A Dream of Darkness – Chapter 4
Levi Holland

Chapter 4

The day was one of the best Henry could remember having in a long time. On top of staying cool from the heat at the swimming hole, Henry had met Aleks, a boy who’d taken him so completely by surprise that he remained in Henry’s thoughts long after they’d split and returned to their own homes.

When Henry asked if Aleks wanted to spend the night, he shook his head and said he already had plans early the next day. He promised instead to find Henry first thing at school on Monday. How strange that he’d never noticed Aleks in the hallways or school courtyard before, Henry thought, but then again, 7th graders didn’t really pay much attention to 6th graders. They were in a totally different social class altogether.

As soon as Henry made it home, he checked in with his parents before rushing off to the bathroom and dropping his pants. He thought back to when Aleks took his hand underwater after their first jump together. It was his first real piece of intimacy with a boy, not just another fantasy he’d cooked up in his mind. Aleks’s smooth skin against his own had been like a jolt of electricity, and even now Henry’s penis lifted from his balls and pulsed straight out in front of him.

He grabbed his erection and gave it a few slow tugs as he appreciated the tingling in his balls and lower stomach. Part of him wished he had the chance to cum earlier while watching Jake beat his meat, but he knew Aleks was right to pull him away. Friends looked out for each other, even if they had only just met.

Henry fixed his imagination on Aleks’s torso and bare armpits, envisioning the boy’s wavy blond hair and charming smile as he began stroking his dick. He stuck a finger in his mouth to wet it before reaching beneath his shirt and gently teasing his nipple. It hardened beneath his touch and made him shiver.

Outside of the bathroom, Henry heard a bedroom door shut, and soon after the jiggling of the bathroom door handle.

An urgent banging came from outside the door.

“I’m in here,” Henry called out.

“I gotta go! Real bad!”

Henry rolled his eyes at Keegan though he knew he couldn’t see. He was probably in the middle of some stupid game of his and waited until the last minute to use the bathroom.

“Well, go use mom and dad’s bathroom,” Henry shouted. “I’m busy!”

His brother’s footsteps faded away as he ran to the other end of the house, and Henry reunited his penis with the palm of his hand. He stuck his finger back into his mouth, this time teasing it back and forth in smooth, slow motions as he wrapped his tongue around the digit, imagining what Aleks might look like naked.

He assumed the boy would be cut like most of the boys he’d seen in the gym showers, but there was always the chance that Aleks still had his foreskin. Henry hoped so. Maybe Aleks’s family were from a different country because of the unusual spelling of his name. He remembered hearing how European boys were more likely to be uncircumcised. The fantasy of his new friend hard, with his possible foreskin peeling back and forth over his mushroom head made Henry groan.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Come on, Henry! Dad’s shaving or something stupid like that.”

“No, I said go. I’m pooping!”

There was a pause before Keegan dropped his voice and said, “I heard you a second ago. You’re trying to get the feeling, aren’t you? I don’t care, I just need to pee, or I’m going to pee my pants, and it’ll be your fault!”

Henry growled in frustration as he stood from his seat and twisted the lock on the door. He was reaching down to pull his pants up when Keegan busted into the bathroom. There was a brief moment when his little brother paused to eye the head of Henry’s bobbing, dripping dick sticking straight out, but he moved to the toilet before lowering the front of his pants and hosing the inside of the bowl with an admittedly powerful stream of pee.

As his brother finished, Keegan’s penis begin to inflate as he shook himself dry. The tip looked a little red like he’d been assaulting his dick most of the day, which was probably true, Henry thought. When he first discovered masturbation a few months back, nothing stopped Henry from taking every free chance he got to chase after the sensation of cumming. Even after growing soft because he could squirt, his dick was constantly vying for his attention.

Henry coughed as his brother was about to snap his pants up. “Erm…maybe you should try spit.”

Keegan looked at Henry like he was insane. “You want me to spit in the toilet bowl?”

“What? No, you idiot. Your dick is red from all the jacking off you’ve been doing. You should use spit so it doesn’t chafe. It’s kind of like the precum I make.”

Keegan’s eyes dropped to Henry’s penis head again as he squinted. “So what does that stuff even feel like anyway?”

Henry’s cheeks flushed in embarrassment. “I don’t know, slimy, I guess. Kind of sticky.”

He jumped backward as Keegan reached out a finger towards his dick. “Hey, hey, hey. What’re you doing?”

“Seeing what it feels like,” Keegan answered like it was obvious. “How else am I supposed to know?”

