Jason Crow

Chapter 8 – Terra site

I knew I was dreaming, but it didn’t bother me. The warmth of the painkiller was soothing and clouded my brain. But it was okay. It was a nice dream. We were inside the airlock, and I looked deep into my sister’s eyes. I moved my head slowly forward and pressed my lips against hers. Every ounce of love I felt for her was poured into this kiss.

My hard dick was pressed between us, and I pushed it even firmer against her during the kiss. Her small breasts were smashed against my chest, with her nipples poking my pecs, and I could feel my heart pounding as I savored the feeling of her soft lips against mine.

In the next part of my dream, I saw her boobs in front of my face. I didn’t know why they were there, but they were so close, and her hard nipples looked so inviting. I lifted my head and closed my lips around the closest boob. I sucked gently and flicked my tongue over the hard nipple in the center of my mouth. The soft, spongy texture and the way it reacted to my tongue was amazing.

Nadia giggled coyly, but her unconvincing “Stop it, Ay!” between her giggles had quite the opposite effect.

I switched breasts and gave the other one the same treatment as the first. All too soon, Nadia lifted her body, and her boobs disappeared from view, sending me back deep into my dreamland.

Later, through the clouds of my dreams, Nadia’s face appeared again. I didn’t hesitate and started kissing her passionately again. This was the girl I loved with all my heart! And why not dream about how good it felt to express that love I could never show in real life?

After having drifted back down again, my dreams started to vanish. I slowly drifted back into consciousness, and after hearing beeping around me, I opened my eyes and had to blink a few times because of the light around my head.

Around my underarms were metal braces with blue blinking lights. The unnatural bend I had in them was gone, and as I regained my focus, I realized I was inside a med pod.

The dreams about Nadia still lingered in my head and made me smile, but now I needed to focus. So I looked outside the med pod the best I could, and I could see the hall where I was in was dimly lit. Good! This meant there was power. But where was my sister? I assumed she had put me inside to get me patched up, but I wasn’t one hundred percent sure of that. The moment this thought crossed my mind, a worried face appeared on the other side of the glass.

It was Nadia! The worries vanished from her face the moment she saw me. She disappeared again, but because of the beeps I heard, I knew she was just opening the pod, and I didn’t panic. After a loud hiss, the top of the pod tilted away from me, and the pod itself turned upright to almost vertical.

Now, I could see the room I was in, and everything had a dim light to it, but all the equipment seemed to work, judging by lots of blinking lights. This only took a second because Nadia stepped in front of me, blocking the view. She wore an oversized gray T-shirt, and one of her shoulders was completely visible. So, no bra there. And the bottom of the shirt hung just below her crotch, with nothing but her smooth legs to be seen below that. Even in the situation I was in now, I couldn’t deny how sexy she looked.

“How are you feeling?” Nadia asked as she looked me over.

“I… uhm… okay, I guess. A bit of a headache, but that’s it.”

“Probably the painkillers wearing off. You were out like a light!” she giggled and started blushing.

“I guess…”

“And your arms?”

I tried wiggling my fingers, but the blue light on the bracelet turned red, and there was no movement in my hand whatsoever. So, I lifted my right arm and didn’t feel any pain.

“You can’t move your hands or underarms for about a week. The repair is done, but it takes time to heal. The braces are helping your nerves to heal quicker.”

I nodded and asked, “How did you get me in here?”

“It wasn’t easy, but you were still conscious enough to help me, even though you were high as a kite! The med pod did the rest.”

“I don’t remember anything after we entered the airlock,” I said.

“I thought so,” Nadia said and blushed again.

“Only a couple of fever dreams, and then I woke up here. How’s the base doing?”

“Come on. I’ll show you,” Nadia said, and she grabbed me by my neck to help me get out.

I realized I wore a tight pair of boxer briefs as I stepped onto the cold floor. They weren’t mine and were a size or two too small. And on top of that, they were so-called second skin. A thin fabric that sticks to your body to be comfortable.

I could see every curve, bump, and muscle through it. My dick couldn’t be missed in this either. You could even make out the veins on my shaft! The only function of it was that I wasn’t naked and that it hid my crotch from direct view. But other than that, its only function was to make me feel comfortable under my clothes. I have to admit that it did give some support.

“What’s with these clothes?” I asked as I checked out my sister’s nipples as they poked the grey material of her shirt.

