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Our Chaperone

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Our Chaperone
Jason Crow

“Don’t speak! I know what you’re thinking, but it won’t happen!” my mother said.

“But…” I tried.

“No! You’re both too young to go on your own. You’re only twelve years old!”

“Twelve and a half…” I mumbled.

“Exactly. Two twelve ‘and a half’ year old girls don’t spend two nights alone in a cabin on a mountain with hardly any cellphone coverage,” she said, overly emphasizing ‘and a half’.

“But… it’s summer vacation! And you know you can trust Andrea and me,” I pressed.

“It’s not about trust. I know I can trust you. But you’ll be all alone up there, and I think you’re too young for that.”

“You always say we need to go outside instead of looking at our phones all day. And now you…”

“I know, honey. But your dad has to work, and I’ve promised to help grandma, so…” she interrupted me, a little bit kinder now after realizing I was right.

“We don’t want adults around,” I grumbled, “we just want to, you know…”

My mom was quiet for a few moments. And then her face lit up.

“What about your brother?” Mom said with a face as if she had just invented something that could end world hunger. “Tell you what. When Joshua joins you, you can spend these two nights up there.”

“But mom! Joshua is… he’s a… he’s… he’s Joshua!! We’ve got all sorts of plans, and he’ll be…” I tried.

“It’s your choice. Ask your brother, or don’t go. These are the options,” she said and turned around to start doing something in the kitchen.

I was feeling furious by now. We were planning to go there by ourselves and have fun with just the two of us. I was also hoping we could continue where we left off during our last sleepover. I let my mind drift back to the previous weekend…

* * *

We were staying over at Andrea’s house, and while we watched one of the Twilight movies and drooled over Robert Pattinson, we painted each other’s nails. We were dressed in oversized t-shirts and panties. So when Andrea bent forward to grab a tissue from the box, I could see down her shirt and saw her naked boobs.

We used to take baths together when we were younger and changed clothes in front of each other, but after we entered puberty and started growing boobs, this became less frequent. We still undressed in front of each other, and we saw each other naked on several occasions, but it was more of a ‘thing’ now than it was before.

Seeing her small boobs now in this intimate moment made me look at her in a new light. And when her hard, pointy nipples came into view, I felt a tingle shoot through my vagina. I was suddenly getting extremely curious about the rest of her body but wasn’t sure how to bring it up. I kept stealing glances, but I didn’t get another glimpse besides a cameltoe in her green panties. So eventually, I tried steering the conversation toward Devon, BY FAR the hottest boy in our class. Andrea immediately perked up, and we were giggling so loud that Andrea’s mom came knocking.

“Andy, Kelly. It’s time to go to bed now. And please keep the noise down, okay? Roberto and your father are already in bed, so…” her mother said through the crack of the door.

“Okay, Mom,” Andrea said and started putting away the nail polish.

“Of course, Mrs. Lopez,” I said sweetly. “We’ll be quiet now. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, girls,” she said, smiling, and closed the door.

As we crawled into bed, we were still giggling but managed to keep the noise down. My vagina was wetter than it’s ever been before, and I needed to find a way to do something about it. I recently discovered the fine art of masturbation. But I wasn’t sure if Andrea did too, nor did I know what she’d say about me proposing or even doing it.

“Did you see it too last week?” Andrea asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“What do you mean?”

“Devon being pantsed by Mike in the middle of the gym?”

“Oh, that!” I replied, feeling sad for missing that, “no damnit! Missed that.”

“Well… I didn’t,” she whispered conspiratively. “He’s got a big bulge and tight ass. I saw it all!”

“Oh wow. Too bad there aren’t any pictures.”

“Yeah. He’s hot…” Andrea murmured.

“I’d let him take my cherry without even thinking twice about it,” I whispered.

“You go, girl!” Andrea giggled.

“Wouldn’t you?”

After a few moments of silence, she whispered back, “I… uhm… yeah. I guess so.”

“See?” I whispered. “But I heard that big isn’t necessarily better.”

“Well… according to my cousin Maria, bigger is always better,” Andrea chuckled.

“I don’t care. As long as I’m no longer a virgin, it’s good to me. Big or small,” I whispered into the silence that followed.

“As long as it’s not Mateo small,” Andrea giggled, causing me to laugh too.

Mateo is Andrea’s seven-year-old nephew, who always walks around naked in the backyard when he’s over there to go swimming. Even when we’re swimming there too. Of course, we always tease Mateo with it, but he doesn’t care about that at all. But when he got out of the pool the other day, and his little dicky was sticking up like a hard nail, Andrea’s mother stepped in and ordered him to start wearing trunks.

As I contemplated all this, I realized how wet I was between my legs and how I had an ‘I must come soon’ vibe over me.

“Andy?” I whispered.

She must’ve sensed the tension in the air because her reply was also filled with energy.


“Do you… uhm… you know… touch yourself sometimes?” I asked with a trembling voice.

A few agonizingly long seconds passed before she whispered back, “Yes.”

“Me too. Do you think… we can do that now?”

“Yeah. After all that talk about Devon and seeing that movie, I really need to. You?”

“Oh. I… uhm… Yeah! I feel like I’m about to explode!” I said softly.

We both giggled nervously, but neither of us made a move. So I glanced over at Andrea and just nodded. I slid my hand inside my panties, and the moment I touched my slippery clit, I let out a deep sigh.

“You… uhm… wanna keep your panties on?” Andrea whispered.

“Guess not,” I replied, glad to get rid of them.

I immediately slid my panties down and dropped them beside the bed. The sound of them hitting the floor caused Andrea to move too, and seconds later, a similar sound confirmed that she also took them off.

My hand returned to that sensitive spot between my legs, and I tentatively started fingering myself. The movement beside me was the confirmation Andrea was doing the same. I was getting into it when our bare legs touched. My first reaction was to pull back, but feeling her warmth and the movement of her leg was an added layer to my growing arousal. I kept wondering how Andrea did it in the back of my head, but besides the blanket movement, combined with her soft moans, I couldn’t see anything worthwhile.

“Ohh… I’m…” I panted, glancing over at Andrea.

The focused and horny look in her eyes as she looked back was all the answer I needed. Her eyes crossed a few heartbeats later, and her body started shaking. Looking at my best friend cumming was more than enough to push me over the edge, and when my orgasm washed over me, I just knew I needed to see if I could do more with her because it was beyond hot doing this together.

When I opened my eyes again, Andrea was smiling wickedly at me.

“That was hot,” she whispered.

“It sure was. I don’t think I ever came this fast before,” I said, smiling lazily.

We lay there for a few seconds, catching our breath, when Andrea asked, “Kel?”


“I… uhm… will you…” she stammered, followed by, “Never mind.”

“Oh! Come on! What is it?”

“It’s silly. Just drop it,” she said, but it wasn’t convincing.

“Tell me!” I said and poked her in the ribs, causing her to pull back and giggle.

“Okay… would you… mind holding me?”

Well… this wasn’t what I expected, but I would really like holding her, so I replied softly, “Sure! Of course.”

Andrea moved over and pressed herself against me as I spread my arms invitingly, wrapping her arms around my chest and laying her face on my left boob. I held her close and loved the feeling of having my best friend so close to me. But as she shifted, I felt her warm pussy pressed against my leg, and another tingle shot through my body.

“Andy?” I whispered.

“What?” she asked innocently.

“I feel your… uhm… against me.”

“I’m sorry. But it feels nice like this. Do you mind? Want me to move back over?”

“No. It’s just that… yeah… it does feel nice to be lying like this,” I admitted and blushed.

Andrea started moving her right hand upward over my belly and was inches short of my right boob.

“You sure did some growing, you know?” she softly said and placed her hand on my boob, sending off sparks in front of my eyes.

I wasn’t sure how to react to this. It felt incredible having her pressed against me and with her hand on my tit. But wasn’t this gay? Wasn’t I supposed to say or do something here? All sorts of thoughts shot through my head, but I decided it felt just too fantastic to stop her and just enjoy the feelings.

“Thanks. I’m almost a B now,” I heard myself say with a trembling voice, “but if I’m going to look anything like mom, I still have some growing to do. She’s a double-D!”

“Wow!” Andrea whispered. And after a moment of silence, she said, “You know… I… I really like what we did.” She looked up to meet my eyes, and I could see the vulnerability all over her face.

This was clearly a big thing between us. If this went wrong, it could jeopardize our friendship. And I wanted nothing more than our friendship. Maybe even more than masturbating together again.

“I really liked it too! It’s WAY better than just doing it by yourself,” I said, forcing myself to smile through the thick tension in the air.

“Oh! I’m SO glad you liked it too! I was afraid you’d hate me for tricking you into this!”

“Wait. What? You didn’t trick me!”

“Well… maybe a little?”

“Shut up, Andy! We did this together,” I said, hugging her tightly against me.

“Okay then. I’m glad you’re my friend, Doofus,” she whispered and hugged me back.

“Me too, Dork!” I said as we loosened our hug.

We lay there silently for a few minutes when an idea popped up.

“Hey! Maybe I can ask my mom if we can go up to the cabin this weekend! We can do all sorts of fun stuff, like swimming, create some wicked TikTok movies, and maybe… you know…” I said excitedly and blushed at the last bit.

“Really!? Do you think she’d let us go up there on our own?”

“Dunno. Gotta ask her, but we’re almost thirteen. So I don’t see why not!” I said, knowing quite well how difficult this would get, but I felt excited as hell about the idea of the two of us up there on our own. An entire weekend with my best friend up there in the mountains would be fabulous! We could play games, make our own dinner, and maybe, just maybe, go skinny dipping together. Or more. This would be freaking awesome!

“I would like that a lot!” Andrea whispered and softly squeezed my boob, which I figured was unintentional but hot nevertheless.

“Me too,” I yawned.

I felt myself grow sleepy, and before I knew it, light was streaming in through the window, and Andy was lying on her back beside me, snoring loudly.

She’d kicked down the blanket, and her t-shirt had ridden up during the night. I was looking at my best friend’s exposed pussy, and immediately thought back about last night.

Her pussy looked about the same as mine. There were a few strands of hair above it and only a few on her lips, but she was otherwise bald. The last time I looked at it this good, it was completely bald, and we were still flat-chested. We thought nothing about it back then, but I found it extremely interesting and exciting now. I got a good, long look, but as I was overthinking my next move, Andrea moved, her eyes fluttered, and she looked at me with a big smile.

“Morning,” she said warmly.

“Morning!” I answered.

“Guess we fell asleep while you hugged me,” she said, grinning.

“Yeah. Guess we did,” I smiled.

“Don’t you… think it’s… I don’t know… weird to do that?”

“No!” I replied, acting surprised, “Do you?”

“No, I don’t. But you could, you know… feel silly for what we did.”

“Stop it, Andy! I like being with you. And I don’t feel sorry or silly about that. We do what we want, remember? Girl power?”

“Oh yeah. Girl power!” she smiled and looked at the little scar on her thumb where we bonded our friendship by blood, back when we were around six. Our parents were mad as hell when they found out what we did, and Andy’s thumb had to be stitched at the doctor’s office. But it did seal our friendship, and we were still proud of it.

After eating breakfast and collecting my stuff, it was time for me to head home. We were standing at the front door, and before I could head out, Andy pulled me in another hug and gave me a peck on my cheek.

“Thanks, Kel! This was fun!”

“Yeah,” I sheepishly replied and pecked her on her cheek.

“Can’t wait for the next time!” Andrea said excitedly.

“I’ll talk to Mom, promise!”

“Awesome! Text me when you know something, kay?”

“Sure thing!”

* * *

And so here I was, standing at the bedroom door of my big brother, feeling slightly depressed for having to ask him. I was twelve and a half now, and my mom had forced me to ask my almost fourteen-year-old brother for help. This just didn’t feel fair. I sighed deeply and softly knocked on his door. “What?” came from behind the door.

“Josh? Can I come in, please?” I asked.

“One sec,” he said, and I heard some movement.

Moments later, he opened the door to let me in. I looked around in his typical boy’s room and noticed how clean it was compared to mine. On his desk, his computer screen showed some lame-ass fantasy background with two scantily dressed warrior women, and old folk music came from his speakers. On the center of his desk was a half-finished model of some ancient warrior he was working on. He sure had some weird hobbies, but I decided to ignore them since I was here to ask for his help.

“Sup?” Joshua asked as I walked in.

I looked at my brother and was once again amazed at how goofy he looked. It wasn’t just his shiny braces showing when he smiled. It was his whole appearance. Right now, he wore a black t-shirt with a stylized representation of Hedwig, Harry Potter’s owl.

Maybe it was my imagination, but it seemed like his shoulders were broader than I remembered them. But then again, I never really paid that much attention. He was my goofy brother, after all.

He was wearing his usual lounging pants, which were short, grey-colored sweat pants with a black, vertical stripe over each side. I couldn’t help but notice the lump in front of his pants and briefly wondered if maybe I had interrupted something. But I quickly ditched that thought because I didn’t want to think about my brother that way.

“I need your help,” I said, looking him in his eyes.

“Not interested,” was his short and emotionless reply.

“But…” I pressed, “you didn’t even listen to me!”

“Because it’ll probably be something stupid where you only need me to help you out, and then you’ll make fun of me again,” he said. “But if you feel the need to ask anyway, go ahead.”

I winced at his reply. The last time he helped me out, it ended with a bashing session from my soccer teammates. I had asked him to assist Molly’s mom in this big match that was coming up. Unfortunately, Molly’s mom knew nothing about soccer, and the only thing she did was tell us who played and called the substitutes, but at least we had a coach this way. I knew Joshua had studied the game frantically. His motivation to do this was typical for him. It was a different sport than usual, so he wanted to learn all about it. Plain and simple.

And he did have some good pointers before and during the match. But he overdid his duty in a way that only Joshua can. He dressed like a proper, high-class soccer coach. Joshua wore dress pants and a blouse and was even sucking on a lollipop. This caused a few giggles and weird faces from my teammates, but he ignored that or didn’t care.

The problem was that his dress pants were a little tight. I don’t remember it at all, and I didn’t want to know about it back then, but Andrea mentioned afterward that his front was filled out quite obviously. But when he sat down on the bench at the end of the second half, his pants ripped, and his plain white boxers were showing. All the girls on the field were pointing and laughing at him.

I didn’t want to, and I felt sorry for him. But it was a funny sight, and I didn’t want to chicken out in front of the other girls. So I joined them in their mocking session and laughed too. I felt terrible about it afterward, but I never apologized to my brother. I was hoping he’d forgotten about it, but that was clearly not the case.

“I’m really sorry about last time, Josh. I… it was…”

“I get it. I know how it works with group pressure. But it was… you know… I helped you out!”

“I know. And I really hate myself for it. So if you don’t wanna help me, I get it. And I totally understand. Just know I’m really sorry about it, and it won’t happen again. I promise,” I replied, feeling genuinely shitty about last time.

Joshua seemed to lighten up a little after my apology. “So, what is it this time?” Joshua asked.

“Andy and I want to spend this weekend up in the cabin, but Mom won’t let us go by ourselves. But if you join us, she says it’s fine…” I tried, keeping my eyes on him to size up his reaction.

“Just you and Andy?” he asked, and I felt him opening up to the idea.

“Yeah. Just the two of us. Well… three when you come with us,” I smiled warmly.

“What’s in it for me?” Joshua asked flatly.

“You… uhm… I don’t know… What do you want?”

This took him by surprise, judging by the look on his face. His eyes roamed around, but he was clearly struggling to find something he needed.

“I… uhm… I don’t want you guys to make fun of me,” he started.

“Of course. We won’t bother you if you don’t bother us. Deal! Anything else?”

“I want peace and quiet to make my drawings. And you two take care of dinner for those days.”

“Drawings. Dinner. Check!” I said, pleased about how this was playing out.

Joshua was quiet for a few moments and said, “And you take over my dishwasher duty for two weeks when we get back!”

“One week!” I said, not wanting to give in too much.

“Deal!” Joshua said, extending his hand for me to shake on.

“Great!” I said, shook his hand, and gave him a hug after we shook.

He hugged me back, and I was still feeling sorry about the last time. So I whispered, “I’m really sorry about earlier! I shouldn’t have done that! Can you forgive me?

“It’s okay. Just don’t do it again. When do we leave?”

We talked about when we wanted to leave, what to bring and who would carry what. Joshua insisted on taking the old, big backpack with the food, drinks, spare clothes, and towels because it was the heaviest and because he was the man. I giggled at that, but I’d let him have that one. I would carry our swimwear, sunscreen, the new first-aid kit, and some of Joshua’s drawing materials, whereas Andy would take all the extras, like props for our Tik-Toks, board games, and stuff. “Did you check the weather?” Joshua asked as I left his room.

“Yeah! It’s gonna be sunny and warm all weekend!” I smiled broadly.


* * *

It had been almost an hour since we said goodbye to Mom and started our hike toward the cabin. Our cabin was on the edge of the Mammoth Cave National Park and has been in our family for many generations. When the national park was established about eighty years ago, our grandfather agreed to sell the land to the government but demanded that our cabin be allowed to stay. And that we’d always have access to it through the dirt road. The agreement included that we weren’t allowed to sell the cabin, but our family never considered this, so the deal was made, and our family was the only party in the agreement that could end it. So we had that cabin until time itself ended.

From our home, it was a nearly four-hour hike. We usually hiked up there at least once a month. But lately, because of my dad’s busy schedule, this was down to around once every two months. About twice a year, my dad took the four-by-four, drove to the cabin for maintenance, and restocked food, drinks, and all the other stuff that needed replacement. Joshua went with him the last three or four times to help.

But he hated this. He just wanted to stay in his room to draw, work on his models, or write. Unfortunately for him, Dad insisted and also made Joshua help him with the usual gardening work. The forest ended in our backyard and required a lot of maintenance. We got our firewood for both the house and cabin from it, and Dad needed Joshua to help him. This was his way of making sure to pass the knowledge down to another generation.

“Let’s take a break here, kay?” I said to Kelly.

“Yes. Please!” she panted.

We had just completed one of the steepest parts of the hike, and I could hear how she struggled. Kelly had only been in the cabin once when we were about eight years old, and that time we drove up there with Dad.

“Josh? We’re taking a break,” I called out.

Joshua was behind us and had his earbuds in, listening to his music. We needed to get off the trail a bit and into an open spot near the trees. He gave me a thumbs-up, and Andrea and I walked over to the place. Moments later, as Joshua joined us, I handed each of them a water bottle. We sat down on some rocks, and I could see their faces were as flushed as mine from the climb.

It was already eighty-eight degrees outside, and we’d probably be topping ninety today. Andrea and I were basically dressed the same. We wore short, Daisy Duke style jeans, tight tank tops, and our hair in a ponytail. Andrea wore a red tank top. Mine was green. That was about the only difference. And our hair color, of course. We didn’t talk about it or anything. This was just our favorite outfit during warm sunny days.

Joshua was dressed for the occasion for once. Instead of black jeans and some lame-ass t-shirt, he was wearing light-brown, short khaki’s that ended halfway down his upper leg, topped off with a plain white shirt. I checked out his white legs and noticed they were completely hairless and still looked kind of boyish. But when I looked at his shoulders, I saw the confirmation of what I saw earlier. They had broadened over the last few months. He looked more like a man than a boy on that part of his body. I guessed the hard work in the garden was the cause of that. The only weird thing about Joshua’s outfit today was the lightweight jacket he tied around his waist.

“Why are you carrying that jacket? The weather only predicted sun for this weekend,” Andrea asked Joshua.

“Dunno. Just wanna be prepared for the worst, I guess,” Joshua shrugged and took a big swig from the water bottle.

“Better safe than sorry,” I said, not wanting Joshua to feel mocked.

“True,” Andrea added, probably sensing my intentions.

“You sure you’ve checked the weather?” Joshua asked while looking at the sky.

“Of course!” I replied but noticed Joshua’s eyes on the dark cloud that was forming.

“There’s no service,” Andrea said while holding up her phone to make her point.

“No shit! Better get used to that.” I smiled and ignored my brother’s rolling eyes, “There’s only one stripe of service every now and then. But only when we’re at the top. And then even just at certain spots near the lake.”

“Oh,” Andrea said and looked a bit disappointed.

“We better get moving. Just in case,” Joshua said as he got on his feet. “We’ve got about two hours of walking left.”

We got going again, and as the clouds above us kept growing, we kept increasing our pace. Finally, we left the cover of the woods behind us and went on to the open fields.

“It’s one straight shot to the cabin now, but I don’t think we’ll make it there before the rain,” I said when we paused for another quick drink and glanced at the almost pitch-black sky above us.

“Don’t we need to get back?” Andrea asked, looking a bit scared.

Joshua looked at the sky, and I could see the worried look on his face. He untied the jacket from his waist and put it on. I realized the temperature had dropped several degrees in the last few minutes, so I couldn’t blame him, and by now, I felt stupid for not bringing one myself.

“We’re way past the halfway point. So it’s smarter to press on than to head back,” Joshua matter-of-factly said.

“The weather can suddenly change up here,” I told Andrea, trying to comfort her.

“Oh?” she softly said and looked a bit scared.

“Yeah. We’ve had this a few times before. The weather forecast is all good and sunny. And then suddenly, a bad rainstorm comes out of nowhere on the slope of the mountain. Usually, it’s just a lot of rain, nothing serious with lightning or tornadoes,” I smiled, trying to put Andrea at ease, but feeling a bit scared myself since I’ve never seen it this dark before.

After about fifteen minutes of walking, where we almost doubled our pace, I felt a big drop of water on my shoulder. And immediately after that, another one on the middle of my head. Andrea yelped beside me, indicating she felt them too.

We had still a good twenty minutes of walking left and nowhere to hide, so we were bound to get wet. And oh boy, were we in for a treat.

“Okay. We’ll have to keep walking,” Joshua said behind us as the rain started to come down.

After a few minutes of relatively mild rain, the skies opened. It was as if someone emptied an endless bucket of water over us. I could hardly make out the drops, and water was just everywhere.

