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My Ganymede

October 16, 2008

My Ganymede
Alex Hawk

I took a sip of my Coke and closed my eyes. The beach was almost completely empty. It wasn’t technically a private beach, but it was so far away from everywhere important that it might as well be private. The seclusion was why I came here. It was my first vacation in years, and I was burned out big time. The chance to get away for the summer was wonderful.

I heard a dog barking and the sound of a boy laughing in the distance. I opened my eyes and lifted my sunglasses to look. There was a boy running along the beach with said dog. He was quite naked, which wasn’t unusual. This wasn’t a nude beach, but it was clothing optional. Not too many people took their options, but I was happy this boy was.

The boy in question was blond, about 5′3 or so. Thin, reasonably muscled, and fucking sexy as hell. Probably no more than twelve or thirteen, judging by the fact that the penis flopping between his legs as he frolicked had gained some size but hadn’t yet sprouted any hair.

I got an instant hardon looking at the child as he played. At thirty-two I was waaaay too old to be thinking about a boy like this, but I couldn’t help it. Normally I tended to chase after, and catch, boys who were about fifteen or sixteen. Usually homeless ones, since they were the easiest to get into bed. I’d never chased a boy this young.

I closed my eyes and did my best to ignore him, trying to put him out of my mind, knowing that even here, down in Mexico, they’d take a narrow view to me fucking a boy of his age, more’s the pity. I should have vacationed in Spain. The age of consent there was twelve, and-

Sand flew up onto me and I heard barking right near my face. I opened my eyes to see the boy’s dog, a golden retriever, only a couple feet from me.

“Hello, dog,” I said, holding my hand out.

“Sirius! Sirius, heel!” the boy called out, running towards us. “Sorry, mister.”

“It’s ok,” I said, petting the dog. “Sirius, huh?”

“Yeah, that’s his name.” The boy came over and crouched down next to my, his young penis dangling between his legs. Close up he was even better, and I could see that he was wearing this cute little white necklace It suited him well.

“He’s a lovely dog.”


“Do you know where the name Sirius comes from?”

The boy nodded. “Sirius was the name of Orion’s dog. And Harry Potter’s godfather.”

I laughed. “That’s true.” I let my eyes drink in the site of this gorgeous naked child crouching on the sand so close to me. He’d obviously not been here, or been running around naked, for long, because I could see the tan line where shorts had covered his body before.

“What’s your name?” he asked.


“Short for Christopher, or Christ-bearer, the saint who supposedly carried Jesus across a river,” the boy said, promptly.

“Well, I AM impressed.”

“Thanks.” He blushed a little.

“What’s your name?”


“A good old Biblical name, that.”


My eyes drifted down towards David’s penis. He was circumcised, which I prefered. As I’d thought before, it was indeed at that perfect stage where it had started to grow, but not get hair yet. I wondered if he made sperm. I wondered if he masturbated. He was almost certainly still a virgin. I pictured that young penis sliding around in some lucky girl’s vagina and nearly came in my shorts.

“So how old are you?” I finally asked him.

“Twelve. How about you?”

“Thirty-two.” I was pleased my guess of his age had been pretty accurate.

“Cool. So how long have you been here?” David asked me.

“I just got here two days ago.”

“Cool. We just got in last night.”


“My mom and me.”


“Yeah. We’re going to be here all summer.”

“Cool, me, too.”

“Great! I’m sure I’ll see a lot of you,” I said. I’ll hopefully see you in bed, I added to myself, feeling instantly guilty.

“Great! Well, I’ll see you later, then,” David said.


He started to stand up, but Sirius, who was rapidly becoming my favorite beast, bumped into his master, and knocked the boy off balance enough to send him sprawling onto me. He ended up basically laying on top of me, forming us into a plus symbol.

“Sorry,” he said, lifting his body up, which caused his young penis to brush against the side of my body.

“It’s no problem,” I muttered as David stood up.

“Anyhow, I’ll see you later, Chris! Come on, Sirius,” he said to his dog and ran off to play in the surf. His butt looked amazing. I pictured my penis pistoning into him and suddenly needed to get up and leave. I nearly sprinted back to my cabana and set about pleasuring myself. When I came, it was one of the best, most intense orgasms of my life.

I sighed as I laid there after the orgasm, feeling very, very guilty about the thoughts I was having about David. I mean, he was twelve! I had no business lusting after a twelve-year-old! I was twenty years older than him!

But then I thought about his gorgeous little body and his cute face and that wonderful penis he had dangling between his legs and I knew that no matter how strong I thought I was, I’d never be able to resist his charms.

I was going to chase him.

I was going to get him.

* * *

“Hi, Chris!” came the high-pitched voice calling out to me the next day when I got to the beach. David was already running around playing fetch with Sirius and still naked.

“Damn, David,” I said as he came up to me. “Don’t you ever wear clothes?” I asked with a grin.

David giggled. It was very cute. “No, not when I’m out here. It’s cool being naked, you know?”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Why don’t you get naked, too?” he asked.

“Oh, I don’t want to get a sunburn,” I lied. Really, I didn’t want this twelve-year-old boy seeing my massive hardon.

“Oh, ok. Well, you wanna play with me and Sirius?”


David handed me the Frisbee Brand Plastic Flying Disk that he’d been throwing to Sirius. I tossed it out towards the sea and watched the dog charged after it, barking the whole time.

“He’s a good dog,” I said as Sirius came back.

“Thanks!” David picked up the Frisbee and threw it this time.

We spent a few minutes playing with Sirius together and then I sat back on my towel and watched David’s nude body as he played with his dog. God, this boy was sexy as hell. I wanted him so much, and felt such guilt for that desire.

About an hour after I’d arrived, this woman turned up and went to talk with David. He pointed at me and the two of them walked over.

“Chris, this is my mom, Mandy.”

“Mandy Josephson, PhD,” she said, holding her hand out to me.

“Chris Swanson, NohD,” I said shaking her hand. She looked to be around my age, maybe even a little younger, and there was a scary thought. It was bad enough I wanted a boy young enough to be my son. It was worse that his mother was younger than me.

Mandy laughed. “David told me he’d made a new friend down on the beach yesterday.”

“That would be me, I guess,” I replied. “What’s your degree in?”

