Sibling Rivalry
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Chapter 5


Megan was jolted awake just in time to see two fleshy torpedoes fly through the air to impact on either side of her, bouncing her up a foot off the bed. Jack grinned up at her cheekily from her right side, while Shane gave her a shyer, but no less pleased smile from her left.

“We called your name like three times but you didn’t hear us,” the dark-haired boy explained.

“So we had to dive bomb you,” Jack added, clear from his tone that the boys had sadly had no choice in the matter.

“No sleeping in around these parts,” Nicole said, leaning casually in the doorway, her arms crossed underneath her large breasts, smiling.

“We’re going to go get pancakes!” Jack said excitedly.

“We already took showers,” Shane said, and as he mentioned it, Megan was able to smell the scent of clean boys. “You gotta hurry so you can come with.”

“Yeah, hurry up, Sleeping Beauty,” Nicole laughed. Then, “You guys leave your Aunt Megan alone and go get dressed.”

“I don’t have to,” Jack said.

“Well, Shane does,” Nicole answered. “You can stay your cute little naked self. Now go!”

The boys were off like a shot, with Nicole laughing and trying to keep from being stampeded. She turned to watch them and then turned back to Megan with a smile. “Like a herd of buffalo,” she grinned. “I thought we could all go to breakfast. Shane has a doctor’s appointment and I promised him game and clothes shopping afterwards. You won’t mind watching Jack, I hope?”

“Of course not,” Megan said, tiny tingles shivering through her as she studied her sister’s words for hidden meaning. Stupid, she knew. If Nicole knew about what had happened with Jack they’d likely be going to the police rather than for pancakes. She certainly wouldn’t be leaving her alone with the boy.

“Then up!” Nicole laughed. “I swear, I’m going to give up law for cat wrangling. Get ready while I try to herd my hellions.”

Megan showered quickly, thankful to wash the stink of preteen sex off her body before her sister noticed. Jack said he had no need to dress, and neither, apparently, did Megan. They were eating at the clubhouse on the property, which she was told served a nice breakfast. So she and Jack ate nude except for sneakers, while Shane and Nicole, who would be leaving directly afterward, were dressed for the outside world. Megan marveled again at how nudity had become her new normal so quickly.

As Megan chewed thoughtfully on a slice of crispy bacon, she kept finding her eyes roaming. Not only to Jack, but to the three other boys in the clubhouse who were cute enough, and in the right age range, to attract her attention. One of the boys was the beautiful blond she’d seen that first day at the pool. He had long, wavy hair, down past his shoulders. He was tanned of course, with sparkling blue eyes, a ready white smile, and a hairless four-inch cock that was once again fully at attention as he stood at the breakfast buffet filling a plate with what looked to be his younger brother, a curly-haired moppet of about seven.

“…maybe four,” Megan heard, and she turned guiltily to her sister, who was looking at her expectantly.

“Hmm?” she inquired.

Nicole turned to look over her shoulder and then turned back with a smile to Megan, who blushed and looked down at her eggs. “I said I hope you and Jack can find something to occupy yourselves, as we probably won’t get home till about three or four.”

The thought of occupying herself with Jack just made Megan blush even more and she muttered, “I’m sure we’ll be fine,” as she stuffed more bacon into her mouth.

After breakfast they all said their goodbyes and Shane and Nicole got into her car while Megan and Jack headed back home. They weren’t even halfway back before Megan noticed that Jack was sporting an erection.

“Is that for me?” she teased.

“Is what?” Jack asked.

She gave him a pointed look and he got a sly grin. “Do you want it?”

She stopped and leaned down, putting her mouth right next to his ear and she whispered, “I want to suck that sweet cock into my mouth, and drink your cum, and then feel it in my wet pussy.”

As she leaned back from him, he was looking at her with a slightly awed look and said breathlessly, “Dang, Aunt Megan, you’re gonna make me bust right here.”

She grinned. “You realize you’re jacking off in the middle of the parking lot, don’t you?”

Jack blushed and dropped his hand, looking around guiltily. “You’re not supposed to do it outside,” he said, watching a couple of twenty-something girls who were giving him amused looks.

They began to hurry as they got closer to the door, each giggling and then laughing outright as they broke into a run, racing each other the last few feet. Jack won by dint of his youth and lack of embarrassment over having certain body parts jiggling wildly.

“You cheated,” she accused as she opened the door and ushered him past her.

“How?” he scoffed.

As she shut the door she said, “You distracted me with your boner.”

Jack giggled and turned to her, reaching up to wrap his skinny arms around her neck as he got up on his tiptoes and tilted his head back for a kiss. Megan eagerly returned the hug and pressed her lips to his, accepting his darting tongue as she reached down and wrapped a hand around his jutting erection.

They kissed for nearly a minute as Megan ran her hand up and down on Jack’s silky little boner, then they broke apart, each breathing heavily. Jack bit his lower lip and looked up at her with shining eyes. “Will you suck it?”

