The Son Also Rises – Part four
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Ryan struggled over the next few days to contain his lust, to eradicate it, to excise it from his brain. He was unsuccessful. If anything, his desire for his son grew. Lucas continued to run around in his thin little briefs, or to wear tights with nothing underneath. It seemed that every time Ryan turned, Lucas’ little cock was on display.

Three days after the incident in Lucas’ room, Ryan was sitting at the kitchen table with a mug of coffee and some yogurt. He turned as he heard footsteps to find Lucas walking toward him, his eyes shut and his arms stretched as he yawned, still obviously half asleep. He was wearing what were called boy shorts, which was amusing because boys never wore anything like them. So the ones on his son were obviously made for a girl. They were very low on his hips, pink, and they had a gray waistband with ‘Tomboy’ stamped around them. Lucas was fully erect.

Ryan had only seen his son in this state that one day when they were playing on the couch. Lucas didn’t even seem to be aware of his erection, mumbling a greeting as he approached and then passed his dad, who was staring at that jutting bulge. The little crown, the edges of it clear, was near escaping, and was distorting the waistband. Another half an inch and it would be free. In fact, as Lucas walked by him, Ryan saw that the head of his son’s cock was actually pushing out the waistband enough that it had lost contact with his groin, creating a gap that Ryan desperately wanted to look down.

Ryan turned as Lucas passed. The boy went to the cupboard and grabbed a bowl, then the pantry for a box of Fruit Loops. Finally, he pulled the gallon jug of milk from the fridge. The entire time, his erection continued to stretch his little pink undies. Ryan felt his own erection pounding under the table. He was wearing only a pair of briefs himself, and a quick glance showed him they were bulging obscenely. He scooted closer to the table to hide it.

Ryan had to say something. He wasn’t sure why he had to say something, but he felt so awkward that he had to diffuse the tension he was feeling. When Lucas placed the milk on the table and began to open the cereal box, all of this about two or three feet from Ryan, he cleared his throat.

Lucas turned to look at him. Ryan said, “Kiddo, you’re about to escape.”

“Huh?” the boy said blearily.

Ryan gave him a very pointed look downward. Lucas followed his gaze.

“Oh,” the boy said, dropping his hand to his erection. Looking back to his father while he squeezed himself, Lucas said, “You said it was okay, right? Like, normal and stuff.”

“Yeah,” Ryan said. “Of course, kiddo. I… I was just saying, you know, I didn’t think you wanted him to pop out and say hello.”

Lucas giggled, his hand still squeezing. Then he playfully folded the waistband over, exposing the rosy pink head of his cock for a brief moment and said in a cartoonish voice, “Helloooo!” He giggled again as he covered himself.

Lucas just stood there, a bit thoughtfully, staring down at the prominent bulge in his underwear. Then he looked up at Ryan uncertainly and asked, “Dad?”

“Yeah?” Ryan asked, trying so hard to meet his son’s eyes instead of staring at that sexy little bulge.

“When did you get hair? You know, down there.” He pointed at his straining cock.

“I… I guess I was about your age,” Ryan said. “No, maybe older. I was sort of a late bloomer.”

“What’s that?” His hand had drifted downward of its own accord and he was squeezing his dick.

Ryan was fighting a battle to keep from glancing downward, relying on his peripheral vision while keeping his gaze locked on Lucas’ eyes. “It means I matured slower than some other boys.”

Lucas gazed down at himself again, giving Ryan the opportunity to stare at the sight of his son openly squeezing his cock. Lucas looked back up and Ryan flicked his gaze quickly upward as well. “You mean I might not get hair for awhile?”

“I… who’s to say, Lucas? You could get one tomorrow, or you might not get any till you’re fourteen. There’s really no way to tell.”


“Lucas, pubes don’t mean anything. They don’t make you more manly or anything, if that’s what’s worrying you.”

“I just… I don’t know. I’ve seen… I mean… you know… grown-ups have such big ones and mine’s tiny and I don’t have any hair, so… I don’t know. I don’t feel normal or something.”

Struggling to be a parent while he was also desperately attracted to his son was like walking a tightrope. “You’re perfectly normal, Lucas,” he assured him. “In fact, you’re just perfect, period.”

“Even down here?” Lucas asked, and he pushed his pink shorts down far enough to reveal everything.

Ryan stared. Maybe he stared too long. He wasn’t sure. It was like time had stopped. What he’d said was true. Lucas was perfect. Ryan hadn’t given any thought previously as to what the perfect cock might look like, but he knew now, without a doubt.

Lucas’ cock stood up proudly, nearly four inches of boyish perfection. The shaft was straight, smooth, and slender, capped with a perfect little pink helmet. Down below in a wrinkled sac, his little balls hung. As he’d said, he was completely hairless. As Ryan watched, his son’s small cock twitched.

“Even there,” Ryan said a bit hoarsely, his eyes unable to tear themselves away from the erotic spectacle before him. It was only three feet away. He could practically reach out and touch it.

Lucas hooked a thumb on his small glans, pushing his boner down until it was horizontal, then let it snap upward with a meaty little smack. He looked up at Ryan with a grin, then put his underwear back into place. “Thanks, Dad,” he said, coming up to Ryan and bending down to give him a hug around his neck.

Ryan hugged the boy back, of course, though it took everything he had not to grab his son’s ass, or reach up between his legs. Instead he lightly stroked his back. “You’ve got nothing to worry about,” he said softly.