“I’m a psychiatrist. What do you do?”

“Freelance HTML coding. This is my first vacation from it in years.”

“I’m gonna go play with Sirius some more, Mom,” David said as he ran off.

“This is our first vacation since David’s father died,” Mandy explained.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” I replied with sincerity.

Mandy shrugged. “It’s been a while.”

“How long?”

“Six years. David doesn’t even remember him all that well.”

“That’s too bad,” I said, shaking my head. Changing the subject, I went on with, “David’s a really nice boy. Seems rather smart, too. Knowing about Sirius and all.”
Mandy laughed. “Yes, he’s quite smart. He got skipped ahead a year in school a couple years ago, and it’ll probably happen again when he gets to high school. He’s a very nice boy, too. Always trying to help people.” She smiled. “I imagine probably every parent talks about their kids that way.”


“Do you have any children?”

I shook my head. “No.” I’ve had other people’s, I added silently. “Just haven’t found the right person, you know?”

She nodded. “Tell me about it.” She looked over at David. “David wanted me to see if it would be ok if he came over to visit you sometime. You don’t mind, do you? I could use a little space to decompress,” she said with a smile.

“Not at all. He’s a nice boy.”


I made a show of looking at my watch. “Well, I gotta get going. It was very nice meeting you.”

“Not at all, the pleasure was mine.”

“Bye, David!” I called out to my naked dream boy.

“Bye, Chris!” he called out in return, waving at me.

I turned away with great effort and headed back to another lonely, vigouros masturabation session at my cabanna.

* * *

The next morning I was awakened at an ungodly hour (nine), by the sound of someone knocking at the door. I peered through the curtains and saw David standing there next to a bicycle. He was actually wearing clothes. Shorts, an open button-up shirt and a baseball cap. I quickly pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt (I slept nude), and went to answer the door.

“Hi, Chris!” David said, brightly. “My mom said it was ok for me to come visit you.” He looked at me and frowned. “Oh… I hope I didn’t wake you up.”

I shook my head. “I was just getting out of bed.”

“Oh, ok.”

“Come on in,” I said, standing aside. The boy parked his bike and walked inside.

“Wow, you got a nice cabana.”

“It’s not the same as yours?”

“No, our floorplan is a little different. I like yours better.”

“Well, feel free to wander around,” I said. “I’m going to get something to drink. You thirsty?”

“Got any coffee?” David asked.

I was startled. “Aren’t you a little young for coffee?”

He gave me an odd look. “No. I’m twelve.”

Rolling my eyes I started making a pot of coffee. From the living room I heard David call out, “You gotta lot of art in here.”

I walked into the living room. He was right. I’d brought a sizeable collection of my prints with me down here to Mexico. “Do you like it?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess.” He looked around. “I do some art myself. Mostly drawings and such. I don’t know if I’m any good, but I like doing it, you know?”

“Well, I’d love to see some of your stuff one of these days,” I said, not mentioning what other stuff I wanted to be seeing more of.

“What are all these paintings?”

“That one’s by a guy called Caravaggio. He lived back during the Renaissance. Most of the prints I have here are by him.”

David studied the picture in question, which showed a naked adolescent boy. “He does a good job,” David finally said.

“Yes, he did.” I pointed to some other prints. “Most of these photos are by a man called Will McBride.”

David walked up to a print that showed four boys in a locker room in various stages of undress. “That’s a cool picture. Lots of nice use of shadows and light and stuff.”

I laughed. “Yeah, that’s about right.”

David browsed around my little mini-gallery some more as I went into the kitchen to make him a cup of coffee. I added the cream and sugar he requested when I offered it, and then walked back into the living room where David was looking at a couple McBride pics. I passed him the drink.

“So why are there all these naked boys in here?” he said as he took a sip from his coffee.

“Well, until pretty recently the most beautiful people in the world were thought to be young boys. Like about twelve to fifteen years of age.”


I nodded. “In fact in some of the old Renaissance paintings the models for young girls were actually young boys.”

“Wow… I never knew that…”

“Yeah, it’s not talked about a lot.”

David grinned. “These boys dress about like I like to.”

I laughed. “Yeah, I almost didn’t recognize you when you knocked. I wasn’t used to seeing you with clothes on.”

David grinned some more. “Yeah, well, the beach might allow you to be naked, but I figured if I was riding my bike around in the nude, someone might get unhappy.”

“For starters, you might.”

“Yeah!” He had a wonderful laugh.

Choosing my words carefully, I said, “Well… you know, you don’t have to wear clothes when you’re visiting me.”

“I don’t?”


“You don’t care if I’m naked when I’m here?”

“Not at all.”

“Oh. Ok, then!” David quickly ditched his shirt and hat, and then pulled down his shorts and underwear. Once he was nude, he stretched out his body. “Ah… that’s so much nicer.”

“You have a very nice body, David,” I said, taking a chance. “Like some of the boys in these paintings and stuff.”

“Thanks, Chris!” David said with a smile. He walked around my living room naked. It was all I could do to not grope him. “Hey… are you going to get naked, too?”

“Naw, not first thing in the morning,” I said, waving a hand.


“So you wanna watch a movie or something?”


We looked through my DVD collection and made a few choices. Over the next couple hours we watched Aladdin, Men in Black and Spiderman 2. Or at least David watched them. Mostly I watched him, studying him out of the corner of my eye, largely focusing on his penis. I kept wanting to touch it and suck it. God, he was perfect.

When the last movie was over, David stood up and looked at the clock. “I gotta get going home soon,” he said.

“Oh, ok.” I stood up and turned off the TV. “Well, thanks for coming by.”

“Thanks for letting me! Do you mind if I come over tomorrow, too?”

“Not at all. You can bring Sirius, too, if you want.”

“Cool! You’re the best!” David came up and, to my incredible surprise, gave me a hug. A very nice, tight, friendly hug. A very nice, tight, friendly and above all else NAKED hug.

I hugged him back, doing my level best to keep my hands off his pert preteen ass. I said, “You’re pretty cool, too, David,” and broke the hug.

David gathered up his clothes and moments later was on his bike, riding home. For my part, I took a cold shower. This was getting ridiculous.

