Let’s Get Physical – Part one
Rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)

Rachael Ward, R.N. stood in the entrance to the waiting room with a chart and called out, “Richard Benton?” When she saw the boy and his mother rise and start toward her, she thought, and we have a winner.

The boy was gorgeous. A quick glance at the chart showed that he was twelve. He had shoulder length auburn hair, coppery in the glow of the fluorescent lights. His mother’s hair was more reddish, and she was a very attractive woman. The boy was slender, with almost perfect features, a cute little nose, red, sensual lips, carved cheekbones, and even cute little dimples. His brows were sleek and expressive and his lashes would be the envy of any woman, framing bright blue eyes. He had a long neck, and what she could see of his body under a blue polo shirt and khaki shorts looked slim and athletic. She smiled as they approached.

“Do you like Richard or Rich?” she asked, putting a hand on the boy’s slim shoulder as he arrived in front of her. She’d guessed he wouldn’t be called Dick.

“Richie,” he replied with a smile. His teeth were perfect, and she wondered how much that had cost. His voice was still high and sweet, but with a sexy little rasp which was an indicator that things would soon be changing.

“Okay, Richie,” she grinned. She leaned down, almost confidingly and turned and pointed down the hallway, “Do you see the third door down on the right side?” At his nod, she continued, “Well, go on down to that room and I’ll be right behind you, okay?”

“Okay,” he agreed happily, and she watched only a moment, just to get a quick glance at his ass as he walked past her.

Then she turned back to mom with a confident smile. “Mrs. Benton?”

“It’s Ms.,” the woman corrected, but not harshly.

Rachael nodded in acknowledgment and said, in a tone of voice carefully cultivated for just this purpose, “It’s been our experience that once boys get to be Richie’s age, they really prefer to be alone for the examination.” She glanced at the chart, although she already knew what it said. “He’s in for a routine physical, so while there’s nothing traumatic, there are going to be a few moments which might be embarrassing for a boy in front of his mother.” She saw the woman, who’d been about to protest, pause uncertainly, and she knew she’d won. “Of course, during those moments there are always a nurse and a doctor present, so there’s no chance of… impropriety.”

The woman shook her head as if the thought had never entered her head. It probably hadn’t. “No, of course not,” she said. Then, after a moment of reflection she glanced at her phone and asked, “How long do you think he’ll be?”

“Oh, I’d say no longer than thirty to forty minutes,” Rachael assured her. She knew that in the day of tablets and smart phones, a person could easily lose themselves for that amount of time and even longer. That’s one of the reasons they’d been among the first pediatric offices in town to offer free WiFi.

It had taken about two years working together before Rachael and the pediatrician, Donna Belloso, realized that they had a common interest in young boys. It was another six months after that of careful, probing questions and comments before they were able to admit it to each other. Now, six years later, they had a great working relationship and a careful, yet satisfying routine of how to handle the cutest of the boys who came through the office.

“Well, if you’re sure,” Ms. Benton finally said.

Rachael smiled reassuringly and laid a gentle hand on the woman’s arm, which she knew was sealing the deal so to speak. “He’s in great hands.”

With that, the woman returned to her seat in the waiting room, already pulling an iPad out of her bag and Rachael set her sights on Exam Room 3. She found Richie standing in front of one of the anatomical models, the one with the intact right breast. The breast could be removed to reveal the organs underneath, but Rachael liked to leave it on to judge the reactions of the boys who saw it. It very rarely failed to draw their attention and young Richie was no exception, turning with a slight blush as she entered.

As the door began to close behind her, Richie tilted his head, expecting to see his mother right behind her. She explained, “I’ve asked your mom to stay out in the waiting room for the exam.” She could see a hint of trepidation in the boy’s eyes and she rushed on in a confidential voice, “Most boys don’t want their moms to see them undressed.”

“Oh,” he said, understanding. Then she saw the full understanding hit him, as he realized he was going to be undressed in front of the doctor and possibly her as well. He’d probably already been aware of that, but if so, the reminder made him nervous.

Rachael had learned that the best way through this awkward phase was to just get through it; to not give the patient too much time to think. So, going to a closet, she pulled out a medium sized gown. She and Dr. Belloso only ordered child-sized gowns, which would hit most kids about mid-thigh. The office mostly specialized in children in the roughly 9 to about 14 year old range. As a twelve-year-old, Richie should really be wearing a large, but Rachael liked to give smaller gowns to the cute ones.

“So, Richie,” she smiled, “I’m going to leave you for a minute to go tell the doctor that you’re here. What I need you to do while I’m gone is undress,” she never said ‘take off your clothes’. ‘Undress’ seemed to be somehow less threatening she’d found. “You can put your clothes right on that chair there,” she said, pointing. “Then you put this gown on. It goes on with the opening in the back, which is weird I know, but that’s how it works.” She demonstrated briefly. “Then there’s a little snap on the back of the neck to hold it closed. Do you have any questions?”

Richie seemed embarrassed, but he managed to ask, “Do I have to take off my underwear, too?”

Rachael gave the boy an understanding smile and replied, “Yeah, but don’t you worry. The doctor and I have seen about a bazillion boys come through here and we barely even look anymore, okay? You’ll be fine.”

“Okay,” he agreed with some reluctance.

Rachael left the boy then, humming under her breath. Richie was a cute one. Probably one of the best looking boys they’d seen come through in months. She couldn’t wait to see what he was hiding under those baggy shorts.

The nurse gave a perfunctory knock on the doctor’s office door before opening it and stepping inside. She let it close behind her. Dr. Donna Belloso turned with a smile and a twinkle in her eye. She knew Rachael wouldn’t have bothered to close the door if she didn’t have something interesting to impart. “What have you got for us?” she asked.

