Empress of the World – Part 5


Truth or Dare?!?

I hadn’t expected Jackie to propose a game like that. I mean, when me and my friends played Truth or Dare at slumber parties, everyone ended up naked or worse. Still, Jackie was lying next to me and she was in just her underwear.

Despite what I felt growing for Gavin, I realized that night my love for my sister was the most real thing in my world. I knew the likelihood she felt anything at all toward me other than friendship and sibling love was remote. However, this could still be a fun game.

Still, there were few games more dangerous to a kid’s dignity. “I guess so. What are the rules?”

Jackie’s eyebrows scrunched up, showing she was in deep thought. When the brows relaxed, she said, “How about, we can’t refuse to answer a truth. And any dare has to stay inside the cabin.”

I could live with that. “Paper, rock, scissors to see who goes first?”

Jackie shook her head, “No, you can start.”

When Jackie had told me earlier that she wanted to be my friend, I had wanted to believe her. Even though she had been terrific toward me so far on the cruise, I hadn’t really forgotten about how badly she treated me before. But now, I felt she truly meant it.

“Okay,” I said, “Truth or dare?”


There were so many different questions. Some were pretty tame, others were… not. I didn’t want to start things off too crazy, “Have you ever used the boys’ bathroom because the girls’ bathroom was full, and did anyone ever find out?”

Jackie smirked, “That’s two. But yeah. Once when I was in the eighth grade. Nobody found out because Mindy kept a lookout. What about you? Truth or dare?”


She said, “Have you ever kissed anyone?”

Before today, I would have said no. I nodded, “Yeah.”


I felt myself blush as I nodded again.

“Was he a good kisser?”

I blurted out, “My turn. Truth or dare?”

Jackie flashed a wicked grin, enjoying my discomfiture. The funny thing was, even though I was uncomfortable answering, deep down, maybe really deep down, I didn’t mind sharing this with her.


Time to make Jackie uncomfortable, “Who was the first boy you kissed?”

“Carlos Jones. My turn. Truth or dare?”

I fumed. Jackie didn’t even blink. “Truth.”

She said, “Do you like only boys or do you also like girls?”

My eyes shot up in surprise. I hadn’t expected her to think that what I felt for Gavin was like gay or something. But as I thought about the feeling of his mouth on my dick and his dick in my mouth, I really wondered if I was just fooling around with him or if I felt something deeper. But there was one girl I was crazy about and she was lying next to me.

I pursed my lips, “Do you really think I like Gavin. I mean, like-like.”

Jackie nodded, “Yeah. When he hugged you, you really enjoyed it.”

Well, this was truth or dare. I couldn’t lie. “I guess I like him like that. But there’s a girl I like too. I guess it’s kind of confusing.”

Jackie reached over and rubbed her hand on my head, “Who would have pegged my cute, er, I mean cool brother as bisexual?”

I smiled at her intentional flub. “What’s it mean to be bisexual?”

“It means you like sex with both boys and girls.”

I nodded, “Okay. Maybe I’m bisexual. My turn. Truth of dare?”


Curious about my sister’s experiences, I asked, “What about you? Do you like any girls or just boys?”

Jackie said, “I like boys. But me and Mindy fooled around a lot when we were in junior high. Truth or dare?”

I wasn’t ready to go for a dare yet. “Truth.”

Jackie was quick with her next question. “Tell me about this girl you like.”

I replayed what I had said and realized my mistake. I had told Jackie that there was a girl I liked. But there was no way I could tell her she’s that girl. I came so close to lying right then. But the thing was, one reason to play Truth or Dare is to say things you would never find the courage to say otherwise.

I couldn’t look at her, choosing instead to stare at the white-as-snow bedspread. I mumbled, “It’s you.”

Despite how low my voice was, Jackie rocked back, surprise etched across her face. “Me?”

I looked up at her and nodded, “Yeah. It’s Truth or Dare. I can’t lie. It’s you. You’re not mad at me, are you?”

Jackie shook her head as she reached out and took my hand, “No. I’m not mad. I guess I’m just surprised. You really like me?”

“Yeah,” I said, “It started yesterday. But when we were teasing each other before dinner with Mom and Max, I realized I like you a lot. I know I’m not supposed to feel that way, but I can’t lie when playing Truth or Dare. Right?”

A ghost of a smile lit up my sister’s face, “No, Orion. You have to tell the truth. Whose turn is it now?”

“Mine. Truth or dare?”

After giving my sister such a huge shock, she returned the favor. “Dare.”

Normally, when me and my friends played, the first few dares were pretty tame. Go touch your tongue to the mirror. Run out to the mailbox in your underwear, things like that. The look in my sister’s eyes told me we wouldn’t be playing like that.

