October 19, 2008

Nicely Buzzed
Alex Hawk

“I’m bored,” I complained as I flopped down onto the couch next to my eighteen-year-old brother, Andrew.

“Poor you,” he replied, switching channels on the TV. “Why aren’t you out with Dale?”

“We broke up last week,” I said.

“Oh, that’s to bad,” he said with mock sympathy.

I glared at him. “Look, I haven’t been laid in more than a week now.”

“Oh, that’s just the complaint I want to hear from my sister. Thank you, Rachel.” Andrew rolled his eyes.

“It’s fine for you,” I said with a little smirk. “You’re still a virgin. You don’t know what you’re missing.”

“Yeah, thanks for rubbing that in, by the way.”

I felt vaguely sorry for Andrew. I’d lost my virginity years ago when I was thirteen. Now at age nineteen I’d had more sex than he was ever likely to get in his life.

It wasn’t that he was ugly or anything like that. He was actually pretty good looking, in some ways, despite the braces. He was just really awkward and kind of geeky.

“Why don’t you just go out to a bar or something? Meet a guy there and get laid?”

“Because I’m nineteen.”

“And home from college, and if you don’t have a fake ID, I’ll be shocked.”

I sighed. “Be shocked. My fake got… well, I trashed it in the wash by accident.”

Andrew laughed loud. “That’s just like you, Rachel.”

I punched him lightly in the arm. “Shut up. You’ve probably never even had any alcohol.”

“Well, no,” he admitted.

“You know, a drink DOES sound like a good idea.” I stood up and walked over to our parent’s liquor cabinet. It was locked, but I made quick work of that problem and pulled out some vodka and a shot glass. I poured the vodka into the glass and quickly downed it. It actually tasted pretty decent. Much better than the cheap crap we had at school.

“Want some?” I said, shaking the bottle at my brother.

“I don’t know,” Andrew said, looking at it. “I don’t think I should.”

“Don’t be such a pussy.” I filled up the glass and handed it to him. “Drink it down in one gulp.”

Andrew eyed it with suspicion. “I don’t know…”

“Come on.”

Sighing, Andrew said, “Well, I guess it’ll be ok.” He closed his eyes and shot the liquid into his mouth. After swallowing he blinked and said, “Well that wasn’t so… AH!”

“Yeah, takes a second to hit.” I took the glass from him, filled it and drank another shot. Then I filled it again and passed it back to him.

“No… no thanks. I don’t think I can take another…”

“Come on, Andrew. Grow some balls.” I drank the glass down and filled it again, handing it to him. “Just this one last one.”

“Well… ok.” He took it and drank it down, making a scowly little face as he did so, but then shrugging and saying, “Well, I guess it wasn’t as bad that time.”

“Yeah, you get used to it. One last one before I put it away?”

Andrew shrugged. “Yeah, I guess.”

I filled the glass and passed it to him once more, then took another drink myself, feeling a nice warm feeling go through me as I put the vodka away. Nothing like a nice buzz to make you happy.

“I feel a little weird,” Andrew said after a moment.

I nodded. “Yeah, you’re buzzed. It’s not drunk, it’s not sober, it’s in between.”

“It’s interesting.”

“Yeah.” I stretched out a little. “Well, I’m less bored now.”

“Still horny, though, I’m sure,” Andrew said, then blushed. “Sorry.”

I laughed. “You’re buzzed, bro. It’s ok to say stupid things. And yes, I’m still horny.”

“Ok, well, just checking.”

“Speaking of sex, how come you haven’t had it yet?”

Andrew shrugged yet again. “I don’t know. Just haven’t.”

“You haven’t had the chance, or just don’t want to?”

“Oh, I want to,” he said, hurriedly. “I just haven’t had the chance.”

“I don’t know why not,” I said, the liquor making my tongue a little loose. “I mean, you’re pretty good looking. You shouldn’t have any problem getting a girl to spread her legs for you.”

“You think I’m good looking?” he asked in surprise.

“Well, you’re not bad, anyhow. I don’t know how great you look, but you aren’t bad. Take your shirt off.”

“My shirt?”



“The more skin, the easier it is to judge.”

“Oh. Ok.” My brother pulled his t-shirt off his body.

I looked at him. He was pretty skinny with no real definition and no hair on his chest. This was actually my ideal body type, much as I hated to admit it.


