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Jason Crow

I was working part-time in a five-and-dime. My parents were pretty wealthy and provided me with a lot of stuff. But still… I wanted to be as independent as possible. Not because of some stupid fight, daddy issues, rebellion, or anything like that. No. It was just I wanted to show the world I was an independent woman.

After the summer, I would be starting college. I skipped a grade a few years ago, so at seventeen, I was one of the younger kids in my graduating class. That, to me, was an extra motivation to show I could do this. And even though I was a bit anxious about going to college, I was motivated to the bone.
Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a surgeon. I saw an episode of Dora the Explorer once where Dora’s mother saved someone in the jungle. She cut her open, stitched something up, and wrapped a bandage around the wound. After that was done, the patient stood to her feet, and everybody danced a happy dance. I vividly remember that moment in time.

I played my fair share of doctor over the years. The neighborhood kids would be my patients, and my best friend at the time would be my assistant. But most of the time, my little brother was my patient. When his best friend Ethan slept over, and I had to babysit them, they both ended up on my operating table. Looking back, I was never interested in the classical form of playing doctor. My brother Lucas would be in his underwear most of the time when I was ‘operating.’ But since we were born more than five years apart, the bits inside his underwear never interested me that much. I was just trying to become a surgeon.

As I grew older, I stopped playing doctor. I learned that most people had different ideas about playing doctor. So I stopped doing it, despite Lucas asking me to play doctor with him a few times.

During High school, I started doing volunteer work at our local hospital. I knew it would look good on my future resume, and I could use the experience of working there. Besides all that, it would give me some great insights into a medical clinic’s inner workings. So I was pretty pleased when I got selected to work there a few hours a week. When I opened the envelope and saw the text, “Suzy – Volunteer” on the name tag I needed to wear, I was thrilled!

So there I was, lounging in my bikini by the swimming pool in our garden, reading up on my studies for next week. I enjoyed lying in the sun like this and reading about the stuff I love. Lucas and Ethan were playing in the pool, and they knew better than to bother me when I was reading like this. Ethan’s parents and our mom and dad were best friends. All four of them were currently out of town on a two-night getaway. They asked me to babysit the boys, which was fine by me. Two twelve-year-old boys don’t need too much babysitting, and the three of us got along really well, despite the age difference. Well, one barely twelve-year-old and one almost twelve-year-old. Lucas’s birthday was last month, and Ethan’s would be next week.

I looked over at Lucas, who was pulling himself out of the water to make an atomic bomb in the deep end of the pool. As he pulled himself up, his boardshorts were pulled down a bit, and I could see a fair bit of bum crack. I couldn’t help but smile at this funny sight. He had a tight, completely hairless butt and didn’t seem to care he was showing it off. Ethan saw me looking and giggled the moment our eyes met.

“Stop mooning us, you pervert!” Ethan yelled and pretended to shield his eyes from a very bright light.

Lucas looked over his shoulder at us, and in one swift motion, pulled his shorts down to his knees and wiggled his butt.

“AAAAGGGHHH!!!” Ethan screamed, still giggling.

I was laughing pretty hard now, but I knew I had to act serious and mature. “Stop goofing around! You might catch a cold or something this way!” I shouted but could hardly keep a straight face. Lucas pulled up his trunks, raced over to the side of the pool, and jumped in with a big splash. Ethan swam over and started dunking my little brother.

Seeing my brother’s butt reminded me of my ex-boyfriend, Dylan. His ass looked pretty much the same as Lucas’s, which I knew was odd for a guy being six years older. But Dylan did look a bit boyish, which I found super sexy.

I was already sexually active and started having sex a little after my fifteenth birthday. I had sex with four different guys before I had sex with Dylan. His boyish looks didn’t just involve his chest and ass. His dick was also of boyish proportions. It was a little over four inches long, not too thick, and just a little bit of pubes above it. This was going to be the smallest dick going inside me up until then.

When I first saw it, I was a bit disappointed. How could this possibly satisfy me? But the moment our first fuck started, I realized I was wrong. His dick didn’t fill me up as much as the others had done. Despite it being so small, I had two powerful orgasms during that first fuck. The only logical explanation I could come up with was that because of this dick being so small, my pussy had enough room to contract. Something a fatter dick would prevent. But I didn’t really care about the reason why. I was a girl who liked her dicks to be small. Just a fact of life, I reckoned. And after this first fantastic fuck, I knew I was done with big cocks.

The sex with Dylan was fantastic. But the more I focused on my goal of being a surgeon, the more Dylan complained about him not being the center of my life. So about two months ago, he broke up with me. I was sad about it for a few days, but then I realized I was only missing his small cock inside my pussy. On an intellectual level, we didn’t really have anything in common. The moment this sank in, I was over Dylan and went on with my life. I did miss getting fucked regularly, though.

I was abruptly shaken from my contemplations about Dylan when a ball hit me flat on my belly.

“Hey! Look out!” I yelled.

“Sorry!” Lucas giggled. “Can you go and get the ball, E? Suzy throws like a girl, and she probably won’t make it into the pool.”

I laid down my book and looked at my little brother. “I throw like a girl, you say?” I said with mock anger as I took the ball in my hand and got on my feet.

“Oh-oh…” Ethan said with a twinkle of anticipation in his eyes.

I walked over to the edge of the pool, toying with the little red ball in my hands. “Throw like a girl?” I said again, and I threw the ball hard at my little brother. He ducked just in time to avoid the ball, but I anticipated that and cannonballed right beside him into the water. The moment he came up after dodging the ball, a big wave of water caught him off-guard, causing him to cough and rub the water from his eyes.

That’s when the roughhousing started. We splashed around and tried dunking each other. Ethan and I teamed up in getting back at Lucas for mooning us. It was amusing and relaxing to behave like a little girl again. During the roughhousing, I felt an occasional hand on one of my boobs or my ass. I was thankful that my bikini stayed in place, because that would’ve just been too awkward. Surprisingly, I didn’t mind the groping too much because I grabbed them too.

At some point during the back and forth groping around, I realized I grabbed my brother’s boner. My hand shot back as if I was stung by a bee. But not before I realized my brother was basically the same size as Dylan. I immediately dismissed that thought and went on with trying to dunk Ethan. When I grabbed his package a few minutes ago, he was obviously soft, judging by his small package. But I didn’t dare to grope him now! Considering Ethan would turn twelve next week, it would be just plain wrong to grab his stiffy.