“A real cutie,” she said, handing over the chart. “Gorgeous auburn hair, blue eyes, perfect little body. From what I could see of it in any case.”

Donna always got a charge out of being able to discuss these things so openly with her nurse. For years she’d hidden her attraction to young boys, keeping it buried deep so that no one would suspect. Finding Rachael had been a blessing. After about a year of working together she had begun to suspect that the nurse, seven years her junior, was also attracted to boys. It was the occasional appreciative glance, the way her eyes would twinkle when a boy was displayed naked on the exam table. She’d been careful though, and it was nearly three years of working together before the two women were able to open up to each other and admit their dark, shared secret.

Since then, the women had grown close. Much closer than either would have expected. Both were attractive women. Donna was petite, with dark, Mediterranean features and small, perky breasts, still pretty firm at forty-one. Her hair was long and sleek and black. She kept it pulled back with barrettes, feeling that a ponytail gave off too unprofessional a vibe for a doctor. At five seven, Rachael was a bit taller, more athletic, with larger breasts. She had blonde hair and blue eyes and kept herself fit with nightly visits to a gym. Although both women were married, their secret lust for boys had forged a bond between them that had spilled over into physical affection, so that they often satisfied each other after encounters with particularly cute boys.

“He’s changing?” Donna confirmed, knowing Rachael’s usual routine. The nurse would gather vitals and some basic information before Donna would visit for a more in-depth examination.

Rachael nodded and said, “I better get back to him. He’s a skittish one and I don’t want to leave him alone too long.”

“Oh, parent is staying behind?” Donna asked. This was always good news. She knew that Rachael had become an expert in separating parent from child, in spite of the fact that a parent or guardian really should have been present for the exam. The presence of a parent really did often make the boys, especially boys just going through puberty, uncomfortable. It also put a serious damper on exactly how much Donna and Rachael could get away with during the exam of their young patients.

“Yup,” Rachael grinned. “See you in a bit,” and with that she was out the door.

Rachael knocked lightly on the door to give the boy a moment to situate himself. After a minute or two of waiting boys often got restless and wandered around the room. She’d walked into the exam room on more than one occasion in the past to get a shot of pale ass through the gown, and while thrilling, the resulting embarrassment before the young patient could get used to being around her in his near-naked state wasn’t worth it. So she always knocked as a warning.

As she expected, she opened the door to find Richie perched on the end of the exam table. Paper crinkled underneath him as he shifted nervously. She carefully closed the door behind her, knowing it wouldn’t be opened by anyone except Donna. Exam 3 was at the end of a corridor so there was no chance of anyone passing by and seeing or hearing anything.

“Hi, Richie,” she smiled. “You all set?” She glanced to the chair to see a neatly folded stack of clothing. On top of the pile was a pair of carefully folded orange briefs with a blue waistband. She wished she’d been able to see him in them.

“Yeah,” he said, and she could see his nervousness.

“Relax,” she said reassuringly. She wheeled the vitals cart over to the exam table. “Have you had a physical before?”

“Yeah, I guess,” he said.

“Well, then you know there’s nothing to worry about today. You’ve had your labs, so no needles, nothing bad. Just a bit of poking and prodding. I’ll even promise not to bite,” she said with a grin. She got a hesitant grin in return. “That’s better,” she said.

She wanted the boy’s feet stable for the blood pressure, and as his legs were much too short to reach the ground, the table came equipped with a pull-out plate. This was good because it also gave her an excuse to look up between his legs as she bent over to pull it out. However, like many boys, he’d tucked his gown down tight around his thighs. She knew how to fix that though.

“Excuse me, honey,” she said, kneeling down at the end of the table, “I just need to reach this.” So saying, she reached between his calves, so that he had no choice but to spread his legs a bit. She took a look out of the corner of her eye but still couldn’t see anything. She had hold of the plate and she wiggled it back and forth.

“It always sticks,” she smiled apologetically. “Can you scooch back a bit, hon?”

That did it. Between the boy moving back and having to spread his legs wider she was able to get a quick glance up under his gown, but then she wasn’t sure she could trust what she’d just seen. She pulled out the plate and instructed him to put his feet on it, but her mind was caught on that brief flash. Surely not, she thought.

She kept up a light banter as she put the blood pressure cuff around his thin arm and stuck the electronic thermometer under his tongue. After a few moments, she input the data into the triage console. “Healthy as a horse,” she grinned, removing the cuff. Horse is right, she thought.

She knew she was about to break with protocol, but she couldn’t help herself. She had to know. So when she said, “Let’s get your height and weight. Just let me slide this back in first,” she placed a hand on the boy’s naked thigh as she slid the plate back into place. It was warm and smooth and hairless.

At the scale, the boy stepped right up, knowing what was expected. Behind him, Rachael got a look at a perfect, pert little bubble butt before he turned to face her, obviously not wanting to expose himself to her. Then she startled him by reaching out and sliding her hands behind his long, graceful neck.

She undid the snap there and explained, avoiding his eyes, “We just need to take this off for a moment to get an accurate weight.”

As she began to pull the gown forward off his slim shoulders the boy’s hands immediately dropped to his crotch. “It’s okay, honey,” she said with a soft smile, continuing to pull it downward, exposing nickle-sized brown nipples. “Just a minute and we’ll put it right back on you.” Richie never questioned the necessity to remove such a lightweight garment.