“I dare you to stay on top of the bedspread for the rest of the game.”

Jackie flashed me an encouraging grin as she shifted around until she sat on top of the bedspread. She looked gorgeous in her peach-colored panties and bra. She said, “Truth or dare?”

It was an unwritten rule that once someone takes a dare, everyone else has to as well. “Dare.”

Jackie grinned as she said, “I dare you to kiss me.”

I had already planted a kiss on her cheek earlier. I could do this. As I moved toward her, she said, “Not on the cheek this time, bro. On my lips.”

I gulped even as the fluttering in my belly got worse. I climbed onto my knees and moved over to her. When I was close enough, I leaned forward until my lips were nearly touching hers, “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, Orion. Please.”

I kissed Jackie. Her lips were softer and warmer than Gavin’s. But just like him, she responded to my kiss by kissing me back. She hadn’t set a time limit, so after a few seconds, I sat back on my haunches and said, “How was that?”

Jackie ran a finger over her lips, “I liked it. Apparently, Gavin’s taught you a thing or two. Your turn. I’ll take a dare.”

Once you start kissing, there aren’t that many things you can dare someone to do before things get really interesting. Still, what did it matter if things get interesting? Jackie actually liked my kiss. This game rocked. “I dare you to show me your boobs.”

Jackie’s smirk grew wider as her hands went behind her back. A few seconds later, she let her bra fall to the bed, revealing her small, perky boobs. Her eraser-like nipples were hard, pointing at me. “Whatcha think, bro?”

In a tone almost worshipful, I said, “They’re beautiful, Jackie.”

Her smile widened before she said, “Are you going to take any more Truths, or is it dares from here on?”

I said, “Just dares.”

“Good,” she said, “I want to see your dick. Take off your underwear for the rest of the game.”

There wasn’t any way that she hadn’t already noticed my stiffy poking at my underwear. And now that she was topless, I didn’t feel too embarrassed to let her see me. I climbed off the bed long enough to pull my underwear down. I know I should have made a show of it, but I was in too big of a hurry for that. I felt liberated as my dick popped out and slapped my tummy. I don’t know why, but even though I was a good dead smaller than Gavin, my size didn’t bother me now that I was naked in front of Jackie.

Once I had resumed my spot on the bed, I said, “I guess it’s my turn to dare you. Take your panties off.”

Jackie giggled, “We’re not very original, are we?”

Still, she rolled onto her back and pulled at her panties until they landed on the floor. I had expected a thick, black patch of pubic hair spreading away from her sexy parts. It stunned me to see her pubic area was as bare as my own. I could even see her slit.

Awestruck, I stammered, “Y-you shave?”

Jackie chuckled as she sat down in front of me with her legs crossed Indian style. “Yeah. Even teenaged boys like their girls smooth. And I like the way it feels.”

I shook my head in wonderment, “Wow.”

Jackie said, “It’s my turn to dare you.”

She splayed her legs, resting them on either side of me. “Stretch your legs out and put them on either side of my hips. I want you to scooch over to me. Once you’ve done that, I’ll tell you the rest of the dare.”

I was pretty sure that’s not how Truth or Dare is supposed to be played, but I couldn’t have cared less. I did as instructed, and scooted closer to her, until my butt was between her knees.

“Cool,” Jackie said, “Now play with my tits. I’ll tell you when to stop.”

My stomach fluttered as I reached out with both hands and pressed them palm outward onto her chest. The soft, fleshy tissue gave way beneath my palms while the hardness of her nipples pushed back. I closed my fingers and cupped my hands over her boobs.

“Massage them, Orion.”

I pushed and pulled, with and against her skin for several minutes. Jackie was vocal enough so that I knew what made her feel good and what didn’t. When she finally said, “Time,” I could see she had really enjoyed my hands.

It was my turn. What the hell was I supposed to do to top that? I thought about how close we were to each other. My dick poked out toward my sister’s abdomen. “Um, if you want, you can play with my dick.”

Jackie reached out, “Is that your dare?”

Nodding, I said, “Yeah, but the truth is, I don’t really know what to ask for next.”

Jackie smiled as her fingers wrapped around my shaft, “I guess we can forget the dares and just see what happens. How’s that sound?”

Her hands moved up and down on my erection. Jackie was a pro, making the tingling in my balls spread to my dick. After too short a time, she stopped. “Do you cum yet?”

“Yeah, been doing it for a few months.”

She pulled her hand away, “Cool. I don’t want to make you do that just yet. How about this? I’m going to close my legs. And I want you to slide up to me and hug me. We can kiss some more.”

