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Levi Holland
A part of the Flash Fiction Series


My parents were still at work the day I went snooping through their bedroom.

It was one of those sacred places I knew I wasn’t supposed to be. It’s not like I had never gone in there before, but without them home, it felt…different. More mysterious. Even as I turned the doorknob, I peeked over my shoulder to double check they hadn’t somehow come inside without my knowing.

Sure, I was paranoid, but the boredom won out, and there was no chance in hell I was starting my homework, so in I went. There wasn’t anything too special at first—just the whirring of their fan and their messy bed. Everything else seemed normal. The walk-in closet was pretty similar, too. Mom and Dad had their work clothes hanging on the bars, and Mom’s never-ending rows of shoes lined the bottom.

Near the top sat one of those wrap-around shelves you could stack things on, and I could barely reach the buttons on their mini-safe. Not like I knew what the combo was, but it was fun to try. When that didn’t work, I was ready to leave the closet completely when an orange shoebox caught my attention. It was tucked away in the top corner of the shelf. I think the only reason it even stuck out to me at all was because Mom’s shoes were on the floor, so what need was there for an old box on top?

It took a couple tries to jump and swipe it closer—at thirteen, I still had some growing to do—but when I finally grabbed it from the shelf and opened it up, my jaw nearly hit the floor. I might not have known what the other objects were, but the bottle of liquid with the word lube printed on the front connected all my adolescent dots.

The first crazy thing I found inside was a series of connected silver balls, each one a little bigger than the last. I gulped as I imagined what they were for or why anyone in their right mind would want to use them. Beside those was a pair of black leather gloves sitting with a small mask and a whip. Finally, there was a thick, blue plastic tube inside that was capped on either end. Curious, I pulled it out and tried to ignore my sweaty hands as I unscrewed it.

An unusual smell wafted towards my nose when it popped open, and right away I knew what I was staring at. Well, sort of. I’d seen enough porn on my iPhone to recognize a pussy when I saw it, even if it was fake. My first thought was, Holy shit, it’s right in front of me. My second thought was, Dad must have the tiniest dick. I mean, there was no way he didn’t. How else was he supposed to fit inside that hole. I held the tube in one hand and placed my index finger at the entrance of the splayed out pussy lips.

The moment my finger pushed inside, my dick got super hard. It was mesmerizing how the cushiony folds tugged at my finger, especially as I pulled back. After my finger was free, I held my eye up to the entrance to try and see inside, but it was nothing but a pitch-black gap. Based on the size of the tube, my guess was that it went back about a foot, but there was no way anyone was fitting inside of that all the way.

Taking one last look behind me, I finally squatted down to my knees and lowered the front of my shorts, letting my dick spring free all four inches. Grabbing the tube again, I pushed down the base of my dick until my tip was lined up with the opening.

I pushed and pushed, but getting the tip inside wasn’t like my finger. I mean, granted, my dick wasn’t the biggest in the world, I knew that, but there was no way I was getting in. I scratched at my small patch of pubes before deciding to call it quits for the day. I didn’t want to explain myself if I was caught here, so I recapped the blue tube and put it back in the shoebox before returning it to its rightful place.

That night it was tough to look at my parents in the same light. It was like a great secret had been revealed about them, and part of me shuddered at the implications. The other part of me was still deeply curious about what the hell the pussy tube was, so that night before bed, I hopped on Incognito mode so my parents wouldn’t see my search history later.

Turns out the thing was called a Fleshlight, and there were all sorts of different brands and models they were based from. The reason it had looked like such a real pussy was because it probably was, although how someone managed to make a perfect copy, I had no idea. Taking a chance, I texted my two best friends, Jack and Owen, who both lived on the same street and asked them to swing by the next day after school.

When I got home, I ran back into my parents’ bedroom, grabbed the shoebox from the shelf, and took the Fleshlight with me into the living room until my friends showed up.

“Check it out. I found it in my parents’ closet.”

On the coffee table was the Fleshlight, both caps still screwed on.

“What the hell is that?” Jack asked with a raised eyebrow.

