The Son Also Rises – Part six
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Ryan showered, shaved, dressed in sweatpants and a shirt, made his bed, checked online, ignored the memory card and basically tried to do anything he could to keep from leaving his room. Eventually he realized he was being silly. He’d just have to deal with the situation. Besides, he was hungry.

Lucas wasn’t in the living room. He wasn’t in the kitchen either. Ryan got coffee from the machine, but it had gone cold, so he put it in the microwave while he grabbed a yogurt from the fridge. Lucas still hadn’t appeared. Ryan wanted to check in with him. Things had gone way too far. He knew that. He didn’t know if it was even possible to go back to how it had been before, but he was determined to try.

He soon learned that was going to be more difficult than he’d imagined. He found Lucas in his room. He was on his bed with his laptop. He was lying on his stomach with his head at the foot of the bed, meaning his naked ass greeted Ryan when he came to the doorway.

Lucas was at least wearing a t-shirt, but it was bunched up around his waist. Ryan could even see a hint of his son’s delicious little balls. Ryan thought going back to normal might be a lot easier he didn’t think of his son’s balls as being delicious.

Ryan cleared his throat. Lucas turned and smiled. “Hi, Dad. I got dressed.”

“I was sort of hoping you’d be covered up a bit more,” Ryan said dryly.

“It’s long though,” Lucas said, turning to his back. His little penis was soft. It looked delicious. Dammit. Lucas pushed the hem down, and Ryan saw that his son had apparently taken a shirt out of his closet. It was a birthday present Lucas had gotten him a couple of years ago. It said ‘World’s Best Dad’.

Ryan sighed. “Well, there’s the world’s biggest mixed message,” he said.

“I just wanted you to know I love you,” Lucas said. “We don’t have to do stuff if you don’t want. It’s okay,” he said. Of course, lying there on his back, propped up on his elbows with his little penis dangling between his legs, it made Ryan suspicious of his son’s sincerity.

“Just put some shorts on, Lucas,” Ryan said. “Please. For me.”

“I thought you liked looking at me,” he said pulling back his feet and spreading his legs. Lucas grinned, his eyes fixing lower, and Ryan looked down, finally becoming aware that he’d grown hard again. “You do,” Lucas smiled brightly as Ryan reached into his sweatpants and arranged his dick so that it was up under the waistband of his briefs.

“That doesn’t change anything,” Ryan said, his eyes dragged inexorably between Lucas’ legs as the boy’s pubescent cock began to lift and lengthen, finally flipping up and over to point at the his chin. Four inches of perfection. Ryan wondered how it would feel and taste in his mouth. “Shorts,” he said, then turned and left.

Ryan went to the living room after grabbing his laptop. Youtube videos. The Voice Kids. Russian boy gymnasts. Boys dancing ballet in tights. Boys swimming and diving. It seemed Youtube knew him better than he knew himself.

Instagram. Pictures of his beautiful son, and comments from people who were either blatant or subtle about their sexual attraction to him.

Television. Medical drama. Shirtless twelve-year-old boy on a gurney. Shirtless kids on a beach selling sun screen. Big sale at Target; all boys clothes half off. Ryan decided to go work out. He put his shirt on the washing machine and started with stretches. When he was limber he hit the weights. Pushing himself hard, hoping the endorphins would cancel out the lust. Hot in the garage. Just a floor fan. Took off the soaked sweatpants. Went back to the weights. Working too hard to think.

Exhausted, he lay panting on the weight bench, arms crossed over his face. Led Zeppelin on Spotify. Stairway to Heaven. Your head is humming and it won’t go, in case you don’t know. The piper’s calling you to join him.

“You’re all sweaty,” Lucas said softly.

Ryan opened his eyes and moved his arms to his chest. Lucas stood between his knees at the end of the bench. His hands were clasped behind his back and he was chewing his lip as his eyes roamed over the sculpted planes of his dad’s toned body, coming back again and again to his sweat-soaked white boxer-briefs, damp and transparent, showing the length of his cock as it stretched down the right leg. Ryan saw all this, then dropped his head back to the bench, too tired to fight. At least Lucas was wearing shorts, if you could count tiny yellow briefs that were cut so low that his obvious erection had slid to the side to gain enough room to grow.

When Ryan didn’t answer, Lucas said, “Dad?”

“Yeah, Lucas,” Ryan said tiredly.

“I know you said you don’t wanna do stuff with me. Because you love me and it’s wrong, right?”


“Only,” Lucas paused, “only because I’ve been reading some stuff? There’s a whole lot of stories about boys who stuff with their dads.”

“Those are just stories, Lucas.”