Once on her legs, I inched forward until my dick touched Jackie’s innie-facing belly button. With my butt resting on her lap, my head was taller than hers and her boob pressed against my torso. She had to tilt her head to kiss me; and kiss we did. I showed her what Gavin had taught me when my tongue darted into her mouth. The way she moaned told me I’d done the right thing.

I’m not sure how much time passed, but when Jackie broke the kiss, she said, “Wow, bro. You’re a fucking pro. You need to give Gavin a good blowjob for teaching you how to kiss like that.”

I preened at my sister’s praise. “What now?”

“I want to see you cum,” Jackie said as she pushed me back so she could reach between us and grab my dick. Her fingers, now wrapped around me, stroked up and down. The only feeling that could compete with what she did was Gavin’s mouth on my dick.

With her fingers working their magic, the tingling, which started in my balls, came on me fast. And before I knew it, all four inches were tingling and then, like an explosion spreading out from my balls, I came. My dick twitched in Jackie’s hands as my watery cum shot into the air and splattered against my chest. Another spasm, and another bit of cum slid down my sister’s fingers. She didn’t stop jacking me until after my last spasm, even though the last few were dry.

I groaned, “Oh, wow, that was incredible, Jackie.”

She looked stunned by what had just happened. I was hardly the first boy she had been with, so her slack expression confused me. Then she said, “Holy fuck, I just jacked you off, Orion. I can’t believe I fucking jacked my brother off. Are you okay?”

Still feeling the effects of my orgasm, I said, “Fuck yes. God, Jackie, that felt great.”

Then she looked down between us, at the mess on her hand, “You sure?”

I took my index finger and swiped at the slightly cloudy-but mostly clear semen on my chest and plopped it in my mouth, much to my sister’s surprise.

I had been tasting my cum since the first watery drop came out of my dick six months before. At first, it was really sweet. But now, as it was getting a little thicker, the sweetness was still there, but there was a saltiness to it. But just like Gavin’s I couldn’t taste any bitterness, which I have heard is common among older teens and men.

Jackie said, “Ooh, that’s gross.”

I shook my head, “Not to me.”

She recoiled, “I’ve tasted other guys’ cum, and it tasted terrible.”

I grabbed hold of her hand, where her fingers were still coated with my semen and said, “Okay, well, if you don’t want to taste it, I’ll clean you off.”

Before I could pull her hand toward my face, she took it and said, “Fine, but if you’re lying, you’ll never get a blowjob from me,” and slid her finger into her mouth.

Jackie’s eyes grew round. “Not bad. I thought it would taste all gross.”

Even as the high of my orgasm faded, I leaned forward and kissed her. When our lips parted, I said, “So, do I get a blow job?”

She quickly kissed me, “Not tonight. But seeing as I have hopelessly corrupted my kid brother, maybe you could help me out.”

My sister moved away, spreading her legs open, “You got yours, now it’s my turn.”

Her fingers moved to her slit and spread her pussy lips open. Just below the start of her slit, her fingers massaged something, making her groan, “Oh, yeah.”

After a few more moans, she spread her legs even wider, “Come over here. I want you to put your finger in my pussy.”

I scrambled across the bed, laying my head toward her sexy parts, and gave her my hand. With her free hand, she guided my fingers into the fleshy folds, just below where her fingers were working on a spot. She was wet down there. I’d seen pictures online of women who were leaking pussy juices. This had to be like that. My fingers became slick with Jackie’s wetness before they reached her hole. And when I pushed up into her, my finger slid in, almost like it belonged there.

Jackie pushed down as my index finger slid into her pussy. It felt like her walls were sucking me in, pulling me deeper until my finger was all the way to the last knuckle. I pulled out and then pushed back in, and my sister rewarded me with another moan of pleasure.

Jackie shuddered and my finger felt even wetter than before. Her fingers rubbed her spot just inside her slit even faster as she moaned again. “I’m cumming!”

She shuddered a couple of more times, each shudder another orgasm. By the time Jackie pulled my hand from her wet pussy, she sighed, “Now that’s what I call a cum.”



When I awoke the next morning, it was to light filtering through the balcony’s flimsy inner curtain. Neither I nor Orion had thought to close the blackout curtain last night. Hell, after he brought me to my earth-shattering orgasm, all I did was fall asleep.

Orion was gently snoring next to me. With the light of morning shining in, I knew what we had done we shouldn’t have. But I didn’t give a fuck. I should have regretted feeling Orion’s young cock in my hands and his finger in my pussy. Instead, I regretted the years I had treated him like an unwanted pest. I guess I have always, in one way or another, loved my brother. But now our love had taken on a physical manifestation and I loved him all the more for it.

