Forbidden Fruit – Chapter 10

Isaiah collapsed on the lower bunk and glanced up at Adam, worried he’d pushed things too far. Still, the tension he’d felt growing was gone now. After closing the door, Adam joined him on the bed and sighed, “What the fuck? I thought I was going to have a heart attack, Isaiah.”

Adam hardly ever swore, and the boy wanted to retreat into his shell for making his boyfriend angry. “I’m sorry, Adam. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but you’ve been pulling back when I try to get closer, and it sucks.”

Like a sail losing its wind, Adam deflated, “Have I? I guess I didn’t realize it. I didn’t mean to. I just…”

Isaiah finished the thought, “Didn’t want my mom to think you were doing stuff with me?”

His boyfriend ruefully chuckled, “I guess we don’t have to worry about that anymore. She knows I give you blowjobs now.”

Isaiah’s face lit up as he remembered the intense electrical feeling that had shot through his body when Adam sucked him off. Still, he didn’t want the young man retreating from something so fun, “It’s not really giving me blow jobs if you only do it once or twice. But if you sucked me a third time…”

Isaiah spread his legs open, offering his seme-erect member to Adam.

The young man laughed as he leaned forward, “Fine, but I’ll get my revenge for making me do that in front of your mom later.”

Then his tongue touched Isaiah’s glans. The electrical sensation was just as intense as it had been earlier, and the boy was in heaven as Adam worked his tongue and lips over his now-straining erection. Unlike earlier, when Amanda was watching, now the young man took his time, kissing and licking along Isaiah’s shaft. It was the weekend; there was no hurry.

Isaiah lost himself to Adam’s swirling tongue. For a fleeting moment, he wondered why he had ever thought Josh might have been worth a kiss. His mom was right. God must have brought Adam into their lives because the young man was so perfect in every way. His hips jolted as his boyfriend engulfed his entire length. Another wordless moan escaped his lips as he felt himself awash in his passion. It was loud enough for his mom to hear, but now, now, it didn’t matter.

A high-pitched squeal escaped his lips as his penis jerked. Isaiah shuddered as he felt his little bit of ejaculate squirt into Adam’s mouth. The young man’s lips and tongue kept at it until the stimulation overcame him and his hands pushed Adam’s head away. Overwhelmed by the intensity of his orgasm, he exhaled, “Fuck! That was good.”

Adam lightly smacked him in the side of the head, “Your mom gave you a free pass this evening. Don’t let her catch you cussing, okay?”

Still reeling from his climax, Isaiah nodded, “Yeah. I want to do that a lot more.”

Chuckling, Adam said, “It’s a good thing your cum tastes so sweet. I think I might become addicted to you.”

The look in Adam’s eyes was enough to fill the boy with certainty. This was right for them. He didn’t know why people thought it was wrong. Not when it felt so right. Unable to resist, he leaned forward and kissed his boyfriend. In addition to the sweet taste of chocolate cake and the familiar taste of Adam, there was something else in the kiss. Was that his own cum?

The taste on his tongue made him want more of Adam, and before he could properly finish shoving his tongue as deep into Adam’s mouth as possible, Isaiah’s head dropped a bit and kissed at Adam’s beautifully smooth nipples. But those weren’t his objective, just a slight detour. He nearly ignored Adam’s innie bellybutton as his fingers wrapped around the base of the young man’s erection. The silky smooth skin above Adam’s penis felt so different against his lips than the pubic hair that once covered where his lips now kissed. This was so much better. He hoped Adam would keep shaving.

There was a slickness on Adam’s penis as the boy’s tongue licked across Adam’s glans. Apart from a slight sweetness, it was tasteless. Before putting his mouth over his boyfriend’s penis, he glanced at Adam’s face. He lay back against the pillow, his eyes closed. Good, Isaiah thought. He wanted to take his time and explore Adam’s penis.

Isaiah’s jaw popped as he slid the large head inside his mouth. But the release of pressure felt better as he adjusted to Adam’s tip. Running his tongue over the young man’s piss slit filled Isaiah’s taste buds with more of that slight sweetness. Then, he pulled back and licked and kissed down the bottom of the large penis until he reached Adam’s ball sack. Unlike times in the past, now it was smooth too. In a fit of curiosity, Isaiah felt his own scrotum. Sure, it was a lot smaller. Of course, his balls were a lot smaller too. But somehow or another, Adam had managed to shave down there to the point he was just as smooth as Isaiah. And it felt fun playing with the twenty-year-old’s balls, kissing and licking them before he worked his way to the tip again.