“I can’t wait that long,” she said hoarsely. She walked a few feet to a square gray ottoman in the living room, and dropped to her knees and lay her body against it, gripping it on either side. Then she looked over her shoulder and wiggled her ass invitingly. “Give it to me, Jacky.”

The eleven-year-old’s eyes widened and he grinned in anticipation as he rushed to her, dropping to his knees and immediately fitting his cock into her from behind. “You’re so wet,” Jack breathed.

Megan sighed in relief as she felt the slim cock slide into her, filling that aching emptiness that she’d been feeling all morning. Her pussy had become a home to Jack’s pubescent dick, and yearned for it when it was away.

Megan didn’t have to urge Jack now. The boy knew what she wanted, and he gripped her hips and began to gently fuck her, giving her all four inches of his incredible young cock. After a few languid strokes, just when Megan was getting into the groove of his rhythm, Jack slammed his hips into her, making her gasp.

“Does that feel good?” Jack asked, returning to the slow and steady strokes.

“So good,” Megan agreed, then gave a little squeal of pleasure as the boy slammed himself into her again.

“I like fucking you,” Jack told her.

“Mmmm, and I like being fucked by you,” Megan told him.

“Am I good at it?” he asked.

“The best I ever had,” she said honestly, the gasped as he once again surprised her with a powerful thrust.

“You like my dick, huh?” Megan could hear the pride in his voice.

“Jacky, baby,” she said, “I love your dick. It’s the most beautiful dick I’ve ever had in me.”

“In your pussy,” Jack said, slamming her again.

“Mmmm, fucking my pussy,” she agreed. She grunted as he gave her another sharp slam of his hips. “Just like that baby,” she urged. “Fuck me hard!”

The boy needed no further urging, and he began to fuck her like a pile driver, using his hips to pull himself forward, delivering body-shaking strokes that left her shaking and breathless, glad she was on her stomach, as she wasn’t sure she could have supported herself otherwise.

Megan’s pussy was throbbing. It was beginning to contract, tightening down around Jack’s driving cock, her orgasm just spilling over, when the doorbell rang.

Megan gasped, and Jack stilled, but it was too late for Megan, who began to shake as she climaxed, her pussy milking Jack’s buried preteen cock. She was about to tell him to be quiet, and that they’d go away, when he pulled out of her, his dick leaving that aching void once again. She turned and stared at his cock, glistening with her juices.

“Uh… maybe you shouldn’t be layin’ like that,” Jack said, chewing the inside of his cheek and staring between her legs. He met her eyes. “You know… with your pussy all hanging out and stuff.”

“I… you’re right,” she said, then chuckled as she tried to rise to her feet, realizing how weak her knees were after that intense fucking. “Just… get rid of whoever it is and come to my room, okay?”

“Okay,” Jack smiled. He went to the door, but then stopped with his hand on the handle. He quickly scooted to the entryway table which was covered with a cloth runner. On his tiptoes, he used the end of it to wipe at his dick. Then he turned and grinned as she headed up the stairs.

Megan reached the top of the stairs as she heard the door open. There was a faint voice and then Jack said, “Hey, Richie!”

Richie, she thought. RichieWhere do I know… ohhh, Richie.

As she entered her room, she could hear the boys’ voices, but not what they were saying. Apparently Jack hadn’t gotten rid of Richie as she’d asked. Intrigued, Megan returned to the top of the stairs, unseen, but able to hear everything.

“…your mom I’d bring it over,” Richie was saying. “So… anyway, here it is.”

“Cool,” Jack said. “She’s not home though.”

“That’s okay. Should I put it in the kitchen?”

“Yeah,” Jack answered, and Megan heard them moving away. “You want a Coke?”

“You got Mountain Dew?”


The boys’ voices faded a bit then as they drifted toward the kitchen. Megan wasn’t sure why she was hesitating to either go to her room or go say hi to the new boy and maybe try to hurry his departure so she could get Jack’s amazing little dick back inside her. Some sixth sense told her to just hold her position and wait.

“… boner,” Megan heard Richie saying as their voices grew closer a couple of minutes later.

Jack giggled. “Not like you haven’t seen it before.”

“I just never knew anybody who gets boners as much as you,” Richie said.

“I’m oversexed.”

“Does that mean you get it too much or think about it too much?”

“Both?” Jack said. Then, “See?”

“Gonna get a boner too if you keep doing that,” Richie said, and there was something in the tone of his voice that reminded Megan she’d just been fucking minutes earlier.

“What if I do this?” Jack asked.

“Definitely gonna get a boner,” Richie breathed.

Megan couldn’t help it. She crept silently down the stairs, then crouched about halfway down so that she could get a view down into the living room. She saw Richie standing there, his back to her, but not squarely. Jack knelt in front of the other boy, and there was no doubt what he was doing. She couldn’t see Richie’s monster cock, but Jack had just enough of an angle that he was able to spot her. His right hand snaked into view down around the other boy’s right knee and he gave her a jaunty wave. Megan almost snorted with laughter. The cheek.

