October 16, 2008

Nebraska is Boring
Alex Hawk

I sat outside on the patio feeling depressed and lonely. I was twelve years old and had just moved with my family from Seattle down to Nebraska. We were out in some farming community in the middle of nowhere with a population of about a hundred. It was too hot, too dry and too boring. We’d only been here two days and I was already desperate to leave. If I was stuck here too much longer, I’d probably explode.

As I sat there looking out at the world a girl rode by on her bicycle. She looked at me as she passed and then turned around She rode back my way and stopped in front of my house, sitting there on her bike and looking at me.

After a couple moments of silence I said, “What?”

“Aren’t you supposed to say hello when you meet someone new?” she asked.

“You’re the one who rode up to me. Aren’t you supposed to say hello first?”

The girl shrugged. “Maybe.” She scooted forward with the bike and held out her hand. “I’m Kylie.”

“I’m Vincent,” I said, shaking hands with her. I looked her over as I did so. She was pretty cute. Not great, but cute. I’d only just recently discovered masturbation and started getting interested in girls, but I was still a total virgin.

“Cool. You just moved here?”


“Cool. You got a bike?”


“Go get it. We can go for a ride together.”

“Ok. Be right back.”

I went into the garage and got out my bike. I rode over to Kylie. “Ok, I’m ready.”

“Good. Follow me.” She started pedaling. I followed after her.

“So where we gonna go?”

“I thought I’d kind of show you around,” she replied.


We rode around talking with each other as she showed me places. I learned that she was twelve, just like me, and was going to the same school I’d be attending in a couple weeks. She was really smart and really nice, which was cool. I wondered if she had a boyfriend.

Finally we came to a stop near a convenience store. She went in and bought a couple candy bars, coming out and giving me one of them.

“Thanks,” I said, tearing into it. I hadn’t had chocolate in a while.

“You’re welcome,” Kylie said.

“So what all do you do for fun around here? I haven’t seen that many kids our age.”

“There aren’t that many. Most everyone seems to be older or younger. There used to be a couple boys who lived in your place, but they moved away, of course.”

“What did you guys do for fun?”

“Lots of things,” she said with a little shrug. “We watched movies, rode our bikes, played video games, fucked, went swimming, went out fishing, stuff like that.”
I nodded and then stopped, feeling puzzled. “Wait. You… you guys… fucked?” I blushed a little saying the word in front of a girl.


“Like… actually for real?”

“Yes. Actually for real.”

“Like really for real?” I asked, still stunned.

Kylie rolled her eyes. “Are you always this stupid? Yes, really for real. Like they had their dicks in my pussy.”

“Oh,” I said weakly, my penis stiffening up. I leaned forward a little to hide it.

Kylie shrugged again. “It’s not like it’s a big deal. There’s not much to do out here, like I said.”

“Yeah, but… sex?”

“It’s fun,” she said simply and then looked over at me. “What, haven’t you done it before?”

“No, I haven’t,” I said, feeling a little uncomfortable.


“How old were they?”

“Ross was thirteen and Brian was fifteen.”



We kept riding, and I really wanted to ask her more about having sex, but she started talking about something else. By the time we were done talking and riding it was dark. We went back to my house and stood there near the porch saying goodnight.

“I had fun riding around today,” I said to her.

“Me, too. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

“Bye,” I said, watching as she rode off.

I went back into the house after parking my bike in the garage. I had to sit down and talk with my parents about my day and theirs. They were happy that I’d made a new friend. I was happy, too, and promptly jetted upstairs where I jerked off three times before I fell asleep, each time thinking about Kylie being fucked.

* * *

I was awakened at a little after nine to the sound of someone knocking at my window. I pulled open the curtain a touch and saw Kylie standing there. She waved at me and said, “Open the window!”

Still under the blanket I opened up the window. Kylie then surprised me by pushing it all the way open and crawling inside, flopping down onto my bed. I pulled the blanket up a little more, acutely aware of the fact that I was naked under it.

“You got your bed the same place Ross had his.”

“I do?”

“Yeah. I used to sneak in through his window at night sometimes and we’d fuck.”

“Oh,” I said weakly.

“Yep.” She stood up and looked around. “Your stuff is nicer than his, though.”


“So anyhow… you wanna go out riding again?”

“Sure. You mean now?”




Kylie just stood there. Finally I said, “Uh… I need to get dressed.”


“And… I’m naked right now?”


“So… maybe you should leave the room so I can get some clothes on?”


“Because I’m naked?” I was experiencing an odd sense of déjà vu.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen naked boys before,” Kylie said.

“Yeah, but…” I trailed off helplessly.

Kylie said, “Will it help you if I let you see me naked?”

“What?” I asked after a few seconds.