“But… then why are there so many of them? I mean… doesn’t it mean that even if dads aren’t doing stuff with their sons that they want to do stuff?”

“I don’t know, Lucas. The world is fucked up I guess.”

After a pause, Lucas said, “You said the F word.”

“Sorry,” Ryan said.

There was movement, Lucas walking away, and Ryan hoped he was leaving him alone. He needed time to process. Lucas didn’t leave though.

“You’re all sweaty,” Lucas said. “Here,” he said, and Ryan looked down when he felt a towel on his right calf.

Lucas wiped down his calf, his fingers sliding over the muscles through the towel.

“You don’t…” Ryan began. “Just… don’t bother, Lucas. I’ll just take another shower.”

“You could drip all the way there,” Lucas said, coming to his side and sliding the towel over his shoulder.

Ryan once again knew he should say something. Put a stop to this. If they were going to get back to normal then he had to stop letting Lucas this close. As Lucas ran the towel over his chest, his arms and neck and armpits, Ryan said nothing. He thought about the money he was losing from the lockdown. About the savings he was burning up. Lucas dried his stomach. He could feel the towel brushing lower, but Lucas’ hand wasn’t behind it. Rent was due soon. Another withdrawal. Lucas dried his right thigh. Those unemployment checks had better start rolling. Left thigh.


Did he pay the car insurance? “Yeah, Lucas?”

“Your… your underwear. It’s all wet.”

“That’s okay,” Ryan murmured. Yeah, he’d paid the car insurance. He remembered now.

“I put your other clothes in the washing machine for later,” Lucas said softly.

“That’s good, Lucas,” Ryan murmured. It was the car payment. That’s what he’d been thinking about. It was due in a couple of days.

“I can put these in the wash, too,” Lucas said. “Is that okay?”

There was something. “Okay, Lucas.” Distracted. Right, the car payment. He shouldn’t have gotten the V8. Who needed that much power on city streets?

Lucas hooked his fingers into the sides of his dad’s soaked boxers, and began to peel them down. Ryan felt the cool air on his sweaty body. Felt his cock, free of the shorts, slide further down between his legs.

“I’ll just dry the rest,” Lucas said, his voice hushed.

Ryan felt the towel as it was rubbed over his bare left hip. Lucas was kneeling at the base of the bench. Right hip. He could hear Lucas breathing. A toweled hand gently lifted his balls, patted them dry. Ryan’s cock began to grow. He forgot about the car payment. How could he think about the car payment? The towel rubbed at his pubic hair, left side, then right. Then the small hand was sliding underneath, lifting him as he rubbed the towel around. His cock was fully erect. Achingly hard.

Ryan felt warm breath on his balls. Heard Lucas inhaling. There was a hand on either hip, and Lucas was bent over, his nose close, and closer, until it was in amid his pubic hair. Sniffing. His downy cheek against the side of his dad’s cock.

“You smell so good,” Lucas said softly. He rubbed his cheek against his dad’s cock, nose buried. Up and down, stroking it with his cheek. Sliding higher now. Just his cheek touching, hands still on his hips. Lucas’ cheek slid up to the swollen head of his father’s cock. Rubbing. His breath thready and rapid. His head slowly began to turn.

Ryan was looking now. Watching as Lucas caressed his cock with his cheek. He was going to stop this. He was. In just a minute. He watched as the rubbing cheek turned… turned, until just the corner of Lucas’ mouth was sliding against his cock. Just the corner. His son’s breathing fast, his hands clutching his hips now.

Turning. Perhaps a third, the left third, of those pink, kissable kips, rubbing against his swollen cock. Up, down. Up, down. His boy’s lips were parted, an almost drugged look on his sweet face. His eyes were closed. Panting. Then the center of Lucas’ lips were on his shaft. The center, where his upper lip curved upward in a way that took his face from being beautiful and angelic to something sensual.

Lucas’ left hand left Ryan’s hip and slid slowly inward. It turned and slid underneath his shaft, then gently curled around it. Lucas’ head continued to move up and down, his lips were spreading wider, and then his tongue snuck out and began to slide up and down with his movements. Up and down, licking, tasting.

Lucas moved down, still licking, leaving a trail of wet heat to the base of Ryan’s cock. Then Lucas was sliding his tongue through his pubic bush, soft moans escaping him. Down further. The right hand now came into play, sneaking between his father’s legs and lifting his large nuts. Lucas began to gently bathe them with his tongue. His left hand gripped his cock firmly. Ryan’s balls began to contract. Lucas lifted them, then tried to get his face lower and deeper. Ryan felt his hot little tongue lapping at his taint, but he could reach no further.

