Aetheria is a thirteen-chapter Sci-Fi story about Aidan and Nadia. The story follows them as they explore our galaxy together and with their parents and older brother. There are loads of disasters, obstacles, and challenges to overcome for them. How will they handle themselves?

There are a couple of references to Alex Hawk’s story ‘In the FLiN‘. It might be fun to check out that one and see if you can find them.

All thirteen chapters and the epilogue can be found below. I’ll add the links as I publish the chapters. The audiobook and eBooks can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Bon appetit!

Chapter 1 – Arrival
Chapter 2 – The incident
Chapter 3 – Settling in
Chapter 4 – Training
Chapter 5 – Camo
Chapter 6 – Departing
Chapter 7 – The trip
Chapter 8 – Terra site
Chapter 9 – Scavenging
Chapter 10 – Repairs
Chapter 11 – The News
Chapter 12 – Shelter
Chapter 13 – Us