Kylie started undressing before my startled eyes. She tossed her shirt aside, pulled off her shorts and then removed her bra and panties as was now standing naked in my bedroom. She looked really, really hot. Her breasts were just starting to grow and she didn’t have any hair between her legs yet. I knew girls grew some, though, from pics I’d seen before. All I could see with Kylie was a small slit. If I hadn’t already been rock-hard, this would have done it.

“See? No big deal.”

“Right,” I said, clearing my throat.


“I’ve just never been naked in front of a girl before,” I managed to say.

“Oh, it’s no big deal.” Kylie marched over and before I could stop her, she quickly grabbed hold of the blanket and yanked it off me, leaving my naked body exposed.

I squawked and covered my penis with my hands. “Hey!”

“Oh, no, no,” Kylie said, sitting on my legs and grabbing at my hands. “Come on, let me see it!”


“Why not?”


“If you let me see your dick, I’ll let you stick it in my pussy.”

I blinked. “What?”

This distraction caused my hands to relax just enough for Kylie to pull them apart, exposing my very hard, still hairless, penis.

“There, see? That’s not so bad.” She looked down at it. “Pretty nice, too.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled, feeling myself blush.

Kylie took my penis in her hand and started stroking it, moving almost exactly like how I did when I masturbated. “Real nice.”

“Ah… thank you…” I whispered, the pleasure flooding through my body.

“You’re really still a virgin?”

“Yeah…” I was afraid to move, not knowing what she had planned, but desperately hoping.

Kylie scooted forward a little bit. She lifted herself up and I felt the tip of my erection brush against something. Then she lowered herself down and I watched, eyes wide, as Kylie’s hairless twelve-year-old vagina slid slowly down around my hard twelve-year-old virgin penis.

“There,” she said in a quiet tone as she settled herself down over me. “Now you’re not a virgin anymore.”

“Oh, god…” I could barely think. My mind was totally overwhelmed.

“What do you think?” Kylie asked, raising herself up a little and then lowering back down.

“It’s incredible,” I whispered. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was actually getting laid! I could feel the warm, wet, wonderful textured tightness of Kylie’s vagina caressing my young penis as she moved up and down on me. It was the most wonderful thing I’d ever experienced.

“God, I needed this,” Kylie whispered. “I haven’t been laid since Ross and Brian moved away…”

“Glad I could help…” I mumbled, lost in pleasure.

Kylie began grinding her pelvis against me and I started almost instinctively thrusting up into her, savoring the sensation of her vagina around my penis. I knew sex would be wonderful, every boy knows that, but I had no idea how wonderful.

Just as I was starting to near my orgasm, Kylie stopped moving and looked down at me, a fine sheen of sweat on her naked body.

“You wanna try being on top for a bit?”

“Uh… ok, sure.”

Kylie got off me, a little bit of cold hitting my penis as it left her warm vagina. She laid down on my bed next to me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and spread her legs wide. “Get between my legs and see if you can get it in.”


I got on top of Kylie, looking down at her vagina. I saw what looked like a small opening and pushed myself against it, feeling a surge of pleasure and victory as my penis was almost sucked back into her slit. I lowered myself down onto Kylie’s naked body, feeling her breasts against my chest.

“Good,” she whispered. “Very good…” I felt her hands settle on my bare butt. “Now start moving, but be careful not to slip out.”

“Alright,” I whispered in return and started fucking slowly. It was really hard at first. I had no idea what the hell I was doing. But I just kept doing what felt good and it seemed to be working. I tried to keep myself as deep inside her as I could, making sure I wasn’t going to slip out.

“Wonderful, Vincent… you’re doing so good… it feels so good…” Kylie whispered, holding tight onto my ass as we fucked.

I had buried my face in Kylie’s shoulder and was quickly losing control of my body. I started making short, sharp, rabbit thrusts into her, plunging my young erection in and out and in and out of her liquid warmth. Then my whole body started shaking as the orgasm took hold, and my penis started pulsing inside her vagina, my sperm shooting into her waiting body.

My thrusts began to slow, and eventually stopped entirely. I continued to lay there on top of Kylie, breathing hard, my mind swimming with what I’d just done. My penis was still hard and still inside her vagina, and I never, ever wanted to take it out of her.

Kylie ran a hand through my hair. “You did really good.”

“Thanks,” I said, a little weakly.

“Let me sit up.”

Saddened at having to pull out of Kylie, I got off her, watching my penis slide out from inside her vagina. It was covered with a film of wetness, but otherwise didn’t look any different from how it did yesterday. I was kind of disappointed. It didn’t seem right that it should look the same after I just got laid.

“Is anyone else home?” Kylie asked, sitting up.


“Where’s your bathroom?”

“Across the hall.”

