The Lottery – Chapter 6

Have you ever snorted yourself awake? I was on my back when I woke up. My left arm was flung out, resting above Mom’s head on her pillow. My mouth was dry, as though I’d slept with it open for a goodly part of the night. Mom’s snores were gentle and feminine as her head lay wedged between my side and shoulder. Her arm was draped over my belly as she slept on her side, her body pressed against mine. I peered down at her face. She was my sleeping beauty.

I felt a leg draped over mine, closer to my morning wood than I was comfortable with. Still, I didn’t want to move, and risk losing the magic of the moment. Something was changing in my relationship with my mom and I was doing my best to come to terms with it. Maybe if my mom looked more like Jeremy’s mom, I wouldn’t feel this way. After all, Jeremy’s mom was almost forty and was heavier-set than his dad. Instead, Mom was as beautiful and looked young enough to pass for a high school senior. And looking at her like this made me glad to lie beside her, even if my morning wood was impossible to ignore.

When we had both confessed we wanted more dates with each other, I knew things between us were changing. While I had felt conflicted about calling her Sam, by the time I slept on it, I relished the idea of calling her by her name. There was more to what I felt than simply loving my mom. After all, I can’t recall ever not loving her. Now, though, I was falling in love with Sam. And there was a distinction. I wanted to feel her lips on mine. I hoped for more chances to glance at her boobs, even if hidden behind the sheer fabric of her cami. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew what I wanted was taboo. But my body was filled with new feelings, new hormones, and what the world might consider taboo wasn’t important to me anymore.

Despite all that, I was content to enjoy the moment. Sure, I might wish I could touch my mom’s breasts, but it was one thing to want it and another entirely to do it. Apart from Jeremy, I had never touched another person in a sexual way, and in truth, I had no idea how to mention something like that to Mom.

A few minutes later, the hand on my stomach moved. A low moan came from just below my armpit. The leg, which was crossed over mine, moved, pulling upward. I froze when it bumped against my crotch as it touched my balls and my rigid shaft. Several heartbeats passed until I heard a slight gasp, “Oh!” from Mom as she pulled her leg away from mine. She craned her neck to see my face. Her cheeks were fire-engine red, she stammered, “G-, good morning, Pooh, um, Robin.”

I wasn’t about to say anything about the accidental touch, especially if she didn’t. Instead, I pretended to yawn, “Good morning, Sam. How’d you sleep?”

While she left her head resting against my side, she shifted away from where our bodies touched beneath the covers, “Good, Robin. Even better than the previous night. A girl can get used to waking up in the arms of her handsome young man.”

My thoughts returned to those nights in the Hilton hotel, how awkward I had felt just being in the same room as my mom when we weren’t fully clothed. Now, Sam and I were sleeping in just our underwear, our bodies touching each other. My stomach fluttered as I murmured, “I like falling asleep next to you, Sam. I like it even more waking up like this.”

Mom’s hand rubbed my belly in a circular motion, until she rested it on my chest, “If you want your privacy, Robin, we can get a two-bedroom condo. I’d miss falling asleep next to you, but I’d understand.”

Her hand on my chest felt good. It didn’t stop the fluttering in my stomach one bit, but I didn’t care. This felt more like when we were role-playing on our dates than mother and son. I tried to still my hand as I rested it atop hers. “I l-, like sleeping with you, Sam. It makes it feel like you’re really my girlfriend.”

Mom’s arm curled around my side and she lifted herself until her face was over mine. “Me too, Robin.”

Then her lips closed with mine and she kissed me. Unlike the ones before, which ended within a couple of heart beats, she didn’t pull back until I had counted ten beats of my heart. “W-, wow!” I stammered.

Mom kissed me a second time, this time it was just a peck of a kiss, “I really enjoy pretending you’re my boyfriend, Robin.”

I was breathless, “Y-, yeah, me too.”

She rolled away from me, “I guess the sooner we get dressed, the sooner we can get on the road.”

With that, she faced away from me and pulled off her top, revealing her naked back to me. She put a bra on before turning back around. “You going to get ready?”