“HERE!” Joshua shouted from behind us and handed us his jacket.


“JUST HOLD IT ABOVE YOUR HEADS AND KEEP WALKING!” he shouted, and I could see his shirt was soaked and clinging to his body, and in that brief moment noticed his developed pecs.

That’s when I realized I was also soaked to the bone, and my top was clinging to my body as well. A quick glance at Andrea learned she was in the same position as I. Good thing we both wore bras today. Otherwise, we’d be practically topless.

“GO!” I shouted to Andrea, and we started walking so fast, we were almost running.

Joshua’s jacket didn’t seem like much when he gave it to us, but it was actually extremely helpful. It kept our faces dry, and we could clearly see where we were going. I was starting to feel cold all over my body, but the jacket kept most of my upper body relatively dry, and therefore I felt less cold on the upper half.

This made me think about Joshua. He must be freezing behind us! But that moment, Andrea shouted, “THERE IT IS!” I looked where she was pointing and saw our cabin pop up through the rain.

We ran toward the front door, glad to have the cover of the porch above us. Joshua had the key to the door, so I turned around to see where he was. But when I looked back, I didn’t see him. It was difficult to see through the heavy rain, but he was on our heels when we started our last part. I waited a few more seconds, but he didn’t show.

“WHERE’S JOSH!?” Andrea shouted, trying to get above the loud noise the rain was making on the porch’s roof, and she was looking worried.

“I DON’T KNOW!” I answered, feeling very scared now.

We waited a few more seconds before I grabbed the jacket from Andrea and shouted, “GIVE ME THE JACKET! I’LL GO LOOK FOR HIM!” and reached out my hands.


I had to give that to her. It was wiser to go together, but I didn’t want to force Andrea through the rain again. But since she proposed it herself, I simply nodded. Andrea held up the jacket. We got under it and started running back to where we came from.

“JOSH!” I shouted, but no reaction.

“JOSH!” Andrea shouted a few moments later.

There was still no reply, and my heart was beating inside my throat. I was so worried right at that moment I didn’t even care about the rain anymore. We kept running, and the moment I came over a small bump, my heart stopped. There was Joshua’s body lying motionless on the ground.

“JOSH!! JOSH!!” I shouted and ran toward him, feeling almost paralyzed with panic.

“JOSH!” I heard Andrea shout behind me, but it barely registered.

“Josh?” I asked, hovering over him to protect him from the pouring rain and trying to find out what was wrong.

A feeling of relief washed over me when he opened his eyes. His look was a bit unfocused, and his body was trembling all over, but he was alive.

“My… my ankle. I… I tripped…” he stammered between his shivers.

“Do you think you can get up?”

He looked at me, and I could see he tested his other foot. Then, a second later, he nodded and said, “If you can help me get up, I think I can manage.”

“Andy?” I said and looked at Andrea.

We helped Joshua to his feet, and I noticed him trembling like a leaf. The moment he put weight on his strained ankle, he moaned.

“Come on,” I said, looked at Andrea, and started supporting my brother on his left side.

Andrea got the idea and got to his right side. Joshua placed his arms over our shoulders for support, and we were ready to head to the cabin. Thankfully, the rain was down to more normal proportions by now, so we didn’t have to shout anymore. When we started walking, I noticed the backpack Joshua was carrying lying on the ground and reached out to pick it up

“Leave it,” Joshua moaned through clenched teeth. “It’s soaked all the way through… It’s way too heavy to take with us… and no use right now.”

“Okay. I’ll go get it when the rain stops,” I replied, realizing he was right. It just contained stuff we could do without at the moment, especially since everything was soaking wet anyway.

Our primary focus was getting into the cabin and ensuring we got dry. So we started heading for the cabin, and despite Joshua’s sore ankle, we arrived there quicker than I expected. As we were standing there, dripping all over the porch floor, Joshua let go of me and started searching in his pocket. His hands were shaking badly. But moments later, he handed me the key, and I quickly unlocked the door.

“Kelly!” Andrea said panicky behind me as I pushed against the door.

I looked back and stepped in just in time to support Joshua. He was shivering uncontrollably, and it seemed as if he had passed out. Moments after I caught him, he seemed to have snapped back.

“You okay?” I asked worriedly.

“I’m so cold…” he said, barely above a whisper.

“Let’s get inside. Now!” I said to Andrea, who nodded understandably.

We managed to get inside, and with my foot, I pulled back one of the wooden chairs from the table, and we helped Joshua sit down. I looked at my brother, and his shaking was almost painful to watch. His eyes kept closing, and his lips were turning blue.

“We need to get him out of these wet clothes,” I said to Andrea, realizing I was shivering quite a bit myself.

“And then what? We don’t have towels or spare clothes!” she said, and I could hear the panic in her voice.

“Grab the blankets from that bed, and put them all on the big bed over there. I’ll start undressing Josh in the meantime,” I said, feeling the urgency to take the lead.

I looked at her surprised face. “What?” I asked since she didn’t start moving.

“Are you really going to undress him? Like… all the way?”

“I… uhm… well… maybe not ALL the way,” I stammered, just now realizing what I said, “but we need to do something! If his temperature drops too low, it can be a serious thing! I read about it the other day. So, please… grab these blankets, and we’ll try to get him warmed up.”

That did it for Andrea. She turned around and headed for the blankets. I decided for myself that undressing Joshua down to his underwear would be okay for the three of us. We’d gone swimming together a lot, and this wouldn’t be much different from that. So I grabbed the bottom of his soaking wet shirt and lifted it over his head. Joshua had still enough consciousness in him to lift his arms.

It didn’t go really smoothly, but a few seconds later, the shirt landed on the floor with a loud smack. Seeing him now without his shirt made me notice how much his chest had developed since the last time I saw him shirtless. He had nice pecs, a clear start of a six-pack, and lovely, broad shoulders. How could I’ve missed this? Was it all because of his stupid clothes and geeky hobbies?

Needing to focus on the job at hand, I shook my head and knelt down to take off his shoes and socks. I threw his first shoe on top of his shirt, and I noticed Andrea was done with spreading out the blankets on the bed.

“I’m getting pretty cold myself!” she said softly, probably ashamed of admitting this now.

“Yeah. Me too. First things first,” I replied, realizing we also needed to find a solution for ourselves.

I started working on Joshua’s second shoe. The moment it came off, I noticed how odd his upper body was angled. I looked up and saw his eyes were closed again, and he was hanging to one side.

“JOSH!” I shouted and got to my feet.

His body slumped over further as I did this, and he dropped to the floor with a loud thump.

“Quick! Help me carry him to the bed!” I said to Andrea, who came running over.

I stood near Joshua’s head, put my hands under his armpits, and tried to get some grip. After a few moments, I felt like I had enough grip, so I nodded at Andrea, who counted down. With a lot of effort, I got his upper body onto the bed, but only a little bit of his butt was resting on the blankets, and his feet were still on the ground.

“He’s heavy!” Andrea panted.

“I know! Can you please get the sheet from the other bed?” I asked Andrea, realizing we needed to do something to get a bit dryer.

This time, she didn’t ask why but rushed over and quickly returned with the thin cotton sheet we used to ly on. She handed it to me, and as I started drying Joshua’s upper body with the corner of the sheet, she started working on his legs and feet. After we were done, I draped a bit of the blanket over his upper body. We still needed to get him entirely into the bed. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to fully cover him. But I also still needed to get rid of his wet pants first.

“I know. But this is good for now,” I said and stood next to his upper legs, where I started undoing his button and zipper.

“Good thinking!” Andrea said as she stood close to me, and I could hear her shivering.

As I started sliding down his wet khakis, his white boxer briefs came into view. First, the Calvin Klein text on the waistband, but soon enough, the white cotton of the boxers itself. When I started pulling down his pants, I thought nothing of it. But now that I saw his soaked boxers appear, I realized this had nothing to do with swimwear we’ve seen him in before.

Because they were so wet, they were almost transparent. I didn’t immediately realize it when I saw the dark spot of his pubes appear, but the moment my brother’s dick came into view, I realized that I was basically looking at his naked dick.

Though I decided to keep on going, Andrea sucked in a breath beside me, and it was obvious she wasn’t expecting to see this either. “Is that… what I think it is?” she whispered.

“I guess…” I softly replied, not taking my eyes off it as more and more of it was exposed.

I kept pulling down his pants, figuring the damage was already done. But when his darker dickhead appeared, I realized my brother had a reasonably big dick. I had such a good, long look that I was pretty sure it was four, or just a little over four inches long and quite thick.

I lifted each leg out of his pants and threw the pants aside. When I looked up at my brother and saw him lying there basically naked, an extremely strong tremble shot through my body, making my pussy instantly soaking wet. But seeing how wet his underwear was, I knew he needed to get rid of them too. And it would hardly make any difference in how much exposed he was already.

“Josh?” I asked.

He blinked and opened his eyes. His eyes moved from left to right, and it was evident that he didn’t have a clue where he was. So I stepped closer, and his eyes locked on mine when I came into view.

“Wha… what?”

“We need to get you into the bed to warm up, but…” I started.

“But what?” he asked, his focus slightly sharper than before.

“Well… your, uhm… Your underwear is wet. Really wet. Can you take ‘em off, or do you need help?”

“My underwear?” he asked, suddenly with panic in his voice as he realized he was almost completely naked already.

He lifted his head and looked down. His current situation couldn’t be missed from his point of view, and he started blushing furiously.

“I’m sorry, Josh. But you need to get warm,” I said with the most sympathetic voice I could find.

He simply nodded, and his hands started moving down, but they trembled so hard that he couldn’t find the waistband.

“You do it,” he whispered after a few failed attempts.

My heart was almost beating out of my chest as I started working on pulling down my brother’s underwear. But as it came down, I realized that looking at his exposed dick was still different from looking at it through the transparent white cloth.

His cut dick pointed downward and laid over his tight ballsack. His sack was pulled so tight that I couldn’t make out his balls. It was completely hairless, and a small patch of black hair above his penis was the only hair he had on his body besides his head.

“All done,” I said without trying to look too long and obvious at his dick, “let’s get you on the bed properly. Andy?”

I looked at my best friend and noticed she had taken off her top and shorts and was standing there in her underwear, shaking with her eyes locked on my brother’s groin.

“These clothes are so cold!” she stammered apologetically.

“I know,” I said and knew I had to get out of mine quickly as well.

We each got on one side of my brother’s shoulder and helped him completely onto the mattress. I saw his dick flopping around in the corner of my eye as he moved, which was very intriguing. We covered him with the blankets, and as I got off the bed, I looked at him and saw he was out again. I was feeling worried, and it must’ve shown because Andrea said, “He’ll be alright, Kel.”

“You really think so?” I said as I started taking off my top.

“Well… In the Girl Scouts, I learned that warming up another person can quickly be achieved by using body heat… And this works both ways.”

“You mean…” I asked, wondering if she was thinking what I was thinking.

“Yeah. We need to get in bed with your brother… I don’t think there’s another way.”

I noticed she didn’t sound disappointed or apprehensive at all. And the idea of feeling my brother’s naked body near me, or even against me, didn’t put me off at all! Heck! I liked the idea!

“And we need to…” I said, pointing at my panties, “take these off too, right?”

“I guess…” Andrea said, and I could see her blush.

“I bought these especially for this weekend,” she said, blushing and looking at mine.

“So did I,” I giggled and noticed how similar they looked.

Both were black with a bit of lace on the edges. They were nothing fancy. Just nice, stylish panties that made us look more mature. Andrea was wearing a striped blue and white bra, and as she reached around to undo the hooks, I felt butterflies in my stomach over the idea of seeing her boobs altogether.

It took me a second, but when I snapped out of it, I started working on my green bra with white dots. It was closed at the front, but by now, my hands were beginning to shake uncontrollably too, and I couldn’t undo it.

“Here. Lemme help,” Andrea softly said as she watched me.

My eyes were immediately drawn to her boobs. Her skin was naturally dark with her Cuban background, and her nipples were even darker. Her breasts were smaller than mine, and as she said before, they were a small A-cup. Not big, but clearly passed the puffy-nipple stage.

Her hands went to the front of my bra, and as her fingers started working on the clasps, another tingle shot through my pussy. Despite the cold, I was feeling all warm inside. But when she opened my bra and her hands moved the pads away, her palms brushed my stiff nipples, and a soft moan escaped my throat.

“You okay?” Andrea asked and looked at me with a sly smile.

“Yeah,” I smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

“Let’s help you out of these as well,” she said, and her hands started pulling at my panties.

Before I could react, they were at my ankles, and I stepped out of them. I felt Andrea’s eyes roam over my body, and I felt exposed but very sexy standing there, despite my shaking hands and body.

“You look nice,” she whispered, and I could see her blush.

Andrea grabbed the sheet and started drying my body. She did it quite unceremonially, but it still felt incredibly nice to feel her hands all over my body. Andrea didn’t linger as much on my boobs as I would’ve done to her, but I didn’t blame her, considering how cold we both were. She gently pushed against my shoulders and started drying my back.

“All done,” she said, and as I turned around, she was already drying herself.

She looked at me as she was drying herself. She handed me the towel as she started pulling down her own panties, and after a few moments of me drinking in the sight of her nude body, I gave back the sheet. I noticed how much her hands were shaking now, and I folded my arms in front of my chest to at least feel a little bit warmer. After Andrea was done, she tossed the sheet on the ground

We stood on either side of the bed, ready to get in. “This is weird,” I said, looking at my naked best friend as I was about to step equally naked into the same bed as my nude brother.

“Yeah… But it’s for the best,” she smiled.

I lifted the blanket and saw my brother was still passed out. I looked at his now exposed chest and still wondered how it got this hot this quickly. I inhaled deeply, stepped in, and draped the blanket over us. The bed was shaking as Andrea was doing the same on the other side of the bed.

I lay on my back, and my right side was pressed against my brother’s body. His body felt even colder than mine, and I could still feel him shiver a little. We laid quietly like this for a good ten minutes, and I felt our combined heat warming us up nicely by now.

“What are you doing?” Joshua mumbled as he was getting back to us.

I looked at him and said soothingly, “We need to get you warm, remember?”

“Oh. Right. But… I’m… you’re…” he stammered.

“I know. But getting out of our wet clothes was the only way to get warm quickly. After we’re warm, we’ll light up the fireplace,” I smiled warmly as I looked into my brother’s eyes.

He was looking at me with a panicked look in his eyes that I couldn’t place. But when I felt something brush against my hip, my eyes widened, and Joshua winched. Was this his…?

“Turn on your side,” Andrea said, “that way, our bodies make the most contact, and the effect will be even better.”

She pushed against Joshua’s shoulder, and he turned toward me. I hesitated slightly because I wanted to ensure I felt what I felt. But it quickly dawned on me that I could feel it even better with my back pressed against him.

So I also turned to my left side, and when I felt Joshua was on his side too, I scooted back. At first, his upper chest touched my back, but I was determined to feel all of him against me by now. So I moved my lower body back toward my brother. The moment I felt his dick touch my lower back, I felt my pussy contract. This was a dick pressed against me. And a hard one as far as I could tell. I didn’t care that it was attached to my brother at all. It was an even bigger turn-on, if I was being frank.

When I was pressed entirely against him, there was no more doubt that he was hard as a rock. It was nudged between my butt cheeks, and the tip was pressed against my lower back. I was SO excited to feel this that I felt as if every nerve in my body was on high alert.

“I’m so sorry, Kel,” Joshua whispered so softly I could barely hear it, but the panic in his voice was unmistakable.

“It’s okay,” I croaked a little too loud as my voice betrayed me.

“What is?” Andrea asked behind us.

“Lying like this,” I responded, internally proud of this quick reply because I didn’t want this to ever end.

“Yeah. It’s better, isn’t it? I’m starting to feel warmer already. How are you doing, Josh?”

“Hmppf,” was all that came out of his throat.

“Well… you’ve stopped shaking, and you’re not passing out, so it’s better, right?” Andrea asked.

I felt Joshua nod and his body relaxed a little. We were lying like this for about five minutes, each of us lost in our thoughts. Joshua’s hard dick twitched every now and then, and I was only thinking about how nice it felt to feel him pressed against me like this. But, deep down, I knew I needed more. So, after a long internal struggle, I grabbed his hand that was lying modestly on my hip and placed it directly on my left boob. When his hand touched my over-sensitive nipple, my pussy started contracting sharply again.

When his hand closed itself around my boob, another exciting thing happened. My brother’s hard dick twitched violently between us. To me, this indicated that he was also enjoying this tremendously.

“I… I’m sorry,” he whispered real softly again into my ear.

I responded by pushing my butt back against his hardon, and I squeezed my butt cheeks at the same time to let him know I wanted this. Apparently, Joshua needed no further encouragement because he started kneading my boob and gently pinched my nipple. I could barely hold back a few moans, and my cheeks kept gently rubbing over his shaft. My pussy was beyond wet by now, and I felt an incredible urge to touch it. It would just be too many kinds of wrong to do this now, but I felt my hormones were clouding my judgment at the moment.

“This is really helping,” Andrea said behind me, snapping me back to reality, “I’m starting to feel warm. Almost sweaty. But my back is still cold.”

“Uh-uh,” I managed to get out of my throat.

“And I don’t hear the rain anymore,” Andrea continued.

I was clamping my legs shut in a vain attempt to release the pressure. But Joshua’s kneading hand on my tit and hard rod against my back made this impossible.

“No. Guess it stopp- aah,” Joshua said and moaned as I firmly rubbed my butt against his cock again.

“You sure you’re okay?”

“Uh-huh,” Joshua said, and I could feel him nod.

“Hey! Have you been working out?” Andrea asked after a few seconds, and I could hear the sweet talk ooze from her voice.

A very slight sting of jealousy shot through me. It was odd to feel jealous of my brother. Of course, Joshua wasn’t my boyfriend, nor could he ever be. He was my damn brother! But still… I wanted to touch him. Feel his cock and hard muscles.

I wanted him inside me.

That realization shocked me. It came out of nowhere, but it was SO true! I wanted my virginity to be gone, and I wanted my big brother to take it.

“N- no,” Joshua stammered.

“Well… I noticed you’ve grown some muscles, and I think they look nice on you,” Andrea said as she kept on sweet-talking my brother.

I felt her fingers touch me every now and then as her hands caressed the side of Joshua’s body. Her light touches felt electric to me, and that’s when I knew it. I was in bed naked with a boy I wanted to give my virginity to and with my best friend I wanted to fool around with. How could this be wrong? If I played it right, I might have both.

As I was considering my options, Andrea said, “can we turn on our other side now? My back is still cold.”

Joshua swallowed audibly behind me, and the gears of my brain kicked into motion. I lifted my brother’s hand from my boob, squeezed my cheeks one more time, eliciting another soft moan, and then turned to my back. I smiled when I saw the fear on Joshua’s face and looked at Andrea.

“He can’t turn around. He’s got a boner, and he doesn’t want you to feel it,” I said, and Joshua’s eyes went wide as saucers.

I knew I was putting him on the spot this way. But I also knew that Andrea would be cool about it. And this way, it was way easier to make a move. So Andrea blinked a few times, and then a sly smile spread across her lips. She winked at me and turned to her back too.

“I get it,” she said, “but you don’t have to be ashamed. It’s natural. Right, Kel?”

I wasn’t sure where she was going with this, but I decided to play along. So I said, “Completely natural.”

“But we’ve already seen it when we put you in bed. And I think you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of,” Andrea said as she kept looking at the ceiling.

Joshua turned to his back and looked at me, then at Andrea. I noticed something had changed in the way he looked at me. It wasn’t anger or fear. It was something else.

“But it isn’t fair,” he whispered, also looking at the ceiling now.

“What isn’t?” I asked, realizing now what the change in his look was. He was horny!

“You two saw me, but I didn’t get a chance to look at you,” he whispered after a short pause.

“Well… we could pull down the blankets,” I said softly, “it’s way too hot under them by now anyway.”

The three of us chuckled nervously at that, but no one made a move. The tension inside the room was thick, and I felt like we were about to cross a line.

“You’re also going to see your sister naked. You know that, right?” Andrea said with a grin that I couldn’t place.

“So?” I snapped, “What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing! Honestly. But some people might think it’s weird. Just saying.”

“I like how she looks,” Joshua whispered shyly, “So what if she’s my sister? It’s not like we’re having sex.”

“Yet…” Andrea said bluntly in the silence that followed.

That made my heart skip a few beats. The realization of me wanting to have sex was back, and there was no way I could deny it.

Joshua alternated his look between Andrea and me and shrugged. He surprised me as he took the initiative. With his feet, he started pulling down the blankets covering us. He stopped when the blanket reached our midsections and looked openly at my boobs. He switched his gaze between Andrea and me, and I felt extremely sexy being watched like this. Especially when I also saw Andrea looking at me with a lustful look in her eyes.

But my eyes switched between Joshua’s hairless and slightly muscular chest and Andrea’s small boobs. I loved looking at both and wanted to lick and kiss them badly. The blanket ended just below the top of Joshua’s pubic hairs, and his dick made a small tent. I couldn’t see it clearly enough, but it seemed that a few of Andrea’s pubes were also visible. The tension about seeing forbidden flesh was almost unbearable.

“Wow,” Joshua said softly, “you look amazing!”

“Yeah. You too,” Andrea and I replied simultaneously.

We all giggled nervously at that. My heart was beating fast as I anticipated the next step. Joshua must’ve sensed it because the blanket slowly moved further down moments later. At first, his reddish dickhead came into view, and both Andrea and I sucked in a breath. This didn’t seem to bother Joshua because the blanket kept moving down. Then, more and more of his stiff dick appeared, and in the corner of my eye, I saw Andrea’s pussy on display.

But two pairs of eyes were focused on my brother’s stiff dick, which looked amazing! Then, finally, when the blanket started sliding down over his balls and his entire dick was visible, I could adequately judge its size and girth. I guessed that with five and a half inches, it was slightly longer than when it was soft. But seeing it hard and throbbing with every heartbeat impressed me even more than when I saw it for the first time.