After we were all exhausted by the wrestling, we threw the ball around and chatted a bit. It was getting late, and we were all hungry, so we decided to order pizza, eat it by the pool, and call it a night. I picked up my phone, called the pizza place, and grabbed us some cokes. We relaxed by the pool, waiting for our food to get delivered.

I checked Lucas and Ethan occasionally and noticed they were stealing glances at my bikini-clad boobs. Knowing they were trying to look at my boobs gave me a bit of a rush I had never felt before. It was apparent these two boys were growing up and curious about a female body. I glanced at their crotches and noticed their boardshorts were tented a bit. I wasn’t sure if they had a boner or if it was just the way the fabric of their shorts fell. Still, the idea of these two getting hard over me moistened my pussy considerably.

The moment the doorbell rang, I shook my head to dismiss these thoughts from my head. These were two young boys, damnit! When I opened the door and paid the pizza guy, I noticed him looking too. So I pressed my chest forward a bit, tucked some hair behind my ear, and smiled flirtily at him. He started blushing, grabbed the money, and turned around. “Hmm… probably still a virgin,” I thought and closed the door.

When I came back to the pool, I was surprised Lucas had already brought out the plates from the kitchen for us. He also grabbed his portable speaker and was playing some tunes. It was nice and cozy, and I really liked the way this day was progressing. We ate our pizzas while chatting and laughing, still occasionally glancing at each other. It was getting a bit chilly, so I announced I’d go grab a shower and call it a night. The boys agreed it was time to get in. We cleaned up, covered the pool, and went upstairs.

“Night, Suzy,” they said almost simultaneously and were giggling like schoolgirls.

I knew they were up to something but didn’t have a clue what that would be. “You two behave tonight, alright? Or I’ll call mom and dad, and you know what that means, right?” I said sternly. Even though I never had any issues with these two, I sure as hell didn’t want any now.

“Of course we will! Chill, Sis!” Lucas said seriously. “We’ll just watch some TV or something. We won’t be bothering you. Don’t worry!”

“Alright. And please! No stupid jokes or something, kay!?” I said, thinking back to a fake snake in my bed about a year ago.

“Pfft!” Lucas snorted. “We’re not kids anymore, you know? You leave us alone, and we won’t bother you. Night!”

“Night!” I said as Lucas closed his door behind him, and I walked into mine.

* * *

I stepped under the warm water of our rain shower to wash off the chlorine. As I was soaping myself up, my mind went back to the rigid tube of flesh I felt through my brother’s swim shorts. My little brother seemed to have grown up overnight. The idea of his hard pecker, combined with the lustful eyes ogling my boobs, made me all tingly inside. I let my right hand drift lower until it reached my pubic mound. My left hand pinched my nipple as I simultaneously slid my middle finger between the folds of my pussy and started rubbing my swollen clit.

Images of my naked brother’s butt and mental pictures of Ethan and Lucas’s hard, preteen penises filled my mind as my finger rubbed in small circles over my clit. I softly moaned as I felt my orgasm approach, and my finger picked up the pace. The moment a picture of my brother and Ethan, both naked and hard and touching each other’s dicks filled my mind, my orgasm hit me! And it hit me hard. My knees buckled, and I had to steady myself against the shower wall as my pussy kept contracting.

After I regained control over my body and stood there panting, I was stunned. “What the hell was that?” I thought. “Why did I think of these boys? I’m no perv!” I tried to dismiss the idea that I just came hard thinking about these boys, but this wasn’t easy. It was a top-five orgasm, so that’s not easily forgettable. I decided to start with the much-needed shave of my pussy, in an attempt to get my mind off that weird experience.

By the time I was done in the shower and had dried myself, I put my bathrobe back on to return to my room. By then, I had convinced myself that it only happened because of the fact that my last real fuck was over two months ago. This, combined with the sunny weather and all the exposed flesh of today, must’ve been the reason. I wasn’t lusting for my brother! No way! But it was a very good orgasm nonetheless…

As I walked back to my room, I noticed the quietness in Lucas’s room. This was a bit odd but not too unusual. They were probably watching some stupid Marvel movie in which they could both lose themselves entirely.

A little later, I was sitting inside my room, applying skin lotion on my legs and listening to some music, when there was a soft knock on my door. A soft “Suzy?” came from the other side of the door.

“Get lost, Dork! I’m not falling for one of your stupid jokes again!” I responded and turned the volume of my stereo up. It was quiet for a few moments, so I figured he went back to his room. I thought nothing of it until I heard a sniff and barely hearable, “Please, Suzy…” followed by another sniff.

Now I was worried. Was he crying? Did he have a fight with Ethan? If this was one of their stupid tricks, I’d never trust him again! But it sure as hell didn’t sound like one. I walked over to the door and cinched my robe tighter around my waist. My bathrobe was all I was wearing, considering I was about to get into bed soon, so I made sure all the precious bits were covered before I opened the door.

The moment I opened the door, I knew this wasn’t another scheme by the boys. I was prepared for the worst, but I just knew something was wrong when I looked at my brother. He was standing there, bare-chested with a big fluffy towel wrapped around his waist, looking all fragile. And I was right about the sniffs. His eyes were puffy and red, but the tiniest hint of relief spread across his face as I looked at him.

“What’s wrong, Dufus?” I asked, using his nickname in an attempt to keep it light.

“It’s… err… I… We were…” he stammered and started looking at the floor, diverting my eyes.

I followed his gaze and looked down too when I noticed the small tent behind the towel. Did my brother have a boner? Why would he come to me with a boner? Was this still a trick? Or some stupid dare he lost?

“What!?” I asked, slightly annoyed by now.

“Can you just come to my room, please? With one of them medical books of yours? I… I think we might need it…” he said, and I could see him struggling to hold back his tears.

My annoyance disappeared when I saw he was genuinely upset. “Sure, one sec,” I replied.