He smacked his brother’s hand away. “You don’t just go around touching people’s dicks. You have to ask permission. Even if it’s your brother. Here.”

Henry dragged his finger along the end of his dick to scoop some of the precum off before extending it to Keegan. The strand pulled from his fingertip about half an inch before Keegan reached with his index finger to catch it. He rolled it around between his thumb and index finger before a look of realization struck him. Keegan’s penis was now its full three inches as he spread the little bit of precum around the head of his dick. His brother shuddered in place as he did so.

“Can I finish now?” Henry asked in a bit of a whine. Being denied cumming twice already today on top of seeing his brother make himself feel good was giving him a serious case of blue balls.

“I wanna watch you make sperm again,” Keegan said, grinning as he sat back down on the toilet seat.

“No, dude, what if mom and dad hear?”

Keegan shrugged before spitting in the palm of his hand. He cupped the spit before wrapping it around his tiny erection. Squelching sounds filled the bathroom, only drowned out by Keegan’s high-pitched whine as his hand slid up and down.

“Oh, yeah…” his brother sighed as his eyes fluttered shut. “This is better.”

Oh, fuck it, Henry thought before spitting in his own hand and adding to the wet sex sounds in the air. He’d already been close to the edge before, and within a few seconds, Henry felt like a hammer was thumping him between his balls and anus.

“Oh god,” he whispered as his dick bucked in his hands. His eyes grew wide as his first blast of cum shot out across the bathroom and hit the floor with a plop. Henry couldn’t ever remember reaching that kind of distance. It probably had a lot to do with the buildup throughout the day. His second burst reached half as far, and the rest smeared along his cummy hand as he continued stroking. Keegan watched him cum with laser focus before doubling down on his own dick.

“I can feel it…so good,” Keegan panted before lifting his ass off the toilet seat and removing his hand. His penis, shiny with spit, was twitching rapidly against his groin as he came down from his orgasm. With a final shiver, Keegan dropped back on the toilet seat and blew out the air he’d been holding.

“Oh my god, it’s literally the best feeling ever,” Keegan said before pulling up his pants. “Thanks for letting me see your sperm again. I can’t wait to make it one day.”

Henry broke off a few pieces of toilet paper before wiping away the clear goo from the bathroom floor. He didn’t need his mom or dad questioning the droplets if they discovered them later on.

“It’s fine. Just don’t make watching me a habit,” Henry said before flushing the toilet paper down the drain along with Keegan’s pee.

The rest of the afternoon passed without incident. Henry got roped into helping with the dishes while his mom prepared supper. The smell of sauteed onions filled the kitchen as his mom padded out burger meat for the stove pan. Henry scrubbed the set of dirty plates sitting in the soapy sink water while telling his mom about Aleks and the time they’d spent at the swimming hole.

“He seems like a nice boy,” his mother agreed.

“Do you think he could come over some time?”

“Yeah, I don’t see why not. I’m sure we can work something out with his family when it’s time.”

After finishing dinner, they all sat down together to play a few rounds of Phase 10. Despite his best efforts, Henry started to fall behind after a few rounds while Keegan shot ahead. His dad, too, was also doing increasingly worse, but unlike Henry, he was an enormous sore loser.

“I swear to god, I will flip this entire table,” his dad said.

“You will do no such thing,” his mom answered calmly and raised an eyebrow. “Simon.”

“What? I was kidding! Can’t a man tell a joke?”

Two turns later, Keegan made his big play. He drew his card before laying down seven cards of the same color. Smiling angelically up at his father, he then played out the rest of his cards before discarding his last and ending the round once again.

“I’m disowning you!” His dad slammed the table with the palm of his hand before storming off to the kitchen fridge for a drink.

“It’s your deal,” his mom shouted back.

They never finished the game.

That night, Henry was drained from the events of the day and passed out moments after his head hit the pillow.

Keegan was, in fact, not disowned, and Sunday morning soon graced the household with the smell of warm pancakes. Henry stretched in his bed and peered out his window. It was another overcast day, and a low fog hovered over the grass. Most of the morning was spent with Henry helping his dad complete chores around the house and the yard while his mom took Keegan to run some errands and shop for groceries.

His dad was quiet as they spread mulch together around the garden beds. Henry figured he was having a pity party from last night’s Phase 10 game, but once they’d emptied the first bag, his dad kept shooting him glances and looking away when Henry would make eye contact.

It wasn’t until they paused to grab some lemonade from inside that his dad spoke up.