I glanced quickly at Andrea and saw her eyes were roaming over my body. But my eyes returned to that amazing piece of hard flesh between my brother’s legs.

“Can I touch it?” I heard myself whisper and looked Joshua in his eyes.

“I… uhm… you…” he stammered.

But I actually didn’t need approval. I felt a deep, primal need to feel, squeeze, and jerk it. I needed to see him cum, and that need came from a place so deep inside my soul that I didn’t even know I had it. I watched my hand as it snaked over his hip, inching its way toward the end zone.

The moment my fingertips touched the hard rod, I was amazed by the warmth radiating from it. But I didn’t waste any time on this unexpected fact, and when I saw my hand wrap around it, another surge of pleasure shot through my already trembling pussy.

“Ahhhh!!!” Joshua moaned when my fingers gripped him firmly.

I couldn’t explain the pleasure and amazement I felt when I held my very first boner in my hand. It felt hard and soft at the same time, and I could feel my brother’s heartbeat through it. Next, my hand moved upward, and when I reached the edge of his dickhead, I was treated with a completely new texture under my shaky fingers. Then, when they completely covered his dickhead, the softness and sponginess gave me another shot of pleasure. And as I softly squeezed it, Joshua moaned again.

My eyes were fixed on his dick and balls, and all of this lasted only a few seconds. Then, as I was toying with it, I saw Andrea’s hand join mine. Her hand was on the bottom half of my brother’s hard cock, and she moved down to cup his balls. These fascinated me greatly, but right now, I was primarily focused on his dickhead and shaft.

I’ve already seen enough clips of guys jerking off that I knew the basic mechanics. And that same primal urge to touch his cock, was urging me on to watch him shoot his cum. It was almost as if I wasn’t myself anymore as that urge took over.

So I gently moved my hand down over the tip of his dick, where my hand touched Andrea’s. Our eyes met briefly, and judging by how she looked at me, she was almost hornier than I felt.

But by now, I was on a mission. I wanted my brother to cum. I wanted, no, I needed to see him spurt his cum. There was only one way we’d go from here, and that was his orgasm. So as I slowly started moving my fist up and down the tip and upper half of his cock, Andrea began to massage the lower half, which she alternated with toying with his balls.

“Ohhh… I’m… AAAHHHH!” Joshua moaned and squirmed under our massaging hands.

Andrea and I kept going, and I saw her move in the corner of my eye. She laid her head on Joshua’s chest and looked at me longingly. I instinctively knew what she wanted, so I moved my head up too, and the moment our noses touched, we kissed each other passionately.

“Stop it! I’m… LOOK OUT!” Joshua said with fear in his voice.

I could feel him trying to squirm away from our hands, but I would have nothing of that. He was probably afraid he’d cum, and we’d be offended by it, but the exact opposite was true.

“Just let it come! Shoot your stuff for us!” I hoarsely said, breaking the kiss with Andrea and looking down at his thick cock.

“I… AH! AH! AH! AAAAHH!!” Joshua moaned.

I felt his dick grow even fatter in my massaging hand, and it started kicking violently. Then, a heartbeat later, the first spurt flew out of his dick and hit me on my chin. The following spurts weren’t as powerful, but the globs landed all over the top of his six-pack and ended around his belly button.

A good six or seven spurts later, a small dribble hung from the tip of his dick, and Joshua was panting heavily.

As I realized what I had just seen, I looked over at Andrea, feeling stunned. But as I looked at her, I only saw horniness and lust in her eyes. She didn’t look surprised at all. Her lips turned into a wicked smile when she looked at my chin. Andrea moved in and licked the glob of cum from my face. This both tickled and felt hot at the same time.

“Mmhhh. Nice!” she smiled after exaggeratingly licking her lips.

She glanced down at the top of my brother’s six-pack and lapped up some of that too. This was it! I needed a taste too! I wanted to know what it tasted like, and I certainly didn’t want Andrea to have it all. So I also moved down and lapped up the nearest glob.

It tasted… interesting. It was between sweet and salt and had a very intriguing texture. It took me a little while to process, but I knew I liked it. I liked it a lot, so I moved my face down to get some more and satisfy my primal need.

My face was just inches away from my brother’s still hard cock and the small patch of black pubes as I was licking all over his muscular lower abdomen. Then, in the corner of my eye, I saw Andrea move. Judging by the movement of the mattress, she was getting up. I didn’t care too much about what she was about to do because I was too focused on eating my brother’s cum.

But, moments later, when I felt her hands on my knees, gently spreading them, I figured she would touch my soaking pussy. Maybe even finger me and satisfy my neglected puss!

So I willingly spread my legs. I was lapping up the last drop around Joshua’s belly button. After this, just the drop hanging from the slit of his dick was left. But I was too chicken to lick his dick, so I decided to leave it hanging. Since I was done here and Andrea was going to touch me, I might as well get comfortable, soI turned to my back. Joshua was still panting and had his arm over his head, looking at the ceiling.

I was expecting a few probing fingers around my pussy. But when I felt something moist and warm cover my pussy lips and a wet, soft worm sneaking around and trying to wiggle its way between my lips, I immediately put two and two together. My best friend was eating me out!

I let out a loud moan when the realization hit, and the overwhelming feeling washed over my body. Joshua’s body moved beside me, and judging by his soft, “oh fuck!”, he saw what was going on and apparently loved it.

Moments later, I felt his hand on my tit again, and he started pinching my nipple gently. His massaging hand and squeezing fingers lifted me off the bed. At least mentally. I felt like I was floating in mid-air because of all the attention my body was getting.

Andrea’s tongue was doing something magical between my legs because I felt like I was practically cumming, but somehow she managed to prevent the inner dam from breaking. I was constantly on the verge of cumming, but never went over the top.

“I think you’re ready,” Andrea said, and a shot of disappointment shot through my body as her face left my pussy.

“Ready for what?” I asked, looking down at my best friend’s face that was looking up from between my spread legs.

“Ready to get fucked,” she said matter-of-factly, and a wicked smile slowly appeared.

I noticed Andrea’s hand was around Joshua’s hard cock, slowly massaging it. It took a few moments for her words to sink in, but I looked at my brother when they did. The look on his face was a mixture of fear, surprise, and lust. This look represented precisely how I felt. I wanted to feel his hard dick slide into me. But I had never done this before. Wouldn’t it hurt? And, last but not least, he was my freaking brother!

“But… I’m… we’re… he’s my…” I stammered.

“She’s my… I… I never…” Joshua stammered next to me.

Andrea started laughing and looked at us both.

“Look,” she started, “I know you’re brother and sister. But I think that’s the best way to do this! You love each other, but not like ‘that’. So if either of you doesn’t like it, no one’s feelings will get hurt. And no bragging, slut shaming, nothing!”

Being the drama queen she is, a dramatic pause followed, where I let these words sink in. It only took me a few moments to make a decision. I wanted to be fucked by my brother. He had a nice body, he’d never hurt me, and Andrea would be here for moral support. But Andrea’s words about us not being romantically involved gave me the final push.

“But..” I heard Joshua half-heartedly sputter.

“I want to try it…” I whispered softly, interrupting my brother and looking him in his eyes.

“You do?” Joshua asked, and the fear on his face was instantly replaced with amazement.

“Yeah. Andy’s right. I know I want to know what it feels like, and I guess you do too,” I said, feeling myself grow even hornier by the thought of losing my virginity to my own brother.

“I uhm… I guess you’re right. But are you sure it isn’t… I don’t know… weird?” he said, but somehow I knew he was playing it down so he wouldn’t seem too eager.

“Why would it be weird?” Andrea chipped in, “it’s just sex! It’s not like you’re trying to get her pregnant or something.”

“How do we do it?” I said to no one in particular but was determined to get this show on the road.

I was hornier than I’ve ever been, and getting fucked by that magnificent-looking cock attached to my brother’s fine-looking body, was something that needed to happen soon!

“Why don’t you lie on your back, Josh? Kel can sit on top of you; that way, she can easily control how deep and fast you guys go,” Andrea said softly, and I could hear her voice tremble from anticipation.

“But I can’t,” I started.

“I’ll make sure to point his… uhm… dick at the correct place. Don’t worry! And I’ll be right behind you to help you,” she said soothingly.

Andrea extended her hand to help me up. When our faces got close, she kissed me passionately on my mouth and slid her tongue inside. I tasted something I had never tasted before and realized I tasted my own cunt juices. Andrea smiled at me when we broke the kiss and gently pushed me toward my brother.

Joshua turned to his back, and I looked at him as I straddled his waist. He was obviously nervous, but there was also sheer lust dripping from his face. I loved that look! I sat down on my brother’s lap, and the moment my pussy landed on his rock-hard cock, we both let out a soft moan. I placed my hands on Joshua’s chest and marveled once again at his solid and tight pecs.

“Lift your butt a bit Kel,” Andrea said.

So I did just that, and a moment later, Joshua sucked in a breath. I figured Andrea was gripping his dick, which was confirmed a second later when I felt the warm and squishy dickhead touch the outside of my pussy. She rubbed it up and down over the length of my pussy lips a few times, causing my brother and me to squirm a little.

“Ready?” Andrea asked as I was getting used to feeling my brother’s dick rubbing over my pussy.

I looked down at Joshua, and a slight nod from his head was all I needed.

“Yeah. I think so! But I’ll stop if it hurts, okay?”

“Of course!” Joshua said immediately, looking a bit worried all of a sudden.

“Don’t worry! You’re wetter than a fire hydrant in a dog kennel. This won’t hurt one bit. Trust me.”

I felt the tip of my brother’s dick press against the entrance of my pussy. This was it! This morning I wanted to fool around with my best friend, but here I was, losing my virginity to my brother. And every fiber in my body was buzzing with anticipation.

“Just slowly move down, Kel! And keep your butt on the mattress, Josh! Let your sister determine the pace.”

Joshua nodded silently. But as the tip of his dick slid inside me, the nodding stopped, and his eyes flew open. We simultaneously sucked in a breath, and I felt his dick twitching slightly, but since the tip was held by my pussy, and the shaft by Andrea’s hand, there wasn’t much room for it to twitch.

I slowly inched my way down over his throbbing member. I was expecting to feel a bit of pain, or at least some discomfort. But none of that was true. Instead, I felt stuffed and stretched, but in the best way possible. I never felt anything this fantastic ever before.

By now, about an inch of my brother’s dick was inside me, and not only did I want more. I wanted it all!! I needed every inch of his hard, throbbing cock inside me. I felt the inside of my pussy contracting lightly, and Joshua’s dick twitched a little with every contraction. He still didn’t have enough room to have a significant effect on me, but I felt it. And it was a massive turn-on for me to keep going.

So I inched down further, and when my underside touched Andrea’s hand, I knew I was only about halfway. There was still more of this magnificent cock left!

“Ohhh…” I moaned as I clearly felt the rim of his cockhead inside of me.

“Does it feel good?” Andrea softly asked as her hand left Joshua’s dick and snaked over my right hip.

I simply nodded as I wanted to stay focused on impaling myself on my brother’s boner. But then, I felt Andrea move behind me, and moments later, her tits pressed against my back.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” She whispered in my ear, and her hand slowly moved from my hip toward my pussy.

Not trusting my voice enough to speak, I shook my head, and as I slid down even further, Joshua moaned loudly. I almost forgot there was someone attached to this dick, so I tried finding eye contact with him. His gaze was unfocused, and his mouth was slightly open. It looked like he was enjoying this even more than I was, which I found almost unbelievable.

Getting used to being filled up like this and feeling absolutely no pain, I let the last bit of his dick slide into me in one quick move. I was SO eager to have my brother’s entire dick inside me that I threw my caution in the wind. When Andrea’s fingers started caressing my pussy, I let the tension in my legs go.

The result was almost unbelievable. I dropped at least two inches, and when our pubes mashed together, the pressure on my clit nearly triggered an orgasm. Inside, the tip of his dick touched a spot I couldn’t place at the moment. I later learned he hit my cervix, which unleashed a whole new wave of different feelings I had never felt before.

I looked at my brother as we both moaned loudly, and his eyes found mine. The look of pure lust and horniness was sexy as hell. Somehow we both knew what we wanted, and we didn’t need words to let the other know what that was. We needed to fuck! I Needed his cum inside my pussy. And I needed it as quickly as possible.

I gently squeezed my brother’s pecs, and when Andrea’s left hand snaked around my upper body and cupped my right boob where she started toying with my over-sensitive nipple, her right hand started toying with my clit.

“Fuck him!” she whispered in my ear as her whole body was pressed against my back, and her hands started stimulating me for real.

It was as if I wasn’t myself at that moment. Lust had taken over, and hearing my best friend’s encouragements in my ear was the last drop. I slowly lifted myself up and felt the rim of my brother’s dickhead slide down through my soaking wet love canal.

Right before he slipped out, I immediately moved down again. Both my brother and I moaned loudly, and Andrea’s finger was now properly rubbing my clit, which caused my pussy to get even slipperier.

When my clit crushed against my brother’s pubes and he hit my cervix again, I almost came. By now, I was constantly on the verge of cumming, and I felt an incredible urge to do something about that. So after I felt my brother’s dickhead travel down my insides again, I decided to try something new.

When he couldn’t go down anymore and Andrea’s mouth was kissing the side of my neck, I relaxed the muscles in my legs, let gravity do its work, and dropped down.

The result was unbelievable! The pressure on both my clit and my cervix was beyond everything I had ever felt before. And I came! My pussy started contracting, but it didn’t go through all the way. The feelings inside me were the same, but my pussy just couldn’t do its regular thing because it was so filled up. So I came, but not in the way I usually came. It was so weird and confusing, but also sexy and thrilling beyond everything I’ve known up until then.

A loud moan from Joshua told me this was also the way for him. So I lifted myself again and dropped down hard. After I did this a few times, Joshua lifted his butt off the mattress to slam hard into me. This enhanced the effect to a level where I was constantly cumming, but never went completely over the hill. Even Andrea’s fingers on my clit and nipple couldn’t bring me over.

The lewd sounds of flesh slapping loudly together filled the cabin, and as Joshua’s moans increased in both level and pitch, so did our pace in fucking.

“AH! AH! AH! AHHH!” Joshua moaned under me.

I dug my fingers into his pecs and felt a tornado approach from deep within. The intensity of it was both frightening and liberating, as I knew this was it. I felt my brother’s dick grow even fatter within my insides, and when he slammed into me, he did it with such force I knew he was cumming.

The moment his dick started kicking inside me, and I felt his sperm shoot out, coating my insides, I felt the tornado unleashing itself. I could only let out a deep, animal-like grunt. I heard it coming out of my throat, and it almost sounded alien-like. I never knew I could produce such a sound.

The pressure that had built up during my incestuous fuck, gathered in the middle of my body, right above my stomach. And when I came, that pressure spread throughout every part of my body. First, it traveled down my arms, after which my fingers started tingling. After this, I felt it fly both up and down in my chest, causing my head to feel like it spun on my neck. My vision was blurry, and I felt my pussy contract so sharply that I was surprised I wasn’t hurting my brother.

Andrea’s fingers were still playing around, but apparently, she knew to tone her actions down now. My brother’s dick was still kicking around, but I didn’t feel any more cum shooting out of it. I never felt my muscles down there contract the way they did now, and this way, I was milking his cock dry.

Joshua lowered his butt back on the mattress, and as I leaned back against my best friend’s body, I felt myself returning from this magnificent orgasm.

“That was some hardcore shit!” she whispered with obvious amazement in her voice.

“I need to lie down,” I said, but the words came out so raggedly that I could barely hear them myself.

Andrea supported me as I got up. As my brother’s dick slid out, I felt a little of his cum drip out of me. After I laid down next to Joshua, I looked at him. His eyes were a little unfocused, but after a few moments, they locked with mine, and a big grin spread across his face.

“We need to do that A LOT more!” he softly said, and the three of us all giggled at that.

This post-orgasmic silliness relieved the tension I was afraid we’d have. But there was absolutely none of that. Joshua was clearly okay with this, and I certainly knew I was. I just wasn’t sure how Andrea would act on this. So as she laid down next to me, I kissed her on her cheek.

“You both look like you enjoyed yourselves,” Andrea said, smiling broadly.

“If I knew having sex would be this awesome, I would’ve done it way sooner!” I exclaimed excitedly.

“Yeah! Really!” Joshua added, clearly as excited as I was.

“I know…” Andrea said softly, “that’s exactly what I thought after my first time!”

It took me a few seconds for this to land. I guess I was still riding my orgasmic wave, but it suddenly landed.

“What do you mean? You’ve had sex before?” I said into the silence that followed Andrea’s comment.

“I… uh… yeah. I kinda did…” she said apologetically.

“Wh… what!? With whom?!” I asked as I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Why didn’t she tell me? I was her best friend, for Christ’s sake! So Andrea had sex, and she kept it a secret? Despite the post-sex hormones flowing through my body, I started to feel pissed.

“This has to stay between us! You have to promise me!” she said, and I could see her struggling, causing me to immediately feel a lot less angry.

“Uhh… you watched my sister and me have sex. I think you’re good!” Joshua said, and I could hear the amusement in his voice.

“I know. But still…” Andrea whispered.

“You’ve got our word!” I said and ignored the urge to hug her, “right, Josh?”

“Of course!” he said with such a serious voice that it was clear he meant it.

“Well… Roberto and I… we… you know,” Andrea stammered.

“What? You’ve had sex with your brother too?” I exclaimed, hardly believing my ears.

Roberto was about half a year older than Joshua. They went to the same school and even shared some classes. I didn’t think he was hot, but several classmates thought differently.

He had the same dark, Cuban skin as his sister, long, black wavy hair that ended just below his ears, and, I had to admit, a cute smile.

“I did. Well… we did. Yeah.”

“Oh wow…” Joshua whispered.

“But… how?” I asked, still confused.

“A few months ago, I walked in on him to ask something about my history homework. And there he was, looking at his monitor with his pants around his ankles and his hard dick in his hand. I clearly saw it all right before he tried covering up and shouted about me needing to knock and stuff. But I couldn’t keep my eyes off his dick. And as he tried to kick me out of his room, he stood up and tripped over his pants.”

Joshua started giggling, looked at me, and said, “You almost caught me last week too! I was just in time to pull up my boxers.”

“Oh! I remember that!” I said, laughing, realizing just now what I witnessed the other day.

His pants were in a heap below his desk, which I found odd, but didn’t connect the dots at that time.

“Then what?” Joshua asked, looking very interested.

“Well… he fell to the floor and hit his head on his bedpost. So I helped him get up, and he sat on his bed, his pants still around his ankles. He calmed down after a bit and put his hands in his lap to cover up.”

“He must’ve felt awful!” I said, holding my hand in front of my mouth.

“He did. But we started talking, and after a while, I managed to get him to feel better, and I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone. Pretty soon, the subject went to him jacking off, of course! And as it turned out, we were both extremely curious about how the other one masturbated. So we sat on opposite sides of his bed, where we both did our thing. It was SO hot watching him cum!”

“Holy shit!” Joshua said, “Now I feel silly for covering up!”

“Yeah! Why did you do that?!” I laughed.

“We did this almost every day from then on,” Andrea continued, “until one day, he asked if I wanted to try jerking him. Of course, I didn’t dare to ask, but I didn’t think twice when he offered this!”

“Of course not!” I smiled.

“The moment I took his dick in my hand, something clicked inside my head. I just had to feel how it felt inside me!”

I glanced over at Joshua and noticed his now soft dick was starting to get hard again. I thought boys couldn’t get it hard for a while after they came. Apparently, I was wrong!

“Since I was already naked, I just had to scoot over, where I started brushing his tip against my hole. Roberto looked questioningly at me but didn’t say anything. But when I pushed a little and felt him go in… Best. Feeling. Ever!”

She used her best drama queen voice to say this, but I truly knew how it felt, so I couldn’t blame her for it.

“Roberto grabbed my hips, and before I knew it, we were fucking. It wasn’t as intense as your first fuck, but it was damn close! We fucked like rabbits after that first time. Every chance we get, he’s inside me. I even went into his room after we went to bed last week. Of course, we had to be quiet, but the risk of getting caught made it even better.”

“Aren’t you afraid to get pregnant?” I asked.

“I was at first. But I’m on the pill now, and Roberto says a brother can’t get his sister pregnant.”

“That’s bullshit!” Joshua said sternly.

“Josh!” I said, feeling sorry for Andrea.

“It’s okay, Kel. I know it is,” Andrea softly said, “but if he wants to believe it, I don’t mind. As long as he keeps fucking me! That’s why I’m on the pill now anyways.”

“I still haven’t had my period yet. But I need to talk to mom and get on the pill as soon as possible because I want to keep on doing this, but I don’t want to… you know…”

“I know. And will this be a problem?” Andrea asked.

“Nah. Mom is cool about it. She even talked to me about me still not having my period and that I can come to her whenever I need to.”

I wanted to know what happened precisely, so in the silence that followed, I asked, “So… did you plan something when you knew we were going to the cabin? You wanted it to happen between us too?”

“I didn’t plan anything,” Andrea said calmly as a sly grin spread across her face. “But when I saw Josh’s dick with you so close to it, I figured I might as well give you a push in the right direction.”

“I did get a push, alright,” I giggled, and my hand went down to lightly caress my pussy and assess the potential damage.

“I… uhh…” Andrea stammered after looking at Joshua’s hard dick.

“What?” I asked, looking at some of my brother’s cum on my fingers that leaked out of my pussy.

“I don’t know how to ask this…” she blushed.

“Try us,” Joshua said as he scratched his balls openly.

“Is it okay if he fucks me?” Andrea asked, looking at both of us.

“I… uhh… sure! As long as I get another go. I mean… you helped us out and stuff, so I don’t see why not. Josh?”

“Oh, don’t worry! We’ll definitely do that again! And I think it’s only fair if I fuck Andy. She DID help us out, you know?” he chuckled as a shit-eating grin spread across his face.

“And…” Andrea said as she blushed.

I slapped her softly on her arm and said, “Come on! Spit it out! You don’t have to act all shy now, you know!”

