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The Treehouse – Epilogue

The Treehouse – Epilogue

Erin put the car in park, “Tell your granny hi for me.”

I leaned over and kissed her, “I don’t want to push my luck. It’s been two years since I had to explain the whole Eric thing. I’m not sure she’s ever completely forgiven me for that.”
Erin brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes. She was letting it grow out now that I had cut my hair. Both of us now had hair touching our collars. “Could have fooled me. She practically lets you live with me.”

I grinned, “What was it she said? ‘I done raised one kid. I ain’t doing it again.’ As long as I check in from time to time, let her know I’m still alive, and don’t disturb her when she’s watching her game shows and soaps, she doesn’t much care.”

Before I could open my door, Erin reached across and grabbed at my crotch. My hand faltered on the door handle, all thoughts of my granny forgotten. My girlfriend of three years deftly unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans. “Pull them down, Bry. Time to celebrate the last day of my of my sophomore year properly.”

I glanced through the rearview mirror. The yard was even more weed-infested than ever. The gravel road wasn’t visible from the car. The only person to worry about was my granny, and she had never bothered coming to the door before. I lifted my hips and pulled my jeans and underwear down to my knees.

Erin reached over and ran her fingers through the silky strands of my pubes. I may have started puberty when I was twelve and a half, but my body didn’t seem inclined to rush things. Freshman gym had been no better than the previous few years. I had started the year almost bald. Now, nine months later, a few dozen lonely strands of silky hair sprang from the base of my dick.

But even now, a couple of months shy of fifteen, my body was still smooth, except for a small patch of pubic hair over my dick and a few wisps under my arms. Freshman gym had been little better than any of the previous years, although having a girlfriend doesn’t hurt your social standing.

Erin’s fingers played with my growing erection until I grew to my full five inches. After a few playful tugs, she leaned over and licked my glans, sending a shiver through me. I could be a hundred and five and this would never get old. Her lips slid around my little helmet as her saliva lubed my shaft. When she slid down, she paused when my tip reached her throat. Then, with an expertise that came from years of experience, she pushed down until my wispy strands tickled her nose. The way her throat closed around the end of my dick sent a wave of pleasure rushing over me. My adolescent voice, still trying to find itself, groaned, “Fucking fantastic, Erin. Ahh.”

Her only response was to bob up and down on my erection. My eyes drifted close as my head rested against the seatback of Erin’s car. Those wonderful tingles weren’t far away, and I let them find me as they radiated out from the base of my dick. Even though less than twenty-four hours had passed since we fucked last, I would not last long.

Erin knew my body as well as her own; she bobbed faster. She wrapped her fingers around my balls and gently squeezed them, knowing that would only hasten my eruption. The tingling grew and fireworks exploded behind my closed eyelids as my balls pulled inward and my dick seemed to expand and grow even harder. Erin pulled back until her lips trapped only my glans as my dick spasmed and the first blast of cum hit the back of her throat. Another half-dozen lesser blasts followed.

Lights were still going off behind my eyelids when she finally pulled off my dick with a wet plop. I only opened my eyes when she grabbed my face and pulled me into a kiss. Even though she had swallowed all I had, the salty taste of my cum lingered heavy on her tongue. She swore she loved my taste, but to me it was saltier and slightly more bitter with every passing month.

When her lips unlocked with mine, Erin said, “Don’t forget to pull your pants up before you go into see your granny. That would be awkward.”

I laughed at the image, as improbable as it was, as I pulled my clothes back into place and climbed out of the car. The trailer looked even more destitute after three years. I climbed the cinderblock stairs and opened the door. The TV blared in the living room.

“Hi, Granny, I’m home.”

The only sound was the TV. That was odd. Sometimes, she would greet me warmly, with a “Hey Bryan, how was your day?” or “Shush, Bryan. So-and-so’s about to reveal something big on my show.” It was always something.

I hurried into the living room. Granny was right where I expected her to be, and she appeared to be asleep. I crossed the room and knelt by the recliner, “Hey Granny, I’m home. Last day of school for the summer.”

Hers didn’t blink; there was no response. Worried, I nudged her shoulder, “Granny?”

Her head fell forward, her chin resting against her chest. She was cool to the touch. I fell back, stunned. A moment later, I was on my feet, racing back to the door, where I threw it open, “Erin! It’s Granny! I think she’s dead!”

I didn’t wait, but went back to the recliner. Granny was just as I left her. A moment later, Erin barged into the room. She knelt in front of the chair. After a long pause, she swore, “Fuck. Not again.”

I pursed my lips. This wasn’t the first time we had found a body in one of our homes. Erin rocked back on her knees, “Shit, Bry. I’m sorry about this. This sucks.”