“Ok. Be right back.” She got off my bed and walked out into the hall, still naked.

For my part I laid back on the bed, feeling very happy. I was only twelve and I’d just fucked my first girl! All my friends back in Seattle would be soooo jealous! I began idly masturbating while I remembered how fantastic her vagina had been.

“Ha. Typical boy,” Kylie said, walking back into the room. I started and almost covered up, but then I thought why bother?

“What do you mean?” I asked, continuing to masturbate while I looked at her body.

“You just got laid and already you’re horny again.”

“Yeah, well,” I mumbled, blushing a little. “Can we do it again?” I asked a little shyly.

Kylie laughed. “Typical boy!” she said again. “Not right now. Right now, we’re going to go for a bike ride.”

“Oh.” I was disappointed. “But we can do it again sometime, right?” I persisted.

“Of course.”


“Now get dressed,” Kylie said, putting her own clothes on.

Fifteen minutes later, after we’d each had a bowl of cereal, we were on our bikes, riding along the narrow street and talking to each other. It was weird. I’d just gotten laid. I’d lost my virginity to this cute girl. But we weren’t talking about sex or anything. We were just talking about… stuff. Our favorite music and video games, what kind of foods we liked, etcetera. It was nice and relaxing.

Soon we rounded a small hill and came across a little patch of trees around a small pond. Kylie slowed her bike and then stopped, getting off it. I followed suit.

“What’s this place?”

“A pond.”

I rolled my eyes. “I know THAT. Does it have a name or anything?”

“Not really. It’s just a nice place to swim.”

“Oh, ok.”

Kylie started undressing and once she was naked waded out into the water. “Come on, Vincent! It’s really nice in here!”

“Naked?” I asked, doubtfully.

Kylie gave me a look. “You just fucked me about an hour ago. What are you worried about?”

“Good point.” Still feeling a little shy I worked my way out of my clothes and, forcing myself not to cover my erection, joined Kylie in the water.

“This is cool,” I said, paddling around a little. “I’ve never gone skinny-dipping before.”

“Nice, huh?”


The two of us splashed around for a little bit. I don’t know how long, but it was fun. After a while, though, Kylie seemed to tire of it. She got out of the water and pulled out a small blanket that she laid down on the ground, spreading it out.

I got out of the water and joined her as she laid down. We both relaxed and laid there enjoying the sun on our naked bodies.

“This is nice,” I said.

“Yeah. You wanna fuck again?”

I blinked at how abrupt she was. “Uh… sure!”

“Cool.” She got up on all fours and said, “Let’s do it doggie-style.”

I got up on my knees, dimly aware how this was supposed to work. I moved in behind her and looked around, still not entirely sure what I was supposed to do.

Kylie reached back and pulled her buttocks apart. “See the spot?” she said, touching it with her finger.

I moved close, the tip of my penis brushing against the hole. I pushed and felt myself slide into her vagina. It took some effort to steady myself, but soon I was thrusting slowly, enjoying the feelings not only around my penis but also of her body smacking against my hips as we fucked.

“Am I doing it right?” I asked.

“Oh, yes…”


I closed my eyes, feeling myself entirely at peace. I could hear the hum of insects, and the chirp of birds. The sun was shining on my naked body, my penis was in a happy place and I was very content. It was the most perfect moment in my entire life. Nebraska was boring as hell, but obviously it had some good points.

“This is really nice,” Kylie said quietly.

“Yeah…” I gasped.

“Are you gonna cum real quick?”

“Uh…” I stopped thrusting and simply held myself against her, penis as deep as I could get it. “Maybe. Why?”

“I want you on top again.”

“Oh, ok.”

Kylie moved forward and I slid out of her. She rolled onto her back and I got on top, this time not even needing to look as I pushed my penis back into her vagina. I began fucking her slowly again, looking into her eyes as I did so.

“You look… really beautiful…” I whispered.

“You, too.”

“I love doing this…”

Kylie grinned. “Of course you do. All boys do.”

“Yeah…” I smiled at her. “Can I kiss you?”


I moved my mouth down, stopping with my thrusts as I kissed Kylie for the first time. It was very sweet and nice. Eventually I felt her mouth open and her tongue pushing against mine. So this was French kissing, I thought as I started screwing her again.

Soon enough I neared my orgasm. It wasn’t a big deal, really, when I came. I mean, it felt really great to cum inside a girl again, and it was very cool feeling my sperm shooting into her, but it wasn’t that important somehow. Just the act of having sex with her was more meaningful. Like it was the journey that mattered and not the destination.

When I was done cumming I pulled out and we laid next to each other holding hands. It was another wonderful, sweet moment in a whole day of wonderful, sweet moments. I couldn’t ever remember being happier than I was now.