She continued to pull the gown downward until Richie’s stomach and arms were exposed. With a final, “It’s okay,” and a little tug, the boy relaxed his hands long enough for her to pull off the gown, leaving the twelve-year-old completely exposed to her before he was able to get his hands back into place. In that moment Rachael saw easily the biggest cock she’d ever seen on such a young boy. She hadn’t seen a single pubic hair, but the boy’s cock had to have been at least six inches long and it was completely soft. It had also been thick; perhaps an inch-and-a-half across. Even now, with both small hands, Richie couldn’t contain all of that big cock and his large balls.

Flustered and trying not to show it, Rachael put on a show of nonchalance as she weighed and measured the boy. “Four foot eight, and seventy four pounds,” she announced. Then she grabbed the gown from where she’d draped it over a chair and held it open for him, forcing the boy to spread his arms, giving her another long look at that surprising cock, as Richie was studiously avoiding her eyes.

“Better?” she asked, getting a nod in return. Then she grinned and ruffled his auburn hair. “I don’t know why you’re so embarrassed, honey. Trust me, you’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“You mean it?” he asked softly.

Rachael looked at the boy, surprised. She could see he was genuinely curious and worried. “Honey, why would you think otherwise?”

The boy blushed, but managed to say, “My dad is really big… you know… down there.”

Rachael processed that for a moment and leaned closer to say, “Sweetie, you’re only twelve. It can only get bigger, and you remember those bazillion boys I talked about earlier?” He nodded hesitantly. “Well,” she continued, “not a one of them was as big as you are already. Even the older boys. Heck, honey, even most men.”

The cute little boy eyed her suspiciously. “You’re just saying that,” he said.

“Cross my heart,” she said, doing just that. Then, daringly, “And I’ll bet that sometimes,” and she lowered her voice conspiratorially, “that it gets even bigger than that, doesn’t it?”

With not quite as much embarrassment as he’d shown before, he confided, “All the time, it seems like.” Then, hesitant again, “That’s okay, right?”

“That’s perfectly normal,” she assured him. Then, daring again, knowing she was crossing a line, she said, “If you’d like, we could take a quick look. Just to make sure everything is okay?”

The boy bit his lower lip, which sent a tingle through Rachael’s loins, and gave a hesitant nod. Rachael led him back over to the exam table and had him hop up, the paper crinkling guiltily in her ears.

Rachael and Donna had worked on their examination techniques over the years, and they had basically worked out a system which allowed them to indulge their sexual attraction to young boys as much as they felt was safely possible. The results varied from boy to boy, but at the very least they’d get to see the boy displayed naked on the table. Donna got to touch their balls of course, and examine their penis. Rachael often got to get into the act, examining the pubic region in a show of communicating signs of puberty to the doctor who might be involved with a testicular exam or even a rectal probe if they felt the patient was particularly compliant.

Through cautious manipulation, the women would more often than not be able to elicit an erection from the boy, who of course would be assured that the response was perfectly normal and not to be concerned. They were aided in their ability to keep their activities secret from the parents by the boys themselves, none of whom wanted their parents to know that they’d gotten hard during the examination. On a few occasions over the years, they’d even managed to have a boy ejaculate. Those were the moments that both women lived for, but it was never something that was done overtly, but rather usually caused by both doctor and nurse working in concert, with Donna doing a light prostate probe while Rachael held the boy’s erect penis ‘out of the way’ while subtly squeezing and rubbing it. The boys were always left with the impression that the orgasm was somehow their own doing and to date they’d had no hint of impropriety.

So Rachael knew she was stepping over a line. She didn’t even know why. She didn’t care for large cocks. Her husband was seven inches, and even that was much larger than she liked. In college she’d had a boyfriend who was about four and a half, and she’d thought he was just about perfect. She often thought that was why she liked boys. Or perhaps she just liked boys and that’s why she preferred smaller cocks. She wasn’t sure. So it made no sense to her that she was so fascinated by this little boy’s monster dick, but she couldn’t deny that it was so.

“Do you want to take this off, or…” Rachael asked, taking the hem of the gown in her hand.

Biting that swollen lower lip of his again, Richie gathered the bottom of the gown and lifted it up to expose his stomach and groin. Rachael briefly admired the smooth muscles of the boy’s stomach, but most of her attention was on the thick snake resting in the crease formed by the boy’s smooth thighs.

At first she just stared. She’d been right. At least six inches long, and it was completely flaccid. She wasn’t sure if the boy was uncircumcised, or if the job just wasn’t very good. The thickly flared glans was half-covered by foreskin. By the crooked aspect, she assumed that it just wasn’t a very good circumcision.

She noticed that the boy was also looking down at himself. She reached forward and ran a finger gently across his groin, above the base of his cock, feeling for hair, although she could see there was none there. He tensed against her finger.

“I don’t have any hair yet,” he said in a soft voice.

“You will soon enough,” she promised. Then, she carefully slid her hand underneath his thick penis and turned it until it was resting in her palm. It was weighty, and smooth and warm. This close, she could see the traceries of blue veins under the surface. She lifted it so that she could examine the thick, spongy cockhead, then used her left thumb and forefinger to gently slide back the remainder of his foreskin.

“I always clean under there real good,” he assured her. She could hear the tenseness in his voice, and his attempt at distracting himself with the cleaning comment.

“That’s a good habit,” she said, squeezing the head lightly. It was lightly moist underneath, and a bit darker than the part which had been exposed. As she held it in her hand, she used her left to gently part the boy’s silky smooth thighs so that she could cup his balls. She swallowed as she felt his cock stir in her hand.

Richie’s balls were as over-sized as his young cock. Each testicle was about the size of a golf ball, and although the scrotum was hairless, it was as big or bigger than her husband’s. She held them gently in her palm and was now sure that his cock was swelling in her fist.

