Forbidden Fruit – Chapter 3

The van wasn’t as crowded as it had been on the trip to Six Flags. There were only ten junior and senior high students in the Econoline as Adam pulled into the parking lot at Schlitterbahn. The drive had been longer than the trip to Six Flags. Because of highway construction, closer to three hours than two. The younger teenagers pressed their faces against the windows, trying to get a look at one of the water rides rising into the sky.

Treble voice edged with enthusiasm, Jason said, “Hey, Meredith, let’s do that one first!”

The girl sitting by his side scoffed, “Yeah. You can tell me about it when they haul your butt out on a stretcher.”

Adam chuckled at the back and forth. Over the past seven weeks, he’d gotten to know all the kids in the youth group reasonably well. Jason and Meredith were “dating.” Not that the boy’s father approved. Still, Adam hadn’t seen either of the tweens do anything he’d have called them on.

“I’ve got the tickets, Adam,” Isaiah, sitting in the passenger seat, waved an envelope with the group’s tickets. With summer more than half over, Adam knew he’d miss the job as youth pastor for the little group. But he’d miss mentoring Isaiah. The boy had really warmed up to him over the past month. Moreover, he felt like he was drawing the shy boy out of his shell. Even some of the other kids were starting to talk with him more.

After they piled out of the van, Adam grabbed his backpack and called everyone over. After a quick prayer, he said, “Pick your groups, guys. Nobody goes off on their own, and make sure you’re back at the main gate by seven this evening. Don’t forget, when we leave here, we’ll swing by McDonalds for dinner.”

He let Isaiah hand out the tickets, and when Jason took his, he said, “You wanna come with Meredith and me?”

Delight danced in the boy’s eyes, “Uh, thanks, Jason. But someone has to keep an eye on the old man. No telling what trouble Adam will get into by himself.”

Even the eighth-grader, Meredith, got in on the action, “I know. Leave him alone for five minutes, and he’d have dozens of college girls just swooning over his big muscles.”

Everyone laughed at how the girl swayed from side to side, pretending to swoon.

Adam didn’t mind being the butt of their jokes. Still, he didn’t want to make himself too much of a target, “Alright, you little whippersnappers, just remember, there’s water over there, and I’ll baptize the next one who pops off. I’ll hold you down until I know you’ve repented.”

With tickets in hand, groups of two and three made their way over to the waterpark’s gate, leaving Adam alone with Isaiah. Putting a hand on the boy’s now-familiar shoulder, he said, “You didn’t have to do that. Jason and Meredith would have been fun to hang out with.”

Isaiah snorted, “Yeah, right.” He modulated his voice into a soprano, “Oh, Jason. You’re just so muscular. Take me out behind the bleachers and show me that the pastor’s kid knows how to kissy, kissy.”

Adam chuckled, “That’s not even close to how Meredith sounds. I guess nobody wants to be the third wheel on the bicycle.”

Isaiah sidled up beside him, “Right. Plus, someone’s gotta keep an eye on you. What would we do if you got kidnapped by a bunch of college babes?”

Adam had a hard time believing how much the young boy had opened up since Six Flags. When the youth group had helped out with the church’s vacation Bible school, Isaiah had been his gopher, running errands and shepherding the younger grade-school children between the various arts and crafts stations.

Of course, Adam had come through as best as possible to be the mentor the boy needed. In fact, this next Sunday would mark the third one where he would be eating Sunday dinner with Amanda and Isaiah. After dinner, he and the boy would probably go outside and throw a football or baseball around. Or if it were too hot, then maybe they’d watch a movie or play the boy’s console.

After handing over their tickets, Adam went through the turnstile, with Isaiah right behind. A sign pointed toward the changing rooms. With his backpack still slung over his shoulder, he headed that way. The changing room was large. There were a few stalls to one side for the modest. But in the middle of the room was a long low bench. On the opposite wall was a long open row of showerheads.

