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rwxxx13 is a very talented author with some awesome stories to his name! I contacted him years ago, it was September 2018 to be exact, to ask his permission to publish the story BG3-17 on my site, because I think it’s a magnificent piece of work. His reaction:

Jason, first off, I’m happy to hear you enjoy my stories.  As far as posting them, as long as you leave my contact info in the header so they can write me, I have no problems with it. 

A short while ago, I stumbled across his other stories he posted on Nifty and decided to publish them too. But after I reached out to him a couple of times before, I never got a reply. Other people ‘in the business’ had the same experience. So I’m afraid he is no longer available as a writer. And some people mentioned to me that he had told them that he was sick. So, maybe it isn’t just the author that’s no longer among us 🙁

I know now for a fact (thanks Caliboy1991!) that Rwxxx13 has passed away because of that terrible disease called cancer. It makes me sad knowing he’ll never post another story again, especially because I know how much he enjoyed writing.

But according to the email he send me, I feel I’ve got his permission to publish his other work too. And since this site originally started out as a tribute site, why not pay tribute to more than one author, right?

Oh! One more thing! Please don’t ask me about if story X will ever see a new chapter or will be finished. I know for sure that I won’t finish them. I can’t stand in Rwxxx13’s shadow, and don’t feel like I could (or should) finish his work. If you want to see a new chapter, you can always write it yourself, and send it to me. I’ll probably post it if it’s good enough. This may all sound a bit harsh, but if I got a buck any time someone asked me this, I’d actually make money with this site 🙂

Beach Bums
A short little (but very sexy) story about a surfer dude and his life at the beach.

Beach Bums

Camp Hiawatha
We follow nurse Baker during her time as a nurse at a summer camp as she gets all sorts of different patients to attend to…

Camp Hiawatha – Chapter one
Camp Hiawatha – Chapter two
Camp Hiawatha – Chapter three

Cards on the Table
A story about a young man’s obsession over his friend’s son.

Cards on the Table

Cliché Cousins
A bit of a cliché story about cousins…

Cliché Cousins

Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?
Besides a song by Rod Steward, it’s also a story about Tommy. Tommy gets to live with his aunt, uncle and nephew for a while, and soon enough, things start heating up.

Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? – Part one
Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? – Part two
Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? – Part three
Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? – Part four
Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? – Part five

Hearts and Bones
It’s a bit ‘out there’ but still sexy as hell.

Hearts and Bones

Let’s get Physical
Olivia Newton-John sang about it, but in this story, we follow nurse Rachael and doctor Donna as they give ‘little’ Richie a physical examination.

Let’s Get Physical

Midnight and the Kiddy is Sleeping
A mother is neglected by her husband, and she suspects he’s having an affair. This isn’t too much of an issue to her anymore, as she’s suddenly overwhelmed by how much her son had grown over the past months. Soon enough, things spiral out of control.

Midnight and the Kiddy is Sleeping – Part 1
Midnight and the Kiddy is Sleeping – Part 2

Minding the Children
A cleverly found title, that basically says it all. It contains mind control, but never gets to the point where it’s uncomfortable. Very nicely done!

Minding the Children – Chapter one
Minding the Children – Chapter two
Minding the Children – Chapter three
Minding the Children – Chapter four
Minding the Children – Chapter five

A Passage into Darkness
A bit of a dark story, but still pretty sexy. If you’re not into vampires or werewolves or that kind of fiction, you might want to skip this one. But you’d muss a nice story!

A Passage Into Darkness – Part 1
A Passage Into Darkness – Part 2
A Passage Into Darkness – Part 3

The Son Also Rises
This is a father/son story. I always find these tricky to write, but I think Rwxxx13 managed to keep the power balance between them on the right track. And the story is sexy as fuck!

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five
Part six
Part seven
Part eight

Study BG3-17
Three kids wake up in a science lab-like environment. Disorientated, confused and… naked…

Study BG3-17 – Part One
Study BG3-17 – Part Two
Study BG3-17 – Part Three
Study BG3-17 – Part Four

Sibling Rivalry
A young woman and her sister visit each other every year. This year she’s invited at her sister’s place. But things have changed. Her two nephews did some growing up, and they moved into a nudist resort. How will this young woman cope with this uneasy situation?

Sibling Rivalry – Chapter one
Sibling Rivalry – Chapter two
Sibling Rivalry – Chapter three
Sibling Rivalry – Chapter four
Sibling Rivalry – Chapter five
Sibling Rivalry – Chapter six

Tattoo on my Heart
A very well written story about lost innocence. Rwxxx13 managed to capture this delicate subject beautifully. A must-read!

Tattoo on my Heart

The Vlog
In today’s world, people would do everything for the clicks. A sister of one of two boys is given the task to direct them in creating videos with the most likes as possible. You can do the math…

The Vlog

Again: Not everything if finished and done. I’m not going to finish it, and I think neither is Rwxxx13. So. please!! Don’t ask me for more chapters!


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    that image at the top is hot

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      Jason Crow

      I know! And it’s just a couple of pixels placed in the right order by Artificial Intelligence. These kids don’t even exist in real life!

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    Very sad to hear Rwxxx13 passed away.

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