“That was a lot of fun, Kylie,” I said to her, giving her a little kiss.

“Thanks,” she said, kissing me back. “I liked it to.”

“So… does this mean we’re boyfriend and girlfriend now?”

Kylie shook her head. “I don’t think so. I mean, I had sex with Ross and Brian all the time and I never thought of myself as their girlfriend. We’re just friends who have sex, you know?”

I nodded. “Ok. I can live with that.”

“I bet.”

“What does it feel like for you?”

“Having you inside me?”


Kylie looked thoughtful for a bit. “Well… it feels really nice, is all I can say, really. I mean, I like feeling a boy’s body on top of me. You know, just having our skin touching all over?” I nodded in response, having already noticed that myself. “But when your penis is inside me… I don’t know if I can describe it, but it feels wonderful having a boy in me like that.”


“What’s it feel like for you, Vincent?” Kylie asked, turning onto her side to look at me.

“Very warm and wet and tight around my penis. Just… really great,” I said with a little grin. “I can’t imagine anything feeling better.”

“Huh… I wish I could turn into a boy and see what it’s like.”

“I wish I could turn into a girl to see what it’s like.”

In an ideal world, we would have both suddenly switched bodies. But we lived in reality, so nothing happened.

“You wanna fuck again?” Kylie asked me after a bit.


Over the next couple hours Kylie and I had sex three times. That made five times total, I thought to myself as I rode my bike home with her. I wondered if I’d ever lose count. On the one hand, I hoped not because I desperately wanted to know how many times we were Doing It. On the other hand, I knew that if I lost count it would be because we’d Done It like a thousand times and THAT would be sweet!

When we got back to my place it was getting pretty late in the afternoon. I got off my bike and walked it up to the front door, Kylie trailing behind.

“I had a really good time today,” I said, feeling a little shy.

“Me, too.”

“You wanna meet up again tomorrow?” I asked, hopefully.

Kylie snorted. “What do you think?”

“Uh… yes?”


“Good,” I said, grinning.

Kylie gave me a very tender hug and a kiss on the cheek and then rode off. I walked into the garage, parked my bike and spent the rest of the day with a really stupid grin plastered across my happy young face.

* * *

Most of the rest of the week passed in kind of a happy, sexual blur for me. Every morning I’d wake up to Kylie knocking on the window, I’d let her in, we’d fuck in my bed, eat breakfast, fuck again, go to the pond, swim, fuck, eat something, fuck, ride our bikes for a little, fuck and then I’d go home. I quickly lost track of how many times we’d had sex, and was very pleased to do so.

And of course I made sure to send emails back to all my friends in Seattle, bragging about all the sex I was having. I don’t know if they really believed me or not, but that was ok.

One night my parents had let Kylie join us for dinner. They really liked her, which was nice. We’d even gone up to my bedroom after dinner. My parents made us keep the door open, but we still had a very quick fuck while they were watching TV.

Life was incredibly sweet for me right now!

Late one Sunday night I was sleeping and heard a faint tapping on my window. I woke up and looked at the clock. It was just before midnight. I opened the window. Kylie was standing there with a sad smile on her face.

I opened the window up. “What are you doing here?” I hissed.

“I got into a fight with my dad. He was drinking again.”

“Oh.” I’d learned over the last few days that her father was a raging drunk. “I’m sorry.”

“He tried to hit me a couple times,” she said, starting to cry a little. “He missed, though and I ran away.”

“Good for you,” I said.

“Can I sleep here tonight?”

I hesitated for only an instant. She was a friend of mine and I couldn’t turn her away. But she was a girl and I knew my parents would be pissed. But I couldn’t send her back to her dad.

“Sure, come on in.”

I opened the window the rest of the way and Kylie crept inside, landing on my bed. She put her arms around me and hugged me tight, crying a little. I put my arms around her and hugged back, not sure what I should do.

There was a faint sound of floorboards creaking and a knock at my door.

“Vincent?” my dad said. “Is there someone in there with you?”

“Hang on a second, Dad,” I said. I quickly got up and pulled on a pair of boxers. Opening the door I stepped out into the hall. “Hey, Dad.”

“Vincent. Is that Kylie I heard in there?”

“Uh… yeah.”

My dad sighed. “Vincent-” he began.

“Wait, Dad. It’s not what you think. Her Dad was drinking and he tried to hit her tonight.”

My dad’s voice turned to ice. “Oh, he did, did he?”

“Yeah. I’m her only friend here and she wants to stay here tonight.”

Dad considered this. “Alright. I’ll explain it to your mother. She can stay tonight, but you’ll have to sleep on the couch.”

“What? Why?”

“Because she’s a girl and you’re a boy, Vincent.”

“Yeah, but we’re just friends, Dad. How about if she takes my bed and I sleep on the floor? I don’t think it would be good for her to be alone tonight.”