I grabbed two books from my desk and followed Lucas to his room, curious as hell by now. When he opened the door, I noticed Ethan sitting on Lucas’s bed. He obviously had cried too, judging by his eyes. He was also bare-chested, and a towel was lying in his lap to cover up his privates. Judging by his exposed hip, I could see he was naked. Now I just HAD to know what was going on.

“Okay. Shoot! What’s the big emergency?” I said, alternating my gaze between the boys in an attempt to size them up.

Both boys just stared at the floor. Moments later, I cleared my throat to make clear I was serious. At that moment, they looked at each other. Ethan just shrugged and looked at the floor again. Lucas swallowed audibly and said, “Ethan stole some Viaglis pills from his brother and we took them to see if they’d work and they did and then we got hard and now it won’t go down and we’re scared we broke ‘em and that we can never have sex and…” they both started crying again after this torrent of words.

It took me a moment to decode the words that came out of my little brother’s mouth. They did what? And now they… What?!?

“Wait a minute… You each took a Viaglis?” I asked, full of disbelief and trying very hard not to burst out into laughter.

“Yes…” they both sniffed softly.

I took a deep breath to make sure I wouldn’t laugh at them in their faces. I couldn’t help but notice my pussy getting wetter by the second from the idea of these two boys being stiff near me and only a towel covering their small stiffies. To distract me from all these feelings, I opened my book in a vain attempt to search for a solution.

“Do you think we broke them?” Ethan softly asked.

As I scrolled through the pages of my book, I felt sorry for the kid. They were obviously in a curious phase of their development. They didn’t have a clue yet on the exact workings of their bodies, so I decided to put them at ease. “I wouldn’t worry too much, boys. I think it’ll go away eventually, but –“ I stopped in the middle of my sentence. There was actually an article about erectile dysfunction and the medicine involved.

As I read through the article, a little devilish voice crept inside my head. If I played my cards right, I could probably see both boners. I knew it was all kinds of wrong, but I even wanted to see my brother’s dick. And if I was lucky and they would cooperate, maybe I’d see them jerking their dicks. The idea of them showing me their cocks, made my pussy all soppy. I was afraid they could smell me by now, considering I only wore my bathrobe, which just went about five inches down my butt. I pretended to read some more as a battle plan was forming inside my head.

“Okay,” I started. “According to this article, we need to make sure nothing is obstructing the blood flow, and you need to have some orgasms in order to make the erection go away.”

I was making sure to look all serious and doctor-like, so they would believe me. The only valuable thing in the book about improper use of erectile drugs was administering specific medication for the swelling to go down. But it was essential to carefully monitor the blood pressure during that phase. I didn’t have the meds, and I couldn’t monitor blood pressure here, so that option was out of the window. And besides, as long as the penis didn’t hurt, there really wasn’t anything to worry about, according to the article. There was only the discomfort of the erection. But they didn’t know that.

I couldn’t resist the urge to check out their dicks anymore. So I sat down on Lucas’s bed and looked at them with a worried look on my face.

“I need to check if the blood flow is still functioning. I don’t like it any more than you, but…” I trailed off.

“I was afraid you’d say that,” Lucas whispered while looking at his feet.

“Fuck this! She bathed us when we were little. AND she’s going to be a doctor. I don’t know about you, but I want to make sure I can still have sex,” Ethan said as he climbed off the bed, making sure to keep the towel pressed against his groin.

“He’s right, you know?” I said to Lucas. “I promise I won’t tell anyone! Or make fun of you.”

Ethan was right. I had bathed them in the past but stopped doing that a short while after their sixth birthday. I already knew both boys were cut, but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect after almost six years. Ethan stepped in front of me and stood virtually shoulder to shoulder with my little brother. This way, I was almost at eye-level with his crotch. Ethan sighed deeply and unceremoniously dropped his towel. A shiver went through my body the moment Ethan’s erection popped up. It was almost completely straight and pointed toward my forehead. I guessed it to be about four inches long and about as thick as my thumb. I immediately loved it!

“Come on, L! Don’t be a wuss!” Ethan softly said to my brother. I guessed he was too embarrassed to look at me and didn’t want to stand there naked all alone.

“I know, but… she’s my sister,” Lucas tried.

“Yeah? So? Don’t wimp out on me now, dude!” Ethan kept pushing.

I made sure to stay out of the discussion. It was both weird and exciting, wanting to see my brother’s dick. But I already knew that if I started pushing him, this would have the opposite effect. The moment Lucas began to fiddle with the towel around his waist, I knew I was going to see two young boners in front of me, and I was thrilled beyond belief.

“I promised, remember?” I whispered as I looked my brother in the eyes.

Lucas threw his towel on his bed beside me, and I felt like a kid in a candy store. I took a good look without being too obvious, and I noticed Lucas was slightly longer than my ex, Dylan, but Dylan’s dick was a bit thicker. Ethan was a tiny bit shorter than Lucas but compensated with being a little thicker than my brother, but was still beat by Dylan on that department.

Another difference between Dylan and these boys in front of me was the complete lack of hair. Dylan’s bush wasn’t too lush, but these bodies were as bare as the day they were born. I was immediately curious if these dicks could give me as much pleasure as Dylan’s had. Or maybe more?

I quickly roamed my eyes over their nude, tight bodies. Although there wasn’t any muscle tone yet, there was already a tiny hint of what soon would come. There also wasn’t an ounce of fat on these bodies, which made them look magnificent. My relationship with Dylan had taught me that I was into boyish bodies. But seeing these two in all their glory convinced me I was on the right track there and that I just had to accept that.

The last thing I noticed was their balls. They weren’t too big, and their ballsacks held them tightly. It wasn’t cold inside Lucas’s room, so their hairless sacks weren’t rimpled and all tugged tight. I could clearly see their little balls, and they had obviously dropped. I loved the way they hung under their small erections.

Their bodies basically looked the same, apart from a distinct difference—their glans. Lucas’s was thick and blunt, where Ethan’s was pointy and slender. Not sharp, but almost arrow-like. It was hard to describe, and I didn’t have a preference for either. It was just there for me to notice.

I was mesmerized by this incredible sight in front of me, but I tore my eyes away from it and looked Ethan in his eyes. “It looks okay at first sight. But I need to touch you to check it properly. Do you mind?” I asked sweetly and clenched my legs firmly together to suppress the tingly feeling inside my pussy.

