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The Best of Friends – Chapter 7

The Best of Friends – Chapter 7


Wendy folded the blanket and set it on the end of the couch. She grabbed the bedsheet. It needed to be washed, even though Aiden hadn’t slept on it the previous night. She turned off the lights in the living room and looked out the window at the door. It was too dark to see Aiden’s nana’s house, but she could see it in her mind’s eye, across the street and a couple of doors down.

She wished the boy was still with her. But when Aiden got home from school, his nana was feeling a lot better. Wendy sighed, turning and going into her bedroom where she deposited the sheet into the hamper and went and sat at the end of her bed, which was still unmade from where she and Aiden had woken up early in the morning, determined to get in the first jog of the week. She sighed, even though she had made it clear to the boy that they were still best friends, there was no point in denying to herself, she was hopelessly and completely in love.

That line she had told herself repeatedly not to cross no longer mattered. Even though all they had done was grow familiar with each other, Wendy wanted everything Aiden could offer. And she was perfectly sure he wanted the same thing. Every look he gave her only underscored his desire. Fourteen? Not a chance. Thirteen? Not going to happen. In a moment of stark honesty, Wendy knew the only thing holding her back was her desire to have Aiden make the next move.

Thinking of the boy only made her horny. She stripped and went to the shower. As the water cascaded over her, one hand went to her breast, where she tweaked and played with her nipples. The other slid through the strip of pubic hair until it found her clit. While her finger expertly brought instant pleasure to her body, Wendy missed the way her body felt when it was Aiden’s finger inexpertly bringing her to orgasm. She paused her motion, closing her eyes, thinking about the boy’s smooth body. She loved the way his penis felt in her hand, the way his silky-smooth pubic area felt under her fingers.

She wanted that feeling. Her fingers threaded through her black pubic hair as she realized there was something she could do. Wendy grabbed her razor and lathered her pubic hair until all she could see was thick suds. She pulled the blade down, carefully shaving with the grain. It was mesmerizing to see the exposed skin on the shaved side of the blade. A few more delicate strokes removed the rest of her pubic hair, turning her pubic mound into something almost perfectly smooth. More care was needed to get rid of the hair on her labia, but even that was soon smooth to the touch.

She ran her hand over her pubic area and thought about Aiden’s reaction. Some boys might not appreciate her effort, but Wendy had a sense Aiden would love it.

She certainly did, as her finger resumed playing with her engorged clit. Before long, the pent-up energy building inside of her raced toward some imaginary goal and as she crossed over that line, her eyes closed as wave after orgasmic wave crashed over her.

That night, the first sleeping alone since Saturday, Wendy dreamed of Aiden.


The icy wind bit into Aiden’s arms and cheeks as he spied the finish line. His teeth chattered as he tried to draw in another breath. But as cold as the first Saturday in December was, his lungs burned as he said, “Almost there, Wen. We can do it!”

In the three and a half months since he started jogging, Aiden had never known a day as cold as this. Most of November had been unseasonably warm. Now, just to prove how fickle the weather could be, the day was unseasonably cold.

Wendy, who had kept pace with him over the previous nearly five kilometers, pulled ahead, spurring him to reach inside himself for his own last reserves. They passed several other runners, pumping their legs for the final dash to the finish line. Aiden’s legs felt like Jell-O and his lungs felt like ice. Still, he pulled ever-so-slightly ahead of Wendy as they drew ahead of a half-dozen more runners before finally crossing the finish line.

Aiden shot a hand into the air, “We did it, Wen!”

Wendy spun around and threw her arms around his neck. The boy’s mind turned to mush as the nineteen-year-old pressed her lips to his. It was only for a couple of heartbeats, but Aiden’s mind jabbered, the kiss had been in public!

And she didn’t let go when her lips broke the kiss. The boy’s stomach did a belly flop when Wendy returned the hug, wrapping her arms around his waist, “Yeah, we did. And I couldn’t have done it without you, Aiden.”

As other runners crossed the finish line, they moved aside, moving off the route, and found the board the organizers posted runners’ times. Neither finished high enough to win a trophy. Aiden finished fourth out of sixteen while Wendy had finished seventh out of thirty. They waited around long enough to pick up their participation ribbons, then Wendy said, “I’m hungry. What about you?”

His teeth still chattering, Aiden said, “I’m freezing.”

As though contradicting him, the boy’s stomach rumbled loud enough to draw a knowing look from Wendy, and she tousled his hair as they headed toward her car after picking up their participation ribbons.

Wendy started the car and Aiden shoved his hands under his armpits, “Jeez, it’s cold.”