“You like the way I suck your dick?” Jack asked.

“I guess,” Richie said.

“You guess?”

“I mean… yeah, you suck good. Just don’t be… gay about it.”

Jack laughed. “Yeah, ’cause suckin’ your dick isn’t gay at all.”

“Geez, you know what I mean.”

“Just for that, you can suck mine now,” Jack said, standing up and then sitting down on the ottoman Megan had so recently been bent over. She could see the way her nephew’s little cock was standing up between his legs. As Richie knelt down in front of him, Jack said, “Just try not to be gay about it.”

“Shut up,” Richie laughed, and then Megan saw him lean forward and take Jack’s cock into his mouth.

Then he immediately sat back and asked, “Who have you been screwing?”

“Huh?” Jack asked.

“Your dick tastes like pussy,” Richie said. “Did you fuck your mom?”

“Shut up!” Jack said, shooting Megan a look.

“She’s hot,” Richie said, then went back to sucking Jack’s dick.

Reminiscent of the shower the night before, Jack grinned at her as the other boy blew him. This went on for about three minutes, with Jack making faces at her and obscene gestures over Richie’s bobbing auburn-haired head. Megan retaliated by moving down the stairs enough for her nephew to watch as she lewdly fingered her pussy.

Jack gestured for her to move back, and once she had, she heard him say, “I wanna do yours now.”

Megan waited. She had the idea that Jack would give her a signal to tell her when it was safe to look. She realized the boy liked shocking her. He was also a showoff.

After a few seconds she heard Jack say, “Sit that way.”


“It’s easier ’cause there’s a corner.”


“Yeah, that’s good,” Jack said, and Megan guessed that was her signal.

She cautiously peeked downstairs and saw that Richie was now on the ottoman, but he was at more of an angle, so that she could see him, but he likely wouldn’t see her. And see him she did. Jack was kneeling before the other boy, both his hands wrapped around the massive cock that was jutting up from a tiny bush of copper-colored hairs. Jack had three or four inches of the monster in his mouth, and he was carefully bobbing his head up and down on it, his lips stretched tight.

As with Shane’s slightly larger than average penis, at least for his size and age, Richie’s porn star cock really wasn’t an attraction for her, but there was certainly something alluring about such a giant penis on such a young boy. There was also the completely wicked experience of watching her little eleven-year-old lover swallowing the beast, and apparently very much enjoying it.

Megan slid down the stairway enough so that she could sit and still see the scene below. She spread her legs for Jack, putting her hand between them, petting herself while her nephew moaned around Richie’s cock. The eleven-year-old took it out of his mouth, tongue sensually tracing lines up and down the shaft, then lifted those big balls in his palm and sucked lightly at the hairless scrotum. Tilting the cock to the side, he pressed his pink lips against it, then began to slide his mouth back and forth, up and down, paying special attention to the older boy’s frenulum, which had the older boy arching his back each time Jack attacked it.

Suddenly, Jack leaned back on his heels and said, in a strained voice, “Lean back.”

Richie moved his butt to the very edge of the ottoman and reclined to his back. “Are you gonna do it?” he asked softly.

“Yeah,” Jack said, rising to his feet, his dick of course sticking straight up.

Then Megan watched amazed as Jack lifted his foot up to the ottoman and spit in his hand. He reached the hand behind him, and the woman knew he was using the saliva to ease his finger, or maybe fingers, into his rectum. Megan hoped it was plural if Jack hoped to take Richie’s horse-cock in his ass. She’d heard her sister joke about this, but she hadn’t really believed it was true. She felt a thrill of excitement from what she was about to witness. Boy on boy sex. A fantasy come true. Of course she’d always imagined two boys hung like Jack was, or maybe even younger… and a vision of Jack with a boy of nine or ten flitted through her mind. She shivered.

Jack got up onto the ottoman, balancing himself briefly against Richie’s chest as he got into position, squatting over the auburn-haired boy. “You do it,” Jack said as he spread his hands on Richie’s chest. The thirteen-year-old reached down and gripped his massive cock, lifting it upright and maneuvering it into position as Jack wiggled his ass around, also seeking his target.

“Right there,” Richie said, and Jack’s slowly swirling hips stilled.

“Hold it,” Jack said, voice strained a bit.

Megan watched as Jack’s face twisted in concentration. She could see the strain in the corner of his eyes, in the set of his jaw. Then his eyes flew wide and he let out an explosive sigh.

“The head’s in,” Richie said.

Jack laughed and then winced. He took a shuddering breath and said, “Yeah, I kinda figured that out.”

“Sorry,” Richie said.

“You can let go,” Jack said, and Richie moved his hands to Jack’s knees.

Still balancing himself on Richie’s chest, Jack’s thighs trembled as he began to slowly lower himself. Megan guessed the boy took maybe three inches before he rose up a bit. “It feels bigger,” Jack said, voice strained.