Ethan swallowed visibly and then shook his head. “No, go ahead.”

I looked at Lucas, and before I could say anything, he just nodded. I took a deep breath in an attempt to steady my nerves. Lucas would later tell me he thought it was because I wasn’t too fond of touching them. But the exact opposite was true. I managed to steady my hand as I extended it toward Ethan’s erection which was the closest.

It was almost like I was watching someone else’s hand move. My fingers grasped Ethan’s dick, his stiff shaft feeling warm. It was both hard and soft at the same time. I’ve touched my fair share of dicks over the years, but somehow Ethan’s felt different. The moment I took it between my thumb and index finger, Ethan gasped.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked worriedly.

“No. No, it’s just that… no one’s ever touched me there, you know? Sorry…” Ethan said, and I could see his face was a bit flushed.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said and took his dick in my fingers again.

I lifted it up, moved it around, and pretended to look for signs something was wrong. I softly squeezed his glans, causing Ethan to moan. I almost smiled at his reaction but thankfully managed to keep a straight face and decided to pretend I didn’t hear him moan.

“Did you masturbate already after you took the pill?” I asked, knowing it would make him uncomfortable.

“I… err… we… ah… yes,” Ethan admitted eventually. “But that didn’t help at all.”

“I see. According to the book, it’s important to do this to keep the pressure on the corpora cavernosa to a minimum.”

I knew both boys didn’t have a clue what I was talking about, but I just couldn’t help myself. And this way, I could still pretend it was all strictly medical.

“The what?” Lucas asked.

“It’s a sponge-like part inside the penis that fills with blood and creates the erection,” I said and slowly but steadily started to massage Ethan’s shaft with my right thumb, index, and middle finger.

“I need to make sure there are no obstructions,” I said when Ethan moaned again.

I looked at the erection to my left, and judging by how it was twitching, Lucas wanted in on the action. So I slowly extended my left hand and took my brother’s dick between my fingers. I put on the show of examining it while I kept massaging Ethan’s little erection. This show only lasted a few seconds because I was just too horny now and wanted to make these boys cum.

The moment I started massaging Lucas’s shaft, he started moaning too. I’d never worked two cocks at the same time up until then and realized it took a lot of focus. But focusing was difficult, considering my dripping wet, pulsating pussy. I quickly learned these boys were enjoying themselves no matter what I did.

“Ohh… I think I…” Ethan started to moan.

I didn’t want him to cum just yet. First, I needed Lucas to catch up. I realized it would be difficult to make them cum simultaneously, but I wanted to try anyway. So I slowed down my movement on Ethan’s dick and toyed with the small, marble-sized balls for a moment.

“Ahh… why are… ohh… you jerking us?” Lucas panted.

“I need to make sure everything is working properly,” I said and started working on Ethan’s dick again. “And you guys look super sexy like this, so…” I looked up to meet their gazes and saw both wonder and horniness in their eyes.

“Ah… ah… ah….” Lucas moaned as his eyes shot back in his head.

“HMMMM…” came from my left as Lucas started moving his hips back and forth.

“Yesss…” I whispered.

Ethan’s dick started kicking in my hand first. But only a moment later, I felt my brother’s dick beginning to pulsate. Ethan’s cum was dry, but I noticed on Lucas’s dick, a small clear drop of fluid came out. I had to hold myself back from licking it off, although I was curious as hell about the taste of this clear cum. I didn’t even care that it was my brother’s cum I was longing for.

Ethan’s knees went weak, and he stood back against Lucas’s desk to avoid falling down. Lucas bent over forward and had to put his hands on my shoulders to steady himself. I was still holding my brother’s dick and smeared the little drop of cum over his glans. When my thumb was slick with Lucas’s cum, I tried sneaking it into my mouth to taste it. Considering both boys were lost in a post-orgasmic flow, I reckoned I was safe.

As soon as my brother’s cum hit my taste buds, I was hooked. It tasted way sweeter than any cum I tasted before, and the slight bit of salt in it completed the delicious explosion of taste in my mouth.

Ethan was standing with his butt against the desk, and his shoulders pulled backward. This way, his hips stuck forward, and so did his adorable erection. I licked my lips, looking at this young boy on display before me.

“I was… that… WOW!” Lucas panted in my ear, his hands still on my shoulders.

I realized that Lucas’s hands moved my bathrobe a bit, and by now, I was showing some serious cleavage. Nothing was on display yet, but at that moment, I knew that wouldn’t take too long anymore.

“I know,” Ethan added. “Why did you….”

Ethan started blushing the moment he started talking. I knew I didn’t have to come up with something believable, but I tried to anyway, ”I needed to make sure you were still capable of having an orgasm. And I knew you wouldn’t do it in front of me. So…”

“I guess that makes sense,” Ethan said as he sat down on the bed next to me.

Lucas collapsed to the other side of me, so that I was now between them. He looked down at his still-hard dick, then peered back to us and asked, “Did I just shoot sperm?”

That caused me to smile. So I just nodded and said, “You sure did, Bro. Well… You didn’t shoot, but a drop of sperm did come out, yes.”

“Oh wow,” he said to no one in particular but beaming with pride.

“So now what?” Ethan asked, looking at me hopefully.

“As far as I can judge it, you boys are fine. You just have to make sure to have a few more orgasms. I’m pretty sure the effects of the Viaglis wear off by then.”

“We need to jack it some more?” Lucas asked to clarify what I just said.

“There are a lot of ways to get an orgasm. Jack, suck, fuck, you know….”

“Oh…” Ethan softly said. He clearly wasn’t used to someone being this blunt.

“I’ll help you if you want,” I softly said.

I knew this was the moment of truth. If they’d let me help them, I was in for the night of my life. But this might as well scare them off, and it would be over. This could go either way. In an attempt to help the odds, I pushed my boobs out a bit to emphasize my lack of clothing underneath it.

“You would?” Lucas softly said. “But….”

I guessed the idea of his big sister doing all sorts of sex stuff with him, needed some time to land. Judging by the look in his eyes, the jerk-off session had helped a bit. He wasn’t repulsed or anything, just insecure.

“That would be great,” Ethan said, and when I looked at him, he was openly checking out my cleavage.

