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Charlie and I became friends in third grade over a shared love for anime. There wasn’t a boy in our class who wasn’t into Dragonball, and whenever Charlie’s mom volunteered for our school’s math superstars program, she always handed out Dragonball stickers to whoever got all the problems right. Funny enough I never had another class with Charlie, but our friendship lasted all throughout middle and high school. We lost touch after we graduated, but this story takes place back when we were in our early days of middle school.

Charlie’s family owned a timeshare in a little tourist town called Pigeon Forge, not too far from Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Going up with him and his brothers was always the highlight of my school year since it always happened the weekend after my birthday in January. The only part of the trip that sucked was the grueling drive up to the condo. When you’re eleven, a five hour drive is long enough to make you lose your mind. Still, we found ways to pass the time, whether it be watching a movie through their tiny, mobile TV or playing cards in the open seat between us.

On this particular trip, Charlie’s dad had to work out of town, so we were all crammed into one vehicle. Charlie’s older brother Tom was in the passenger seat, which meant I was squeezed in the back between Charlie and his ten-year-old brother Joey. We watched some old horror movie on VHS about a demon that took people’s body parts to make his own skin suit. The movie wasn’t really scary and had so many cheap effects, but I’d always been a bit of a scaredy cat with these types of movies and closed my eyes any time a creepy scene played.

One of the side effects I frequently suffered from at eleven was the constant boners my body sprung. It certainly didn’t help that Charlie and his brother were pressed on either side of me. My jeans were way too tight from a recent growth spurt, and my parents hadn’t felt the need to upgrade my clothing. What’s worse was that the more I tried to ignore the growing hardness in my pants, the more it seemed to rebel against me.

I chanced a look down and nearly died at how obvious my boner was. It wasn’t so defined that you could make out the mushroom head, but the thick tube was pointing sideways along my thigh. Whenever it happened, I knew I was at the mercy of time. At least if I was under the covers, I could rub it against the mattress or the warmth of my blanket.

As the movie continued in the background, Charlie suddenly lunged an arm across the car and grabbed Joey’s hand. Sometimes he did weird shit like that, slapping his brother or fighting him for fun, but this was different. Joey resisted as Charlie tugged his hand over, and as they crossed over me, I realized my friend knew I had a boner. He was trying to make Joey touch it.

Joey realized too, and I might have imagined it, but it seemed like he struggled less after that. It was a game of chicken to see who would break first. Joey would loosen his arm, and at the last second before touching my dick, he’d fight back and deflect just enough to graze the inside of my thigh instead. Each time it happened, my penis flexed inside my jeans, harder than ever before. At ten, I don’t think Joey had any real concept of what Charlie was trying to get him to do. Hell, I’m not sure I did either, I just knew I wanted it. I still believed I was straight in 6th grade, having “dated” a couple girls since the start of middle school, and the concept of gay wasn’t in my personal vocabulary.

Charlie wised up to what Joey was doing and waited until his brother jerked the other way before tugging his hand back towards me. This time they got me, and as Charlie pressed his brother’s hand against my penis, Joey surprised me most by squeezing it. That feeling alone was enough to make me moan as my eyes rolled.

Charlie and Joey snatched their hands away like they had touched a hot stove, and their mom asked me if I thought I was going to be carsick. I realized I must have been blushing or really flushed, but I told her I was fine. Nothing else happened during the car ride, but I could sense something had changed between the three of us.

We arrived at the condo and were quick to haul our bags inside. For one, it was the middle of January, the sun had gone down, and a choppy breeze nipped our faces. Two, the condo had a heated pool. Meant to be for casual use, the pool area lacked any lifeguards, though there were a ton of signs that warned against children under a certain age swimming without a guardian. I can’t remember if we met the requirement or not, but we always thought it was bullshit since we were always together. Next to the pool was a hot tub wide enough for five or six, and off in a private backroom was a sauna where we sometimes hung out. One of our favorite things to do was bounce between the pool and hot tub. After you’ve sat in 100+ degree water long enough, even the heated pool water is a refreshing jolt to your system.

We ran like madmen and leapt into the air as we struck poses on the way down. The amount of water splashing onto the concrete would have annoyed any adult there, but thankfully we were the only ones there. Eventually we grew bored with poses and turned to pool noodle wrestling. We smacked each other in the face with the wet noodles, occasionally ganging up two-on-one. One of those times, Joey and I teamed against Charlie, chasing him into the deep end. When he lost his footing, Charlie had no choice but to flee to the ladder. It was on his way up when Joey snagged the back of Charlie’s swim shorts and yanked them down.

The little bit of his thin, floppy penis exposed as Charlie danced around trying to get his trunks back up was awesome, and I chubbed up in the water. Charlie called his brother a shitwad before diving back in the water, splashing both of us in a huge wave. I choked on the chlorinated water, and after hacking my lungs out, we decided to relax in the hot tub.

I got in after Charlie, the water stinging the sensitive part of my lower back as I eased in and he turned on the jets.

When the water hit Joey’s waist, he screamed, “Oww, my dick’s gonna burn off!”

I laughed hearing the foul language coming from Charlie’s younger brother, and true to form, Charlie was ready to trash talk.