Another wet, hungry trip up along Ryan’s cock, licking and now kissing as well, his wet lips parting wide, pressing his mouth to the thick shaft, higher and higher, the base held firmly in Lucas’ left hand. A pause near the top. Then, as before, his little tongue slid up across his frenulum, continuing upward until it slid over his pisshole. Lucas was up on his knees now, bending over as he once again pressed his lips to the top of his father’s swollen glans in a wet kiss. His lips spread. His tongue lapped. He sucked, just a tiny bit.

Then it happened. Ryan watched as his preteen son’s mouth spread wide, wider, and he began to slide his lips downward. Ryan felt the head of his cock sliding against his son’s tongue. Then the roof of his mouth. Lucas’ lips slipped over the edge of his glans. He was breathing rapidly through his nose, his nostrils flaring with each breath. His tongue swirled, and then he was pressing down, wanting more of his father’s cock in his mouth.

Another inch. Two. Three. Ryan’s long, thick cock disappearing into his son’s mouth. Lucas got maybe another half inch, over four in total, before he gagged and slid back. Knowing his limit, he began to do what he’d apparently been reading about for some time. His lips slid upward until they hit the ridge of his cockhead. His tongue made another appearance, twirling and swirling. Then gentle suction and he moved back down. Up. Down. Establishing a rhythm.

Suddenly their eyes met, and Lucas stilled. He backed off. The last of Ryan’s cock left his mouth. Lucas looked down at it. Kissed it again, his eyes locked with his father’s. His tongue swirled and lapped and then he pulled back again.

“I’m sucking your cock, Daddy,” Lucas said.

Ryan could only nod. “I can see,” he said in a husky voice.

“I always wanted to suck a cock,” the boy said. He slid his tongue over Ryan’s bloated glans again. Another look. “Am I doing it good?”

“You’re perfect,” Ryan breathed.

Lucas bit his lip, grinning. He took the head back into his mouth, sucking hungrily. Then he backed off with a wet pop. “I love your cock, Dad.” The boy swallowed and pressed on. “I love sucking it.” Another lick. A kiss. “Thanks for letting me, Dad. Suck your cock I mean. I really wanted to bad.” He grinned. “I’m a cocksucker now.”

“You are,” Ryan choked.

“I’m your cocksucker, Daddy,” he said with his seductive voice. “Your little gay boy cocksucker.”

“My beautiful little gay boy,” Ryan agreed.

“Your cocksucker,” Lucas insisted. Ryan wondered what kind of shit he’d been reading, but Lucas was obviously turned on and needed this somehow.

“You’re my sexy little cocksucker,” Ryan said. Then he reached out and ran his fingers through his boy’s short blond hair. Reaching. He found the back of his head and pulled. “Suck my cock.”

Lucas sighed with pleasure and sank his mouth back around his father’s cock, sucking wetly, hungrily, his hand stroking now, head bobbing, taking as much as he could and speeding faster. Ryan began to moan and move his hips.

Lucas backed off again. “I want you to cum in my mouth,” Lucas said desperately. “Shoot it into me. Into my cocksucking mouth,” he panted before swallowing his dad’s cock again. Ryan couldn’t believe these things were coming out of his twelve-year-old son’s mouth. Of course, he could hardly believe what was going into it either.

Low hungry moans from Lucas as he bobbed his head up and down on his father’s cock, taking close to four inches each time. He didn’t stop to swirl his tongue around the head, just sped as fast as he comfortably could. Perhaps a bit more, as there was the occasional, quick gagging sound. Mostly it was just the wet, voracious sounds of sucking while Lucas’ right hand jacked hard and fast at the base.

Ryan was lost. Doomed in fact. All his good intentions, albeit after the fact, were out the window. Apparently you couldn’t put the genie back in the bottle. He was watching his son’s blond head bobbing, his lips stretched wide around his thick, seven-inch prick. The boy was a novice of course, but he’d apparently picked up tips online, as he had at least some idea of what he was doing. The rest he was learning quickly.

His boy was giving him a blowjob. Ryan knew it was wrong. There wasn’t even a question about that. The problem was that he was weak. It was too much to fight against. His willowy, young, gay, ballet dancing son, who he’d watched grow from an infant into this cock-starved little boy, was hungrily swallowing his dad’s dick. And loving it. Ryan had never been so turned on in his entire life. Not with his wife or other girlfriends. Not with Scott, his dirty secret. This was what he wanted. His child. His smooth body, his alluring little penis, and his hot, eager, cocksucking mouth.

“Gonna cum,” Ryan gasped. Lucas whined and worked even harder. “Get ready,” Ryan said, his voice strained. “Fuck, fuck, fuck… eat it. Eat my cum!”