“Here. Let me show you I’m not kidding.”

I shrugged my arms out of my robe and let it fall around my waist. I was now topless and showing my boobs to the boys. My nipples got even stiffer now that they were no longer protected by the warm cloth. I felt incredibly sexy showing off my tits to these boys.

“Oh wow…” both boys whispered at the same time, which caused the three of us to giggle.

“Did you boys ever see real-life boobs before?” I asked, well aware of the answer.

“No,” Ethan replied immediately, not taking his eyes from my chest.

“Yes,” Lucas said softly and started to blush.

“You did? When?” Ethan asked in disbelief.

“About two weeks ago, you didn’t close the bathroom properly. So I saw you coming out of the shower and saw… you know….”

“Aha. You saw me getting out of the shower. Was it by accident, or did you wait for me to come out?” I asked. I made sure I didn’t sound angry because I really wasn’t. It was an erotic thought that my little brother was spying on me.

“I… ehm…” he stammered.

“I see,” I said and stood up.

I noticed the fear on both boy’s faces. They were probably afraid they screwed up by this confession. I stood up and started working on the knot of the belt around my waist, and the moment my bathrobe fell on the floor, I said, “Well… You’ve seen it all already. Might as well get comfortable then and show it to Ethan too,” I said and stretched. I made sure they got a good, long look before I sat down between them again. The moment I squeezed my body back between them, a tingle shot through me. Their soft, bare skin against mine felt like tiny ants were moving between us, delightfully tickling my skin.

I glanced down and noticed both their dicks hadn’t lost any of their stiffness, which meant this evening was far from over. I did feel the need to get off too, though. And I also knew I had to keep taking the initiative, which was fine by me.

“I have to ask… why did you take these pills in the first place?” I said, feeling their horny eyes all over my now naked body.

“I was curious if they worked,” Ethan confessed, his eyes fixed on my boobs.

“I see. You know… you can touch ‘em if you want,” I smiled.

“Really?” Ethan said enthusiastically, tearing his eyes from my boobs and looked me in my eyes with the anticipation beaming from his face.

“Of course! We need to keep you guys going, remember? You can too, Bro,” I said to Lucas.

Lucas’s gaze was between my legs as he stuck out his trembling hand. I realized I was holding my breath in anticipation of the touch. As if they did it on purpose, both boys touched me at the same time. Ethan’s hand softly squeezed my right boob, and Lucas surprised me when his hand started petting the outside of my pussy. A soft moan escaped my lips, and it felt like their hands were on fire.

I needed to keep thinking straight to keep the momentum going. So I tried very hard to keep talking to the boys. “Hmmm… that’s nice. Did you touch each other too when you jerked off before?”

“Eeww!” Lucas said immediately. “No, we didn’t. That’s gay.”

“Yeah,” Ethan added, but a lot less convinced than Lucas was.

“No, silly! Boys your age experiment a lot with other boys. That’s not gay! Just a way to get experience and to get off. Hmmm.”

“Really?” Ethan asked as he started rubbing my stiff nipple.

“Kid you not!” I said, spreading my legs a bit more to give my brother better access to my pussy.

“But I thought that….” Lucas said as his finger slipped between my pussy lips, “touching another boy’s dick… I don’t know…” he trailed off.

“Look. Jacking off is great, right?” I asked, causing both boys to nod knowingly, “and you just learned how much better it is when someone else does it to you. So why not enjoy it? Imagine how much more fun a blowjob is. You can’t do that by yourself. Ohhh…”

I glanced at Lucas and saw a wicked grin plastered on his face. His fingers were probing all around my pussy, sending shivers up my spine, only to be amplified by Ethan’s actions on my right boob. I couldn’t stop myself and wiggled myself free. I got on my knees on the floor, and quickly turned around to face them.

“Here. Let me show you,” I said and scooted forward toward my brother’s best friend’s lap.

I took Ethan’s dick in my hand, and before he could react, I planted a sloppy, wet kiss on the pointy tip while looking my brother in the eyes. Lucas moved closer to get a better look, which was very encouraging. I kept looking at him as I slowly lowered my mouth until all of Ethan’s still extremely hard cock was hidden from view, and I heard Ethan moan above me. Lucas’s eyes were as big as saucers the moment all of his best friend’s dick was gone. I opened my mouth and let my tongue swirl around the tube of flesh, making sure Lucas saw it all.

“See?” I said, smiling. “Here. Let me do you.”

My left hand kept massaging Ethan’s cock as I took Lucas’s in my right hand and mimicked the actions with Ethan earlier. Only this time, I looked at Ethan, and the added thrill of blowing my own brother sent butterflies down my pussy. I bobbed up and down a little but had a different plan I could put into action now.
I lifted my head and said to Lucas, “This feels good, doesn’t it?” I was now massaging two cocks at the same time again, which was sooo hot.

“Good!? It’s fucking awesome!” Lucas said, obviously over the moon by this new experience.

“Get up,” I hoarsely commanded.

Both boys got to their feet and stood hip to hip in front of me. Since I was still on my knees, both their hard dicks were almost at eye level. I took a mental picture, grabbed both boys by the outer butt cheek, and turned them a little toward each other. Their dicks were now pointing toward each other, and I quickly took Ethan back in my mouth. I bobbed up and down a few times before doing the same to Lucas. I massaged their tight, little butts as I did this. I alternated between them a few times, and as their moaning increased, I figured they were horny enough, so I decided to play my next card.

“You know what the best part is?” I asked, smiling seductively while rubbing both dicks on my cheeks.

“Ohhh…” Lucas moaned. “What?”

“You two can do this together. So if you want to get off without jerking, just get your dick sucked.”

“Put his dick in my mouth?” Lucas asked, a lot less repulsed than earlier when we talked about jacking together.

“I don’t care, L! If it feels this good, I’m in,” Ethan quickly said.

“Why don’t you try it? I’m sure Ethan will return the favor! If you don’t like it, you can always just stop and go back to jerking.”

Lucas obviously had a mental conflict here. I was sure he liked getting his dick sucked. But the thought of this being gay was still blocking him a bit.

“You know…” I softly said while rubbing my hands over my body, ”seeing you two do that might get me worked up enough to… you know.”