“You don’t have one to burn off, shrimpy.”

Joey kicked Charlie beneath the water, which made Charlie kick him right back.



“At least I’m not a little baby with no pubes!”

Now that was a surprise. Granted, I didn’t have any pubes either, or at least, I was pretty sure, but it sounded like Charlie had some. The insult shut Joey up, and for a second, I thought he was about to cry. He had a habit of dishing out more than he could handle.

“You really have pubes?” I asked, which stopped Charlie short as he blushed.

“Just a few,” he said. “Got my first one a couple months ago. You?”

I shook my head which only made Joey go “Ha!” but we ignored him.

Charlie lowered his voice, even though it was just the three of us. “You got a boner in the car, didn’t you?”

I nearly jumped out of the hot tub as Joey wriggled his toes against my groin.

“He’s got one now, too,” Joey said with a grin, which only made me pissed at him. In response, I jabbed my foot at Joey, surprised at the stubby nail pressing back against the bottom of my foot. He squirmed a little at the touch.

“Yeah, so what?” I said. “I can’t help it.”

Charlie made a splash as he launched to his feet. His shorts poked out. “Let’s go play Jets.”

It didn’t take me long to figure out what Jets was as I followed Joey and Charlie back into the pool. The shock made my balls shrivel up inside, though I was still hard as ever. They waded over to the side, feeling along the wall until they reached what they were looking for. Water started flowing up, breaking the surface, and I realized Charlie was cupping the pool jet in his hand, redirecting it upward.

“Jets is a game Tom made up,” Joey explained.

“Yeah, but he doesn’t like to play anymore,” Charlie said. “Show him, Joey.”


Joey swam to the edge and anchored his arms onto the concrete as the rest of his body drifted in front of the pool jets.

“It’s really intense this time,” Joey said in a strained voice. The more he held on, the twitchier he started getting, his body jerking occasionally. His muscles bunched up and clenched as he said, “Getting it real soon.” Then he groaned super long and loud as his body shook, and I thought he was in trouble until he finally let go of the concrete, floating backwards with a lopsided smile on his face.

“It’s the good feeling,” Charlie explained. “You know, from your dick?”

Charlie and Joey couldn’t believe I had no clue what they were talking about.

“It’s the best feeling ever!” Joey shouted. “It’s like tickles all over!”

Charlie pulled my arm to the jets and told me to hang on like Joey had. The force of the jets immediately blasted my thigh, but Charlie told me to aim it at the underside of my boner. When I did, it was like the water was punching my penis over and over, only it didn’t hurt at all. It felt really good like when Joey had squeezed me in the car, only better. He was right about the tickly feeling.

It’s weird how certain memories lock in your head. The gritty concrete digging into my arms, the rivulets of water dripping from my damp hair, the burning odor of chlorine in my nostrils. All while the sensation of having to pee built up like a wave. I vaguely recall groaning something like, “yes, yes, yes,” as that wave finally crashed to shore and I had my first orgasm. My boner twitched like mad in my swim trunks, and each time it did, my body flooded with pleasure until I had no choice but to let go of the wall. Any longer holding on, and I think I might have actually passed out.

When I opened my eyes, Charlie was already up against the jets, only he was adding a little humping motion to his movements. It felt like forever for my good feeling to happen, but Charlie’s happened in under a minute before he shuddered against the wall of the pool and drifted away like his brother.

We were back to normal after that, swimming around and playing as if nothing happened. We’d each taken a turn at the jets, and even though the feeling had been amazing, I hadn’t connected it with any sort of attraction to boys or girls. It just felt good, and that was enough for me.

Before we left for the condo, the three of us took a pit stop in the sauna. The light inside was just bright enough for Charlie to pull down his trunks and let me see his pubes. The dozen tiny coils looked like small beard hairs to me. Joey and I touched them, which made Charlie get hard all over again. Soon he readjusted himself, and we headed inside.

That night, Charlie and I stayed up watching anime cartoons late into the morning. Joey wanted to stay up with us, but his mom sent him to his own bed, while we slept on the pullout sofa. A thin blanket covered our legs as we lay against a makeshift throne of pillows. I guess I should have expected it, but my mind drifted to what we did in the pool a few hours before, and for the first time in my life, I got a boner because I wanted one, because it felt good to have one.

I jumped when Charlie’s hand rested on my boner. It poked against the blanket as clearly as it had in the car. He gave me a look that seemed to ask if it was okay he was touching my dick like that. All I could do was nod because I wanted to see where things led. By the end of the night, Charlie would be the first person to give me a true orgasm, and I learned how to return the favor after. Throughout that weekend, there were a few other antics we got up to, sometimes with Joey, sometimes by ourselves, but that night was the springboard into my sexuality that I still fondly remember to this day.

As I said at the start, Charlie and I drifted apart after high school, and I guess I wasn’t super surprised when I found out he was engaged and going to have a child. Despite all our play over the years, Charlie’s interest in sex stuff was because it was fun, not because of any romantic attachment. As I got older, especially during the rest of middle school, I came to terms with my gayness. And whereas Charlie wasn’t interested in anything romantic in the long run, Joey on the other hand, is a story all on its own.

– To be continued –

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