With a grunt and a shudder, Ryan exploded. The first blast of hot cum obviously surprised Lucas, who gagged and backed off his dad’s cock, taking the second right across the face, from cheek to forehead. He got his lips back around his father’s swollen cockhead for the third, and fourth, and fifth, and then he made a gurgling sound and backed off again, cum spilling from his slightly opened mouth and down the sides of the thick dick. He swallowed loudly, and then a sixth blast squirted directly into Lucas’ mouth as he was inhaling Ryan’s cock again, taking a few bubbling final surges that oozed out.

Lucas continued to suck and lick, getting every last drop of his father’s thick seed. Then he began to greedily lick up all that had escaped and flowed down his shaft and over Lucas’ hand. Finally, when every last trace of his dad’s hot cream was gone, Lucas looked up to find his father staring at him.

The little blond gay boy smiled proudly. “I did it,” he said, bending down to swipe his tongue again over his dad’s piss slit. Just in case. “I finally sucked a cock. Your cock, Daddy.” He bit his lip, but not in indecision, but rather in a coquettish way, a sly smile tugging at the corner of his lips. Staring in his father’s eyes, he swiped his tongue up over his fat knob again, slow and deliberate. He sucked it into his mouth, then released it with a wet smack of his lips. He grinned again. “I never knew cocks could be so delicious, Daddy. Mmmm, and your hot cum.” He swiped his tongue again. “I want more of your cum, Daddy.” Ryan’s cock was already wilting though.

Ryan sat up, his legs straddling the bench, and Lucas rose eagerly to his feet. Apparently, Lucas has shucked his shorts at some point, and Ryan found himself staring hungrily at his son’s stiff little penis. So pretty. “Sit, Lucas,” he said.

Lucas eagerly climbed into his dad’s lap, wrapping his coltish legs around his waist. Ryan had to pull him closer to support him, and he slid his arms around his back to hold him. Lucas put his hands on his dad’s shoulders and stared at him with anticipation.

“I love you, Daddy,” Lucas said.

Ryan winced a bit at the word. He had to admit it excited him in a way, but he didn’t think it was a healthy thing, not for him and not for Lucas. “Lucas,” he began, then paused. He ordered his thoughts, took a breath, and continued. “So… I guess things aren’t going back to normal.”

Lucas grinned.

“But… ground rules.”

“What kind of rules?”

“Well, first, the daddy thing.”

“What about it, Daddy?” Lucas said flirtily.

“Just that,” Ryan said. “It… doesn’t sound right.”

“You don’t like it?”

“Well, okay, yes, part of me does, I guess. But I feel bad about liking it, if you understand me, so I’d rather you not use it, okay?”

Lucas bit his lip, and this time uncertainly. “It makes me feel sexy,” he said softly. “Like when you called me your cocksucker. It makes me so horny.”

“I get that, Lucas. I do. I just think… I love you, Lucas. In spite of all of… this. You have to know it’s wrong. I know it’s wrong. I just can’t help myself.”

“I can’t help myself either,” Lucas said. “I tried not to think about it. About your big cock, and your muscles. Every time I’d try not to though, all I could think about was it. Touching it… sucking it. I am a cocksucker, so why can’t you call me one. Your cocksucker.”

“Because… well, I don’t know how it’s been for you, but when I was growing up, that’s something you said to insult people. It’s a mean thing to say to someone. I never want to be mean to you or make you feel bad.”

Lucas shrugged. “I don’t see why it’s a insult. I loved sucking your cock. I want to suck it every day. I want to suck it all day long. So that makes me a cocksucker. Plus, it’s kinda like talking dirty, and it makes me horny when we talk dirty. Like when I drank all your hot cum,” he said breathily, leaning forward and swiping his tongue over Ryan’s lips. Again. “Mmmm, kiss me, Daddy,” he breathed.

Ryan couldn’t help it. He kissed him. Lucas immediately began to moan, wrapping his arms around Ryan’s neck, his tongue eagerly fighting his dad’s, swirling and darting. Lucas began to thrust his slender hips, driving his little nail against his father’s rock-hard abs. Speaking of rock-hard, Ryan’s cock began to grow again, lifting up off the bench, rising higher until it bumped into Lucas.

Sweet, panting moans, Lucas kissing his father passionately. Then he reached back and down, finding his father’s cock. He jacked it a couple of times as Ryan kissed his son just as hungrily, tearing down his walls and giving in to his lust.

Ryan didn’t notice that Lucas had lifted himself a bit until he felt the head of his cock smashed against flesh. The pressure built, and then Ryan realized what was happening. Lucas was trying to get his dad’s cock into his tiny asshole.