“Man, I hope not,” Richie said wryly.

Jack giggled. “What a weird problem to have.”

“You try fitting into skinny jeans with this thing. It’s embarrassing.”

“Yeah, I guess. Sorry.”

Richie shrugged. “It’s okay. I’m used to it I guess. Are… you gonna be able to do it? Cuz I… you know… really need to cum.”

“Uh-huh,” Jack nodded, tongue in the corner of his mouth as he squeezed one eye shut and lowered himself again. Lower and lower, his knees beginning to wiggle and then he gasped and rose back up. “I need more spit,” he said.

Richie dribbled a puddle of saliva into his palm, then reached underneath Jack to spread it up and down the length of his cock. Jack, sitting at the top with just the fat head inside him, waited.

“Okay,” Richie said.

“’K,” Jack said, and he glanced up at Megan and gave her a fast grin, which twisted a bit as he lowered himself again. “Fuck,” he muttered as he went down and down. “Mmmm, fuck, fuck. So fuckin’… fuck! Big!” Then he let out one more explosive sigh as he reached the bottom, and crouched there panting a bit.

Richie rose up a bit, giving a thrust and Jack stiffened with a yelp. “Wait a sec!”

“Sorry, sorry,” the boy muttered. “I didn’t mean to. Sorry.”

“Just… let me get used to it,” Jack said, and then he very carefully began to circle his hips around. He lifted a couple of inches and then lowered himself again.

“Hey, uh, who was that lady with your mom yesterday?”

Jack shot Megan a look and grinned. Then he bit his lower lip and tried another thrust, lifting himself about halfway up Richie’s massive teen cock before lowering himself. “That was my Aunt…” another thrust, “… Megan.” He grinned at her again.

“She was hot,” Richie said. “Man, that feels really good.”

“Yeah,” Jack grunted. Another thrust. “She’s really hot.”

“I saw her checking out my dick,” Richie said, voiced a bit strained as Jack began to work himself up and down in a slow but steady rhythm.

“Everybody checks out your dick,” Jack joked, once again grinning her way.

Richie reached between Jack’s legs and pinched his little pink acorn, which was drooping a bit. He began to jack it lightly. “She was wearing sunglasses, but I could tell,” Richie said. “Can you go faster?” he gasped. “I’m getting’ close.”

“Uhhhn, sit up,” Jack gasped. “Wait! Slow,” he said as Richie started to sit.

Once Richie was sitting up, Jack lowered himself so that his calves and knees were resting on either side of the older boy. He put his hands on Richie’s shoulders and then began to work himself up and down again, faster this time.

Megan watched all this with a growing sense of excitement. She’d cum twice already, shaking on the stairwell as she fingered herself, her juices running down to leave a tiny, but growing puddle on the wooden riser. She’d had every intention once she realized what Jack was up to to sit quietly on the stairs and enjoy the spectacle. That had been her intention. However, the longer she watched, hearing the little boys below her gasp and moan as they fucked one another, the more she felt a growing compulsion to participate. That was crazy, she knew. Sure, she was fucking her eleven-year-old nephew, and she was surely going to burn for it, but Richie was a stranger. To involve herself with him would be the height of folly. She couldn’t imagine anything more stupid. That’s what she kept telling herself as she made her way down the stairs.

Jack was lost in the carnal rhythm of raising and lowering himself on the huge cock in his ass, so it took him a few moments to notice that Megan was making her way downstairs. His eyes grew wide as he saw her, but he didn’t stop fucking, just gave Richie an odd look and then looked back to his aunt, obviously curious as to what was about to happen.

“You boys woke me from a perfectly nice nap,” Megan said, and Richie gasped and twisted to stare at her, obviously unsure of what to do.

“Sorry, Aunt Megan,” Jack said, playing along. He continued to bounce up and down on Richie’s cock.

Megan stopped by the boys, looking down at them, the smell of them hot and vulgar in her nose. She played dumb and said, “Hmm… Richie, right?”

“Uhhm… yes, ma’am?” he said, and then shot an annoyed look at Jack who just continued to happily bounce up and down on his cock.

“Ohhhh, I remember now,” she said. “You’re the boy with the… hmm.” And she grinned. “And you’re taking all of that, Jacky?”

“Yeah, it’s huge!” Jack grinned, grunting as he worked himself even quicker up and down.

Richie gave a gurgling cry and he clutched Jack around his hips, trying to slow him. “Jack!” he gasped.

“Oh! Are you gonna squirt?” Jack asked.

“I…” and the boy looked up at Megan, stricken.

“Poor baby,” Megan said, placing a gentle hand on the boy’s downy cheek. “Is my Jacky going to make that big cock of yours explode?”

Jack was panting. He’d fought through Richie’s weak grip and he was riding the boy’s giant prick hard and fast. Richie’s face twisted and he nodded in answer to Megan’s question.

“You’re going to make him cum, Jacky.”