* * *

When David turned up with Sirius the next morning, I was ready for him. I had coffee made, had a tray of sandwiches and some other snacks ready. By the time he knocked on the door, I’d also already masturbated twice. I was doing my best to keep myself in check.

“Hey, David,” I said, letting him in. “Hey, Sirius.” I patted the dog on the head as he barked a little.

“Hi!” David said, giving me a hug when I stood up.

“You can put Sirius in the backyard, if you want. I think there’s some birds back there he can terrorize.”

“Cool! Come on, Sirius!” He led his dog outside. Moments later I heard him call out, “Hey, you got a hot tub! We don’t have a hot tub!”

I walked outside. Sirius was already chasing a lizard or something, having fun like dogs do. Looking over at David, I said, “Yeah. It’s a nice one.”

“Can I try it out?”

“Sure, if you want.”

“Cool!” David quickly stripped down to nothing and hopped into my hottub. Looking at me, he said, “You gonna get in?”

“Ok,” I replied, taking a deep breath as I started undressing. I was very happy that I had masturbated twice already. It would keep me from getting overly hard as I stripped. When I was finally nude, I got into the hot tub across from David.

“Wow,” he said as I got in and turned on the bubbles.


“You got a really big penis.”

I was entirely taken by surprise at those words coming out of the mouth of a naked twelve-year-old boy. I felt said penis twitch and grow, despite my earlier efforts at prevention. “Well… yes, I do,” I said for lack of anything better.

“Mine isn’t very big yet,” David said, looking down into the bubbles. “It’s bigger than it was last year, though.”

“Well, it’ll get bigger as you get older,” I replied.

“Yeah. You gotta lot of hair, too.”

I laughed. “Body hair is a part of growing up as well.”


David and I spent about a half-hour in the hottub talking and chatting with each other. I kept trying to make my penis soften and finally it did. By the time we finally got out, it was almost entirely soft, though I turned away from David as I got dressed. He stayed nude.

As we went back into the house, David paused in front of one of McBride’s naked boy photos and looked at it.

“Why do you like all these pictures?”

“Because there’s something very beautiful about them,” I said, moving over to stand behind David.

“What do you mean?”

“The boys. They’re just so virgin.”

David wrinkled his nose as he looked at me. “What do you mean by THAT?”

“Well… this isn’t going to make a lot of sense, so stay with me, ok?”


“You know what a virgin is, right?”

David nodded. “A girl who hasn’t had sex yet.”

“Well, or a boy. Anyone who hasn’t had sex yet.”


“When I say a boy is virgin, I don’t mean that he’s A virgin. I mean that he’s a very beautiful boy who is old enough to want sex, but probably hasn’t had it yet. Usually he’s twelve, thirteen, fourteen or fifteen. He’s probably a virgin as well, but even if he’s had sex and isn’t a virgin anymore, he’s still virgin. Do you understand?”

“I think so…” he said, pondering.

“So, for example, you’re still a virgin, right?” I asked, my heart fluttering a little as I pictured him fucking some very lucky girl.


“But you want to have sex?”

“Oh, yeah!” he said, nodding enthusiastically. I saw his penis twitch a little and lengthen. He wasn’t hard, but he was chubbing. It was wonderful to see.

“Well, ok, so you’re a virgin, and by my definition you’re also virgin, because you’re a beautiful boy who is old enough to want sex, but too young to have had it yet.”

“Oh, ok,” he said as his penis started really stiffening now. It got to be almost completely hard before he reached down and put a hand over it. “Sorry about that.”

“That’s ok,” I said with total sincerity. “You don’t have to cover it up.”

“I don’t?”

“Not if you don’t want to. It’s not like I haven’t seen a hardon before.”

“Ok.” He moved his hand aside. His young penis was now pointing almost straight up and pulsing in time with his heart. It looked to be about four-and-a-half inches long. “So I’m a virgin, and I’m virgin?” he asked after a moment.

“Yes.” I nodded. “Some people would use the word ‘virginal’ to describe boys like them, and like you, but I prefer to just say virgin.

David nodded in return. “I like that.”

“Glad to hear it.”

“And does that mean you think I’m beautiful?”

Carefully, I said, “Yes, David. I think you’re easily the equal of all the boys here.”

David broke into a grin. “Thanks.”

“My pleasure.”

“So can we watch another movie?” he asked, walking towards the couch, erect penis bobbing with each step.


David selected Blazing Saddles, and we sat back together to watch it. Eventually that sweet virgin penis of his softened. I wished I’d been the source of that softening through, say, an orgasm.

After Blazing Saddles was over, I excused myself to go to the bathroom while David picked out another movie. When I came back, I found him holding a videotape. My blood ran cold. I only owned one videotape, and I thought I’d put it away after watching it last night.

“What’s this one? Genesis Children? I haven’t heard of it before.”

“Ah.” I walked over and stood by my naked little dream boy. “Well, it’s a movie from a few years ago about a group of boys from both America and Europe who get brought to an island by a priest who wants them to do religious stuff. It’s actually not a very good movie in many ways. It’s badly written, badly acted and has a bizarre flashback structure, but it does have one good thing going for it.”


I poked his bare stomach and grinned. “The boys in it run around wearing about as much as you do.”



He thought for a moment. “So they’re all virgin?”

I nodded. “You got it.”

“Cool. Can we watch it?”

“Sure, if you want.”

“I want.”

We sat back and watched Peter Glawson and his friends prance naked all over the island. I was envious as hell of the various people who made the movie. You could never convince me that they weren’t getting a little on the side from some of the boys.

I also kept an eye on David’s penis, noticing that it hardened up several times through the course of him watching the movie. This was a positive sign!

After the film was done, I said to David, “So what did you think?”

He thought for a bit and then said, “It was cool. I think I understand how you can like them.”

“The boys?”

“Yeah. I’m not sure, but I think I get it. Kind of.” He grinned. “I don’t know for certain, though. I can see how they all match your virgin thing, though.”

“Yeah, they are that, that’s for sure.”

David looked at the clock. “I gotta get going soon. I hope Sirius didn’t crap on your lawn too much.”

“Oh, if he did, I’ll take care of it.”

“Cool.” We both stood up and David hugged me tight again. “I had a really nice time here today, Chris. Can I come over again tomorrow?”

“You can come as much as you’d like,” I said, totally aware of what I was saying, and pleased that he wouldn’t be aware.