Ryan took Lucas by the hips, lifted him up and back enough for his cock to spring upward between them before returning him to where he’d been. “Not that,” Ryan said.

“I want it, Daddy,” he moaned longingly. “I want you to fuck me.” He hugged himself close, putting his mouth right at his father’s ear and whispered, “Fuck me with your big cock, Daddy.”

“No, Lucas,” Ryan said, extricating himself from his son’s embrace. “I’d hurt you.”

“I don’t care,” the boy said, his blue eyes sparkling with excitement and need.

“I care,” Ryan said. “Maybe someday, but not now. And enough with the daddy and cocksucker talk already. It makes me feel weird.”

“Sorry, Dadd-” and he stumbled on the Y and finished, “Dad.”


“Dad…” his voice dropped, “will you at least make me cum? I need to cum so bad.”

Ryan smiled. “I can do that,” he said softly, then he stood, his hands going to his son’s plump ass. Lucas’ eyes lit with excitement and he hugged himself to his dad as he was carried through the house and laid down on his dad’s bed.

Ryan laid down next to his son, on his right side. He put his hand on his boy’s chest, touching the silky flesh, then he leaned down and pressed his lips gently to Lucas’. His son opened his mouth eagerly, his left arm reaching up to hug Ryan’s neck, pulling him closer. Ryan slid his tongue into the boy’s hot mouth, his hand wandering down, over the twelve-year-old’s flat stomach, and lower.

Lucas gasped and trembled as Ryan found his boy’s cock. He slid a finger down his four-inch length, then gathered his little nuts in his hand. Ryan broke their fevered kiss and began to lick and suck his way down Lucas’ elegant neck. To his delicate collarbone, then lower, moving so that he was on all fours above the boy. Lucas whined and arched his back as Ryan’s tongue slid down over his little tit, his tongue flicking the pebbly little nipple, then lightly biting it. Then he did the other one before lifting up and looking down at his son. Lucas looked up at him with lust-heavy eyes, his mouth open, breathing in stuttering gasps.

Ryan grinned and gripped his boy’s left arm. He pushed it up over his head, exposing his smooth, creamy armpit. Then he descended, sliding a tongue over the salty flesh, loving the taste of his son.

“Ohhh, Dad,” Lucas sighed.

Ryan lifted himself again, grinned down at his boy who was looking up at him with half-slitted eyes. Ryan kissed him again, and Lucas whined into his mouth as he returned it, sucking at his tongue greedily, hugging his neck tightly.

Ryan had to put a little effort into freeing himself from his son’s ardent embrace, but he did, working himself backward on hands and knees, once again licking and kissing his way downward over his son’s perfect body. Lucas’ belly trembled as he slid his tongue down the center of it, dipping into his shallow little navel.

Then Ryan slid down lower and finally settled his body on the bed. He gripped his son’s slender hips from underneath his cocked legs, spread wide and trembling. Ryan stared at his son’s cock. It twitched there, rising up gloriously from the smooth, hairless base. Four pale, delicate inches of slim boycock. The tender little crown, normally a soft pink, was darker, swollen with excitement. As Ryan stared, the tiny pisshole flared as the little cock gave a jerk, but it released nothing. This close, Ryan could see the delicate blue veins under the surface, the wrinkled little sac now small and tight between silky thighs.

Ryan lowered his face, much as his son had, to the boy’s bald crotch. The lack of hair should have dulled the childish perfume that rose from it, but it didn’t. Ryan inhaled deeply, his son’s crotch a melange of sweat and wild, boyish musk. Ryan slid out his tongue and rasped it wetly over that flesh, his boy’s little boner twitching against his cheek. He felt a shudder go through him as the essence of his son burned on his tongue.

Ryan became aware that Lucas was saying something, over and over, muttering. “Daddy… Daddy… Daddy…” full of need and desire. Ryan lifted his son’s balls with his tongue, feeling them shift and contract while Lucas gasped and trembled. His hips bucked, but Ryan’s firm grip kept them from going anywhere. He could feel the strength of the trembling though.

Lips parted, he gently sucked Lucas’ left nut into his mouth, tonguing the little orb before letting it drop wetly and taking in the other. Such delicate little things, barely able to churn up his baby cum. Spreading his mouth wider, he sucked in the whole scrotum and Lucas gave a series of high pitched whining moans, almost sobs.

The vulgar taste of his son’s sex in his mouth, Ryan needed more. He let Lucas’ little nuts slide from his mouth and pulled back, looking down at him. His cock was actually quivering, giving little jerks, ticking. Tick, tick, tick.

