The Road Less Traveled – Chapter 12

My shoulder shook from a soft touch, “Syd?”

The hazy edges of a dream drifted away on the clouds of my subconsciousness. “Syd?”

I blinked a couple of times. Gabe sat on the edge of the bed, closest to me. He wore his standard nighttime attire; his white cotton briefs. I mumbled, “You okay, sweetie?”

He sighed, “I really tried to go to sleep on the sofa. I didn’t want to wake you up like I did this morning, um. You know, ah, beside you.”

Was that a hint of guilt about touching me when he thought I was asleep? Oh, if only he knew.

I found his hand and clasped it, “I enjoy waking up with you by my side, sweetie. I especially enjoyed this morning.”

His voice squeaked, “You did?”

Had he known I was awake? I don’t suppose it mattered. What mattered was he was sitting next to me, wanting to sleep by my side. I ignored his comment, “I know what I need now. Climb into bed and give me a hug.”

Despite the darkness, Gabe’s features softened as he came around the bed and crawled next to me. I turned my back to him, “Can you put your arms around me and hold me?”

His chest touched my back as his right arm slid around my stomach. His left hand slid between me and the bed until he could clasp them together. I closed my eyes and thought about how nice it felt to have him hold me, him the big spoon, me the small spoon. He topped me by an inch at the most, but I wondered how it would feel in a year or two when he would top me by four, maybe even six inches. But for now, I drifted back to sleep, basking in the warmth of his body against mine.

I woke to something warm on my chest. It was still dark outside as I realized one of Gabe’s hands cupped one of my tits. His other hand rested against my stomach and his warm breath touched my neck. His familiar deep breaths told me he was still asleep. That didn’t bother me any. Some small part of my desire to be dominated by Gabe was fulfilled.

That’s when I realized more than just his hand was on me. Something warm pushed against my butt. A thrill surged through me as realization hit. Gabe’s erection was nestled between my butt cheeks. I snuggled against his body and moved his hand from my stomach to my other breast. Maybe it wasn’t the same as my fantasies of being dominated, but I needed the intimacy.

I don’t know how much time passed before Gabe stirred. There was a hitch in his breathing. The rhythmic pounding of his heart against my back changed; it beat faster. His fingers squeezed my tits. I felt a pulse between my cheeks. Thinking about how he felt guilty about touching me the previous morning, I flexed my body, pushing against his groin and moaning, like I was just awakening. My voice was tired, “Mmm, I don’t think someone has ever awakened me in such a nice way.”

Gabe gasped and moved his hands down, clasping them between my belly and my breast. Still, he hadn’t let go. He stammered, “I-, I’m sorry, Syd. I woke up and my hands were already there.”

I flexed my ass, hopefully sending chills along his body as I replied, “There’s nothing to apologize for, sweetie. I feel so much better when you hold me like this. How did you sleep?”

He relaxed at the question, “Better. Sleeping next to you is so much better than sleeping by myself. I mean, I know you said it’s okay. But are you sure?”

I took one of his hands and put it back on my chest, “Does this feel like a breast that’s not sure?”

He giggled, his breath tickling my back, “No. It’s really nice.”

He fell silent. Less than a minute later, his other hand returned to my other breast. I melted against his body, enjoying the moment at least as much as he did. The sun creeped over the mountains; feeble light drifted through the blackout curtains. But I didn’t care. I could stay like this all day long, if it meant Gabe’s hands on my tits and his cock against my ass.

He broke the silence, “Syd, c-, can we kiss?”

My heart fluttered in confusion. On one hand, I wanted him to force me around and for him to put his tongue into my mouth. On the other, I was simply happy he wanted me. I shifted around until by tits pressed against his chest. His boner no longer poked my butt. Now it poked at my pubic mound. Either way was fine with me. His arms were clasped together against my back. We moved our faces toward each other until our lips touched. A few heartbeats later, he pulled back, “I like how your lips feel.”

My own breathing was rough, “Me too. Kiss me again.”

His lips formed against mine, and as our lips pushed together, I slid my tongue out and touched his lips with it. He surprised me by how quickly he opened his lips and let my tongue inside. My stomach turned to butterflies, and I felt hot between my legs when his tongue met mine and they intertwined with one another.

When he broke the kiss, he gave me a silly grin, “Holy shit, that’s even better than it sounded in your books.”

I chuckled. It was only as I leaned in and kissed in again that I realized Gabe’s kissing was much better than before. The little horn-dog was learning from my books!