“I like the taste of cum. A lot!” Andrea said.

“Do I need to take it out before I cum?” Joshua asked.

“No. Well… that’s perfect. But what I meant was…”

“You want to eat me out again!” I said, interrupting my best friend.

“Do you mind?” Andrea asked with a wicked grin.

“Well… Duh!” I laughed, “but how do we…”

“Oh, that’s easy!” Andrea said as she turned to her back.

She scooted down the bed, so her ass was at the edge of the mattress. Joshua caught on, got to his feet, and stood at the end of the bed with his boner sticking up, throbbing and hard as a rock. I couldn’t deny to myself that I had fallen in love with his cock. I wanted nothing more than to be fucked by it, so I felt slightly jealous when it was this close to Andrea’s pussy. But I also knew that Joshua enjoyed it so much that he’d do me again in the blink of an eye.

“Get that pussy over here,” Andrea hoarsely said, gesturing for me to sit on her face.

“Do I look at the wall, or…”

“Whatever you want. I’d look at your brother if I were you. You’ve got the best seat in the house that way!”

So I lifted my leg over her and sat on my knees, hovering my pussy above her face. I looked at Joshua as he stood there, holding his stiff dick at the base.

I let my eyes roam over his body, and now that I could see him from his balls up, I was even more convinced about how fine his body was. A small patch of black pubes, a noticeable v-line above it, topped off with a tight, barely noticeable, but definitely there, six-pack.

I did get a good look at his pecs and shoulders while we fucked, but seeing the complete picture now, I couldn’t stop admiring his body. And I had to convince him to start dressing differently, but that wasn’t for now. This just wasn’t the time or place for that.

“Where uhm…” Joshua asked as he put the tip of his dick against Andrea’s pussy.

“Can you help him?” Andrea asked amused, “I’ve got other business to attend to.”

And right after she said that, her tongue started licking all around the outside of my pussy.

“Ohhh…” I moaned because of that sudden stimulation.

But I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity. So I lowered myself and looked directly at my best friend’s pussy where my brother’s dickhead was probing around.

“Here,” I whispered and spread Andrea’s pussy lips.

Next, I grabbed Joshua’s dick, resisted the temptation to toy with it, and pointed it toward her opening. All the while feeling Andrea’s tongue working its magic, which made it a bit difficult for me to focus. But when I saw my brother’s dickhead enter her pussy, I just had to pay attention.

“Do it!” Andrea said from under me, taking her mouth off my pussy just long enough to say it.

I heard Joshua swallow, and I looked up at him. One corner of his mouth pulled his lips into a sly grin, and he nodded. I followed his eyes as he looked down. My eyes focused back on his dick, and as Andrea’s tongue started slipping into me, my brother began to slide his dick into my best friend.

It was clear that Joshua wasn’t as careful and gentle as he was with me. But given the fact that Andrea had been fucked before already and that she was urging him on with her moans, I would’ve done the same if I were him.

I watched his dick slide in, and he didn’t stop or pull back even once. Andrea’s moans on my cunt were terrific, and her probing tongue was magical. But watching my brother’s hard cock slide into a pussy up close was way hotter than I’d ever imagined.

“Oohhh! You’re bigger!” Andrea moaned as her hips started gyrating.

I could see my brother beam with pride as I looked up at him. I was still amazed about how I missed how hot he was naked and what a magnificent cock he had. And now he was fucking someone else with it. I wanted him for myself, and watching him fuck my best friend, made me realize I needed to step up.

As he inched the last piece of his rod inside Andrea and their pubic hairs merged, I heard both of them moan. Andrea stopped licking my pussy, and I heard her say, “and, ooohh, longer,” between her grunts.

I lifted my body, my eyes locked on him, and moved in. My face inched closer to his, and he immediately caught on. We looked deep into each other’s eyes, and he suddenly moved his head forward. Our mouths mashed against each other, and our tongues hungrily started probing around in our mouths. I felt his teeth brush against my tongue but didn’t care about that at all. I placed one hand on his shoulder, and as Andrea started eating me out again, I marveled at the moving muscles under my fingers.

I could feel by both the thrashing of Andrea’s mouth and the movement of my brother’s body that he was now fucking her for real. I wanted to feel as much of his body as I could, so my other hand roamed around over his body. I desperately wanted to cup his ass and feel it move as he fucked my best friend, but this was physically impossible in the way we were sitting now. So I made a note to myself to grab his ass the next time he fucked me.

But as Andrea’s action on my cunt increased, and the more than erotic Frenching with my brother continued, I realized I was getting close. But as my brother’s movement became more deliberate and the sound and speed of bodies slapping against each other increased, I knew they wouldn’t last much longer either.

Maybe my approaching orgasm clouded my judgment, but I just knew there was one thing I wanted. No! That I needed right now.

“I want to taste your cum again,” I said, looking my brother deep into his eyes.

“And… aaahhh… you… ooohhhh… should! Hmmm…. It’s… ahhhh… del- oohh… delicious!” Andrea grunted.

I saw a twinkle in my brother’s eyes as he slammed into Andrea in my peripheral vision. Under me, she was squirming uncontrollably and had stopped licking me altogether. It was clear she was close and just couldn’t focus anymore.

Joshua slapped hard into her two more times, and Andrea’s body stiffened. Her face was pressed against my pussy, and I could hear and feel a loud moan coming from deep within her.

Joshua stopped moving for a moment, but after the peak of her orgasm had passed, he started slamming into her again. He looked hornily at me and said, “I’m… I’m cumming… what… what do I do… ohhh…”

“Just pull out,” I softly said, and laid down on Andrea again, my face inches away from their joined genitals.

Watching him slide in and out in the heat of his second fuck, was even better than before. His cock glistened with Andrea’s cunt juices, making it look even hotter.

“Ah… ah… ah… ah…,” my brother moaned.

I felt Andrea’s tongue going at it at full speed again, and I felt myself heading toward the inevitable at lightning speed.

“Look ou…” Joshua moaned.

He pulled back and quickly thrust forward again. I had just enough clarity left to grab his dick by its base, point it toward my mouth, and slide my lips over his dickhead.

Moments later, the sound of a low groan filled the room, and his dickhead grew fatter in my mouth. The force of the first spurt caught me off guard. It flew straight against the back of my mouth and slid down my throat. I had to suppress a cough because I didn’t have time to recover. The next spurt was still powerful, but not as much as the first. Then, as the third filled my mouth and the cum coated my tongue, triggering my tastebuds, I was immediately hooked. I LOVED the taste of my brother’s cum!

I heard my own muffled moan, and as spurts four and five fed me even more of this magnificent juice, I felt Andrea’s tongue fully on my clit, and two fingers entered me.

Now I just had to swallow, and the moment my brother’s cum slid down my throat, Andrea’s tongue and fingers pushed me over the edge. I started coating her face with my juices as I came hard. I didn’t come as hard as during my first fuck, but it was close!

During my orgasm, Joshua kept feeding me small spurts of his spunk, and as it kept on triggering me, I kept coming.

I was still firmly gripping his dick and wasn’t about to let him go just yet. Not as long as he kept feeding me his cum. But as my orgasm died down, so did his supply of sperm. I wasn’t ready for it to stop, so I started sucking on it like a baby sucks on a tit, and my tongue was lapping over his slit in an attempt to taste more.

“Stop… no…” Joshua panted and pulled his hips back.

I reluctantly let go of his dick and looked pleadingly at him. Just then, I realized I was still panting heavily, coming down from my orgasm.

“Sorry… it’s too sensitive,” Joshua said between pants and flopped down on the bed next to us.

I rolled off my best friend, turned around, and kissed her passionately. I tasted myself again as we kissed, but it wasn’t the turn-off I expected it to be before all of this started happening.

During the rest of the weekend, we didn’t wear clothes again. Andrea only put on her shoes to get the backpack we left behind but ditched these the moment she got back. Joshua fucked me at least ten times that weekend, but it might have been eleven or twelve. Somewhere during the weekend, I lost count.

He only fucked Andrea once more because she liked it better when Joshua or I ate her out. And she said that the fucking was something between the two of us and that she had her own fuck buddy back home to satisfy her.

It wasn’t just the sex. We genuinely had a fabulous weekend. Andrea and I swam in the lake, Joshua did some drawing, and we played some games. Two of his sketches went into the secret part of his book. One of them was where Andrea and I sucked him off together. Seeing how it looked from his point of view in the sketch with Andrea and my face pressed together with our tongues struggling who could get the best part of the cock, was highly erotic. The other drawing he made was when Andrea and I were going at it in a sixty-nine at the shore of the lake. I didn’t know at the moment that Joshua was looking but judging by the sketch, he had one of the best seats in the house.

After reluctantly putting our clothes back on and locking the cabin, we headed down the mountain. After a while, Joshua walked up next to me and took my hand. As I looked at his puppy eyes, I felt a lot of affection for him. Maybe even love. But I figured we needed to explore a lot more to be sure of that.

All in all, we had the best weekend ever! Andrea insisted on us getting together next week when their parents went to a big party at her dad’s work to fool around with Roberto and her. So we did just that and had another great weekend. But somehow, it wasn’t my thing. I loved the sex, and I loved Andrea. But being fucked, was something that I wanted to do with my brother and with no one else around. Of course, Andrea and I still had our fair share of sex when we had a sleepover, but never a foursome again.

The relationship Joshua and I had, had deepened severely after the weekend in the cabin. We grew a lot closer and hung out together after we got back, even in school. And since I convinced him to start wearing less geeky clothes, he fit in better too.

But the nights at home were the best. Because every time I heard that soft knock on my bedroom door and Joshua came in, wearing nothing but his smile and his bobbing boner leading the way, I fell a little more in love with my brother.

The end

imago potest dicere mille verba

Copyright 2022 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

A relatively short story, right? I had a lot fun writing it! I came across this youtube video, and I found the kid extremely cute! A still from that video (that’s why it’s a bit blurry) is the featured image above this story. The gears in my mind started spinning, and Joshua was born.

But the most important thing here, is the fact that this is my very first illustrated story! As you can read on the front page, Randall Stanhope made a generous offer to create some illustrations for my stories. I think they came out perfectly! I don’t want them to be porn-ish, but tasteful and capture the mood. And as far as I’m concerned, Randall did an amazing job! I want to give him the credit he deserves, so thanks a lot, Randall!!! If you feel the need to thank him, give comments, constructive feedback, etc. you can reach him at randall.stanhope@protonmail.com


Smoky Mountains – Chapter 4

Smoky Mountains
Jason Crow

Chapter 4 – Panic
Day 2.

“Let’s do it together, Mia,” Brandi said to me.

“Are you crazy? What if someone sees us?” I asked, surprised.

“Don’t worry! No one will see us. And if Jake comes home from school, we’ll have plenty of time to put our tops back on,” Brandi insisted.

We were lounging by the big, above-ground swimming pool at Brandi’s house. Brandi lived in a slightly better part of town, and she even had a fence to shield us from prying eyes. We just came out of the pool and were sitting in the sun, so we would get dry and tan at the same time. Brandi’s top had moved during a bit of roughhousing in the pool, and she had a classical nipple-slip. She quickly corrected it, but it got her talking about lying topless in the sun. Brandi always was a bit of a daredevil. Especially compared to me.

“Then I’ll just do it by myself then,” she suddenly said, and before I knew it, I was staring at my best friend’s breasts.

“You’re crazy,” I said but was tempted to do it too.

Brandi was thirteen, almost fourteen like me, and already had a nice rack. I guessed them to be a big B-cup, as opposed to my A-cup. But I was rapidly growing in the boob department, and pretty soon, I’d be needing a B-cup too. This wasn’t the first time I saw her boobs. We showered together after gym class and at sleepovers, she wasn’t exactly shy either.

“Ahh… This is nice,” Brandi said and jiggled her breasts a bit as she sat back in the chair.

I wasn’t easily manipulated, and nothing that Brandi could say would persuade me to do it too. But the idea of sitting topless with my best friend in a semi-open place was just too naughty to say no to.

“Okay. Let’s do this,” I said and unclasped my bikini top and put it next to me on the ground.

“You go, girl!” Brandi said and started laughing.

“You’re right! This is nice!” I smiled at Brandi, whose eyes were focused on my chest.

“You’ve grown a bit, didn’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah. I think I did,” I said, looking down at my boobs. “My bras are getting too small, and I don’t think that’s because of a shrinking bra,” I giggled.

“We need to put on some sunscreen. I don’t want sunburned tits,” Brandi said.

“Me neither. You’ve got some?”

Brandi sat up straight, faced me, and pulled a bottle of sunscreen out of nowhere. She sprayed some on her boobs and sensually started spreading it all around her chest. I saw her nipples harden as she moved her hands over them. All the time, Brandi kept looking at me with an extremely horny look on her face.

“Want me to do you too?” she hoarsely asked, scooted over to my chair, and sat down next to me.

I couldn’t say anything and just nodded. The moment I felt her hands on my boobs, my pussy immediately went from moist to dripping wet. My nipples were already hard from the show Brandi gave me but were now rock-hard to the point they almost hurt. As she was massaging my boobs, she leaned over and kissed me hard on my mouth. Moments later, I felt her tongue entering my mouth, and we started Frenching quite hardcore.

One of her hands slowly left my boob and inched its way down to my bikini bottom. The moment she reached the waistband, Brandi didn’t hesitate and slipped her hand inside. Her middle finger slid between the folds of my pussy, rubbing at my clit a little. But it was clear she was aiming for another goal. Her hand went down further, but she constantly kept pressing against my clit, which felt amazing. The moment she reached her destination, her finger went inside me in one swift motion.

I was constantly moaning inside her mouth, and the moment she entered me, I moaned even louder. But I couldn’t get my moan out of my mouth the way I usually could. It was as if something was holding me back. I couldn’t quite place it. Brandi just kept on fingering me and massaging my boobs.

“Having fun, girls?” I heard beside me.

I opened my eyes, and there was Jake, Brandi’s seventeen-year-old brother. He was topless and only wearing a short and very tight pair of cut-off jeans. His huge boner was clearly visible in these tight pants. Brandi and I broke our kiss, and both looked at him. He looked so strong and handsome standing there, and he started to rub his boner through his pants.

“Yeah, we are,” Brandi said. “Care to join us?”

All of a sudden, he was naked, and Brandi had started sucking on his dick. I was dumbfounded by what I was looking at, but at the same time, I felt an extreme urge to join her, so I got up from my chair to crawl over to join them when I stumbled and fell.

I don’t know what woke me. I felt my heart beating fast inside my chest and was horny as hell. It took me a moment to realize where I was. I was feeling hot, but I was in my room judging by the wallpaper I was looking at. Soon enough, it dawned on me that Joel was lying in bed with me. After we dozed off, we apparently turned over. I didn’t remember doing so, but that was why I was feeling warmer than usual. He was spooning me and had his arm draped over me. His hand was lightly touching the underside of my left boob. Judging by Joel’s breathing, he was sound asleep.

I pressed my legs together to relieve a bit of the pressure that had built up after my sexy dream. I closed my eyes and wanted to sleep some more when I noticed something hard pressing against my butt. I wasn’t fully awake yet, so it took a moment to realize what this was. The moment I did, I was fully awake. Up until this afternoon, Joel was just my brother. But seeing him shirtless today had sparked something in me. He wasn’t only my brother. He was also a male with everything that comes with that. The last memory I had about my brother’s penis was when we were four or five years old and still took a bath together. Back then, it was just a tiny wienie that I didn’t find interesting. We were just having fun in the bathtub, that was all.

I pressed my butt against his boner to see if I could get a better mental picture of it. The moment I did this, Joel moaned. I couldn’t help myself and giggled a bit. My upper body moved a bit because of my giggle, which caused Joel’s hand to fully land on my boob. That was a bit unexpected but felt lovely, and I could feel my now hard nipple poke the palm of his hand through my tank top. I rubbed my butt at him again and was rewarded with another moan. It did feel big to me, but the hardness of it impressed me even more.

At that moment, I heard a phone buzz on my nightstand. I also realized there was a lot of noise outside our house, way more noise than usual in the middle of the night. A second later, a phone buzzed again. And again. Outside there were screams, and I heard a few police cars race by with their sirens and lights on full alert. I was starting to feel a little anxious, and the moment our two phones started buzzing together, I decided to wake Joel. I gently lifted his hand away from my breast. I felt him stir behind me the moment I did this, and he pressed his boner hard against my butt. I started turning around to save him from humiliation, although I wasn’t too concerned with that right now.

“Joel?” I said and could hear the anxiety in my voice.

“What?” Joel said, not fully awake yet.

“I think there’s something wrong,” I said, reaching for my phone.

“What time is it?” he asked and took my phone to give it to me, so I wouldn’t have to crawl over him to get it.

“I don’t know. But there’s a lot of noise outside, and our phones keep on buzzing.”

I looked at my phone and had over a hundred missed posts on Facebook, TikTok, and WhatsApp. Almost every social media app I owned. Joel got out of bed, walked to my window, moved the curtain a bit out of the way, and looked outside. I couldn’t help myself and checked out the tent in his underwear. The way he was standing now, it looked huge. Guessing sizes wasn’t my strong suit, but I estimated it to be at least five inches. As he looked out the window, I saw it deflating quickly and started checking the missed messages.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems dad was right. People are looting and rioting, as far as I can see. Damn!” Joel said softly.

Joel closed the curtains and came back to bed. I was scrolling through the posts and was shocked at what I saw. A lot of clips showed people screaming at the top of their lungs and falling to the ground. The moment they hit the ground, they stopped moving. There were also some clips of people checking if they could do anything, but they quickly concluded they were too late and that the people on the ground were dead, just like that.

There were literally hundreds of these movie clips. And the further I scrolled down my timeline, the more people were lying dead in the streets.

“Fucking hell!” Joel said beside me.

“What’s going on, Joel?” I asked, totally freaked out by now.

“I don’t know, Mia. But this is fucked up!”

“These people are dying as if it’s nothing. What’s killing them?”

“Just a sec,” Joel said and looked concentrated at his phone.

I kept on scrolling through the videos I received. One of them showed the big hole in Brazil as black smoke started coming out of it. But most of them were videos of dying people. Sometimes it was a random video where someone talked into the camera, started shouting, and just died. Other videos were of people looting and rioting where they died one by one. It was complete chaos.

“They are just dying randomly,” I said to Joel, who was still fiddling with his phone.

“Uh-huh,” he responded, obviously not paying attention to what I said.


“What!?” he asked, annoyed but kept his eyes on his phone.

“People are dying randomly! What if we’re next?”

“We’re not going to die. Just give me a sec. I want to check something,” he said, and he scrolled, pinched, and zoomed through his pictures and videos.

I got out of bed and walked over to the window. I peeked through the curtains, and I could see dead people lying on our street. On OUR street! And Joel just kept looking at his phone. I wanted to go to the living room and see if I could see more from there, or maybe get a glass of water or something, anything to get my mind off this crazy situation. The moment my hand went to the door, Joel stood up and stepped in front of the door.

“Don’t, Mia. Stay here. I think I found something,” he said and sat back on the edge of my bed.

“Look,” he said and held the phone, so I could look too.“

On his screen was a close-up selfie video of a girl I recognized from Joel’s class. She was talking into the camera about how scared she was. All of a sudden, she started screaming, her phone dropped, and the picture went black. Joel began to rewind the video to the point just before she started screaming.


“What is there to see?” I asked, not knowing where to look at.

“In her neck,” Joel said and pinched his phone, so he zoomed in.

Now I could clearly see it. There was a small black spot on her neck. The moment Joel pressed play again, the girl started screaming, and the black spot flew away.

“It looks like some bug bite is killing all these people,” he said thoughtfully. “I checked out some other videos and pics, and if you look closely enough, there is always a bug on their body before they start screaming.”

This was typical for Joel. He’s the king of detail and always saw what a lot of other people missed. It was almost impossible to see, but Joel noticed. And if it was true, which it most probably was, we were in some serious trouble.

“I just don’t know yet where they came from so suddenly.”

I checked my phone and immediately found the video from the Brazilian hole. I showed it to Joel, and the worried look on his face got even worse.

“Up until now, I thought it was smoke,” I said. “But seeing this, I’m afraid that’s where the bugs are coming from.”

“Fuck. You’re right. We need to…”

At that moment, we heard our dad scream from the other bedroom. We looked at each other, and all the color had washed from Joel’s face. I jumped to my feet and went for the door. Joel jumped up too but grabbed me by my waist and pulled me back.

“Don’t!” he said with tears in his eyes.

“But… that’s dad!!” I screamed.

“He’s…” Joel started but couldn’t talk anymore as he started crying.

I stared at Joel for a few moments, trying to digest all this. Seconds later, I realized he was right. In all the videos we saw up until now, people that screamed like this were instantly dead. I couldn’t help our dad, no matter how much I wanted it. At that moment, it really landed that Joel was right, and I threw my arms around him, buried my face in his neck, and started crying harder than I ever cried before. Joel wrapped his arms around me too and was also crying his eyes out.

I don’t know how long we stood there in my room crying together. Joel broke the hug and looked down at me. His eyes were swollen and red from his crying, and I must’ve looked pretty bad too.

“We need to make sure we’re safe,” he said, wiping the tears from his eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“Your room is the best in the house. I don’t think there are any holes in here. Our living room has this worn-down ventilation system, and my room has a hole in the window. I think that’s how…“ and he stopped talking, swallowing audibly.

I felt I was tearing up again too, and I lay my head on my brother’s chest and hugged him. There wasn’t anything even remotely sexual about this, but feeling his muscles against my cheek felt incredibly comforting. Joel cleared his throat and started talking again.

”We need to fortify this place and make sure we can live here for at least a few weeks. I don’t know how long these bugs will be around, but we need to be prepared for the worst.”

”But… How do you want to do this? We can’t go out of this room, ” I worriedly said.

We stopped hugging, and Joel opened my closet. He stood there looking at my clothes, and I had no idea what he was thinking.

“If I wear enough clothes and make sure that no body parts are uncovered, I think I can go into the living room.”