Much to my surprise, my dad seemed to buy it. He let out a faint sigh. “Alright, but you keep the door open, ok?”


“Let me talk with her for a moment.”


I stood aside and let my dad into the room. He walked over to the bed and put his hand on the back of Kylie’s head.

“You doing ok, Kylie?”

“Sort of. I’m sorry for just coming over here like this. Please don’t be mad at Vincent.”

“I’m not mad at anyone, Kylie,” my dad said in soothing tones. “Don’t worry. You can stay here tonight and you can sleep in Vincent’s bed. He’ll use his sleeping back and sleep on the floor.”

“Oh… ok.”

After hearing my dad mention my sleeping bag, I’d dug it out from the closet, wishing that I didn’t have Pokémon on it. I took a pillow from the bed and spread it all out onto the floor.

“Alright,” my dad said. “I’ll leave the door open. You kids get some sleep, ok?” he said in strong tones.

“Yes, Dad.”

“Thank you for letting me stay here tonight,” Kylie said.

“It’s not a problem, dear. You just get some rest.” Dad nodded at us both, shut the door most of the way and walked back to the bedroom he and Mom shared, the floorboards creaking as he walked.

“I’m really sorry, Vincent. I didn’t want you to get into trouble or anything.”

“I’m not in trouble. My dad’s pretty cool.”

“Yeah… I wish mine was…”

I reached up to hug her. I had no idea what to say.



“Will you come and lay up here with me for a bit?”

“But my dad said-”

“You can get back onto the bag before you go to sleep. But right now, I want to have you next to me for a bit, ok?”


She sat up and started undressing. I took the cue and pulled off my boxers, carefully setting them next to my sleeping bag. Now naked as she was, I climbed into bed with her, feeling her body snuggle up against mine.

“I’m really glad I have you for a friend, Vincent.”

“I’m glad I have you, too,” I whispered, running my fingers through her hair as she let her head rest on my shoulder. Her heart was beating fast against me. I was scared my Dad might come back into the room, but I figured I’d hear the sounds of the floorboards creaking before he got here.

I wanted to just hold Kylie, to be a good friend to her and everything, but the sensation of her naked body rubbing against me as we laid there face-to-face was way too much stimulation and my penis got hard pretty much instantly.

Kylie wiggled against it and giggled softly. “That thing never gets tired, does it?”

“I’m sorry,” I whispered back. “I can’t really control it.”

“It’s ok… you wanna Do It for a bit?”

“With my mom and dad just down the hall?”

“We can be quiet.” She got an odd look on her face that I could barely see in the light coming from the window. “I just need to feel you inside me for a while.”


Kylie rolled onto her back. I got on top of her and slowly guided my penis into her vagina. I’d become very good at that during the last few days. It was very easy to get good at something you really liked doing.

“Oh, yes,” she whispered. “Oh, I needed you so much, Vincent…”

“I’m glad I could be here for you,” I whispered back.

We fucked in silence after that. I wasn’t trying to cum, really. I just wanted to make her and me both feel really good, so I was fucking her as slowly as I could get away with. That also kept it quieter. I really didn’t want to think about what might happen if my parents caught me having sex with Kylie.

“Oh, yes… oh, that feels so nice…” Kylie whispered.

“Cool…” I said softly, giving her a little kiss, pumping her slowly and tenderly.

“Oh… oh… that’s so… ooooh… oooooh…” Suddenly she held me very, very tight and clenched her teeth, trying not to make any noise. I felt her vagina grab hard and fast at my penis as her whole body trembled and shook under me.

I wasn’t sure what had just happened, but whatever it was, it was enough to push me over the edge. I closed my eyes and let the orgasm wash over me, my sperm blasting up into Kylie’s vagina. As the pleasure subsided I thought I’d heard a noise out in the hall, but as I kept myself perfectly still and quiet, I couldn’t hear it again.

Rattled a little I pulled out of Kylie and whispered, “I should get back to my sleeping bag.”

“Ok,” she replied quietly, a little out of breath.

Once I was back down there and had put on my boxers I whispered to her, “What happened? You know, when I was fucking you?”

“Oh… I had an orgasm…” She smiled a little tiredly. “I never had one before when I was being fucked by a boy.”

“Cool,” I said, happy and confused at the same time. Happy cause I’d done something the vaunted Ross and Brian hadn’t, but confused cause I hadn’t known girls even had orgasms.

“Vincent?” Kylie’s tired, sleepy voice came down to me.


“I love you.”

My heart skipped a beat. “I love you, too.”

Kylie’s hand came down from the bed. I took it in my hand and held her until I drifted off to sleep.