“Ours are still outside. And this was all I could find that fits us. There are some overalls, but they’re way too big for us. Be glad the med pod can spray on the second skin. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have anything to wear. There’s literally nothing left but this shirt and the overalls.”

“Good thing it isn’t cold in here,” I grumbled.

“Stop whining,” Nadia said, “it could’ve been worse. A lot worse. Let’s go to the control room.”

We entered the control room, and it was apparent that Nadia had done some tests. A diagnostic test was running, and a couple of notes were on the desk.

“How bad is it?” I asked as I sat down on a chair next to my sister.

“Thankfully, it’s not as bad as we expected. As far as I can tell, only the communication tower is offline. I can’t fix that on my own because…”

“Because you need an inside and an outside team to properly align everything. Damnit!” I interrupted Nadia, annoyed by the situation and my arms preventing me from solving the issue.

“Yeah…” she said, “but the reactor is fully operational, and the structure is undamaged. The only other problem is the garage. I couldn’t get in from the outside because the door wouldn’t open. So, the rover is still outside, and we had to enter through the outside airlock.”

“Hmm… That sucks. So, we can’t reach the rover now without suiting up.”

Nadia nodded and said, “But that seems to be all. There’s a diagnostic test running to check for the terraforming process, but that’s just because I didn’t know what else to do. And I managed to park the rover really close to the entrance, so it is protected by the shield.”

“Bisque. You did great!” I said, feeling genuinely proud of how well she handled herself.

“We just don’t know how things are at the main base. I don’t know if they’ve got structural damage or something, but I assume they’re coming for us if they can. Even when there’s no contact with this station.”

I nodded and thought about it for a second. Then, a thought struck me, and I hesitated to mention this to Nadia. But when she saw my worried face and started to frown, I knew I had to spit it out.

“The rover was our relay station. Our suits reported back to base through the rover. And now…”

“Shit! They don’t receive any signals from us anymore! Does that mean…”

“No. I don’t think so,” I said in an attempt to calm her, “They must know something can happen with the rover. I think they’ll go and check our route and come here to check on us anyway.”

This was a little comforting for Nadia, and I could see her relax slightly, but not by much. She pressed some buttons, and the outside camera feeds appeared on the screens above us.

“This way, we can see if someone is coming. I’ll also set the proximity alarm, so we can contact anyone who’s close enough,” she said, and I noticed her shirt had fallen down even further down her shoulder, exposing a bit of the top of her boob.

We sat in the control room for half an hour, lost in our thoughts, when Nadia said, “I had powered up the living quarters a while ago. It’s good that we’ve got plenty of food and water and a big kitchen. We can sit it out if they can’t come and get us right away.”

“That’s Bisque. But we’ll be bored shitless in here, won’t we?” I chuckled.

“I don’t think so. This used to be the main base, remember? There’s a big rec room with a huge screen and lots of games to play.”

“Can we check out the living quarters? I don’t think there’s much more we can do in here, right?” I asked.

“Good idea. I’ve connected our coms to the controls, so we’ll know when something is up.”

I noticed how good everything still looked as we entered the living quarters. I had expected a worn-down station with leaking pipes and trash everywhere. But everything was clean and well-maintained, which was probably because of the bots they left behind. And it helped that they didn’t have to go in a hurry like in some old sci-fi movie where some alien life form threatened the crew.

“You’re right. We can wait it out in here,” I said as we entered the rec room.

“How long do you think we need to stay here?”

“Dunno. I don’t think they’ll be here today, to be honest. Maybe tomorrow. Depends on their own damage. If it’s up to Mom, she will drive here herself. But the crew won’t let her.”

“So?” Nadia asked as we sat on a couch in the corner.

“My best bet is tomorrow. Or the day after that. Either way, we need to be ready for more… It sucks ass that I can’t use my hands!” I said, feeling frustrated that I couldn’t do anything.

“You can use your hands, just not your fingers,” Nadia said, “If you do, it’ll take at least six weeks to heal.”

I sighed, feeling bummed out by all of this. But I was also a little tired despite my time in the med pod.

“How’s the pain?” she asked.

“I don’t feel any pain anymore. Did I get more painkillers?”

“No. Those braces numb the nerves locally until it’s healed. That’s also why they stop you from moving your fingers. It’s the most effective way of healing from such a fracture.”

“Are you a doctor all of a sudden?” I chuckled.