“Good.” He went outside and gathered up Sirius and then put on his clothes. We hugged once more and he was gone. For my part, I popped Genesis Children back into the VCR and went to my favorite scene (naked boys bent over with torches), and proceeded to pay a nice visit to Orgasmville. Much of the time I was remembering David’s erect penis.

God, I needed that boy.

* * *

David’s third visit went much like his second. He came over with Sirius, got naked, we got into the hot tub and talked. Once we were done, we got out of the hot tub, ate some food and sat back to watch another movie.

After the first movie (Hulk), David got up to look at some more of my art. He came to one painting that showed Cupid and Psyche in a bed together.

“Ha! I know what they just did,” David said with a grin as he pointed.

“Yeah, I think it’s safe to assume that if you’re Cupid, you don’t have to settle for jacking off all the time.”

“Yeah, probably not,” David agreed with a nod.

I put the next movie into the DVD player (Matrix), and we sat back together to watch it. I could tell David was distracted by something, but I had no idea what it might be.

When the movie was over, he said, “Chris? Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure.” I got up to get the movie out of the DVD player.

“You said earlier something about Cupid jacking off?”


David blushed a bit and said, “Ok. Don’t think I’m stupid, but I’ve heard a couple guys at school use that same term and I don’t know what it means.”

“Oh.” I sat back down next to David. Taking a deep breath and trying to ignore the instant erection that I’d developed, I said, “Well… it’s a way of experiencing the feeling of sex without actually having it.”

“Oh. Why would you want to do that? I mean, why not just have it?”

“Well, David, why haven’t YOU had sex yet?”

“Uhm… I’m only twelve and no girl has let me?”

“Good answer,” I said with a smile. “But don’t you want to know what sex feels like?”

“Yeah,” he said, his own penis hardening slowly.

Shrugging a little I said, “Well, jacking off, or masturbation as it’s really called, is a way of playing with your penis so that you can get an idea of what sex feels like even if you’re still a virgin.”

“Playing with my penis?” David echoed, looking down at his preteen hardon.


“Oh. What’s it feel like?”

“Oh, it’s wonderful, believe me.”

“Do you do it?”

“Yeah,” I said, aware that time seemed to be slowing.

David thought for a moment and then asked the words that made my heart soar. “Can you teach me how?”

Doing my best to remain calm, and appear reluctant, I said, “Well… I don’t know… I mean, I could get into trouble if anyone found out that I showed you how.”

“You could? Why?”

“Because adults and children aren’t supposed to do these things together.”

“I’m not THAT much of a kid. I’m twelve.”

“Yeah, I know. But I could still get in trouble if I showed you.”

“I won’t tell, I promise!” he piped up.

I pretended to think about it, and then finally, slowly, said, “Well… I suppose it’ll be ok. But you can’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t.”

“Ok. Well, I guess the best way to show you is to do it myself.”


I stood up and undressed, now feeling more comfortable being naked with David than I had before. I sat down next to him on the couch and let him get a good look at my very hard penis.

His eyes went wide. “God! That’s HUGE! That’s like twice as big as mine!”

I laughed. “Yeah. Well, mine’s larger than normal. It’s about eight-and-a-quarter inches long and thicker than most, too. My friends call it ‘the Behemoth’.”

David laughed. “I guess so!”

“So you ready to learn how to masturbate?”


“Ok. Take your penis in your hand like this,” I said, wrapping a hand around my erection.

David put his right hand around his virgin penis. “Like this?”

“Yeah. Now hold it kind of loose but kind of tight and stroke it like this.” I gave myself a couple slow strokes.

David looked down at what I was doing and then down at his own young penis. He ran his hand up and down a couple times along it. His eyes widened a little.

“That DOES feel nice.”

“Now you start out slow,” I said, demonstrating. “But then you go a little faster and it feels better and better. Try it.”

David did, his hand sliding up and down his penis. “Yeah, you’re right.”

As I kept beating off while looking at this nice bit of live kiddie porn next to me, I said, “Now… you keep doing it until it either you get this really good feeling that’s so good that you can’t go on or until you get that same feeling and some stuff shoots out the end of your penis.”



“Oh, ok.”

I sat back and watched David masturbate for the first time. It was so insanely sexy to see this gorgeous child playing with his virgin penis. I knew that even if I never got to do anything else with him, the memories of this would keep me warm at night.

David began breathing harder and harder as he continued. “I think… I think… I think it’s about to happen…” he gasped out.

“Just let it…” I said, stroking myself faster.

“Ok… I… oh… oooh… OH, GOD!” David screwed his eyes shut and his twelve-year-old body began shaking as his penis spasmed in his hand and three powerful blasts of nearly clear fluid shot out the end, splashing onto his perfectly smooth, hairless chest.

That was too much for me. “Here I go…” I managed to say before my own orgasm claimed me, several streams of pearlescent fluid shooting out onto my not even remotely hairless chest. It was easily in the top ten list of best orgasms I’d ever had.

Once we were both done cumming, David grinned a ragged grin at me. “Wow…”

“I know.”

He looked at the fluid on his chest. “So that’s my sperm?”

“Some of it. The whiteish parts. The rest is just semen, a fluid the sperm travels in. See how much more I have?” I gestured towards my body.

David nodded. “Will I get more when I grow up?”

“Yeah.” Giving into temptation I reached out and ran my hand along his bare chest and stomach, through a puddle of his first ejectulation. I grinned at him. “So you’re more of a man now. Cool., huh?”

He smiled widely. “Yeah!”

“Here,” I said, passing David an old towel I kept handy to clean up with.


As he wiped himself off, I licked my hand clean, savoring the taste of David’s first orgasm. I did it quickly, to keep him from noticing and then cleaned myself up.

“Thanks for teaching me that,” David said to me with a smile.

“You’re welcome.”

Then he moved over to me and gave me another wonderful hug as I sat there on the couch. Now we were both nude, which was much different from before. I held my breath as his naked body pressed against mine. I could feel his still slightly hard penis resting against my thigh. God, this boy was perfect. It was all I could do to keep from making out with him.

David left shortly after the hug was done. I later wound up masturbating with the spermy towel wrapped around my penis. This lead to another intensely wonderful orgasm and left me wondering just how much further things would go with this incredible young boy.