Isaiah sat down and rifled through his small backpack until he extracted a deep blue swimsuit. Adam dug into his backpack, trying hard not to look at the boy as Isaiah pulled his shirt off and shoved it in his backpack. Or when the boy slipped his shorts down his narrow hips, revealing a small pair of white briefs. But he failed miserably at turning away as the boy pulled those briefs down and off, revealing a smooth middle. Adam tried not to gape at the boy’s small penis. Nestled against a tight scrotum, Isaiah was a bit under two inches long.

The boy stood, causing his little noodle to swing about, as he slipped on his swimsuit. Adam hadn’t realized he had been holding his breath until the boy’s little jewel disappeared behind the swimsuit’s dark material. The young man was stunned at the ease with which the boy had changed in front of him. Adam’s mind was a riot of confusion as he pulled his shirt off. Even though he felt embarrassed at the boy’s lack of inhibition, Adam felt the most appropriate thing was to pay it no mind. Or rather at least to pretend he hadn’t noticed Isaiah.

He pulled his shorts down, revealing a pair of red briefs. As he gripped the waistband of his underwear, Adam realized at least part of him was acutely aware of Isaiah’s brief nudity. The fleshy tube of his penis was clearly outlined, and delaying things wasn’t going to make it go away. Glancing at the boy, the young man pulled his underwear off and grabbed his swimsuit, desperate to cover his seriously chubbed penis. That’s when he realized Isaiah’s eyes were glued to his midsection.

Without saying anything more, Adam shoved his clothes in his backpack. Once his stuff was packed away, in a strained voice, he said, “Ready to go? There are lockers nearby where we can stash our clothes.”

Isaiah followed after him in silence.

Walking over to the lockers, Adam wondered what the boy had thought. He remembered being Isaiah’s age. How he had tried to steal glances at other boys, just to measure himself against them. Then he recalled Clint. Sixteen-year-old Clint. The first time he had seen the older boy naked, Adam had been intimidated by the thick six inches between his legs.

At twenty, Adam had no illusions about his body. Part of what made Meredith’s joke so funny was he was about as an average a guy as possible. Sure, he had a little muscle tone, but not much. The only reason his stomach was flat was that he only weighed one-fifty. It wasn’t because he lifted weights or worked out. The less said about the rest of his body, the better. Some guys are lucky to have a field of chest hair by the time they’re in college. Not Adam. Aside from a few stray hairs around his nipples, the only hair on his torso was a thin trail starting a couple of inches below his belly. Even his penis wasn’t much to look at, he thought. Even when rock-hard, it wasn’t quite six inches.

When they reached the lockers, a part of Adam’s mind, where he had successfully locked away all the feelings he’d shared with Clint all those years before, was laid bare as he thought about Isaiah and the feelings he felt himself developing for the boy.

He’d done everything in his power to forget about how the older boy had taken him under his wing and made him feel welcome, how Clint had invited him into the older boy’s circle of friends. And eventually, how Clint introduced him to sex.

Adam’s hand froze on one of the lockers. He reminded himself he wasn’t like Clint. He could be there for Isaiah, just like a good mentor should. Maybe it was getting harder to ignore what he felt for the boy, but that didn’t mean anything. He could be Isaiah’s friend and mentor for the rest of the summer. And in the fall, when school was back in session, life would return to normal. Becky would come back, and the feelings disturbing his conscience would fade.

“Adam, can I store my backpack with yours?”

The young man’s hand unfroze, and he pulled the key from the lock, “Uh, yeah. Sure.”

Before he could put his backpack in the locker, Isaiah smacked his forehead, “Gosh. I nearly forgot.”

He opened the top flap of his backpack and pulled out some sunscreen. “Mom’ll kick my butt if I get sunburned. Can you spray this on me?”

Adam took the can, “Sure. Let’s start on your back.”

As evenly as possible, he sprayed the boy’s back, going side to side. Then, as Isaiah turned about, he sprayed the boy’s chest and belly. Then he knelt and covered his legs.

“That good enough?” he asked.

Isaiah rubbed the lotion into his chest, “Thanks. Can you rub it into my back, please?”

