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Dear Jason – Chapter 13

Dear Jason – Chapter 13

It turned out that they spent a total of four nights with me. During these days and nights, we hardly wore any clothes. Only when we went out to eat or shop did we reluctantly put on some clothes.

But we did have a lot of sex together. Oh boy, did we have sex! Having these young, horny, enthusiastic, eager-to-learn kids around me with recovery times I couldn’t possibly match was both exciting and exhausting at the same time.

Every night I was awakened at least two times by a sucking or jacking kid, with most of the time them teaming up. James absolutely loved it when I fucked him, and with Julia sucking his cock every time I did, I couldn’t blame him.

After an experimental double penetration session of Julia in the pool with me up her ass and James in her cunt, her reservation about this was gone. We did it like this several times, each time making her cum at least four times during that fuck. James loved how our cocks rubbed together, only separated by a thin piece of his sister’s flesh, and wanted to do it like this every chance he got.

I’ve never felt this sexually drained in my entire life. I even had to pass on having sex with them several times. They didn’t mind at all and made good-hearted fun of me and me being too old. Whenever I didn’t join them, they just fucked or sucked each other.

But all good things come to an end. When their parents came home, and James and Julia had to go home, I insisted they come over whenever they wanted. They both smiled knowing smiles and hugged me tightly. Bill handed me a fine bottle of whiskey as a thank you for helping them out, which I grudgingly accepted, mentioning how it wasn’t necessary and such. But he insisted.

When I closed the door behind me, I felt relief and sadness for being alone again. After I cleaned up, I decided to start writing this story. The following day, I was sitting at my desk, writing away, when I noticed movement in the corner of my eye.

I looked at James’s room and saw James and Julia looking at me. When I looked at them, they both waved, and I waved back. What happened next brought a smile to my face and a rock-hard cock in my pants.

James turned sideways, so his body was parallel to the window and my view. Julia dropped to her knees and started pulling down her brother’s shorts and underwear. When his hard dick came into view, she wasted no time and immediately wrapped her lips around it.

As she started sucking off her brother, I unbuttoned my pants and openly started jerking myself as I looked at them. James glanced over and smiled when he saw what I was doing.

As Julia’s head bobbed up and down on James’s stiff shaft, he took off his shirt and laid his hands on his sister’s head. Watching this unfold before my eyes, with my own hand almost having a mind of its own, was enough to quickly get close to the edge.

After the telltale signs of James’s approaching orgasm, I sped up the movement of my fist, where Julia was doubling her efforts on her brother’s cock. The moment he threw his head back between his shoulder blades and Julia was clearly swallowing his cum, I sprayed mine all over my keyboard and t-shirt. Fuck, this was hot!

After I regained my cool a little, I glanced over and saw Julia standing up and smiling at me. She opened her mouth and extended her tongue to show me that some spunk was still left in her mouth. A second later, they started Frenching, and her hands roamed over his chest and ass.

A couple of minutes later, they were done and glanced at me again. What happened next was a bit unexpected. Suddenly, Julia ran toward the bathroom, and James quickly pulled up his pants. A heartbeat after he was done, his mother came in and started talking to James.

I casually made sure nothing indecent was visible from her point of view, and after she was done talking to James, she waved at me. I gave her a friendly smile and waved back, and she left James’s room.

James looked at me, and I could see the relief on his face. He overexaggerated wiping his head, and waved one last time at me before grabbing his shirt, and he headed downstairs

But this whole endeavor got my creative juices flowing, and I did some great time writing this story. I managed to squeeze out almost five thousand words each evening I sat down to write.

And almost every evening, I was treated to one show or the other. The best one was when James fucked his sister doggy-style. That way, I could see everything, and they kept a close eye on me.

But as they got older, their sexual escapades became less focused on me and more on each other. I knew this was inevitable, but it made me a bit sad nevertheless. Every once in a while, they came over to swim in my pool, and we still had fun together.

But when James mentioned with a big grin and in a conspiratorial tone that a new pair of preteen siblings had moved in at the end of the street, I couldn’t help myself and asked him to tell me all about it. Both laughed knowingly and offered to help whenever I needed it.

That evening, I grabbed my pads and strolled down the street toward my new project. And when I saw the eleven-year-old boy and his thirteen-year-old sister, a new plan was forming in my head.

There you have it, JD! The story you asked me to write about the fantastic ability you handed to me. I hope you enjoyed yourself! I know I did, and I promise to keep using this ability for the good stuff… maybe I’ll write you about some other adventures in the future. But for now, this is it.