“You want me to be really honest?”


I grinned. “You got a really nice chest, Andrew.”

“Oh. Yeah? Thanks!”

“Let me see the rest of you,” I said on a slightly buzzed whim. Four shots of vodka were having a small effect.

“What?” he asked, a little startled.

“Well, strip down to your boxers, at least.”

“Uh… well, ok.” My brother stood up and pulled off his jeans, leaving him in a pair, not of boxers, but tighty-whities. Complete with a nice bulge. His whole body had that nicely thin geek boy thing going on. He looked pretty hot, actually.

Standing up, I placed my hands on Andrew’s chest and ran them down his smooth skin to the waistband of his underwear, aware of him holding his breath as I did so. My vagina moistened as I ran my hands around to cup my brother’s cotton covered ass.

“You have a really, really nice body,” I said.

“Really?” he squeaked a little.

“Yeah.” It must’ve been the booze, I knew. I never would have been doing this otherwise.

“Thanks, I guess,” he said with a shy grin.

Instead of saying anything else, I let my hands drift off Andrew’s butt and around to the front of his underwear, where I cupped the bulge inside. As my brother gasped, I gave into temptation and pulled his undies down enough to let his erect penis pop into view.

I let my eyes roam all over my little brother’s naked, virgin penis. It was a nice one, I decided. Probably about seven and a half inches. Kind of on the thin side, but not badly so, and not too much in the way of hair. It was nearly perfect!

“Wow,” I breathed as I wrapped my hand around Andrew’s penis. “Damn… you got a really nice dick, bro.”

“…” was all that came from Andrew.

“You really haven’t ever fucked a girl with this thing?”

“… no.”

I was horny, I was a little drunk and I made up my mind. “Come with me,” I said, pulling my brother along by his penis.

“Ow! Hey, let go.”

I let go of his erection and said, “Come on.”


“Shut up and follow me.”


I led my nude brother to my bedroom. Once we were there, I got into my nightstand and pulled out a condom. Tossing it to him, I said, “Put this on.”

“What? A condom? Why?”

Rolling my eyes, I started to get undressed and said, “Because I need to get fucked.” Once I was naked, I stood before my incredibly surprised brother and said,
“And you’re going to fuck me.”

“What?” He looked at my naked body, his penis twitching. “But you’re my sister!” he wailed.

“So? You’ll have a condom on. It won’t be you inside me, not directly. It’ll be a condom inside me with your penis inside it. It won’t count as anything special.”

“It won’t?”

“No.” I laid down on my bed. “So put it on, already.”

“Look, I don’t know,” he said. “This is incest, right?”

“Well, technically, yes. But you’ll have a condom on, so it won’t matter.” The concept made perfect sense to my vodka hazed mind.

“I don’t know,” he said again, but I couldn’t help but notice that his penis was still hard, his eyes were right on my vagina and he hadn’t left my bedroom.

Sighing, I took my brother’s unresisting hand and placed it between my legs. I extended one of his fingers and slipped it slowly into my wet vagina. I took my hand away, my brother not pulling his finger back.

“Don’t you want to see what it’ll feel like to be in there for real?” I asked softly.

“Well… yeah…”

“So get the condom on and let’s fuck.”

Andrew swallowed and pulled his finger out of me, saying, “Alright.” Carefully, with shaking hands, my brother tore open the wrapper and took out the condom. He placed it against the tip of his penis and slowly rolled the red latex sleeve down around his virgin erection.

As he got between my legs, Andrew said, “Are you really sure this is ok?”

“I wouldn’t be doing it if it weren’t,” I replied. I took his penis in my hand and lined it up with my vagina, feeling the tip entering me slightly. I placed the other hand on my brother’s bare ass. “Ok, slide it in when you’re ready.”

Andrew swallowed and closed his eyes as he gave a little push with his hips. I let out a little sigh of pleasure as my brother’s eighteen-year-old virgin penis slipped smoothly and easily into my wet nineteen-year-old vagina.

“Oh, yes,” I whispered as the last of his shaft sank into me. I now had both hands cupping my brother’s butt.

“Oh, wow… this feels… oh, so… wow…” Andrew gasped, as he reopened his eyes.

“Nice, huh?” I said with a smile.