Lucas straightened and gave his dad a smile. Then his eyes drifted downward and grew huge. “Dang, Dad,” he breathed. Ryan looked down. He was wearing gray Calvin boxer-briefs, and his cock was stretching them to the limit, his fat cockhead like a surfacing leviathan, a wet spot marking the center.

“Sorry,” he said awkwardly, once again sliding his chest up against the table to hide himself.

“It’s just normal though, right?”

“Um, right,” Ryan said.

“Hey, Dad?”


“Your thing is huge,” Lucas grinned. “Do you think mine will get that big?”

“Maybe even bigger,” Ryan said, noticing that Lucas’ hand had found its way into his little shorts and was wrapped around his cock.

Lucas noticed his dad’s gaze and looked down himself, hastily removing his hand, but not before Ryan got another flash of that little pink acorn. “Sorry,” the boy muttered.

Lucas went back to preparing his cereal and sat cross-legged on his chair, far enough back that Ryan could still see his erection. Around a mouthful of sugary cereal, he asked, “Did we get more likes?”

They had posted a few more ballet poses over the last few days. Lucas had quite a number of tights, and he wanted to show them off, once even wearing a leotard that was cut very high on the hips, and which Ryan suspected was meant for a girl. He’d debated about whether or not to show Lucas the comments. The pics were all getting a lot of likes, and the comments continued to come in as well.

“Tons,” Ryan said. A quick glance showed that Lucas was still hard. He made a decision. “You want to read some of the comments?”

“Yeah!” Lucas said, dropping his spoon into the bowl and coming around the table.

Ryan held up the phone and Lucas bent over to read.

Ryan began to scroll down through the comments. “It’s mostly just emoji stuff.”

“Stop, I can’t see,” Lucas complained. Then he began to squirm his way in front of Ryan, who had no choice but to move back. As soon as he did, Lucas slid into his lap, straddling his right leg, his backside pushing Ryan’s cock back against his stomach.

Ryan realized he was holding his breath. Lucas was bent forward, intently reading while using a finger to scroll. Lucas giggled. “More eggplants,” he said.

Ryan’s cock was throbbing. “Yeah,” he croaked. “Uh… you should know, some of the comments might not be… appropriate.”

“Really?” Lucas asked avidly, eyes locked on the screen. He squirmed a bit on Ryan’s leg.

Ryan slid his right arm around his son, his hand coming to rest on his belly. His left slid down to caress Lucas’ left thigh. His breath must have been heavy in Lucas’ ear.

“That ass though,” Lucas read, giggling. “Ewwwww! He says he wants to lick me!”

“I can delete those comments if you want,” Ryan said huskily in his ear.

“You don’t have to,” Lucas said. He turned his head a bit and asked, “Where do you think he wants to lick me, Dad? Down there?”

“That’s probably what he means,” Ryan said, continuing to rub his belly and squeeze his thigh.

Lucas was silent for a few moments, clearly not looking at the phone. He squirmed a bit, rubbing against Ryan’s cock. “Dad?” he asked softly.

“Yeah, kiddo?”

“Did you ever… when you were my age… did you… you know… touch… it? Down there?”

Ryan’s hands stilled. “Yeah, Lucas. All guys do. And not just when they’re your age.”

“So it’s okay, right?” he asked softly, nervously.

“Of course it is. There’s nothing wrong with making yourself feel good.”

“So I shouldn’t be embarrassed about that? Like with boners?”

“Never be embarrassed,” Ryan said gently.

“Cause… I really wanna touch it right now.”

Then Lucas’ hands went below the table, and Ryan could tell from the motion that his son was pulling the front of his briefs down with one hand, and grabbing himself with the other. Ryan’s conscience was screaming at him. He knew he could just do nothing. He could just sit there while his gorgeous little boy jacked himself off on his lap. He could maybe even help. There was a part of him though, a part that was perhaps growing smaller and smaller as the days went by, that told him he couldn’t allow that to happen.

“Lucas?” Ryan asked softly, barely breathing it out.

“Huh?” Lucas asked, his voice trembling, the movement of his hand obvious.

“Lucas, you need to do that in your room, okay?”

The hand stopped.

“You said it was okay,” Lucas whispered.

“It is okay, but it should be private. Don’t be embarrassed to do it, but you probably shouldn’t be doing it at the kitchen table. Especially when you’re sitting on my lap.”

“Sorry,” Lucas mumbled, and he slid off his father’s leg. The waistband of his little boy shorts had pulled down, and half of his son’s cock was visible. The little head was more red than pink. Lucas hooked the shorts up over his glans and looked pointedly at his dad’s lap. Ryan looked down at himself, seeing his cock standing up, straining at his briefs, the wet spot now much wider.

“Did you pee?” Lucas asked uncertainly.

“No, it’s… it’s a guy thing,” Ryan said, unable to figure out how to respond.

“Like sperm?” Lucas asked softly.

“Sort of like that. It happens to older guys when… they get… excited.”

Lucas just stood there, staring at his father’s cock, his own little cock twitching in his undies. Ryan’s cock twitched as well, and Lucas looked up. “Are you gonna touch yours, too?”

Ryan saw no reason not to be honest. He stood, and watched his son’s eyes follow his cock. Standing, his cock was much more obvious and vulgar. Lucas’ eyes were wide. “I guess we should both take care of our little problems,” Ryan said, trying for humor, though his voice cracked.