I leaned into him and playfully nibbled on his lip, “Show me it wasn’t a fluke, my love.”

He pushed against me, our lips crushing together. His tongue was the first to bridge the divide. For six long years, I’ve wondered what it would feel like to be kissed by someone who knew what they were doing. Kyle had stuck his tongue in my mouth the same way he’d fucked me; badly. Now, Gabe’s tongue darted around my mouth, tangling with mine, then running along my teeth, then sucking on my tongue. I was on fire with lust for this gorgeous twelve-year-old. If only he would take control.

When the kiss ended, his eyes were slightly glazed. We both said, “Wow,” at the same time. For five years, I’ve written scenes of my heroines kissing their bad-boy lover, knowing that what they were experiencing on the page was a hundred times better than that one horrible experience. Now, I would never have that handicap again.

His face was only inches away from mine. I hoped against hope that kiss would be enough to stir him to action, and to dominate me. He chewed on his lower lip until he figured out what he wanted to say, “You remember last week, Sid? When we were in here. That thing you did?”

My heart matched his, as it thundered in my chest, “You mean sucking on you?”

He flushed and nodded.

I didn’t wait for him to say or do anything. As lightly as possible, I pushed him onto his back and took hold of his underwear and pulled them off, freeing his boner. Only a week had passed since last I’d seen it. As my fingers caressed his pale skin, he was as smooth as before. Maybe it was my longing, but it seemed slightly larger.

As badly as I wanted to take him in my mouth, to pleasure him in ways he’s yet to imagine, some primal need overwhelmed me and I said, “You want me to give you a blowjob?”

He bobbed his head, “Yeah.”

My face was inches away from his hard, smooth five inches, “Tell me, Gabe. I’m your slut, you’re in charge. Tell me!”

His penis twitched, “Syd, y-, y-, you slut. S-, suck my d-, dick!”

His face was crimson, as though each word shamed him. All I cared about was that he had taken charge. I pushed my hair behind my ears and bent over until my tongue flicked across Gabe’s glans. He hissed in pleasure, “Ahh!”

My tongue swirled around his bullet shaped head. A slight pungency touched my tastebuds. There was a faint hint of urine, but mostly just Gabe’s musky essence. As I took his head in my mouth, even that faded to the taste of skin. My tongue teased his glans while my lips slid across the slight ridge of his circumcision scar. Those first two inches were amazing. Gabe lay prone, his hands clasped under his head. The only sign he was awake were tiny mewing noises from his throat.

Gabe flexed his butt, sending another inch sliding through my lips. I did my part, taking more of him. My lips touched the base of his penis as the tip tickled the back of my throat. I’d watched dozens, maybe even hundreds of videos of girls sucking guys, but this was a first for me, and the sweet sounds coming from Gabe only made me hornier. I kept as much suction around my lips as possible and pulled back until I let his entire five inches pop free.

The soft mewing stopped until my tongue licked at the underside of his cock, licking and kissing along the urethra vein. I kissed the base of his shaft and moved down until I sucked at his balls, until I sucked both into my mouth. They were bigger than I expected. I kept one in and let the other slide free, sucking them gently. Finally, Gabe moaned, “That tickles, Syd. Suck my dick… please!”

His plaintive cry sent me back to his glans and this time, I pushed my face down, taking him all the way down, my lips touching his pubic bone and the tip of his cock grazing against my throat. My tongue slid and darted along Gabe’s shaft, teasing out more mewing noises. I picked up the pace, pulling back and plunging down, again and again. His butt tremored and his hands, which had laid on my shoulders, now gripped them and pulled me down, pushing my lips against his pubic bone.

Gabe moaned as his cock spasmed in my mouth. A drop of his immature semen hit the back of my throat. He spasmed again and something sweet and tart hit my tongue. His penis shuddered several more times, trying to give up what his body wasn’t quite ready to make. I pulled back, letting his erection slide through my lips. His five inches quivered when it slid out from between my lips.

His entire body shuddered one last time, “Oh! My! God!” he almost shouted. “That was a bazillion times better than when you jacked on me.”

If ever I was glad we picked an isolated campsite, it was then.


The sun was as close to being overhead as it could be, and the shade provided by the high walls of the RV was gone. The clock in the taskbar showed I had been working for over three hours already and my stomach grumbled that was too long.

Gabe stretched, balancing his laptop on his legs. “It’s almost twelve-thirty, Syd. I’m hungry enough to reenact the Donner Party.”

