October 17, 2008

Cherry Plucker
Alex Hawk

I paused at the front door, trying to calm myself. Behind that door was a boy named Darius. He was fourteen, two years older than me, and very cute. I’d seen him around a lot. He had blond hair and blue eyes and a very nice body, and I was about to lose my virginity to him.

I wasn’t dating Darius. I’d only ever spoken to him a couple times. But around our school he was known as THE boy to have your first time with. All the girls I knew who’d been fucked by him said that it had been a wonderful experience. Hardly any pain, if any at all, and mostly just a lot of pleasure.

I’d let my best friend, Michelle, talk me into this. She’d been fucked by Darius about seventeen times since he took her virginity last month. She’d said each time was better than the previous one and I would just LOVE having sex with him. She talked about it so much that I finally agreed to let her set me up with him.

So here I was, hand at the ready to knock. Just a month past my twelfth birthday and I’d be getting fucked by a boy who was apparently the best of the best. It was weird to think that I was going to lost my virginity to a boy I didn’t even know, but everyone kept saying it was a good idea. So here I was. Slowly I knocked on the door.

After a couple moments Darius opened it. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and no shirt. I could just barely see his light blond pubic hair under above the jeans. He was very sexy looking.

“You must be Courtney,” he said with a little smile.


“Well, come on in,” he said, standing aside to let me through.

“Thanks.” I walked inside, stepping into Darius’ family’s living room. It was nice, but I was too nervous to really pay attention to everything.

Darius shut the door and walked towards me. “So you’re here to get fucked, huh?”

I was a little surprised at how blunt he was. I could only nod.

“How old are you again?” he asked, looking me over.

“Thirteen,” I lied. I knew he didn’t fuck girls younger than thirteen. All the girls who had been fucked by him had told me that.

He looked me over again and raised an eyebrow. Made him look even sexier, actually. “Right. You’re thirteen.”

“I am, really! I just had my birthday last month.”

“You look younger than thirteen.”

I wasn’t sure what to do. If he kept challenging me I’d collapse in time. Thankfully it ended up not being much of an issue.

“You’re friends with Michelle, right?”


Darius shrugged. “Well, if you’re her friend you must be ok, even if you’re not thirteen yet.”

“I am thirteen,” I muttered.

“Right. Ok, whatever. Do you have the money?”

I reached into my purse. This was one of the odd things about Darius. He charged girls one hundred dollars to take their virginity. Apparently he’d been doing this for about a year and a half. What was amazing is that girls paid. I was certainly willing to pay. His reputation made it worthwhile from what I’d heard. I pulled out the money and passed it to him.

Darius counted the five twenty dollar bills. “Thank you,” he said, putting them into the pocket of his blue jeans. “Now. You need to hear the rules.”

“Michelle told me about them,” I said.

“Yeah, well, I’m going to make sure you know about them by telling you myself.”


“Rule One: The first time I fuck you, it’s without a condom and I get to cum inside you. Since it’s your first time you might as well experience everything.”

“Ok.” I felt a little nervous about that, but it was part of the routine. I’d heard he’d gotten a girl pregnant last year, but no one confirmed it.

“Rule Two: If you get pregnant, it’s your problem. I’ll pay half of the money for an abortion, but you pay the rest. If you decide to have the baby, you raise it, not me.”

“Ok,” I said, feeling a little more nervous.

Darius smiled. “Don’t worry. I haven’t gotten any girls pregnant yet.”

“Ok,” I said again, feeling slightly better.

“Rule Three: You do what I say without arguing with me about it.”

“Alright,” I said, just to say something other than “ok”.

“Rule Four: You have to promise to tell at least three other virgin girls about me and my little service,” Darius said with a cute smile.

I smiled back, unable to resist. He really was very sexy. “Sure.”

“Good.” He smiled again. “That’s all the rules.”


Darius walked over and put a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t be nervous, ok, Courtney? It’s going to be really good. You’ll have a fun time, I promise. Or you get your money back.”


“Really. I haven’t had to do a refund yet,” he said with another cute smile.

“How many…” I couldn’t finish the sentence.

“How many girls have I fucked?”



I blinked. “Really?”



“Those are the ones I’ve been paid to devirginize, anyhow. I’ve fucked four other besides that.” Darius gave a little chuckle. “Had to start somewhere, you know.”


“So… come with me,” he said, taking me by the hand. I let him lead me upstairs to a very nice bedroom, which I guessed was his. He had a really big bed. My eyes landed on it and stayed there. I was going to get fucked on that bed.

“You got a nice bedroom,” I said, my heart beating fast.

“Thank you.”

As Darius walked over and turned on some music, I sat down on his bed. It was comfortable. Very nice blankets.

“Stand back up,” Darius said, coming over to me. I stood. He put his hands on my shoulders and ran them down my arms. A little shiver went through my body.
“You’re very cute.”

“Thanks,” I whispered.

He reached down and started pulling my shirt up. I raised my arms to make it easier and was soon standing there in my training bra.