Jack turned to look at her and stilled for a moment. “You wanna see?” he asked, excited. Then he carefully lifted himself, giving Megan her first real look at the boy’s massive member. It was red and swollen, probably six-and-half inches in circumference, with an even wider head. It jutted obscenely up from his crotch about eight inches and change and at the base was just a little, sweaty tuft of auburn curls. Down below, lying between his thighs, were two hen-sized eggs in a fleshy, hairless sac. Jack quickly knelt down where he’d been before and took that impressive teen cock in both hands, stroking it up and down. Then he leaned down and pressed his lips against the boy’s frenulum, just like Megan had done with Shane.

Megan stared at that thick cockhead, purple and swollen, leaking a steady stream of precum. It was a huge, aggressive looking cock. The kind of thing that would normally turn her off completely. Yet, somehow, being attached to the handsome auburn-haired beauty, looking so embarrassed to be close to climaxing in front of a strange woman, it became somehow alluring. She found herself kneeling.

Megan watched Jack’s sliding fists for a few moments. He was looking at her, grinning, and she looked up into Richie’s sweet face. “Did you like fucking my nephew?” she asked him.

The boy bit his lip and then nodded.

Megan looked into the boy’s lap, and then her hand was reaching out. Jack, seeing her, released the boy’s cock, and Megan took it in her hand. She was amazed to discover that she couldn’t even wrap her fingers around it. She found Richie staring at her nervously and she smiled.

“How on earth did you get this thing in your sweet little ass, Jacky?” she asked, slowly sliding her fist up and down the boy’s length. She’d never touched a cock as big as this one, and the fact that it was attached to a thirteen-year-old boy was mind-boggling.

“I just keep sitting until it’s all the way in,” Jack said with a shrug.

“That’s it, hmm? Just keep sitting?” He nodded. “Well, that sounds easy enough,” she said, and then she rose, and pushed on Richie’s chest.

The boy fell back, surprised, and though her mind was screaming at her to stop, she quickly got up on the ottoman, fisted the boy’s giant cock, and pressed the fat crown against her entrance. She looked down at him, and he looked up at her with wide blue eyes. “Do you think I should just sit on it until it’s all the way in?”

“… yeah,” the boy croaked.

“You’re gonna fuck him, Aunt Megan?” Jack asked, kneeling beside them, absently stroking his little cock.

“Is that okay?” she asked.

“Yeah!” Jack grinned. “You’ll like it. It’s ginormous.”

“It certainly is,” she agreed, and then she grunted as she sank down on it. The fat purple head forced its way into her vagina, spreading her like she’d never been spread. That’s when Richie grunted and she felt the hot spray of semen pumping into her and then immediately dripping out of her to run down the boy’s thick shaft. She reached down, collecting some of it. It wasn’t as thick and white as it no doubt soon would be, but it was a bit thicker and a bit cloudier than Shane’s and certainly Jack’s.

“I’m sorry,” Richie muttered, looking mortified.

Megan lifted up and sat back, reaching out to grip the thick tool, squeezing the head and watching it ooze more boyish jizz. “That’s okay,” she smiled. “It means you like me.”

The boy grinned. Then Jack swooped in and took the plum-sized crown into his mouth. Richie gasped and then Jack released him and licked his way down the shaft, collecting all the dripping cum. He leaned back with a smile, licking his lips and found both Megan and Richie looking at him.

The boy shrugged. “Didn’t want it to go to waste.”

Taking Richie’s cock back in her hand, she was pleased to find it just as hard as it had been. “I think there’s plenty more,” she said, and then once again she raised herself above him and sank herself around the boy’s swollen knob.

“Are you good?” she asked him. “You still want this?”

“Yeah,” he said, eyes shining with eagerness.

That was all she needed. She put a hand between her legs, spreading her lips apart as if that would somehow make it easier to fit the thirteen-year-old’s horse-cock into her cunt. She twirled her hips, corkscrewing her way back and forth down the thick shaft, gasping as it filled her. When she didn’t think she could take anymore, the boy’s cock just kept going. She felt her thighs trembling as she sank down on it and then froze as it hit her cervix. She knew what it was. She’d hit it a few times in the past with a vibrator, back when she used a larger one, but she’d never had a cock reach that deep. Slowly, feeling the building pressure, she lowered herself further, taking another inch of Richie’s towering cock, but then she nervously stopped.

Megan felt like a Thanksgiving turkey, stuffed and cooked. Richie’s cock fully erect must have been three inches thick, and the girth was nearly painful, but it also filled her in a way she’d never experienced. She could honestly say that she still preferred Jack’s slim little dick, but she also couldn’t deny there was something a bit thrilling about being filled nearly to the point of pain. Especially by a cute young boy.