“I think you got a big problem,” Lucas said, with no hint of humor.

“Off you go,” Ryan said, and he turned and retreated to his room.

Ryan got through the next three days without molesting his son, which he counted as a win. Only six years to go. This task was made much more difficult given that Lucas no longer made any attempt to hide his erections, and in fact seemed almost proud of them. He also let his dad know every time he was going to his room to ‘take care of a little problem’. Apparently Lucas had a lot of little problems.

Ryan was careful to stop lying around in his underwear. He’d barely survived that morning, and if he thought he could wear chainmail around the house without making it obvious, he’d have done that.

They continued to post pics on Instagram, and he gave Lucas his login info so he could check the comments himself. Lucas always laughingly shared the inappropriate ones.

That evening, after Lucas had gone to bed, telling his dad he was going to take care of a little problem before he went to sleep, Ryan was lying in his own bed with his laptop. He’d begun to go through Insta looking for other boys. He told himself, at least at first, that it was to find ideas for poses, so he was looking for boys who did ballet, but soon he was just finding boys to look at boys. So many beautiful boys, but none as beautiful as Lucas.

He was checking out a couple of new photos from a boy he’d really come to love, a cute Russian kid, when he got a private message.

Hey just wanted to say I really like the pics you’ve been posting of your son.
I’ve been following you for awhile. You do great pics.
Not surprising you have such a good looking kid.
I know from some stuff you posted in the past that you live around
San Diego. I was wondering if Lucas has done any modeling?
I’d be happy to help put together a portfolio.
I’d even do it for free if you would agree to pass my name along
once you start getting some work. I can also
give you some advice on how to get him work if you need it.

Ryan read over it a couple of times, thinking. He’d honestly never thought about getting Lucas into modeling, though he was certainly good looking enough. That was actually one of the reasons he’d stopped attending Lucas’ dance stuff. He couldn’t stand those parents who lived through their kids and kept trying to push them into careers. There were a lot of them out there.

A couple of thoughts were going through his head. First, just the thought of Lucas being out there in the world, knowing guys were looking at him, was a turn-on. As a model he’d be exposed to even more people. The second thought was just as selfish. This lockdown was killing him. He was living off savings and was considering filing for unemployment. If Lucas was getting some modeling work… but no. If that did happen, then that money was Lucas’. Still, it wasn’t a horrible idea, and it would maybe help get him out of this pressure cooker of a situation for a bit.

Ryan messaged the guy back, saying he’d have to ask Lucas how he felt about it. The guy responded twenty minutes later, enthusiastic. He gave Ryan his contact info, including a website so he could check out his work and to show he was legitimate. Ryan wondered what Lucas would say.

Lucas was excited by the idea. Ryan spoke with the guy, Phil, over the phone and they made arrangements for a photo shoot two days later. On that morning, Ryan walked into the kitchen to find Lucas already up, looking over a huge pile of clothes on the kitchen table.

“I have to get all the right stuff,” Lucas explained.

Phil had suggested Lucas bring several changes of clothes, from casual outfits like jeans and t-shirts, to swimwear, which had Ryan secretly excited. Lucas was also picking out some of his dancewear.

“Which swim trunks?” Lucas asked, holding up a tiny sky blue Speedo in one hand, and a pair of jammers, all black but for a big pink skull that ran from the left hip most of the way down the thigh.

Ryan picked up a third pair he remembered Lucas wearing a couple of years ago, a set of trunks that were all red except for a small V shaped panel on the front in yellow that seemed designed to draw your eye to the boy’s crotch. “Why not all three?”

“Those are old,” Lucas said. “They might not fit.”

“When has that ever stopped you?” Ryan joked.

Lucas grinned and took the trunks, checked the tag. Then he shrugged and pushed his briefs down and off, leaving him completely naked. Ryan watched with a lengthening cock and a racing heart. His boy was just as perfect in this state, with his soft little penis hanging down, no more than two inches long.

Lucas stepped into the trunks and drew them up his legs, pulling just a bit harder to get them up over his hips. They really were small. If Ryan had worn something like that, most of his pubic bush would be showing. Lucas had gotten them on though, and they showed off his little cock wonderfully.

“Turn around,” Ryan said. Lucas did so, and Ryan saw that his ass was just spilling out of the things, above and below. It was wonderful. “A little bit small,” he said with a smile, running his fingers along the bottom of Lucas’ left cheek by way of illustration.

Lucas turned, and with a sly smile asked, “Is it too small in the front, too?”

Playing along, Ryan ran his finger along the waistband, his finger caressing that skin so close to the base of his cock. “Yeah, pretty small.”

“On my balls, too?” Lucas asked, and there was something in his son’s voice that made him look at his face. Lucas blushed and looked away.

Ryan had been given the invitation though. Did he dare take it? Was Lucas only joking? Was he testing him? One way to find out. He reached out, a bit slowly so that his intent was clear and Lucas could move if he wanted, or stop him with a laugh. He did neither, and Ryan allowed two fingers to slide down over his son’s tightly compressed testicles. He slid his fingers until they were underneath Lucas’ nuts, and then drew them back.

“Pretty tight,” Ryan said, looking at the boy’s crotch, where his small cock was already swelling.

“Yeah, I guess I could bring them though,” Lucas said softly, not meeting his father’s eyes. Between his legs his dick reached its full length, sliding to the side as there was no escape past the tight waistband.