“This is dumb, Andrew,” Owen said. “Why aren’t we playing basketball?”

“Just wait,” I said. When I got the cap twisted off, I stared face to face with that mysterious, tight hole before showing them. They gasped.

“Is that what I think it is?” Jack asked, staring at the pink lips.

“Oh, shit,” Owen said. He twisted one of the strands of hair sticking out from under his beanie.

“It was in my parents’ closet. I think it’s for…you know…practice.”

“Dude, let me see,” Jack said, practically lunging over the coffee table to take it from my hands. He tested its weight in his hands and poked his fingers at the spongy, gelatinous material of the lips. A little twinkle formed in his eyes as he asked, “Have you tried it out?”

I blushed but shook my head. “No, I uhh…couldn’t fit.”

“Let me see,” Owen said and took the Fleshlight from Jack, jabbing the hole with his fingers much like I had yesterday. “Well then how are you supposed to stick it in?”

“Duh,” Jack said. “You need something to make it slick, like lube or something.”

“My parents had a bottle of lube, too,” I said, “but doesn’t that stuff last a long time?”

“We could always use spit,” Owen suggested, “that should dry out fast enough, right?”

While I pointed the Fleshlight towards the ceiling, we each dumped wads of spit into the opening, watching as the collected saliva pooled and slipped inside. This time when Owen tested his finger, it squelched as his finger immediately buried itself to the hilt.

“I think it’s ready,” he said with a grin.

“Yeah, well who’s testing it first?” I asked.

It was Jack who offered to go first. The three of us had little shame around each other. Having spent most of our childhoods in one of our three homes, we’d seen each other naked plenty of times over the years, usually when one of our moms forced us to take a bath after getting dirty or sweaty. When middle school started and we had to take public showers with the rest of the kids in class, it wasn’t a big deal for us like it was for some of boys who were really shy.

We weren’t even strangers to jacking off together, although we kept things pretty hands off. We weren’t gay, after all. Just horny. The first time we got pubes or made cum, we always made sure to have a sleepover so the others could see for themselves.

Jack slipped the front of his shorts halfway down his thighs and lifted his shirt. His dick, which was already hard, jutted out like a spear from his groin. Out of all three of us, Jack was the youngest, but he was the tallest. His penis was the biggest too, more girthy than anything. As far as I could tell, my friend was still bare, or if he had any hair, his blonde hair made them near impossible to see. He could cum, though. The clear stuff, but he made a decent amount.

“Here goes,” he whispered and gripped the base of the Fleshlight with one hand while working in the tip of his dick with the other. There was only a slight resistance before he suddenly plunged in the rest of the way. From my angle, the pussy’s opening split around his cock, forming a tight seal that wouldn’t let go.

“How does it feel?” I asked, barely above a whisper.

Jack grunted with his eyes clenched shut. “Like I’m about to cum already. I’m trying not to move.” Jack stayed still for a little while longer before opening his eyes and steadily pumping his hips back and forth. I thought it looked funny the way the massive tube stuck out from his groin, but I was too turned on to laugh.

After maybe thirty seconds, Jack’s thrusting picked up as well as the wet slapping sounds, and with a soft groan, he slammed his hips forward and stopped, eyes shut again as he shook in place. He finally released the breath he was holding before opening his eyes. His cheeks were flush, but he gave a grin as he slowly pulled out of the Fleshlight.

The tip of Jack’s dick was red and still gave a few phantom throbs, but I couldn’t see any wetness. His jizz must have mixed inside with our spit. Oh well, I thought. Based on the past times I’d cummed on myself, it would dry up after a while.

Owen reached down and palmed the front of his khaki shorts. The hard tube of his penis was easy to spot as it pointed up towards his hip.

“Andrew, do you care if I go next?” he asked breathlessly. I shook my head, and Owen soon had the button of his shorts unsnapped.

Owen was older than me by a few months, but only had a few tufts of pubes on either side of his dick. He and his penis were also the shortest of the three of us. I couldn’t say for certain, but it was about three inches, maybe three-and-a-half at most. Honestly I think my index finger might have been longer.