Richie squirmed uncomfortably. “It’s happening,” he said, unnecessarily.

“It’s perfectly normal,” she assured him out of habit, and she caught his nod of nervous agreement as she watched his cock swell. Still holding it palm up, she allowed her gripping hand to slide up and down his length. Rachael was estimating that it was at about seven inches, although thicker than her husband’s cock, and it looked to still be growing.

“Is it -” Richie began to ask, but that’s when the door opened.

Rachael released the boy’s erection while Richie blushed bright red and pushed his gown downward. Rachael turned, her body blocking the boy to preserve, at least for the moment, his dignity. Donna had that little scrunch she got between her eyebrows when she was a bit confused, but she was smiling.

“You must be Richie,” she said. “I’m Dr. Belloso. I see Nurse Rachael is taking care of you.”

“I…” but the boy was unable continue.

Rachael wasn’t sure the best way to go forward. She knew she’d crossed a line, but she wasn’t going to go over it without Donna, who would never forgive her for the missed opportunity. Of course, it was just as likely she wouldn’t forgive her for stepping over the line in the first place. However, she’d already gone this far. Now it was simply a matter of making the other woman aware of the situation with the least amount of embarrassment to Richie.

Rachael turned and patted the boy reassuringly on the thigh. She could see the head of the boy’s cock pressing against the cloth of the gown in front of his stomach, but she wasn’t sure Donna would be able to see it.

“Doctor, I’m glad you’re here,” she said, rising. She gave Donna a wide-eyed tilt of the head to show her that she had something going on and begging her through facial shorthand to just go with it. “Richie and I were just discussing a concern he has.” She turned back to the boy and asked, “Richie, is it okay if we tell the doctor? She’s the expert about this sort of thing and I think she can really help with all your questions. You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about, I promise. Okay?”

It took a few moments, but she finally got a small nod in response. Relieved, she went to the exam table and raised up the back. “Just lean back, sweetie,” she instructed.

Richie hesitated, then scooted backward and leaned back, bringing his feet up and bending his knees. He was now sitting at a forty-five degree angle, which mostly hid the tent in his gown, although this left his thighs exposed under the gown, and the rest of him if anyone had been at the foot of the exam table.

Donna watched all this with a sense of growing anticipation. Surely something unusual was happening, and she was pleased to see that Rachael had been right. The boy was beautiful, although clearly nervous about something. As she watched, Rachael got the boy situated, then walked to the far side of the exam table, where she leaned down to whisper something in his ear. She watched him lower his hands to his sides, and that’s when she noticed the bulge under the boy’s gown. If the boy hadn’t been there, she’d have imagined that somehow Rachael had been pranking her, but that clearly wasn’t the case.

Putting on her best professional yet friendly look, Donna asked, “So what seems to be the issue?”

Rachael leaned over again and said softly, “Honey, I’m going to go ahead and take this off, okay?”

Richie nodded uncertainly, and she patted his chest reassuringly. Then she caught Donna’s eye and gave her a knowing smile. She unsnapped the button behind the boy’s neck, and for the second time she gently began to pull it downward, slowly exposing Richie’s young body.

Donna found herself growing more and more excited as the child was exposed. He was exquisite, with a delicately framed body, all pale skin, nearly flawless, with perfect little nipples, now pebbly little nubs topping a lightly muscled chest. Then Rachael pulled the gown down and away and both women were shocked. Donna because she was seeing the boy’s cock for the first time, and Rachael because it had apparently continued to grow since Donna had entered. It was now fully eight inches long, at least two wide, and visibly throbbing. Given the size of the boy’s slight body, the cock looked even more massive on him. The complete lack of pubic hair just completed the illusion, making it look like some sort of movie prop, because surely something like this couldn’t be real.

Rachael spoke, “Richie is worried that he’s too small,” she explained. “It seems that his dad is pretty big down there. We were just doing an exam to make sure everything is fine and in working condition, isn’t that right, Richie?”

Richie nodded and cast a worried glance at the doctor. “Is it?” he asked.

“Well,” Donna said, handling herself admirably, “I’ll have to do an examination, of course.”

So saying, she stepped up to the side of the exam table. She noticed that Rachael’s eyes were shining with excitement, excitement she knew she was sharing. Much like Rachael, she preferred small penises, and was lucky that her husband’s was just under five inches, but there was certainly something novel and exciting about such a huge member on such a little boy. The fact that he was so adorably bashful and displaying his naked body so openly only added to the excitement.

As she stood over the boy, feeling a bit awed, Donna said, “I hope Nurse Rachael has assured you that you’re plenty big enough?”

“That’s what she said,” he said skeptically.

Hearing the skepticism in his voice, Donna pulled a penlight from her pocket. It was about four inches long. “Richie, most of the twelve-year-old boys who come in here, when their penises are erect like yours is now, are about this long,” she said, holding up the light for him to see, “and not very much thicker.”

“You’re making that up,” he said, eyeing her suspiciously.

“I assure you I’m not,” she told him earnestly, trying to meet his eyes, as hard as it was to pull her gaze from his massive member.

Richie’s eyes went back and forth between the penlight and his own throbbing cock several times. “Really?”

“Really,” Donna said.

The boy’s face scrunched up, “Then does that mean there’s something wrong with me?”

“Well, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong,” Donna said. She’d certainly never seen a boy with such a large penis, but that didn’t mean there was anything wrong with him. “Does your penis get stiff like this a lot?” she asked, reaching out to take it in her hand. She was amazed that she couldn’t even get her fingers around it.

“All the time,” the boy assured her, squirming a bit as he eyed the doctor’s hand wrapped around his cock.