“Are you crazy?” I responded, not wanting to lose my brother.

“No. Of course not. But if we just stay here, we’ll die too. So, either way, we have to do something.”

“But…” I tried.

I couldn’t find the words I needed to stop him. And after a bit of thinking, I knew he was right.

“You’re not going outside, are you?” I asked him.

“No! Way too dangerous! But we’ve got a lot of stuff in our living room and kitchen that we can use. We just need to make a list together of stuff that we need in here.” Joel said and started putting on his clothes. As he pulled up his pants, he turned his back to me to let me get dressed too. After I put on my bra and t-shirt, I turned around. Joel was looking at my desk and picked up a pen and a piece of paper. I dropped my sweats, pulled up my pants, and joined Joel at my desk.

“Now. What do we need, Mia?” He asked.

End of Chapter four

Copyright 2021 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

cum stercore percusserit fan

A Branch of May – Part two

II: The Star Of The County Down

Well, it’s not the end till I say it is, right? Me, that’s Kieran again, ’cause I just need to tell you (well, my notebook, to be exact; I couldn’t think of publishing this, like, ever, right?) about what happened two months after that hot night with Holly, Jessica and Harry. I already told you, it was kinda awkward between us at first – between the two couples, I mean -, but the awkwardness soon subsided and we shared the occasional giggle and knowing glance at school. Of course, us being young teenagers and all, having sex became a regular thing, and we were kinda fueled by that crazy experience, if you know what I mean. Not as a foursome, though, but Harry and me, we told each other everything, and we jerked off together, and sometimes just the thought of being in the same room as the two girls we shared and fucked so hard that night was enough to get me hard so I had to rub myself even during a lesson, lol. They looked so much and behaved like the good girl from next door in school, it was amazing to know how they behaved in bed. I don’t know how to put it, really. Hormons, crazy stuff, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, as I said, after a few weeks everything kinda got to normal again. There were different things to occupy our minds, like exams, but also school gossip in the most exciting way (well, for some of our fellow pupils, anyway): Roman and Finley, two boys from our class, came out as a couple! Of course Holly and Jessica thought it was the cutest thing ever; Harry and me, well, we couldn’t be bothered, really, we had done enough gay stuff ourselves, so it wasn’t a big thing for us. But girls, you know how they are, right? Always trying to become bff with each other and some gays. Well, bad luck for them, ’cause the boys already had a best friend: Erin, a cute Irish girl with freckles and black hair (and yummy tits and ass for a girl who wasn’t even thirteen years old, uhm, sorry, but I’m pretty sexed-up, as you can imagine!) was at their side almost all the time, so Holly and me had to befriend all of them. It was like a question of honor: we always had gotten along quite well, but now there were some haters in our class, so we felt the need to step up for them and tighten our friendship.

And tighten it, we did!

Finley was on the smaller side, a “cutie”, Holly said; he had blonde hair with a fringe, always combed neatly, like your average boychoir dreamboy (he played the flute, though), and seemed to be smiling all the time; puberty hadn’t knocked on his door for a long time, I guess, but now, with him coming out and stuff, I guess it had happened. His boyfriend, Roman, was a bit more mature, with a slightly deeper voice already, but not as muscular as Harry. He had curly brown hair, and Jessica thought of him as “really handsome” and “wow, look at that butt”, and I had to agree with that, to be honest. It was funny imagining them kissing and stuff, but why not? After all they were teens now, like us (just not as long as us, that is). And Harry and me, we had done it, too, in the heat of the moment… yeah, all their lips looked rather kissable, I have to admit.

…Okay, why do I think of boys’ lips now? Let’s forget about that, shall we? At least for a second. The reason will dawn on you eventually, I guess… Because I wanted to write about that evening at Harry’s, yes, in the basement again, this time the seven of us, having fun on a friday night. Tame fun, that is! Appropriate fun! After all, Harry’s mother was around. I don’t know if she suspected anything about what we’d done (I think we got rid of the condoms and cleaned everything up well after our little “get together”!), but there hadn’t been another opportunity for us to fool around as a foursome since that night late April (well, we actually tried it in the woods recently, but didn’t dare going all the way). Jessica had been to the doctor’s to get the pill, though, so I guess they knew that something happened between her and Harry. I had gotten “the talk” and some condoms. That was nice, I guess, but also awkward as fuck, to be honest.

So, we could understand that our get togethers as a foursome were supervised – but why supervise a party of seven middle schoolers, two of them gay, one without a significant other? It was just absurd, and we weren’t happy about that, but Harry had this great home cinema, and so we met in his basement anyway, with soft drinks and games and a movie. It was “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, and of course we’d already seen it, and after a while it turned out we just talked about random stuff like school and the bullies and animes and pop stars. At one point, Jessica said: “Oh my gosh, let’s just stop this school talk, will ya. Let’s play truth or dare or something!”

Erin giggled. “Yeah, that could be fun.” Roman and Finley just looked at each other and grinned a shy grin, and Jessica just started. “So, Finley, truth or dare?”

“Uhm… why me??”, the boy laughed.

“Because I say so!”

“Oh… okay!”, he giggled, brushing his hair out of his eyes. “Uhm… truth!”

“When did you first fall in love with him?”

“Oh… oh, uhm, like, a couple of months ago, I guess. I was still twelve. I always knew I liked boys… but he was the cutest!” He smiled, a loving smile towards his boyfriend, and he smiled back. The girls looked at them with such a romantic glimmer in their eyes, and Erin said: “You’re so sweet…”… annoying, but, well, I guess it was kinda cute, yeah. Anyway, Finley cleared his throat and said: “So, now you, truth or dare, Jessica?”

Jessy’s eyes twinkled. “Dare!”

Erin whispered something into his ear, and the boy grinned. “Yeah. I dare you to kiss Holly. On the mouth!”

“No big deal!”, Jessica grinned and did as told – without tongue, of course. The boys and Erin gasped, but Harry and me, we just smiled at each other, knowingly. Jessica wiped her mouth, then she looked at Erin. “Truth or dare, Erin?”

“Uhm… truth.”

“Have you ever made out with a boy?”

Erin blushed, and for a second she squinted at Roman. Then she cleared her throat. “Sure!”

“Cool. Do we know him?”, Jessica asked.

“Hey, only one question allowed!”, Erin said and looked at me. “Kieran, truth or dare?”


Erin looked around, and stopped at Harry. Then she took a deep breath and asked, inquisitively: “Have you ever made out… with Harry?”

Everyone laughed, but I just held my poker face, shrugged and said: “Sure. No big deal.”

Erin’s mouth fell open. “Woah, nice… uhm, I mean, cool. You’re cool for being that nice, uhm, friendly, uhm… oh, just forget about it”, she stammered and tried to hide behind the hair that fell into her cute freckled face.

Nervous giggles all around, and then I asked Harry. He chose dare. “Show us your sixpack! Like a stripper!”, I said, and Jessica cheered. The others laughed and looked at him expectantly. Harry stood up, looked at the door, put on some music and got to business. He really was a hot boy, I thought, and apparently everyone else in the room thought the same, ’cause we all stared at him doing those sexy moves, moving his hot butt around and finally lifting his shirt up… and pulling it over his head!

Finley applauded and cheered, and Roman and Erin followed. Then Holly piped up, looking worried. “Harry! Your mom is upstairs!”

“Ooops, you’re right”, my friend giggled and put his shirt back on.

“Boooh!”, Roman made, and Erin chimed in: “Yeah, boooh!”

“Hey, he’s MY boyfriend!”, Jessica frowned, playfully, and Erin blushed and said, giggling: “Sorry…”

“He’s hot, though”, Finley said with a slight grin.

“I know. That’s why we’re together!”, Jessica said, pulled Harry towards her and kissed him on the lips, with a wet smack. Everyone laughed.

Then Jessica got on her knees and bent over slightly and smiled at us. It was summer, and everyone wore clothes fit for the hot weather: Jessica’s top showed a little cleavage, and she wore hot pants – together with her hair done in a bouncy ponytail she looked really hot. Holly had chosen a short skirt and a cute summer blouse, and Erin wore some nerdy manga shirt and tight purple leggins, like you wear for yoga or something, under a jeans skirt decorated with colorful buttons. She looked really yummy today, I thought, with some little braids woven into her shoulder-length hair on one side – the other side tended to fall into her face all the time, but if you wanna look cute, you have to endure that, I guess. I noticed Harry and, funnily enough, Roman staring at Jessica’s tits at that moment. I looked at Holly, and she looked at me, and then she kissed me on the cheek and took my hand and pressed it tightly. She looked so nice – her hair was partly woven to a cute frontal braid, the rest of it was open, so she looked like a princess or something to me, if it weren’t for her big glasses. I loved that look, and I love Holly. She smiled at me, and I felt very warm inside.

Oh yeah, the boys were clothed as well, of course. We wore typical boys’ summer wear, I guess: shorts and t-shirts or soccer shirts (Harry). He looked around and searched for his next “victim”. He went for Roman. The boy chose Truth, and Harry said: “Mhmmm… let’s see… yeah. How often do you, like, masturbate a day?”

Erin gasped, but Roman stayed cool. “I could tell any number, and you’d have to believe it”, he said. “But, well, I’ll be honest. I guess I do it, like, three times a day on averade…”

“Woah, that’s a lot”, Erin laughed.

Roman shrugged. “It’s pretty normal!”

Their bff looked at him and grinned. “Okay…?”

“So, Kieran, truth or dare”, Roman said.

I chose “truth” as well, and he asked: “Uhm… have you ever, like, fantasized about having sex with a boy? Like, for real?”

“Woah, that escalated quickly”, I said, and the others chuckled. Then I responded: “Well, not exclusively, no. But I like, uhm… this stays with us, yeah?”

“Sure!”, Roman said, looking at me eagerly.

“Okay. I, uhm, sometimes I fantasize about threesomes and group stuff with girls and other boys in it. Yeah, that’s really hot, I think…”

“Woah!”, Erin giggled and looked at Holly. “Did you know about this?”

“I was pretty sure”, Holly smiled. “I think I know what he likes…”

“Woah, that’s so cool, I mean, that you’re like, such an open couple, that you talk about everything and stuff.”

“You’ll find the perfect boy… or girl… soon, I’m sure!”, Holly said and sent her a reassuring smile.

“Thanks…”, Erin smiled and brushed her hair back behind her ear. Then I asked her: “Truth or Dare?”, and she bit her lip and chose “dare”!

“Okay… uhm… yeah! I dare you to remove your skirt and wiggle your butt for us!”

“Kieran!!”, Holly exclaimed. “You’re a naughty boy!”

“Yeah, really naughty!”, Erin said and waved a finger at me, looking slightly mad. I hoped I hadn’t gone too far, but I just wanted to see that cute ass of hers. “Alright… I will get back at you for that!”, she said, and then she stood up, did a few brave dance moves for us, opened the button of her skirt and pulled it down slowly. Her very tight leggins really showed the outline of her butt nicely, and when she turned around and bent down a little and wiggled with it, her butt-cheeks moved.

“That’s it, girl!”, Jessica laughed. “Twerk for us!”

We laughed and looked at the cute girl doing such erotic moves, but we wer interrupted by the sound of footsteps on the stairs. “Shit!”, Erin hissed, quickly hid her skirt under a blanket and sat down behind Roman. We started giggling uncontrollably, and then there was a knock on the door, and it opened.

“Sorry, guys, to interrupt you. Oh my, you really should let some air into this pigsty”, Harry’s mom said.

“Sorry, mom”, Harry said, stood up and opened a window. He had difficutly to remain serious. “What’s up?”, he asked.

“It’s an emergency, honey. Oh, please, try to be a little more adult, will you? Stop giggling. Your dad’s car broke down, and he’s somewhere in the wilderness. I have to fetch him. Will you kids be alright for the next two or three hours or so on your own?”

I felt a rush of nervous arousal in my groins when I heard those words, and I swear, Jessica’s eyes brightened up like flares. Harry just remained calm, of course, and said: “Yeah, sure. We’re not little kids anymore, are we?”

“Yeah… right… okay, come here!”, his mom said, looking around the room and frowning. When Harry was beside her, she shrugged, kissed her son on the cheek and said: “I’m sure you know how to behave. No drinking, alright?!”

“Mooom!!”, Harry whined and wiped his cheek. “Yuck! Uhm, alcohol is yuck, I mean!”

His mom grinned. “Alright, then. Have fun.” And with that, she was gone.

“Nice!”, Jessica cheered, when we’d heard the car running. She got up and closed the window again and turned to us and said: “So, anyone up for a game of Suck und Blow?”

“What?!”, Finley laughed.

“I’ve seen it in that movie, 21 and over. It’s a funny party game. You have to pass a card around with your mouth, and when it falls, you have to drink.”

“Mom said no drinking, and I meant that, I don’t like drinking”, Harry said.

“Yeah, me neither”, Erin stated.

“Well, then we’ll just have to find another punishment… what about… yeah, what about having to kiss! Your mom said we should behave more like adults, so…”

We giggled, imagining that, and there were blushed cheeks all over. “Sure, why not!”, Finley then said and shrugged like it was no big deal. He squinted at Harry, his cheeks glowing.

“We should swap places after one round, though”, Harry said. “So it doesn’t get too boring, you know.”

“Sounds cool to me”, Holly said softly, squeezing my hand again. I squeezed back and caressed her palm.

“So, everyone okay with this? Like, kissing another person’s boyfriend or girlfriend?”, I asked.

We all looked at each other, and one after another there was a nod and a slight grin. Nice!

Harry fetched the card-game. He chose the queen of hearts and dedicated it to his girlfriend, earning a sarcastic laugh by Jessica. Then he began, sucking the card to his mouth and passing it to her. She sucked it easily and passed it on to Holly, but Holly failed to get it and it fell down. She seemed a little embarrassed, but not for long.”Okay, girl”, Jessica said and kissed Holly on the lips, again, but this time longer, using a little tongue. I looked at Erin, her mouth open in awe. She actually couldn’t believe it! But she also seemed to actually like the sight, she looked intrigued.

Holly wiped her lips with a crooked grin, sucked the card back to her mouth and passed it to me. I passed it on to Erin. It worked. She passed it on to Roman, and Roman tried to pass it to Finley, but he failed. We laughed, and then Finley just kissed his boyfriend on the lips with a wet smack. “This is fun”, he chuckled. Then he took the card again and passed it on to Harry, successfully.

“So, how do we do this now?”, Harry asked.

“Let’s just swap with the kid on our right”, Erin said.

“But we are seven people”, Roman said.

Erin rolled her eyes. “Then number seven just doesn’t swap, stupid.”

Roman chuckled. “Oh, yeah…”

Harry did so; everyone else did so, too, and now it was his turn to pass the card on to me. I giggled, which made me fail the task. Harry just kissed me on the lips right in an instant, and I blushed when I heard nervous laughter all around. Now the butterflies in my stomach really went mad and I passed the card to Holly, but let it fall deliberately. More laughter, also from Holly, but I didn’t care, I grabbed my girlfriend’s pretty face and kissed her on the mouth, with tongue. We frenched for like ten seconds now… and my dick stiffened a bit. When we were done, I cleared my throat and said: “Sorry. Just needed that now.”

“We understand”, Jessica said sarcastically.

“No need to be sorry, silly”, Holly said and smiled. Then she sucked the card to her mouth and passed it on to Roman. They succeeded, but Roman seemed to need a good snog, too, now, so he and Finley failed the task, obviously on purpose, and just made out for a couple of seconds after that, swapping tongues and all, tentatively, but sincere. It looked surprisingly hot seeing Roman’s lips clashed to Finley’s cute mouth, so I didn’t bother, but Jessica had a different opinion.

“Okay guys, no more cheating from now on, okay?!”, she said after they were done. “This is a serious game!”

Laughing all around, but we nodded and uttered our approval to what our head mistress told us.

“That looked really hot”, Holly whispered into my ear, and I nodded. I looked at her, then at Jessica, who was licking her lips now. I turned my mouth to Holly’s ear and whispered: “What do you think will happen…”

“I don’t know…”, she whispered back. “But I like it… you, too?”

“Hey, it’s rude to whisper!”, Jessica exclaimed, becoming really bossy now, so I didn’t answer. But I looked at my girlfriend lovingly and smiled and nodded. She bit her lip and giggled.

Finley took the card, with blushed cheeks galore, and sucked it onto his lips. He passed it to Jessica, and the passing failed, maybe because he was too nervous? Anyway, Jessica just smiled at him and kissed the small boy, a little longer than neccessary.

“I think he liked that”, she giggled afterwards.

“Well, we never said we were gay, have we?”, Roman said.

“You’re not?!”, Holly asked, a little too fast.

Finley shrugged. “I just don’t know. I know I’m in love with Roman, though!”, he said, smiling brightly, such a cute smile, and cuddling with his boyfriend.

“Yeah, we could all turn out pan or bi or something”, Erin said. “I’m… not sure either. After all, we’re really young still, right?”

“I guess so”, Jessica said.

“And you said you made out with each other…?”, Erin asked softly, looking at Harry and me, showing a shy smile.

“We did, yeah. But it was in the heat of the moment, kinda”, I said.

“In the what?”, the girl said, looking at me curiously.

“Uhm… nevermind…”, I mumbled, ’cause I didn’t know if I’d said too much. I looked at Holly, but she just shrugged.

Erin looked curiously from her to me to Harry and to Jessica and gulped. “Alright then. Shall we play on?”

“I think this time Jessy has to stay, and the others swap places, right?”, Holly asked.

“Yeah, so we have new couples. Good idea!”, Erin said.

We did as told, and now Jessy sat right next to me and passed me the card. I was really nervous by now, nervous and horny, and so I shivered when I felt that hot girl so close to me, and I failed to suck the card to my mouth.

“Oh stop it, you did that on purpose!”, Harry complained.

“No, I didn’t. I swear!”, I swore, and Jessica just grinned and kissed me. Hard. I felt her tongue rather aggressevely parting my lips, and fought back with mine, I just couldn’t help it. The kiss was wet and hot and made my penis throb and grow, so I did my best to hide it by putting up my right leg. I felt her hand caressing my neck, though, and I just had to caress her, too, so I put my hand on her back and pulled her towards me.

We made out heavily, now. And I reveled in her heavy breathing, but I also heard the nervous sounds the others made, and some excited whispering. I didn’t care, Jessy tasted to good, and she smelled like raw girl. I loved Holly, yes, but I loved Jessica’s body.

But every great snog must come to an end, so after about 45 seconds we parted lips. She smiled at me with a dreamy look in her eyes and handed me the card. “Sorry, guys”, she said, looking bashfully down. “I don’t know what came over me, really… but I’m pretty sure, he didn’t do it on purpose!”

“No need to be sorry, it felt great”, I croaked, and Jessica smiled at me and winked. Then I cleared my throat, looked around for a second – everybody was staring at me, oh no, did they see my growing penis? -, quickly sucked the card to my mouth and faced Harry. My best friend just sucked it to his mouth and turned to Roman. He did so, too, and next to him was Holly. My girlfriend approached his face and sucked, but Roman blew it, and the card fell down. Holly made a giggly noise for a second and then kissed his mouth oh so tenderly. The boy returned the kiss, clumsily, without tongue, but eagerly, and for another twenty seconds or so everyone watched another hot kissing session. Finley and Erin looked very intrigued, but also a little insecure, not really knowing what all of this might lead to, I guess. Jessica and Harry looked less intimidated, but also insecure. And me? I couldn’t think or feel anything else than “Holly, I love you” right now.

Then my girl bit her lip, whispered “thank you” very softly, took the card and turned to Finley. The blond cutie gulped and failed to suck the card, too, and Holly lost no time, she planted a wet kiss directly onto his rosy lips. This time she seemed to need tongue, and Finley gave in. We saw them swapping spit now, and the boy pulled her towards him, just like he had seen me doing it to Jessica. Their chests touched, and Holly hugged him, hard, and grabbed his hair, making it all rough. Suddenly they became quite aggressive: He dug his hand into her hair, too, they hugged even harder, and I heard her moan one time.

I looked around to see how Roman would take it, and I saw that he was staring at them with half-open mouth, from time to time licking his lips and breathing heavily. I think he liked it! Erin, too: I caught her caressing the insides of her thighs tenderly, but then our eyes met, and she stopped and cleared her throat and just stared at the kissing couple again. Jessica wasn’t that ashamed, though: her right hand was between her legs and her left one gently caressing her breasts. She let out hot breath, very, very slowly, and squinted at me, at my crotch. I gulped, my hard-on throbbed. I had one hand there, stroking it gently through the cloth. It felt good. Very good…!

When Finley and Holly finally broke the kiss, the boy catched his breath. “Woah…”

“She’s a really good kisser, huh?”, I croaked nervously.

Finley just nodded.

“Almost as good as, uhm, as Roman?”, Erin asked in a trembling voice, biting her lip, stroking her hair back nervously.

“It’s better with a boy, but… yeah…”, Finley mumbled, out of breath.

“Hey, that’s unfair, such questions about comparing and stuff”, Roman said. “It’s just a game, right…?”

“Yeah”, Erin breathed and looked at him, into his eyes, then at his crotch, which was tented out a little by now. Quickly he put a hand there. Then she looked into his eyes, sharply. “Yeah, just a game. Sorry. My turn now!”

Finley took the card and approached his bff. Erin sucked it easily on her mouth and turned to Jessica. With her, it didn’t seem to be that easy, and it fell to the ground. “Oh…”, the girl made and kissed Jessy.

Oh, she was eager now. It was a heavy, hot, open-mouthed french kiss between the two girls, and after only five seconds of tongue-battling, Jessica took Erin’s hand and planted it directly on her chest. The girl grunted and squeezed there, and Jessica returned the favor at her new friend’s titties. It was the most amazing sight, and I looked at Holly, who was looking at them dreamily, and then at Harry. His hand was in his crotch, squeezing it hard. I sighed, and then my arousal heightened even more, ’cause Harry tipped on my shoulder and pointed at Roman: The boy had gotten closer to Holly, their bodies touched, and his hand lay on her thigh, approaching her crotch!