Thoughts of Clint touching his own twelve-year-old body filled Adam’s mind as the boy offered his back. He forcefully reminded himself he wasn’t like Clint. Steeling his mind against anything he might think of as sinful, Adam’s fingers traced over Isaiah’s shoulder blades, kneading the sunscreen into the boy’s skin. Once he reached the lower back, Adam declared, “There you go. Ready to face the fierce Texas sun.”

Isaiah took the canister back, “Thanks. You want me to spray you down? You’re like really white.”

Adam smirked. He hadn’t been swimming in a while. “Yeah. I guess so.”

Isaiah attacked the pale skin on Adam’s chest with the spray-on bottle. Then he moved around and sprayed his back. The spray ended, followed by a moment of silence. Then the boy’s fingers touched his back as he rubbed lotion into the skin. Adam wouldn’t admit it, even to himself, but Isaiah’s deft fingers felt good as he worked his way down to Adam’s lower back.

Once done, Isaiah returned the sunscreen to his bag and let Adam lock everything away. Then the boy grabbed the young man’s hand, “Come on, we’ve gotta do the Master Blaster first. I saw a Youtube video, and it was totally sick!”

By the time they reached the line to the Master Blaster, Adam was winded and thankful for the sunscreen. Not quite noon and the day was already a scorcher. As they reached the ride, an attendant put a two-seater inner-tube on the loading chute.

“Keep your hands and feet inside the tube, gentlemen,” said the young woman wearing a red Baywatch style one-piece swimsuit under a pair of red shorts.

Isaiah took the front seat, leaving Adam to sit behind him. The young man slid his legs on either side of the boy. Then the young woman nodded at them and flipped a switch, propelling their tube down the ride. Rushing water and gravity forced the innertube down the fiberglass route, through twists and turns and tunnels until, more than a thousand feet later, they ended up at the bottom, near a small lazy river that circled around the rides.

Climbing out of the tube, Isaiah wiped the water from his face, “That was cool. Can we do it again?”

The pure happiness on the boy’s face was enough for Adam as he nodded and headed toward the path leading to the ride’s entrance.


One thing sunscreen doesn’t protect you from was the way the hot sun saps your energy. And Isaiah was ready for some shade by the time his belly rumbled. It was early afternoon, and he and Adam had ridden all the rides on this end of the waterpark.

“Adam, can we take a break? I’m hungry.”

The young man offered a tired smile, “It’s about time. Been so long since I’ve eaten, my belly’s rubbing up against my backbone.”

Over by the lockers, Isaiah saw a shack selling barbeque sandwiches. “I’ve got some money in my backpack. Let me grab it, and we can eat.”

Adam, shaking water from his hair, said, “Come on, I’ll get it. My treat.”

Isaiah’s mom had given him enough money for lunch and dinner. As much as he liked Adam, the last thing he wanted was to be a burden. As they neared the shack, the boy said, “It’s okay, Adam. I’ve got enough money.”

Adam’s hand rested on Isaiah’s bare shoulder. “I know. Your mom told me. And I don’t mind picking up lunch for us. Do you want a barbeque sandwich or a turkey leg?”

Despite having the kindest face the boy could imagine, Adam also seemed determined, and Isaiah didn’t want to upset him. In ways Isaiah didn’t understand, he felt similar about Adam as he had about Josh, even though his relationship with the young man wasn’t anything like his friendship had been with Josh. “Okay. But I get to buy dinner this evening. Alright?”

After they ordered and received their food, Adam led him over to a covered picnic table. The barbeque sandwich wasn’t anything special. His mom made better. A lot better, he thought as he took a second bite.

Content to eat in silence, Isaiah thought back to when he and Adam had changed into their swimsuits. He had surprised himself by changing right in front of the young man. Over the past year, he’d begun to complain when his mom opened the door to the bathroom when he was bathing or showering. Being around Adam was different. And even though he’d never let himself make the same mistake with the young man as he’d made with Josh, there was still a thrill undressing in front of Adam.

He’d known Adam could have responded with some comment about covering up, but the young man hadn’t said anything. He just stripped down and put his swimsuit on. Biting into his sandwich, Isaiah felt himself blush, recalling just how big Adam was. And even though he was thin, pale, and smooth, except for the thick, curly hair above his penis, the young man seemed perfect to Isaiah.