“So, uhh, your classes going alright so far?”


“Math still giving you trouble?”

“A little,” Henry answered. “A lot. What is this?”

“What is what?”

“This conversation. You’re being weird.”

His dad walked over to one of the patio chairs and turned it outward before dragging a second one nearby. He patted the seat and called Henry to sit with him.

“Son, I think it’s time you and I had another talk, you know…man to man.”

Henry’s cheeks burned red. “You mean, like a sex talk? Now?”

His dad shrugged and seemed very interested in one of the small weeds growing between a crack in the patio.

“It’s just, you and your brother are getting older. I know we had the talk about wet dreams a few months back, but I figured it was time to really get into it. You know, talk about your body’s changes, things you might be feeling, how to deal with those feelings—”

“Dad, I know about puberty and sex already.”

His dad gulped down his glass of lemonade.

“Mhmm. Right, well, that’s great to hear, of course. It’s just that I wanted to make sure you didn’t have any questions. Soon you’ll be interested in girls, and I didn’t want you to think you couldn’t ask your old man about anything.”

It was Henry’s turn to look away. He scraped the patio with the sole of his shoe as his dad talked.

“I may not look it much now,” his dad went on, “but before your mother, hooooo boy, was I in the game. Never had much of a relationship with my father about these kinds of things, but there’s no need to go your own way if you ever want a little advice from someone who’s been around the block.”

“Maybe I do have one question,” Henry said quietly.

He couldn’t bring himself to make eye contact with his dad. Several trickles of sweat climbed down the back of his neck.

“What if…what if I wasn’t into girls…as much…or at all?”

Henry kept his gaze on the patio for several long moments, but when he finally turned his head up, his dad stared back at him. Henry couldn’t read his dad’s expression. He worried it was a look of shame and disappointment.

“You think you might be gay?” His dad asked softly.

Henry started to answer, but his voice betrayed him. He was comfortable with the notion of being gay—plenty comfortable, actually—but this was the first time he was sharing those thoughts with anyone he knew. His parents, his brother, his best friend, Aiden. No one knew. Henry nodded his head instead, his throat too tight to speak. He was cracking under the secret of it all.

“Son, listen.” His dad placed a firm hand on Henry’s shoulder. “You have nothing to be ashamed about. Don’t think for a second that I won’t love you just as much as I did before. Me or your mother.”

Henry was surprised at the tears welling in his eyes. He blinked them away as a few teardrops fell to the patio. “You mean it?”

His dad immediately pulled him into a hug, and Henry felt the stress melt away from his muscles in an instant. “Of course. You are my son. How about this…how about for now you don’t worry about whether or not you’re straight, gay, or whatever other letters that BBQ abbreviation stands for? You may find that after a year or two, you might think differently about girls, too.”

Henry dragged his forearm to clear some of the snot from his nose and chuckled. “I don’t think that’s going to happen, but thank you.”

His dad smiled and took another sip of the remaining lemonade in his cup. “So, when did you know? Was this a recent thing, or have you always felt this way?”

Henry shrugged and considered. “I guess I knew for sure when I kept jacking off to all the naked boys in my class.”

His dad sputtered on his lemonade, his face redder than Henry could ever remember. Suddenly the lemonade break was over, and his dad was back to spreading mulch around the yard.

“Was it something I said?”

Oh, Sunday nights. The last bit of respite before heading back into the tortures of middle school. This time, things were a bit different though. Henry was always happy to run into Aiden, but now he had another friend to look forward to in Aleks. He wanted to introduce the two boys as soon as possible so Henry would have every excuse to spend time with them both. He had every confidence that they would hit it off.

It was with this thought that Henry happily brushed his teeth before slipping on his pajamas for the night and tucking himself under the covers. Like the night before, he hit the pillow with a massive yawn, and a few brief moments later, sleep took him.

Henry never understood why he could never immediately tell when he was in a dream. His conscious mind knew he was about to sleep, and his dreams were almost always some absurd, ridiculous scenario, but in the dream, somehow the craziness all felt normalized. It was only when he woke up and reflected back that he could understand the nonsense of it all.

That was most dreams.

When Henry’s eyes snapped open, and he once again stood planted at the edge of the forest outside of Misty Pines, he understood with 100% clarity that this was simultaneously all dream and all real. Like the time before, the gaping mouth of the cave spewed a thrumming darkness that pulsed across the land beneath his feet.

“Come,” a voice whispered to him from everywhere and nowhere.