* * *

The next morning was very busy. We got up late, and went downstairs to have breakfast with my parents. After we were done eating, Mom took Kylie out for a ride. She said she wanted to talk with her and figure out what to do about her father.

As for my father, he said to me, after Kylie and Mom had left, “Vincent? Come into the living room. We need to talk.”

My heart sank. The sound I’d heard last night hadn’t been my imagination. “Ok, Dad,” I said, hoping that I was wrong.

Once we were in the living room, Dad sat me down on the couch and sat himself in his favorite chair.

“Vincent… we need to discuss something.”


Dad took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “Have you and Kylie been having sex?”

A thousand lies approached my mouth, but all were doused before they were uttered. Sighing a little I said in a quiet voice, “Yes…”

Dad sucked in another deep breath and nodded. “I see. How long has this been happening?”

“Uh… for like the last few days.”

“So basically from the first day you met her?”


Dad looked up at the ceiling. “I feel the need to be precise here. When I say ’sex’ I mean have you been putting your penis into her vagina?”


“Ah. I thought that was what I was hearing last night, but I wasn’t sure.”

I hung my head. “I’m sorry, Dad.”

He shook his head. “You don’t need to be sorry, not really. Sex is very normal. I lost my virginity back when I was not too much older than you.”



“I thought you and Mom didn’t meet until you were in college.”

My dad laughed long and loud. “Oh, son… believe it or not, I had sex with women before your mother.”

I was mildly ill at the thought of even my mom and dad having sex with each other, much less with anyone else. “Ew,” was what I managed to say.
Dad simply chuckled.

“So you’re not mad at me?”

Dad sobered up. “I’m mad at you for having sex with her last night, I’m mad at you for having sex period, but, well, it is a normal sort of thing.” He shrugged. “I just wish you’d waited until later. At least until you were an age with the word ‘teen’ at the end of it.”


“Was it your idea to start having sex?”

I shook my head. “No, it was hers. She’d had sex with the boys who had lived here before.”

“Oh. Is she the only girl you’ve done it with?”

“Yeah.” I took a deep breath of my own. “And I’m really sorry about doing it with her last night. But she seemed really sad and she said she wanted me to snuggle with her and make her feel better and then she asked if I would have sex with her and then we did,” I said in a rush.

My dad nodded. “Well… at least you were doing the right thing by trying to help your friend through a tough time.” He looked at me sharply all of a sudden. “Have you been using protection?”

“What?” I asked, puzzled.

“Protection,” he repeated. “So that she doesn’t get pregnant?”

“Pregnant?” I asked in shock.

“Yes. That’s what usually happens when people have sex.”

I was stunned. “I never even thought about it. You mean Kylie might be pregnant?” I started to panic a little.

“Calm down, calm down. She’s probably not. She’s probably not even had her first period yet. But it is possible.”

“Oh, god,” I said, feeling a little sick.

“Not to be indelicate, but are you making sperm yet?”


“I see… well…” Dad sighed and stood up. “Wait here.” He left and came back a minute or two later. I spent the entire time worrying. “Here.” Dad tossed a small box onto my lap.

I opened it up to see a set of small, foil squares. “What are these?”

“Condoms. You know what they are?”

I picked up one of the squares and looked at it. “No?”

Dad sighed. “You unroll them onto your penis before… before you…” He took a deep breath. “Before you have sex with Kylie. It will keep your sperm from reaching her eggs and making her pregnant.”


“Yes. After you’re… well, done… you pull out, take it off and toss it into the trash. Always use a new one each time.”

My mind was turning over. “So… it’s ok for me to have sex with her as long as I use these?”

Dad sighed yet again. “I’m a realist, Vincent. I know that if I tell you not to have sex with her, you’ll sneak out of the house and find a way. It’s not really ok if you have sex with her, but I doubt you could stop if you wanted to. So if you DO have sex with her, PLEASE use some of these condoms, ok? If you need more, just let me know and I’ll buy them.”

“So if she stays over again, can we both sleep in my bed?”

Dad waved a hand. “One thing at a time, one thing at a time. We don’t even know what’s going to happen with her and her father today.”

“Oh, right.” I got depressed. “Dad? Kylie’s a really nice girl. Why would anyone want to hit her, especially her father?”

Dad shook his head. “I don’t know, son. Drink does strange things to a man. I understand her mother is dead, so he’s having to raise her by himself. I’m sure he’s very lonely and has god only knows what demons inside him. What he did was bad, but that doesn’t make him a bad man. Try not to judge him.”

“I’ll remember that, Dad.” These were the wisest words my father ever said to me and I did my best to remember them and live by them for the rest of my life. “If her Dad keeps drinking and trying to hit her, can she live with us?”

“One thing at a time, please, Vincent!”

“Sorry, sorry. I just really like her a lot, Dad.”