Nadia giggled and said, “No, silly! I wanted to know how to get you on your feet as quickly as possible. I didn’t want to be all alone out here. And the med pods have extensive documentation on the procedures.”

“I didn’t say it yet,” I said, looking seriously at my sister, “but thank you for helping me!”

“You would’ve done the same.”

“Probably. But you actually had to do it, and you did it! So… Thank you!”

We sat there, both checking out the room. I was thinking about our situation and realized I had to go to the bathroom sometime, but I wasn’t sure how to do this. I didn’t want to ask my sister for help, but eventually, I had to go some time. And if we were here long enough, taking a shower would also be a challenge.

And… beating off!

This hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn’t jack off for a week! One whole week!! My balls feel like they’re going to explode after just two days, let alone an entire week. Damn…

“I’ll make us something to eat,” Nadia said, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I kept her company as she prepared something. We chatted about all sorts of things during dinner but carefully avoided Ethan. We had to talk about it sometime, but now wasn’t the time.

After dinner, the urge to pee became more of an issue. As we put our stuff away, I cleared my throat.

Nadia must have seen me blush because she looked worriedly at me and asked, “What’s up? Pain?”

“No. It’s just… I’m…”

“Do I need to put you back in the med pod?”

“I need to pee!” I blurted, blushing furiously.

“Oh…” was Nadia’s timid reply.

The tension in the room was thick, and the awkwardness of the situation was almost painful, but Nadia managed to take it away a little when she said, “No problem. I also need to pee. Come on, I’ll help you!”

She got to her feet, and we walked over to the bathroom. I didn’t know what to do, but Nadia gestured for me to stand in front of the toilet. I was about to ask what to do next when Nadia stood beside me, pulled down my tight boxers with ease, grabbed my dick, and aimed it at the bowl.

“Wh- what?” I stammered.

Nadia looked at me, and my face must’ve been one of terror and disbelief because she said, “Don’t be a wuss. You need help, don’t you? Well… I’m helping you.”

“But…” I half-heartedly tried.

“Just do your thing,” she said, focusing on my dick.

I was dumbfounded by this. If it wasn’t this awkward, unexpected, and strange, I would’ve definitely boned up. But the combination of my need to pee and the surreal situation got my flow going as I let go of my bladder.

“This is Bisque,” Nadia giggled as she aimed the stream all over the bowl.

As the force of the stream died down, and only drops came out, Nadia asked, “Now what?”

“You… uhm… shake it to get the drops off.”

She shook it a couple of times, and since the weirdness had gone down a little bit and her handling of my dick actually felt good, I chubbed up a little. So I stepped back from the bowl, and Nadia pulled up my boxers. Her face was flushed, and thankfully, I could steer clear from a boner.

Nadia surprised me as she sat on the toilet, lifted her shirt a little, and did her business. This didn’t do anything sexual to me, but it was fascinating to watch her pee.

After the waterjet of the toilet wiped her, blew some hot air, and flushed, she said, “Phew! That’s a relief.”

“Yeah… thanks for, you know…”

“Don’t mention it. You’d do the same for me. And besides, it was bisque seeing how boys pee. You can aim it anywhere,” she chuckled.

After we rechecked the control room and found nothing new, we flopped down on the couch in the rec room. We watched a couple of cartoons when a thought struck.

“We can have our own bedrooms in here,” I said.

Nadia checked me out with an expressionless look on her face and said, “I know. But I think we need to stick together. I mean… with all the unknowns and with your situation.”

I was pleased with her reaction. I wanted to sleep with her but still thought I was forcing myself on her. But her response was exactly what I hoped for.

“I’m glad you say that. I think so, too,” I said softly.

“I already had the bots prepare a room,” and in the silence that followed, she whispered, “I don’t wanna lose you too, Ay.”

She cuddled up to me after she said that, and I draped my arm over her to pull her close. Despite the thought of Ethan, sitting like this with us barely dressed felt comforting and heartwarming and brought the two of us even closer together.

After watching more cartoons, my mood lightened. We were safe in here. Tomorrow, we’d probably be taken back to the main base. Ethan’s body would be taken care of, and life would more or less continue. But the most important part was that I still had my twin sister.