I knew I was supposed to feel something. We hadn’t seen Mom in almost three years, so it was just me and Granny. Only it never really was. I was nothing more than a burden to her. My only emotion was of fear. What were we going to do now? It was just me and Erin now.

I shook my head, “Shit happens. What are we going to do now? Granny took you to get your driver’s license. When we needed stuff done, we could talk her into it.”

Erin got a calculating look in her eye. I’d seen it before. Finally her head shook, “I don’t guess we can bury her in the woods like we did with my mom.”

I blinked in surprise. It had happened over the second Christmas holiday after we started dating. Erin was a few months shy of turning fifteen. I was thirteen and a half. We had come in from the treehouse the day after Christmas and found her mom dead on the couch.

Erin’s mom was an only child and both sets of her grandparents were already dead. She had no family. To call the authorities and report the death meant being taken away from the only life she knew. And that’s why we buried her mom under a live oak tree halfway between the treehouse and the river.

Erin had already mastered her mom’s signature, taught herself to drive. Toward the end of her mom’s life, Erin was the only contact Mrs. McBride had with the outside world. Erin took the insurance check and social security checks to the bank each month, went to the grocery store too. After a particularly nasty spat between her mom and the man who ran the liquor store, she had even taken to picking up her mom’s booze, even though it was illegal.

Is it bad to say her mom’s death was actually the day Erin was liberated? Looking back, it doesn’t feel like it. The biggest change was I spent almost all my time with her after that. I’d check in with Granny, but that was it. It took a couple of months, but we eventually cleaned her mom’s stuff away and made the master bedroom our own. For more than a year now, we cooked together, shopped together, learned how to pay the bills to keep the lights and electricity on, all while keeping up with our school work.

And now that my granny was dead, all we had built was in jeopardy. Erin stood, “I don’t know what we’re going to do, Bryan. Once school starts back up, who will go with us to get us enrolled? Without your granny’s help last year, they would’ve found me out.”

I moved away from the body, “That gives us a couple of months, still. Right?”

Erin joined me, and took my hand and led me outside, “Not sure how the cops would feel about getting a call about your granny in the middle of August.”

She left the rest unsaid. But I could paint the mental image on my own. There would be some very uncomfortable questions about it. And those questions would inevitably lead back to Erin’s mom. Since her mom’s death, Erin and I had been living in her house on borrowed time. Our plans had been for us to leave Zavalla as soon as we both graduate from high school.

My voice was scratchy and full of worry, “We need to be gone before the cops find Granny’s body.”

Erin leaned against the hood of the car, “I don’t know if we have enough money yet, Bry. We thought we had a couple of years yet.”

Between the social security check for Erin and the insurance payment to her mom, the McBrides took in a bit over two thousand dollars each month. Erin squirreled a few hundred dollars each month away. It was our seed money to start our life over somewhere else. Two more years would have given us another ten grand. I leaned against her and wrapped my arm around her shoulders, “How much do we have?”

We didn’t trust the bank with that money. There was too much at stake. My most recent growth spurt had finally pulled me even with her and her head fit perfectly on my shoulder, where she rested it, “About five thousand dollars. I don’t know if that’s enough.”

“Do you think maybe we can stay here until school starts, then leave? If we save every dollar, maybe we’d have enough.”

She slid her eyes over to mine, “I guess. We can stop paying the mortgage on the house and save a few hundred dollars. Not like we can keep it. Probably find some other things we can cut out. But we’ll have to be ready to go at a moment’s notice.”

Right or wrong, we left Granny just as we found her; Resting in the recliner in front of the TV.

We hadn’t been up on top of the roof of the treehouse in a while. It felt weird to be up there instead of at school. Registration had come and gone and Labor Day was a memory. We knew we needed to be away, and soon. But the summer had been idyllic, the best yet for us. A few days after finding Bryan’s granny, I gave him my dad’s wedding band. It was too big to fit around his finger, so he wore it around his neck, just like I wore my mom’s wedding band.

We didn’t care if it was legal; Hell, we had enough felonies behind us to cause us a lifetime of troubles. This little technicality didn’t even phase us. There wasn’t much use hanging out in the house. We hadn’t paid the electrical bill since Granny’s death. Only the water and gas bill, so we could stay clean and eat. But we’d managed to save another three thousand dollars. If we could make it through to Thanksgiving, we’d have over ten thousand saved; enough for us to start over.

“You there, Erin?” Bryan looked up at me. He lay on the sleeping bag while I straddled him. We were both wearing too much clothing.