My morning wood was as hard as ever, especially after she kissed me. “Um, yeah.”

Then, thinking about that first moment I saw her backside nearly a month before and how she had told me it was rude to look without a woman’s permission, I added, “Um, Sam, is it okay for me to look at you when you change? Or like now?”

Mom came over to the foot of the bed, “If I want privacy, I can change in the bathroom, Robin. Why do you think I changed out here?”

My dick stirred inside my taut underwear, “Because you don’t mind if I see you like this?”

Mom nodded and then tugged back the bed covers, revealing me in my underwear. She said, “Right. What about you? Does it bother you if I see you like this?”

My face was beat-red. My underwear poked out where my dick strained against the dark fabric. Even though part of me felt horny that she saw me like this, most of me was embarrassed. Still, I resisted the urge to run to the bathroom. Somewhere in the midst of my shame, I knew Sam would prefer the truth. “Yeah. It doesn’t really bother me when I’m not, um, ah… hard. But it’s super embarrassing when it does this.”

Mom colored as her eyes eventually looked away, “I’m sorry, Robin. I shouldn’t have pulled the covers away. It’s just…”

She sighed in frustration, “I loved playing like I was your girlfriend and you were my boyfriend, and I thought it would be fun to play some more with you. That’s why I kissed you.”

I sat up, resting my hands in my lap, “Um, are we playing right now?”

Mom gave me a shallow nod, “Do you want to?”

Did I? Absolutely. That didn’t change how embarrassed I was. “Yeah, Sam, all the time. It’s just…”

I didn’t know how to explain it. Mom… no, not Mom. I needed to change how I thought of her, especially when she wanted us to pretend to be dating. Here’s the thing, Sam was beautiful. Her face, her breasts, her body, everything about her was enough to drive my twelve-year-old hormones to distraction. The only thing I had going for me was that I was taller than her, even if it was just an inch or so. Beyond that, nothing. I had no muscles, no good looks, no body hair to tell her I was as mature as she wanted to pretend. Just a below-average, hairless penis that I couldn’t control.

I scooted over to the end of the bed and let my hands fall to my side. My stiffy wasn’t as pronounced, although its outline was certainly visible. “It’s just it’s got a mind of its own. I wish it’d go down.”

Sam pulled a shirt on over her bra. It has stenciled seashells across the front. Then, she knelt down before me, “I never want to make you uncomfortable, Robin. I’m sorry if I did. A good girlfriend wouldn’t push her boyfriend like that.”

I tried to smile at her. It probably looked more like a grimace. “You don’t need to apologize, Sam. I really don’t mind you pushing like that. I like it a lot. It’s just that I worry I’ll disappoint you. I’m not like Dad or Earl, um, you know, down there.”

Sam rested her hands on my knees, “Oh, Robin, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. And the last two people you should ever worry about comparing you to are your father and Earl. You’re more of a man than either of them.”

Then she stood and said, “Let’s get dressed and get on the road. How’s that sound?”

Even though Sam was clear I had nothing to be ashamed of, I still felt awkward getting dressed with a stiffy in the front of my underwear. Once dressed, my mood lightened and by the time we hauled our stuff down to the lobby, I had put the embarrassment out of my mind.

Loading up the Maserati was quick. At the mall, we bought a set of suitcases, and all our new clothes fit inside those. We were on the road by nine. We swung by Whataburger and grabbed a couple of breakfast sandwiches, and then turned on the car’s GPS.

I tried calling Grant. I wanted to tell him how much fun Austin was and to let him know we were headed toward the beach. But he was in court when I called. Sam was having fun driving the powerful Maserati. It made me a bit jealous, although I’d never been behind the wheel of a car. Of course, now that I was taller than her, I thought about talking Sam into teaching me how.

We were already on the interstate when I programmed my phone into the car and started calling rental companies on the island. The second one answered, “Island Rentals, Barb speaking.”

The lady on the other end of the phone had a voice that sounded like she smoked at least a pack a day. I said, “We’re looking for a rental.”

Barb said, “How long? How many folks, any pets?”