The heater roared to life. Wendy said, “I know. Felt like icicles on my hands. Still does, to be honest. But I’d do it again to beat my time.”

Aiden loved jogging, but the below freezing weather in just shorts and a tank top had taken a toll on him, “When’s the next race?”

Wendy pulled out of the parking spot, “In May.”

Still chattering, Aiden said, “At least it won’t be freezing.”

Wendy drove onto a feeder road leading to the highway back to campus, “If you want, I bet I can find one in January somewhere nearby.”

Aiden pulled his hands out from below his armpits, “I’m still cold, Wen. M-maybe we can wait until the spring.”

The young woman nodded, “Me, too. I don’t think the temperature got above freezing this morning.”

When they went jogging in the mornings, if the weather called for it, they wore sweat pants and long sleeve shirts. But so far, those days had been few.

Aiden’s teeth kept chattering, “Instead of going out to eat, can we just g-go h-home?”

All he could think of was getting warm. He stuttered, “T-thanks,” when Wendy turned the heat on full blast.

By the time Wendy pulled into her spot in the quadplex buildings’ parking lot, Aiden could hear his teeth rattling around in his head. As he climbed out of the car, the wind bit into his exposed skin and he shoved his hands back under his armpits as he hurried toward the door.

When Wendy unlocked the door and opened it, the warm air rushing out felt painfully good on his skin. The sofa where Nana thought he slept, was clean and neat. He hurried past it into the bedroom. The bed was rumpled and unmade. Both sides had been slept in and Aiden jumped under the covers, pulling the comforter around him.

His chattering teeth gave him no relief, “Wen, I’m s-, still fr-, freezing.”

Wendy collapsed onto the bed and pulled him into an embrace, “Shit, Aiden! You’re like an icicle!”

Aiden wanted to laugh at his best friend, but he felt too cold, “H-, hold me, Wen.”

Wendy moved the comforter out of the way until she could wrap her arms around him. Then she pulled it around them both. She held him for just a moment before saying, “We need skin on skin, A. Just a second.”

He felt colder when Wendy threw off the comforter and then tugged his shirt off. Then she took her own tank-top off, revealing a white bra. Normally she wore nothing under her shirts when they went jogging. He stammered, “B-, bra?”

Wendy’s face turned a rose color, “Had to. Somebody might have noticed.”

Then she reached behind her and unfastened and then removed the bra. If he wasn’t so cold, Aiden would have enjoyed the sight of Wendy’s nipples. Her nipples seemed to poke out further than normal. Wendy pulled him against her before wrapping the comforter around them again. Aiden could feel Wendy’s warmth against his skin. But still the chattering continued.

The young woman rubbed her hands up and down his chest, trying to make him warm. Even with her boobs pressing against his back, nothing helped. After a bit, Wendy’s voice alarmed him, “I’m worried you’ve got hypothermia, A.”

The word sounded ominous. “W-what’s t-that?”

“When your body can’t warm back up on its own. I was hoping cuddling with you would help, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.”

Trying to form a response was proving to be difficult. Finally, Wendy grabbed him and threw back the covers, “Come on, A. We’ll have you under hot water in no time.”

Aiden tried to walk straight, holding tightly to Wendy’s hand, but his legs felt weak. How he managed to get to the shower in the bathroom without falling was a mystery.

Wendy had the water going before she turned him to face her. Wendy murmured, “I was kind of looking forward to this part later,” before she pulled his shorts and underwear down in one fluid motion. His mind was slow to process he was standing naked in front of Wendy. Still, after the previous weekend, his mind didn’t see any reason to be embarrassed.

Wendy pulled her shorts and panties down and then yanked him into the shower enclosure. He yelped as he was pulled under the rain shower head. His body stung as the hot water struck him like pin-pricks on his cold skin.

Wendy took him by the shoulders and turned him, facing the wall, “Let’s try this again.”

Her arms snaked over his chest and her body pushed against his back. Even though he felt sluggish, it registered how Wendy’s boobs pressed against his shoulder blades. Her hands massaged his chest, rubbing his skin in circular patterns, from his upper chest, down to his lower abdomen, and back again.

The painful pricks from the water faded to uncomfortably hot, and Aiden’s awareness of how close Wendy was, grew as she kept on rubbing his torso. Then the water went from too-hot to uncomfortably warm and his teeth stopped chattering. Wendy’s body against his felt good. He didn’t need to see it to feel his penis grow stiff.

Wendy’s hands stopped rubbing him, “Feeling better, A?”