Ryan slid his left hand down to Lucas’ right knee, pushing it flat against the mattress, his crotch gaping. Then he slid his right hand behind the boy’s left knee, and raised it, higher, and higher, until he was stretched out and turned with his crotch facing to Ryan’s left. Between his son’s wide-stretched legs, his tiny pink pucker stared at him.

Ryan turned onto his right side, and pulled his son’s left thigh down against his neck, grabbing a handful of his left asscheek. Beginning just under the spot where his child’s little scrotum grew, he slid his tongue. Then he slowly, firmly licked a hot, wet line to his little gay boy’s virgin asshole.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” Lucas panted, a mantra as he shivered.

Ryan pursed his lips, trying to surround the little rosebud, and he sucked. Then his tongue snaked out, flicking, tasting. More boyish musk, but nothing unpleasant. Ryan knew boys had a reputation for less than stellar hygiene, but that wasn’t his Lucas. The boy was fastidious and always smelled clean.

“Unnnnngggh, Daddy,” Lucas gasped as Ryan tried to spear his tongue into his son’s sphincter. It resisted his efforts at first. He lapped at it with his tongue, firm swipes, over and over. He felt it wink against him, and he once again stiffened his tongue and sent it diving. It slid into the musky heat and Lucas cried out and shook as Ryan felt a lick of wet heat against his chest. He slid his left hand up and over the spot, feeling smearing wetness that he brought to his mouth, finally tasting his boy’s watery, boyish cum. It was sweet and slightly bitter at once, and it was the most amazing thing Ryan had ever tasted. He had to have more.

Ryan shifted his son’s hips so that he could get to his cock. He sucked the little glans between his lips, tongue searching for even a droplet of Lucas’ virgin boyjuice. There was just a bit of wetness between the tiny lips of his piss slit, and Ryan sucked them down eagerly while Lucas cried out in surprise and lust at having his dad’s mouth on his cock. The boy tried to bury his little bone, but Ryan still had a grip on his hips, and though Lucas struggled, he couldn’t gain any ground.

He was sucking his son’s cock. His own son’s little preteen cock was in his mouth. He sucked at the small head, slid his tongue wetly over the spongy, swollen flesh. Lucas whined and squirmed. Ryan relaxed his grip, and with a cry of release, Lucas slammed forward, shoving his little dick to the hilt in his dad’s mouth.

With the entirety of his son’s little tool in his mouth, Ryan wrapped his lips around the base and gently suckled at it. He could feel the little glans trembling and bouncing at the start of his throat, the four inches of twelve-year-old cock not enough to choke him. Then, hand once more steadying his son’s hip, he drew his lips backward, feeling the slim length of it sliding back out of his mouth. When just the little acorn remained, he circled it with his tongue, and then bobbed his head a few times, but only on the last inch or so, just enough to get his lip sliding over the frenulum, bobbing and sucking and flicking his tongue.

“Dad!” Lucas gasped. “Daddy! Uhhhh… uhhhhh, suck it, Daddy. Suck it, suck it, suck it.”

Ryan sucked it. He slid his lips to the base again, four slow, wet trips up and down the short length before once again bobbing his head fast on just that last inch, fifteen, twenty times before giving him four or five long strokes.

Lucas was still muttering, ‘Daddy’, again and again. He had both hands on the back of his father’s head, trying to pull him against his crotch while his hips struggled to work. With his right hand, Ryan reached down to his own cock, once again smearing his finger with his own precum. Then, on the first of a new set of slow slides along his little boy’s cock, he slid his finger into Lucas’ rectum.

The twelve-year-old gasped and shook like lightning was coursing through his body. Ryan worked his finger in as far as he could, and then he began to finger-fuck his boy’s asshole. He let go of Lucas’ hip. It took the boy a moment, but he finally realized he was free, and with an animal cry of lust, he began to rapidly, desperately fuck his father’s face.

Lucas’ hairless crotch slammed into Ryan’s mouth again and again, a rapid tattoo which made the bed shake. Ryan continued to slide his finger in and out of his boy’s incredibly tight little asshole. Lucas was emitting a keening wail of mindless lust, his body only able to seek pleasure. He thrust again and again, hard, fast, making Ryan wonder if he was going to have bruised lips after this.

“I… I…” Lucas gasped, harsh panting breaths. “Cu… cum… c-cumming… I… I…” and then he cried out unintelligibly as his little cock bucked in Ryan’s mouth and his tiny virgin asshole clamped down on his finger. Ryan was ready, and when his boy went for that final thrust, where he would bury his little cock to the hilt, he once again put his hand on his hip, arresting him. Then he sucked strongly at the abused little glans. It swelled and Ryan was rewarded with a hot lick of watery boycum across his tongue. He shuddered himself then, overcome with some primal thing as the ultimate expression of his son’s pubescence melted into his mouth, filling it with the distillation of Lucas’ sexuality.