Most of the time, my voice was still high pitched. There were only occasions when it would crack, trying to find that lower registry it would eventually settle at. And that meant I sounded a lot like Sam. I winked at her, “My boyfriend and I are looking for a monthly rental. Just the two of us. No pet.”

I could almost imagine Barb working out her commission on a monthly rental, “I’ve got a one-bedroom condo that just came into our inventory. Owners just finished a major remodel. It’s one-fifty a night. Eight hundred a week, or an even three thousand for a month.”

I said, “Do you have pictures available online?”

She gave me an address and was patient enough to wait as I flipped through the pics on the website. It was a duplex right on the beach. After looking at the pictures, I said, “It’s nice. Are we going to have neighbors?”

Barb chuckled, “Not likely. The folks who rented the other condo in the duplex tore the place up during spring break. The owners are still haggling with a contractor. So, you want it?”

Sam was nodding, mouthing yes. I fished my wallet from my pocket and took out the still-new debit card, “Yes. Do you accept Visa?”

A few minutes later, we had the reservation. All we had to do was pick up the keys from the property management company, and they were right off the highway as you drive onto the island.

Sam and I spent the next four hours playing Would You Rather. It started out with us asking silly things like “Would you rather eat lasagna or popcorn,” or “Would you rather kiss a frog or a pig”

Sam laughed at that one, “God, I’ve done both. What about you, Robin. Would you rather be my boyfriend or my son?”

That had me stumped. While I was learning a lot about women as I got to know Sam better, even as naïve as I was, worried either could be the wrong answer. I said, “Can’t I be both?”

Sam shook her head, “It’s called would you rather, not pick ‘em all.”

I laughed. Since leaving the hotel, we’d done a pretty good job of keeping our dating game going. Even though I knew it wasn’t possible to always play it, I really enjoyed it. “Well, if I have to choose, I wish I could be your boyfriend all the time.

Sam smiled at me. I guess I chose right. “What about you, Sam? Would you rather kiss me as my mom or as my girlfriend?”

Sam gave me a quick wink, “Oh, that’s easy. As your girlfriend. I liked that kiss this morning. Also, there are lots of things we can do dating each other that we couldn’t do as mother and son.”

I felt the heat in my cheeks as I imagined some things I’d like to do with Sam. It was her turn, “Would you rather have a girlfriend with big boobs or small boobs?”

Was this another trick question? I looked over at Sam’s breasts. “Do you think of yours as big or small?”

She laughed, “Nope, that’s cheating.”

Giggling, I shrugged. “Don’t women with big bazungas have back problems? I think a girl with small boobs would be more fun.”

Sam grinned at me, as though telling me I’d chosen well. We didn’t get much further into the game as we crossed the bridge leading to South Padre Island. We focused on finding the property management place. When she pulled into the parking lot, Sam picked a spot well away from the front door and said, “Let me have the credit card.”

When I gave her a questioning look, Sam said, “Barb’s expecting a young woman to pick up the keys.”

I felt flustered as I waited in the car. I should have thought about that when I made the reservation. Of course, if I had told Barb that I was the boyfriend, she’d have called bullshit, given how young my voice sounded. In the end, it didn’t matter. Sam returned with the keys and an instruction packet. She tossed them to me and started the car, “Barb said we could stay through Memorial Day if we want to pay for it. After that, it’s booked solid until September. And by then you’ll be back in school.”

I shuddered. We had practically dropped off the face of the earth as far as Earl and West Feliciana Middle School were concerned. Thanks to some help from Grant Jones, I was officially home schooled for the rest of the seventh grade. But next fall, Grant said I’d be enrolled in the eighth grade somewhere come hell or high water.

“That’s five months away, Mo-, Sam. Let’s have some fun between now and then.” I said as she programmed the address into the GPS.

Ten minutes later, we pulled into a driveway. Even though I’d seen pictures, the duplex wasn’t what I expected. Excluding the parking underneath the building, there were two floors. The first floor was a larger condo. But it was clear as we lugged our suitcases up the stairs that a contractor was doing some repair work to it. The second floor was our one-bedroom place. I had the key, so I opened the front door.