I wished I had something to throw at him. Like me, he could go down rabbit holes of knowledge researching for a story. He had wanted to find out how far and fast wagons could go back in the Middle Ages. His research eventually took him to reading about the settlement of California in the nineteenth century. Really, mostly it was just reading the gruesome story of the Donner Party. And now I was left to pay the price. I set my laptop aside and rose, “If I hear one more word about the Donner Party, I’ll be having you for dinner, you imp. Speaking of which, you want a sandwich for lunch?”

We were using food from the fridge that might spoil first, leaving frozen meals and boxed dinners until the fresh deli meat was gone. Gabe nodded, “Yeah. Sounds good.”

We took our paper plates, loaded with sandwiches and potato chips, back to the lounge chairs and ate. Gabe had fallen back into his custom of wearing just a pair of shorts and sneakers. There was only one other RV in camp at the moment, so I wasn’t much more modest. I wore a pair of shorts and a sports bra.

When we finished, Gabe took my plate, “I need a break from writing, Syd. Why don’t we go exploring? There are trails nearby we can explore. Even creeks and lakes. I saw ‘em on the GPS map.”

I had nearly all the sequel to Give the Devil His Due outlined as well as a few notes for a couple of more books in the series. I wouldn’t mind a break, but going hiking didn’t sound like much fun. “I dunno, Gabe. Maybe we could find something on Netflix or something on Direct TV.”

He threw the trash into a bag we kept outside during the day and came back over to me. He had a curious look in his eye when he leaned over, resting his hands on the armrests, and let his lips touch mine. I wasn’t worried about anyone seeing us. The other RV was on the other side of the campgrounds, but the brazen kiss was bolder than anything Gabe had done before. He leaned in, until his face was near my ear, “Did you really mean it, about being mine?”

A thrill ran through my body. What was Gabe going on about? He was asking me about my deepest fantasy. Nothing excited me more than imaging him having his way with me. Even though I knew we were alone, I glanced about before nodding, “Yeah, sweetie. I’m yours.”

His lips brushed against mine again before he stood up. That look in his eyes was still there, “Cool. Then, woman, we’re going hiking. Come along.”

My eyebrows shot up in stunned surprise. Aside from the unbroken voice, he nearly had me convinced he was a billionaire bad boy. My body responded before my mind and I rose to my feet, “Are you ordering me to go hiking with you?”

His eyes darted to the ground and his face grew florid. His eyes twinkled, almost as if this were a joke. I expected him to relent. Gabe lacked the confidence to truly dominate me.

“Of course, Ms. Nelson. I’m the man and you’re my woman. Get your shoes on and let’s go.”

I followed after him as we found the nearby trailhead. The trail meandered along, and despite the temperature never getting much over seventy, we were soon sweating as we went along. After a bit, the trail ran parallel to a creek, and we followed along as both creek and trail ran under a two-lane highway. We were nearly an hour into our hike when my legs tired. Gabe seemed energized.

“Gabe, I need to rest for a few.”

He stopped, a concerned expression broke through the false bravado, “Just a bit further, Syd. I saw something on the GPS map, and we’re close.”

I groaned, “Five minutes. Okay.”

His only response was to hurry along the dirt trail hugging the gurgling creek. Almost five minutes later (and yes, I was counting it on my phone), he paused again, looked around. There was an incline to our right. “Just a sec. I think we’re close.”

He scampered up the incline and disappeared from view. He shouted, “Holy shit, this is sweet!”

I sighed. At least there were no bears around at the moment, although I was tempted to one-up old man Donner and slather honey all over Gabe and let the bear have their own picnic. My calves hurt by the time I reached the top of the incline. And I stood in awe. We stood in a meadow, surrounded on all sides by tall aspens, save for a narrow break on the other side of the clearing where a service road cut through. A closer inspection showed tire tracks through the ankle high grass. This was the perfect place to boondock. It was as remote a place as you could imagine. Gabe summed up my thoughts, “I bet the forest rangers don’t come here very often.”

We’d only seen one drive through the campground once in the three days since we arrived. But that wasn’t what caught my attention. To both the east and west, the mountains seemed closer and more majestic than in our camp, even though only a couple of miles separated us from this slice of Eden.

I turned to Gabe, “What would you do here than you couldn’t do at our current site?”

He looked one way and then the other before a grin split his face. He unzipped his shorts and a moment later, both shorts and underwear were on the ground and he ran around the meadow in nothing but his sneakers. “This is what I’d do. Come on, Syd. You can too.”