Lucas looked up at his dad again, blushing a little, and he bit his lower lip as he hooked fingers in the trunks and pushed them down, freeing his twelve-year-old erection. Then he just stood there, his dick throbbing, and looked at his father questioningly.

“I’m gonna go take care of my problem,” he said softly.

“Okay,” Ryan said, voice a bit rough.

Lucas just stood there. After a few long moments, he said, “You got a problem, too.”

Ryan looked down. He was wearing loose shorts and tight briefs, but they couldn’t completely camouflage his obvious erection. “I guess I do,” he allowed.

Lucas swallowed, his eyes locked on that bulge. His hand drifted down to his little erection, caressing it lightly and causing it to bounce. “Are you gonna take care of your problem, too?”

Ryan didn’t answer, his throat dry. Lucas was openly stroking his cock now. Not fast, just gently up and down. Ryan didn’t think his son was even aware he was doing it. It really seemed like Lucas was sexually excited by Ryan’s obvious excitement. He thought that maybe if he were to take his cock out right now, that Lucas would happily jack off with him. Or more. Lucas shivered and his cock lurched in his hand.

“Yeah, I guess I better,” Ryan said softly.

“Okay,” Lucas said, still standing there, still stroking his cock. He shivered again and looked down then dropped his hand. His little cock continued to twitch.

Ryan turned to go, his heart hammering, and Lucas said, “Do you…?”

“Hmm?” Ryan asked, turning.

“Nevermind,” Lucas said, and he turned and hurried away. Ryan stared until that perfect little ass disappeared from view.

Neither father nor son spoke of the incident at breakfast. They spent time on their own for another couple of hours, before it was time to head for Phil’s studio. Ryan helped Lucas carry his chosen outfits to the SUV, opening up the back and putting what was likely way too many clothes inside.

Lucas was dressed in tight, nearly knee length jean shorts and a muscle shirt that left his shoulders exposed and gave tantalizing glimpses of his hairless armpits. Ryan could tell he was nervous by the way his left leg was bouncing.

“Relax,” Ryan smiled, reaching over and putting a calming hand on Lucas’ thigh.

“I’m just excited. And nervous I guess. How much longer is it?”

“About fifteen minutes,” he answered, already twenty-five minutes into the trip.

The studio was across town in a middle income area. They arrived where the GPS coordinates had lead, and Ryan checked the address on the building. They were in the right place, but there was no sign or even a storefront. It looked like an anonymous industrial workplace or maybe a warehouse.

“Wait here while I go make sure this is the place,” Ryan said as they parked.

“Can’t I go with?” Lucas asked.

Ryan laughed. “Just calm down and wait. I’ll just be a minute.”

Ryan got out of the car and walked to the front of the building. There was a sign directing him to the rear, but again no way to tell if it was the studio. There was a buzzer next to a metal door and Ryan pressed it, hearing a faint sound from inside.

Moments later the door opened, revealing a bald and bearded man who was probably in his late forties. He smiled. “Ryan.” He held out his hand and they shook. “Phil Lundquist. Welcome.” He peeked over Ryan’s shoulder. “Lucas is in the car? Well, come in, come in. Do you need any help carrying anything? I hope Lucas brought a few outfits.”

“We’ll be fine,” Ryan said, “even though I’m pretty sure he brought half of his closet.”

Phil laughed. “Boys usually get a little overenthusiastic the first time. Or they bring nothing at all. Rarely anything in the middle.”

“Well, I’ll get Lucas and we’ll be right in.” Ryan wondered just how many boys the guy had photographed.

With that, Ryan returned to the car. Lucas hopped out before he even got there, bouncing excitedly on his toes. “Is this it?”

“This is it,” Ryan said, pushing the button on his key fob which opened up the back hatch. “Help me grab this stuff.”

Phil laughed and held the door open as they approached, their arms full. “You weren’t kidding about half the closet.” He turned and smiled at Lucas. “Hello, Lucas. I’m Phil. Of course, you know that already.”

“Hi,” Lucas smiled shyly.

“Well, come in, come in,” Phil said. “You can put your things back there,” he said, pointing to the south-eastern corner. “That’s a privacy screen where you can do your costume changes.”

Ryan looked around as they entered. It was a big space. Perhaps a couple thousand square feet. It was broken up mostly by half walls. There seemed to be only one room, at the far side, and Ryan assumed it was an office. The section they were in was obviously the studio, with lights and those umbrella things and a large, white infinity cove. There were various bits and pieces that Ryan assumed were props, like large colored boxes for sitting, various pieces of sporting equipment, some chairs, rolled up carpets or rugs. Ryan wondered if the guy lived here, as he could see the last foot or so of a bed further down behind one of those half walls.

“You found the place okay?” Phil said, hovering as they placed the clothes on a table behind the privacy screen. There was a clothing rack there, and Lucas immediately began hanging things on the available hangers.

“GPS is a wonderful thing,” Ryan said.

Ryan was still a bit nervous about all this. A guy from the internet interested in photographing his son. Who knew what kind of guy this was. He seemed nice enough though. He looked normal enough. Maybe twenty pounds overweight, but clean, wearing a dark blue polo shirt and khaki slacks with leather loafers. He almost looked like he should be working at Best Buy.