The condo wasn’t particularly large. But after growing up in Earl’s trailer, it might as well have been the Taj Mahal. I walked into a spacious living room. A couple of La-Z-Boy recliners flanked a comfortable looking couch. On the opposite wall was a large flat-screen TV, easily seventy inches or more. Just off the entryway was a kitchen. It wasn’t very big, but I doubted we’d spend much time there. Mom wasn’t the best of cooks, and there were lots of restaurants on the island.

To the left of the living room was the bedroom. Along the wall facing the ocean were a pair of double doors leading onto the same balcony that ran the entire width of the back of the condo. I went over and pulled back a curtain and looked out. The beach was perhaps a hundred yards away, and a path meandered through some scrub brush between the condo and the beach. I turned back and set my suitcase at the foot of the bed. Just like the hotel in Austin, there was a king-sized bed with pure white fluffy covers. Sam already set her suitcase at the foot of the bed and stood in the door to the bathroom. I came up behind her and looked over her shoulder.

She murmured, “Oh, thank God. Now that’s what I call a whirlpool. In one corner of the bathroom was an over-sized whirlpool tube. It was easily twice the size of the one at the Hilton in Texarkana. She threw her arm around my neck, and dug her fingers into my ribs, ripping a fit of giggles from me. Then she leaned in, “You know, it’s big enough for two.”

My face turned red as a turnip as I glanced at the nice walk-in shower in the other corner of the bathroom. Then I stammered, “Um, y-, yeah. Well, let’s get unpacked, alright”

Sam laughed as she pulled her heavy-laden suitcase onto the bed and unpacked it. The closet wasn’t all that large, but we didn’t have all that much to unpack. Well, I didn’t. We must have worked up an appetite. We went out to eat at a seafood restaurant. Sam got carded when she ordered a fruity drink, and we had fun, settling into our dating routine. By the time we finished the meal and got to the car, I asked, “Sam, are you okay to drive?”

She thought about it, “I think so, Robin. Maybe while we’re here, I can teach you how to drive. That way, you can be my designated driver.”

I looked at her sideways as she got into the car. Still, the idea of learning how to drive the sporty Maserati had a lot of appeal. She managed to get us back to the condo just fine, no weaving at all. Then, as the sun was sinking in the western sky, we went out onto the balcony. There was a wide lounge chair near double doors. Sam sat down and scooted over, leaving a bit of open space beside her, which she patted, “Let’s watch the ocean before we lose the sun.”

We were butt-cheek to butt-cheek on the lounge chair. Sam slipped her arm around my neck, opening up a tad bit more space, and I snuggled against the side of her chest. “Robin, this is so beautiful. I know we’ve got time, but even as we explore where we want to stay, don’t let me forget this. A girl could get used to it.”

The balcony faced the east, so we were in the shadows even as we had an unobstructed view of the beach. There weren’t many people on it, despite it being a near perfect day, with weather in the eighties. Sunlight played across the water, turning the deep blue of the water into a kaleidoscope of purples, oranges, and reds. “Yeah. It’s beautiful,” Then, I shifted my head a bit and kissed her cheek, “But not as pretty as the girl next to me.”

She squeezed my shoulder, “You’re so sweet, Robin. What would you think of living some place like this?”

It stung that Sam was more interested in the sunset than in playing around with me, but even I had to admit, the view was one of the best I’d ever seen. “I like it. Maybe we can take some pictures of some sunsets and sunrises while we’re here. But there are other places to visit, too.”

We stayed like that until twilight turned the ocean into a sea of black. “You ready for bed?” Sam asked.

I swallowed a yawn even as I nodded, “Sure.”

I got up first and offered her my hand. Once she was on her feet, Sam slid her arms around my waist, pulling us together. She leaned against my shoulder, “Put your arms around me, too, Robin.”

Happily, I put my arms around her neck and she held her head back from mine long enough for me to lean forward and kiss her. I could taste the butter and garlic from dinner on her lips. I wondered what she thought of the crab I’d eaten. As I kissed her, in the back of my mind, I counted my heartbeats. I was determined to last longer than ten beats this time.