* * *

Early the next morning I was woken up by a phone call.

“Mrphuglstk?” I said groggily into the phone. Then I lifted it up and said, “Hello?”

“Hey, Chris, it’s me, your favorite virgin who’s virgin! Oh, did I wake you up?”

“Not really, David,” I said, shaking the cobwebs from my head. “What’s up?”

“Well, instead of me coming over there today, my mom wanted to know if you wanted to come over here and have lunch with us.”

“Oh. Uh… sure, ok. What time?”


“Ok, I’ll be there.”

“Cool! Bye, Chris!” He hung up.

I laid on my back and gave my penis a couple tugs. So the boy wanted me to come have lunch with him and his mom. Great. I’d be eating with the mother of the boy I was really trying hard to get into bed. Somewhere, some god was laughing.

At eleven, I arrived at David’s house. He met me at the door when I knocked, smiling wide and wearing… clothes. He had on a Yu-Yu Hakasho t-shirt and a pair of short shorts. Even dressed he looked sexy as hell.

“Hey, Chris!” He came up and gave me a happy hug.

“Hey, David. Hello, Mandy,” I said to his mother as she came up.

“Hello, Chris.” She shook hands with me. “Come on in.”

I walked inside and let David show me around the cabana. It wasn’t that big, a little smaller than mine, actually, but it was cozy. He took me into his bedroom and showed me some of his toys and such. I was amused by how few clothes he’d brought to Mexico with him, and I desperately wanted to strip him down, toss him onto his bed and fuck him on his Inuyasha bed sheets.

Soon Mandy told us that lunch was ready and I went and sat at the table with them, thinking about how surreal all this was. Mandy was a very good cook, at least. I still couldn’t get past all the odd feelings of guilt I was experiencing.

After we were done, the three of us played Monopoly, a game I’ve always liked. Mandy wound up winning. At one point during the game, David went to the bathroom and Mandy decided to Engage Me in Conversation.

“So I’m glad David’s been spending so much time with you,” she said.

“You are?” I asked, my guts twisting a little.

“Yes. He keeps telling me that he’s having a lot of fun hanging out with you.”

“He’s a nice kid. I like spending time with him.”

She nodded. “It’s nice to have my space, too, believe me.”

“Well, I’m glad to help.”

David came back and the three of us sat back to watch a movie. Once it was over with, David saw me to the door, gave me a nice little hug and then hesitated for a moment, still holding onto me. I looked down into his eyes. He looked into mine. Then something incredible happened.

David leaned forward, closed his eyes, and very gently kissed me on the mouth.

I was shocked. Stunned beyond all belief. The kiss was short. He broke it off after only a few seconds. And then he pulled away. He turned a bright red and whispered, “I’ll… I’ll see you tomorrow,” and then quickly closed the door.

I was walking on clouds as I headed back to my cabana, though to be honest I was a little confused by what had just happened. Why had David kissed me? Was he attracted to me? COULD he be attracted to me? Was it even possible?

Either way, when I got home it was more than enough for me to masturbate wildly while remembering the sensation of his lips against mine.

* * *

When David arrived the next morning, he stripped naked, gave me a hug, and said nothing about the kiss, though as he hugged me, I felt his penis stiffen up against my leg.

“Sorry,” he said with a shy smile as he pulled back from me.

“I don’t mind, David, really. It’s normal.”

We headed out to the hottub, though not for very long because the weather seemed to be turning sour, then ate something and in our usual way headed into the living room to watch a movie. We went for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, which he’d not seen.

After that was done, I said, “Well, what do you want to watch next?”

“Uh… can we watch Genesis Children again? That was cool,” he said, and to my amazement started to get an erection again.

“Sure.” I put in the movie and sat down next to David as the film began to roll. Throughout it, David’s penis remained hard.

About half way into the movie, with David still erect, he said, in a slightly nervous voice, “Hey, Chris?”


“Do you wanna masturbate again? You know… while we watch this? I was reading on the Internet last night that some people do that while they watch movies.” He had a pleading expression on his face.

My voice trembling a little, I said, “Ok. If you want to.”

“Ok, cool.” David smiled widely and started stroking his hairless penis.

I stood up and undressed and when I was naked, sat down by David and started jerking off, swinging my look from the movie to David and back again. As for him, he was, to my surprise, looking almost entirely just at me.

Only about three minutes into the masturbating, David whimpered a little and said, “Oh… here I go…” as his penis jerked in his hand and his orgasmic fluids spattered all over his body. I hadn’t been close to cumming, but watching David climax was enough to send me over the edge, and soon my sperm was flying out of me.

When I was done cumming, David reached out a hand and said, “Can I touch it? You touched mine yesterday.”

“Sure, if you want.”

I shuddered a little as David’s young hand moved down my stomach, dragging his fingers through my sperm. He pulled them up and looked at what was on his fingertips and then, to my even greater surprise, licked it off.

He saw me looking at him and shrugged. “Well, you tasted mine.”

“True,” I conceded. I hadn’t thought he’d seen that. “Well?”

“It’s weird. Not bad, though.”

“Well, you wanna have some food?”


I cleaned up and put on my clothes, then went into the kitchen to pop in a pizza. After he’d cleaned up, David walked into the room, still naked.



“Are you gay?”

I hesitated slightly before answering. “Why do you ask?”

“My mom says you might be. I told her about your paintings and stuff.”

“Well… if I was gay, would that bother you?”

David shrugged. “No.”

“Then since you ask, David… yes, I am gay.”

“That’s cool.”

“Yeah?” I felt relief pass through me.

“Yeah. I have an uncle who’s gay. He’s nice.”

“Oh, ok.”

We sat down to eat once the food was done cooking. Just as we’d started to much, there was a flash of lightning, followed by the sound of thunder. We looked up to see rain splattering into the backyard.

“I’m glad I left Sirius at home,” David said. “He doesn’t like the rain.”

“Good that he’s at home, then.”

When lunch was over we sat back to watch the special edition version of Return of the King. Just before it was over, the phone rang. I got up and went into the bedroom to answer it.


“Chris? This is Mandy. Is David still there?”


“Oh, good. Listen, this storm is getting really nasty and it sounds like it’s going to get worse. Do you mind if he stays there tonight? I really don’t feel comfortable with him trying to ride his bike home in this.”