To James and Julia: thank you for the marvelous time we had together and still have. I hope you won’t hate me for how I started all this and that I had to lie about it. The new kids that moved here are amazing, but I’ll never forget the two of you, and I hope you won’t forget me!

The end.

Copyright 2023 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

finis lepus foraminis prope est

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Dear Jason – Chapter 6

Dear Jason – Chapter 6

I was awake but still in bed when the doorbell rang. I looked at the alarm clock and saw it was half an hour later than yesterday. I smiled at myself, got up, and went downstairs. As I expected, James was standing there, almost bouncing with excitement. I hadn’t bothered with clothes and opened the door in my boxers.

“Morning, James,” I smiled and let him in, noticing that he wore the same clothes as yesterday.

“Hi, Jason! Still too early?” he asked as he looked me over.

“A little, yeah. I didn’t have my shower or coffee yet,” I smiled, rubbing my eyes.

“I’ll make you some coffee so you can take your shower!” he said excitedly and rushed into the kitchen.

I shrugged and went upstairs. I wasn’t sure what to do with the bathroom door. I could lock it, which would create a clear boundary. But if I’d leave it slightly open, James could decide for himself what he wanted to do. I wouldn’t mind him seeing me naked. Heck! That would even enhance my chances of seeing him naked! I chubbed up a little at that idea, so I left the door ajar, dropped my boxers, and took my shower.

And sure enough, after a few minutes, James came in, carrying a mug of coffee. He sat down on the toilet seat, chatting away like it was the most normal thing in the world.

I grabbed my towel, and this time, I made no effort to hide myself from him. It was nice and warm, I was still a little chubbed by seeing him and from showing off, so I felt like I had nothing to hide.

James kept talking as I dried myself and glanced at my flopping dick a few times, but he did not comment about it. I brushed my teeth and did my regular routine naked. If he didn’t have a problem with it, I sure as hell didn’t. But after I stretched it enough, I went to my room with James still on my heels, grabbed a fresh pair of boxers, and got dressed. I also picked the same outfit as yesterday, and after I pulled down my shirt, I was ready to face the day.

James pulled off his shirt the moment we entered my office and sat down on the spare office chair again. We started working on tweaking his system and installing all kinds of software. I had an extensive collection, and he was thrilled when I showed him Adobe Premiere Pro was an option.

Seeing him work on his computer in just his short track pants hit me hard. This was also the first time it actually got me hard too. This boy was sexy as fuck! I needed to find a way for him to keep coming over.

After we installed Apex Legends and it booted for the first time, James almost shouted, “It’s so fast!”

I could only laugh at that, and as he squirmed in his chair to show me how it worked, I got an idea.

“How about we build a game computer for me? I’ve got more than enough spare parts for a new one. I don’t wanna use my work computer for games, but by building a new one, we can play online together.”

“Yeah! That’s awesome!” he said and made the chair do a total 360. “We can even use hand signals next to our headsets, and no one will know,” he smiled and pointed to his room on the other side of the street.

After another fun day next to this barely dressed boy, we shut down his computer, disconnected it, and crossed the street with it. When we entered the kitchen, the smell of home-cooked chicken filled my nose.

“Hi, Honey! Hi Jason,” Ellis said excitedly.

“Hi, Mom,” James cheerfully said, “we finished my computer!”

“That’s great, Honey,” his mother smiled.

“Is it okay to set it up in my room now?”

“Sure. Dinner is ready in half an hour.”

“Come on, Jason!” James said, and he was halfway up the stairs before I knew it.

I shrugged apologetically at Ellis, and she just smiled and waved for me to follow her son. As I walked up the stairs, I came to the conclusion that James’s verbal house tour was pretty accurate. And when I entered his room, it almost felt like I’d been there before. I quickly glanced across the street but immediately felt at ease. Even if you knew the camera was there, you couldn’t see it. No way!

As we were connecting all the cables, the door to the bathroom opened, and Julia joined us. James already told me they shared a bathroom together. James found the term ‘Jack and Jill bathroom’ stupid. He said that they just shared a bathroom together. And that, in their case, it’s a James and Julia bathroom. So he kept calling it that way.

“Jason gave me an almost new computer!” James said excitedly to his twin sister.

“Really? That’s freakin’ awesome!” she said, looking at me in disbelief.

“Yeah! Apex boots in under ten seconds now!”