Aiden felt a familiar fluttering in his stomach. His stiffy rose, pointing upward. Now, when his voice shook, it wasn’t because he felt like an icicle, “Yeah. Thanks, Wen. This feels great.”

Wendy’s hand reached down, her fingers touching his smooth pubic area until they wrapped around his stiffy, “Yeah. I can feel. Very nice recovery, by the way.”

Aiden giggled, as much out of a sense of relief now the cold was seeping from his body, as from the tingling in his stiffy. “Thanks. I think you might have saved my life, Wen.”

The young woman let go of his stiffy and hugged him, “I couldn’t let anything happen to you, A. Not if I can help it.”

The last of the chill was gone. “Well, now that we’re in the shower, I guess we should get cleaned.”

Wendy chuckled, “Yeah. Probably so. I want to show you something.”

Curious, Aiden turned around. Wendy took a step back, and the boy saw the difference right away. The young woman’s pubic hair was gone. “What happened?” Aiden was stunned at the change.

Wendy grinned, “I really like the way you feel when I touch you and well, I though you might enjoy it more if I didn’t have any hair.”

Still trying to wrap his mind around the change, Aiden knelt, his eyes level with Wendy’s exposed slit. There wasn’t a hair to be seen. He touched her pubic mound, running a finger over where her hair had been. He could feel a few places where hair was just below the skin, but it still felt incredibly smooth. Even where he had felt hair where her slit started, it was smooth too. As he touched Wendy there, she spread her legs, and he slipped a finger in, touching the part Wendy called her clit.

She pushed her head back, “Ahh, A, that feels nice. Do you like the change?”

Aiden wanted to play with Wendy’s clit, but hearing her question, he returned to exploring the smoothness. She had done this just for him. This wasn’t the kind of thing a girl did for a friend. Even a best friend. A girl would do something like this only for her boyfriend. Aiden’s mouth went dry at the thought. After all, what else might she want to do with her boyfriend?

He stammered, “Y-, yeah, Wen. I really like it. You feel, um, really sexy this way.”

Wendy pushed her hips forward and Aiden took the hint, returning his finger to her clit. Inside her slit, Wendy felt the same. The more he rubbed her little button, the wetter his fingers became and the more she moaned. When Aiden’s finger tired, he pulled it out and put his other hand into the slit.

Wendy reached down, grabbing his hand, “You want to feel something even sexier?”

Aiden was bobbing his head before he realized it. Wendy let go of his hand and said, “Move your finger deeper into my pussy, A.”

Aiden’s penis twitched to hear Wendy refer to what he touched as her pussy. He liked the word, although he had been afraid to use it, just in case the young woman hadn’t liked it. He followed her instruction, feeling his finger slide between the meaty folds of her flesh. Then he felt something, a hole.

Wendy’s eyes rose as a smile creased her features, “Yeah. That’s it. You know what that is?”

Aiden’s knowledge of what girls had between their legs was limited to a few online videos and a half-assed sex ed program in school. “Um, your pussy?”

Wendy giggled, “Oh, that word sounds so fucking dirty in your mouth. It’s part of it. Everything from my clit to where your finger is, is my pussy. What you’ve found is my vagina. You know what it’s for?”

None of the online porn helped him now. He vaguely recalled the term from the health class, “Um, isn’t that where the baby comes from?”

Wendy’s cheeks flushed crimson, “Yeah, I guess so. It’s also how we have sex.”

When the girl used “we” Aiden wasn’t sure if she meant “we,” as in men and women, or if she meant it in a more intimate way.

The young woman added, “Go ahead, push it in.”

The hole felt tight as Aiden put his finger against it. Then, at Wendy’s encouragement, he pushed. There was barely any resistance as his finger slid inside. The hole seemed to suck at his finger, drawing it deeper still, until his knuckle bumped against it.

Wendy sighed, her smile widening, “Yeah, that feels nice too. See, to have sex, you put your dick into my vagina.”

There it was again. That inscrutable “we.”

Aiden wiggled his finger. The slick walls felt weirdly wonderful against his skin, pulsing and quivering around his finger. Wendy continued, “Now move your finger in and out.”

Following her instructions, Aiden pulled his finger almost all the way out before sliding it in to his knuckle. The pleased look on Wendy’s face told him all he needed to know as he repeated the motion. Wendy moaned, “Ahh, yeah. I’m getting close.”

Aiden kept at it. Wendy bit her lower lip and moaned again as her body shook. The quivering around his finger increased and the young woman leaned against the thick glass wall. When her body stopped shaking, the boy pulled his finger from her channel. The finger was coated with a creamy slime. He put it to his nose. There was both something familiar and alien in the musky odor.