I looked around. We were more alone than we’d ever been before. Normally, that would give me a sense of lonely isolation. But right then, Gabe’s infectious spirit chased away any loneliness. I shrugged and pulled my sports bra off and set it atop his discarded clothes. Feeling the tepid sun on my tits was a new thing. The characters in my books may cavort on pristine beaches in the nude. But me? This was a whole new experience. A moment later, I tossed my shorts to the side and felt even more liberated.

Gabe, still running and skipping about, called, “You’re not doing it right, Syd. We’re supposed to be naked.”

He had yet to see me naked. To date, our nudity had only run one way. To let him see me as naked as I could see him, his soft penis bouncing about, was the one remaining line I hadn’t crossed on the lead up to sex. And there was no denying, there wasn’t even a pretense of not wanting him to fuck me. Still, I paused.

He finally stopped in front of me. The twinkle in his eyes and his mischievous grin would have been enough to know he was inhabiting my fantasy, but his three soft inches grew before my eyes into five erect inches. He puffed his chest out, as though proud of his body. I could scarcely blame him. His body aroused my own desire. “Come on, woman. How can you say you belong to me if you won’t do what I say?”

At that moment, I was lost in my desire to be wholly his. I slipped the panties off. Gabe’s bravado cracked again as his eyes stared at my body. For once in my life I felt like a woman whom men desired, instead of a too-skinny writing hack who lives vicariously through her characters. My hips were narrower than Abby’s, but still wider than the rest of my skinny frame. But Gabe just stared at me like a starving man discovering a four-course meal. When it’s the right man, or in my case, boy, women don’t mind being objectified.

When he found his voice, Gabe was reverential, almost like being in a church, “Wow.”

After a moment, he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the tree line on the meadow’s far side. The service road was wide enough for the RV and although the thicket of trees was dense, it wasn’t particularly thick. About forty or fifty feet from the meadow was a dirt road running parallel with the river and trail. I threw my arm around Gabe’s shoulders, “When we get back to camp, we’re gonna top of the water tank and bring the RV over here.”

Gabe flashed a smile, slipping back into my little fantasy, “You should always do what your man tells you.”

I played along, “And what is your command, my love?”

His eyes widened. He was trying so hard to show me how he could fulfill my fantasy, yet he was still woefully inexperienced. “I thought that was obvious. We need to go back and move the RV over here.”

With that, he took me by the hand and we ran back to our clothes. He reached for his underwear and then paused as he looked toward the tree line near the creek, “I gotta pee.”

That glimmer returned, and he grinned at me again, “Can I watch you go, too?”

I chuckled at how quickly he broke character. I’d do anything for him. But I also wanted him to stay in charge, “Are you ordering me to pee in front of you?”

Like a lightbulb going off over his head, Gabe realized his mistake and nodded, “Of course. Woman, let me see you pee?”

Growing up in a poor part of Bakersfield, it’s not like you can get out into nature, so I’ve never peed in public or in the middle of the wilderness. But there wasn’t much to do except step away from the clothes and spread my feet apart. I reached out and pulled Gabe closer, “squat down, get a good look, my love.”

Gabe obediently knelt. I felt sexy and dirty all in one. His eyes were even with my slit. He could have reached out and rubbed his fingers against my clit without stretching. My shy bladder took a moment, but finally a stream of yellow spattered the ground beneath me. When it dribbled to a stop, I stayed in place, letting him see the thin lips of my outer labia. “What’d you think?”

He was tongue tied and only managed a “Wow, that’s cool,” for a response.

I thought about asking him to touch me. After all, I wanted to feel more than just his hands exploring my body. But I chickened out as he rose to his feet, “I gotta pee. Check it out.”

He turned, facing away from me, and grabbed his still rigid cock. After the better part of a minute of standing there, a dribble of pee appeared. It grew more powerful and soon a yellow stream flowed. When it tapered off, he grinned with embarrassment, “It’s hard to piss when stiff as a board.”

It was all I could to stop myself from leaning down, flicking the piss off his slit and sucking him again. Instead, we returned to our clothes and were soon dressed. Instead of hiking back to our camp the way we came in, we followed the service road. About a mile down the service road, we found the highway and followed it back to the campground.


It was pushing dinnertime by the time we leveled the RV and rolled out the slide-outs in our new, secluded campsite. I threw a frozen casserole in the oven and set the alarm. Gabe was outside, setting up our lounge chairs in the shade. Was he still in the mood to play our sexualized game? “The casserole is in the oven. What is your command now?”