Julia clearly wasn’t mocking him. She apparently was into video games as much as her brother.

“You’re so lucky, Pep!” she said.

Since they were young, their parents called the two of them salt and pepper. The names stuck, and James became pepper, whereas Julia was salt.

“Maybe we can build her one too?” James asked cautiously.

“Maybe. I’ll put all the spare parts I can find together over the coming week. I’ve also got some stuff at the office. Next weekend, we’ll check it out, okay?”

“Told you he’s a great guy!” James said to his sister, who nodded and smiled at me.

Before Ellis called that dinner was ready, I ensured his webcam was in the best possible angle. They thought nothing of it, but I was pretty sure I got the whole room covered by now. When he closed the curtains, I’d lose a bit, but otherwise, there was no way to hide from my spying eyes.

Dinner was great, and Bill and Ellis thanked me plenty of times for helping their kids out with their computers. Bill was a construction worker with his own building company and knew nothing about that ‘techy stuff,’ as he called it. And Ellis was an artist who sculpted small statues. There was a fascinating statue in the corner of the room that I had noticed earlier, but I figured it was inappropriate to ask about.

But when she picked it up to show me, I could only compliment her on her skills. She sculpted her kids when they were about seven years old. They were both naked and with their backs against each other.

“It’s amazing, Ellis!” I sincerely said.

“Thank you! As you can see, I created this in our nudist period, as I call it.”

“Yeah…James told me about that,” I said a bit evasively.

“I think they’re too old now for us to keep going on with it. And still too young to make a conscious decision about it. So we go to more… regular resorts these days for our holidays.”

“I see,” I said, “and I think I understand.”

“At least we had the chance to teach them that everyone is unique and that nudity is okay,” Bill added.

I didn’t know how to respond to that, but Ellis came to the rescue and asked me if I wanted some coffee. I gave the small sculpture a final look, handed it to Ellis, and said, “Thank you, but I need to go. I’m off to an early start tomorrow. Next weekend, we’ll start working on Julia’s computer. How about if I light up the grill, and you come over to my place for a change?”

They would have nothing of that. I helped them with the computers, and they provided dinner. And it would be another hot weekend, so we could also take a refreshing dip in the pool.

After I entered my office, I quickly closed the curtains. I gave both my camera and the spy software a quick checkup and saw that everything was fine. Tomorrow would be a day at the office. Usually, I didn’t look forward to that, but I had some great ideas about how to mess up the life of my asshole manager Fred with my newfound skills.

Copyright 2023 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

id est conjunctio tempore

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Dear Jason – Chapter 5

Dear Jason – Chapter 5

When I opened the gate to the neighbor’s garden the following day, there were already about twenty people present. They all seemed to have a good time and were talking to each other in small groups.

“Jason!” I heard a boyish voice shout, and moments later, James was standing in front of me in his swimming trunks.

“Hey, James!” I said excitedly, let my eyes glide over his underdeveloped chest, and held up my fist for him to bump.

His sister Julia was right behind him, and her bikini top was barely filled with her budding breasts but seemed inviting, nevertheless. And after she bumped fists with me and turned around to run back toward the pool, I noticed once more that she had the same fine ass as her brother.

“Wanna join us in the pool?” James asked enthusiastically.

This kid clearly didn’t mind being watched by me from across the street. He didn’t mention it and wanted to be close to me. So he probably wouldn’t tell his parents, as it wasn’t an issue to him. This put me remarkably at ease, and I figured I might as well join him and his sister in the pool.

“Let’s get Jason something to drink first, right Jason?” Bill said, smiling knowingly at me.

“Oh, I don’t mind too much. But yeah… a beer sounds nice,” I said, smiling at him.

“Here,” Bill said, handing me a cold one.

“Thanks!” I said, holding up the bottle. Then, I looked at James and said, “I’ll join you two later, okay?”

I looked around and noticed I was one of the few guests who actually wore swim clothes. But my trunks looked like regular shorts, so I didn’t mind much. I quickly found a few people that started talking to me, and before I knew it, the barbecue was fired up, and the sun was beginning to set.

I had a genuinely good time and occasionally glanced at the twins playing around in the above-ground pool. Every now and then, some adults joined them but left the pool after a few minutes of roughhousing with the kids.

So when I had a quiet moment, and nobody was around, I figured, what the heck? So I pulled up my shirt, ran toward the pool, and cannonballed right next to James into the pool. After I surfaced, James and Julia laughed loudly, and some of the guests looked at me, but I could see a big grin across Bill’s face, so I was good.