Don’t misunderstand me. While I love my brother and am honestly looking forward to our cruise, for a change, I don’t believe in true love or that there’s only one person for me. I’m also looking forward to seeing where things with Jake go. And who knows? Maybe there’s some other guy onboard who I have yet to meet that will make me wet. Yeah, maybe now I will forgive Mom for dragging me along on this fucking cruise.

I chuckled. Yeah. That’s what the next seventy days are going to be, my fucking cruise.

I slid out of bed and took care of nature’s call. When I came back to bed, Orion had shifted in his sleep, and the bedcovers had fallen away. Like me, he had fallen asleep naked. He had an erection, and it was pointing at the ceiling. It drew my attention like nothing else. In that moment of morning silence when nobody could judge me, I loved the sight of Orion’s dick. My hand was halfway across the bed when I got a better idea.

Even though I’ve been with a few guys, one thing my previous experiences had taught me was that guys’ cum was nasty and bitter. Unfortunately, the guys I dated wanted girls who would give head. But I learned quickly that just because I gave head didn’t mean I had to be a swallower. Was last night enough to change my mind?

I pulled the rest of the covers off the bed even as Orion snored. The mattress was one of those memory foam mattresses that don’t shake the entire bed when you move, so I could slip up next to him until I was only a few inches above my brother’s cock. It was nowhere near the biggest I’d seen, but it wasn’t the smallest either. But unlike most of the guys I’ve dated, I felt something for Orion that I haven’t felt for most of them. As a girl, you’re expected to give the guy pleasure and if you’re lucky enough to find your own O, then that’s fine. Finding my own O has never been a problem. I guess that’s why I’ve enjoyed sex with my boyfriends. But bringing them to orgasm was just part of what they expected of me. With Orion, it was different. I wanted to make him orgasm.

And that’s why I lowered my head until my lips wrapped around his glans. When I swiped my tongue across his little helmet, the snoring stopped. When I took a bit more of him in my mouth, I heard a gasped, “Oh, fuck!”

I took a bit more of him as he craned his head to see what I was doing. And then I slid all of him in my mouth, slathering his enclosed erection with my tongue.

When he found his voice again, Orion said, “Mmm, Sis, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

I wanted to. I bobbed up and down, feeling his fleshy tube slide between my lips. A slight sweetness hit my taste buds as my brother’s cock leaked a bit of pre-cum. Most of the time, guys’ pre-cum is tasteless or just slightly sweet. Oh, how different for most of them once they fill your mouth with their jizz. I hoped and prayed I hadn’t dreamed how good Orion had tasted on my fingers last night.

I had been going down on his cock for a few minutes when Orion groaned, “Nmm, Jackie! I’m real close.”

He had practically no experience with this. And yet he still wanted to warn me. God, if I had a dollar for every guy who warned me before cumming in my mouth, I’d have enough for my coffee at Starbucks.”

I felt Orion’s cock get harder and even a bit larger just before he spasmed. I clamped down and sucked on him like I my life depended on it. Jack-fucking-pot! His cum splashed against my tongue. I had steeled myself to have been wrong about last night, but there was still a bit of sweetness mixed in with a more familiar saltiness. But no gag-reflexing bitterness.

I swallowed two small blasts before my brother finished his orgasm with a few more blank spasms. When I finally let his cock slip from my lips, Orion murmured, “Can you wake me up like this every morning?”

He was smiling at me as his hand reached out and caressed my cheek. I said, “Your dick was stiff as a board when I woke up. You looked like you needed some help.”

He leaned forward and kissed where his hand had just touched before moving his lips onto mine. When our lips broke, he said, “Thanks, Jackie. I’ll always take help like that.”

My watch buzzed as I realized how wet I was. I glanced at it and saw that it was already ten in the morning. I had hoped to meet Jake and his friends sometime before lunch. I pulled myself away from Orion reluctantly. It’s not like I planned on sleeping anywhere else tonight. I gave my brother a quick kiss, “Alright, lover boy. Tonight, we’ll pick up where we left off. I want to catch some rays and hang out in the hot tub before the sun gets too hot.”

I heard an audible growl from Orion’s stomach. “Tonight? I’d like that. Right now, there’s a buffet that needs demolishing.”



I was on my second plate when Gavin and Nathan found me. They were both in board shorts and tank-tops. I plopped the syrup covered bite of pancakes into my mouth before saying through a mouthful of food, “What’s up?”

Well, that’s what it was supposed to sound like. It came out, “Whapf up?”