As they got settled, Phil explained what they’d be doing. He was good with Lucas; attentive, friendly, answering all his questions. Phil would start with the outfit Lucas was wearing, just getting him used to the cameras and lights. Then Lucas would go change. Phil suggested a ballet outfit, like he’d worn on Instagram.

So that’s what they did. Ryan sat on one of those canvas directors chairs back behind the lights and cameras, watching as Phil directed his son, posing, facial expressions, how to adjust his clothes. Lucas really was beautiful, he thought. Phil apparently thought the same, or he wouldn’t be doing this. Ryan wondered if Phil was sexually attracted to his son. Was he drinking him in with his eyes and camera?

After about fifteen minutes of photos in the first outfit, Phil sent Lucas off to change. The boy looked happy and excited. Ryan stood and followed him. When he came behind the screen, he found Lucas already stripping off his shirt.

“Are you doin’ okay?” Ryan asked. “Having fun?”

“Yeah,” Lucas grinned. “Do you think I could really be a model? For real?”

“I don’t see why not. You’re gorgeous.”

“And sexy,” Lucas smiled cheekily.

“And sexy,” Ryan grinned. Lucas unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts. “Do you want me to wait outside?” Ryan asked.

“You can stay,” Lucas said, sliding his jeans down. He was wearing plain white briefs, but not tighty-whities of course. They were bikinis and he was adorable, and indeed sexy, in them. He lifted each leg in turn to peel off his black ankle socks, then skinned out of his briefs. Ryan drank him in.

Lucas chose his baby blue tights to start, and pulled them up, making sure there were no wrinkles. His little penis lay to the the left, more or less pointing at his shoulder.

“Going to wear a shirt?” Ryan asked.

“I wasn’t,” Lucas answered. “Should I?”

Ryan shrugged. “Not if you don’t want to.”

“Well, I never wore one for the Instagram pictures, so I guess not.”

“That’s a great outfit,” Phil said, and there was something in his voice that told Ryan the man was most certainly perving on his son. As he was doing the same, the knowledge somehow increased his own arousal.

Phil sent Lucas through his paces, doing all the bone-defying stretches and poses that he’d done for Instagram. Phil circled him, his camera always searching and snapping. He adjusted lighting, and used filters to change the color of the infinity cove.

After awhile Phil had Lucas in a pose where he was on all fours, but in reverse, his back bowed and head down, his crotch up in the air. Even from his chair Ryan could see the outline of his son’s penis. He was sure Phil could see it, too, and he seemed to be circling and taking photos from angles to capture it perfectly.

The time came for another change, and Ryan once again followed Lucas back behind the privacy screen. As Lucas stripped out of his blue tights, Ryan looked around, trying to spot anything that looked like a spy camera. It’s what he would have done in Phil’s position, but he didn’t see anything. He turned to watch his son’s little penis swaying as he stepped into another pair of tights, gray this time, which Ryan had discovered with his own picture taking seemed to show off Lucas’ body, and his little cock especially, to its fullest.

Lucas told him that he was having fun, and looking forward to more posing. He’d been thinking of different ones he could try, and was excited to show Phil. Ryan imagined Phil would be excited himself.

Ryan didn’t sit this time. He watched Lucas, and he watched Phil. Phil liked to have Lucas turn to his side a lot, and Ryan suspected this was because that little bulge in Lucas’ tights was much more easily seen from that angle. At one point, Phil turned himself, but Ryan saw that he was trying to hide the fact that he was adjusting his cock. The guy was hard. Ryan was sure of it.

After the gray tights, Phil and Lucas decided it was time for swimwear. Ryan stood with Lucas behind the screen as he changed into the little blue Speedo. He’d suspected that Lucas might try the old trunks he’d barely fit into before. He wasn’t sure if he was disappointed or not by his son’s choice.

Phil certainly wasn’t disappointed, snapping pic after pic, and turning to adjust himself each time he had to kneel or change position too much. Ryan certainly couldn’t blame him. Lucas was a little blond angel in that blue Speedo, and Phil had turned the cove blue to match. Lucas’ soft skin looked magical under the lights, and the little bulge in his Speedo begged for the camera’s attention.

Finally, the Speedo shoot was complete. “What do you want me to wear next?” Lucas asked, standing in front of Phil, looking up at the man, absently pinching the tip of his penis. “I got more tights and shorts and shirts and stuff.”

“Well, I wanted to concentrate on categories today,” Phil said. “You want variety for a portfolio. We did your street clothes, and your tights. The poses were amazing by the way.” Lucas grinned. “And now we’ve done your swimwear. See, if you’re selling to catalogs for instance, you want to show them you can model for the different types of clothing. So we covered street clothes, dance wear, and swimwear. Not sure what else there is.”

Ryan knew what else there was. He suspected that Phil was very much aware of what else there was. Ryan wasn’t going to say anything though. He didn’t want to influence Lucas in any way, and anyway, he wasn’t sure how he felt about it himself.

Lucas got there on his own. “Umm, I could do… you know… underwear? That’s a category, right?”

“Well, that is a category,” he answered, looking over at Ryan, obviously seeking approval. Ryan shrugged and indicated that it was Lucas’ choice. Phil turned back to Lucas and asked, “Did you bring any underwear to model?”

“Well,” Lucas said, seemingly a bit reluctant, “just the ones I wore. I could wear those though.”

“Well, we have a bit more time for another shoot I think.”

“Okay,” Lucas grinned, and he turned and headed back behind the screen.