“Richie, do you know what masturbation is?” Donna asked.

The boy blushed, but nodded. “It’s when you play with your… thing. My dad told me about it.”

“And do you do that?” the petite brunette asked.

“My mom says not to,” he equivocated.

“But you do sometimes anyway,” Donna guessed.

“I can’t help it,” the boy said in a shamed voice.

“Well, as a doctor I can assure you that it’s a perfectly normal and healthy thing for a boy your age to do.”

“Really?” the boy asked, perking up. Donna felt his cock lurch in her hand.

“You do it as often as you like,” Donna told him. “Just don’t overdo it. If you start to get sore you might want to take it easy. Richie, when you do that, do you get a special feeling?”

“Yeah, it’s like the best thing ever, that’s why I can’t help it sometimes,” he said. “Plus, sometimes it just gets so hard that it drives me crazy and it’s the only thing that makes it get soft again.”

“So when you get that special feeling, does anything come out?”

“No,” he said. “Sometimes a couple of drops of pee though. Is that bad?”

“Hmm, I doubt that’s pee,” she said. Experimentally, she gave the large cock a couple of pumps, watching the flaring pisshole. “I think that’s probably semen. You wouldn’t necessarily have much at your age.”

Richie swallowed and squirmed again, his eyes going again and again to the fist wrapped around his cock. “It’s not that,” he told her. “That stuff is white. My drops are clear. They are kinda sticky though.”

“Later on, as you begin to produce more, it will grow cloudy and white,” Donna said. “For awhile though it will be clear.” Unable to stop herself, she allowed her fist to slide loosely up along the length of the boy’s shaft, then back down.

Richie’s slim hips involuntarily twitched. “Doctor, that’s…” he began.

Donna stroked him again, once, twice, from base to head, giving a little twist at the stop. Richie gave an involuntarily gasp and shuddered. “Are you okay, Richie?”

“It’s… s-sorry, b-but I might get that f-feeling. If you keep d-doin’ that,” he stuttered.

Thinking quickly, Donna said, “Well, Richie, I think we should determine whether the drops you spoke of are urine or semen. You’d like to know that, wouldn’t you?” In order to elicit the response she wanted, she stroked his quivering length again.

“I… I guess so,” he managed, his eyes a bit wide at the thought.

“Nurse Rachael, could you lower the exam table, so Richie is more comfortable?”

Donna lightly stroked the boy’s eight-inch member while the blonde woman did so. “Then could you get us a sample collection stick?”

Quick on the uptake, Rachael hurriedly grabbed a wide wooden tongue depressor and returned to the exam table, not wanting to miss any of the action. Donna said, “Perhaps you could help by manipulating his testes?” she suggested with a grin the boy couldn’t see.

Rachael gratefully moved in and gently cupped Richie’s hanging scrotum, lovingly rolling the big balls in her hand while Donna began to work harder on the little boy’s huge cock.

With her hand working steadily on the twelve-year-old’s big dick, Donna asked, “Richie, do you ever use a lubricant when doing this? It’s especially important for a boy with such a large penis, I’d think.”

“What’s a lubriant?” he asked, the mispronunciation making Donna squirm a bit herself. Such a huge cock on such a beautiful little boy, his youth illustrated all the more by mispronouncing the word.

“A lubricant,” she said, stressing the C, “is a substance which makes sliding your hand up and down on your penis much easier, like lotion or baby oil.”

“Oh,” Richie said, his voice strained. “I never tried that.”

Donna knew what she was about to do and was shocked at her brazenness. She knew this could bring an end to everything, but felt helpless to control herself. “Hmm, I don’t have anything right here, or I’d show you.” Then she pretended to think and with an apologetic look at Rachael, who she knew she was endangering as well, she said, “Oh, I know. Saliva can be used as a lubricant. Would that be okay?”

“You mean spit?” the boy asked.

“Let me show you,” Donna said, and with that, she wrapped her lips around the head of the boy’s cock.

Donna had never done anything like this before, had never crossed this line. As long as she’d dreamed of it, she’d never done it. Further, she certainly never would have imagined she’d be doing it like this. She thought of all the perfect four inch tween cocks she’d seen, how she’d longed to have them in her mouth, and she finally crosses the line for this monster? The only thing she could imagine as the taste of the young boy’s cock filled her mouth was that the size of his cock somehow made it seem more acceptable, so that she could enjoy all the myriad things that attracted her to young boys, their youth, their innocence, the way they looked and sounded and even smelled; that she could still have all that and it was somehow made not as taboo because the cock in her mouth was clearly one that belonged on an adult, for all that it was as bald as any she’d seen.

“D-doctor?” Richie gasped, startled. “Uh!”

Rachael stared in amazement. Now lines were really being crossed. She watched as her employer and friend struggled to work her mouth on the giant cock between her lips. She knew from their many discussions that Donna had never sexually touched a cock more than six inches, and that her husband was smaller than that, something that Rachael had always envied. She loved her husband, but her sex life was all about fantasy, and it was made more difficult that the cock she was always dealing with was so much bigger than a boy’s would be. A normal boy at any rate.

Rachael could feel young Richie’s big balls tense in her palm. She saw that the boy’s head was back against the exam table, his eyes squeezed shut, his little hands clenched into fists at his sides. Donna was bobbing her head on the little boy’s big cock, taking no more than about three inches of it into her mouth, her lips stretched wide. Lifting her hand, she gripped the big cock by the base, and leaned in until her face was against Donna’s. The doctor’s eyes fluttered, startled to see her friend so close, and then she regained a bit of clarity and offered the big dick to her friend, who promptly swallowed it.