“Yeah… I’ve never felt anything this good…”

“Move in and out a little, ok?”


My brother began thrusting slowly and awkwardly, moving his penis around inside my vagina. I’d been with a couple other virgin boys before and my brother fucked just like they did. I knew eventually he’d get better, and each time we did it would be better and better and… god, did I plan to do this again? Well, maybe…

“Oh… oh… ah…” Andrew moaned as he fucked me. “Ah… Rachel…? I think… I’m gonna cum soon…”

“Do it,” I whispered.

Moaning and groaning louder, Andrew pushed hard against me, his nude body trembling and shaking on top of mine, as his penis convulsed inside me, filling the latex condom with his first ever ejaculation through intercourse.

Gasping and heaving, my brother collapsed on top of me. I ran my fingers through his sweaty hair and grinned at him.

“That was nice,” I said.

“Did I do… ok?”

“Oh, yes.” I hugged him tight. “You came a little fast, but it was your first time, so that’s ok.”

“Yeah.” A slow grin spread across my brother’s face and I felt his penis twitch inside me. “Wow… I’m not a virgin anymore, am I?”


“Nice.” He let out a little sigh and moved his penis back and forth some. “That really feels soooo good…”

“I know.” I grinned up at him and then squeezed his butt. “Pull out for a moment.”

“Why?” he asked, crestfallen.

“So you can take off that condom and put on a new one.”

“Oh!” Andrew brightened up considerably at that point and slid back, his still stiff penis withdrawing from me. I was very pleased to see he was still hard, as I hadn’t even been close to cumming. As I reached over to get another condom out of the nightstand, he took off the one he was wearing and carefully tied a knot in it before tossing it into the trash can.

“Nice shot,” I said with a smile as I passed him the new condom.


As my brother rolled the new condom onto his penis, I sat up and said, “I wanna be on top this time.”


Andrew laid down on his back and I straddled his waist, taking his penis in my hand. I lined it up with my vagina and slowly slid down him until he was all the way inside me. Once I was comfortable, I started moving up and down on his erection, enjoying the pleasure of being fucked again, even if it was with my brother.

“Oooo… oh, yeah… that’s what I like…” I whispered as I placed my hands on Andrew’s chest and began riding him in earnest.

“Oh, god, that’s nice,” my brother whispered back.

This time we fucked in near total silence, me riding my brother’s naked body with all the skills I’d developed in six years of being sexually active. And I was VERY skilled. I knew how to get boys off quite nicely and knew how to make myself feel good, too, which I was certainly doing right now.

“Can I… get back on top… for a bit?” Andrew gasped.

“Huh? Oh, sure.”

I pulled off my brother’s penis and laid on the bed. He got back on top of me and, without any real problems, guided himself back inside me.

“Wow… I really love that feeling when it first goes in,” my brother said with a grin.


I placed my hands on Andrew’s butt once more as he started fucking me again. It was a little better this time, but not too much. I knew he wasn’t going to get me off fucking me like this, but that was ok. I just laid back and enjoyed the pleasure of having a boy’s penis inside me.

At one point as my brother fucked me, he happened to hit just the right rhythm in just the right pace to start really getting me off. Maybe I would end up cumming, I thought. All he had to do was just-

“Oh! OH!” Andrewed moaned suddenly as he shook on top of me.

I suppressed a sigh as my brother finished cumming. So close, I thought. I’d been soooo close to cumming! Oh, well. I was sure he’d probably be ready for another fuck soon and I’d be able to cum then.

“Oh…” Andrew said, after a moment. “That was even better than the first…”

“Glad you liked it,” I said with a slightly tired smile. The buzz was starting to wear off slowly, but I was still at the point where I didn’t care too much about what was going on.

The two of us laid there for a few minutes, joined at the groin. My mind was awhirl with all the things that had happened. I figured my brother’s brain was probably spinning as much as mine.

About five minutes after he came, Andrew said, “Can you hand me another condom?”

“You wanna go again?” I asked with a grin.

“Yeah,” he said, shyly. “If you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. Take off the old one.”


As my brother pulled his penis out of me and took off the condom, I reached into the nightstand to pull out a new one. My hand fumbled around. I sat up and looked into the drawer. Uh-oh.



“No more condoms.”

“Oh.” Andrew’s face fell.

“I’m sorry,” I said as I laid back down.