Ryan and Phil shared a look. Ryan wasn’t sure what all was communicated in it. Some acknowledgment perhaps, of their shared secret. Yeah. Phil saw something in Ryan that he recognized in himself, and when Ryan turned to follow Lucas, there was an implied permission there.

Lucas looked up as Ryan came around the screen. He was just pulling up his white briefs, and Ryan watching his adorable little penis disappear. “You sure you want to do this, kiddo?”

Lucas looked at him searchingly. “It’s okay isn’t it?”

“Sure, if you want to,” Ryan said.

Lucas seemed to think for a few moments, and then he shrugged and said, “It’s just underwear, right? It’s practically the same as a Speedo.”

Ryan didn’t want to tell him how much more the thin cloth of his briefs clung to his little boyhood, how much more blatant it was. If Lucas was fine with it, Ryan supposed he was fine with it, and certainly Phil was fine with it.

Ryan walked back to Phil and the lights with his hand on Lucas’ shoulder. Phil only had eyes for Lucas’ crotch, though he tried to hide it.

“Are these okay?” Lucas asked, coming to a stop before the man.

“I think those will do nicely,” the man replied in a voice that was just a bit husky with lust.

Ryan couldn’t help himself. He slid a possessive hand down over Lucas’ shoulder to his chest and pulled him back against his body. He really hadn’t done it on purpose, and as he did he realized that he was basically telling Phil that he could look, but that Lucas was his and his alone.

Phil said, “You look great holding him like that. Father and son. Would you want to do a few poses with him?”

“Will you, Dad?” Lucas asked, turning around and wrapping his arms around his waist and staring up at him with those blue eyes.

“I… sure,” Ryan said. To Phil, “How do you want me?”

“Hmm, maybe… would you be comfortable taking off your shirt? And maybe your shoes and socks as well. I think the jeans will be a great look.”

“Sure,” Ryan acquiesced. He kicked off his shoes, pulled off his socks, and then slipped his t-shirt off, leaving them all in a pile.

“That’s why so many people follow you,” Phil said, admiring his body. Apparently Phil had a wide age range of attraction. “Why don’t you start on your left side.” Ryan did as asked. “Great, now cock your right leg. That’s right. Now, Lucas, how about you sit down in front of your dad. That’s good. A bit to the left so your back is against his stomach. Great, now lean back and pull your knees back. Perfect.”

A glance showed that Lucas was leaning against him with his legs spread, his crotch on display. Phil took some pictures.

“Okay, how about… Ryan, lie on your back?” Ryan rolled over to his back. “Now, Lucas, can you lay on top of your dad?” Lucas laid down atop Ryan, stomach to stomach. “Yeah, like that, just flat. Cross your arms on his chest and just look at him. Ryan, hands behind your head if you will, and look up at Lucas. That’s gorgeous.”

Phil took some pictures. “Now maybe put your arms down, Lucas, and lay your head on his chest facing me. That’s great. Close your eyes, okay? Very good. Now, Ryan, you can just hold him, okay? Man, you guys look great together. Hard and soft. It’s a great contrast.”

Ryan stroked his son’s back gently.

Phil said, “Okay now let’s try Lucas on his back on the ground, and Ryan, turn on your left side. That’s right, up against one another. Hmmm… Lucas, cock your right leg. That’s good. And, Ryan, maybe a hand on his belly as you stare down at him?”

Ryan looked into Lucas’ eyes, smiling as he softly rubbed his belly.

“This is fun, huh?” Lucas asked softly, grinning.

“Lots,” Ryan agreed with a smile.

“Dad, you should be in your underwear, too.”

Ryan stilled. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Lucas.”

“Why not?” the boy asked. “You said underwear was okay.”

“Well, that’s at home,” Ryan said.

“But I’m wearing mine,” Lucas said reasonably.

“I certainly wouldn’t mind,” Phil added.

Ryan knew this was important. This was a step. He wasn’t sure exactly what kind of step it was, but it felt significant. It also felt a bit fated, considering he was wearing white briefs that looked a heck of a lot like the pair Lucas was sporting. He turned to look at Phil, who just stared back expectantly. Ryan could actually see the bulge of the guy’s cock poking out against his khakis. This was such a dumb idea, he knew.

Ryan rolled to his back, his hands going to his waist, and he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, and then wiggled out of them. Lucas sat up, staring down at him with excitement. “We match!” he said happily.

After Ryan tossed his jeans away, Phil said, “Ryan, could you maybe lift Lucas up over your head? Hands on his back so he’s facing upward? And Lucas, you could do something… you know… artistic and graceful. Some sort of pose.”

“Will you, Dad?” Lucas asked.

With a sigh, Ryan rose, and Lucas quickly stood as well. “No, lie flat,” Ryan told him. “I think it’ll be easier.”

Lucas returned to his back, and Ryan bent over him, sliding one hand under his neck and the other under his thighs. He straightened, adjusted his hands a bit, and then easily lifted Lucas over his head. Lucas giggled, and then adopted an artistic and graceful pose.

“Perfect,” Phil breathed, circling around them, snapping pics. Ryan saw him glance more than once at his crotch. “Okay, now lower him until he can hold on to your neck and you can support him under his… butt.”

Ryan lowered his son, who wrapped his arms around his neck and his long legs around his waist. Lucas looked at him, smiling, and then he leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

“Can you do that again?” Phil asked, almost frantically. “I missed it. That’s wonderful.”