Placing her hands on Richie’s thin chest, just as Jack had before her, she raised herself, feeling that massive cock moving against all the sensitive tissue inside her. When just the bulbous head remained, she lowered herself, once again pausing as he bumped into her cervix. Determined, she pushed down, feeling mounting pressure, and then Richie’s cock shifted inside her and her eyes went wide. She had no idea where the little boy’s giant cock had gone, but it was into a place she’d never felt before, and she felt her whole body tense and thrum. Megan groaned and circled her hips, feeling that fat helmet sliding around in that space, making her heart race as warmth flowed through her. Glancing down, she realized that the lips of her pussy were smashed flat around Richie’s mostly hairless groin, stretched tight around his thick cock.

“Fuck, that’s a big cock,” Megan breathed. She looked at the boys, who were both looking at her with shining eyes. Jack was gently stroking his little boner. “Let him suck you, Jacky,” she said huskily. “I want to watch him suck your sweet little cock.”

Jack grinned and knelt down beside Richie’s head. Kneeling, Jack’s small throbbing cock was just a bit lower than Richie’s head, but then Jack got the idea to put his right knee up on the ottoman and he fed his slim dick into Richie’s mouth. Megan felt her pussy contract as Richie’s cock swelled in her and his eyes closed. For all Richie’s talk about being gay, there was no doubt in Megan’s mind just how much the auburn-haired cutie liked a boy dick in his mouth.

Megan watched as Richie’s cheeks sank in, sucking at Jack’s preteen cock. She raised herself, feeling the thirteen-year-old’s thick snake sliding against every bit of her, and when only that meaty cockhead remained inside, still spreading her hugely, she sank back down, all the way down, feeling it find it’s home back in that mysterious place she’d never been. As she grew used to the boy’s size, she began to move faster, feeling her thighs tremble as her pussy sent out pulses of pleasure that zinged through her body like cosmic rays, filling her with heat and light.

With her eyes locked on Jack’s cock as he slowly worked his hips, sliding it in and out between Richie’s full lips, she felt the thirteen-year-old’s hands on her hips. Then he surprised her as she was nearing the top of her journey up his thick cock when he thrust his hips upward and drove it back into her. He didn’t do it fast enough to hurt, but it surprised her and she halted her motion for a moment. Then Richie lowered his hips and drove upward again. Megan lowered herself a little bit, about halfway down his cock if he were still lying on his back, and she hovered there, feeling the little boy fuck her.

“Jacky, kiss me,” she said.

Jack turned to her with a smile, pulled his dick out of Richie’s mouth and then turned and pressed his mouth to hers. She felt his little tongue snake into her mouth and his hand reach up to squeeze her tit. Reaching down, she captured his little dick in her hand, feeling the heat and the stiffness.

Richie began to fuck her in earnest then, his skinny hips moving faster while he gripped her hips tightly. Megan hissed as he slammed the fat head of his prick against her cervix, but she didn’t care.

Megan didn’t even realize that Jack wasn’t standing beside her anymore. Lost in the feeling of Richie driving his massive cock into her, she hadn’t even noticed when he stopped kissing her and moved, and only became aware of him when she felt his small hands on her shoulders.

“Jacky?” she asked.

“Bend over,” he said in her ear.

Megan didn’t even question the boy. She immediately bent over. Her face was on a level with Richie, but he was short enough that her chin was about level with his forehead. She contorted herself enough to press her lips against his, kissing this strange boy while he fucked her.

Megan gasped, her eyes widening in surprise. “Jacky?” she asked.

“Just a sec,” he said, obviously distracted. Was he…?

Megan gasped again when she felt what had to be the spongy little acorn-shaped head of Jack’s penis slide into her ass. At first she’d thought it was his finger, but there was no mistaking the heat of the eleven-year-old’s little cock.

Megan had never tried anal sex. Well, that wasn’t strictly true. She’d tried. Once. The guy wasn’t even one of the larger guys she’d been with. He was maybe a bit over five inches. Actually, about the size of Shane’s cock, if a tad thicker. He’d suggested it, she agreed to try it. He’d gotten the head inside her and she knew she wasn’t willing to go any further. However, as little Jacky situated himself behind her and slip the tip of his cock in her, she didn’t say a word, just holding herself still and trying to relax.

Richie’s big cock continued to slide in and out of her hugely stuffed pussy, but Megan’s mouth dropped open as she felt Jack’s slim eleven-year-old dick slide into her ass. There was barely any resistance at all. One moment that little bullet head was spearing her sphincter, and the next all four inches was inside her.

“Oh fuck,” she gasped. “Jacky.”

“Do you like it, Aunt Megan?” Jack asked, beginning to work his hips, sliding that slippery little cock in and out of her incredibly tight rectum.

Megan could feel both cocks moving inside her at the same time and she felt like her brain was melting. Two little boys were fucking her. She’d never even imagined something like this. One in her pussy and one in her mouth, sure. That fantasy had given her a few satisfying cums, but one in each hole? As she felt those cocks moving inside her though, filling her up so completely, she about lost her mind.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck…” she gasped. “Uhhh, fuck me, boys. Unngggh, fuck me!”