The young woman slid to the floor, her eyes closed and Aiden’s tongue darted out, licking at the juice.  The taste was complex. While he had tasted nothing exactly like it, there was a hint of something citrusy in the taste. It wasn’t an unpleasant taste.

He stuck his finger in his mouth and sucked it clean. The citrusy tang was only part of it. It was also salty. Still, if given the chance, maybe he would do what he saw in one video, when the man had put his face between the woman’s legs.

Wendy’s eyes fluttered open and looked up at him, “And that’s how you do it, A. What do you think?”

Aiden’s body was fully recovered from the icy chill. His stiffy bounced as he squatted in front of Wendy, “Wow. We have sex when I put my dick into your vagina?”

Wendy nodded, a pleased look on her face, “Yep.”

Aiden still wasn’t sure if he and Wendy were the “we” being discussed. He asked, “Um, when can I put my dick into your vagina, Wen?”

The young woman’s eyes opened wide. “You think you’re ready, Aiden?”

Was this a test? What did it mean to be ready? If she meant was he able to cum, well, of course the answer was no. Or did she mean was he old enough to be her boyfriend? That was confusing to think about. The signals Wendy sent could be confusing. Or did she mean something entirely different?

Even though his stiffy still bobbed in front of him, Aiden felt uncertain. He badly wanted to be Wendy’s boyfriend, and he didn’t want to say something to make her second guess the things they were now doing. “Ready? I don’t know. But I want to find out with you.”

Wendy’s arms slid around his neck and she pulled his head and torso to her. Her lips were wet when she pressed it against his. When she let go of his neck, Wendy said, “Okay. I like that. You know I’ve never done it with anyone either.”

She climbed to her feet and pulled him up and gave him another hug. Her boobs pushed against his upper chest and his stiffy poked between her legs, just below her slit. Her hand took his face by his chin and tilted it enough to bring his lips up to hers. Aiden sighed in delight when her tongue slid between his lips and tangled with his tongue. When the kiss ended, Wendy whispered, “But first, there’s something I want to try.”

Wendy kissed his neck and then his collarbone, before gradually working her way down his chest, one kiss at a time. When her tongue flicked over his nipple, Aiden’s stiffy twitched at the feelings washing over his body. As her lips caressed the boy’s skin, going lower, from chest to belly, Wendy knelt. The boy’s eyes grew round in anticipation, as the young woman’s soft lips kissed his smooth pubic area.

Aiden gasped in pleasure at the kiss right above his thin shaft. And moaned when Wendy’s lips slid over the tip of his stiffy. His erection pulsed with tingles. He wouldn’t have believed anything would be better than when Wendy had jacked him off. Oh, how wrong he had been. Now, he understood why Wendy had leaned against the glass wall when he played with her pussy. He did the same as his legs grew weak.

The boy moaned in ecstasy as he watched Wendy take all three plus inches into her mouth. The touch of her upper lip against his pubic area sent shivers through his entire body. Even though he couldn’t see it, Aiden felt the young woman’s tongue as it slid up and down his thin shaft. Tingles surged through him, starting from where Wendy’s tongue and lips touched him, and running up his spine, overloading his brain with waves of pleasure.

The tingling grew in intensity and he opened his mouth, “Ahhh, c-, cumming!”

His stiffy spasmed and the most extraordinary feeling ran from the base of his stiffy to the tip. It jerked again in Wendy’s mouth, sending another intense shiver through him. And again, all the while, the young woman clamped down, sucking on his stiffy as though nothing else in the world mattered.

By the fourth earth-shattering spasm, Aiden’s legs gave way and Wendy guided him to the floor, even while her lips pressed against the base of his stiffy, until the last spasm wracked his body. Aiden was in an orgasmic haze when his stiffy slipped from between the young woman’s lips. She moved up and kissed his lips before saying, “That was fucking awesome.”


How could something that felt so good be bad? The shower’s hot water washed away some of her juices as well as her guilt, as Wendy stood and helped Aiden to his feet. The boy’s eyes were still glassy and unfocused as his lips curled at the corners. How was it possible that he had enjoyed getting sucked off more than she enjoyed giving him his first blowjob?

Aiden wrapped his arms around her in a bear hug, “Wow, Wen. When can we do that again?”

The only problem Wendy felt from giving the boy a blowjob was she was even hornier now than before Aiden had masturbated her. She rubbed her hands along the boy’s back, “Soon, A. You warm enough now?”

The boy nodded, “Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever been colder than before you got me into the shower.”