Over the last couple of months, we had grown closer together than ever before, and now I loved her more than ever before. And if I was frank with myself, this wasn’t just a brotherly love. On top of these butterflies I felt as I was thinking about her, there was also her fantastic body! The way her hard nipples topped her small boobs… Her firm and smooth ass… the way she fingered herself to an orgasm… how she handled my dick…

Nadia snapped me out of my thoughts when she giggled, “These boxers do absolutely nothing to hide things…”

I looked down, and my boner pointed toward my left hip. The only thing the fabric did was give it another color. Everything else was clear as day.

“I… uhm…” I stammered.

“Does it hurt?”

“No. And with these boxers, it isn’t even that uncomfortable. It’s just embarrassing…”

“Why?” Nadia asked, looking at me, “I’ve seen you like this before.”

“I know… but I’m… I guess I’m not used to that yet.”

She rubbed her hand over my chest and belly and softly said, “I like how you look. Don’t worry so much.”

We sat like this for a bit longer, and I felt my hardon deflate. Deep down, I knew she was right. But the urge I felt to protect her was intense. I should have let her come closer, but this was hard.

“Let’s go to bed, okay?” Nadia asked after a while and got to her feet, “We’ll wear the coms tonight in case they come for us. But I don’t think they’ll do a mission when it’s dark, do you?”

“No. That’s way too dangerous. Especially after the quake. We’ll have to get up early and be as ready as we can when they get here.”

“So, we’ll wear the coms and stay alert. Come on.”

I followed my sister into the bedroom, unsure what to do next. Were we sleeping like we did at the main base? Or were we keeping it modest, just in case?

“Here, lemme help you,” Nadia said and started working on my boxers.

She squatted in front of me and pulled down my boxers. This was unexpected, so I was still soft when she pulled my boxers down. My dick wiggled right in front of her face, and she checked it out for a brief moment.

Then, she got to her feet and lifted her shirt without much of a fuss. My eyes immediately landed on her tits, moved down over her belly toward her slit, and landed on her tits again. I had a semi and was on my way to full mast by now.

Nadia looked but didn’t say anything. Instead, she lifted the blanket, let me get in, and draped it back over my lower body. As she walked over to her side, my eyes glued to her ass, she hummed a song.

After she got in, she moved over and cuddled up against me. Her breast was pressed against my chest, and my arm was around her back. I couldn’t stroke her back now, but I could pull her close to me and show my affection this way.

“Might as well sleep here like we did at the main base, right?” Nadia asked as she looked, smiling at me.

“Yeah. Thanks for helping me with that,” I chuckled, “wasn’t expecting that…”

“Yeah… figured you were okay with that.”

She was stroking my chest and belly again, and I could sense she was a bit nervous. Her body was tense, and there was a hint of a tremble in her voice. Did I do something wrong? Did she regret what we did together earlier? I was thinking all sorts of horrible things where we wouldn’t be together anymore. I was pretty messed up at the time. I realize that now.

After a minute of silence, she softly asked, “Ay?”


“When uhm… when we were in the airlock…” she asked and moved back to her side of the bed to look at me.

“Oh. Sorry, but I don’t really remember anything after I undressed. I only had a couple of… weird dreams.”

Nadia thought about this for a second and asked, “Really? Did any of these dreams have the airlock in it?”

“I… uhm…” I stammered, not knowing what to say to that.

“Because you… we… uhm… you kissed me inside the airlock.”

This struck me like lightning. I had kissed her in my dream! It was a dream! Or was it? Now, it was my turn to be nervous.

“I… it was a dream… I wasn’t…” I stammered as I felt tears growing in my eyes, “I’m sorry..”

I did everything in my power to prevent from crying. My sister hated me because I couldn’t control myself, and I had to deal with that now. But I had to stay strong and get us out of here.

After a short pause, Nadia softly said, “I liked it…”

See! She hates me, and… wait.. what? I wasn’t sure if I had heard it correctly, so I gathered all my willpower and looked my sister in her eyes. She was blushing and looked insecure, but a sly smile in the corner of her mouth did it.

“You… and it wasn’t a dream?”

“No. It was real. And it felt really, really good, Ay. I know it’s weird for brothers and sisters to kiss like this, but I don’t care! You made me… made us feel, I don’t know… connected, and I got all mushy inside.”

“But I didn’t mean to…” I stammered again.

I realized she was being so honest and open about it that I should also try to show my real feelings for her. What was the worst that could happen? So, I cleared my throat and said, “I wanted to kiss you for a long time. I think the painkillers pushed me past my fears about what you might think about a kiss.”