“Sure, he’s behaving himself and everything,” I added, assuming parents always wanted to hear that about their kids.

“Good. Take good care of him, and make sure he’s home for dinner tomorrow.”

“I will. You wanna talk with him for a moment?”


“David!” I called out. “Your mom’s on the phone.”

“Oh? Cool.” He came walking into the room and picked up the phone. “Hello?… yeah… uh-huh… ok, cool. Make sure you… yeah… yeah, he doesn’t like the rain, but… yeah… ok… Ok, Mom, I will… yeah, I love you, too. Bye!”

“So you get to sleep here tonight,” I said to him as he hung up.

David bounced over to my bed and laid down on it. “Cool. You got a comfy bed, too.”

“Yes, I do.” I held out a hand and helped him up. “You wanna watch the rest of the movie?”


We went back to the living room and turned the movie back on. Most of the rest of the night was going to be spent watching movies and hanging out, but at around ten the power flicked off. David and I sat there in the dark listening to the storm.

“Sounds pretty bad out there.”

“Yeah.” I dug out a flashlight and turned it on. “Well… we might as well get to bed. The power’s probably off for the night.”


“I’ll get you set up in the bedroom and then I’ll sleep in here.”

“Oh!” David looked and sounded disappointed. “I thought we were going to share the bed.”

I was so, so torn at this point. “Did you want to?”

“Sure. It’ll be more fun that way.”

God, this boy was sinful. Slowly, I said, “Well… ok. If you want to. Let me get things set up in there, then.”


I rounded up a couple drinks for us and dug out some candles. I set them up in the bedroom and lit them. David walked into the room after using the bathroom and stood there watching me, his virgin penis sticking straight up. He looked so wonderful standing there in the candlelight.

“Is there something wrong?” he asked after a moment.

I shook my head. “No. I just… you look… very beautiful in the candlelight, David.”

“Thank you.” David got under the blanket and said, “You getting in?”

“Yeah.” I stripped down to my boxers and got into bed with him.

“Aren’t you… going to sleep naked…?” David asked quietly.

“Do you want me to?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

I slipped my boxers off and tossed them aside. “Ok, they’re gone.”




“Why did you kiss me last night?”

David was quiet for a bit and then said, “I… I don’t know… I just really wanted to…”


“You’re not mad at me, are you?”

“No, I’m not.” I took a deep breath. “I really liked it.”

“You did?”


Softly, David said, “Do you want to kiss me again?”

I swallowed. “David… you know I’m gay.”


“You know I like young boys.”

“I know. I’ve seen your pictures.”

“I like them in ways other than just looking.”

Quietly, David said, “I know…”

I turned onto my side. David was already turned onto his and facing me. I reached out and brushed a hand along his cheek. He shivered as I touched him. I looked into his eyes. He was nervous, he was scared, but he also radiated trust. Total trust and faith in me. I felt vaguely guilty about the fact that I was using this trust for sex, but there was no way I could resist the urge. No way to stop now.

“Do you really want to kiss me again?”

“Yes,” he breathed.

My heart beating fast in my chest, I moved closer to David, feeling the heat from his body. I kept my hand on his cheek, and then slowly moved it around to the back of his head. Then, gently, tenderly, I pulled him close to me. The first brush of my lips against his brought forth a small moan from his young body. The second moan was stifled by my mouth pressed hard against him. I never thought such a small thing as a kiss could be so potent as this was.

I moved my hand off David’s head and slowly down his back to that firm, cute, hairless little ass I’d been drooling over for the last week. David whimpered as I cupped his young butt in my hand. He pushed against me, his penis pressing into my body.

“Oh, god, this is nice,” he whispered as we broke our kiss.

“Are you sure you want to be doing this?”

“Oh, yes…”

“What do you want to do?”

“What is there?”

“Well… we can masturbate each other. We can have oral sex. You can fuck me. I can fuck you. We can kiss. We can make love.”

“I want everything,” he whispered.



I smiled. “Then you’ll get it.” I moved my hand around from his butt and wrapped it around his preteen penis. There was already a little precum dripping from the tip of it. I rubbed it all over his shaft, feeling him shudder with pleasure as I stimulated him.

David’s hand reached out and brushed against my penis. “Can I…?”

“Of course.”

He put his hand around me and gave me a couple strokes. “It’s so big.”

I chuckled. “You made that observation before.”

“Yeah.” He started kissing me again as he kept masturbating me. He didn’t really know what he was doing, but that was ok. The fact that a boy this pretty was doing it to me was enough to fuel my fires.

As we kept kissing, I kicked the blanket down off our nude bodies. It was just too warm. Then I gently rolled David over onto his back. I began kissing his neck and his chest, sucking gently on each of his already erect nipples. He really started squirming as I did that. If he thinks that was nice, just wait, I thought to myself. I kept licking down, down, until I reached David’s smooth, bare pubic region. I licked the soft, tender skin there. I’d never been with a boy who hadn’t grown pubic hair yet. It was incredibly nice. Now I moved down further. Keeping my hand around David’s penis, I gave the tip a gentle lick.

“Ooooh… what… what was that…?”

I said nothing. I just licked the tip some more, slipped my tongue all around David’s shaft and then finally lowered my lips down around David’s twelve-year-old penis, beginning to give the boy his very first blowjob.

“Oh… oh… are you sucking my… oh, my god… oh, Chris, that’s so… oh…” He moved his hands down and ran his fingers through my hair.

I couldn’t believe that I was actually getting to give a blowjob to my lovely young dream boy. Not just giving him a blowjob, but really making love to him. Giving David his first ever sexual experiences. No matter how many other guys he slept with later in life, I’d still be the first. I’d still be special.

I kept sucking David’s penis and moved both my hands down and under to cup his butt while I blew him. I knew he’d probably cum soon, but I also knew that twelve-year-old boys like David have a great talent to recover quickly.

Not at all to my surprise, David started breathing harder and harder and was soon moaning rather loud, so loud that I almost couldn’t hear the storm outside. His whole body tensed, he let out a small howl, and I felt his penis twitch inside my mouth as his warm, salty semen splashed all over my tongue and down my throat. I kept sucking him until every drop of his precious fluid was inside me, and then I moved back up his body, giving him a kiss on his lips.