A smile played across his face at the realization I was still interested in being bent to his will. He grabbed my hand, “While you were leveling the RV, I discovered something cool.”

We headed down the embankment, toward the creek. There, he pulled his shoes and socks off, “I saw it on the other side of the creek. Come on!”

I followed his lead and took my sneakers off. With his sneakers tied together around his neck, Gabe started across the creek. Even though the creek was only twenty feet wide, he yelped when he stepped into the creek, “Oh, fuck, it’s cold.”

I giggled as he practically danced in the mountain run-off. Worse for him, within three steps, the water hit the bottom hem of his shorts. He retreated, scowling at the water. I joked, “Looks like you’re going to get your wish to go around naked.”

He gave me a dirty look before finally laughing, “Yeah. I guess so.”

He pulled his shorts and underwear off and shoved them into his sneakers. He waded back into the creek before turning to me, “Come on, woman. You get used to the cold.”

I shook my head, marveling at how much I wanted him to dominate me sexually, that I was willing to let him dominate me completely. I pulled my shorts and panties off, and copied Gabe and put them into my sneakers, which were draped across my shoulder. I swore like a drunken sailor when my feet went into the water. No, it wasn’t cold. It was ice cold.

Taking my hand, Gabe set off for the other side. There must have been some kind of channel in the creek. That fourth step, taking us more than halfway across, we went from being thigh deep to sinking to just below our chests. From there, the creek became shallow as we climbed to the other side. Once on dry land, I glared at him, “We’ve gotta go back across that when we’re done, and that water’s fucking cold.”

I wasn’t kidding. Gabe’s penis seemed to shrink in on itself and his balls were nestled tight against his skin. At least my sports bra was still on, otherwise he’d have seen just how hard my nipples were from the icy water; and they hadn’t even gotten wet.

Gabe put his sneakers on and said, “Come on, it should be on the other side of these trees.”

Naked, Gabe pushed through a screen of trees. I followed behind, dodging branches and trying not to get scratched by the trees. He stopped after a couple of dozen paces, “Hurry up, Syd. This is cool.”

When I reached him, I looked over his shoulder at a small lake. Although to call it a lake was to be generous. It stretched out maybe a hundred feet in length and was about half as wide. Like our campsite, trees ringed the shoreline.

Gabe crinkled his nose, “It sort of smells like sulfur.”

It wasn’t strong, but it was coming from the water. There were mineral hot springs all across Colorado. Maybe this was one such place. I knelt by the water and dipped my hand in it. Unlike the creek, it was nearly hot. “Feel it, Gabe. Once again, you were right.”

He knelt beside me and stuck his hand in the water, “Ooh, that’s nice. We can go swimming here.”

I’m sure others have found the spot, but the place looked pristine, like something out of a Thomas Kincaid painting. “Do you want?”

The shoes came off and Gabe stepped into the water, “Oh, this is nice, Syd. You’ve gotta come in.”

As he waded further from the shoreline, I said, “Are you commanding me, my love?”

He chuckled. His eyebrows furrowed as though aware that playing the bad-boy billionaire was harder than it looked. “Um, yeah. Get naked and get in.”

I pulled my sports bra and sneakers off and stepped into the water. The further into the water I went, I realized it wasn’t quite as hot as I originally thought. Not too far from where we entered the water, a tributary from the icy creek flowed into the hot springs, and at the other end, it flowed out. That explained why the smell wasn’t stronger and why the water was clearer than most hot springs.

Gabe stood about ten paces from the shoreline, chest deep in the water, “Come on, Syd. It’s warmer here and feels nice. Maybe we can bathe here and save our water for other stuff.”

I surprised myself when I said, “If that’s what you wish, my love. You’re in charge.”

Of course, boondocking meant we only had two-hundred-fifty gallons of fresh water. If we didn’t shower and only used the water for cooking and flushing the toilet, we could easily stay here a couple of weeks before taking the RV to a dump station and refilling the fresh water tank. But it was more than that; even if his idea had been crap, I would have still agreed with Gabe. At least as long as we lived my fantasy.

I stopped when our faces were a hand’s length apart, and gave him a smile, “This is really fucking cool, Gabe. I’m glad you showed it to me.”

The smile that lit his face at my praise made me warm inside. Even more than my writing, nothing was more important to me than Gabe, and this little slice of Eden was perfect for us. I leaned in, “You brought me out here, my love. What now?”