Dad sighed and came over to join me on the couch. He put an arm around my shoulders. “I know, Vincent. I know. We’ll see what we can do, ok?”

“Ok.” I thought for a moment. “Dad?”


“Thanks for, you know, not yelling at me or anything.”

Dad laughed a little. “You know how my dad found out I was having sex?”


“He walked in on me and my girlfriend having sex on the couch. Then he exploded. THAT was not a pretty sight, let me tell you. He calmed down a little, but, boy, did he scare Alicia. We never really saw each other again after that.” He gave me a hard look. “Believe me, I wanted to burst into there and tell you two to knock it off, but I knew that wouldn’t help anything.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Oh, hey, Dad?”


“Are you going to tell Mom? You know… about me and Kylie?”

Dad laughed. “I think your mother probably already knows. She’s suspected for the last couple days. I actually had a bet with her and thanks to you, I have to go to see the ballet out in Omaha next month.”

“Oh, sorry.” I blushed.

The rest of the day was really, really tense for me. I was on pins and needles waiting for Mom to come back home and really hoping that she had Kylie with her. Those hopes were dashed when she finally showed up at around dinner time, looking very tired.

She walked in, gave my father a hug. He said, “We’re going to the ballet honey.” My mother snorted and walked over to me.

“You ok, Vincent?”

“Yeah, Mom. Where’s Kylie?”

“I took her home.”


“I assume your father has already talked with you about certain… activities?”


“Yes, I have,” my Dad put in.

“Alright. Then I won’t say anything more about it.”

“But Mom… why did you take Kylie home? I mean, after what her dad did?”

My mother sat down. “I talked with her father. I think he’s very truly sorry for what he did. I also made it clear to him that if he tries anything like that with her ever again, he’d regret it.”

“But why couldn’t she just stay here with us?”

“Kylie belongs with her family, Vincent.”

“But she’s my friend!”

My mom sighed. “I know you really care about her. You can still be friends with her, but she cannot stay here with us. That’s final.”

I knew that tone. There wasn’t any argument at this point. “Alright.”

“Good.” She held up a bag from the KFC out in town. “I brought us some dinner. Let’s all eat.”

Dinner was a little tense and, for me, kind of sad. I know that I would probably see Kylie tomorrow, but I was worried about her in the meantime. She was a really cool person and I really loved her and I worried that her dad might try to hit her again or something. In the end there wasn’t really anything for me to do. I just had to suck it up and deal with it.

I slept very fitfully that night. I was still concerned about Kylie and I kept hoping she’d come to knock on my window. Every time I heard even the faintest sound from outside, I thought it might be her coming to be with me.

No such luck. Eventually I drifted off to full sleep, not waking until morning.

* * *

The next day I was a big ball of worry. Kylie didn’t come by all day and didn’t call or anything. I was scared something might have happened to her. I kept bugging Mom and Dad to let me go visit her, but no dice. I just barely managed to get to sleep that night.

But the next morning, at just after nine, my heart leapt with joy as I woke up to the sound of a gentle tapping at my bedroom window. I pulled it open to reveal Kylie’s smiling face.

“Hey, Vincent.”

“Kylie!” I said, unbelievably relieved. I leaned through the window to hug her.

“Careful there,” she said. “You don’t want to fall out. Let me come in.”

“Sure!” I moved back so that Kylie could get in. Once she was inside she sat on my bed with me and we kissed for a few moments.

“Thanks for letting me stay here the other night,” she said.

“You’re welcome. I couldn’t send you away, you know.”

“I know. But still.”

“Yeah. Where were you last night?”

“My dad took me out to Omaha. We went and had dinner and saw a movie. He felt really bad about the other night. He said he’s going to join AA.”

“That’s good. I felt really bad about him… you know… trying to hit you.”

Kylie nodded. “You’re not the only one.”

We sat there just looking at each other for a bit. Slowly I said, “Sooo… you wanna have sex?”

“Maybe in a bit. Can we just snuggle for a while, though?”

“Sure.” I pulled back my blanket for Kylie as she started getting undressed. Once she was naked she got in bed with me. We laid there facing each other and hugging. I gave her a kiss.

“You mom knew we were having sex,” Kylie said as one of her hands drifted down my back to rest right above my ass.

“Yeah, my dad thought we were, too.”

“What did he say to you about it?”

I gently caressed one of Kylie’s breasts and said, “He told me that he didn’t like it, he thought we should have waited and that we shouldn’t be doing it. He also gave me a little lecture about not getting you pregnant.”

Kylie nodded. “Your mom kind of said the same stuff. She wanted to know if I’d started my periods yet, but I haven’t so she said we were probably ok but that we should be careful in the future.”

A horrible thought occurred to me. “Did she tell your dad?”