Before I knew it, James was on my back, trying to dunk me. Julia was tugging at my shoulders, but neither could get my six-foot-three frame into motion. I felt James’s jewels pressed against my back, and during the roughhousing, I accidentally touched Julia’s boobs at least two times. I loved it!

But eventually, they gave up. Julia was called out by her mother to help her with preparing some of the salads. James and I chilled against the wall.

“You’ve got a nice office over there, don’t you?” James asked.

“Yeah. Since my ex-wife left, I wanted to create the best home office one can think of in there,” I smiled.

“Looks good from my room. Can I check it out sometime?”

“Of course you can! Your room also looks nice,” I chuckled.

“Yeah. It’s not finished yet. I still need to fix my computer. It’s broken since we moved here,” he said a little glumly.

“I can take a look at it if you want!” I said, feeling sorry for the kid and not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to talk to him alone.

“Would you?” James asked with a lot of excitement.

“Of course, kiddo! I work in IT, and I’ve got a few spare parts lying around. So yeah. I think we’ll be able to fix it,” I smiled, glad he was excited to come over.

We threw the ball around some more, and he just couldn’t be stopped in his attempts to try and dunk me. After I let my hands roam all over his body, making sure to grab both his ass and junk a few times in the process, I let him have one and faked that I couldn’t stay on my feet anymore.

After I came up, faking gasping for air, I saw him standing there with his arms in the air and shouting, “YEAH! I did it!”

He was a lovely kid to be around. And a kid with an exceptionally fine ass. But that didn’t matter at the moment. So I got out of the pool, grabbed a burger and some salad, and sat at the table with Julia and her Mom, Ellis, complimenting them on how good everything tasted. Ellis and I talked about a lot of things, and eventually, my divorce came up. I spoke openly about it, and she seemed to feel genuinely sorry for what happened.

I felt I had a beer or two too many, so I figured I needed to head home. But when I looked around, I was the only guest left. Bill was starting to put away some chairs and tables, and I offered to help him, which he eagerly accepted.

Almost an hour later, all the mess from the party was cleaned up enough, and the chairs could be returned to the rental place. I tried to leave at that moment, but Bill insisted on me drinking one last beer with him. I couldn’t come up with an excuse, and honestly didn’t really want to. I liked the guy and his wife. So when our bottles touched, and we both said “Cheers” simultaneously, I felt good. Especially when James joined us in just his swimming trunks. I found it increasingly difficult to keep my eyes away, but I had enough soberness inside left to not be too obvious about it.

“Jason offered to help me with my computer!” James said excitedly.

“Really?” Bill said, a bit surprised.

“Yeah! Cool, right?” James beamed.

“I… I work in IT, and I’ve got many spare parts lying around. So no big deal,” I said, feeling the need to play it down a little.

“That’s really nice of you, Jason! Just tell us if you need us to pay for anything. That thing has been broken since we got here, and no one wanted to burn their fingers trying to repair it.”

“Don’t worry about that! I know how it is for a ten-year-old to miss out on his computer,” I smiled and winked at Bill.

“Hey! I’m twelve and a half already!” James said, acting offended, but after looking at my face, he realized I was kidding him.

Bill laughed at my mocking and said, “If you really don’t mind, it would help him and us a lot!”

“Sure! No problem at all! You know what? Come over tomorrow with it, and we’ll look at it together, okay?”

“Really?” James asked, looking at his father for approval.

“Knock yourself out! Just make sure to behave yourself.”

“Thanks, Dad!” James said and looked excitedly at me.

Bill and I drank another beer before we said our goodbyes. I went home and felt a little drunk but mainly excited to have James over tomorrow. I lost my trunks and let myself fall down on my bed the moment I entered my bedroom. I was completely spent!

After I woke up, I felt a little hungover. So I got up and went to the bathroom. As the comforting water from the shower livened up my body, I tried to figure out what would be a good place to hang out while being invisible.

A locker room? Maybe… lots of naked boys, but each of them will do everything they can to hide themselves from the other boys. But it’s during a short period, and because it’s crowded, nobody will notice I’m in there with them.

A doctor’s office? No. The chance I’d have to be looking at old naked ladies is way more significant than the occasional boy or girl.

The skate park? I did hear those two boys talk about sucking each other off. These two were too old for my liking, but there were lots of younger boys there too. Maybe follow one or two of them home? I’d need a bit of luck, but it’d probably be worth the time.

What about a boy’s bedroom? I’d definitely see some skin, and maybe even more. But I could get trapped and be in there all night. And what if I fall asleep and fail to press the patches together? I’d be naked inside a boy’s room. Kind of hard to explain in front of a judge.

I was still undecided as I turned off the water to start drying myself. The moment I grabbed my towel to start, I heard the doorbell ring. So I wrapped the towel around my waist and quickly went downstairs. Through the glass panels at the side of the door, I could see James standing there with the computer case in his arms. So I opened the door to let him in.

James came inside and looked expectantly at me. He must’ve seen my questioning look because he said, “Is today a bad day to fix my computer?”

Right! I didn’t think about us talking about doing this today anymore, but I just smiled and said, “No. Today’s fine! I just got out of the shower and didn’t expect to see you this early. That’s all.”

I gestured for him to go upstairs. As he walked in front of me, I couldn’t keep my eyes from his fine ass. He was wearing running shorts, which was a bit odd, but I didn’t mind it one bit. They were short and hugged the curves of his ass just right. It also helped that his shirt was on the short side. Just barely long enough to reach the top of his shorts. I was sure the shirt fitted him fine last year, but seeing it now, made it apparent that he was starting to grow.

“To the left,” I said as he reached the top of the stairs.

“This is great!” James said as he looked around my office.

“Thanks! I haven’t finished installing everything because I just moved in here.”

“I can help!” he immediately said, perking up.

“Okay. Thanks for the offer! But let’s finish your PC first, shall we?” I smiled.

“Yeah. You’re right,” he said, and his eyes moved down to my waist.

I looked at what he was looking at, and I realized the top of my pubes was visible because the towel slid down as we walked upstairs. He didn’t seem offended by it or anything like that.

“I’ll grab some clothes,” I said and left the room.

As I walked toward my bedroom, I heard James following me. He started talking about the specs of the latest GPU Nvidia had just released. He compared them with the AMD specs, and I was impressed by the knowledge he showed about the subject.

As I reached my closet and grabbed a pair of boxers, I looked at him, and he just kept talking like nothing was out of the ordinary here. I couldn’t just drop my towel in front of a boy I hardly knew?

But he just kept on rambling about it, and when I lifted my boxers to prove a point, he just nodded. What the hell? I turned my back toward him, took a deep breath, and loosened my towel, making sure he got the idea of what I was about to do. But the teraflops the new GPUs could produce was apparently way more interesting than me, who was about to show his ass.

I decided to just do it. The kid didn’t seem to mind, and I knew my ass was okay. Not nearly as fine as the boy’s ass I was showing mine to, but still. When my towel hit the floor, James just kept on talking. I didn’t linger, quickly slid my boxers up my legs, and adjusted my junk, so it was comfortable.

As I turned around and grabbed my shirt, James’s eyes went to the bulge inside my boxers, but he still kept on talking. After I put on my shirt and pulled up my sweatpants, I smiled and said, “You sure know your stuff about computers!”

“Thanks! I wanna design new GPUs when I grow up. With quantum technology! It could be revolutionary what we can do!”

“Right. Let’s get you set up in the office to see what’s wrong, okay?”

We headed back into my office and started working on James’s computer. The thing wouldn’t boot, and after I started putting in a spare PSU, it became clear why. Several cables had come loose. So we ditched the original PSU and focused on that.

As we were waiting for the OS to boot, I asked James, “What’s with the running shorts? You run track or something?”

He started laughing and said, “No, silly! I can’t run that fast. I’m more into baseball. We actually won the first prize back in San Fransisco once!”

“Impressive! You’re a real champion, then?” I smiled.

“Yeah… well… I play third base, so…” he said, blushing. And after a few moments, he pulled at the fabric of his shorts and continued, “these just feel nice. Mom always says that I’d run around naked if I’m allowed to.”

He chuckled, saying that last bit. But when he saw my slightly raised eyebrow, he said, “Mom and Dad used to take us to nudist resorts. But when Julia and I turned ten, Mom said we were getting too old for it, and she didn’t want to force us. I liked it there, and so did Julia. But no matter what we said, her mind was made up.”

“Oh,” I said, a little taken aback by this confession, “so you stopped doing it entirely? Even at home?”

“Yeah. At first, Dad said we could still do it at home. But Mom had other ideas.”

“I see,” I replied, realizing his upbringing was probably the reason why he didn’t leave the room to let me change.