“A penny for your thoughts?”

Adam had finished eating and was looking at him expectantly. Isaiah felt himself flush, recalling how stiff and big the young man had seemed earlier. “Um, n-nothing. Just glad you’re my friend.”

The words were barely out of his mouth when Isaiah realized how stupid they were. Adam was an adult. Already a college student. The only reason he spent time with him was because it was his job. Feeling a wave of confusion wash over him, he added, “You are, aren’t you? N-not just because it’s your job?”

Adam’s eyes rose in surprise. “Of course I’m your friend. Why wouldn’t I be?”

With his eyes facing the table, Isaiah said, “Because I’m just a kid. And you’re in college.”

Adam’s hand pressed against his, “What’s that got to do with anything? My job is to be the youth intern. Lead the class in Sunday school lessons, and plan stuff like this. But when I get to spend time with you it’s because I like you. Not because of my job.”

“Really?” Adam felt something with Adam that eclipsed what he’d once felt for Josh. Even though he didn’t know what to do with this feeling rising inside him, one thing was for sure. He couldn’t handle a second rejection. No matter what, he’d not mess up and try to kiss Adam. He was sure the young man would disapprove.

Adam squeezed his hand, “Yes. When your mom told me you were a special kid, I thought she was just talking. Every mom thinks their kid is someone special. It must be in some Mom Code. But she was right. You’re an incredibly special boy, Isaiah. And I’m glad you’re my friend.”

When they finished with lunch, Adam said, “They’ve got a lazy river ride. What say we get some innertubes and let our lunch digest while we float along?”

The hike to The Falls was short, the line to get an innertube even shorter, and within a few minutes, they were whisked away on the fast-flowing river. As the water bubbled around him, Isaiah had to raise his voice to be heard over the running water, “I thought you said this was a lazy river!”

Flowing along a few feet in front of him, Adam rolled his shoulders, “I’m not doing anything. Feels pretty lazy to me.”

They went through rapids, slow spots that felt pretty lazy, as well as expansive slides that conveyed their tubes between the ride’s levels. Most of the time, Isaiah’s tube floated along right next to Adam’s, and they talked about the young man’s favorite movies. Lord of the Rings, of course. He found out Adam’s favorite subject in school had been English. When he told his youth leader that he liked listening to some of his mom’s Outlaw country songs, Adam mimicked an air guitar as he yodeled badly Ghost Rider in the Sky. “Yippie I oh oh oh, Yippie I aye ye ye, Ghost riders in the sky!”

Laughing at the horrible impression, Isaiah said, “Do you know who sings that song?”

“Johnny Cash?”

Isaiah smirked, “Yeah. Next time, let him.”

Adam grabbed his chest, “Oh, cut to the quick. Such a fast tongue. Who knew he could talk with it, too?”

Isaiah’s eyes bugged at Adam’s comment. He wasn’t sure, but there seemed almost something adult in the meaning. Although to see the young man’s expression, he was laughing at him. For a moment, the boy’s mind went back to that moment with Josh when he had tried to steal a kiss. He had failed badly at being quick with his tongue, if that’s how Adam intended it. Still, as the boy searched the young man’s face, there was no reproach nor disapproval.

Content the comment wasn’t about kissing, Isaiah stuck his tongue out before firing back, “And stick it out at people who can’t carry a tune in a bucket.”

He had so much fun, simply talking with Adam, they rode the forty-five-minute ride three times before finally getting out. While he hadn’t told the young man about his feelings for Josh or the kiss, there wasn’t much he hadn’t shared. In return, he learned about all of Adam’s vacations as a kid, about how he had attended a youth group at a church very similar to Wakefield. Isaiah learned he even had a girlfriend, although she was halfway across the country, visiting family during the summer break. He even learned why Adam had become the youth intern for the summer.

The rest of the afternoon flew by, and before he knew it, Adam wrapped an arm around his shoulder, “We’re supposed to meet everyone else at the entrance in a little bit. Let’s get our stuff and get changed.”

