Caliboy1991 helped me out with proofreading and correcting a lot of my stories. He’s a very talented writer and writes about the stuff this site’s all about too. I dedicated a spot on the site to him. Not every story Caliboy writes is 100% suitable for this site. So this is not his entire work, but it is the stuff I like best and Cali thinks is most suitable for this site.

If you like his work, drop him an email at He, like me, enjoys all feedback. Both good and bad. So don’t be shy and reach out 🙂


They’re in the menu too, but here are the links to the stories he published on

A Boyfriend for Cindy

Confession of a Boy Lover

Dear Diary

Empress of the World

Forbidden Fruit

Helpless for the Summer

Kim’s Game

Kyle’s Little Discovery

Life goes on


The Lottery

The Road Less Traveled

The Treehouse

Wendy and Aiden – Best of Friends