Ryan continued to suck gently at his son’s penis until the boy couldn’t take it anymore and he pulled back. Lucas went to his back with a sigh, his spit-soaked little cock slowly shrinking. Ryan crawled up to lie next to him, his own cock of course steely and throbbing almost painfully.

Ryan smoothed his hand up along his son’s belly to his chest, leaned over and kissed his shoulder. “How was that, kiddo?” he asked gently.

Lucas didn’t answer for long moments, then he turned his head and looked at his father. In an almost emotionless voice, he said, “That was the most amazing thing ever.”

Ryan smiled. “I’m glad you liked it,” he said, leaning over to kiss his boy’s lips softly.

Lucas moaned and grabbed his neck, pulling him closer and trying to work his tongue into his mouth.

“Haven’t you had enough for now?” Ryan asked, giving him a quick peck and rolling to his back with a satisfied sigh.

“Uh-uh,” Lucas said, rolling to his knees. He quickly straddled his dad’s hips, wrapping both hands around his thick erection. He began to stroke it slowly.

“Well, I have,” Ryan told him. “Let’s get some lunch. Need to replace all this protein.”

“You’re so hard though,” Lucas said, bending over sharply and sliding his mouth around his dad’s fat knob. He moaned as he sucked.

“C’mon, Lucas,” Ryan squirmed. His boy’s mouth felt amazing. “I’m old. I need to rest a little.”

“You’re not old,” he said, releasing his dad’s cockhead with a loud slurp.

“Old enough,” Ryan said, sliding himself out from beneath Lucas and standing. He could admit to himself that his legs were a bit wobbly.

Lucas swirled around and slid his butt to the edge of the bed, sitting there. His cock was once again standing up stiffly. Ryan stretched, working kinks out of his muscles. “You’re so sexy like that,” Lucas said, admiring his dad’s body. “Your cock is so sexy.”

“You like saying that, don’t you?” Ryan smiled.

“Cock. Cocksucker. Fuck.” He stood up and went to his dad, so small beside him. He hugged Ryan with his left arm, laying his head against his chest as the fingers of his right teased his dad’s cock. “Cocksucking little faggot,” he moaned softly, then wrapped his lips around Ryan’s right nipple while taking a firm grip of his cock.

“Hey, none of that,” Ryan said, steel in his voice as he stepped back.

“Didn’t it feel good?” Lucas asked, confused.

“Not that,” Ryan said. “Never call yourself a faggot again. I mean it, Lucas.”

“I… okay, Dad. Sorry.”

Ryan leaned down and kissed his son. “Never degrade yourself. Never put yourself down. Trust me, there are plenty of people in the world willing to do it for you, and it’s much easier to believe they’re right if you’re doing it to yourself.”

Lucas reached up and wrapped his hands around his dad’s neck, pulling him down to his level. He kissed him softly on the lips, then opened his eyes and smiled. “I love you, Dad.”

Ryan smiled back. “Love you, too, kiddo. Now let’s see what we can get to eat.”

“I know what I want to eat,” Lucas grinned, as his hand reached down and found his father’s cock.

“There is a very good chance you’re going to kill me,” Ryan said.

Lunch was carrots and hummus with a protein shake for Ryan, who wouldn’t normally do both at once, but he had an idea he was going to need to replenish much more often going forward. Lucas had the last of the leftover pizza. Ryan offered to nuke it for him, but the boy preferred it cold.

They sat across from each other at the kitchen table. Lucas kept grinning evilly and sneaking his foot up between his dad’s legs, stroking his cock with his foot.

“You are incorrigible, you know that?” Ryan said, pushing his son’s foot off his chair for the third time. Each time his cock started to mercifully droop, Lucas would get it standing back up again.

“What’s that?”

“It means you won’t behave yourself,” Ryan said. “You’re also insatiable, infuriating, incessant, and indecent. And incestuous for the win.”

“We’re doin’ incest, right?”

“We’re doin’ incest,” Ryan agreed.

Lucas grinned. “Say something dirty.”

“Go take a shower.”

“Pfft. Really, Dad. Say something really naughty.” He climbed out of his chair and onto the table. “Say you wanna do something to me.”

“Something really dirty?” Ryan asked, leaning forward.

Lucas nodded, eyes sparkling. “And not a joke.”