By the time I felt my heart thump for the twentieth time, something happened. I felt pressure on my lips as Sam pushed her tongue against them. I’d heard of Frenching, but having kissed no one before, had only the vaguest idea of what to do. Still, I opened my mouth and let her tongue pass through open lips and teeth. My mouth tingled as butterflies flapped in my stomach. Her tongue on mine felt at once weird and cool at the same time.

When I finally ended the kiss, I was breathless and my mouth was tired. The difference of an inch in height between me and Sam meant I didn’t really have to look down to see into her eyes as I said, “Was that okay?”

She nodded as she let go of my waist, “Yeah. Better than okay. A girl likes it when her boyfriend takes the initiative sometimes.”

I followed her into our bedroom, saying, “Thanks, Sam. I’ll try to remember that.”

She grinned, “I love hearing you call me Sam.”

I returned the grin, “That’s what you want your boyfriend to call you, right?”

She sat down on the far side of the bed and took off her sandals, “Yes. I wish we never had to stop playing this game. It makes me enjoy your company all the more.”

My heart was still pounding in my chest from that indescribable, intoxicating kiss. I agreed. But even though she had just said she didn’t want to stop playing the game, I wasn’t sure she really meant it. With more uncertainty than I wanted in my voice, I said, “Do you think we could role play being boyfriend and girlfriend for the whole time we’re down here?”

Sam quirked a brow, “And pretend we’re not really mother and son? The entire time?”

I nodded as I slid my sneakers off my feet, “Yeah. We did pretty good at dinner. I think we could pull it off.”

She glanced over her shoulder, looking at me, “Even at night? In bed?”

I swallowed, thinking through Sam’s questions. Sam might have expectations that Mom would never in a million years have. Would I be okay if she needed help to take her clothes off? How would I respond if she wanted to see me naked? Or do stuff?

My dick stirred in my shorts. There was at least one part of me happy to think about doing stuff with Sam, things adults who date usually do. What I imagined me and Sam a doing wasn’t really that different from what Jeremy and I had been doing for the better part of the year. But Sam was really my mom, and she was fifteen years older than me.

I knew she was waiting for me to respond. One of the girls in my seventh-grade class dated an eleventh grader. When one guy in our math class asked her about it, she’d said “Age is just a number.”

Sam looked impossibly young, too. She really didn’t look a day over eighteen. Maybe our age difference didn’t really matter. I tried to ignore the twitch in my shorts. If Sam and I did more than just kiss, would I still be able to think about her as my mom later, when we stopped playing the game? I didn’t know. Would it make our relationship so weird that it would become as dysfunctional as it had been with Earl?

I didn’t have answers to those questions. Then, as I looked over at her, patiently waiting for my response, her love was etched across her face. I was the most important thing in her life and that wouldn’t change if we explored each other’s bodies. She would remain the most important person in my life, too. Yes, going beyond kissing might change our relationship, but it wouldn’t change how much we loved each other, how much we needed each other.

By playing a role-playing game with Sam, was I cheapening what it really meant to be a boyfriend? After all, if we could just flip a switch and say we weren’t playing anymore, and it was back to mom and son, then maybe doing bedtime games with her wasn’t right. That realization changed nothing about how I felt. I wanted to be Sam’s boyfriend. I wanted to kiss her, be kissed by her. I wanted to touch her in places I hadn’t seen and be touched in places she hadn’t seen.

I stood and came around the bed to her side and knelt in front of her, “Sam,” my voice warbled, my nerves a jumbled mess. “I don’t want to role-play being your boyfriend. I want to really be your boyfriend, no games, no stopping just because we can. If we do this, let’s do it for real.”

Sam’s eyes were round, “You really mean that, Robin? You want me to be your for-real, no pretending girlfriend?”

I gave her the firmest nod I could manage, “Yes!”

Sam hugged me and then kissed me hard on the lips. “I love you too, Robin. Are you sure about this? If there’s no pretend, when it gets difficult, we work through things. One of us hurts the other, we figure it out together. It doesn’t end when summer ends. That’s what really dating me would be like. Is this what you want?”