Lucas leaned in again and once again pressed his lips against Ryan’s. Then he held it, because Phil was circling them taking more pictures. Lucas pressed his lips a little bit harder. They spread a bit and and a sigh escaped them.

There was the quickest flick of a tongue, so fast and then gone that Ryan could almost believe he’d imagined it. Almost. Then Lucas leaned forward, putting his mouth close to Ryan’s ear and whispered, “I’m getting a boner, Dad.”

“Try thinking of something gross,” Ryan suggested.

“Like what?”

“Like… a fat old lady naked.”

“Ooooo, gross,” Lucas said, screwing up his face.

“Okay, could we get Lucas on his back?”

Ryan laid him down, checking his crotch, which seemed to be mostly boner free.

“Good, now you down next to him?” Phil instructed. “Maybe… lay your head on Lucas’ stomach? Uh, facing the other way,” he said, when Ryan had laid his head facing Lucas’ face. He turned his head, suspiciously, his eyes full of his son’s cock. “Now, Lucas, maybe just put your hands in your dad’s hair. Lovely.”

Ryan understood the image Phil was creating, and he said nothing.

“Dad, do a raspberry like before,” Lucas said. “He does raspberries sometimes,” Lucas said to Phil.

“A raspberry doesn’t work all that great for a camera,” Ryan pointed out.

“Well, just pretend,” Lucas said. “Like you’re doing it except don’t. And I can pretend I’m laughing.”

“That’s a great idea, Lucas,” Phil said, praising the boy and at the same time manipulating Ryan into doing what would likely look very different than what Lucas was thinking.

As Ryan turned over though, and moved his head down to the perfection of his son’s stomach, he knew something more than a raspberry was happening. Ryan slid his right hand under Lucas’ cocked right leg, and laid his hand on his son’s left thigh, which was flat on the floor. He gripped it, and then pressed his lips against Lucas’ stomach. Unable to stop himself, he slid his tongue out, tasting his boy’s skin.

“That tickles,” Lucas said. “For real.”

Ryan felt his son tense as he mimed laughing. For his part, Ryan pulled the boy closer and kissed his stomach. Then again. Shuddering, he slid his tongue for about two inches just above the waistband of his low-rise bikini briefs.

“Dad,” Lucas said, worried and giving a warning at the same time.

Ryan already understood his son’s distress. As he watched, his lips still pressed against his flat tummy, Lucas’ slim little cock began to grow. It lengthened and began to lift almost vertically, stretching the white cloth of his briefs. Ryan just stared.

Phil didn’t say a word, but he, too, was aware of the change, and he was taking pictures as fast as his finger could click.

“Dad?” Lucas asked, his voice a bit strained as he lifted his head enough to look past his dad’s obstructing head. His voice lowered to a whisper, as if Phil wasn’t right there. “Dad, it’s sticking up. Can… can you make it flat at least?”

Ryan lifted his mouth from Lucas’ belly, his eyes locked with Phil’s through the camera lens. Slowly, deliberately, he slid his left hand down and hooked a finger under the waistband of Lucas’ briefs and he lifted, not as far as he could have, but just enough so that his right hand, which he’d pulled back, could slide inside the warm, slightly sweaty confines until he found his son’s cock. Fingers tingling, heart racing, and his cock pressing almost painfully into the floor, he slid his thumb and two fingers slowly up the length of his boy’s cock until he could gently pry it loose from the little pocket of cloth in which it was caught, and lower it gently downward until it was lying flat. Then he withdrew his hand and let the waistband snap gently back into place. Phil’s camera was a steady series of clicks through it all.

“Is it okay, Dad?” Lucas asked. “Here?”

“It’s okay,” Ryan said, but not to Lucas. Maybe not even to Phil, though he took it that way obviously.

“That’s a normal reaction here, Lucas,” Phil said gently. “Nothing to worry about.”

“I know,” Lucas said. “My dad says underwear is okay and boners are okay and being naked is okay as long as you take care of your little problem in your room.” Lucas was rambling nervously.

“Boners are okay,” Phil said. He crept slowly forward and knelt, his attention obvious. Ryan just watched him, not moving. “Is it okay if I take pictures of it? It looks like a really nice one.”

“It is?” Lucas asked. “I… I don’t got hairs yet.”

“Th-that’s okay,” Phil said hoarsely, swallowing hugely, trying to wet an obviously dry mouth. “Some people think they look better without hairs.”

“They do?” Lucas asked skeptically, rising to his elbows so he could look down at himself. Ryan leaned back a bit, feeling a bit surreal, aware of what was happening, what was being said, but somehow separated from it. Distant and apart.

“Well, it’s hard to tell really,” Phil said softly, cautiously, looking at Ryan guiltily, warily. “Cause, you know, I can’t really see it.”

Lucas looked down at his protruding crotch and bit his lip uncertainly. He looked at Ryan. “Dad… is it okay?”

Ryan looked at him, and then looked at Phil. He rose to his feet, and Lucas gasped as he saw his father’s swollen crotch. Ryan walked to Phil, who looked at him wide-eyed, like he was about to bolt. Ryan leaned close and said, “If they get out… if I ever see them online, I’ll end you, do you understand?” Phil nodded rapidly.

Ryan didn’t know why he was letting this happen. He knew he shouldn’t. It was crazy. What did he hope to gain? Giving a perv some pics of his naked and erect kid? Maybe to sell to Russians or something? The thought of those pictures out in the world made his cock ache, despite what he’d told Phil.