“That was… that… oh, god… that was so amazing…” David whispered, looking at me with slightly unfocused eyes.

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“Did you… was my… was my penis in your mouth?”

“Yes. It’s called a blowjob.”

“Oh. I’ve heard of them, but I never knew what they were until now.”

“Pretty nice, aren’t they?”

“Yeah,” he said with a broad grin. “I wanna do it to you.”

“Are you sure?”


“Ok.” I rolled over onto my back and held up my penis. “You want me to tell you how to do it?”

“No, I wanna try to figure it out for myself,” he said, moving down towards me.


David took my penis in his small hand and gave it a couple slow strokes. “Wow, this thing is big.”

I laughed. “You keep saying that!”

“It’s true.”

“I know. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“Oh, I want to, believe me.” David leaned down and gave the tip of my penis an uncertain, experimental lick. “Doesn’t taste like anything,” he said after a moment.

“Well, it’s just skin, like anything else.”

“Yeah.” He licked his lips and then bent his head down. I felt his tongue move over the shaft of my penis, from base back to tip and down again. David sat up once more. “Did you actually put mine in your mouth?”


“Ok.” David leaned down once more and opened his mouth wide. Then he slowly, carefully, wrapped his lips around the tip of my penis and moved his head down. He only got the tip and a little of the shaft into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around and then started to choke and abruptly sat up.

“Sorry,” he said with a shy smile.

“It’s alright. It takes some getting used to.”

“Did I do it right? Did it feel good?” He was so eager to please.

“It felt very good, David.”

“Alright.” David leaned down and took my penis back into his young mouth once more. I closed my eyes and laid back, resting a hand on the back of his head, doing my best to enjoy the sensation of a twelve-year-old boy giving his first blowjob.

He wasn’t half bad at it, either. He wasn’t the best, but with practice he’d get better. I wind up cumming if he kept it up too much longer. Not because of the skill, but because he was who he was. He was David, my ultimate virgin.

It finally got to the point where I had to say, “David…?”

“Yeah?” he asked, lifting his mouth off me.

“If you keep that up, I’ll be cumming soon.”

“Oh, ok. In my mouth?”

“Do you want me to?”


“Ok. I’ll warn you so you can brace yourself.”

“Alright,” he said, and then started blowing me again.

I laid back again and enjoyed what this wonderful, incredible boy was doing to me. Finally it got to the point where I had to whisper, “Ok, David… it’s about… to happen…”

David stopped moving, stopped stimulating me, but kept his mouth around my penis. I thrust up just a little on instinct and then let out a huge gasp of breath as I began to fire off my sperm into his young mouth. I could tell the quantity caught him by surprise. I could feel him trying to swallow, but he didn’t manage it all and started to choke a little. He sat up, wiping sperm from his chin as I finished cumming.

“I’m sorry,” he said after he’d recovered a little. “I didn’t mean to… I wanted to… I’m sorry.”

“It’s… ok…” I said. I smiled at him. “You did wonderful.”

“I wanted to swallow it all. I’m sorry.” He looked downcast.

“Well, if you want to, you can lick up the rest.”

“Oh, hey, yeah!” David brightened up and went back down, eagerly licking up my sperm. Once he was done, he moved up my body and gave me a deep, lingering kiss.

“You’re so wonderful, David,” I said after the kiss. I loved having his nude young body stretched out on top of me.

“You are, too.” David hesitated a moment and then looked away a little. “Chris?”


David looked back into my eyes. “I love you.”

My heart jumped. I had no idea what to say. This was really unexpected! Finally I looked into his eyes and said the first and only thing I could say.

“I love you, too, David.”

David looked like he was going to cry with happiness. He started kissing me again, and I took the time to work my tongue into his mouth. This caught him off guard but he soon got used to it and was quickly twirling his tongue around in my mouth.

“David, there’s something we need to talk about really quick.”


“You can’t ever tell anyone about you and me having sex, ok?”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s illegal for adults to have sex with boys, and I’d go to prison if anyone found out.”

“Oh.” He looked scared. “I don’t want that to happen. I love you.”

“I love you, too, David. So please promise me you won’t tell anyone about you and I having sex, ok?”


David was pressing his hard penis against my body as we kissed, and my own penis soon recovered and hardened up in response. David reached down between our bodies and took it in his hand.

“Do you want me to give you another blowjob?”

“Well, you know,” I said, “We can blow each other at the same time.”

He blinked. “We can? How?”

“Turn your body around so that your mouth is over my penis and my mouth is under yours.”

David brightened up. “Oh! I think I see how!” He turned around, getting into the right position.

“There you go.” I leaned my head up and took David’s delicate preteen penis into my mouth while he wrapped his mouth around my thirty-two-year-old erection. I was sixty-nining with a sweet, virgin boy! How could life get better than this?

This time our mutual blowjobs lasted quite a bit longer than the separate ones had. It took many, many minutes before David started to moan and fire off his load into my mouth. I blasted some sperm down his throat only a few seconds later, pleased that we were pretty synchronized. I was so loving this young boy!
When we were done cumming in each other’s mouths, we kissed, our sperm mingling around each other’s tongues. Then we each drank down some soda to clean said mouths out. Then we both laid there in the bed, David’s youthful, hairless, nude body wrapped around me.

“I really liked doing this stuff with you, Chris.”

“I liked it, too.”

“Can we do more in the morning?” he asked, sounding a little sleepy.

“You bet.”

“Good… good night, Chris… I love you…” he whispered and moments later I felt his breathing start to slow as he fell asleep in my arms. I joined him in the realm of slumber not too long after.

* * *

When I woke up the next morning, it was to the smell of food cooking. I sat up in bed just in time to see David, still nude of course, walking into the room with a little tray of food. Toast, cereal, eggs, nothing too big, but it was a very nice thought.

“Hey, Chris. I thought I’d make some food.”

“Thanks!” I took the tray and set it onto the bed as David sat down next to me. With one hand I reached down to fondle his sweet young penis. “Then later maybe some sausage.”

He giggled as his penis stiffened. Then he moved a little closer and kissed me on the cheek. “I really liked what we did last night.”

“Me, too.” I speared a bit of egg with my fork and held it up for him to eat.

