbed the rigged pole.

“Your dick is absolutely beautiful, Cubby.”

Unable to resist, she leaned in until her lip touched the head of his penis.

Cole groaned, “Mmm, that feels good, Sis.”

Encouraged by his assent, Cindy pushed his dick up until it was flat against his smooth pubic area. She went a little lower until she felt her brother’s crinkled ballsack and then she slid her tongue up his entire shaft, up to his head and then to his piss slit. The boy quivered under her soft touch.

At that moment, she had never been happier that Jason had dumped her and that Cole had shown her what a real boyfriend should be. All she cared about what pleasuring this young boy who had touched her in a way no other person had ever done before. She opened her mouth and slid her brother’s rigid three inches in until his pubic bone was pressed against her upper lip. And she swirled her tongue around his head, running along the pee slit and then whipping around his sensitive head. And sucking. The girl created a vacuum that trapped Cole’s dick in a powerful suction. She’d enjoyed the little dab of cum she’d kissed off her brother’s chin the other night. Now she wanted to swallow however much of his sweet nectar his diminutive balls produced.

Despite her lips starting to tire, Cindy kept sucking and was rewarded by a spasm that seemed to reach into her brother’s ball and then a moment later that sweet and salty flavor filled her mouth as the first drop of Cole’s semen hit Cindy’s taste buds. He spasmed again and she felt more of his jizz land on her tongue. Her brother’s cock quivered as it continued to spasm. But she’d drained his balls. As she climbed up from her knees, she wondered how long it would take for her brother to start making more and thicker jizz. The girls in school talked and she knew that older boys could produce thick, white cum. While she might look forward to when that happy day would be visited on her boyfriend and brother, she intended to enjoy every drop of his clear, watery seed.

Cindy wrapped her arms around Cole and pulled him into a tight hug, “That was un, fucking, believable, Cubby. You can eat my pussy any time you want. It still tingles. As long as I can suck your tasty dick.”

Her brother’s breathing was returning to normal now that he was able to catch his breath. “You tasted good, Sis. But what you did to my stiffy… oh my God. You can suck it any time you want.”