The last time Henry was in this place, he’d been terrified. The darkness and eerie presence had paralyzed him in fear. With it had come a strange and wonderful gift, even if he was still exploring what all it could allow him to do. He’d awoken before ever getting the chance to step inside the cave, but now, Henry felt a curiosity welling up inside of him. If this place lived somewhere between the real and unreal, he wanted the chance to see it for himself.

With each step across the stony ground he took, the faint pulse from the depths of the cave traveled through his toes and into his feet, creeping up his legs higher and higher. The darkness of the cave swallowed him up entirely, folding over him as he stepped into its threshold.

Somehow Henry sensed in his being that he wouldn’t smash his face against the cave wall. The way was clear; he just had to keep going.


Another voice called out to him from beyond the darkness. Still faint, still a whisper, but different than the shadowy voice that beckoned him forward. He hesitated for only a brief moment before the phantom voice called out again.

“Step forward, child.”

The shroud of black fog began to fade with each new step, and the features of a bedroom began to form around him. Details of a bed with a blue quilt cover materialized from the darkness. Soon other objects melted into place: a nightstand with a lamp, lavender walls, a lounge chair next to a small book shelf, and finally, Aiden.

He was in his best friend’s room, although his friend didn’t see or recognize him at all. Looking around, Henry could detect traces of a black mist hugging the edges of the room, and the ground still reverberated against his bare feet. Despite its hyper-realism, Henry figured the place to be an illusion of his friend’s bedroom.

“You’ve come to know my power,” the voice whispered beside him, although Henry could sense its presence in every direction around him. He was enveloped by it. “But you only know a taste.”

“Aiden?” Henry called out, wondering if his voice could even be heard. It echoed out in front of him as if he stood in a wide, open space. Aiden ignored him, moving around his bedroom as if getting ready for sleep. His friend sat on the mattress and pulled his white socks from his feet.

Something touched against his chest, over his heart, but no one was there.

“I see inside you, Henry. I see what you desire.”

Henry grew uncomfortable as the being articulated his thoughts.

“It doesn’t matter,” Henry answered. “Aiden’s not like me.”

“Desires are fluid,” the voice drawled. “What was impossible before is now in your control. All you have to do is…push.”

There was a knock on Aiden’s bedroom door. Henry wasn’t even sure there had been a door until the knock happened. After a small turning of the doorknob, the door swung open to reveal his brother Keegan standing in the doorway in just his night clothes. He shuffled over beside Aiden and joined him on the bed.

“What is this?” Henry asked. “Why is Keegan here?”

Henry watched as Aiden reached for his waistband to unbutton his jeans before unzipping and shimmying them down his legs. His boxer briefs were pale blue and bulging at the front. Keegan’s eyes seemed locked on to the bulge.

This isn’t real, Henry thought. It’s only a dream.

“It can be,” the voice answered over Henry’s thoughts.

When Aiden pulled the front of his briefs down to his ankles, Henry’s breath caught in his chest, and he took a step forward to get a better look. He had so desperately wanted this moment with his best friend, to see him naked, to spend a night with him in this vulnerable state. And though it was merely a dream, he watched on as Keegan was about to live out Henry’s fantasy.

His best friend’s penis was already ballooning out with a slight upward curve to its three-and-a-half inches. How he possessed a mental image of his best friend when he had never seen him naked before, Henry wasn’t certain, but at this point, he could care less. His package matched his friend’s small scrappiness. Henry thought it looked beautiful. Just above Aiden’s penis was a small tuft of faint, blond pubic hairs. His balls looked more like marbles rather than eggs inside their sack.

Henry watched as Keegan reached out to gently run a finger along the underside of Aiden’s penis. The thrumming and pulsing around Henry increased as he tried to keep himself from feeling so dizzy. This was all wrong. He didn’t want to see his kid brother having sex with his best friend. At least, he didn’t think so. Three days ago, he would have thought the idea of his brother having orgasms nearly impossible, but then he’d been the one to accidentally give Keegan his first. Not only that, but he’d followed it up by teaching him how to masturbate to the point of even showing Keegan what jizz looked like. Maybe Henry was more perverse than he wanted to admit.

Aiden smiled at the touch and spread his legs a little wider, giving his sack room to breathe. Henry shivered despite the warmth in his chest as Keegan slid from the bed and positioned himself between Aiden’s legs. Henry’s legs moved independent of his own thoughts, moving toward the edge of the bed to get a better vantage point.