He leaned in until our lips touched. His lips were warm and moist, and as the kiss lingered, he slid his arms around my waist and pulled our bodies together. My tits tingled when they touched Gabe’s chest. My stomach fluttered when his cock, hard as a rock, poked my pubic mound. When the kiss ended, I lay my head on his shoulder and enjoyed the intimacy of his hug.

The rustling of the wind through the treetops, the music of the birds in the forest, the gentle lapping of the water on the shoreline, these things were like a warm blanket, making the moment even more special. Gabe said, “Sometimes, I wonder if there’s a heaven. But then I see a place like this, and I can’t help thinking it has to be real.”

He let go and floated onto his back. His buoyancy was good enough that his erection bobbed in and out of the water as he did feathered his arms in the water, moving toward the middle of the pond. He stopped in the middle and let himself sink under the surface. Before I could worry about how long he was under, his auburn hair broke the surface. After spitting water out, he said, “It’s only another four or five feet here, Syd.” With that, he splashed a wavelet of water at me.

I pushed myself off the silty bottom and swam toward him. He splashed at me, moving away. “You’re it, Syd. I bet you can’t catch me!”

To punctuate it, he splashed me again. I yelped as the water splashed my face, and then I pursued him. I knew it wouldn’t last long before for this brief season of our lives passed; for now, we were almost the same size. But even though he was barely twelve, with the rangy muscles of preadolescence, he was stronger and faster than me, if only by a smidgen. But I had more endurance. I finally caught him in the deepest part of the pond when I closed with him and threw my arms around his neck from behind. We sank under the water as he wrestled against my grip. The water was clear enough to see hot water bubbling from fissures in the pond’s silty floor. I lost my focus, taken in by the natural beauty. Gabe took advantage and spun around, wrapping his arms around the back of my neck.

We held each other; our bodies tightly clasped together. His face was inches from mine when we simultaneously realized his penis, still erect, had slid between the lips of my labia. A shudder, almost like an orgasm, shook me as we let go of each other and swam to the surface. Gabe’s face had never been redder, and I can only imagine it matched my own. As he treaded water, he sputtered, “I-, I’m s-, sorry, Syd.”

In all my twenty-four years, I’ve never burned with desire like I did right then. I swam over to him, and put a finger over his lips, “Don’t apologize, Gabe. Who’s in charge here?”

His expression of worry and fear slowly ebbed away as he realized I hadn’t let go of my fantasy. It was as much a question as a statement, “Me?”

I gave him a quick kiss and then swam to where I could stand with my head out of the water. A half-dozen paces separated us as I replied, “That’s right.”

He swam over to me until he stood in front of me. He was so close, his erection brushed against my pubic mound. “When you say I’m in charge, do you mean I’m in charge of everything?”

The naïve innocence in his voice only made me what him to dominate me all the more. I nodded, “Yes, my love. Just like in my stories.”

His hands touched my hips as he inched forward, “Like with sex?”

As he pulled me in, I took hold of his erection enough to push it down so that he slid between my legs, “Yes.”

Gabe’s erection was trapped between my legs. The upper part splitting my outer labia, sending tendrils of pleasurable tickles through my body. I slid my arms around his neck as he locked his arms around my waist. The kiss was sweeter, lasted longer, and turned me on even more, as Gabe explored my mouth with his tongue. Although not our first French kiss, his tongue started out hesitantly as he pushed through my lips, but by the time the kiss ended, he had explored every part of my mouth with his tongue with growing confidence.

About that time, his stomach growled, and he giggled, “I guess I’m hungry.”

I let my hands fall away, as I thought about the casserole in the oven back in the RV. Gabe’s hands remained clasped around my waist. The smile hadn’t left his face as he pushed his body against mine. The upper part of his cock slid along my slit, sending a jolt of pleasure radiating from between my legs. “I’m hungry for you.”

My arms went around his neck again as his hips rocked back again, dragging his cock against my exposed labia. He groaned, “Oh, wow. This,” he pushed his hips forward, sending shivers along my spine, “feels really good.”

After Kyle, I’d contented myself with my sex toys. The way my emotions and my senses combined as he held me, rocking his hips, sliding his cock against my slit, were altogether new to me. Before, when I pleasured myself, sure it felt great, but until now I didn’t know what was missing. I felt more alive than ever as the top of Gabe’s erection dragged across my clitoral hood.