“Very cute,” he said, again.

I smiled, unable to think of what to say other than “thanks” but that would have sounded really dumb.

Darius reached behind me and unclasped my bra. He slowly pulled it off my body, exposing my small, still developing breasts.

“So you’re REALLY thirteen?” he said with a little smile.

Feeling awkward I said, “Well…”


“Yeah,” I sighed.

“When did you turn twelve?”

“Last month.”

“Huh…” Darius looked me over again. “You know why I only fuck teenage girls?”


“Back when I was just starting this I fucked a girl who turned out to be only eleven. She was really tight and hard to get into and she didn’t enjoy it as much as I’d have liked. I only did her as a favor to a friend of mine. It wasn’t as good as it should’ve been. She was just too young.”


Darius shrugged. “But what the hell. You seem ok. And you’re older than she was.” Another shrug as he said, “Oh, well. You’ve paid the money so let’s keep going.”

“Ok.” I was really running out of things to say.

He smiled that cute smile once more. “So… where were we? Oh, yeah,” he said as he leaned down and gently licked, then sucked and then lightly bit each of my nipples. My knees went weak with the pleasure I was feeling.

“Have you had any experiences with boys yet?”

I shook my head. “I kissed a boy a few months ago, but that’s all I’ve done so far.”

“That’s good. I like it when girls are totally virgin.”

“Why?” I asked suddenly.

Darius looked at me. “Why?”


He thought about this. “You know, no girl has ever asked me that before.”

I grinned, the ice breaking a little bit. “Well, it’s a good question, you know.”

“Yeah.” He considered again for a bit. “I don’t know. I like knowing that I’m their first. That no matter what they’re always going to remember me and what I’ve done. Doesn’t matter how many other guys they have sex with, I’m still the first.” He grinned again. “Plus sex is fun.”

“Yeah? Ok, but why do you charge money for it?”

Darius laughed. “Hey, a boy has to make a living somehow.”

I laughed in response, feeling a lot more relaxed than I had been. “Ok, that’s a good answer.”

Darius grinned. “Good. Now back to the fun.” So saying, he reached down to unbutton my shorts and let them fall to the ground. Then with no preamble he hooked his fingers into my panties and slowly pulled them down, exposing my still hairless vagina and leaving me completely naked.

“Very nice,” he said looking me over. “You shave it, or just don’t have hair yet?”

“I just don’t have hair yet.”

“I like it,” he said, placing a finger between my breasts and trailing it slowly down to the place between my legs. A little shiver of delight went through my body as his fingertip brushed my clitoris.

“That feels really good,” I whispered.

“I know.” Darius leaned forward and kissed me on the neck, slowly moving up to my cheek and then to my mouth, giving me a soft kiss on the lips.

Darius slowly pushed me back until I found myself being laid out on his bed. He laid next to me and kept kissing me as he put his hand back between my legs. I felt his fingers brushing against my clitoris once again, then working downward a little, the tip of his finger teasing at the entrance to my vagina. As the pleasure surged through me, I began to understand why all the girls wanted to get fucked by him.

Darius then sat up. Looking down into my eyes he unbuttoned his jeans and then unzipped them. He opened the fly and lowered them down past his hips. His penis popped up into view. It couldn’t have been more than about five inches long, but to me it looked huge. This was the part of him that was going to make me a woman.

“Touch it,” he said softly. “Like this.” He took my hand in his and guided it to his penis. It was very warm to the touch and had a curious hardness/softness to it. He warped my hand around it and moved it back and forth a little. When he let go I kept the motion going. Michelle had told me about doing this to him.

“Ah… yeah… that feels very nice…” Darius said with a little grin.


Darius moved his hand back down and started rubbing at my clitoris once again. He let a finger trail down along my labia and then pressed it against the entrance to my vagina. Very slowly I felt it start sliding up into me. I was being penetrated by a boy for the first time!

“Good…” he whispered once he had his finger all the way in me. “No hymen.”

“Michelle said I should break it before I came here… I did it last week…”

“Good job, Courtney… I like you more and more…” He began working his finger back and forth.

I stifled a couple gasps at this new pleasure. I tightened my grip on Darius’ penis, stroking it a little more. I’d heard from Michelle that boys liked it when you did that. From the way Darius was reacting, I figured that I must’ve heard correct.

“Oh, you’re good… I’m really liking you a lot… I’m almost tempted to give you your money back,” Darius said with a smile.




Then Darius grinned again and moved his face down between my legs. I felt his tongue dart out and brush against my clitoris. I sucked in a sharp breath as the sensation coursed through my body, followed moments later by several more beautiful bursts of delight as his tongue went all over my vaginal area, his finger continuing to move inside me.

I reached out my hand to get hold of Darius’ penis again, but he brushed me lightly aside, pulling his head up from between my legs long enough to say, “Don’t worry. It’s time for me to make you feel good. You’ll make me feel good later.”