“Shit…”, I breathed, but noone reacted, we all looked at the girls making out. Their breasts touched already! But then Jessica broke the kiss, swallowed, took the card and just continued the round. I wanted to protest at first, but I also wanted the game to continue as quickly as possible, so I turned to her and collected the card with my mouth. I turned to Harry and presented him the card. He sucked it and turned to Roman, but things got too fast for the boy, it fell down. I could hear someone exclaim “yes!” – probably Erin -, and soon the boys were tongue-battling each other. They did so rather aggressively, really male, I think, if you wanna put it like that. Anyway, it looked hot! The girls stared at them, and when it was over after only 20 seconds, they let out their hot breaths audibly.

Noone spoke. The circle went on: Roman passed Holly the card and Holly gave it to Finley. Finley turned to Erin, but he was too excited, and Erin failed to collect the card. She smiled sheepishly at her best friend, brushed back her hair and kissed him softly on the lips. The boy returned the kiss tenderly, but with tongue, and it looked so sweet seeing those two kissing like that! After 10 seconds or so their mouths opened a little more, and we could see their tongues duel harder. I squinted at Roman and saw his hand in his lap, squeezing his hard-on through the cloth rhythmically, watching his boyfriend making out with their mutual bff. He was breathing heavily, even moaning a little! Erin’s and Finley’s breaths became heavier, too, and they started to touch each others arms and finally went into a tight embrace in which their mouths really squished together. Shit, they looked like they wanted to eat each other now! Then, after another twenty seconds of heavy snogging, they disbanded and looked at us through glassy eyes, smiling shyly.

“That was so nice…”, Holly said quietly, her hand in her lap.

“Fuck yeah”, Roman breathed. Then he gulped and cleared his throat. “Uhm, I mean… yeah… sorry…”

“It’s alright…”, Harry said and touched his shoulder in a reassuring manner. “We’re all friends…”

Roman twitched and smiled at him and calmed down a little. I just stared at them all and swallowed, hard. The bulge my hard-on made was throbbing. I needed to close my eyes for a second and sighed deeply.

“Kieran?”, Finley asked, looking at me, squinting at my crotch, where my hand hid my arousal. “Are you alright?”

I opened my eyes, cleared my throat and said: “Yeah. I’m okay. Very much okay, in fact. You, too? I mean, it looked like you liked it…”

“I’m fine, yeah… really fine… but I still think I’m better at kissing boys…”, the small, innocent looking boy said, kind of a wild twinkle in his eyes, his mouth half open. I couldn’t see if he had a hard-on, because he hugged his knees, but he licked his lips, his sweet, rosy lips. Fuck, I thought, he has the hots for me. Serious hots!

“You were really good, though!”, Erin said to Finley, her voice a little hoarse, and the boy looked at her and smiled his brightest smile.

“Everyone else feeling fine still?”, Holly asked with a little concern in her voice.

Everyone nodded, and we exchanged conspirative looks.

“So… what about some talk… about what we’ve already done?”, Holly asked softly.

“What do you mean?”, Erin asked. I could see her nipples through her shirt. She looked flushed, and there was a strange and nice odour coming from her… the odour of pussy…

“Well… this has become kinda hot… and… you know… are you used to… doing hot stuff?”

Erin looked at Roman, then at Finley. The boys nodded, she licked her lips, and she said: “Kind of. We made out one time. Like, heavy petting, you know… the three of us, last week…”

“It just happened”, Roman explained, hugging his knees, too, now. “Fin and me, we were kissing, and she joked it was unfair, so we joked back that we could try kissing all together.”

“It was kinda nice”, Finley giggled.

“Yeah, too nice to stop there”, Erin stated and looked at Roman’s crotch. He was hiding his bulge, but sometimes you could see it. Erin knew it was there.

“That’s so hot, you guys”, Jessica breathed. “How far did you go?”

“Uhm, I’m not sure I really wanna talk about it”, Erin said softly.

“Why not? It’s just us, right. We’re good friends”, I said.

“Are you okay with it?”, she asked the boys.

The boys nodded.

“Yeah, okay, uhm, we all got naked and… well, you can imagine. Not all the way, though. But let’s just say afterwards we were all pretty satisfied, I guess…”, she giggled, and the boys did so, too.

“Amazing!”, I exclaimed, and smiled at her. “You’re so cool.”

“Thanks…”, the girl smiled at me. Then she bit her lip and looked me in the eye. There was a wild twinkle there…

“So you’re, like, the star of the County Down, huh?”, Holly giggled. “Aren’t your parents from, like, around Belfast or something?”

“Yeah”, Erin said. “You mean in, like, the song?”

“From Bantry Bay down to Derry Quay / From Galway to Dublin town / No maid I’ve seen like the fair cailín / That I met in the County Down”, Holly sang. “That’s you! You drive all the boys mad!”

Erin laughed. “I don’t know. These two, yeah. But…”

“You’re beautiful”, Harry said.

Erin looked at him, at that hot, muscular, almost fourteen year old boy. Her smile vanished. “Thanks…”, she said, blushing. “You, too…”

“There are so many beautiful people in the world”, Jessica said. “We understand.”

“We fooled around, too, you know”, Holly said softly. “As a group, I mean.”

“You did?!”, Roman asked, eyes wide.

“Kinda hardcore”, Jessy said with an impish look.

“Are you serious…?”, Erin asked with wide open eyes and looked at Roman, mouthing “unbelievable”. The boy muttered “I know” to her and grinned.

“Yeah, just like in that porn flick”, I giggled.

“Oh, stop it, you knob”, Harry laughed and slapped me playfully.

“What porn flick?”, Finley asked with a crooked smile and brushed his hair out of his eyes, nervously.

“Oh, just, we were here and wanted to watch a movie, and I’d forgotten to, you know, close the browser after I’d had a little fun with, uhm, with myself, so… so we were all here, and there it was, on the wall!”, Harry explained.

“A foursome… teens…”, I added, biting my lip.

Erin laughed, and everyone else chimed in. “That’s so wild!!”, she uttered. It broke the tension, a little, I got calmer. After the laughing subsided, though, everyone got quiet again, and we looked at each other. There were some cheeky smiles to be seen, especially from Jessica and Harry and… Erin? Yeah, the cute girl had a wild look in her eyes now. I liked that look.

Finley cleared his throat, looking at Harry. “Can we play another round now…?”

“Sure!”, Harry said. “Uhm, let’s see… Kieran stays. Everyone else, swap!”

We did, and while we did, we could see that every boy’s crotch was tented out to quite some extent now. Erin looked at us eagerly, and she giggled nervously and brushed her hair behind her ears all the time. Then she took the card and passed it on to me. I pressed my mouth on to it and wanted to suck, but suddenly I felt her hand at my thigh and then at the tip of my cock, and I twitched, and the card fell down.

“You’re rather clumsy…”, Erin mumbled and pressed her lips on mine. Her hand stayed where it was, and as I pulled her towards me it fell fully on my thing. Her mouth opened, and she licked my lips, and I licked back. I felt her hard nipples poking my chest and dug my fingers into her hair. It was hot and wonderful, her wet tongue lashing against mine aggressively now, and when she finally got the nerve to do something with her hand – she grabbed my cock through the cloth of my trousers and squeezed it! -, I felt a heavy flush of arousal in my groins, moaned into her mouth and embraced her even harder and touched the end of her back and the start of her juicy butt.

When it was over and I looked into her beautiful wild dark eyes, my arousal from before was back with a veangeance, and I didn’t bother anymore if anyone could see the tent my stiff penis made in my crotch. I just took the card, turned around and faced Roman. The boy’s cheeks were bright red, his hot mouth partly open, and anyone could see his arousal through his trousers, too, as he sat cross-legged now. He had a big one. I wanted him, he wanted me, and yeah, the card fell down. We embraced, hard, and kissed, swapping spit wildly. My hand found his cock, and I squeezed it, hard. He moaned into my mouth and returned the favor.

From afar I heard rustling, breathing, outbursts of arousal and excitement like “fuck that’s hot…” and “oh my gosh…”. When we finally stopped – the game needed to go on! -, I looked beside me and saw Finley and Harry making out already! It was such a hot sight – the girls thought so, too, apparently, for all three of them were watching us in awe and touching themselves tentatively -, but we were playing still, and so I cleared my throat, touched Fin’s shoulder and said: “Hey, guys… you’re a little early…”

Harry looked at me. “Nevermind”, he grunted, a needy look in his eyes, squeezing his dick.

“No, he’s right”, Jessica said and cleare her throat. “We need to play on!”

“Booooooh”, Finley made, quietly, giggling, his hand working on the bulge his stiffy made, too.

Harry let out a hot sigh. “Okay… I just… shit, I never knew I was that gay… now stop that, you perv…” He took Finley’s hand from his crotch and laughed.

“Well, we’re all just… too handsome, I guess”, I shrugged, and everyone laughed a little. The girls had stopped rubbing themselves, too, and looked quite sheepishly at us… quite sheepishly and horny, that is!

Anyway, Roman took the card and passed it on to Harry. It worked fine, and Harry, having had his fun with Finley already, passed it on easily to him. Now Finley faced Holly, and he was successful with her. Holly lost it to Jessica, though, and the girls giggled. “Always a pleasure, my bestie…”, Jessica mumbled and kissed my girlfriend, so hard that they actually sank to the ground. Now Jessica lay on top of Holly, her juicy ass in her tight hotpants on display for all of us to see, and she grabbed Holly’s chest and squeezed her tits. My girlfriend let out a hot moan and put a hand on Jessy’s ass.

We all stared at them now, and Harry’s hand returned to his crotch, sueezing his bulge. Finley saw that, through glassy eyes, let out a long hot breath and resumed rubbing himself, too.

Erin looked from them to the girls who were still going at it, intensifying their session from second to second, entangled with each other lying on the mattress: They were teasing each other while kissing, lashing out at each other with their tongues, their breasts smashed together. Jessica had a hand between Holly’s legs and rubbed her there, hard. Beside me Harry grabbed Finley again and stuck his tongue inside his mouth. Erin took the card from the floor and threw it away.

Then she looked at me and opened her legs, slowly. She chewed on her lip and played with her hair. Absently her other hand went back to her pussy, and through the cloth of her tight leggins she started rubbing it, her legs shamelessly splayed apart now. When she caught me looking at her (kinda wantonly, I suppose), she returned my wild look, let out a hot sigh, and her hand vanished inside her leggins where she eagerly went to work, rubbing her clit now…! I stared at that and let out a hot moan and opened my legs to show that hottie what I got. She swallowed, opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue a little and wiggled with it sensously while still fingering her pussy. Shit. I moaned and grabbed my junk and squeezed it, hard.

Roman sat beside her, watching her now, too, his penis throbbing through his trousers, and he couldn’t help it anymore, I guess, he let out a sharp breath and touched Erin’s tits. The girl just sighed and pushed her chest into his hands. I could hear squishy sounds from her pussy now, and there were also sounds of moaning and sighing and snogging from the other girls. Jessy and Holly gave no reason to believe that they would be stopping their sex play soon. and with Erin now openly masturbating herself, I thought what the heck, pulled down my trousers, freed my cock and pumped it a little. A sharp moan emerged from Erin’s mouth. She watched my throbbing member for a few seconds, then looked at me through glassy eyes and mouthed: “Nice cock…”

“Yeah…?”, I breathed. “Show me your pussy…!”

The girl swallowed, thought about it for a second and then she shook her head! “No”, she breathed. “I wanna see it first.”

“What…?” My cock was already there!

“The porn you watched. Before you fucked.”

I let out a sharp moan. Harry was deeply involved in another make-out-session with little Finley, but I just grabbed him and said: “Show it to her, alright…? Fuck, she’s so horny…”

“Yeah…shit that’s hot…”, Harry mumbled in a hoarse voice and crawled towards his laptop, showing us his hot bubble butt and the obscene bulge his hard-on made and leaving Finley sitting there unkissed. Oh, how beautiful this boy was, I thought, and how good he smelled! He sighed and touched my thigh, and I just grabbed him, and pulled him on my legs into a tight embrace, and I just stuck my tongue inside his mouth. My cock was pressed between us, and we made out instantly, like hungry people, swapping spit like mad, our ears filled with the sounds of lust coming from our friends now. Soon they were joined by the sounds of lust coming from Harry’s speaker system, for the screen now showed four teenagers heavily engaged with each other orally, moaning.

Roman had both hands on Erin’s tits, now, and Jessica and Holly were still reveling in their lesbian lust. Holly just put her glasses aside, and Jessica opened her wavy hair which was now flowing freely and looked so amazing. Holly got down to business, pushed Jessy’s top and bra up and sucked on her nipples. Roman looked at them and then to the screen where a boy sucked a girl’s tits, and then back to Erin and her nipples through her cloth. He swallowed. Erin looked at him. “It looks so hot, huh…?”


“Wanna do it?”


Erin looked into his eyes, wildly. “Suck my nipples”, she hissed. “Suck my tits, Roman!”

The boy just grunted and went for it, pushing up her shirt and bra, and Erin grabbed his cock.

I was still busy with Finley. My hands soon were below his shirt, and I pulled it roughly over his head. He did the same with mine, and then he started to kiss my chest. I looked at what happened behind my little snog buddy and saw that Roman was kissing her tits now greedily, lashing his tongue around her nipples. She stared at us through glassy eyes, but then she looked at the screen and saw what we had seen back then: Two teenage couples getting serious with each other, to fuck each other hard in the same room, doggy style. “Oh yeah”, Erin moaned, rubbing her clit, and then, almost inaudibly: “Yeah, fuck each other…!”

Harry was with Jessica and Holly, undressing them – and himself. He was already shirtless and opened the button of his trousers. A huge bulge appeared under his Calvin Klein pants, and Jessica groaned and pulled them down, grabbing his dick. He grunted and went to work at her hot pants, then at her her shirt. Her tits looked so full! Then Holly was on top, and I could see beneath her skirt – her panties were already gone! Fuck. Greedily Harry pushed the skirt up and put his hand there, pushing two fingers inside her glistening pussy. “Oh my gosh oh my gooosh yes”, Holly moaned, rose on her knees and pulled her blouse over her head. “She’s so fuckin’ wet….!”, Harry grunted and let out a hot sigh. When Erin saw him, naked, fingering Holly’s wet hole eagerly, making sloshy sounds, she let out a needy moan and inserted another finger into hers.

I was clumsily trying to free Finley from his trousers, but it didn’t work, so the boy got up and pulled them down, together with his pants. His beautiful stiff penis hit my face, and it was more a reflex than anything else, I opened my mouth and let it in. “Oh yeah”, Finley moaned and started to fuck my face. I grabbed his bubble butt, caressed his tight cheeks and sucked him eagerly.

The couples on the screen were fucking each other hard now, moaning loudly. Their sounds and words of dirty talk and cheering each other on filled the room. Finley pulled his cock out of my mouth and knelt down, kissing his way down on my body to my cock, and I saw Jessy throwing away her bra, squeezing her tits hard with one hand and pushing Holly between her legs with the other. And she sucked Harry’s member with a vengeance, lashing her tongue wildly around his knobhead while he was kneading her breasts.

Roman was shirtless, too, by now, and Erin was urgently trying to open his trousers. He helped her and pulled them down, revealing a huge bulge in his shorts with a wet spot where his cockhead was. Erin practically jumped him, pushing her crotch against his cock and clashing her lips onto his. I saw his hands grasp her tight butt and squeeze it, hard.

Finley had reached his goal and kissed my cock, then opened his mouth and let it in. Greedily he engulfed it with his sweet rosy lips and started bobbing up and down, alternating between sucking it hard and licking it like icecream. In front of me I saw Erin, now shirtless, doing the same to Roman; she was on her knees in front of him, presenting her juicy butt to me, still in those tight leggins. She pushed her hair behind her ear hastily, took his thick boycock out of his pants, and with a greedy moan she stuck it into her mouth. Jessica, on the other hand, let Harry’s hard-on plop out of her mouth, leaving a trail of saliva, looked at him wildly and hissed: “Fuck her!”

On the screen the boys now approached their climaxes, and in front of me Harry approached Holly’s ass-cheeks, aiming for her pussy with his erect cock. Her face was buried between Jessica’s legs, slurping and licking away at her cunt. Her bff saw her boyfriend behind her and moaned: “He’s gonna fuck you, Holly! He’s gonna give it to you so hard…!” But Harry didn’t, he just slapped her lips, her hole with his cock and teased her with it. Holly moaned loudly, in a whining tone, and she turned her head, and with blushed cheeks and a wild glance in her eyes she breathed, urgently: “Come on, Harry. Put it in… please!!”, and Harry did it, provoking a long hot moan of relief from my girl.

“Ooooooohhhh fuck yeah”, Erin whined, hearing that. “Fuck that pussy!”, she hissed while having Roman’s cock on her tongue and slobbering away at his shaft and down to his balls, all the time wanking him like crazy. He had a nice one, really thick and full, and with wide open eyes he tried to watch his boyfriend on his knees sucking me and hot stud Harry fucking my girlfriend doggystyle simultanously. It was just too much for him, I guess, because soon after Harry had slapped Holly’s ass for the first time, he got wild: “Oh my gosh it’s cummin’!!”, he exclaimed and started to whine and roar and pushed up into Erin’s sucking mouth. His eyes rolled back, he roared out his lust and squirted streams of hot boycum into Erin’s face.

“Uhhhhhrrr yeah”, Finley moaned ruttily, let go of me and turned around. He grabbed his friend and started to lick her face clean from his boyfriend’s juice. They made out while doing that, of course, and it was such a raunchy and sweet sight at the same time, it was unbelievable!

My cock pulsated in the steamy air, and it desperately needed someone to take care of it now. Erin was in front of me. I grabbed her leg, and literally in the same second she jumped on her knees and showed me her butt. her juicy girly butt waving from side to side in that tight thin yoga trousers there. She was wet, I could smell it, wet and ready, and so I just grunted and grabbed her and pulled down every piece of cloth still in the way. “Oh fuuuuck yes… yes, yes, yes!”, she moaned when she felt that and stuck her butt out as far as possible. I grunted, grabbed her cheeks and pulled them apart. There it was, her pussy, wide open, and it was steaming. “Oooohhhh… come ooooonnn…”, she whined into the pillows and stuck out her ass even further. I didn’t bother if she was on the pill or not, I couldn’t bother, I just needed to fuck that girl hard now.

And I did. It went easily to the hilt with one thrust, and it was tight and hot and slippery as fuck. “yeeeeeooooooAAAAAHHHHHSSS…”, she whined when I pulled out a little and thrust hard, again. A squishy sound could be heard, then another and another and another, ’cause I fucked her wildly now, making her moan and squeal with each thrust, making her tits wiggle and her pussy drip.

Roman had gone to the bathroom, but soon he came back, sporting a semi. He had a condom with him. “Incredible…”, he uttered when he saw me fucking his bff hard and Harry humping Holly doggy style. Her bra fell down, and Harry grabbed her tits from behind. I could see his balls slapping her ass! She had her eyes closed and moaned like a real slut now. “Fuck me!”, Holly uttered. “Pull my hair!!”, and when Harry did that, pulling her cute girly hair, my girlfriend let out an animalistic grunt. Harry sped up fucking her like a slut, and she got even wilder and more vocal: “Oh YES! YES so good! AAAHHHRR YES!!”

“Come here!”, Finley cried, and Roman jumped over to his boyfriend and fell into his arms.

“You’re gonna fuck him?!”, I breathed.

Finley nodded. “Get on your knees, Roman!”

The boy did, and Finley put the condom on his boycock and mounted Roman. “Oh shit! Yes! YES that feels so good…”, the boy moaned when he felt the thrusts of his boyfriend, and soon there were three couples going at it like animals in Harry’s basement. That was too much for me. “Gonna cum!”, I exclaimed.

Erin grunted. “Cum inside me! Cum inside my tight little pussy!!”, she uttered, mimicking the foursome on the screen.

“Fuck! FUCK! YES! YES!! YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHRRRRRR…”, I roared and pumped my sperm deeply into her hot vagina.

I fell on my back and looked at the ceiling, still hearing all the moans of pleasure and lust all around me. Holly was going wild by now: “SHIT I’m CUMMING! YES! MORE! YES HARRY fuck me! Harder!!!” He did it, I heard it smacking fast, and I needed to open my eyes now, just in time to see how he pulled out and squirted his cum all over Holly’s back and butt.

Suddenly I felt hot breath and a wet tongue on my penis: It was Erin, shit, this girl was insatiable! She slurped my fleshy thing into her mouth, and it stiffened again. Then it got even hotter, ’cause Holly joined her, licking my balls. Now Erin’s head was bobbing up and down on my cockhead, and Holly was sucking and licking my shaft, and woah, the girls started kissing each other with my dick in between! “Fuck you’re so hot”, I moaned.

As if this wasn’t enough to bring me back to life, there was Jessy, behind Holly, cleaning her body from Harry’s cum with her tongue. Her hot breasts hanging down, her glistening unfucked cunt somewhere below. I was hard in no time again, and when she was done licking the sperm from Holly’s ass, I got up, approached Jessica, pushed her down, spread her legs and just put it in.

“Fuck yes!”, the girl uttered. “Fuck me, Kieran! FUCK!”

I did, making her moan with every thrust. She was all horned up already, ready to cum, and I felt it. Her huge tits wiggled and wobbled around, and I grabbed them and then stuck a finger inside her mouth. She licked it and groaned and moanend and sighed and slapped my pumping ass. It was a serious fuck fest by now, and we loved it!

The sight of Jessy’s flushed and lustful face and her tits was heavenly, but I wanted to see what was going on around me: Holly lay in front of Roman, and the boy sucked her cunt and clit while still getting fucked from behind by cute little Finley. And Erin pushed Harry down, and bent over him to suck his cock and make it hard again. It worked, and soon she could straddle him and rode him towards another heavy climax. Now I was sure she was on the pill she wouldn’t do that if she wasn’t, would she…?