“Well… can we at least snuggle up like we were a bit ago?”

“Sure, if you want.”


Andrew lowered his nude body down onto mine, hugging me close as the tip of his penis nudged gently against my clitoris. It did feel nice as he settled down onto me, his chest rubbing against my breasts. I was really enjoying this, though it wasn’t as nice as getting fucked by him had been.

We laid there, holding and touching each other for a few minutes. As time went by I became more and more aware of my brother’s penis rubbing against my clitoris and as he moved, rubbing against my vagina. It was really starting to drive me nuts, especially the way that it kept poking just slightly into me.

Finally I’d had enough. “Andrew?”


“If I let you stick it back into me, can you pull it out before you cum?”

Andrewed nodded enthusiastically. “Oh, yes!”

“Alright.” I reached down and took hold of my brother’s penis, lining him up to penetrate. “Just make sure to pull out when you cum, ok?”

“I will.” Andrew gave a little push with his hips and slowly his no-longer condom covered penis slid down into my vagina. “Oh… oh, god… oh, this is MUCH nicer…” he whispered as he sank all the way into me.

“Yeah…” I placed my hands on my brother’s butt again. “Now fuck me good, little brother.”

Nodding, Andrew began thrusting into me. I let out a little moan of pleasure. THIS was incest! Now there was nothing inside my vagina except my brother’s bare penis. Nothing was separating him from me except for a thin film of sweat.

It wasn’t too long before Andrew hit that same wonderful pace he’d hit before. The base of his penis was hitting my clitoris just right to really stimulate me and the rhythm of his movements were just perfect. It wasn’t long before I was cruising steadily towards orgasm once more.

Licking his lips, Andrew whispered, “Oh… Rachel… I’m getting close…”

“Oh, me, too…” I gasped out. REALLY close.

“Oh… I’m gonna… I’m gonna cum…” Andrew’s thrusting body tensed as he started to pull out.

“No, wait!” I moaned. I wrapped my legs around my brother’s body, keeping him deep inside me. I was sooooo close…


My orgasm hit and hit hard. I let out a howling moan as my vagina contracted hard and sharp around my brother’s penis while waves of pleasure washed over my body. It was, by a fair measure, one of the best orgasms that I’d ever had. My whole body was shaking with bliss by the time I was done.

I was distantly aware, as I rode the last crest of orgasmic pleasure, of my brother’s nude body tensing on top of me. I felt his penis pulsing and could feel his sperm splashing into my vagina, beginning what I very, very much hoped was going to be a pointless quest to find one of my eggs.

When Andrew and I were both done cumming, he laid there on top of me, penis still buried to the hilt inside my vagina, and started whispering, “I’m sorry, Rachel… I’m sorry… I tried to pull out…”

“It’s ok,” I whispered, holding him close and running my fingers through his hair. “It’s ok, little brother.”

“But what if you get pregnant?”

“I’m on the Pill,” I lied. “It’ll be ok.”

Andrew and I laid there for a long time, eventually falling asleep in my bed as the last of the vodka burned through our systems.

Thankfully, I didn’t get pregnant that time. I did, however, go out and buy a LOT of condoms, and my brother and I carried on our sexuall affair all summer. We never kissed, or even did a lot of foreplay. It was mostly about the pleasure of intercourse. He ended up being a pretty good lover, and if a couple times I let him fuck me without condoms, well, what was the harm? He almost always pulled out in time.

It wasn’t until I was back in college that I learned “almost always” wasn’t enough. Around November I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I was pregnant with my little brother’s baby. Great.

The timing worked out ok, though. I didn’t give birth until the end of the school year and when I went back home for the summer, and gave birth, Andrew and I had a long talk with each other and then our parents about who the baby’s father was. They flew off the handle, but under the principle that we were, after all, adults, they decided there wasn’t much they could do about it.

When I went back to college the next year, I left our baby son with my brother to raise. Things have gone pretty well since then. Once I’m done with school, I’ll take over raising our son and he’ll go to school. Andrew and I haven’t resumed our affair.

It’s strange for us both having had a kid together. We aren’t exactly shouting to the stars about it, but we don’t go out of our way to keep it quiet. How could we? We both love our son and lying about who his parents are would be cheap and wrong. As long as there’s love, nothing else matters.


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk.