Indian Summer is an autobiographical story about two boys discovering the fun and joy of their penises. They’re not just there for peeing. Follow Ron and Pete on their first two-night camp-out in the woods and how they discover the fun and pleasures of sex.

Part One
They switch from playing war to playing Indians. Creating the right look and outfit is a big part of it. Read all about it here.

Part Two
After the initial discovery of what the body is capable, the exploration continues. Read all about it here.

Part Three
All good things come to an end. Our two heroes wrap things up and head home. But not before they get off. Again. And Again. Here’s the story.

I know I say I finished this one. But maybe, just maybe there will be one more part where Maya joins them. MAYBE! Right now, I’m occupied with another story.

Link to the Audio book formats:

And here you can find the eBook from this story.