I wanted it for real. I didn’t know how I would feel in a year or two. Hell, I didn’t know how I would feel in a few weeks. But what I felt for Sam was so much deeper than what I’d felt even a month before. I didn’t just love her. I was in love with her, and couldn’t imagine anything shaking that. I dipped my head, “Yes, Sam. Will you be my for-real girlfriend?”

She tilted her head a bit and smiled, “Yes, Robin. I would love to be your for-real girlfriend.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, even while pulling on me as she fell backward on the bed. I was bent over, my legs still on the floor and my chest pressed against hers. The kiss was shorter, neither of us was comfortable in that position.

Sam sat up, “I need to go to the bathroom, Robin. I’ll be right back.”

Uncertain of what to do next, I sat on the bed until the door to the bathroom closed. Finally, I took my shirt off and then slid out of my shorts. In just my snug fitting navy-blue briefs, I slid under my side of the covers. A couple of minutes later, Sam came back in. Back on her side of the bed, she said, “Robin, would you like to help me with my clothes?”

Sure, Sam might want me to take the lead on some things, but I was grateful for her request. I scooted over to her side of the bed. She gave me her hand and pulled me to my feet. At that moment, I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed. But, neither did I have a stiffy.

I stood in front of her. Even though a tingle of excitement surged through me, I wasn’t certain how she wanted my help. Again, she came to my rescue. “Unbutton my shirt, please.”

My hands shook despite my best effort to steady them as I unbuttoned her blouse one button at a time. Once finished, the shirt spread out some, revealing the edges of Sam’s white, small cups. My hands hadn’t stopped shaking, but I managed to slide the shirt off her shoulders, where it fell to the floor.

Sam wore a pair of pink shorts with a button and zipper. She pointed toward them and my still-quaking fingers brushed against the skin of her belly as I worked the button loose. When I touched the zipper, I could almost feel the heat coming from inside her panties. Once the zipper was down, I put my hands on the hem of her shorts and pulled them down.

Now, we were both in just our underwear. Of course, we had both seen each other in the same clothes the previous night. But now, there was a charge of energy in the room, not present in our hotel room in Austin.

Sam glanced down, “You seemed to enjoy helping me.”

My eyes followed hers. My dick stretched the fabric of my snug underwear. Taking her clothes off had excited me like few things have.

A giggle escaped my lips as I nodded, “Y-, yeah. Well, you’re really pretty and it was almost as much fun as unwrapping a Christmas present.”

Sam put her hands on my hips and slowly drew me to her. I felt a near-shock when my underwear touched her panties, as I realized it pushed my erection against her pubic bone. “Kiss me, Robin.”

My arms went back around her neck and I pulled our chests together as my lips found hers. Even though I knew there was still a lot left for us to explore, this was way cooler than anything Jeremy and I did.

When the kiss ended, Sam sat on the bed and said, “How do you feel so far about us really dating?”

I sat next to her, I was breathing heavier than normal, “I really like it, Sam.”

She gave me a quick hug, “Me too.”

Then she pulled back the covers and slid under them. “You coming, Robin?”

I bounded across the bed and slid under the covers too, where I sidled next to Sam. She rolled onto her side, facing me, “Kiss me, Robin.”

I faced her and propped my head up with my elbow, and leaned forward until my lips brushed against hers. Then I gave myself over to the kiss and did what she taught me to do, and slid my tongue into her mouth. Sam moaned when my tongue touched hers. Encouraged by this, breathing through my nose, I threw my free arm around her neck and sidled even closer, not stopping until the cloth of her petite bra pressed against my chest and my hardon was smashed against her pubic mound.

The fluttering in my stomach was so fierce, it would have been distracting, except it fluttered from what our tongues were doing. When the kiss finally ended, I had no idea how many times my heart had pounded in my chest. The kiss, our most sensual and erotic as of yet, was our longest by far. Sam pulled away enough to rest a hand on my chest, “Wow, you’ve become quite the kisser, Robin. Makes me look forward to what it means to be your girlfriend.”

My mouth and brain were still working to reconnect; I stammered, “Y-, you too, Sam. Can we do this forever?”