Wendy shivered, remembering how cold the boy had been. Still, everything seemed back to normal, and she didn’t want the mood between her and Aiden to end. Not yet. “Well, let’s get dry and get under the bedcovers.”

A few minutes later, she slipped between the sheets, snuggling against Aiden’s still naked body. The boy rolled onto his side, facing her. “Wen?”

Wendy felt a chill slide down her spine. Had she pushed things too far? Somewhere in the back of her mind there was something about a line. But surely that didn’t matter anymore. What she felt for Aiden was pure, wasn’t it?


Aiden shifted toward her until his knees touched hers, “We’re like boyfriend and girlfriend now, aren’t we?”

Wendy felt the vice-grip around her heart loosen. Amid her fear, of all the things she imagined him saying, that wasn’t one of them. She felt a smile play at her lips as she turned onto her side, facing the boy, “Is that what you want? To be my boyfriend?”

Even though he nodded, Aiden said, “Yeah. If it’s what you want.”

There was nothing Wendy wanted more. Even though keeping it secret would be difficult. She tilted her head until her lips touched Aiden’s. She didn’t move her head back when their lips parted, “I’d love to be your girlfriend, A. But how do we keep it a secret from your nana until you’re old enough for her not to care?”

The boy shifted closer, resting a hand on Wendy’s hips. “She likes you a lot, and she likes how we hang out together. I bet we can figure this out together.

Wendy hoped the boy was right. But nothing could change her feelings for him. No matter how his nana responded, Wendy needed Aiden just as much as he needed her.

“Okay, boyfriend. It’s our secret.”

Aiden shifted his hips. His penis brushed against her shaven pubic mound before he leaned forward to give her a kiss. His voice was soft, melodic and breathy, “Yes, ma’am, girlfriend.”

His hand slid from Wendy’s hip to her back. In turn, Wendy’s hand wrapped around the boy’s back, pulling them together. She felt something like electrical sparks as Aiden’s penis slid up her pubic mound, leaving her to barely feel her stiff nipples pushing against his chest.

“Nice kiss, boyfriend. What do you want to do with me?”

Wendy longed to take control, roll on top of him and ride his erection to another orgasm. But this was just as new for Aiden as it was for her. Letting him feel out what next was the right thing to do.

For his part, Aiden stared into her eyes. “Really? I can pick?

Wendy chuckled at his inexperienced naivety. Of course, that wasn’t exactly fair. Even though she was older, she was no more experienced than Aiden. “Yeah.”

The boy slid a hand between them, resting it on her left tit, “I-, um, I wanna have sex with you, Wen.”

Just hearing those words in his cherubic, unbroken voice sent a sensual electrical charge through Wendy. “Me too, A. I’m yours.”

Aiden shifted his hips while squeezing one of her boobs with one hand. His shift made his penis slide across her skin until it slit along her slit before sliding between her legs. She shuddered at her mini-orgasm as the boy’s penis dragged across her outer labia.

Wendy strangled a moan, “Just like in the shower, Aiden. Like with your finger.”

Aiden’s other hand slipped between them, much lower, and took his penis and pushed it through her outer labia, brushing through the slick folds of her inner labia until he found her vagina. “Here?”

Wendy, on the cusp of another mini-orgasm, nodded, “Uh huh, Fuck my pussy, A!”

Aiden’s face turned scarlet. But he pushed in. Wendy felt a brief pain when the boy’s glans pierced her canal. Aside from a couple of hair brush handles, a cold metal rod from her gynecologist, and their fingers, nothing had gone up her before. Aiden’s flared head was bigger than his finger. It was bigger than hers, too. But the pain faded nearly as fast as it came. A sensuous fullness replaced it.

“Are you okay?” Aiden said, “You looked surprised.”

A warmth radiated from where Aiden pierced her and Wendy nodded, “Yeah. Remember, it’s my first time, too. But the longer you’re in, the better it feels. Go on.”

Aiden thrust his hips against her. His penis went deeper. This time there was no pain. Just a tingle of pleasure that felt like a wave washing against the shore. The boy pulled back, popping out. His hand, still squished between them, guided his penis back inside, sliding in again. Wendy wanted to feel all of him inside her. Still holding his back, she rolled onto her back, pulling the boy on top of her, “Try being on top. Okay?”

Aiden rested himself on his elbows, his face hovered over her tits as he pushed his hips against her spread legs. Wendy moaned, feeling three inches slide inside. His immature testicles bumped against her backside with a satisfying smack. His moans mixed with hers as he remained buried inside her.