“But,” he said softly and in a conspirative tone, “I don’t usually wear underwear under these shorts. That way, it almost feels the same. That’s the main reason I like wearing those.”

He didn’t blush or seem to be even slightly embarrassed by this confession. He trusted me, and to him, it was normal. So I decided not to press on it. Yet. But in my head, a lot of things were going on. I even felt my dick grow to the thought of only a thin piece of cloth separating his dick from my view.

By now, his computer had booted completely, and I felt a bit sorry for the kid about how slow it was. It was an old version of Windows, and probably the main reason for it being so slow was the old hard drive it was running on.

It was getting warm in my office, and I could see some sweat forming on James’s forehead. I was feeling quite hot myself but didn’t want to turn on the A/C for obvious reasons. So I looked at him and asked, “Do you mind if I take off my shirt? The A/C is broken, and it’s getting hot in here.”

“Not if you don’t mind me taking it off too!” he chuckled, and before I could react, his shirt dropped to the floor.

This was even better! Shirtless and in thin running shorts. He was clearly feeling comfortable around me, and even better, he trusted me.

“You know what? I’ve got a spare SSD lying around for which I haven’t found a good purpose yet. But I think I just did.”

“Really?” James perked up and immediately threw himself at me for a tight hug. “Thank you!”

I loved the feeling of his bare chest against mine. But I needed to act like it wasn’t a big thing to me, so I laughed, “Haha! Don’t mention it. I’m close to the source, which means I’ve got lots of advantages in that area. I’d hate to leave you with a slow PC. What do you use it for the most?”

“Video editing. And a few games. And… you know… browsing online.”

As he said that last part, he started blushing, and I knew enough. I looked him in his eyes, trying to ignore his naked and boyish chest, and smiled.

“I see. Browsing online…” I said knowingly, winked, and then smiled at him.

“Yeah… Uhm…” he stammered, and I could see his embarrassment from being busted.

“Tell you what. I’ll install a new SSD, install the latest Windows version and make sure to upgrade it with some other components I’ve got lying around.”

“Really? Would you do that?” he asked, clearly over the moon.

I had many spare parts lying around that I collected at the customer’s sites when I was there. Some of these parts were just ordered as extra parts, just in case, and it turned out we didn’t need them. Where others were replaced by new parts but were still relatively new. No one minded that I took these with me. After all, they were all paid for and would otherwise be thrown away.

“Sure! I need to help out my neighbor, right?”

“Then I’ll mow your lawns! That’s the least I can do!”

I laughed at his eagerness and extended my hand for him to shake. “Deal!” I said as we shook hands.

I didn’t need anything in return. Doing this great kid a favor was enough for me. But then again, he’d be around more often this way. And that sure wasn’t a bad thing.

We spent almost the entire day picking out the right parts and installing them. We ate lunch together, and by the time he needed to go home for dinner, the first part of the new Windows setup was running.

During this day, I learned that James talked a lot. It was already evident when I needed to change that this kid didn’t have a mute button and was very bad at reading non-verbal messages. And he really talked about literally everything.

He hadn’t made any friends yet, because his school hadn’t started yet since they moved here. So I was the only person, besides his family, that he could talk to. And he needed to talk. That much was clear. I was flattered that he trusted me with some of the stuff, for instance, that he’d been bullied in his last school.

But he also gave me a complete verbal walk-through of their house and tried to explain the complex storyline of some obscure anime show. But I really didn’t mind. He was funny, VERY easy on the eyes, and I liked the company.

Across the street, we could see his Mom waving at us. About half an hour ago, I put on my shirt. As I stood up to wave back, I was glad I did. A grown man hanging out shirtless with a young, equally shirtless boy could look suspicious. Today I learned that his parents didn’t think like that at all, but still. It wouldn’t hurt that I was wearing my shirt now.

“I gotta go,” James said as he stood up and grabbed his shirt.

I took another good look at his tight ass as he was bent over and said, “I’ll finish the Windows setup.”

“I…uhm…” he stammered, “can I come back tomorrow so we can finish installing the rest together?”

“Of course! Tomorrow’s a Sunday, so maybe a little later than today, okay?” I said while I ruffled his blonde hair.

We walked downstairs, where I opened the door, and we walked over to his Mom.

“Bye, Jason!” James said as he ran toward the house.

Ellis looked worriedly at me and asked, “Did he behave?”

“Absolutely! We worked on his computer all day, and he was a great help!” I answered as sincerely as possible but decided to leave out the level of eye candy he provided me.