“No, she didn’t.”
“Thank god,” I said, relaxing.

Kylie squeezed my butt and giggled. “What did your dad say about… you know… pregnancy?”

“He gave me some condoms. He said that if I need any more to ask him.”

“Condoms? Do you still have them?”

“Yeah.” I rolled over and reached down under the bed, pulling out the small box. I took out a foil-packed condom and handed it to Kylie, laying on my back next to her.

She turned it over in her hands. “So what do you do with it?”

“I’m not really sure.”

“Well, put it on so we can have sex.”

That was the best motivation I’d ever heard of! I tore open the packet, revealing a small, round bit of something rubbery. It was rolled up, and as I unrolled it a little, it was pretty obvious what I was supposed to do with it.

“I think it goes on my penis,” I said.

Kylie nodded. “Well, put it on.”

I held the condom against my penis and slowly rolled it down until it was completely on me. It felt weird, and there was another problem.

“I don’t think it’s going to stay on.” It was way too loose for me. Either it was too big or my penis was too small. I preferred to think it was the condom that was the problem.

“Well, let’s try it anyhow.”

“Ok.” I got between Kylie’s legs, holding the condom onto my penis with my hand. I lined up and penetrated her easily. It didn’t feel nearly as good as it did without the condom, but it still felt better than masturbating.

Once I pulled my hand off the small tube of latex and tried to move, however, there was an immediate problem. My penis slid right out of the condom, leaving it still inside Kylie’s vagina.

“Shit,” I said. “It came off.”

“Try it again.”

I took the condom out of Kylie and put it back onto me. Once it was as secure as it was likely to get, I pushed back inside her. But as soon as I started fucking, I slid right out of it again.

“This isn’t working,” I said in annoyance.

“Just leave it off, then.”

I looked at Kylie. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah. Your mom said that since I haven’t started my periods yet, I probably can’t get pregnant.”

“Well, if you’re sure,” I said without any real effort to convince her otherwise.

“I’m sure.”

“Ok.” I held my penis against her vagina and then slid up inside, pleased at how much better it felt without the condom. “Oh, that’s so much better,” I whispered to her.


It was another unhurried session of sex. We were both heading towards orgasms and we knew it, but it wasn’t that important. What was important was just being together. Being friends. Being lovers. Me inside her, her under me.

Kylie and I made love all day. We had sex mostly in my bedroom, but we also tried it once in the shower and once in the living room, giggling at how naughty we were being by fucking on the couch. Each time we had sex, I made sure to open a condom up and throw it in the trash. I figured that way if my dad checked, he’d think we were using them.

In retrospect we should have found a way to do so. Three months after Kylie and I started having sex, she noticed that she seemed to be getting a little fat and had started throwing up in the morning. When I told my mom about this she went into instant panic mode. We got Kylie away from her house and took her to a doctor in Omaha where he confirmed she was pregnant. We found out the day of my thirteenth birthday. When my dad found out and asked me about the condoms he’d been buying, I explained to him the problem we’d had. He rolled his eyes and that was when I learned that condoms came in different sizes. Ooops.

Kylie’s dad went berserk when he heard she was pregnant and at first we all thought he was going to start drinking again. Instead he sat down with my dad and mom and they all talked. It was finally decided that until she gave birth (we’d decided against abortion), Kylie would stay with us, sleeping in my room with me. It was nice sleeping with her every night. It was like we were married. We even still had sex fairly often, right up until about a month before she was supposed to have the baby.

Eight months after the testing, one week before her own thirteenth birthday, Kylie gave birth to our son. It wasn’t an easy birth. The doctor had to perform a c-section and because of that, Kylie wouldn’t be able to get pregnant ever again.

A week after she gave birth, Kylie moved back to her dad’s house with our baby. I made sure to go over and visit as much as I could. Her father was kind of a jerk to me at first, but eventually he calmed down and we all started to get along ok.

Kylie and I both still managed to stay in school despite the problems and all the jokes from our classmates. Some of the other kid’s parents raised a fuss, but there wasn’t much they could do. It WAS kind of weird when, for a while, Kylie, myself and our son were all going to the same school (he started kindergarten in our senior year and there was only one school in the area for everyone), but we dealt with it ok.

After graduation, Kylie and I got married. We moved into our own house in Omaha and we’ve been living there ever since. It’s been ten years now since we first had sex. We still do it as often as we can. We still love each other and our son.

Life might throw you a few surprises as you go down the road. I hadn’t expected to get laid at twelve or to be a father at thirteen. The best you can do is just stay the course and hope things turn out alright. I have a son I love and I wife I love. Turns out Nebraska wasn’t so boring after all.


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. Aren’t skater boys just about the sexiest things on the planet? I think so.