The boys began to drive themselves into her and Megan heard herself whining, her voice rising in a panting, needy whine. “Faster! Unngghh, little boys fucking me. Fucking my pussy and my ass.” Megan couldn’t believe she was talking like this. It wasn’t her at all, but after years of desperate dreams and hopeless fantasies, she was getting fucked by an eleven-year-old and a thirteen-year-old boy. At the same time! Their cocks moving in her, Richie’s giant and Jacky’s feeling bigger than it was because it was in her ass, were creating a sort of friction in her that felt like it would shake her apart.

Megan was bent down over Richie, crying in the boy’s ear as he rapidly humped his huge cock in and out of her pussy, while behind her, little Jack was on his knees, his hands on her hips right next to Richie’s and he was pistoning his little boy dick into her asshole so fast she felt he must be blurring. Megan could hardly take a breath as their pubescent cocks stole it from her with each thrust. The sound alone was the hottest thing she’d ever heard; panting, grunting little boys and the squelching of her pussy and the wet, rapid slapping of skin on skin.

“Cumming!” she cried as her pussy convulsed around Richie’s horse-cock and her asshole clamped down around Jack’s driving preteen cock, but neither boy slowed. If anything, they drove into her faster and harder.

“You like it, Aunt Megan?” Jack panted, the cockier of the two. “You like our dicks inside of you? Fucking your pussy? Fucking your asshole?”

“Ohhhh, fuck me, baby,” she groaned. “Fuck me with that hot little cock, Jacky!”

“Gonna cum in your ass,” Jack panted, driving himself into her furiously. “You want it?”

“I want your cum!” she cried, convulsing again as her nephew’s dirty words inflamed her. “Shoot your little boy cum into me!”

“Uhhhh, shit,” Richie grunted, and Megan felt that huge cock swell and jerk inside her, painting her insides with hot boyjuice.

“Gonna do it!” Jack panted, the sound of his skinny hips a rapid tattoo against her ass, the feeling of his little cock a rapid-fire series of explosions in her rectum. “Gonna squirt!”

“Cum in me! Cum in me, Jacky! Cum in my ass!”

With one last thrust, Jack slammed into her and held her tight, pressing himself against her as his little cock jerked again and again inside her throbbing ass. His little puppy grunts as he shot his tiny droplets of preteen spunk made Megan go off again, and she whined and shook as she knelt there, impaled by pubescent boycock.

Finally, sometime later, Jack moved backward and his little cock popped out of her ass. Sighing, Megan sat up and then slid backward, watching as between her legs inch after inch of soft, but still long, boycock slid out of her. She felt the familiar ache of absence when a cock left her pussy, but on a scale she’d never experienced. The fat head of Richie’s cock finally came free and his slapped wetly against his mostly bald crotch.

“Shit, I better get back home,” Richie said, and stood with a groan. Megan watched that giant cock swing between his legs. “Thanks for the… you know,” Richie said.

“Pussy?” Megan asked with a tired smile.

Richie grinned and reached down to squeeze his cock. “Yeah, thanks for the pussy.”

“Do I need to say that you can’t tell anyone about this?” Megan asked, the implications of what she’d done just now gaining headway over her blind lust.

“Don’t worry,” Richie answered. “I never tell.”

Megan gave the boy a suspicious look. “Does that mean you’ve fucked adult women before?” she asked.

Richie just grinned and shrugged.

“Shit. How many?” she asked, amazed that she wasn’t the only one to fall under the spell of that giant, swinging dick.

Richie screwed up his face and looked at the ceiling. Finally he shrugged and said, “I don’t know. Like… twenty something? Thirty?”

Megan sputtered. Then she stared. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

Richie shrugged again.

“You seemed awfully surprised when I sat down on that thing,” Megan said.

“You know… cause I don’t know you,” he said. “I mean… usually I know the ladies. I see ’em around and stuff. Like friends of my mom or my doc… I mean, just ladies around here, ya know? More ladies than girls really. Lots of girls here like to play with it and suck it, but they’re afraid to let me fuck ’em. Anyway, I gotta get home. Thanks again.” And with that, he left.

Megan watched that trim little ass as the door shut. She wasn’t sure she had enough strength in her legs to stand, so she just leaned back on her elbows. Jack knelt down between her legs and looked up at her with bright, gimlet eyes.

“That was fun, huh?” he asked with a grin, running his hands up and down her thighs.

“That was stupid,” Megan said. “I can’t believe I did that.”

Jack shrugged. “Richie won’t tell,” he said. Then he leaned down and put his face between her legs and she felt his tongue slide over her pussylips.

Megan shuddered. “Jacky,” she moaned, “I don’t know if I can take anymore right now.”

Jack slid his tongue into her cunt and despite herself, Megan shuddered and she felt tingles race through her. “Because Richie has such a big one?” Jack asked, lifting a wet face.

Megan was about to answer when Jack slid two fingers into her. She tensed and gasped.

“Does it hurt?” Jack asked, his fingers stopping. “Sometimes my butt hurts when Richie fucks me.”