I slipped my fingers between my pussy lips as I kept looking at my little brother. I could see him swallowing, and the idea of maybe more visibly put him over the edge.

“Okay. I guess. But if I don’t like it, I’ll stop. And you have to help me,” Lucas said, dropping to his knees, eyeing his friend’s dick.

“Of course,” I said in my most encouraging tone.

Lucas extended his hand and tentatively took Ethan’s dick between his fingers. He moved it around a bit and was clearly judging the texture and size of it.

“Now I just put it in my mouth?” he asked, looking at me a bit disgusted.

“Yeah. You can use your lips to imitate jerking as you move your head up and down. And use your tongue when you feel like it. Trust me, all boys like that! And whatever you do to Ethan, he’ll probably return,” I said smiling. “Oh! And look out with your teeth. That can hurt a bit.”

“Okay…” he said, still unsure.

Lucas took a deep breath and started lowering his mouth over Ethan’s stiff dick. I’ve never seen anything more erotic in my life. My finger was still between my lips, and I had to hold myself back from rubbing my clit, or I would’ve cum then and there. And I didn’t want to scare them or miss any of this action in front of me.

“It doesn’t taste like piss!” Lucas said surprised and immediately went back to sucking off his buddy.

The look of disgust on his face was completely gone, and I could see by the movements between his cheeks, he was using his tongue as I told him. Ethan moaned again and put his hands on top of Lucas’s head.

After about a minute or two, Lucas got up and announced, “My turn!” Ethan didn’t need any encouragement, dropped to his knees, and immediately went for it.

“Ahhh… this is so… ohh….” Lucas moaned with his eyes closed and his head thrown back.

Ethan surprised me by taking Lucas’s butt in his hands and only bobbed his head up and down. The tingling in my pussy increased significantly, but I didn’t want to come just yet. I had to hold back. I let him continue for a few more moments before I said, “There is another way to do this, you know? You can both have fun at the same time.”

Lucas’s eyes flew open, and at the same time, a loud “pop” sound indicated my brother’s dick had left Ethan’s mouth. “How?” they asked, practically at the same time.

“Ever heard of sixty-nine?” I asked.

“No,” Lucas said.

“Nope,” was Ethan’s reply.

“Thought so. In a sixty-nine, you suck each other at the same time. It’s best if you lie down.”

That was all the boys needed to know. Lucas got on his back, and Ethan got in position on top of him. They figured the mechanics out by themselves, and before I knew it, both boys were moaning loudly and sucking and bobbing for all they were worth.

This was it! If one boy sucking the other was hot, this was hotter than hell. I started rubbing my clit and couldn’t stop moaning anymore. I noticed Lucas’s eyes were focused on my crotch, and because of my obscenely spread legs, he could see it all.

“Hmmm… you don’t mind, do you? Ohh… this is so fucking hot….” I moaned and was nearing my orgasm pretty quickly now.

I could see Lucas nod and his eyes still glued to my rubbing finger between my legs. But every now and then, his gaze became unfocused, which I blamed on the magic happening between his legs. I had a hard time keeping my eyes open, but I didn’t want to miss one second of the hot action in front of me. But the moment the tingling in the back of my head started, my pussy immediately started contracting. My orgasm was so powerful, I was distracted from admiring the boys for a moment. However, neither boy had cum yet, considering the effort they were still putting into it. So I kept going and came a second time in under a minute. All the sucking, slurping, and jerking were just too intense to watch.

Lucas’s eyes went big as he saw me sliding two fingers inside. A moment later, they slammed shut, his butt cheeks clenched, and his moans had turned to screams. But because he had his mouth filled, it sounded like muffled shouts. My brother had cum watching me finger myself while getting his dick sucked by his best friend. This whole concept was mind-blowing and almost caused me to cum again.

Only a few moments later, Ethan unmistakably came. His butt slammed down onto Lucas’ face, and his whole body shook. I calmed down a bit after my intense orgasm, but I realized another one wasn’t far away. I kept petting my pussy gently as I watched the boys come back to earth.

“Ohh… That was awesome!” Lucas said, “you were right, Sis. Oh my god…” and he rolled onto his back on the bed, panting heavily.

“I NEVER felt anything like this, L!” Ethan said between breaths. “And I think you shot some sperm again. I tasted something sweet and salty when you came. Wasn’t bad, though…” he trailed off.

I noticed both boys were still hard as a rock. I loved Viaglis! I was still so horned up that I needed to get fucked. And I decided I wanted to get fucked by my little brother first. So I got up, crawled onto the bed, and laid down on my back between the boys. To my right was Lucas, and we were at eye level with each other. To my left, I was looking at Ethan’s feet. I looked down and saw both hard-ons still sticking up proudly and started to giggle.

“What is it?” Lucas asked and looked at me.

I looked back at him and said, “nothing. It’s just that… How many of these pills did you take? You’re still hard!” and I giggled again.

“Just one. Honest!” Ethan said, “I’ve never been hard this long. And I’m still… in the mood?”

“You mean horny,” I responded.

“Then I’m still horny,” Ethan smiled.

“Ready for more?” I asked Lucas, smiling coyly.

“More?” he asked, and the question marks in his eyes were almost visible.

“Yeah… well… we need to keep the orgasms going, remember? So maybe you’d like to, you know… fuck?”

A look of fear mixed with horniness, mixed with doubt and apprehension, crossed his face. I just knew he didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity. Considering the stuff we have already done, me being his sister wouldn’t be enough anymore to put him off.

He cleared his throat twice before he spoke. “Fuck?!” he asked with a very shaky voice. “You mean… with you?”

“With me. Yeah. It’s a very effective way to get off again. I’m just offering… I promised to help you guys, so…” I trailed off.

“I’ll do it!” Ethan said as he lifted himself on his elbows.

“You’ll get your chance,” I laughed at his eagerness. “But Lucas is my Bro. He gets dibs if he wants to.”

“I eh… I want to, but… you’re… I… you… I don’t know how to do it,” he said, looking very tiny and vulnerable at that moment.

“Don’t worry. Just let your big sister help you,” I said softly and stroked his face.

“Wh- What do I do?”

“Sit on your knees between my legs until your dick is almost touching me,” I said and spread my legs to give him access.