He took a slightly different approach with the Fleshlight. Unlike Jack who leaned his hips forward to fuck the sex toy, Owen’s dick was like a small, flagpole pointed at the ceiling. Flipping the Fleshlight upside down, he lowered it onto his dick and slipped inside.

“Feels funny,” he said. “I think I can feel our spit.”

“Or maybe it’s Jack’s cum,” I said with a laugh which got an eww from Jack.

“I don’t care what it is,” Owen said. “It still feels pretty good.”

Owen managed to last a little longer than Jack, but soon his eyes glazed over and he gave a few short rabbit-thrusts into the Fleshlight before doubling over. When he pulled off the tube, a little bit of white plopped out and fell on the bottom of his shirt.

“Quick, flip it!” I shouted. If any of our jizz dripped out and stained the carpet, Mom would have killed me.

“Well, what am I supposed to do about this?” Owen asked, pawing at the cum soaking in to his black t-shirt.

“I don’t know,” Jack said. “Maybe just say we were gluing things in class today.”

Owen shot him daggers. “Really? Who’s going to believe we’re gluing shit together in seventh grade?”

“Don’t get mad at me,” Jack said. “You’re the dipshit who dripped his jizz on himself.”

“Guys,” I said. “Not now, please. Besides, I still wanna take a turn.”

Owen handed over the Fleshlight, and I knew I wouldn’t last long. Not after watching both of my friends cum inside of it. Like yesterday, I unzipped the front of my pants and worked them down my hips. I figured to avoid a mess, I should probably do it like Jack did and thrust forward rather than let our spit and cum ooze out.

As I aimed, the opening of the pussy shined with juices, and it still seemed like an impossibility to get my dick inside. Even after Jack and Owen, the hole was no more than a few centimeters at best.

I steadied a breath and then gently pushed. The consistency felt like warm jello on my dick as I worked my way inside, and once I hit a certain point, the rest of my penis slipped inside, being clamped from all sides like a vice grip. Right away I could feel the mix of our slick, squishy spit and cum and loved its wet warmth around my dick.

If Fleshlights were made to feel like the real thing, then I couldn’t imagine how a genuine pussy was supposed to feel any better than this. I pulled out until my tip was just inside and pushed back in, already feeling the urge to cum. Fuck it, I thought. The Fleshlight belonged to my parents, so who cared if I came right away? I could always come back for more.

With that thought in mind, I rammed my hips forward into the sploogey mix and gave out a cry as my orgasm washed over me. The Fleshlight was so tight around my dick that even shooting cum was way more intense, like the pressure was making it spray out rather than dribble. My heart clamored, and my hair was damp with sweat as I finally slowed, and with a little suction pop, my dick came free. I managed to catch a string of cum hanging from the tip and smushed it between my fingers.

My dick was still hard and shiny with our juices, but I zipped myself back up.

Jack sat against the edge of the couch and ran his fingers through his hair. “Well, now what?”

I shrugged. With what we knew about spit and cum, we figured our juices would dry inside the tube before long, so I capped it back up and returned it to my parents’ closet. When I got back, my friends and I went out to shoot some hoops until we had to call it a day.

It didn’t take long for my dad to realize what was up. After another round or two nutting inside the Fleshlight, he knocked on my bedroom door one night with the Fleshlight case in his hands. I tried to play it off like I’d never seen it before, but I was busted. Turns out the fluids inside didn’t dry up quite like we thought, which gave Mom and Dad an uncomfortable surprise. The worst part was how I had to sit through the embarrassment of a sex talk with him, practicing safety first, and making sure I always cleaned up after myself.

There was one good thing that came out of that talk with my dad. The weekend after next, when I got back from a sleepover at Owen’s house, there was a brand new teal Fleshlight laying on my bedroom pillow, along with a small bottle of lube. When I picked up the note propped beside the Fleshlight, it read: Next time, Andrew, please don’t snoop in our bedroom.

The End

Copyright 2023 – Levi Holland
All rights reserved

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