Gavin said, “There’s a basketball court up on deck fifteen. Me and Nathan are headed up there to shoot some hoops. Wanna come with?”

I pushed my chair away from the table, “Sure. Did you guys are already eat?”

Nathan said, “Yeah. My grandma dragged us to breakfast in the Grande this morning. Boring. How’d you score breakfast without your ‘rents?”

As the three of us headed toward the stairs, I said, “Made a sweet deal with my mom’s fiancé. As long as we have dinner with them on Sundays and Thursdays, the rest of the week we get to do our own thing.”

Nathan shook his head, “That’s fucking sweet. My grandma paid for me and my parents’ cruise. Them as pays says.”

I worked the saying over and discovered it was almost always true. “Yeah. Max paid for our cruise. This is practically his and mom’s honeymoon. Would you want your wife’s kids underfoot if it was your honeymoon?”

Nathan blanched as we reached the top deck, “Wife? Fuck no. Never trust something that bleeds for several days and doesn’t die.”

His hand grazed Gavin’s, as though showing me what he preferred. Or was he subtly telling me Gavin was his?

The basketball court was empty when we arrived. It took a bit of searching, but Gavin found a gap in some green netting that enclosed the space. And within a couple of minutes, we ditched our shirts and were playing up and down the court, every boy for himself.

The ball had sailed out of bounds into the net when Nathan missed a shot. I grabbed it and dribbled back across the court toward the other goal and stopped to shoot the ball when a blur appeared in the corner of my eye, and slapped the ball, sending it against the net.

Nathan laughed, “Gotta run faster than a fucked-up duck to keep the ball, Orion.”

I don’t know why the words annoyed me, after all, I ran normally. Until that moment, I had thought Nathan was pretty cool. After all, Gavin and he were best friends. But that unfriendly leer and the way he’d attacked the ball left me unsettled. Even Gavin shook his head, mystified.

After Nathan sunk the shot, Gavin took the ball, “How about a game of PIG?”

Uncertain about the thirteen-year-old’s intentions if we kept on playing the court, I nodded, “Yeah. Sounds good.”

“I guess so,” Nathan conceded, although to my ears, he didn’t sound happy.

Gavin started us off. He shot from the free-throw line. The ball bounced against the rim, but still went in. His hands shot up in victory, “Don’t matter if it’s ugly, so long as it goes in.”

Nathan picked up a P, when the ball hit the backboard and traced around the rim before falling outside the goal.

He swore as he shot the ball my way. As one of the taller boys in the seventh grade, I’d played on the school team, although I spent more time sitting on the bench when Coach realized my hand-to-eye coordination meant I would never play in the NBA. Still, I put the ball through the hoop with no net.

It was my shot now, and I went back to the three-point line and knocked the ball into the goal off the back-board. Gavin barely missed, but nobody gets points for barely missing.

“Fuckity-fuck-fuck!” Nathan growled when his shot missed the goal altogether. I bit my tongue. But Gavin piped up, “P, I, dude. One more and you’re out.”

Nathan didn’t wear glasses, but he used his middle finger to pretend to push his imaginary glasses higher onto his nose.

Gavin dribbled up a layup that both Nathan and I easily replicated.

Now that it was Nathan’s turn again, he dribbled the ball out to the half court. I shook my head as he pounded the ball into the court’s rubbery surface. Shots like that for kids like us were one in a hundred.

But he made it. And Gavin and I picked up our P. I hate to admit it, but how Nathan was behaving, I hated to see him make a lucky shot. It wasn’t like Gavin was paying me any more attention than he was to Nathan.

Nathan must’ve been feeling cocky. His next shot was from the free throw line. But instead of just shooting at the basket, he bounced the ball, trying to get it to go in on from the bounce. He missed.

I don’t know why, but Nathan’s stupid shot must have shaken a screw loose in my head. I went over to just in front of the basket, turned around and then with both hands on the ball, threw it over my head. It hit the backboard and went it. I was jumping up and down as Gavin recovered the ball.

He picked up an I just before Nathan was knocked out, when he missed, earning him his G.

Nathan fumed, “God-damn, this is fucking stupid, Gav. There’s got to be something better to do.”

Gavin stretched and gave a theatric yawn, “You’re out. Once I finish pounding Orion’s ass into the deck, there’s pool at toward the front of the ship, we can chill up there; soak up some rays and work on a tan.”

Nathan sent a withering glare Gavin’s way. “You didn’t complain last night when I pounded your ass.”

Gavin’s face turned a deep crimson as he said, “Orion, take your shot.”

Before the game, I had wanted to like Nathan. But the way he treated me, I was souring on him. I headed over to the three-point line and watched my ball bounce off the rim and right into Gavin’s hands.