Adam had told him on several occasions that the young man’s penis was just average. But to Isaiah, it was huge, and he loved the feel of the soft skin over rigid muscles. Especially as the boy added a second inch in his mouth. No matter what Adam might say, Isaiah disagreed as he managed a third inch. But now, Adam was pressing against the roof of his mouth. Another inch and Isaiah’s tonsils would be forced back.

Breathing through his nose, Isaiah mimicked the bobbing motion Adam had performed on him, and even though he came close to gagging, he fell into a rhythm that elicited a long, low moan from his boyfriend.

His jaw started to hurt after Isaiah had been going a couple of minutes, but another moan came from the head of the bed before Adam said, “Watch out, I’m about to blow!”

And before Isaiah could decide if he should pull back, the rigid fleshy pole in his mouth grew even harder and then shuddered in his mouth as salty fluid erupted from Adam. It wasn’t like his own. Spasm followed spasm, blast after blast, as the boy had no choice but to swallow the salty, slightly bitter liquid overflowing from his mouth.

A glob of white goo beaded on Adam’s penis after Isaiah pulled back, a couple of whitish rivulets ran down the corners of the boy’s mouth. The heavy taste of Adam on the boy’s tongue was unfamiliar. While he had tasted worse things, Isaiah wondered if he would acquire the taste for Adam’s cum the same way his boyfriend liked his own semen.

Adam opened his eyes, “Sorry about that. I tried to warn you, but you were doing such a great job, I lost myself.”

Isaiah swallowed again. “No problem. Did you enjoy it?”

Adam nodded as he pulled on Isaiah, pulling him toward his face. After a long, drawn-out kiss, Adam said, “Yeah. That was the best yet. Who could have imagined loving you would be so fun?”


Isaiah’s soft breathing brought a tired smile to Adam’s face. They had both sucked each other off a second time. Well, a third time for the boy. But now, he really needed to pee.

As careful as possible, he slid off the bed and hurried to the door. A glance down the short hall showed a flickering light in the living room from the TV. He thought about putting something on, but his clothes were still in the living room, where Isaiah had taken them off. Shaking his head, he stepped across the hallway into the bathroom. By the time he was finished, his bladder felt like normal. Before turning to go, he ran his hand over the smoothness created by his safety razor. It did feel good. Perhaps if he hadn’t already orgasmed twice, his penis might have stirred. Instead, it happily lay dormant, three inches softly laying against his balls.

Involuntarily, he yawned and headed back to bed. When he opened the bathroom door, a voice from the living room said, “Isaiah, honey, is that you?”

Standing in the doorway naked, Adam was tempted to ignore the voice and hurry back into the room he shared with Isaiah. But Amanda had been so good to him, especially after the boy’s efforts earlier in the evening. He said, “It’s Adam.”

“Can you come here, sweetie?”

Still standing at the door, he said, “I’m afraid I’m still undressed, Amanda.”

“That’s alright. After this evening, I think I can handle a little nudity.”

Wondering what Amanda wanted, Adam came into the living room. She was still on the couch, but some romantic comedy with Hugh Grant played on the TV.

When she looked up and saw Adam, Amanda’s eyes lingered over his crotch, covered by his cupped hands, briefly before returning to Hugh Grant. “I couldn’t sleep. What’s your excuse?”

Adam felt uncomfortable as he came over and sat on the other end of the sofa, still covering himself. He didn’t understand why he felt that way. What he felt for Amanda came close to what he’d call love, but it wasn’t anything like his feelings for Isaiah. In his jumbled mind, Amanda was like the friend he’d always wanted Becky to be, as well as what might feel like to have a big sister.

“I had to pee. What time is it?”

“A bit after midnight. I was about to head to sleep, but Isaiah’s loud.”

The heat rushed into Adam’s face as he recalled the boy’s squeals as he came. “Oh, God, I’m sorry.”

Amanda hit the pause button and turned to face him, “No, sweetie, I’m sorry. I had no idea Isaiah had planned to force you and me to accept the full nature of your relationship.”