Ryan slid his fingers through his son’s golden hair, caressed his cheek. “Lucas?”

“Yeah?” Lucas breathed, closing his eyes and leaning into his dad’s hand.

Ryan leaned even closer, until his mouth was right at Lucas’ ear. “Baby,” said softly, “I want to lick your asshole and suck your sweet little boycock.”

“Daddy,” Lucas breathed shakily.

Lucas went to kiss Ryan, but the man sat back and bit into a carrot with a grin. “Now go take a shower.”

Lucas pouted. “You’re mean,” he said. He rose up on his knees. “You got my little wiener all stiff, Daddy,” he said in a baby voice while biting his index finger.

Ryan wasn’t about to share just how much that stupid little display turned him on, because he wasn’t sure exactly what it said about him. Instead he tore his eyes away from his son’s throbbing boycock and took another loud, deliberate bite of his carrot.

Lucas got a look in his eye and reached forward, snagging one of the carrots. He went to his back, spread his legs, and reached down and began probing his ass with the fat end of the carrot. It was less than an inch thick, but still thicker than Ryan’s finger.

“That doesn’t look very sanitary,” Ryan said dryly.

Lucas ignored him and pressed harder, wincing.

“That’s a dry carrot, Lucas. Stop or you’re going to hurt yourself.”

Lucas hooked his hands behind his knees and rocked back, lifting his ass. He looked at his dad through his spread legs. “You could get it wet for me,” he suggested.

Ryan just stared at his son and then said, “I guess I was ready for dessert anyway.”

Ryan propped his hands under Lucas’ ass, gripping his hips. The boy’s tiny pink anus winked at him. Ryan leaned in and swiped his tongue across it, causing Lucas to suck in a breath.

“Lick me, Dad,” he breathed. “Lick me, Daddy.”

Ryan spread his lips wide and flattened his tongue. He circled all around Lucas’ asshole without touching, until the boy was begging, then he attacked it with firm, long strokes of his tongue until Lucas was shaking.

“Are you ready for it?” Ryan asked a bit hoarsely.

“Yes, Daddy!” Lucas said eagerly, staring between his legs.

Ryan grabbed the carrot and rubbed it against his son’s pink asshole. It was gaping, open and closed, like a fish on dry land.

“No, Daddy,” Lucas begged. “Your cock. Put your cock in me.”

“I can’t, Lucas,” Ryan said, though he wanted to so badly.

“Nooo, please, please. Please, Daddy, fuck me with your big cock. I need it in my ass so bad! Unggh, fuck my little gay boy asshole!”

“I… can’t, Lucas. Not yet,” he said.

“You want to, Daddy. I know you do. I know you want to fuck my little ass. Fill me up with your big, hard cock.”

“Damn, Lucas, you’re killing me,” Ryan gasped.

“Do it! Fuck me!” the boy cried earnestly. “Ohhhh, fuck me so hard, Daddy!”

Ryan clutched his cock under the table. It was so hard it ached. He wanted nothing more than to stand and shove it deep into his son’s rectum, to hear Lucas cry in ecstasy as he filled him. He knew that Lucas wasn’t ready though. He was so tight to even a finger. His fat cock would rip him apart. So as much as he wanted, needed, to fuck him, he refrained.

“This’ll have to do for now,” Ryan said. He slipped the carrot into his mouth, slicking it with his spit, and then pressed it against Lucas’ tiny pink pucker, which immediately gaped open to accept it.

“Uhhnn! Uhnn!” Lucas cried as Ryan carefully worked it deeper, in and out a little bit at a time. He saw the pink anus stretch around it, accepting it, sucking at it. Lucas was trembling. He reached back and spread his asscheeks wider. “Ohhh… fuck, fuck. It’s big! Daddy, it’s so big. Unnggg, fuck me with it. Fuck it into me!”

Ryan stood, one hand on the table while the other worked the carrot in and out of his son’s virgin asshole. He wanted to be careful not to break it off inside him, but he also wanted to give his son what he wanted. It was moving easily inside him now.

“Do it faster,” Lucas gasped, reaching down to take his little cock in his hand. He began to work it with his thumb and two fingers, rapidly jacking the area just below his little cockhead.

“Gonna cum, Daddy,” he gasped. “Gonna cum. Fuck me faster.”

Ryan leaned over, used his left hand to grab Lucas’ wrist and pull his hand away from his cock. Still working the carrot in and out of his rectum, he slid his mouth down around his son’s quivering cock, swallowing it to the bald root. Lucas cried out and his little boner bucked in his dad’s mouth, spilling out only a drop or two of his youthful nectar as his asshole clamped down hard on the invading carrot.

End of part six

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