Ethan got up and sat down on the bed next to me at breast level, looking intensely between my legs and at Lucas’s motions. I could only smile, seeing him sitting there with his hard-on sticking up from his lap.

“Go for it, L,” he encouraged him.

I looked down at my little brother kneeling there between my legs with his boner proudly sticking up, and the way I was looking down, it was precisely between my tits. I’ve never been this anxious to have sex before in my life. My whole body was tingling at the thought of taking my brother’s virginity.

“A little closer,” I whispered, and the moment I felt Lucas’s dick touch my pussy, it was like a firestick touched me there. But in a good way.

I reached down and took his dick in my hand, and I placed the tip against the entrance of my pussy. I heard myself moan the moment he slipped between my folds.

“Hmm… nice,” I said. “Now, slowly push forward, and you’re no longer a virgin,” I said, smiling.

“I… eh… you sure?” Lucas whispered, obviously still insecure.

“Go for it. Fuck me!” I hoarsely said, almost cumming from anticipation.

That was all the encouragement Lucas needed. His tongue peeked out of the corner of his mouth, something he always did when he was concentrating on a task. The moment he started pushing, and I felt the tip of his small dick enter me, I felt something that can only be described as an ‘orgasm light.’ My pussy started contracting lightly, and my clit was over-sensitive.

I did everything I could to hide the fact I was enjoying it this much. I wanted this to be about my brother and his first-ever fuck. He entered me slowly, almost too slowly. All the boys I’ve had sex with up until then just shoved it in fast and all the way until they balled out. Not Lucas. I guessed he didn’t want to hurt me or something. I’ve never experienced this before, but I liked it a lot! I could almost feel the texture of his barely twelve-year-old dick as he inched forward.

“Ohhh… yessss…” I moaned, pressing him on.

“Oh wow…” Ethan whispered beside me as he watched his best friend slip inside for the very first time. “You’re really doing it….”

Lucas didn’t say anything. He kept pushing forward with that focused look on his face, and his mouth now opened slightly. The moment his pubic bone hit mine, I came. I couldn’t help it. His bare pubes hit my over-sensitive clit, which immediately put me over the edge. My hands gripped the sheets as I tried to lay as still as I could.

“OHHHH!!! YESSS! FUCK ME!!” I practically shouted as my body shook.

“Did I hurt you?” Lucas asked, a bit scared, which barely registered in my brain.

“No, dude! You just made her have an orgasm!” Ethan exclaimed. Then he looked at me, suddenly uncertain. “I mean… I guess? Right?”

I nodded furiously. “Move it in and out and start fucking,” I moaned. “Please!”

Lucas started moving, and I almost came again. I was still at the ‘orgasm light’-level, causing every nerve on my body to be on high alert. I was right about small dicks. These were WAY better than the thick and long ones. Looking back, that was the moment I decided to only fuck teenage boys with small dicks for the rest of my life.

I looked at my brother’s face as he started fucking me for real. During his first six or seven thrusts, he slipped out four times. He got himself back in quickly, but it annoyed me a little bit. I wanted to feel as much of him as possible. So I reached out, grabbed him gently by his arms, and pulled him close.

The combination of his boyish chest rubbing my nipples and the slight change in angle triggered another series of contractions inside my pussy. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, so I could guide how much space Lucas had as he moved out. As an added bonus, almost all of him was touching me.

“Ohh… ah… ahh…” Lucas moaned in my ear.

I quickly lost track of time as my little brother was pounding away. I glanced at Ethan, almost forgetting he was still sitting there. I noticed he was watching us intensely as he was toying with his dick. He wasn’t jacking it, just toying. I felt sorry for him, but the moment that feeling entered my mind, I felt thrilled! There was no need to feel sorry for him. I was going to take his virginity too in a few minutes, which most probably meant another great fuck for me.

Looking at his lean, naked, underdeveloped body and feeling Lucas’s body lying on top of me with his dick sliding in and out of my soaking wet pussy, triggered a full-blown orgasm. I firmly hugged my brother’s body as fireworks went off before my eyes. If I didn’t know I saw this because of the best-ever orgasm in my life, I would’ve sworn the fireworks were real! It all went black for a moment, but I came back at it in time to hear my brother’s moans increase.

“OOHHH!! MMMNG…. I’m… It’s…” he moaned.

I never was much of a screamer. Usually, I was pretty quiet during the sex. Usually, there was only heavy panting, interrupted by an occasional soft moan escaping my lips. But this was different! I didn’t know what came over me. If it was the fact that my brother was fucking me. The idea of an audience. The prospect of more? All I knew is that I was almost losing it.

“CUM FOR ME!! OHHH YESSS…. DO IT!” I practically screamed.

I released the hug I was holding my brother to give him a bit more space to move. That apparently was all it took. Lucas started slamming his pelvis really hard against mine, and I saw his eyes cross.

“I’m…. AHHHHHH!!!” he groaned and stopped moving completely after he pounded against me for the last time.

I felt his penis kicking inside my pussy, and the soft, slow contractions of my pussy felt like I was milking him. Lucas buried his head between my neck and shoulder while his whole body laid motionless on top of me. The kicking of his dick was the only movement I felt, besides his wildly beating heart against my chest. It was amazing! Without a doubt, the best fuck I ever had.

“You were amazing,” I whispered as I started stroking his hair.

A few moments later, he lifted his head and looked at me as he saw me for the very first time. The moment our eyes met, a huge grin spread across his face. He started to giggle, and I could feel he was still hard! That stuff was amazing!

“I just fucked you,” he said, still giggling.

“Haha! You sure did!” I laughed.

“How was it?” Ethan asked eagerly.

“It’s… eh… just the best feeling EVER!” Lucas said enthusiastically, his dick still rubbing me inside with every move he made.

“I assume you’d like to try too?” I asked Ethan seductively, ready to take another cherry.

“Can I?” he asked, looking at us.

“Sure! She’s not my girlfriend, you know?” Lucas giggled and, with evident reluctance, pulled out and got off the bed to make room for his best friend.
Ethan didn’t need the explanation I gave to Lucas. He clearly paid attention to what we did. So he got between my legs and wasted no time getting into position. I didn’t mind, though. I was still highly on-edge and wanted to continue fucking. The way this was going, I could do it all night. So the moment Ethan’s shaft touched my pussy, I grabbed his dick, lined him up, and nodded as I smiled at him. He was obviously nervous for his first fuck, and I could see him swallow. But he didn’t want to let this opportunity go to waste, so he started sliding into me.