Adam shook his head, “I wanted to stop it. I couldn’t afford to piss you off.”

Amanda reached across the couch and touched his knee, “You didn’t. It was naïve of me to think Isaiah would be content to play at romance, happy with some kisses and hugs. He wants everything you have to offer him. And, even though it’s weird hearing him when you…”

Adam felt a measure of relief Amanda didn’t finish the sentence. But she did go on, “And you. I know you want everything he has to offer. That’s what love is about, Adam. I wish I had found it with Adam’s father.”

Amanda had never talked about the boy’s dad. All Isaiah had told him was he had never met the guy. The young woman shrugged, “And to think, I thought when I first met you in the fellowship hall, the two of us might have had a chance.”

She chuckled in the darkness.

The admission left Adam at a loss for words. The silence lingered until he managed to say, “I had no idea. Getting to know Isaiah was really how I came to terms with being gay. I’d had other stuff happen when I was in junior high and high school, but I’d tried to chalk them up to experimenting. That lie brought me some comfort for a while, but your son shattered that illusion.”

Amanda moved over until only a few inches separated them, “When I realized you were destined for Adam, I gave up on hoping for something between us. But I’m still terribly fond of you.”

As if that admission were permission, she leaned against Adam’s arm and continued, “I’m flying blind through all this. I love my son with everything I have. And that’s how I’m coping. He loves you so much, and it hurts me watching him fall in love again, thinking he was heading for another disappointment. Only this time, I thought it would be worse than with Josh. I prayed every day that God would give me something. A sign, a miracle. Anything to save Isaiah from a broken heart.

“I never imagined when we met that you were the answer to that prayer, Adam. I know this is messed up. I know I’m supposed to think what you have with Isaiah is wrong. But I’ve been watching your romance blossom, and the two of you share a beautiful innocence. Nobody can convince me God thinks what you have is wrong.”

Adam wasn’t so sure. But Isaiah was too important to him to listen to the arguments that had once held sway over him. He said, “That means a lot to me. When I feel so in love, it’s easy to forget that this is all new to you, too.”

Amanda reached an arm around his torso and hugged him, “Maybe so. But I love you, even if it’s somewhere between how I’d feel about a boyfriend, brother, and friend. There’s nobody else I’d want Isaiah to grow up loving than you.”

Smiling at the warmth of Amanda’s hug as well as her words, Adam said, “Thanks. We’ll try to keep it down and not make things too weird.”

“Oh, sweetie, don’t do that. Be yourselves.”

Adam wasn’t sure she really meant it. “I don’t know that you’d really want Isaiah and me to be lounging around naked in the living room. After this evening, I don’t think I am.”

Amanda leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, “Suit yourself, sweetie. But I wouldn’t mind. Well, I probably wouldn’t want to find Isaiah riding your cock on the couch. I’d be fine with you boys keeping that in your room.”

She laughed nervously as she exited the movie. “I’m glad we got a chance to talk.”

She climbed to her feet, “It is getting late. And I should get on to bed.”

Adam stood, “Yeah. Me too. Thanks for everything.”

There wasn’t much space between them, as Amanda said, “Anytime.”

Then, she took a small step forward and leaned up and kissed him. This wasn’t like the little pecks she had given him when he’d been lying beside Isaiah. This was different. There was a depth of longing in the kiss. But also sadness.

Amanda pulled back, “I’m sorry, Adam. I had no right. It’s just…”

Even though the kiss was over, the memory lingered. Even though it felt different than how Becky used to kiss him, it reminded him of his ex’s kisses. Despite something stirring between his legs, he felt no spark and doubted he ever would.

But his hand reached out and took hers, “It’s okay. I didn’t mind. Good night. See you in the morning.”

Adam turned and walked back to his bedroom. He stopped at the door and watched Amanda head to bed. He felt a mixture of sadness and elation. He was powerless to do anything for her. Despite her kiss, all he felt was something familial for her. His elation came from knowing he was no longer constrained in his feelings for Isaiah. They could be unreservedly together, at least within the boundaries of their bedroom.

He closed the bedroom door behind him and slipped under the covers next to Isaiah. After spooning the boy, he closed his eyes. He tried praying for Amanda, that she would find someone who completed her like Isaiah did him. But before he finished, he was sound asleep.

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