He grinned, “My turn.”

I picked up my I and G in short order, when Gavin sank a shot from the three-point line twice and I missed both times. I didn’t mind losing to Gavin, but was glad I had beat Nathan.

When we grabbed our shirts, I noticed as Gavin picked his up that, just like me, he was hairless under his arms, while Nathan had a few strands of hair. Even as we pulled our shirts on, I felt something stir in my shorts, as I enjoyed seeing the fourteen-year-old’s body.

Once we hiked over to the bow of the ship, we found the wading pool empty. Even the dozen deck chairs were empty. Of course, you have to really want to get to this part of the ship. No elevators come this high, and most people stop exploring once they get to the Lido deck.

Gavin was the first to shuck his shirt and shimmy out of his board shorts, leaving him in just his tight, red speedos. Nathan wore a pair of black speedos, and I felt a bit awkward in my swimming trunks. There was a store on the ship that sells swimming gear. I vowed I would get down there within the next couple of days.

We had barely climbed into the pool when we realized why they called it a splash pool. The water was less than a foot deep. Even then, that didn’t stop us from sitting down and enjoying the water. Gavin splashed both me and Nathan until the three of us were all splashing each other. I managed a lucky splash, catching Gavin in the face.

He retaliated by grabbing me by one leg and pulling me down until only my head was above the water, as he sat astride my waist.

Nathan pushed him off me, “I’m done up here. Catch me later, Gavin, when we can have some fun.”

I watched the thirteen-year-old grab his clothes and disappear down the stairs. Gavin shook his head, “Fuck him.”

Even though I was taken aback by Nathan’s rudeness, I quipped, “Sounds like that’s what he has in mind.”

Despite what we’d done the previous day, Gavin blushed, “So what? I don’t get why he’s trying to be possessive. He may be my best friend, but that doesn’t mean we’re, like, dating. Hell, he’s got a boyfriend back home.”

Nathan hadn’t been gone long when Gavin crawled back on top of me. He was astride my lap, and it only took a second or two for something to stir to life in my swimsuit.

A look of mischief spread across his face as Gavin said, “You know, maybe Nathan’s half right. We can have some fun.”

I jerked my head around. We were pretty exposed, “What? here?”

He shook his head as he slid off me, “Better not. They’ve got cameras up here. You think we can go hang out in your cabin?”

A bit later, when I closed the cabin door, Gavin barely waited until I locked the door before wrapping his arms around my waist and gently pushing me against the door. His lips pressed against mine as his tongue probed my mouth. He was hungry for my mouth, yet there was a hesitancy in his actions, as though waiting for a favorable response from me.

The fooling around between me and Jackie the night before awakened something inside me. Sure, I wanted her, but feeling Gavin’s passion made me want him just as bad and I responded to his kiss by using my tongue to force his back so I could explore his mouth, racing the tip of my tongue along the length of his.

He moaned and broke the kiss before swinging around and pulling me toward the bed. When his legs bumped against the end of the bed, Gavin stopped and tugged my still-damp swimsuit down until the material bunched at my feet. He pushed me and I fell down on the bed even as he yanked his speedos off.

My legs were splayed wide as he knelt between them. Gavin’s voice was hoarse, “Can I suck you?”

I blinked in surprise. Suck me? Fuck yeah! It was in that moment that I realized whatever he and Nathan had, he felt different with me. He wanted me, but wanted me to want this just as badly.

If more of my blood had remained in my brain, instead of flooding my rigid four inches, I might have been more conflicted. I loved Jackie and looked forward to what the summer would hold. Yet, in that moment, as that blue eyed fourteen-year-old gazed down on me, I realized I wanted to be with him too. I stammered, “Y-yeah.”

With more reverence than the previous day, Gavin’s head lowered, until his shaggy locks masked my middle. I felt the wetness of his tongue on my little head, causing a loud gasp of pleasure escaped from my mouth. That wetness slid down, over the loose skin of my circumcision and down my shaft’s taut skin, along the little ridge created by the tube that carried my piss or cum up and out.

I shuddered when his tongue licked the crinkled skin of my nut sack. And moaned as he opened his mouth and sucked one of my marble-size testicles into the heat of his mouth. The tingling in my balls felt magnificent as he switched between each nut before his tongue worked its way back to my mushroom shaped head. Then he engulfed it, taking the tip of my stiffy into his mouth, but never relenting with his tongue.

The tingling never stopped in my balls. In fact, with each inch of me Gavin took into his mouth, it only grew. I didn’t want to cum too quick, but the way his tongue swiped across my stiffy’s skin, I didn’t know how long I could last.