David stuck out his tongue and slurped up the egg. After he swallowed he said, “So does this mean I’m like your boyfriend now?”

I thought for a bit and then said, “Yes,” largely because I didn’t know what else to say.

“Cool.” He gave me another kiss and then reached down to stroke my penis, which was already nice and hard.

I laughed a little. “Don’t be doing that while I’m trying to eat!”

“Ok, I’ll do this, then.” David ducked his head down and I felt his lips slip around the tip of my penis.

I began eating as quickly as I could as the pleasure in my groin mounted. Finally I was done and I set the tray aside, then reached down to pull David’s face up to mine. I kissed him wildly and passionately as he ground his body against mine.

After kissing for a few minutes, I pulled back and said, “David?”


“Do you wanna fuck me?”

“Like in the butt?” he asked after a moment.


“Won’t that hurt you?”

I shook my head. “No, it won’t. Trust me. It feels really good, actually.”

“Ok. So how do we do it?”

“Well…” I took out some lube from the nightstand drawer. “I put some of this onto me and then some onto your penis and we go from there.”

“What is it?” he asked as I passed him the bottle.

“It’s called lube. Squirt some onto your hand and then rub it onto your penis.”

“Alright.” David did as he was told, his eyes going wide as he began to apply the lube to himself. “Whoof… that does feel good!”

“I bet.” I took the lube from him and worked it up into myself with a finger. “Alright,” I said as I set it aside and laid onto my back. “Get between my legs.”

“Ok!” David said, moving into position.

“Now… sort of get on top of me.”


Once he was in place, I reached down and took hold of his erection, placing it into the right spot. Then I put a hand on his bare butt and pushed gently. David’s unresisting body moved down and I felt the glorious sensation of his hairless twelve-year-old penis slipping slowly into my thirty-two-year-old ass. When he was securely inside me, I wrapped my legs around his smooth body and looked up into his face, which was a mask of almost overwhelming pleasure.

“You like it in there, huh?” I asked with a smile.

David’s eyes were wide, his mouth hanging open. He focused on me and nodded. “I… wow… this is even better than the blowjob!”

“Yeah, I know.” I leaned up and kissed him. “Now just start sliding in and out.”

David nodded and rather awkwardly began to thrust. It was so cute seeing the look of concentration on my young boy’s face as he enjoyed his first ever fuck! He kept looking down to see where he was going into me. At one point he looked up and gave me a ragged little smile.

“This… is sweet…”

“You like fucking me, eh?”

“Oh, yeah…”

I laid back and relaxed as David’s lean, smooth, naked young body moved in pleasure on top of me. Ah, this was sweet… what a cute boy… what wonderful boy! How could I have even hesitated to tell him I loved him? I did. No question.

“Oh… ooooh… oh…. I’m cumming…” my preteen lover whispered. I felt his penis pulse within me as his meager supply of sperm was pumped into my body. God, it was wonderful watching him cum!

When he was done firing off into me, David collapsed on top of my body, breathing hard and looking happy. “That was incredible,” he whispered.

“Glad you liked it,” I said, running my finger through his blond hair.

David pulled back and slipped out of me. Without another word he moved his mouth down to my penis and began oralizing me. It seemed to me that he was better this time than when he’d first blown me last night, but it was hard to tell. Either way it felt good.

But more than the feeling, I just enjoyed looking down and seeing David’s smooth face, his mouth wide open and about half my penis sticking into it. Hot as fuck, and certain to cause that wonderful sensation in my own body.

“David… I’m gonna cum…”

David held still again as my penis began spurting into his mouth. He tried to swallow again and this time managed to actually get almost all of it down his throat. When I was done cumming, he sat up, looking a little woozy, and burped.

“Sorry,” he said with a giggle.

“It’s ok.” I smiled at him. “Come on, let’s go take a shower.”


David and I walked into the bathroom. I started running the water as he stood there staring at his face in the mirror.

“Something wrong?” I asked.

He shook his head. “I just think I should look different somehow, you know? I mean, I’m in love with you and I’m having sex and I think I should look different.”

I moved in behind him, cupping his soft penis in my hand, pleased to feel it start hardening up instantly. “I don’t want you to look different. You look beautiful like you are.”

“Thanks!” He kissed me and said, “Let’s get in the shower.”

David and I hopped into the water and got ourselves clean with only a small amount of grab-ass and things like that. Once we were out of the shower, we went back into the living room and watched a couple movies, just chatting and relaxing with each other. It was very sweet.

At one point during the movie, David got up to get a Coke and brought me one, too. He pointed at a painting and said, “See? I’m like Ganymede. I’m your cup-bearer.”

I laughed loudly. “You’re more like Ganymede than you imagine.”


I pulled the boy down onto my lap and kissed him. “When Zeus brough Ganymede to Olympus it was to have him as his lover, not just a servant.”

“Oh! Cool,” David said, a little smile spreading across his sweet, smooth face.

After the movie and after lunch, David and I went into the hot tub and fooled around some more. Sex in the water was always entertaining, and David was turning out to be a very enthusiastic lover.

But all good things must end, and this day was one of them. David left at about seven that night, heading back to his mom. My sadness at his leaving was tempered somewhat by the knowledge that he’d be back in my arms tomorrow morning.

David and I spent the rest of the summer happily having as much sex as his body could take, which, believe me, with a twelve-year-old boy is a lot. Most of the time we stuck with oral, but occasionally he fucked me, and a couple times I even fucked him, which was an incredibly intense experience.

I think David’s mom figured out what was going on between us. She never said anything directly, but I saw the occasional look from her when the three of us were together. She never stopped David from coming to visit, though.

When the summer was over, David and I parted ways. I gave him a little pan flute as a present. He gave me a drawing he’d made of us together, both nude, me carrying him through a river and us kissing. It was very sweet and ended up framed in my bedroom.

We stayed in touch, he and I, after the summer ended. We never actually got to see each other again, though, and eventually we drifted apart. I still think of him, though, and I hope he certainly thinks well of me. My dear, sweet young lover. My Ganymede.


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk, some rights reserved, but a few lefts, too.

So there you go, NAMBLA fans! This one’s fer you! 🙂

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    Loved this story. Often fantasize about having relationship like this.

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