Used to bigger cocks, Rachael was able to take more of the twelve-year-old’s dick into her mouth, but even she could only take so much and her lips felt stretched uncomfortably wide as she took about five inches, trying to force the thick, spongy head into her throat. Then she groaned as she felt her scrub bottoms being pushed down around her ankles. She realized that Donna was behind her, and then there was a hand between her legs from behind, pushing her panties to the side and she felt two fingers slide into her dripping cunt. She moaned around Richie’s cock and shuddered.

Donna leaned her head against the taller woman’s back, feeling the way her hot pussy was squeezing her fingers. She reached around to slide a hand into the top of the nurse’s scrubs top and she gripped her right breast. Peeking up over Rachael’s shoulder, she met Richie’s wide-eyed stare.

Realizing that she’d already acted irrevocably, Donna saw no reason to hold back now. Holding the young boy’s eyes, she stepped back and slid her monogrammed coat back off her shoulders. She quickly unbuttoned her silk blouse and let it flutter to the floor as well. Reaching behind her, she watched the preteen’s eyes grow even larger as she unhooked and slipped out of her bra, allowing her small breasts free. A quick zipper and she let her skirt drop to the ground, then she stepped out of it and quickly skinned down her lacy boyshorts, revealing a shaved pussy, which luckily turned on both her husband and Rachael.

The first Rachael realized what was happening was when Donna stepped back up to the exam table in her line of sight. She froze in shock, the boy’s throbbing prick momentarily forgotten in her mouth as she took in the bizarre sight of Donna nude in front of this young boy. She pulled back, startled and softly said, “Donna?”

“In for a penny,” Donna replied, and with that, carefully climbed onto the exam table. Before she could change her mind, she straddled the little boy’s smooth thighs. She reached out and took his monster cock in both her hands. Meeting his bright blue eyes she asked, “Do you know what’s going to happen, Richie?”

The boy nodded mutely, eyes wide, the lurching of his cock in her fists all the answer she’d get. “You realize you can’t tell anyone, ever, right?” An eager nod was his only response.

With that, Donna scooted up until she was hovering right above that giant pole of flesh. She was intimidated, she had to admit. It was so odd looking down at such a small boy and holding that huge organ in her fists. She had to lift herself up in order to fit that fat cockhead against her pussylips. She moved it back and forth, making sure it was thoroughly wet with her juices before pressing it against her entrance.

Then she was pressing downward. She watched as Richie’s mouth slowly opened as he let loose a strained, mewling cry. His eyes were locked at their joining, watching as his cock slowly entered her. Donna could feel herself being spread wider and wider as she stretched to accommodate the thickness of the boy’s cockhead. Her pussy had never been stretched so wide before, but just as she felt it was on the verge of becoming painful, she felt herself clamp down around the last of his glans. She hovered there for a moment, mentally preparing herself, and then she began to sink downward.

About halfway down the length of the boy’s cock, Donna had to reach out to support herself, the pleasure of it making her feel faint. With her left hand she reached between her legs, spreading her first two fingers wide around Richie’s cock and pressing them to her straining pussylips, feeling the slick shaft of the boy slowly sliding into her. With her thumb, she began to lightly flick her clitoris, making her shudder with sensation. She’d never experienced such fullness, and she wasn’t sure she liked it, but the awed innocence of the face beneath her was more than enough to keep her excited.

Not one to be left out, Rachael kept her eyes on the hot action in front of her while quickly stripping out of her clothes. She saw Richie’s eyes widen even further as he watched her clothes being discarded. When she was completely naked, she leaned over the boy’s face, offering a stiff nipple, and said, “Suck on my nipple, Richie.”

The boy didn’t have to be told twice, eagerly latching onto her proffered breast, his lips noisily sucking much like a baby would. He was actually sucking too hard, but Rachael didn’t care. She began to caress his thin chest, roaming her hands over his body, from his hairless armpits to his equally hairless groin.

Donna was panting by the time she felt the boy’s bald base pressing against her own bald pussy. She reveled in the sensation of slick skin on skin, and she pressed herself downward, feeling his hugely throbbing cock pulsing inside her. Years and years of fantasy, and here she was, crouched over a beautiful naked boy, his young cock inside her. The fact that it was such a grossly over-sized cock hardly mattered.

Donna leaned back then, till she was upright, feeling all that giant cock inside her shifting, stretching her, throbbing inside her. She cupped her small breasts, her fingers pinching her little nipples, shuddering as she watched Richie’s eyes burning with newfound lust. Then she began to ride the boy. She began slowly at first, imagining the sight of Richie’s thick, young cock glistening with her juices as it was exposed, then, at the height of him, with just that fat knob remaining, she dropped back down, forcing a gasp from them both.

She felt the boy coming then. Richie shuddered, a high-pitched little gasping moan rattling through his thin chest. Inside her, Donna felt his cock jerk hard, once, twice, three times. The boy’s eyes seemed to roll up into his head and Donna lifted again, but the boy gasped and held her in place with a hand on either hip, shuddering with sensation.

Donna wanted to continue, worried the boy would lose his erection, but she needn’t have. After about twenty seconds, Richie said, “I… you know.”

“Was it wonderful, honey?” Rachael asked, understanding.

“It was better than humping my pillow,” Richie said with a shy grin.

“Hear that?” Donna asked, raising herself slowly. “I’m better than a pillow.” And with that she practically slammed herself downward on Richie’s thick cock, making the boy gasp.

Then, wanting her own moment, Donna began to fuck the boy in earnest. The squelching sound of their joining was loud in the room. Rachael came around to caress the boy’s balls while she squeezed and pinched Donna’s breasts.