When his upper lip touched the bare skin above the base of my shaft, Gavin stopped with his tongue, content to just hold all of me in his mouth. He brushed his hair from in front of his eyes as he peered up at me. He couldn’t smile, but that didn’t stop the twinkle in his eyes. He looked like he was in heaven and I felt the same way as the ticking resumed as his tongue went back to work.

Now that he had taken all of me into his mouth, Gavin began bobbing up and down, still stimulating me with his tongue, making the tingling grow in intensity. I lost track of time as the wave of pleasure built, radiating from my dick, outward.

“I’m cumming!” I groaned.

Gavin’s lips locked against the base of my stiffy as his tongue slid along my shaft. I felt an explosive shudder, starting in my balls, traveling up my dick. I nearly passed out when I spasmed and my release coated the fourteen-year-old’s tongue. He sucked on me like a lollipop, even after my last few empty spasms.

When Gavin came up for air, he licked his lips, “Fuck, Orion, you’re good to the last drop.”

I still felt weak from the intensity of my orgasm, but I managed, “You’re just saying that so I’ll suck you off too.”

He leaned forward and kissed me. When he thrust his tongue into my mouth, I tasted the sweet and salty taste of my cum. Maybe it’s kind of gross, but I liked the taste. When he broke the kiss, Gavin said, “It’s true, but I want you to blow me too.”

After catching my breath, I nodded.

Instead of rolling to the side so I could get between his legs, Gavin scooted forward until his butt rested on my chest and his dick was almost touching my mouth. When he shifted forward, I opened my mouth until his helmeted head was inside. I clamped my lips closed and used my tongue to get some of his pre-cum from inside his piss-slit.

“Aaah, damn, that feels good.”

Encouraged by his vocalization, I reached around and grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him a bit closer, letting in another couple of inches. Gavin was an excellent teacher, and what he had just done to me, I now did to him, running my tongue from the tip of his dick, over the wrinkles of his circumcision, and down another inch of his shaft.

Even though Gavin felt a bit heavy on my chest, the heat of his dick felt good and I started moving my head back and forth, letting his dick slide almost all the way to my throat, just short of making me gag, and back out until his head nearly slipped out. And I tried to remember to use my tongue too. But with his every moan, I’d pick up my tempo and forget about my tongue for a few seconds.

He pushed deeper as I felt his dick thicken. As soon as I felt a twitch in my mouth, I swallowed. And that’s when he went deeper, his blonde pubes brushing against my lips. On the second jolt of cum splattering the back of my throat, I gagged as Gavin’s cum ran down my chin.

Thankfully, he pulled back where the rest of his semen dribbled from my chin to my neck. When I could get a lungful of air, I said, “G-get up. Gotta breathe!”

Gavin was off me in a flash, kneeling beside the bed, “Oh, Fuck! Orion, are you alright? Damn, I shouldn’t have tried to put it down your throat. Not yet.”

I wasn’t upset. I just didn’t have any idea about how to take Gavin’s five inches all the way into my mouth. He was a bit bigger than me and fourteen.

Once I had caught my breath and cleaned his cum off, I told Gavin, “I want to take you all the way in, but you’re a lot bigger than me and when it touches my throat, I gag.”

The fourteen-year-old sat beside me on the bed, “You really think I’m big? I saw Nathan’s ex-boyfriend a couple of times, and when he was still thirteen, he was already six inches.”

My eyes grew round, “Six inches? Holy shit. Did Nathan suck him off much?”

“All the time.”

I shook my head, “How?”

Gavin’s fingers played with my chest, “It’s the gag reflex. Almost all of us have it. The first time Nathan tried to take Wes’s monster cock down his throat, he threw up. But after that, he practiced with bananas, hot dog wienies, even on me. Although I’ve grown some since then. One thing you can do is to try swallowing when something touches the back of your throat. Now, when he takes me in his mouth, Nathan’s a pro and doesn’t miss a beat when my dick goes down his throat.”

For a moment, I felt something jealous-like in the pit of my stomach at the image of Nathan sucking Gavin. But it passed. While I really liked Gavin and hoped he and I would be fantastic friends for the rest of the cruise, I wanted to be with Jackie just as much. If I had no intention of being exclusive, how the hell could I expect it of him?

Gavin’s hands trailed down my belly until he wrapped my stiffening dick in his fist. “When do you turn thirteen?”

“The day we reach Manilla.”

“Oh, that’s cool. Maybe with that much time to plan, I can figure out how to talk Grandma into letting us do a shore excursion that day.”

I liked that. “That’d be awesome. What about you? When do you turn fifteen?”