Anyway, I had another task to finish. “Make me cum!”, Jessy spat into my face and rubbed her clit wildly now. “Fuck me with your cock and make me fuckin’ CUM!!”

“Yeah you slut”, I uttered, not knowing where that came from. “I’m fucking you. I’m fucking you hard!”

“Uhuh! Uhhhhrrrr yes! YES! OH! YES! OH MY GOSH I’m gonna…. oh… YYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAASSSS FUUUUUUUUuuuuuck…!!!”

Her pussy twitched when she came, it felt so amazing! I hadn’t cum, though, so I pulled out and jumped over to Holly, feeding her my cock. My sweet girl welcomed it with wide open mouth and her tongue stuck out. I slapped it, and she grunted and groaned and started to lick and suck it like there was no tomorrow. Her mouth was so wet. Just then Finley came, crying out his lust in his high-pitched boyish voice and filling his condom with his boyjuice. Roman grunted and got up, his cock throbbing, and he looked at us and croaked: “I’m gonna fuck you now.”

“Yes! Oh my gosh yes! YES!”, Holly uttered, pulled her legs towards her, splayed them apart and held her pussy wide open for him. The boy grunted and stuck it in, deeply, to the hilt, and let his primal instincts take over.

“Put her legs on her shoulder!”, I said. Roman looked at me, grunted and did as told. This way I could kiss him, and I did, sticking my tongue deeply into his hot mouth, licking it out.

Soon we broke the kiss and just moaned in each others faces. His pumping bubble butt looked so hot that I needed to slap him, and he groaned out. “OOOOhhhh YES OH UH Uhuhuhuh AH YES! YES!!”, my girlfriend moaned in sync with his urgent thrusts, but then she couldn’t anymore, ’cause I stuffed her mouth with my cock and bulged out her cheek from inside. “Take my cock, slut!”, I grunted. “Suck it while he’s FUCKIN’ you!”

Her eyes widened, but she groaned out even louder now and started to wank my cock like mad. I felt his hot breath in my face and Holly’s hot breath and hand at my dick. I felt up his butt, hard, and his balls that slapped against Holly rhythmically. He did the best he could to make her cum again. Eventually he succeeded, and she threw back her head and screamed, only seconds before his own second climax came over him, coaxing the insides of her cunt with his boycum, roaring out his lust. He fell back, into the arms of his boyfriend, totally spent and satisfied.

Beside us, Erin was still riding Harry, his hard-on appearing and disappearing between her wiggling cheeks rhythmically. Jessica sat on his face, rocking back and forth on his tongue. The girls made out like mad, squeezing each others tits and asses. Holly saw me looking at them and breathed: “Give it to her…” I grunted and took Holly’s hand but turned towards Erin, towards her ass. Harry had his fingers dug into her cheeks, and the girl’s cries of lust intensified as she held on to Jessy’s full figure and lashed her tongue around her nipples. I aimed for her ass and brushed it with my throbbing cock, her juicy cheeks, then her hole, trying to fuck it, but then I felt it cumming, too, I just couldn’t hold it, I grabbed it and wanked furiously and squirted my hot cum all over Erin’s butt.

The others followed suit, like a wave or a chain reaction we triggered each others final orgasms and roared out our lust into Harry’s basement, into our crazy steamy sex den: Jessy was first, then Erin, shaking, holding on to her body desperately, drooling on her tits. And below them Harry groaned, and I could see his cock throb inside the Irish cutie, pumping his juice into her.

Then we collapsed, totally spent and exhausted and satisfied, cathing our breaths. I hugged Holly, and we snuggled in the afterglow of our orgasms, and so did Finley and Roman, Jessica and Harry.

Erin joined Finley and Roman, and she looked at us through half-open eyes and sighed: “Woah… that was… crazy…”

“Yeah… there’s something about this room, huh, Holly?”, I mumbled.

Holly looked at me with a dreamy look. “Hmmm…? Oh, yeah…”

I pulled her closer to me. “Sorry I called you slut… I love you so much…”

She breathed hot breath into my ear, kissed my earlobe and whispered: “It was so fucking hot… I love you, too.”

“I never knew you could get, like, THIS horny”, Erin chuckled into Finley’s chest.

“Me neither”, the boy smiled, looking at me dreamily.

“Yeah”, I breathed. “You’re great, guys. Thank you so much…”

Roman smiled. “Thanks. You, too… all of you… thank you so much…”

“Yeah, thank you”, Erin sighed. “I came, like, three times…”

“Yeah, me, too”, Holly mumbled. “When Jessy and Kieran made out so hard at one point, I knew this could be epic…”.

“Yeah, that turned the heat really up for me, I guess”, Erin giggled. “I thought we’d just, like, masturbate together and stuff, though, by then…”

“Why do that when you can have everything?”, Harry said from the side. “Fuck, it looked so hot seeing you snog Finley. I knew I had to fuck you.”

“That’s exactly what I thought after a while, too…”, Erin said, looking at him.

“So… was this your first time, uhm, times, I mean?”, Harry asked.


“Woah. You were so great.”

“Thanks…! You felt so nice, it was easy…”

“…I’d loosened you up a bit before, eh?”, I pointed out.

Erin looked at me. “That was so fuckin’ hot…”, she breathed.

Finley grinned at us. “You were shouting so many perverted things…”

Erin laughed. “Yeah, I don’t know… the porn, I guess!!”

“Yeah, it feels good to do it if you feel encouraged to… to let it all out!”, Holly smiled. “I love it.”

“We heard that”, Harry giggled. “Anyway, anyone up for a shower now?”

Erin jumped up. “Yeah, me!”

“We all should. It should be another hour ’til mom comes back. Let’s go!”

Well, said and done, I guess. We pretty much ended the party after that and returned home, but I’m sure we’ll see each other again, soon. And woah, how much I’m looking forward to showing Holly this story. Last time, when I did, she got so horny I had to make her cum two times before she let me fuck her.

THE END (again)

So, did you like it? Send comments, please, to softline@safe-mail.net and tell me which part was the hottest for you. Did something spark your memory, have you experienced similar things? Who’s the hottest in this story, when did you cum? So many questions…

A Branch Of May

A Branch Of May

I thought everything was said and done on the subject of middle-school-orgies. But then I read online about some young teens who claimed they’d done group-sex, and well, that sparked the flame again, so here it is, another foursome, this time set in the beautiful time of late April, about young English friends in search for a branch of May. Maybe my writing even improved? Anyway, it worked for me, and I hope it does so for you, too. Enjoy (and let me know about it!):