“Is he good inside you?” Rachael asked softly, her mouth near Donna’s ear.

“So good,” Donna gasped.

“His big boycock is filling you so full,” Rachael said hotly. “Filling your hot pussy with all that beautiful, hairless, boy dick.”

“Boy dick,” Donna gasped. She was pumping her hips now, her knees and legs keeping up a fast and steady rhythm, Richie’s huge dick spearing into her again and again as the boy began to find his own way, lifting his bubble butt up off the table with each rapid pump to push himself up into her. The pair were panting madly, sweat running down their bodies.

“Coming,” Donna finally gasped. She shuddered. “Can you squirt inside me, Richie?” she panted. “Can you squirt your big cock into my pussy? Uhhhh, give it to me, baby, give me your hot, sweet boycum!”

Whether the boy could or not, the nasty words were apparently enough to upset the zone into which he’d been thrust and he too began to shudder and race toward an unexpected orgasm. His thrusting grew erratic, and just as Donna felt herself clamping down around him as a wave of pleasure engulfed her, she felt his huge cock once again jerking powerfully within.

Donna collapsed forward, the little boy’s giant cock still flexing inside her, her own cunt spasming around his thickness. She lay her head on the boy’s shoulder, smelling the sweetness of his shampoo, his boyish sweat, feeling the beating of his heart against her own. Between Richie’s legs, Rachael gently caressed the boy’s balls, envious of Donna and staring at the spot where the giant cock disappeared into her friend’s hairless pussy.

Rachael’s own pussy was dripping, and she was slowly teasing herself with two fingers as she watched the couple slowly recover. Eventually, Donna slid herself up until the boy’s eight-inch cock slid from her pussy to smack against his stomach, still mostly hard. Donna slid awkwardly from the table, assisted by Rachael, who immediately began to lick and nibble at the boy’s giant prick.

After a minute, realizing that Richie’s young cock was fully erect again, Rachael met the boy’s eyes and he asked, “Are we gonna to do it now?”

Rachael grinned at the brightness in the boy’s eyes. “You want to put this big thing in my pussy?” she asked, lifting his huge cock upright and meeting his eyes. Richie nodded eagerly.

“Then scoot,” Rachael instructed. She swatted playfully at him until he’d slid off the side of the exam table, then took his place, spreading her legs wide while lying on her back. “Climb up here,” she said.

Richie walked around to the end of the table, and then just stopped and stared, his eyes locked between her legs, staring at what was obviously his first real vagina. “Hmmm, you like that?” Rachael asked, rubbing a hand seductively between her legs. She spread the lips of her pussy, exposing all that wet pinkness within. Richie nodded.

Donna stepped up behind the boy, pressing herself to his back, looking over his shoulder between Rachael’s legs. “You ever seen a real pussy, Richie?” she asked, reaching around to teasingly stroke the boy’s erection, which was sticking nearly straight out, completely erect but obviously too heavy to rise any higher.

The boy shuddered against her and shook his head. “J-just on the internet,” he said.

“Come here, baby,” Donna urged. “Give me your hand.”

The boy gave her his hand and she took hold of his finger and gently stroked it over the slick, pink flesh of Rachael’s pussy. “See this little button?” she asked, swirling the boy’s finger around it, causing Rachael to squirm. “That’s called a clit. See how good it makes her feel when you touch it?” Richie nodded. Donna moved the boy’s finger down and helped him insert it into the sucking heat of the nurse’s cunt. Richie gasped as he felt the velvety wetness inside.

“Do you wanna lick me down there, Richie?” Rachael asked wickedly. The boy gave a look of such alarm and fear that she had to laugh. “Okay, I suppose you can learn all about that when you’re older. For now, how about you shove that big boycock of yours into my pussy?”

“Let me help,” Donna said in the boy’s ear. First, she reached down and pulled out the stand from the exam table. Richie was much too short to have reached her otherwise. After helping him to step up, she carefully joined him, praying that the thing would hold. As it was, it was a precarious perch.

With her hand gripping the base of the big cock, Donna slapped it against Rachael’s cunt and grinned when the sexy nurse moaned. “You like that?” Donna teased, slapping her with the thick slab of meat again and again, then rubbing it back and forth over the protruding little pink nubbin.

Rachael writhed on the exam table, her hands clutching her large breasts, nipples stiff, being teased by her thumbs. “Put it in me, baby,” she moaned. “Mmmm, give me that big cock.”

Donna was molded against Richie’s slim back, her small breasts pressed against him, her left hand caressing his chest, her right holding his cock. At Rachael’s request, she carefully placed the head of the boy’s cock right between the swollen outer lips of the nurse’s pussy. With a slight push of her hips against Richie’s, she was able to help slide the boy’s cock forward. Boy, nurse and doctor sighed as the thick, spongy cockhead began to disappear into the woman’s cunt.

Rachael hooked her hands behind her knees, pulling her legs back and apart, wanting to feel the full length of Richie’s giant preteen cock filling her. Her thighs began to tremble as she felt herself being stretched wide by the thickness of his dick. Donna’s eyes shone as she watched the massive head of the boy’s cock stretching her friend’s pussy wider and wider, and then with an almost audible pop, the head was in and, unable to stand the anticipation, Donna thrust her hips forward, causing Richie to spear more than half of his eight-inch erection into the nurse, making her give a strangled cry.

Feeling almost as if she were fucking the woman herself, Donna pressed forward again, albeit more slowly, staring fascinated as the hairless base of the boy’s groin grew closer and closer to the shiny, stretched ring of Rachael’s swollen pussy. Finally, it was fully seated and Donna met her friend’s shining eyes.