His blonde friend smirked as he flexed his penis once, making it spring upward. Keegan reached out a hand to steady it before leaning forward and swiping a tongue across the tip. The light, sensual moan that escaped Aiden’s lips was nearly enough to make Henry cream his pants—or maybe it would be in real life, back in his bed. He wasn’t sure how it worked in this in-between place.

Keegan seemed encouraged by the sound and proceeded to lick again before lowering his lips around the tip of Aiden’s shaft. His friend clutched the edges of his blanket around him as he kept his hips from driving upward. It wasn’t long before Keegan’s nose brushed against Aiden’s scant pubes.

“Keegan,” Aiden hissed out. “Please don’t stop.”

Keegan nodded and gave a muffled mmph before increasing his tempo as he bobbed up and down. There was a slick squelch each time Keegan slid across Aiden’s boner. The sound was driving Henry wild. He tried reaching a hand to his own dick, but the contact didn’t seem to give him any immediate pleasure or relief. By this point, one of Aiden’s hands now rested on Keegan’s head, stroking his fingers through his brother’s dark hair.

“Uggh, gonna cum soon…you might wanna move your mouth,” Aiden warned.

Keegan lifted his head from Aiden’s groin.

“I want to taste it,” he said simply, and returned back to the prize in front of him.

Henry wasn’t sure what to feel. He wanted this to end. He wanted this to go on forever. He wanted to jump in and have an orgy with both of them. There was no making heads or tails to how he was feeling in that moment, completely and utterly consumed by lust, torn between protecting his brother and satiating the urges coursing through him.

“Henry, fight it!”

Henry turned his head to the inky black of the bedroom window. He wasn’t crazy. A voice clear as day had called out to him, different again from the darkness. Fight it? Fight what?

Aiden pinched off a high-pitched whine as his muscles tensed, drawing Henry’s attention back toward his best friend. Henry could see the boy’s vein throbbing at his neck and wanted desperately to reach out and connect his lips to the boy’s throat.

“Okay, it’s…oh, here I go,” Aiden moaned and bent forward over Keegan’s head as his orgasm hit. Aiden’s little body shivered as Henry imagined his friend blasting whatever meager, watery cum he could make into his brother’s mouth.

All too soon, Aiden’s body relaxed, and Keegan pulled his mouth from the end of Aiden’s penis.

Keegan ran his tongue once across his teeth. “I can feel it in my mouth. It’s different than I would have thought. Bitter, but sweet kinda.”

Aiden smiled once before pulling Keegan to his feet. His little boner pushed against his pajama bottoms, and Aiden went to his knees while lowering the front end of Keegan’s waistband. Out popped Keegan’s penis, standing to attention straight toward the ceiling.

With no fanfare, Aiden swooped in and took Keegan’s penis to the hilt. Based on the flexing around his cheeks, Aiden was running his tongue all along Keegan’s length, and his younger brother was absolutely loving it. Keegan’s head tilted back with eyes closed.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” his brother said lowly to himself. It was less than thirty seconds before Keegan shook out, “Getting my orgasm.”

When Aiden pulled off, Keegan’s bare penis was once again dancing wildly against his groin.

Aiden stood again, and this time, he pulled Keegan in for a kiss. With Aiden being a bit short for his age, and Keegan taller than average, the two stood at roughly the same height. They turned their heads as their lips met and opened their mouths against each other. The images of Aiden’s bedroom began dissolving around him until the last thing Henry saw was his brother and friend interlocked in each other’s arms.

Henry shivered in place, surrounded by darkness once again.

“It can be yours,” the whispers said. “All you have to do is push forward into the mind.”

With a gasp, Henry snapped from the dream, struck once again by a nocturnal emission as semen gushed out from the end of his dick, soaking the inside of his pajama bottoms. Outside, the cicadas and crickets sang together, and a glance at his alarm clock showed it was only 2 am. Still five hours left of sleep. Henry groaned as he turned over on his side. He knew he was leaving a drippy mess inside his clothes he’d have to deal with later, but his need for sleep took the best of him.

His last thoughts before drifting back into a dreamless sleep were his brother and Aiden in the throes of their orgasms together…

End of Part 4

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All rights reserved

Author’s note: Two chapters left! Lots to go and to be revealed in these next two parts as we move into our climactic story moments. Hopefully like all good things, the ending will leave you satisfied and wanting more in the best way. Thank you again for reading if you made it this far into the story. I’d love to hear some feedback from you all if you enjoyed it (LeviHolland@protonmail.com).