“I… I didn’t know that…”

“I’m not proud of it. But it’s the truth,” I said as I fumbled with the sheet.

My sister didn’t react, and I didn’t dare to look at her. So many emotions and thoughts were shooting through me that I didn’t know what to think or do.

“Will… will you kiss me again?” Nadia asked, barely above a whisper.

My eyes immediately found hers. I just had to see if she was serious or not. But looking into her bright green eyes, I saw nothing but love and tenderness. With her eyes, she almost sucked me deep into the depth of her soul. I never felt so deeply connected to anyone than at that moment.

My instinct took over, and I moved my face closer to her. Everything at that moment happened in slow motion, and I still remember every millisecond of it.

I kept looking into her eyes, and as my face inched closer, I could smell her sweet scent. The moment my lips touched hers, a surge of electricity shot through me. My lips tingled as if I had touched one of those vintage static electricity globes. I kept pressing my lips firmer against her, and I could feel Nadia doing the same.

Her lips felt wonderfully soft but were still firm against my lips. We closed our eyes simultaneously as I drank in the fantastic feelings that were surging through me. It was as if our souls merged into one at that moment.

This wasn’t a sibling kiss. This was a kiss between lovers and could last a lifetime. Nadia surprised me when she opened her mouth a little, but when her tongue touched my lips a moment later, an internal light bulb switched on. This was a French kiss!

I opened my mouth to let my tongue meet hers. When our tongues touched, my whole body felt like it was on fire, and I had goosebumps on every inch of my body. The world around me didn’t exist anymore. It was just my sister and me as the most beautiful and indescribable feelings swept through me.

Our tongues rubbed gently against each other, and I tasted the sweetness of my sister’s mouth. My breathing was heavy, and breathing through my nose at this point wasn’t easy. But being this close to Nadia was the best there was, and if it all ended here, I’d still be the happiest boy in the universe.

My dick was rock hard and twitched violently every now and then. But somehow, this didn’t involve my dick. It wasn’t a sexual thing we were doing now. The side-by-side jacking session definitely was, but this was all very emotional and spiritual and connected the two of us.

Nadia broke the kiss, and I slowly opened my eyes. I saw Nadia do the same, and a warm smile spread across her face. I still felt goosebumps all over and felt a tremendous amount of love for my sister.

“That was… wow…” Nadia whispered.

“It sure was… it’s a-“

Before I could finish my sentence, we were kissing again. We kissed like this for a couple of minutes, only breaking it a few times to regain our breaths.

After what seemed like forever, Nadia and I broke the kiss again, and Nadia draped her body half over mine, cuddling up with her head below mine, resting on my chest. 

“I love you, Ay,”

This hit me right at the center of my heart. She LOVED me! It never once occurred to me that my love for her might be returned. I was convinced I’d die miserable and alone, longing for my sister’s love. But now she said she loved me!

I was over the moon by now, and I felt my heart trying to beat itself out of my chest. I could only stammer a soft, “I… I love you too…”

Nadia lifted her head briefly to glance at me. We both knew at that moment this wasn’t an ordinary love when our eyes met. This was a deep connection between two people.

She laid her head back on my chest and squeezed my body to hug me tight. I stroked her bare back and kissed her on her head. We didn’t say anything else. It wasn’t like we’d leave it hanging, but we said what we wanted, so we said enough.

After a while, Nadia said, “I can hear your heart…”

“You smell nice,” I replied.

Nadia chuckled and asked, “Are we weird?”

“Nope! Not at all,” I replied immediately.

“But we…”

“Not! At! All!” I said again.

“Stop it,” Nadia giggled and slapped me on my chest.

“I love you. You love me. What’s weird about two people loving each other?”

“Because we’re brother and sister?” she said, stating the obvious.

I thought about it for a second and said, “After all these months being so close to you, you’re way, way more of a friend than my sister to me. And so what? The world can always use a bit of love. Even this world.”

“Guess you’re right. Who cares that you’re my brother? I know I don’t.”

“There you go,” I said, kissing her on her head.

“I’m feeling tired,” Nadia said after a short while.

“Me too.”

And that was it. Nadia and I fell asleep with her half-lying on me with her head on my chest and her boobs and pussy pressed against my body. I felt whole at that moment and blessed to be so close to another person. Especially my twin sister. 

End of chapter 8

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