Ryan went back to Lucas and laid down beside him. He placed a gentle hand on his son’s belly and caught his eye, which had to tear itself away from the bulge in his dad’s briefs. “It’s okay if you want to,” he said.

Lucas looked to Phil, then down at his own erection, and then over to Ryan’s before finally meeting his dad’s eyes. “I wanna,” he said, eyes sparkling with barely contained fear and excitement. Then, his eyes never leaving his dad’s, he reached down, lifted his hips, and pushed his briefs down over his erect twelve-year-old penis. The camera was snapping before his fingers even touched his briefs and continued non-stop.

Ryan slid back along the floor and sat up, his cock aching. Lucas looked at him shyly, then began to pose. He stretched, and arched his back, then twisted his body, hiding it before thrusting it out. He rose to his knees, boner bouncing, offering it up. Ryan watched it all feeling a bit numb, as if he had blown his circuits, unable to take any more sexual excitement.

“Touch it,” Phil said, moving in close as Lucas lay on his back, his left arm above his head, his right leg cocked, his back arched just a bit.

Lucas slid his hand down along his body, teasingly. His fingers crept across his hairless groin, then slid to the side, not touching, but down until he was gripping the inside of his right thigh, the back of his hand against his little balls. Then he turned his head, gently tickling the little orbs before taking them in his hand, cupping them. Then his fingers slid up along his twitching shaft, zigzagging upward as his breathing quickened. The whole time, he stared into Ryan’s eyes.

“Maybe,” Phil croaked with a desperate look at Ryan, “maybe we could reverse it. And… Lucas, you could… you could pretend to give your dad a raspberry, like he did.”

“Do you want to, Dad?” Lucas asked softly.

“Do you?” Ryan replied.

A pause. “I do if you want to. It’s okay. I like modeling.”

Knowing it was a mistake, knowing there was so much more than modeling happening here, Ryan said softly, “Okay.”

Ryan cast a last look at Phil, and then turned slowly onto his back, swiveling until he was laid out as Lucas had been. When Ryan settled, his eyes found his son, who was staring intently at the huge bulge in his white briefs.

Lucas turned over onto his stomach then slid closer, his eyes never leaving his father’s cock. Closer and closer, until he was mere inches away from the lewd display of Ryan’s obscenely bulging briefs. Ryan for his part put his head back and covered his face with his arms, resigning himself to whatever happened.

As Phil snapped furiously, now openly squeezing his cock through his pants, Lucas leaned down and touched his lips to his father’s stomach, his cheek no more than two inches from the fat head of his dad’s cock. Ryan stifled a moan as he felt his son’s tongue slide along his stomach.

Ryan heard something. Some muffled, whispered word. He turned his head and opened his eyes to slits, staring under his arms to where Phil was miming a motion to Lucas, who was shaking his head. Phil mouthed, ‘It’s okay’. Then he nodded a couple more times and repeated the action with his hand. Ryan understood immediately what Phil was saying and asking, and he did nothing.

Ryan felt Lucas’ hand brush against his thigh, then his hip, and then his stomach. It slid over, and he felt small fingers curling under the waistband of his briefs. “Dad? Is it okay?” Lucas whispered.

Ryan pretended not to hear.

Hesitation. Another silent assurance from Phil. Then Ryan felt his briefs being pulled up and then back, baring his cock to his son and to this stranger. Down and down, the cool air on his fevered cock. Click, click, click. Lucas’ hand stopped when the waistband of Ryan’s underwear cleared his large, hairy balls. Another peek after a slight adjustment of his arms, to see Lucas just staring. Avidly. In awe. In… desire?

Lucas licked his lips, his eyes full of his dad’s cock. Then Ryan’s underwear slid back up a little as they were released… and a small hand wrapped around the base of his cock.

Ryan almost came right then. As it was, his cock bucked in Lucas’ hand and burbled out a bubble of precum. Lucas seemed to follow that droplet with his eyes, and then he was leaning forward and Ryan knew he was about to lick it up. Lucas’ tongue got to within an inch of his father’s cock before Ryan grew a backbone.

“Okay, we’re done,” he said hoarsely, moving to sit up, which caused his cockhead to slide ever so briefly against his son’s lips before he scooted back and stuffed it back into his briefs. He stood, cock aching for release, but doing what he felt was right. Late though he was to do it. “Get dressed, Lucas,” he said.

Ryan stalked over to Phil, his 6’2” frame versus Phil’s 5’9”, his 185 lbs to Phil’s… well, probably 185 lbs. Phil looked ready to faint. Ryan held out his hand. Phil couldn’t pretend he didn’t know what Ryan wanted, and he didn’t even hesitate to give it.

Ryan took the camera, flipped it over and removed the memory card. He handed the camera back. “I’ll send you everything up till… you know.”

“Of course,” Phil said faintly.

Ryan just stared at him for long moments, then nodded and turned, grabbing his clothes and dressing quickly. Lucas didn’t say a word, already struggling into his clothes and trying to gather up the rest. Ryan joined him and they walked out side by side.

As they put the clothes in the back of the SUV, Lucas asked softly, worriedly, “Did I do something wrong, Dad?”

Ryan turned to his son, took him by the shoulders and then pulled him close. As he ran his fingers through the boy’s short blond hair, he murmured, “No, honey, I did.”

End of part four

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