Gavin’s hand never stopped sliding up and down on me, “I turned fourteen just before Memorial Day. It’ll be awhile yet.”

Gavin’s fingers sped up and the familiar tingling spread along my dick and before long, my balls were bouncing against his fist when I threw my head back, “Ahh!”

My dick spasmed in his hands, as a single blast of watery semen shot into the air, before landing on Gavin’s hand. He kept stroking me through the remaining empty spasms. Then, he put his hand to his mouth and cleaned my spunk with his tongue.

“Mmm, delish.”

I chuckled as I came off my orgasmic high, “You’re just saying that. I bet Nathan doesn’t taste any different.”

Gavin looked down toward the floor as his face colored, “Don’t tell him, Orion. You’re more sweet and salty. He’s more salty and bitter. I don’t really know why we all taste a bit different, but I could eat your cum for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

As if to prove his point, Gavin licked some imaginary semen from his fingers.

We both jumped when there was a knock at the door followed by a muffled, “Gavin? Why’s the door locked?”

“Oh, shit!” we said in unison before I rolled off the bed and looked for my swimsuit.

“Come on, I gotta use the restroom!” came Jackie’s muffled voice.

I scanned the floor where I thought we had taken our swim trunks off, but all I saw were Gavin’s red speedos. I tossed them to him and ran over to where our clothes were kept and grabbed a pair of my underwear as Jackie knocked again. I shimmied into them before unlocking the door.

My sister glared at me when the door opened, “What the fuck, Orion?”

Then her eyes lit on Gavin and her eyebrows shot up and her mouth fell open as I think she realized we had been fooling around.

She brushed past me, wearing just her pink and purple bikini, and before closing the door to the bathroom, said, “When I’m done, we should talk.”

I found my swimsuit while Jackie was using the restroom. Apparently one of us had kicked it under the bed. When she came out, she sent me a disapproving glare before turning it on Gavin. I can only imagine what went through my sister’s mind as I stood there, looking guilty, in just my white briefs and Gavin, looking equally guilty in his speedos.

After an uncomfortably long silence, Jackie said, “Gavin, right?”

He nodded, “Um, yeah.”

Jackie came over and put an arm around my shoulders, “I’m rather fond of my brother, Gavin. What’s an older kid like you see in him?”

After the previous night and what had happened between me and my sister, I was a bit miffed she was insinuating Gavin was taking advantage of me. I blurted, “Gavin’s only fifteen months older than me, Jackie. It’s not like he’s, um, four years older or something.”

When I saw the look in her eyes at my barb, I added, “Not that I’d care if he was. He’s my friend.”

I’m pretty sure Gavin missed the meaningful glance I sent Jackie’s way. He said, “Yeah. Orion’s my friend and I really like him.”

Jackie glanced between my underwear and Gavin’s speedos and gave us a grudging nod, “Yeah, I guess I can see that. So, I guess you’re into other guys?”

My friend flushed as he glanced at the floor, “I, uh, I guess so. I like Orion a lot more than any of the girls I went to school with last year.”

Jackie gave my shoulder a gentle squeeze, “My brother’s a pretty good judge of other people, so if he likes you, I guess you’re okay with me.”

Then, she asked me, “Uh, bro, I thought you told me there was a girl you liked. Do you like boys and girls?”

Whenever I’m around Gavin, I try not to think about Jackie. And the previous night, when me and Jackie fooled around, Gavin barely came to mind. But standing next to the girl I loved and only a couple of feet away from the boy I was fast falling for, I didn’t really know. Was what I felt for Jackie something I felt because she was a hot teenage girl or was it something more intimate because we were brother and sister? That thing in my heart growing for Gavin–was it because he was a good-looking boy? Or was it because I wanted his friendship and this was the way to receive it?

I didn’t know. I shrugged. “I dunno, Jackie. I know there’s one girl who I really like. And then there’s Gavin. I really like him too. Does that make me, um, bisexual? I don’t know.”

With an arm already around my shoulder, Jackie gave me hug, “You don’t have to figure it out, bro.”

She let go of me and turned back toward the door, “There’s a tag you can insert into the card reader on the door so the room steward won’t bother you. It’ll also tell me if the two of you are in here. But if I need in, it would be nice if you’d not throw the deadbolt.”

“But what about Mom?”

She shook her head, “When they gave us our cards, they’re each configured for our own rooms. Plus, I think Max is keeping up his end of the bargain. We won’t see them until Thursday dinner.”

When she got to the door, she looked back at me and Gavin and smiled, “Have fun, but don’t forget about your girlfriend, Orion.”

Then she was gone. Gavin turned to me, “You’ve got a girlfriend?”

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