“Ahh, shit, that feels even better,” the boy gasped.

Wendy grabbed his pale white butt cheeks and helped him slide in again. The feelings crashing into her were unlike anything before. The little wave of tingling, lapping on the shore of her desire, grew. Another thrust and pleasured whimper from Aiden was an enormous wave crashing against her body. When the boy faltered, her hands, cupping his ass-cheeks, thrust his hips forward, sending his erection as deep into her as possible.

A dozen thrusts brought the wave crashing over her. Wendy’s body shook, her fingers clenched the boy’s ass cheeks and her hip bucked up, grinding her pelvis against his. She thrashed her hips as she came, making Aiden lose his perch. His pelvis pushed against her as his elbows slipped and his face landed between her nipples.

Her orgasm kept crashing against her body and mind until it subsided as her eleven-year-old boyfriend remained still. When she could catch her breath, Wendy said, “Holy shit, A. That was fan-fucking-tastic. Don’t stop!”

Propping himself up after kissing both her erect nipples, Aiden resumed rocking his hips back and forth. After a few uneven times, Wendy’s hands returned to his butt and his thrusting smoothed out, as Wendy felt the orgasmic wave return to lapping at her ragged brain. Her juices had them both slick and each time Aiden smacked his pelvis against hers, there was a wet smacking noise. She felt the rise of another massive orgasm coming on after a couple of minutes of rhythmic drilling. Wendy tried to suppress it until Aiden’s angelic voice chirped, “Ah, fuck, Wen, I’m about to cum!”

She had never felt anything like the spasm of Aiden’ penis inside her. His penis kicked against her walls making them quiver in response. She orgasmed again, nearly losing herself in her climax. She came again when Aiden spasmed a second and third time. This time, the boy’s arms gave out, and he fell atop her, his penis spasming a few more times before it finally lay spent inside her.

After the last wave of her orgasm ebbed away, Wendy stroked Aiden’s blond hair, “How was that, my love?”

The boy’s sigh was one of utter contentment, “Wow, Wen. That was the best.”

He giggled as his fingers traced her ribs, “Can we do that again?”

Wendy laughed. Not from him tickling her. His fingers were too gentle to elicit giggles. No, she laughed because she was spent. Ever since discovering the joy of masturbation, the young woman had never brought herself to orgasm more than once in a day. Now, in the span of less than an hour, Aiden had given her three.


“Come on, Wes, there’s nothing back in Houston for me. Why shouldn’t I stay here over the Christmas break?” Wendy said as she twisted the top of a water bottle and collapsed on the sofa.

Her attorney’s voice was tinny on her phone, “You know my wife and kids would like to see you. It’s been months since you’ve been over.”

Wendy glanced at her phone. Aiden would be over soon, if the past couple of weeks were any sign. Usually, she helped him with his homework before he headed home for dinner with his nana. But he was the real reason she didn’t want to head back to Houston. More than two weeks with no school for either of them. “Tell Loraine and the kids I’ll miss them. But I want to stay in town for the break. It’ll do me good.”

Walt chuckled, “Okay, Wendy. What’s his name?”

Was she that transparent? “Oh, you found me out, Wes. The reason I don’t want to come down is so you can’t see the huge knot on my forehead. I got it from knocking my head against the wall every time the guys ignored me.”

She smiled at the half-truth. Walt sounded doubtful, “Yeah. Okay. Well, I hope he treats you right, Wendy. I respected the hell out of your dad, but his views about women were, well, out of sync with the times. Don’t fall in love with some macho guy like your dad.”

Wendy fumed, how could he do it? She smirked, maybe because lawyers shovel so much bullshit, their ability to detect it is their superpower. “Not that there’s a guy, Wes. But if there was, he’d treat me right.”

“Look, if you won’t come down for the holiday, I’m going to send you the last few months’ statements from the CPA. Give you some light reading between semesters. I want you to-“

The door rattled as a fist pounded on it. A familiar voice cried, “Wendy! Help! It’s Nana!”

Wendy shot up from the sofa, “Oh, shit. Hold on, Wes. It’s my neighbor.”

She threw open the door. Aiden was still dressed in his blue jeans and collared shirt from school. A pallor in his cheeks competed with a flush from racing over. He blurted, “You gotta come, Wen. It’s Nana. She collapsed on the floor; said she’s having trouble breathing. Hurry!”

Wendy closed the door as she followed Aiden. “I’ll call you back, Wes. I’ve gotta go.”