“Thank God. He can be a bit of a… whirlwind sometimes.”

“He talks a lot,” I chuckled, “but he’s funny, helpful, and kind. And since Karen left me, I didn’t have much company over, so that was also nice for a change.”

“Yeah… he talks a lot,” Ellis giggled. “He didn’t have a great time at his last school, so we’re hoping things will be better over here. At least he’s made a new friend already.”

“Yeah. He told me. Well, he’s always welcome at my place. And I mean it! The door is always open if he needs to blow off some steam or anything.”

“Thank you, Jason. Good to know!”

“He’ll come over again tomorrow to finish work on his computer. So I’ll make sure to tell him this.”

“You sure you don’t mind?” Ellis asked, still a bit unsure.

“Cross my heart! I always wanted kids of my own, but Karen… Well, I’ll be his cool uncle then. And, of course, Julia can come too if she wants to.”

Ellis noticed my sad look when I brought up kids of my own and grabbed me gently by my shoulder. “That’s great. I’ll ask her, but I think James will protest about that,” she chuckled, “Thanks for helping James out. He couldn’t stop talking about you this morning. You’re a great guy, Jason! And someday, maybe you’ll find someone, and… you’ll… you know…”

“Thanks. Appreciate it.”

“Tell you what. After you finish tomorrow, you come over and have dinner with us. That’s the least we can do to repay you!”

“There’s absolutely no need to repay me! But I can’t say no to such a nice offer,” I said politely.

We wished each other a good night and went home. I heated some leftover Chinese and went into the office.

I finished the Windows setup and opened up my spy software folder on my own computer. I collected the good stuff over the years, and I installed a few. Of course, there was almost no way James could find those, but it gave me complete control over his computer. One of these could even turn on the webcam without turning on the accompanying light.

This wasn’t very ethical of me, but if I played my cards right, I might just see some action from this hot boy. And it could also give me some insights into how a real boy’s brain works on specific subjects. This could make my writing more believable, something I have always tried to work on.

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ut cognoscat proximo pueri

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P.S. Couldn’t resist. Two more stock pics of this cute as f*ck boy!

La Isla de Aquinas – Epilogue


As I pointed out before, this Epilogue isn’t required for the story itself. If you need closure, feel free to read. If you’re fine with the story as it is, leave it at that. If you’re looking for more hot action, you’re not going to find it in this epilogue… I’m just saying 🙂

After we docked at Key West, we were picked up by the coast guard. It turned out that Jack informed them, and we were brought to an exclusive hotel to relax. The kind lady behind the desk handed me the key to the executive suite, which was a big, four-person, extremely luxurious room. When we entered the room, we were all hyped and excited to be back. The little worries we had about the people left on the island were quickly taken away, as we were told they were all safe and sound and would be flown back over here as soon as possible.

I got debriefed about everything I experienced there. I learned that ‘El Capitain’ was told the Nicaraguan army was going to help him, so he launched the attack. But thanks to some back-room diplomacy, the Nicaraguans decided to drop the support and stay neutral. Because of that, El Capitain was hugely undermanned and eventually didn’t stand a chance. Eventually, fifty-five of El Capitain’s men were killed, and three citizens gave their lives during the ‘One-day war’ as it came to be known on the island.  Some US elite forces joined the Columbians in their actions to throw out the freedom fighters, now called terrorists, to take back the island and reinstate the governor.

When I returned to the hotel room after the debrief, I found the three kids together in the big bathtub, having fun. I quickly shed my clothes and joined them in a hot pile of anal sex with both boys, ending in another airlock session with Audrey. Unfortunately, this proved to be the last time we had sex together that week. The following day, Luke and Miranda returned, as did Bert and Annabel. We all had dinner together and talked about what happened on the island. We stayed in touch after we all went home. Bert’s funeral was sad, but Annabel said that Bert never felt more alive than when he helped us save Audrey. He’d tell the story to everyone who wanted to hear it, exaggerating it a little more each time he told it.

We also learned that we ‘borrowed’ the yacht of a retired tech CEO. When he learned how it saved our lives, he was glad to be able to help us and didn’t press charges or anything. He even offered us to borrow it again whenever we wanted to.

Two days after hanging out at the hotel, we received our new passports, and we were glad to return to Seattle. Three weeks later, I threw a big bbq for the guys as promised. We all drank, ate, and had a lot of fun. Audrey, Miranda, and Luke all thanked everyone individually, giving each of them a personal present. The guys all insisted on it being their job and that this all wasn’t necessary, but I knew how much they enjoyed being praised like this. I stayed in touch with the guys, but I knew I was never going back to that life.