Sam’s hand caressed my chest, flicking briefly on my tiny nipples, causing them to grow firm under her fingers. “Forever’s a long time, sweetie. Are you sure you’d still want me when you get older?”

I let go of her neck and brought my hand around and placed it between her neck and the cloth of her bra. “I’ve always loved you. But now, my love feels different, more, I dunno, grown up. Does that make sense?”

Sam’s hand circled lower, to my stomach, where my butterflies were still hard at work. “Strangely, yes, it does. Of course, I’ve always loved you, from the moment the nurse let me hold you. But when we were living in the car, how you stepped up and went to get food when I was healing, I knew then you were becoming a wonderful young man. That’s when I first noticed the change in my feelings for you. Still, I wouldn’t expect you to want to stay my boyfriend forever, sweetie. Soon enough, you’ll be eighteen, nineteen, have beautiful girls your age throwing themselves at you. Would you really want to be with some thirty-five-year-old woman, past her prime?”

My awakening for Sam came the night I saw her in the bathtub at the Hilton in Texarkana. And I’d be lying if her youthful beauty wasn’t incredibly arousing to my twelve-year-old boy’s raging hormones. There was a lot of truth that something powerfully drew me to her physically. But that wasn’t all there was to my blossoming feelings for Sam. Even before, when we spent so much time in the old, battered Celica, in the back alley after escaping Earl, we talked for hours on end, and I enjoyed that. Better yet, were our handful of dinner dates in Austin and now, here, in South Padre. I enjoyed her company, could lose myself in our conversations. Even at twelve, at least in my head, I knew physical love wasn’t enough. There had to be more. And that’s why, as I considered my earlier words about forever, I didn’t want to take them back.

I dropped my hand a few inches until I cupped one of Sam’s cloth-covered breasts, “Yeah. I would. No other girl could ever make me feel the way you do. Plus, they’d all be after our money. Gold diggers, all of them,” I said with a cheeky grin.

There was a noise from Sam’s throat, almost like a cat purring, as I massaged her breast through the padded cloth of her bra. Her voice was strained, “You don’t have to be sure of anything now, Robin. We’ve got plenty of time to figure all this out. But one day, you may realize you want kids of your own.”

My hand paused in mid squeeze. The thought of having kids had never crossed my mind. I knew from history class about royal families that intermarried so often that they had really fucked up things going on with their DNA. I’d also read about incest being bad for similar reasons, although the article explained science could detect those kinds of abnormalities when the fetus is still small and undeveloped.

Being twelve and horny, I suspected where things with Sam were going. Or at least strongly hoped I did. I figured she was on birth control. After all, who would want to carry Earl’s spawn? So, even if I could get Sam pregnant, which I doubted, given how watery and clear was my cum, she was protected. Still, with Sam asking about it, I couldn’t help thinking about it.

I started again massaging her boob, “I guess so. I hadn’t thought about it. You’re my girlfriend, right?”

After Sam nodded, I added, “Don’t boyfriends and girlfriends have babies together?”

Sam’s hand, which had been on my stomach for a bit, descended until her fingers brushed against the elastic band on my underwear. “It’s been known to happen.”

I sucked in my breath at the touch. My dick twitched. Our lower bodies were still touching and Sam’s eyelids shuddered at that moment, telling me she felt it. I squeezed gently at her cup, “When we’re ready for it, if we’re ever ready for it, would you want to have my baby?”

Sam’s fingers moved over the flimsy fabric of my bikini briefs. I exhaled noisily, and my dick twitched when her fingers cupped my erection and balls. “Yeah, Robin. If I have another child, I’d rather it be with you than anyone else. Maybe he or she would have the best of both of us.”

She leaned into me and kissed me again. I loved the feel of her tongue exploring my mouth even more than the feeling of exploring hers. When she broke the kiss, she wore a look of regret as she pulled her hand back from my erection. “It’s getting late, love. Let’s get to sleep.”

My own unhappy sigh brought a giggle to her lips as I pulled back from her bra. “I know you’re right, Sam. It’s just that fun.”

Kissing me again, she said, “And if it’s truly what you want, we’ll have a lifetime together exploring each other.”

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