Aiden’s nana rested in on the worn old sofa when Wendy rushed into the living room on Aiden’s heels. There was hardly any color in her cheeks. Each breath was a wheeze. She glared at Aiden as he sat next to her. Her words were slow, as though she had to pay by the letter, “Why’d you do that, Aiden? I told you to just give me a few minutes. I’ll be fine.”

By the time Nana finished talking, what little pallor she had was gone. Wendy knelt in front of the septuagenarian, “Aiden said you fell. Maybe I should call nine-one-one. Get you looked it.”

Nana shook her head, “Damned vultures. What can they do for me that I can’t do for myself?”

But her eyes didn’t follow Wendy as the young woman moved from side to side. And the last word was drawn out into three syllables. Worried, she swiped the screen on her phone and realized she hadn’t disconnected the call with Wes. She raised the phone to her ear, “You still there?”

“Yeah. Sounds like you’ve got your hands full. Call me back and let me know if you need anything.”

She killed the call and then dialed 9-1-1.


The next day, Wendy stood outside the door to Mrs. Frazier’s, Nana’s hospital room. Aiden gripped her hand tighter as he pushed the door open. Wendy let the boy pull her along until they both stood at the foot of the bed. Some life returned to the old woman’s cheeks and her eyes were bright as she smiled at their entrance.

“Thank God for friends like you, Wendy,” Nana said as she waved her to come closer. When the young woman was in reach, Nana took her hand and pulled her into a tight embrace, “Between you and Aiden, y’all saved my life. There’s no fool like an old fool and me thinking I could just walk off a heart attack was plumb stupid.”

Aiden didn’t escape a hug either. His nana went further and planted a kiss on his cheek before saying, “Thanks for keeping Aiden on such short notice. I can’t imagine what I’d do without you, Wendy. You’ve been a god-send.”

Wendy wouldn’t have called herself a god-send to the boy with whom she wanted to sleep. No, not sleep. Sleep was what they had done last night, after Aiden fell asleep crying. She had cuddled with him until exhausted sleep claimed her too. What Wendy wanted was for her eleven-year-old boyfriend to fuck her brains out. Maybe both of them could work out some of their stress.

Of course, Aiden wasn’t interested in that. Not right now. Not without knowing what would become of his nana. Or him. And Wendy couldn’t blame him. Not one bit.

She said, “Aiden’s always welcome, Nana. I really like having him around. Have the doctors said anything about when they’ll let you go home?”

Nana shrugged, “They’re still running tests. Be a few days before they know.”

Aiden grabbed at Wendy’s hand at the news. The look he gave her was one of fear. With her other hand, she wrapped it around his shoulders and pulled him against her, “Aiden can stay with me as long as you need, Nana. If you need a few days, a few weeks, whatever.”

She could feel the boy relax against her. Nana smiled, “Thank you sweetie. You’re our little miracle worker.”

Wendy coughed. How could Nana not see what the young woman wanted more than anything else was to lose herself in lovemaking to the boy next to her? “Not hardly, Nana. At best, I’m just a lonely girl who is grateful to have friends like Aiden and you.”

They made a bit of small-talk, Aiden telling Nana about his last day before the Christmas break and Wendy making light of the exams that would determine if she made the dean’s list her first semester. Then, Nana said, “Aiden, there’s a cafeteria here in the hospital that serves chocolate milk. Would you like to get yourself something to drink?”

Aiden grabbed Wendy’s hand. Nana said, “Can I borrow your young lady? I’d like the company while you go have yourself that drink.”

Wendy gave him an encouraging smile, when she didn’t feel encouraged at all. The way Nana referred to her as Aiden’s young lady left the nineteen-year-old wondering just how much of her relationship with her grandson, Nana had figured out.

Wendy pulled a five-dollar bill from her purse, and gave it to her young lover, “Can you get me one too, please?”

Once the door closed behind the boy, Nana sagged against the pillow, “I’m not sure, Wendy, but it could be several weeks before I get out of here. School could be back in session by then. I know Aiden worships the ground you walk on, and I think you adore him just as much, but that’s a long time to have to watch him.”

Several weeks with Aiden? Was this her Christmas present come early? “It’s fine, Nana. I’d love to have Aiden stay with me for as long as you need.”

Nana gripped her hand, squeezing it, “Thank you, child. I can see this year has been difficult for you. You planned to make lots of new friends your first year at college. Despite all that effort, you come away with just one friend whose several years younger than you. And you never complain or make Aiden feel like he’s not welcome. You know, you’re his first serious crush. He’s crazy about you.”