Despite losing all his clothes, Mr. Lieberman was thrilled about the pictures we made. It turned out to become one of the best marketing campaigns his company ever had, and sales shot through the roof. This put both B-Wyze and Aquinas pictures on the map for a long time to come.

After the B-Wyze gig, the assignments rolled in, and I had to pick the best ones because I simply lacked time to do them all. I became the go-to guy for photoshoots with kids overnight and never ran out of work anymore. And on top of that, I got to do what I love best; shooting kids, ranges ten to sixteen, in various stages of undress.

I even landed an exposition as my Pyntar alter-ego at a renowned gallery in New York. This didn’t pay the bills, which was fine because I had my regular work for that. But this exposition really boosted my ego as an art photographer, which I kept doing because of the acknowledgment from the scene and the fact I got to take pics of naked kids. But most of all, because this was what I excelled in and was my last connection with Glenn’s lessons in life.

The day Audrey turned eighteen, we got married. This raised a few eyebrows, but the people closest to us understood. And even if they didn’t, we couldn’t care less. We loved each other and wanted to grow old together, so we wanted to get married. And since I wasn’t her caretaker anymore, there weren’t any legal complications either.

Evan and Owen’s careers got a huge boost too. After landing some more shoots, they eventually ended up as actors. During their younger years, we had a few sleep-overs at my place, but our sexual get-togethers eventually came to an end. This wasn’t anything deliberate, but it sort of happened. We still visited each other once in a while, but because of their looks and sex appeal, they quickly became hot-shot actors, and time together became scarce.

Owen did thank me in his Oscar acceptance speech as he promised, which Audrey and I found extremely funny and I thanked Owen for it during the after-party. After that party, the four of us headed off to their hotel rooms. During the ride to the hotel in the back of the limousine, I handed both boys a book. Each book contained the best pictures of each of them, combined with the hottest pics I could find exploring their bodies together. I cut out the outline of a USB thumb drive on several pages in the back of the album, so it fitted in there perfectly. There were all sorts of pics, videos, and montages of the good times we had together on these drives, something Audrey and I edited together. The excited looks on their faces and bulges in their pants confirmed to me that they experienced their development in about the same way as I do with Glenn.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were naked within ten seconds, and hands, tongues, and dicks, roamed all over our bodies with an urgency that reminded me of the moment we started doing these things together. The youthful eagerness was back as if it had never left. After the initial urgency wore off, we watched some of the clips. Less than half of the first clip was enough motivation to start again. It turned out we had sex the entire night, and after Owen’s P.A. softly knocked on the door, telling him it was almost time for his first appointment, we stopped. I was exhausted but satisfied beyond belief.

This turned out to be the last night we ever had sex together. Even with their mature bodies and tons of experience, we had the time of our lives. But deep down, we probably all knew this wasn’t going to happen again. Nobody said it out loud, but Audrey cried, and sadness was in the air when we parted. We stayed in touch, but our schedules were too difficult to match. However, the fond memories of helping them during their sexual development still make me all warm and fuzzy inside until today.

Audrey and I were in an extremely happy place, with Audrey graduating from college and going to a local university. She wanted to stay close to me, and despite my pressing on to get into the best possible university, she figured that in the end, the university itself doesn’t matter that much. It’s all about the diploma, which she acknowledged by graduating cum laude and landing a decent job she actually liked. It wasn’t a hot-shot VP executive job or anything, but she really enjoyed working there, and in the end, that’s all that really matters.

We wanted to try bringing other people into our sex life. We tried several online ads, which were all horrible. But Audrey knew a guy from work that wanted to try new stuff, and the three of us had sex together on a few occasions. When he got himself a steady girlfriend, we even tried a foursome, but this wasn’t really working for either myself or Audrey. Audrey and I talked about this a lot, and we came to realize that we were trying to re-create something magical that just wasn’t possible to re-create. So we eventually settled for a traditional, monogamous relationship. We were extremely happy with what we had and maybe even more with what we ended up with.

The day Audrey gave birth to our little girl, and I looked at the little bundle of joy lying there in my arms, I was stunned to see how much she looked like Glenn and Gloria. She looked like them way, way more than just a Lil’ Bit.

Here’s the download link to this chapter’s audio file: Link

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