He rocked against me a couple of more times when I felt myself bump against my bliss. Again, he dragged his cock against my clit and a little dam burst within me, making me shudder in Gabe’s embrace. It was just a small orgasm. But the emotional connection amplified it tenfold.

Gabe, still sliding against me, grunted, pulled me forward, as he moaned, “Ah, fuck!”

His cock pulsed against my pussy lips as I envisioned his little drop of spunk diluting into the hot springs. It took a moment for us to stop shaking, and we held each other close. I know I needed to let him stay in charge. But in the heat of the moment, my lips sought his, and I kissed him and invaded his mouth with my tongue, until breathless, I pulled back, “You were fucking awesome, sweetie.”

A loopy grin spread across his face, “So were you.”

His stomach chose that moment to announce again its hunger. I chuckled, “You ready for dinner?”

Gabe found my hand and entwined his fingers with mine, “Yeah.”

When we reached the shore, we gathered our clothes and navigated our way through the trees toward the creek. There didn’t seem to be much reason to get dressed again until we reached the other side. With our shoe around our necks, we braved the water, hand in hand. Gabe yelped when the icy water reached above his thighs. I felt bad for him as it assaulted his cutest part. I barely avoided my own frozen hell when the water nearly reached my tits before we started up the other side.

Back on dry land I pulled my panties from my shoes and as I bent to put them on, with chattering teeth, Gabe said, “H-, hold on, Sid. I’m still in charge, right?”

I set my leg down, one leg threaded through my panties. Where was he going with this? “Of course.”

He flapped his arms, trying to warm up, “Cool. I think you’re really sexy when you’re naked. Let’s stay like this for a while.”

Even though the creek’s icy water wilted Gabe’s penis to well below his normal flaccid three inches, I could have sworn it twitched at his words. I stepped out of the panties again, “Okay, my love. You’re in charge.”

It felt strangely liberating going the last few yards to our RV. When I stepped into the meadow, I felt so exposed, but a quick look at the service road showed we were as alone as before. Even so, I hurried to the RV and practically raced up the stairs right as the timer-alarm in the kitchen went off. I couldn’t have planned the afternoon better if I’d tried.


Sitting across from Gabe at the table, I could almost imagine we weren’t naked. Almost. The table blocked out his most interesting parts. Being a woman certainly had its disadvantages; Gabe’s eyes lingered on my tits while we ate the casserole and microwaved veggies. He finished before me and leaned his elbows against the faux marble tabletop.

After a bite, I said, “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

He flushed, realizing I’d caught him staring at me. Then a smile creased his features, “Who’s in charge? You or me?”

The heat in my face traveled through a body that yearned for his domination. “You are, sweetie.”

His hand stretched across the table and caressed one of my nipples, making it grow hard, “And if I’m in charge, I can do this. Right?”

I shuddered when his fingers gently pinched my nipple, sending a surge of pleasure through me. I nodded, my voice only a whisper, “Yes.”

His other hand reached across and fondled my other breast, “And this?”

My voice shook, “Y-, yes. Anything.”

He slid out of the bench across from me. His erection was back. He came over to my side and said, “If I told you to suck me, would you do it?”

That heat ran all the way from my face to between my legs as I dipped my head, “Yeah. Can I?”

He turned and sat on the sofa, “We’ll see. For now, if you’re finished, come over her and sit beside me.”

Even though I still had a couple of bites left on my plate, I wasn’t hungry. Or rather, I wasn’t hungry for that. I hungered for what sat opposite me on the sofa. Ignoring my food, I came over and sat next to him, making sure my body touched his as I sat. “What now?”

Gabe’s hand returned to my tit, massaging and tweaking it for a moment. I’ve played with my tits plenty of times when I pleasured myself with one of my toys. But nothing felt better than his hand. Before long, he tired of the same motions and his fingers traced down my sternum, tickling my belly enough to pull laughter from me, before moving down. I prided myself on shaving down there and, as his fingers caressed my pubic mound, it was silky smooth. I spread my legs, giving him greater access, and a moment later, his index finger touched the hood over my clit.

“Ahh, that’s nice,” I purred.

Gabe rubbed it for a few seconds before the radial motion exposed my engorged clit. When he touched that, I bit my lower lip, “Oh, that’s it, baby.”

With a curious note in his voice, he asked, “Has anyone else touched you like this, Syd?”

As if I needed another reason to hate Kyle. Aside from clumsily sticking his average size cock in me, the college freshman hadn’t bothered discovering my body. “No, baby. Just me, and I don’t count.”