The changing room was mostly empty when they stepped inside, and when they placed their backpacks on the long, low bench, the young man said, “I smell like the Comal River. I think I’m going to take a quick shower before getting dressed. I don’t want to smell like this for three hours in the van.”

With that, Adam dropped his swimsuit and headed over a long bank of showerheads. Isaiah found himself watching the young man’s pasty white globes. Adam really was much better looking than Josh.

The boy shook the thought away. It wouldn’t do to think like that. Still, that didn’t stop him from stripping off his swimsuit and heading over to join Adam in washing off the river water. Between every couple of showerheads were soap and shampoo dispensers, and Adam was scrubbing his scalp with lathery suds as Isaiah took the showerhead beside him.

Even as the boy lathered himself with soapy suds, his eyes stole glances at Adam. Unlike earlier, Adam’s junk was soft. But it was still huge to his eleven-year-old’s eyes. Would he ever be that big?

Uh-oh. Seeing the young man like that, Isaiah felt something twitch between his legs. When he tore his eyes away from his youth pastor, Isaiah saw his own fleshy tube rising from the suds. Before the boy knew it, his three erect inches pointed upwards. Mortified at his body’s betrayal, he shifted his feet, turning so that his body was slightly facing away from Adam.

That worked all of about twenty seconds. Someone else who had come into the changing room walked over and claimed the showerhead a couple of spaces over. Faced with exposing himself to a perfect stranger, who appeared to be older than his mom, or Adam, he shifted around until his erection was exposed to his youth leader.

Finished, Adam turned off the water, “I’ll grab you a towel.”

A minute later, his own towel wrapped around his waist, the young man came back into the shower area and handed Isaiah a towel. Grateful but still mortified at his body’s cruel betrayal, the boy hastily wrapped it around his skinny frame. “Thanks.”

While getting dressed in his street clothes, Isaiah felt close to tears. The last thing he wanted was Adam to think he was gay. And what else could he think? And he’d had so much fun riding the rides and hanging out with the young man.

Wrapped up in his shame, Isaiah jumped when Adam put a hand on his shoulder, “That stuff happened to me when I was your age. All the time. Heck, sometimes it still does.”

Relief at hearing those words nearly overwhelmed the boy. “Really? Oh, God. I thought you’d be upset and think I’m…”

The word died on his lips. Isaiah liked Adam more than anyone else. Except maybe his mom. What if that did make him gay? No, his mind rebelled against the idea. It wasn’t an option. Not after Josh.

Adam, leaning close, said, “What? Horny? What twelve-year-old boy isn’t?”

Scandalized at the suggestion, Isaiah’s eyes were as round as saucers. “You’re the youth pastor, Adam. You can’t say that?”

Adam chuckled, “Maybe I was speaking as your mentor, not your youth pastor.”

A look came over Adam, and he shook his head, “No, even as a youth pastor, I’d tell you the same thing. What happened back in the shower is normal, Isaiah. It’s just part of puberty. Nothing to worry about.”

With that, the young man swung his small backpack onto one of his shoulders, “Let’s go see if we’re the first back to the entrance.”


The drive back home was long. Three hours, and mostly after twilight. Still, Adam wasn’t too tired. He thought as he reached for the McDonalds cup. A sip of Dr Pepper moistened his sun-dried lips. Although the kids had mostly grown quiet after the light fled the western sky, before then, all they talked about was how much fun they’d had at the waterpark.

None of the other kids had challenged Isaiah for shotgun, and now the boy’s head rested against the window. He was sound asleep. Part of Adam knew getting to know the boy better was playing with something better left alone. The last couple of years had been hard but good. Becky helped keep him on an even keel. Without her, he wasn’t sure if he’d have been strong enough to repent for the things he’d done to and with Jacob, and before that, with Clint.

Yeah, he thought, I can manage my friendship with Isaiah until the end of the summer. I can be the mentor he needs without fucking it up.