I’m not entirely sure how to start this. You see, I’m with the creative writing course in my school, and I really want to write this story, but I just can’t submit it there (you’ll see why!). So I… I think I’m gonna publish it online anonymously. And sorry for the awkward beginning, but… well.
Anyway, my friend Harry and me (I’m Kieran, btw), we are both 13 years old, and we already have girlfriends, you know, but that’s not the thing I’m gonna write about, it’s this: We had the most amazing couples-night recently! The craziest thing happened. See, our girlfriends are bff (best friends forever) since pre-school (now we are in middle school), and they are both super hot (just like us lol anyway that’s what some girls say, they love my freckles some say), although kinda different from each other: Holly (that’s mine!) is slender, has reddish hair mostly done in braids or ponytail, and she’s some kind of a nerd with science and stuff (she even wears glasses lol), and Jessica (that’s his!) has, like, wider hips, brown and curly hair that’s very long and open most of the time, and her breasts are huge, man. She does cheerleading (for Harry’s football team, sometimes. I couldn’t stand that – it would totally distract me!). Holly has titties already, too (I’ve seen them!), but Jessica, she’s BIG, if you know what I mean. Not fat, though. I’d do her any day. You know, cause I’m super-horny all the time, even more since Holly and me, well, since we’ve done IT!
Yeah, we’d already had sex. Last week. It was great! Not very long, though, but I guess we’re entitled to learn, aren’t we? After all, we’re only together for two months now. Anyway, Harry and Jessica, they’d been not that far, I think, although he couldn’t stop talking about how he had the hots for her. We even, you know, wanked off together (been done that for two years now, although my voice only started cracking three weeks ago…) and talked about fucking them.
Until it really happened.
Yeah, you heard right. We fucked them. Both. At the same time. In the same room! And I’m gonna write it down, I need to, that turns me on so much, so, yeah, here we go:
Yesterday we had this couples-night planned (not our first, so our parents trusted us), and we were gonna watch a film together in Harry’s basement. His parents were out and we had the house to ourselves for the evening. Nice! Anything could happen (at least in my fantasy…)! However, the day would start a lot less unusual. You see, the girls have another thing going on: they love horse-riding. And since it was spring and the 30th April and very nice weather they decided to spend some time with their horses – and take us with them!
We met at Jessica’s (she lives right by the woods) and after the usual kissing and hugging each other we went to the horse farm. It was a walk of about ten minutes through the countryside, and I have to admit I really liked the view and stuff. Especially the view of the girls’ butts in their rider pants, of course! Harry couldn’t take his eyes off of them either, but of course we couldn’t just walk behind them all the time, so we also held hands with the girls and talked about this and that. Holly told us she’d been at her gran’s the day before.
“Ew, boring, isn’t it?”, Jessica asked.
“No, not at all! It was actually rather nice.”
“Yeah, her gran is really sweet, you should meet her some time!”, I said.
“Mine’s always bragging about stuff and not chill at all”, Jessica said.
“Anyway, we had cake and stuff and then she sang some kind of song about May. A really old song, she told me, and it was kinda nice. Something like ‘A branch of May it does look gay…'”, Holly said. The last part she actually sang!
But Harry interrupted it. “LOL gay”, he giggled.
“That’s old English, it means, like, nice and happy”, I explained. Yeah, sometimes I’m kinda nerdy, too.
“I know, doofus”, Harry laughed.
“Actually, that sounded quite nice!”, Jessica said. “Sing more for us! You got such a beautiful voice.”
“Thanks!”, Holly smiled. “Alright, I think I can remember the verse…
A branch of May it does look gay, As before your door it stands, It is but a sprout, but it’s well spread about By the work of our poor hands…
…Arise, arise, my pretty fair maids, And take our May bush in, For if it is gone before morning comes, You’ll say we have never been.”
“Nice!”, Harry said, and we gave a little applause. Then I kissed my girlfriend on the cheek. She was so beautiful and nice and hot! And then she said something funny, giggling: “Guys, thanks, but, you see, that’s not the reason I told you this. It’s what she told me about the song that’s funny.”
“What is it?”
“Uhm, apparently it’s about… well…” Holly blushed.
“Yeah?”, Jessica asked.
“It’s about sex!”
“No kidding?!”, Jessica laughed. Harry and I grinned at each other.
“Yeah, she said…”
“Wait, your gran talked to you about… about sex?!”, Harry asked.
“Kinda. I told you she’s cool!”, Holly laughed.
“Stop interrupting her!”, I said.
“Yeah, so, apparently the song is about the time she was young, all young people of a village went to the woods to collect branches for, like, decorating their houses for May. And fetching a Maypole.”
“So what?”, Harry asked.
“Yeah, and then, my gran said, they stayed in the woods much longer than they needed to… and, quote, ‘they celebrated springtime in all kinds possible’!”
“So basically your gran told you she’d took part in, like, orgies when she was young?!”, Jessica laughed.
“Maybe…”, Holly grinned. “She didn’t tell me anything specific, of course. She just winked at me and grinned all the time when she was talking about how nice the air smelled in the woods and how the young people enjoyed their time together!”
“That’s so rad”, Harry said and looked at me funnily. I looked back, struggling with a flush of horniness, if you know what I mean. I mean, it was that time of the year, and we were about to enter the woods with two girls in tight pants…
“Anyway, yeah, that’s why I told you. Funny, right?”, Holly asked and looked at me.
“Yeah…”, I croaked, bit my lip and swallowed.
Holly kinda winked at me – I think! -, then she turned to Jessica. “So, do you think Buster’s fine again?”, she asked her. (Buster was a horse at the farm…)
The girls talked about horses, and Harry and me, we talked about football until we reached the farm. Then the girls went to get their horses ready, and we were on our own.
“So what do you think of that story, mate?”, Harry asked me.
“Well… it was funny, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah… but… but look at them girls… and thinking… well, I think I need to do something about it!”, Harry said, looking at me strangely.
I giggled. “What do you mean?”
“Well, I need a good wank, you knob!”
I bit my lip, too. “Yeah, I could use one, too…”
“So let’s go around the corner and do it, shall we?!”
Woah, this was new. We’d never done it in public before. My arousal grew. I felt my cheeks becoming red… and Harry looked wild, too. So I shrugged and said: “I guess. Look at their asses, mate. They’re so hot…”
Knowing that the girls would need another ten minutes or so before coming out to ride, we went around the corner to some trees until we didn’t see anybody anymore. Harry didn’t lose time, he just opened his trousers and got his cock out. He had a semi. I breathed and let my own cock out and started to stroke it immediately.
“Mine’s still bigger”, Harry breathed, looking at me.
“Stop looking at me, gaylord”, I hissed, pumping my cock. It was completely hard now.
“You’re… you’re looking, too”, Harry panted. He was right. His cock was big, hard, stiff. It was amazing to see him wanking. We had them in our fists and pumped fast.
“What are you thinking of…?”, I whispered.
“The girls… Jessy, I mean… fucking…”
“All of them”, I breathed. “All the hot girls in our school, like, in the woods. With us…”
“Yeah we fuck and they suck and stuff…”
No more words. We breathed and panted. Harry had his eyes closed and his mouth half-open. He looked hot, I thought! Funny. His cock seemed to get bigger and bigger. Suddenly he looked at me, and he caught me looking!
“Wanna touch it…?”, he asked.
I let out a sharp moan. “Will you touch mine…?”, I asked.
“Let’s do it!”
And we did. We wanked each other off. His cock was hard and hot, I liked the feel. And it felt amazing, having another boy’s hand on mine. So kinky! “Shit, I’m cumming. Don’t stop!!”, he grunted after only 30 seconds, and I felt it cumming, too!
“Oh yeah, me too!!”
I guess it looked funny: two thirteen year old boys in the countryside, with hard cocks spitting some sperm into the grass, hands at each other, grunting and moaning. But we needed it, and so we did it! It was fun. Afterwards, we cleaned up with some handkerchiefs, and with that brilliant feeling of relief (and just a tiny bit of embarrassement) we went back to the girls.
We were lucky, they hadn’t noticed us going away! They were just coming out of the stalls, smiling and waving at us, sitting on their horses. It looked beautiful. Harry and me watched them doing their tricks and stuff, having fun, talking about this and that (but not about what we did!), and then, after an hour or so, we went back to Jessica’s and parted ways to take a shower and change clothes, and then we would meet for our movie-night later on at Harry’s.
The girls arrived at seven, and they looked amazing as usual, wearing leggings and and a skirt and a tank top (Holly) and tight and perfectly fitting jeans and a blouse (Jessica). You could see some of her tits! I grinned at Harry when I saw how he liked that, and he grinned back, but the girls just laughed: “Stop staring at my tits!”, Jessica laughed.
“Why do you anyway, haven’t seen them for real yet?”, I teased him.
“Kieran!!”, my girlfriend shouted, looking at me smirking. She looked so beautiful with her hair done in some amazing braid…
“Sorry”, I grinned. “Just kidding!”
“I was just… just admiring how beautiful she looks!”, Harry exclaimed.
“Oh you’re so cute thanks!”, Jessica said with a bright smile and gave Harry a kiss on the lips.
“Ew, get a room!”, I teased them.
“Maybe we will!”, Jessica laughed and stuck out her tongue at me. I made a face at her.
“Anyway, what do YOU think you know – or’ve done?!”, Harry asked, looking back to back from Holly to me.
“That’s none of your business, you knob”, I said and gave him the finger.
“Fuck off”, he laughed. “Let’s order some pizza!”
Well, we did. We goofed around (funnily enough, the girls made fun of Becky “the school-slut”), played some card-game, talked about this and that, and when the pizza-man arrived, we all were pretty hungry and ready to go down to the basement to start our movie-night. You see, Harry has a brilliant beamer, and it’s like cinema down there. He brought his laptop and connected it, but I couldn’t stop looking at the girls or thinking about the stuff Holly told us about earlier on… and last week! You know, Holly and me, we don’t have that much time to our own, so I told my parents I’d go camping with Harry. But we didn’t! We hung out with our girls. And that was the first time I’d seen Holly naked. It was when we decided making out wasn’t enough anymore, and we started to undress and grab each other everywhere we could! She’s six months younger than me, and at thirteen and a half, my penis has grown a little over the last year or so. Let’s just say she liked what she saw, and I liked what I saw, and so we gave each other handjobs and kissed and then, after a while, we just did it for real. It was so great!
Harry got the computer started. He had to fumble a bit with the cables and put on the beamer. The laptop had been in standby-mode, so the screen just popped up – and there it was, his video player open and showing a still of some porn he’d watched before! All displayed on the wall! It was SO funny! We laughed out loud, but Harry just turned red as a tomatoe, exclaimed “OH SHIT!!” and closed the window. I think it was a foursome, though – two girls getting it from behind, like, doggy-style. I loved that!
“You’re so screwed man!”, I laughed. Holly laughed with me, although a little more quiet, like, nervous. Jessica just sat there gazing in disbelief at her boyfriend, her mouth open, one eybrow raised. She looks cute, I thought, I hope she’s not too angry!
“Look, I’m sorry…”, Harry said. “I really am!” He looked so embarrassed, nervously fumbling with his hair, trying to get it out of his forehead.
“Oh don’t shit yourself, man”, I said. “Anyone watches that stuff. Right?”
“You do, too?!”, Jessica said, looking at me inquisitively.
“Yeah… uhm… yeah, sometimes…”, I said, now becoming a little nervous myself. Jessica mouthed “woah” to Holly. My face flushed.
“You little perverts”, Holly giggled.
“Oh we all have… like, urges, you know…”, I stammered. “It’s, like, puberty, right…? It happens. You know that, right, Holly, you’re so good at science and stuff!”
Holly swallowed. “Well… sex IS kinda natural… don’t know about porn, though…”
“Oh, yeah… sorry.”
Holly looked at me in a funny way, then shrugged and grinned at Jessica. “Boys… I guess we just have to deal with how they are!”
Jessica smirked. “I guess…”
“So you’re not upset? It’s just, I don’t watch it that often, it’s just…”, Harry stammered, but Jessica leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek.
“It’s okay, silly”, she said.
“Girls get horny, too, right?”, I asked. I always used to be kind of a loudmouth…
“You know we do…”, Holly whispered to me and grinned. Jessica just cleared her throat and bit her lip and didn’t know what to say.
“What’d she say?”, Harry asked.
“Oh, nothing”, I laughed. “Come on, man, let’s watch the film… the real one, I mean!”
And so we did. We ate pizza, drank cola, and watched some kind of silly american comedy. Don’t know the name, really, ’cause, well, after not much time, the film became quite uninteresting to me… You see, after we’d finished the pizza the four of us lay down on this giant sofa-bed-thing, and of course given how the others smelled and being near them and so on, I was becoming even hornier than I am already all the time, so it was kinda hard not to think of sex and get a boner – especially considering the funny things that had happened earlier! And considering I could see both Holly’s and Jessica’s outlines. So I really thought of going to the loo and have a good wank to release my tension, but then I also had to pee, so I decided I’d do this first and see how it’s gonna be afterwards (silly thought, but, well, I’m a kid, you know!). So I stood up, kinda hiding the bulge in my pants, and said I needed to go somewhere, and I did. (Not without having looked at Jessica, though: Harry had an arm around her shoulder, and her head rested on his chest…)
When I came back, it took me some time to get used to the dark room again, but then I saw something interesting: Harry and Jessica making out! Big time. They were kissing each other deeply, and Harry stroked her back tenderly. I saw her butt, her big juicy butt in her tight jeans, and my cock came to life again. Shit, I thought, but I also thought LET’S GET TO HOLLY AND MAKE-OUT, and so I did. She looked at the film, but I couldn’t, I had to watch Jessica and Harry! And I wanted to kiss my girlfriend. So I whispered into her ear: “Have you seen them…?”
Holly looked at me strangely and breathed: “Yeah…”
“Do you think they know that we have…?”, I asked.
“Do you think they care…?”, Holly asked back and bit her lip. I looked at Harry and Jessica. Still their lips locked, still their tongues entwined. From time to time you could see them wrestle. It looked hot as hell.
“Do you… do you care…?”, I asked.
“No… not really…”, Holly said and cuddled against me. Her head lay on my chest now. I caressed her hair. She smelled so good… I could see the outline of her tits and butt. We tried to watch the film for another minute or so, but then the rustling beside us – there was, like two metres between us – intensified, and I looked at them, and she looked at them, and we saw her grabbing his butt-cheeks and stroking his back and pressing her chest against his…
Holly looked up to me. Her eyes looked soft, lovingly, beautiful. Then she removed her glasses, and I could see her brown eyes, a tingly glaze in it. She scooted up, and I could feel her warm breath on my face, and then I couldn’t help it any longer and kissed her. She returned the kiss almost instantly, and we embraced deeply and fell on our sides, just like Harry and Jessica. >From last week I knew how much she liked my butt – she’d clawed her fingers into my cheeks when she came! -, so it wasn’t a surprise when she started to lower her hands. I did so, too. Her ass felt amazing. So soft and full and cute. When I grabbed it she sighed into my mouth and I felt her tongue become more aggressive in my mouth. She even started to grind her crotch against mine! Fuck, I was so hard now. It was just like last week, when we were alone! But we weren’t…
Suddenly she broke the kiss. “Is this… is this right?”, she asked, out of breath, whispering.
“I don’t know… I like it…”, I whispered back.
And looked behind Holly, at the others. Jessica’s hands were under Harry’s shirt, she kissed his neck and breathed on it, licked it, eyes closed. The girls at school basically all drooled over him. He was handsome, with soft and full lips, a muscular footballer, although at thirteen his voice still was kinda high-pitched – although becoming a little raspy now from time to time. I knew his cock had grown over the last year, just like mine, and we both had some hair above it. I have to admit, his was bigger than mine – six inches when it was fully erect. Mine was only five and a half, but well, that hasn’t stopped Holly from enjoying it, has it?
Anyway, Jessica kinda opened her eyes now – had she sensed my glance? – and looked at me. I don’t know what it was, but there was something in her eye… something wild. And from the way I stared at her – seeing her erect nipples through her blouse, her huge boobs, and the way Harry ground his crotch against hers – she must have sensed something wild in mine, as well. She closed her eyes again and tore Harry’s shirt above his head.
“Woah…”, I moaned and breathed hard against Holly’s ear. She sighed. My hands went on auto-pilot and wandered under her tank-top. I nestled with her bra and opened it. She sighed again.
“Wait…”, she whispered.
“Harry’s shirtless already”, I breathed, and she moaned and turned her head.
“Oh wow”, she mouthed. Jessica’s right hand squeezed Harry’s butt, her left caressed his hair. It looked extremely hot!
Then I felt Holly’s hand against my tummy. She stroked it and went under my shirt and found my nipples. She toyed with them, and I grabbed her ass and pulled her towards me, pressed her against me, ground myself on her. She had to feel my cock by now! We kissed again, hungrily, and then we broke the kiss with a wet smack and threw away our shirts.
Now Holly lay on her back, her chest moving with heavy breaths, her erect nipples displayed for us. Harry heard us rustle and turned his head. I saw Harry looking at her, and I heard a horny sigh from his mouth. We looked at each other, and I mouthed “Mate, what the fuck…”, but he just turned around and resumed what he was doing: unbuttoning Jessica’s blouse, revealing her breasts in a dark bra. He grabbed a good handful of them, greedily, and Jessica breathed, her mouth wide open, her eyes closed. Then Holly pulled my head down onto her titties, making me lick them, suck them. She moaned: “Oh, Kieran…”
The film was still on, of course, so we couldn’t hear everything that was going on, and it took some of the awkwardness away from us. We just were horny kids now, and we had to act on it! So my hand moved down to Holly’s crotch, caressing her there, and she immediately bucked up and pulled down her skirt. My fingers went inside her leggings and found her slit. It was wet. I rubbed there, rubbed her clit, and her breathing stopped for a second, then she moaned, loudly, and pulled me up to kiss me, hungrily. I licked her mouth out, she tasted so wonderful, and she felt amazing down there! Her hands found their way to my penis. She grabbed it through the cloth and squeezed it, and I sighed into her mouth and broke the kiss. We panted at each other heavily.
There was no stopping now, especially considering what happened next to us: Jessica lay on top of Harry, now braless, and they kissed, and her tits were pressed against his naked chest, his hands dug into her juicy ass-cheeks! Her jeans were off, and the only thing that was seperating cock from pussy was now the cloth of both their underwear. Jessica’s panties were tight and looked so very hot, and the outlines of his hard cock pressed against her snatch. Her bra was directly beside me, between us, and somehow seeing it lie there and feeling Holly and knowing what was going on made me so incredibly horny now that I just pulled my pants down and let my erect cock slap against Holly’s belly. “Fuck what are we doing…”, she sighed and stared at it.
“We fuck…”, I breathed and rolled on top of her. My cock pressed down on her pussy. I kissed her, hard, and she kissed me back and clawed her fingers into my back! We rolled over, she was on top now, and we were a little more apart from the others now, and I yanked down her leggings and panties and grabbed her cheeks so roughly, squeezing them! She was on the pill, so my boner found his way unclothed between her legs, searching for her hole. She moaned when she felt the thick thing opening her slit, and then she moaned even more when it penetrated her! It felt so hot and tight, and fuck, we weren’t alone! We fucked with our best friends with us!
Jessica and Harry looked at us having sex, looked at Holly riding me. “Amazing…”, Harry mouthed, and Jessica just pulled her panties down, spread her legs and sighed: “Lick my pussy. Please…”
Had they done that before? It sure looked like it. Harry knelt in front of her, his shorts now gone as well, his erection proudly sticking out from his crotch, and he went down on her as if he really knew what to do. Oh fuck, it looked so hot when Jessica grabbed her breasts and then his head and started to moan and sigh so loudly now, and then – oh fuck – she looked at me again, greedily, at Holly and me fucking, and I just couldn’t help it anymore, I bucked up and fucked and fucked into my girlfriend’s wet snatch, and I just came and filled her up with my juice, groaning out loudly!
Holly stopped riding and sighed into my face. “Woah…”, she sighed. “That feels so good…” I didn’t know what she meant, me fucking her or my juices deep inside her insides, but my cock got too sensitive, so I pushed her down from me gently.
“Sorry, need a break”, I said.
“Okay”, she said and swallowed. Some juice was leaking from her pussy. She was sweating. She looked at her bff who got eaten out by Harry and who looked at her greedily. “Wanna eat me out…?”, Holly asked with her cute quiet voice, and Jessica just nodded and opened her mouth, showing us her wet lips and tongue. Holly just squatted over her face, and soon her bff started to lick her clean from my leaking juices! What the fuck, how amazing was this! Harry thought so, too, he looked up in disbelief and licked his lips, his boner throbbing.
“Mate, got a condom…?”, he asked in a hoarse voice.
First I shook my head, but then I remembered I had one left from sex-ed-class earlier that month! I’d left it in my jacket, for it somehow made me horny to have one on me. Silly, I know. But I’m thirteen years old and my voice hasn’t broken yet, so I guess that’s alright, isn’t it?!
Anyway, I croaked “yes!” and stood up to help my best friend in need. “Don’t fuck her without it!”, I said when I was leaving, and Jessica groaned: “Kieran, go get it, please…!!”, to which Harry added: “I need to fuck her, mate!”
I ran upwards, naked, my cock dangling from side to side, and found the condom in my jacket. There even was a second one! Neat, I thought, and took them. I was in some kind of haze, I guess, everything looked unreal to me, the floor, the walls, the pictures of Harry as a little kid on the shelf… there was an orgy going on in the basement!!
Soon I headed back, more jumping than running (good thing I didn’t fall!), and in the room the atmosphere of raw sex hit me, again: Harry lay beside Jessica, his thick cock against her hips, and sucked and kneaded her tits. Holly still kneeled above her bff, stroking her clit. It looked so hot seeing them like that! I jumped over to them, tore the package open and handed my friend the condom. He sat up, panted and sighed and mumbled: “Press the bubble, right…”, and I nodded and watched as he gave his cock three or four strokes, so it got fully hard again, and put it on. It looked amazing on his huge cock! Holly apparently thought so, too – she was masturbating herself, staring at it with wide open glazing eyes. And I stared at her – she looked SO HOT with her hair done in braids and her flushed cheeks and her wet pussy. She moaned and sighed all the time, and she moaned even louder when Harry finally shoved his cock deeply inside his girlfriend.
Jessica moaned in relief and pulled him down. They kissed, and he started to fuck, so mount, to pump his hard tool into her, in and out, in and out! It smacked when their crotches met, and her tits wobbled around, and they groaned like rutting animals: “OH AAAHHHHRR YESS!!”, Jessica screamed. “Fuck me!!”
“Incredible…”, I mumbled when I was back on the mattress. My cock was on the rise, again. Holly saw that and licked her lips. I swallowed and croaked: “Suck it…?”
“Yeah…”, my girlfriend sighed and went down on me. Her wet and hot mouth engulfed my cock, and she went up and down on it like a fucking pro. I caressed her hair, her face, it looked so hot seeing my cock insider her mouth! Beside us Harry fucked and fucked, his butt pumping up and down, but then Jessica pushed him off her. “What the fuck?!”, Harry croaked, but soon he moaned in delight again, when his girlfriend mounted him and started to ride on his cock! Woah it looked amazing seeing her like that, her hair flowing downwards all the way to Harry’s chest, her boobs moving with her motions, oh, and then Harry grabbed her ass and pulled her cheeks apart, fuck, I needed to see that, so I went behind them, pulling Holly with me.
Now we could see Harry’s condom-covered boycock engulfed in her hole beneath her huge ass, and her trembling cheeks went up and down, oh fuck, she was getting seriously hot by now, riding him wildly! “Amazing…”, Holly sighed, and “Oh Jessy fuck oh YES! YES!! Gonna cum!”, Harry groaned and pulled her down. Jessica’s ass pumped up and down on his cock, smack-smack-smack it went, and she whimpered and cried: “Oh yeaaaah ah ah ah ah FUCKYEAHaaaahhh!!”, when Harry grabbed her ass and held it down and let his juices flow deep inside her, fucking his hips upward and groaning out loud!
Then they stopped. “Be careful when you pull it out…”, Jessica mumbled, and he did as he was told. Holly looked at them. I looked at them. Jessica turned around and looked at me, and I saw the same greedy look in her eyes I’d seen before, but this time she was on fire. She said nothing, got on all fours, and I looked at her ass. It was full, round, juicy and HOT! I was so horny again, I desperately wanted to, NEEDED to fuck that bitch, but my girlfriend was here! I looked at her, not knowing what to say.
But she knew. “Do it!”, she said. “We talked about it. We want you both.”
“Whoooa!”, I just moaned, took the second condom and put it on. Holly even helped me. She gave my cock and balls a last tease with her hands and squeezed my butt, and then she was off to Harry, helping him with getting hard again, sucking his cock. My best friend held her head in his hands and fucked her mouth. “Oh my gaaawd yess…”, he breathed, his wet mouth wide open, and she was drooling and squeezing his balls. In front of me, there was Jessica. She turned around, looked at me, said: “Do me hard, okay? Just give it to me…”
Still I couldn’t say anything, I just did as I was told! One last look to Holly and Harry – she was pulling him on top of her, mumbling “I’m on the pill…” -, then I penetrated my girlfriend’s bff. “Oh yeah…”, she sighed. “I need to cum now…”
I needed it as well, and so I humped her hard. I loved the sight of her hips moving with my thrusts, and I grabbed them, squeezed her ass and hips. It felt hot and AMAZING! Beside us, there was Harry humping my girlfriend. His six-inch-cock deeply buried between her legs, penetrating her. He fucked her as hard as he could, too, and I found that I loved the sight of his pumping bubble-butt and his muscular boy-back, clad in a sheen of sweat! “Oh yes so good do me oh yeah… OH YEAH OH fuck…!!”, Holly moaned beneath him and grabbed his cheeks.
“Oh fuck yeah it feels so good so good, oh yeah, OH YES FUCK ME!!”, Jessica wailed, as our crotches made obscene slapping-sounds every time i thrust my cock deep inside her.
“Oh yeah, take it!”, I hissed and bent down, trying to reach her boobs. I pushed her down and fucked her even harder and grabbed her breasts and squeezed them! They felt amazing, full, firm and soft! With every thrust, her cries and moans were becoming more urgent, now. “AH! AH AH AH!! OH! OH YEAH…!!” She moaned and drooled on the mattress and clawed her fingers into it, and her long hair flowed around them.
Harry and me, our fucking intensified even more, like bunnies we fucked our girls, and he made Holly’s titties wiggle around! They came closer, driven by Harry’s thrusts, and soon I could smell them, their bodies smelled of sweat and hotness, their hair so sweet and musky, oh fuck, now the girls’ faces collided, and they even started to kiss each other! Sloppily they wrestled tongues, but then it was too much for Holly, I guess: One of her hands went between her legs, and she rubbed her clit while Harry was fucking her, and then she started to scream and moan, she hit her climax, oh yeah! I noticed Jessica doing the same now, rubbing herself, “ohfuckgonnacumsoon!!”, she stammered, “OH YEAH oh YEAH!!” I groaned, and then Harry pulled out of Holly, oh fuck his cock was huge, and he roared loudly and wanked himself off hard and shot another load of his semen all over her tummy up to her tits. Jessica saw that and grunted: “Oh fuck Kieran!! Cum on myTITS, will ya?!!”
“OOOooohhhrrrr fuckyeahr!!”, I grunted and pulled out of her, removing the condom. She turned around, stuck her tongue out and shoved her breasts against my cock. I groaned out loud, grabbed it and pumped, my glans on her tongue, “ohfuckhereitCUMS!”, I cried, and a few last shots of my sperm soon covered Jessica’s face and tits…
We all caught our breaths after that.
“Woah that was amazing…”, Harry breathed.
“Yeah mate… and woah did you know about that?!”, I asked.
“No… no, it just happened…”
“Our plan worked so well!”, Holly smiled.
“A little too well…”, Jessica giggled, feeling my sperm on her face.
“Sorry…”, I said shyly.
“No need to”, she said. “I wanted you to do it.”
I let out a sharp breath and felt a little tingle of horniness rising up in me, again! But I was spent – for now. The girls stood up and went to the bathroom to clean themselves, and Harry and I, we put our shorts back on and highfived, when they were gone. “Was this your first??”, I wanted to know.
“Yeah, actually. Not Jessica’s, though. She had her cherry popped already.”
“Could have happened with herself”, I guessed.
“Yeah… woah…”
“I don’t think anyone ever had a better first time!”, I grinned.
“No. Was it yours?!”
“No. We did it last week in our tent, mate!”
“Cool. I mean, hot. Woah…”
We sat down and talked a little more, and then the girls returned, all cleaned up, just wearing panties and shirts. Jessica’s tits still looked amazing. They grinned at us. Jessica said: “Thanks, guys… it was awesome.”
“Yeah”, me and Harry said, nodding! “Thank YOU! Both of you!”, I added and smiled brightly. Holly then sat down next to me and snuggled with me and kissed me on the cheek. “You’re not mad, are you? For us having swapped…?”
“No, it was totally hot, I mean… woah…”
“Didn’t know you were up to such… such kinky stuff, though!”, Harry said.
“Didn’t know it either…”, Holly said sheepishly. “We just wanted to try…”
“Since we found out we liked you both”, Jessica added. “Not in the same fashion, you know… but… well. You saw for yourselves…” She giggled, flushed red as a tomatoe. “Actually, we thought we’d just try mututal masturbation… but then Holly and you…” She bit her lip.
“I just needed to do it…”, Holly said and bit her lip, too. “You all look so… nice, I guess.” She giggled.
“Yeah, you’re both super-hot!”, I said. “But I love Holly!”
“Aaawww, thanks, you’re cute”, Holly smiled and kissed me.
“And I love you, Jessy!”, Harry exclaimed, and they kissed. It was kinda cheesy! “Anyway, I don’t think I ever was that turned on before! And I’m ALWAYS horny”, Harry laughed, and it wasn’t cheesy anymore, lol.
“Yeah me too”, Jessica giggled. “I was dreaming of something like that for, like, a year now…”
“When you frigged yourself…?”, Harry asked.
“Wait… you guys are horny all the time, too?!”, I asked.
“Kind of…”, Jessica said, blushing. “It’s just… hormones, I guess.”
Holly had her glasses back on. As I said, she’s a science nerd, so she said: “It’s normal. It’s biology. You can act on it. It’s okay! It’s even supposed to be good for your health!”, she said, smiling brightly.
“Woah, I never was that healthy before”, I said.
We all laughed, then we talked a little more and decided to continue watching the film. But after another 20 minutes or so something that had bothered me came up in my mind, and I said: “Hey, Jessica… uhm, you said, it’s been your plan…”
“So why did I have to get you condoms??”
She grinned. “You didn’t. I have some with me. But I was busy with sucking your cum out of your girlfriend’s pussy, so I just thought let him fetch them, you know.”
“That’s unfair!”, I laughed and threw a pillow at her. She squealed and threw one back at me. Soon a great pillow-fight emerged and we were all laughing and goofing about, hell, we’re kids, so, yeah, that’s what kids do, I guess. Suddenly we were all over each other again and entwined with each other and, well, I was thirteen, so my cock was on the rise when I felt the half-naked girls (and the boy!) so close to me again. So our squealing stopped after a while and we just lay there, looking at each other, grinning and giggling from time to time.
“So you… have another condom…?”, Harry finally asked his girlfriend.
“Yeah you horndog… wanna use it…?”
She looked at him, again with that wild look in her eyes. I stared at her breasts. They looked awesome in that tight shirt. Holly was behind me, hugging me, playing with my tummy and my nipples. “How… how do you wanna do it…?”, Jessica asked.
“Uhm… I’d like to… you know, it looked so awesome when you were… on all fours, like… doggy-style.” He bit his lip.
“Yeah… I liked that…”, Jessica said, and then she kissed him. Soon they tongue-wrestled sloppily again, and I felt Holly’s hot breath in my neck. She licked me there. “I wanna know how that feels…”, she whispered.
“Nice”, I breathed and turned around to her. My shorts were tented out with my boner. We kissed and embraced and I grabbed her butt again and she grabbed mine and yanked down my shorts. I pulled her shirt over her head and kissed her titties, and then she got on all fours in front of me. Her butt looked so hot and cute in her panties! I pulled them aside so I could see her slit, and I felt her up there. She moaned. “Oh yeah…”
Beside us Jessica knealed, and Harry had his nose and tongue buried between her spread cheeks! Did he sniff her ass?! He licked her slit, I suppose, cause she really seemed to like it. It looked awesome! I grabbed her boobs and squeezed, and she moaned. Woah.
Then she looked at me and stood up, shakily. “Gonna get the condoms”, she said and threw away her shirt. Her naked body looked so hot, her ass and legs and all. She bent down to search for them in her purse, woah…
But I was still fingering Holly. She moaned and sighed, and then she said, looking at me (this time she had her glasses left on): “Go on, Kieran… Fuck me…”
Hearing this from my cute girlfriend just did it for me, I felt the flush coming again. The horny flush. I needed to fuck her! So I just did. “mmmmmmhhhohYESS!!”, she cried. She was tight and wet, and it smacked and smacked again from the very start of our fucking. Soon Harry and Jessica were beside us and mimicked us, and both girls started to moan in unison with our thrusts. It looked so hot seeing Jessica’s tits sway around and her hips move and wiggle, and Harry’s cute ass, his balls beneath it… and Holly, of course, in front of me, going back and forth urgently. Her moans, her hot high-pitched moans ringed in my ear and mingled with Jessica’s; they were deeper, hotter, breathier. Now there was no film-sound to distract us (as if it could have!), so we just heard us: The smacking meeting of crotches, the sound of our heavy breathing and grunting, the sound of the girls moaning! I dug my hands into Holly’s hips and heard Jessica pant: “Yes Harry yes, don’t stop. DON’T STOP!”
Harry sped up, panting heavily, and I did, too, but it was me who got close to orgasm soon! Holly’s moans got louder, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I was to be able to squirt inside her. “I’m gonna… gonna fill you up!!”, I grunted, and Holly moaned: “YES! YES KIERAN, pump it, oh fuck yess…!!”
And then I came, my cock throbbed inside her and filled her with my juice. I pulled out and fell down, but Holly hadn’t had enough. She kissed me hungrily, panting, and then she pulled me up and towards Jessica’s mouth. The girl stuck out her tongue, and I understood and gave her my cock. It wouldn’t go soft! I sucked Holly’s mouth and fingered her, and Jessica sucked my cock, and Harry was behind her and fucked her hard and fast. It was all so amazing again! His face looked all flushed and sweaty, and his mouth looked hot open, his full lips glistening with spit and sweat. Suddenly Holly moaned: “Can you fuck me again?!” into my ear, and oh yeah, I could, I just pushed her down, mounted her missionary-style and penetrated her again. “Please pull out this time before you cum, yeah?”, she asked, and I grunted and nodded and fucked her.
Now we lay head-to-foot to the others, Harry’s pumping cock right beside our faces, and we could smell them, smell their juices, hear them fucking, his cock and balls clashing against her in such a frenzy! My balls squeezed against Holly’s ass every time I thrust, and she moaned into my face. Her hair was all rough now, and she watched me and them with wild eyes, from time to time grabbing Harry’s legs and balls and butt! I sucked her titties, too, and then I kissed her hard and sucked her mouth, she tasted so yummy! We fucked and fucked and fucked!
Suddenly Harry groaned out, he came! Then he pulled out, his condom filled with cum, and fell down beside us. I wasn’t finished at all! Holly still hadn’t enough either, she was WILD now, bucking up her pussy against me all the time and moaning like hell: “Oh yeeeaah oh oh ah ah Kieran! KIERAN fuuuuck…!!”, and I did. But then I needed to pause, ’cause Jessica pulled me up and sat on Holly’s face! Oh my gosh, so hot! Holly spread her legs as wide as she could, and I took them on my shoulders and fucked her this way. Jessica looked wildly at me, then at Harry, at his cock, who was stiff and hard again, and stuck out her tongue. Incredible! My best mate came closer, and Jessica sucked him, again.
I fucked and fucked and fucked my cock so hard into Holly’s cunt now. Her titties wiggled. “Oh my gooood!”, she moaned into her bff’s snatch, “I’m cumming agaaaaiiiiinnYYYEEEEEESSSSAAAAAAHAHHHHHHhrrrr…!!!” I felt her pussy vibrating around my cock and felt it cumming, too, so I pulled out, and Jessica grabbed my throbbing cock, and I stood up, so Harry and me stood side by side now, I felt his heat and breath, and then his lips, fuck he was kissing me, I kissed him back, he tasted HOT… and his girlfriend wanked and sucked us off both at the same time! I felt Holly’s hands at my ass, my balls, and then her breath at them, “oh yeah, here it cums!”, I cried and wet Jessica’s face again, and after another minute or so Harry shot his last load for today, and she sucked and swallowed it all…
Then she lay down on the mattress, naked and hot, panting. Holly and me cuddled again, and Harry snuggled with Jessica, and that way we spent the next twenty minutes or so, totally spent and satisfied. Afterwards we just cleaned up and played some games and then we parted ways. It was kinda awkward, but not really, if you know what I mean. We told each other we’d liked it and… maybe we’re gonna repeat it!
Anyway, now it’s time for Holly’s next visit. My parents are out, and we have a date. I think I’m gonna ask her to sing that song for me, again. She’s got such a beautiful voice! And then…
…well, I think we’re gonna fuck, hard.


If you liked this story, just search on nifty for “softline” and you’re gonna find some others.

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