“It’s glorious, isn’t it?” Donna asked.

Rachael tried to speak, but didn’t seem able to get a word out. She swallowed and tried again, saying, “So fucking good.” Then, to the boy, “Does your cock feel good in my pussy, Richie?”

The boy nodded enthusiastically. “It’s so hot and wet.”

Looking between boy and doctor, Rachael said, “Then fuck me, baby.”

Donna took that as her own invitation, and so, still pressed tight against the boy’s slight body, she brought both hands to his skinny hips and began to help him thrust. First she drew him back until only that swollen cockhead remained, and then she pressed him forward, giving him a taste of how a man fucked a woman. She began to increase the pace, allowing the boy to find his own rhythm, until she was able to release his hips. Then she just caressed the front of his body, and cupped his big, swinging balls while the boy fucked on his own, the wet sounds of his thrusting cock and the muffled gasps and heavy breathing the only sounds in the room.

Rachael, head back, had her mouth firmly closed, trying to muffle her cries of pleasure, worried about being heard by someone in the rest of the office. The boy was really slamming her now. His stamina was incredible. He was bent over her, hands on the table, skinny hips flying as his giant cock pounded her again and again, each meaty slap rocking her body while his cock slammed against her cervix with a curious mixture of pleasure and pain.

Worried about her friend’s inability to keep quiet, and seeing that Richie had a good idea of what he was doing, Donna hopped off the protruding plate and quickly made her way to the other end of the exam table. With a bit of careful maneuvering, she was able to get up onto the table and squat over Rachael’s face, offering her hairless pussy to the younger woman. She shuddered as she felt the nurse begin to eat her cunt, and then she sexily caressed her small breasts as she gave Richie a seductive smile and ground her crotch against Rachael’s mouth.

Rachael’s first orgasm caught her totally by surprise, which sometimes happened to her. She was licking and sucking at Donna’s pussy while Richie continued to fuck her. The boy was too inexperienced to fuck with any technique, just a robotic thrusting, but it was enough and without warning she felt her cunt rippling around his invading prick, spasming as he continued to repeatedly pound her. She gave out an involuntary little scream, which was luckily dampened by having Donna’s cunt smashed against her mouth.

It didn’t end there, however. Richie continued to thrust into her, unflagging, almost senseless, his eyes squeezed shut and his skinny hips working mindlessly. Unable to move, Rachael felt the second orgasm rip through, followed by a third, and then a fourth. She truly was screaming now, and she was aware of Donna trying to quiet her, but the doctor was only able to do so much without moving her pussy away from the nurse’s mouth, which was the only thing keeping her as quiet as she was. Besides, Donna was feeling her own orgasm coming over her, and she was reluctant to move.

Then Richie faltered. It was only a small break in his rhythm, a stutter, but like a broken flywheel, it began to throw everything else out of alignment. He tried valiantly to regain his former rhythm, but his own orgasm was quick approaching and it was overwhelming his ability to coordinate. Desperate, he began to hump faster, more erratically, finally wrapping his arms around Rachael’s legs so that he could get as deeply into her as possible. The constant slap of flesh on flesh grew frenetic, and then the boy stiffened, his whole body going rigid as he grunted and shook.

Rachael felt the boy’s giant preteen cock jerking inside her. She’d lost count of the number of orgasms, lost even now in the grip of one as her pussy clamped down around the pulsing monster inside her. Then Richie collapsed, his body falling forward, his head in the valley between her breasts as he lay his sweaty body against hers, breathing heavily.

Donna gave a shudder as the last spasms of her own orgasm rippled through her, then she got down off the table on shaky legs. She came to stand by the side of the exam table and she caught Rachael’s eyes. Doctor and nurse shared a look then, full of all that they’d done, and the pleasure it had brought them, and the knowledge of the possible consequences of the act.

That last seemed to sober them a little. Rachael looked at her watch, saw that it was nearly an hour since she’d met Richie in the exam room. A bit panicked now, she rubbed her hands over the boy’s back and his silky hair. “Was that nice, Richie? Do you think you can get down onto the floor now?”

Visibly rousing himself, the boy lifted up, he and Rachael each shivering as the air in the room touched the skin where they’d been pressed together. Then he grinned and said, “This was the best doctor’s visit ever.”

They all chuckled at that, then Richie carefully stepped back and down to the floor, his long penis sliding wetly from Rachael’s dripping cunt to hang, not quite fully flaccid, but much more so than before. It still looked massive on him, like it was some pervert’s attempt at a Photoshopped dream boy.

The women visibly shook themselves from staring, knowing they had to be all business now. With little talk, they all cleaned up, Rachael and Donna each helping the boy as they used wet wipes to clean off the sweat from his small body. Each thought it best to allow him to clean his own cock, not wanting to encourage anything more. Then they each quickly cleaned themselves while Richie dressed.

Then it was time for a brief, but intense conversation with the twelve-year-old about the importance of secrecy and discretion. “I mean it,” Rachael said sincerely. “You can’t even tell your best friend. Word would get around and we’d all get into trouble.”

“I swear I won’t say anything,” Richie assured them. Then, “As long as…” and the women went stock still, frightened, then Richie continued, hesitantly, “… I can come back for another checkup?”

Rachael and Donna grinned, and Donna said, “Do you hear that, Nurse Rachael? I think we need to schedule young Richie for a follow-up appointment. For… health reasons.”

“For health reasons,” Rachael smiled.

Then the nurse, with a friendly hand on the boy’s shoulder, led him back down the hall to his mother saying, “Let’s get you a lollipop. You’ve been such a good boy.”

The End

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