“Sometimes?” she laughed, and then gasped as that made her pussy clench around the boy’s fingers.

“Sometimes it feels so good I forget,” Jack said, and then he bent his face again, replacing his fingers with her tongue.

“Jacky,” she moaned.

“I like the taste of your pussy,” Jack said, his fingers taking back over for his tongue. He was sliding them in and out in slow, languid strokes. “I like the taste of Richie’s cum, too, so I get both at once.”

Megan had a thought and asked. “How many pussies have you tasted, Jacky?”

Jacky looked up at her and gave her a sly grin, made all the more wanton with her juices all over his mouth and cheeks. “A few.”

“And how many have you fucked?” she asked.

Jack straightened and she looked down to see his rampant little erection. “A few,” the eleven-year-old answered as he thumbed down his boner and slid it into her.

Megan gave a mewling cry of pleasure and reached out to clutch at the boy’s firm little ass, pulling him deeper, feeling all four inches of boycock slide into her. “Jacky,” she sighed. “That perfect little cock.”

“It feels okay after Richie’s?” Jack asked as he began to fuck her slowly.

“Better than okay,” she groaned, wrapping her legs around the little boy, using her heels to urge him on faster.

“Megan?” Jack asked.

She realized she’d closed her eyes, her body already humming around Jack’s fucking cock. “Hmm?” she asked, meeting his blue eyes.

Jack had a look on his face. Part cunning, part knowing, all cocky and sexy. “I’m fucking you.”

“You certainly are, baby,” she smiled.

“I’m eleven,” he said, and Megan felt something twinge inside her. Jack must have caught some of that, because he gave her a seductive look. A seductive look for an eleven-year-old, which she’d never thought to see. Megan realized that Jacky could see right into her and knew exactly what to say. “I’m just a little kid,” he said softly, still slowly sliding his cock in and out of her. “I’m even younger than the boys you teach, and I’m fucking you.”

Megan couldn’t speak. The boy’s insight was almost frightening, but also the most exciting, erotic thing she’d ever experienced.

“I bet you’ve wanted to fuck a little kid for a long time, huh?” he asked, and then he slammed his little cock into her with a meaty smack. She gasped. “Have you sat in class with your pussy all wet, staring at cute boys, wondering what it would feel like if their cocks were in there? Like mine is?”

“Yes,” she gasped.

Jack grinned knowingly. “What if after class one day, all the kids left except for the cutest boys, and they locked the doors and then pulled down their pants and they all had boners?”

“Jacky,” she sighed hoarsely.

“Would you suck their dicks? Drink their cum? Let them fuck your pussy?”

“Oh, yes, I would,” she groaned. “Sometimes they’d get hard in class,” she panted as Jack began to fuck her faster. “I always knew, and sometimes I’d even get to see a little bulge. I knew they were hard and I wanted to see them so badly, to suck their sweet little cocks.”

Jack bent over her and took her left nipple into his mouth, sucking so strongly at it that it almost hurt. It did hurt, but with his sweet cock driving rapidly between her legs, she didn’t care.

Jack released her nipple and asked, panting a bit from his exertions, “How long have you wanted to fuck me, Aunt Megan?”

“I… I don’t know,” she said.

“When you got here?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said truthfully.

“When we visited you last year?” he asked.

She didn’t want to answer, because the admission scared her a little and made her ashamed. “Yes.”

Jack grinned. “Shane wants to fuck you so bad.”

Megan shuddered. “Jacky.”

“He wants to get his cock right into your pussy like I am. You wanna do that, Aunt Megan? Like with me an Richie? Have both of your nephews fuck you at the same time.”

“Fuck…” she gasped. “Yes, Jacky. Ooooo, fuck. Yes, I want both of you fucking me at the same time!”

Jack suddenly went still. Megan realized she’d been staring at the ceiling and she dropped her eyes to his. “I can tell him,” Jack said softly. “We can both come to your bedroom tonight after Mom goes to bed.”

“Jack… I…” she stammered, torn with indecision.

“We’d never do anything to get you in trouble, Aunt Megan. He wants to fuck you so bad though. He was telling me all about it last night. While he was fucking me. He was kissing my neck and calling me Aunt Megan while he slid his cock in and out of me.”

That was too much for Megan, and she moaned as she felt herself going again. She grabbed on to Jack’s little ass with both hands, pulling him tight against her as she whined and trembled. His little cock jerked in her and she looked up to see his eyes rolled up and a pained look on his face as he had his own cum.

A few moments later, Megan released him and Jack blew out a breath. “Man, that was a good one.” He caught Megan’s eyes as she chuckled tiredly and said, “Maybe later I’ll let you watch Shane fuck me.”

There was no hiding her response, as her pussy clenched down around Jack’s still stiff cock. He pulled out of her and walked around to crouch next to her head. Leaning close, he whispered, “Last time we went to Pittsburgh I was ten. And you wanted to fuck me.”

End of chapter five.

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