His finger stopped massaging my clit as it explored the valley of my inner labia. “You’re wet.”

I shuddered at his velvety touch, “You’re making me excited. I get wet when I’m excited like this.”

He rubbed his slickened finger along my inner folds. Then his finger found my vagina. I sighed, “Look what you found.”

His finger pressed in; I felt him inside me, at least to his first knuckle. “Is this what I think it is?”

I shuddered as another wave of pleasure washed over me, “Yeah. My pussy. You want to stick your cock inside it?”

The way his ears turned red only made me want him more. His nerves were a mess, “Y-, yeah.”

While I wanted him to take and own me, Gabe’s entire sexual experience was with me over the past few weeks. The last thing I wanted was for his first time to be as bad as mine. I reached over and caressed his inner thigh, moving closer to his cock with each heartbeat, “You’re in charge, my love. Would you like to go back to the bedroom?”

He nodded as my finger lightly traced a vein on his shaft. I leaned in and kissed him, “Lead the way, my love.”

He offered his hand, and I let him pull me off the couch and guide me back to the bedroom. I sat on the end of the bed and patted the space beside me. When he joined me, I put my arm around his shoulders and offered him my lips. He was nervous; his lips were dry, but he pressed them against mine as I slid my tongue into his mouth. With my free hand, I reached between his legs and brushed my fingers along his five delightful inches.

When the kiss ended, I scooted my way toward the headboard, “Come up here with me, sweetie.”

No sooner had my head hit the pillow than Gabe landed beside me. He turned onto his side, propping his head with his hand, “What now?”

Looking between us, his erection was so close to touching me, I couldn’t resist and shifted a couple of inches toward him, letting his boner poke my hip. I turned to meet him, pressing my body against his, making his erection lay flat between us, and kissed him. When we came up for breath, I moved my hand between us and took hold, “What we did in the hot springs is a great place to start.”

I pushed his cock between my legs. He had length enough for his glans to reach beyond my labia. I adjusted myself too, spreading my lips around the upper part of his erection, “Start pushing, Gabe. Just like before.”

He breathed a shallow giggle, “Except we were standing up, now we’re lying down.”

A dozen times, his hips rocked against my pubic bone. His cock was slick with my juices, but I wanted more. I wanted this to be more than just some sexy act between us. I would teach him to fuck me missionary style. But now wasn’t the time for that. I needed to hold him close. I slid my left leg around his upper leg. His dick slid against my labia as I opened myself a bit to him. “Feel that? I want to slide my other leg around your other side.”

Gabe moved, lifting his hip enough that I slid my other leg under him and wrapped them around his waist. Moving myself like this moved my body up just enough to feel his tip against my labia. I reached between us and took hold of him, “You ready, sweetie?”

He nodded as I lined him up. I shuddered from his glans resting against my opening. My voice shook, “Push, Gabe.”

His flared head invaded me, stretching me as he slid a few inches inside me. He gasped, “Holy fuck! This feels awesome.”

I squeezed my legs, taking him in until our pubic bones touched. My pussy was like a glove and Gabe fit perfectly. “Just wait. If you thought what you felt earlier was good, you ain’t felt nothing yet. Push your hips.”

We pushed against each other, and his five inches found every erogenous spot in my vagina. I felt my senses more than ever before. My hips trembled as he slid back, pulling his cock most of the way out. Some element of evolution kicked in and Gabe’s instincts kicked in as he pushed against me again, sending him deep into me, driving me to the very edge, “Fuck me, Gabe. Fuck me, sweetie. Make me yours!”

He pushed in again. A dam I never knew existed broke somewhere deep inside me and I shuddered as somewhere inside me bolts of pleasure radiated outward as I came. I had been wet before, but with that shuddering cum, the squishing noise filled the bedroom as he slid in and out of me.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” he cried, as his thrusts became more urgent. The cascading orgasm crashing over me was relentless as he thrust his hips forward. Then he shuddered, thrusting his hips forward at the same time I pushed down, taking everything he had as his cock spasmed inside me. How or from what well it came from, Gabe found something even deeper, more primordial than the cum currently rolling over me and I shook as a deeper cum slammed against me.

Unlike with Kyle, when I felt nothing when he came, a warmth radiated deep inside me where Gabe’s immature, watery semen hit my pussy walls. He called my name over and over as his orgasm wracked his body. Once he finished cumming, he tilted his head forward until our lips met, and we kissed as lovers.

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