Hearing the admission from the boy’s nana didn’t surprise Wendy. Even though she knew he would never give up the secrets they shared, he was, after all, only eleven, and wore his heart on his sleeve. “He’s a special young man, Nana. I can relate. If he were four or five years older…”

She trailed off. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to put thoughts like that into the boy’s nana’s head. Nana chuckled drily, “You could do worse. Well, if you don’t mind having a boy who’s crazy for you living with you for a little while, I’m powerfully grateful, Wendy.”

Nana looked down, studying her hands, as though something else troubled her. Having avoided stepping on any earth-shattering landmines, Wendy asked, “Is there anything else I can help with?”

The old woman’s hands fidgeted, “I need to update my will, Wendy. I’m the only family Aiden has, and right now, God forbid, if something should happen to me, the state would take him.”

Wendy was stunned at the news. There was no way Nana would confide this to her if the old woman didn’t trust her completely. “How can I help?”

A tear slid down Nana’s cheek, “There are a couple of things, Wendy. I’m not sure I can take care of Aiden once I get back home.” There was a bitter tone to her laughter, “I keep throwing little tests your way; can you keep him for a few days? Maybe a couple of weeks, then maybe a bit longer. Every time I keep expecting you to say, ‘enough, I can’t do more for Aiden.’ But every time, you keep showing me you’re more of a woman than I imagined.”

Wendy’s cheeks were hot from embarrassment. “You know the answer is yes, Nana. I love Aiden nearly as much as you. Whatever I can do for him, I will.”

Another tear rolled down the one woman’s cheek, “Thank you, Wendy. I want to get a power of attorney for you to have over Aiden, so you can make decisions for his wellbeing if I’m not able to. I also need to update my will so that if I pass away before Aiden is an adult, you’ll become his legal guardian.”

Shocked at Nana’s proposal, Wendy said the first thing to come to mind, “Nana, you’ll be around for years.”

“At seventy-five, every year I have is a gift. The Lord could take me home any day and I want to make sure Aiden’s cared for.”

Wendy found herself nodding without realizing it. “Do you have an attorney who can do these things?”

Nana shook her head, “I got my last will at a legal clinic a few years before Aiden’s mom dropped him off on my doorstep and disappeared.”

Wendy found her lawyer’s number in her phone, “I might have an idea. Let me call someone.”

Walt Benson answered on the second ring, “Hey Wendy, your neighbor okay?”

Wendy offered Nana a smile, “Better. She had a heart attack. Um, she needs some help with her will and stuff. Can you help?”

“I draft wills in my sleep, kiddo. Of course.”

“Can you bill it to me?”

Walt said, “Oh.” The tone in his voice was one of surprise. “If it gets complicated, I guess so. Otherwise, I can do it as part of my pro bono work.”

Wendy said, “Thanks a million. I’ll let you talk to Mrs. Frazier now.”

Nana talked to the attorney for a few minutes before handing the phone back to her, “You’re a sweetheart, dear.”

Wendy put the phone to her ear, “Thanks, Wes. This means a lot to me.”

The attorney said, “So not some college guy. But I didn’t figure you’d become a nanny either.”

Wendy shook her head, “Come on, Wes. Really?”

Her attorney said, “I’ll send you the forms be the end of the day. They’ll need to be notarized.”

“Thanks. Bye Wes.”

Aiden returned and handed her an individual serving of chocolate milk. He gave Wendy a reproachful glare, “You women finished talking about me?”

Wendy glanced at Nana. The old woman said, “Sorry about that, Aiden. It’s just it may take longer for me to get back to normal and I wanted to talk it over with Wendy to see if you could stay over there until I’m better.”

The baleful look of reproachment faded and Aiden grinned at Wendy as he grabbed her hand, “That’s cool. What about school?”

Wendy hated Aiden’s school. She saw how it crushed his soul. Nobody should have to endure the kind of abuse the boy endured almost daily. “It’s the end of the semester. If your nana’s okay with it, I can look into a couple of online schools. We can turn my little dining room into your classroom if we need to. I can be your hands-on tutor.”

The words were barely out of her mouth when Wendy realized just how hands-on she intended to be with Aiden’s education. She glanced at Nana from the corner of her eye. The old woman beamed at her grandson, “You listen and behave for Wendy.”

After Wendy and Aiden said their goodbyes, while riding down the elevator, the boy glanced at her, his eyes roving over her body, “You going to make me behave?”

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    For how much build-up the race got, it was over and done with rather quickly. That being said though the fact that Aiden and Wendy finally had sex was something I was really happy about.
    It was unfortunate to see the state Aiden’s nana but at the very least there is some hope for Aiden if she dies.

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