It was almost as good as when Lucas entered me. Almost. He also took the slow approach, which I absolutely loved! But his dick was just a little thicker, and I guess that that, combined with him not being my brother, made this just a little less exciting. Not by much, and it was still a top-three experience. But still. I wasn’t disappointed or anything, and at the moment, it barely registered. But looking back at it, that was the difference between the two.

The moment Ethan was all the way in and our bare pubes mashed together, I started feeling that familiar tingle spreading again. Oh, these boys made me feel all special and hot, and…

“Go for it, big boy,” I growled playfully, looking him in his eyes.

Ethan started moving in and out. And just like Lucas, he slipped out a lot. So I wrapped my legs around him too, and precisely the same thing happened with Ethan as it did with Lucas. I came hard. By then, I lost count of how many times I came, but it was a lot. Big ones, little ones, half an orgasm, you name it. I had it.
Movement on the bed caught my attention, and I saw that Lucas sat down on the bed at almost the same spot as where Ethan had been watching us. I reached out with my left hand and gently caressed my brother’s still hard cock. I had trouble focusing my gaze, which he must’ve noticed, and smiled.

He put his hand on mine, lifted my hand from his dick, and placed it on top of Ethan’s tight little bubble-butt. He kept smiling and said, “Just enjoy this fuck,” and his gaze went to Ethan’s now pumping butt.

I learned that Ethan was a stayer. Maybe it was because he came twice already in a short time before this fuck, but so did Lucas. None of the older boys I fucked up until then managed to make me cum three times, but Ethan did. And he did it just because he kept going at a steady pace. The tip of his pointy dick kept rubbing against my G-spot. No one had ever managed that yet, but this little eleven-year-old stud did. I guess that was the main reason I kept cumming over and over again.

But this staying-power couldn’t last forever. I couldn’t stop moaning as Ethan kept pistoning in and out of my pussy. I heard myself saying, “oh FUCK!, oh FUCK!” repeatedly as another orgasm approached. But when I managed to focus my view on the lover above me, I knew I wasn’t going to make it to a fourth.

Ethan’s mouth hung open, and only short, “ah, ah, ah” sounds came from deep inside his throat. He looked me in my eyes, but it was clear he wasn’t seeing anything anymore. He was inside his bubble and on the verge of cumming. I’ll never forget that incredibly sexy face. Ever.

“I’m… AMGHN!! OHHH!!!!!!” Ethan shouted, and his body started shaking while his penis started kicking inside me, firing blanks.

I just held him closely and noticed Lucas’s hand was still lying on Ethan’s butt. I wasn’t sure if it had been there all the time but found it heartwarmingly cute that my brother supported his friend that way.

Ethan laid on top of me for a few more minutes as all three of us were lost in our own thoughts. The moment Ethan started moving and his penis slid out, I felt an emptiness I needed to get filled up as soon as possible. But I wasn’t sure if the boys were ready again, so I decided not to push them.

Lucas was the first to speak. “That was unbelievable, Sis!” And a few moments later, after he’d glanced down and looked at Ethan’s, “And it’s unbelievable we’re still hard!” he giggled.

“Un -fucking- believable,” Ethan panted.

I’ve never heard him swear this way, but it was clear where this came from, and I loved the way he said it. It came over to me as if it was meant as the biggest compliment he could give me.

“How is it down there?” I asked Lucas as my hand cupped his balls.

“Great!” he beamed, “No pain, just a boner.”

“Ready for more?” I asked.

“Oh yeah…” Lucas said, grinning from ear to ear. He crawled back between my legs and entered me with ease. It turned out the three of us fucked all night. We dozed a bit between fucks, but as soon as one of us opened an eye, we were back at it. The hottest thing we did that night was when Lucas fucked me, missionary style, with Ethan on his knees next to my head. Lucas and I blew him together. Almost simultaneously, the three of us came together.

After their third or fourth fuck, their dicks finally started to get limp. They were both relieved, but I was a bit sad and afraid it would be the end of it. By that time, it was deep into the night, almost light out again, and we could barely keep our eyes open. So we crawled under the blanket, cuddled up together.

Around noon the next day, I was woken by movement beside me. Both boys were clearly hard again and going at it in that blazing hot sixty-nine they did earlier. I was afraid I opened Pandora’s box by teaching them.

“What a way to wake up,” I mumbled, only to be greeted by muffled groans.

Almost simultaneously, I heard two ‘popping’ sounds and two eager faces looking my way.

“Can we fuck again?” they said, exactly at the same time.

Okay. Maybe not Pandora’s box, but it was close. I smiled at their eagerness, and I couldn’t wait for them to enter me again. We had a full day and night ahead of us, and I didn’t have a doubt in my mind how we would spend it.

“I still have two pills left,” Ethan said coyly. “Should I get them?”

Oh yeah! A great day indeed!

The end.

Copyright 2021 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

Wow… I really needed that! The writing of Smoky Mountains took his toll on me. I needed a few weeks to find my mojo. I never wrote a story this quick, but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. This story lingered inside for a few months now, and I’m glad it’s out of my system. I know… nothing too fancy story-wise. Just a focus on the sexy bits of the story. But hey! That’s why you’re here, right?

Can’t thank E-o-F enough! He effortlessly reads my stories and picks out the typos and inconsistencies. Thanks again, Ed!! You’re the best! I already pointed it out a few times, but his stories are magnificent! Check them out here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/Edward_or_Ford.

As always: All comments are more than welcome!

De remediis et nescis. Fruamini Tu te ipsum


  1. Avatar for Seam

    Great story Jason, loved it. Sweet & tender and smooth all round.

    Well done.

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Thanks! Glad you liked it. Nothing much of a story, but still pretty decent imho.

  2. Avatar for lickit100

    sweet wonder how they progressed as they got older. one sweet older sisteer

  3. Avatar for Spire

    Awesome, just wish an older girl had taken me in hand when I was just 12-14. Could have learnt so much, and repeated so many times…!

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