A thin smile crossed his features as Adam kept his eyes open for the exit ramp. He’d never swear in front of the kids. Wouldn’t even do it around Becky either. Still, his thoughts were his own, and his filter was his mouth, not his brain.

He took another glance at the boy before flipping the blinker and exiting the interstate. A few minutes and they’d be back at the church. Nothing I can’t handle. Just a couple of weeks until Becky returns, I’ll be back at my church across town, and school will back in session.

His cell phone buzzed when he came to a traffic light a few minutes away from the church. A glance showed it was Amanda, Isaiah’s mom.

“Hi Amanda, we’re only a few minutes late. I’m about five minutes from the church,” Adam said, with his phone to an ear.

“I’m glad I caught you before you got back, Adam. I had an emergency come up with one of my girlfriends, and I’m stuck in Tyler tonight,” said the voice on the other end of the phone.

Worried, Adam said, “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah. I think so. Probably just an overreaction. How’s Isaiah?”

Another glance at the sleeping beauty. “Sleeping. He had loads of fun today.”

“That’s good. Did he hang out with you?”


Some of the stress in Amanda’s voice faded, “I’m so glad. Speaking of Isaiah, I need a favor, please.”

Amanda was two hours away from town. Adam didn’t need clairvoyance to know what was coming. Without letter her finish, Adam said, “Yeah. Of course, he can stay with me. All my roommates are gone. He can crash on one of the spare beds tonight.”

“You’re a lifesaver, Adam. Right now, I adore you even more than Isaiah does. And that’s a lot.”

Flushing at what he thought was unearned praise, Adam said, “No problems. Call me when you’re back in town tomorrow, and I’ll bring Isaiah home.”

He was pulling into the church parking lot when he disconnected his phone. The sharp turn disturbed most of the sleeping kids, including the boy riding shotgun. Adam raised his voice, “Alright, the final ride of the day is over. Don’t leave your trash behind. I know who’s got the bag of Fun-ions. Leave them behind at your peril.”

It was almost déjà vu after the last car pulled out of the parking lot, leaving Adam alone with Isaiah, who was still sitting in the van’s passenger seat. The boy let an unhappy sigh escape. “I guess mom’s late again. Sorry, Adam.”

The young man, leaning against the frame of the van, said, “Oh, did I forget to tell you, your mom called while you were asleep. She got stuck in Tyler tonight. Asked me if I wouldn’t mind letting you stay with me.”

The sad expression morphed into a wide, if tired, grin, “No way! That’s so cool. So, can I?”

Laughing at the transformation, Adam said, “What kind of friend would I be if I said no? Come on. Let’s lock the van up and get out of here.”

The drive to Adam’s apartment was twenty minutes across town. By the time he arrived, the boy was asleep again. It was all he could do to wake him and get him into the apartment Adam usually shared with two other guys from college. Adam’s housemate, Deacon, was due back in a couple of weeks. He had the bedroom next to his, and that’s where Adam deposited a sleeping Isaiah.

After laying the boy on the bed, Adam thought about how much more comfortable Isaiah would be if he undressed the boy down to his underwear. So much more comfortable than his cargo shorts and T-shirt. In the end, he pulled the covers over the boy. Two weeks to go, he reminded himself. He could control the urge to see more of the boy until the temptation was gone.

Once undressed and in his own bed, Adam stared at the whirling blades of the ceiling fan. He reminded himself how proud he should be. An entire day spent in close contact with a gorgeous not-quite-twelve-year-old, and Adam had done well. But as sleep eluded him, he didn’t feel proud. It was all he could do not to get up and go into the boy’s room, take off Isaiah’s clothes, and gaze at his amazing body.

Adam muttered, “What the fuck, dude. He’s just a kid. You’re not the sick pervert who would take advantage of him. Go to sleep.”

What was it one of his professors had told him? It’s okay talking to yourself as long as you don’t start answering back. That didn’t really help either, as he whispered, “Only a sick fuck would molest Jacob or would want to touch Isaiah, too. You’re not that guy. Not anymore.”

Adam turned onto his side. It was only exhaustion that let him eventually drift away into a troubled sleep.

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