“Alright.” It hadn’t been really about making him feel good. Mostly it had just been about me wanting to get more used to this thing that was going to be inside me soon.

But soon I lost interest in worrying. Darius now had his tongue inside me, moving around within my vagina. It felt amazing! Even better than Michelle had made it sound when she’d told me about him doing it to her. If the rest of it lived up to what she’d said, then it would be one hundred dollars well spent!

Darius began kissing a trail up my body. When he reached my mouth he kissed me again. As he did so, I felt his penis brushing against my vagina for the first time. I trembled with excitement at the thought that I was going to be fucked soon.

But not, apparently, yet. Darius lifted his body up and took his penis in his hand. He began rubbing the shaft against my clitoris, causing me to make the strangest little mewling noises as he did so. I didn’t know what these noises were supposed to be, but that’s what I was doing.

“Wow, you’re wet…” Darius said with a little grin, a lock of his blond hair falling over one of his eyes. “I like that. I hate having to use lube.”

“That’s… uh… nice…” I managed to say. His penis was really driving me wild. Now he was rubbing the tip right into my slit. Not sticking it in me yet, but I knew that was coming soon. I couldn’t wait to see what it would be like to have him inside me! All my earlier fears and nervousness and doubts were long since gone. Now I just wanted to get fucked.

Then the nerves returned briefly as I felt Darius push the tip of his penis into my vagina. There wasn’t any teasing or fooling around. Just one moment he was stroking it against me and the next moment I felt the tip sliding inside me.

“Oh, god…” I whispered.

“I’m going to put myself in you now, Courtney,” Darius said in a gentle voice. “It might hurt just a little, but I’ll make it as nice for you as I can.”

“Alright,” I said, gritting my teeth a little.

Darius saw me do that and smiled. He leaned down and kissed me. “Just relax, ok?”

“Alright,” I said again, trying hard to relax.

Darius lifted his body up and we both looked down as he slowly started pushing into me. I held my breath, and then remembered that I was supposed to be relaxing, and exhaled slowly as I saw and felt some of the shaft of his erection going into me. He paused when he was about halfway in, smiled at me, and then pushed forward the rest of the way, his very hard fourteen-year-old penis sliding all the way into my tight, twelve-year-old virgin vagina. When he stopped I could see only his pubic hair and a hint of the shaft going into my body. That was all.

As Darius settled himself on top of me, I could feel his penis embedded within my vagina. There was a slight twinge of pain, but not much. It didn’t really matter anyhow. I wasn’t a virgin anymore. That part of me was gone forever, lost to a boy I barely knew.

Laying on top of me, his bare chest pressed against my small breasts, Darius gave a couple thrusts with his hips, his wonderfully hard teenage penis sliding in and out of my preteen vagina. “How’s it feel?” he asked.

“Very… different,” I said, managing to find the right word. “Really nice, though…”

“Cool,” he said, kissing me again.

It was really weird feeling Darius inside me like this. I liked it, but it was so strange to think that I actually had a boy’s penis in my vagina. I could tell it was going to take some getting used to. I liked it, though. I let my hands drift down onto his firm butt, feeling the muscles move under his skin as he started to fuck me.

Darius really knew how to use his penis, too, I soon found out. He had several techniques that he used. Sometimes he’d just keep it all the way inside my vagina, barely moving it at all. Other times he pulled out almost all the way, and then slid completely back inside me. And at other points he’d swivel his hips while he moved, literally screwing me.

I lost track of how long he fucked me. It must’ve been at least ten minutes or so before I felt my orgasm start up, moving from between my legs and spreading out through the rest of my body as I let out a moan of pure bliss, grabbing hard at Darius’ ass and holding him tight as my vagina contracted hard around his still thrusting penis.

Darius could tell I came. As soon as I was done climaxing, he smiled at me and said, “See, I told you you’d like it.”

Unable to really speak, I just let out a ragged giggle.

Darius said, “Now my turn,” and started fucking me some more. This time he was moving hard and fast, screwing me in earnest. After about only a minute of his, I felt his penis start convulsing inside me. He held it deep in me as his sperm blasted into my vagina. The entire time he was cumming he was looking directly into my eyes. His face looked really wonderful as he came.

Once Darius was done cumming, he pulled out and laid down next to me, giving me a couple kisses. We embraced and laid there together, relaxing in the pleasant afterglow of my first time having sex.

About fifteen minutes later, Darius put on a condom and we fucked again. We had sex a total of four times that first day, in every position I’d ever thought of and some I hadn’t! My favorite was with me on top. It was sweet looking down at Darius’ beautiful body and face as I rode him to orgasm.

For a solid week and a half I had Darius to myself. It was one of the best times in my young life. After that he took some other girl’s virginity and spent his time fucking her. I didn’t feel jealous. I simply went out and seduced a virgin boy and had him to play around with. I’d learned a lot from Darius and was eager to pass it on.

Life is sweet when you’re twelve and great in the sack!


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. All rights reserved, except in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, where I’ll let you have fun with it.