“Yeah, let me help you with that,” I said as I pulled his t-shirt off. Like me, he had a deep tan. His shoulders were wider than his hips, although not obscenely so, like some guys with more muscles than brains. I stood and made quick work of his pants and underwear. The summer had been gentle with him. The lonely strands of silky pubes now formed a tight, curly patch at the base of his cock. Strange, when I was younger, I dreaded either of us getting pubic hair and growing up. But now I looked at him and found he was still perfect.

I tugged off my shirt. When we were alone, I went without a bra, and my breasts jiggled in the sultry breeze as I bent over and pulled my shorts and panties off. My tits didn’t quite fill the a-cup bra I wore in public. Most girls who are small are self-conscious about their tiny tits. But the way Bryan looked at them chased away all my insecurities.

Naked, I resumed my straddle. With a slight shift of my hips, Bryan’s dick slid comfortably within me. An intense sense of wellbeing washed over me as I worked my knees and hips. Bryan did his part, resting his hands against my hips, thrusting up as I came down. We were soon covered in sweat and my juices. Every time my pussy pushed down on his pubic bone, a wet, slapping noise filled the air.

You might think after more than three years together, I would tire of being on top. But you’d be wrong. I don’t understand it, and neither does Bryan, but there’s something about our personalities where I enjoy dominating him sexually and he enjoys being under me, letting me lead out. In a way, it fits our relationship. Bryan had learned to speak up and let me know his opinions and what he liked, but he still deferred to me. And we were never more perfect than when we fucked.

Bryan moaned, and I knew he was close. That rapturous vocalization of his pleasure pushed me closer, and my knees and hips shifted into overdrive as I reached my own orgasm. He thrust up a last time and shuddered. He filled me completely now and when fiery blasts of his cum coated my cervix and pussy walls, that was it for me. My whole body shook as I came.
I lowered my chest against Bryan’s and enjoyed the heavy pounding of our hearts. I imagined his millions of little sperm swimming up, trying to find my eggs. Maybe one day soon I would stop using birth control and let nature take its own course. It wouldn’t be the first time.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth of Bryan’s body. It was too hot out for our sweat to evaporate, but I didn’t care. My thoughts returned to that moment when we got the shock of our young lives. It was the summer between my eighth and ninth grade. I hadn’t had my period yet, even though I was already fourteen. A few weeks into the summer, I started to get cramps. At first, I thought nothing of it. But the cramps grew worse. Then one morning, when the cramps were at their worst, I was on the toilet, hunched over in the worst pain imaginable. My pee felt all wrong and something more was happening. When I finished, I stood and screamed.

Bryan raced in and looked into the bloody toilet bowl. A tiny, ill-formed fetus floated on the water. Even though he was far more passive than me, he took control, took me back to bed and then fished the miscarriage from the bowl and went into the woods and buried it. We never talked about it again, although young love can’t be easily contained and we were soon fucking almost every day. Thankfully, that’s about the time school started again. The nurse in the high school provided me with the pill.

I blinked away the memory and murmured against his chest, “That was fantastic, Bry.”

He smiled at me until we heard sirens in the distance. His smile evaporated as we both rose to our feet. The world seemed to crystalize at that moment. The only sounds were those of sirens, and they were coming closer.

We dressed in a flash. We rolled the sleeping bags and left them at the foot of the tree. Bryan grabbed my arm as I started toward the house. “I gotta see. Then we can leave.”

The look in his eyes melted my heart. He wasn’t the kind of boy to put many demands on me and although I was scared to death of being found out, I couldn’t refuse him. We hurried through the woods, staying on my house’s side of the road until we came even with where the trailer was on the opposite side.

Bryan led the way; the closer to the road we came, the thicker the underbrush. We eventually were close enough to see a couple of police cars and an old brown Pontiac. A voice I didn’t recognize was shrill, “What the fuck do you mean she’s been dead for a while? How couldn’t you know what’s going on?”

Bryan’s face was ashen. He muttered, “It’s my mom.”

I grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the road, just a few heartbeats before a black coroner’s station wagon pulled into the overgrown drive. Once we were far enough back, I turned on him, “What do you want to do, Bry?”

He looked in the direction of the trailer. Normally, the silence between us was as natural as our conversations. But as time dragged by, I grew pensive. This wasn’t like him. “Bry?”

He shook his head, “Fuck her. She abandoned me a long time ago. Let’s get the hell out of here while we still can. It won’t be long before they’re looking for me. For us.”

We retrieved the sleeping bags on the way back to the house. It was only the work of a few minutes to grab our saved cash and suitcases previously packed against this eventuality. The luggage went into the trunk and the cash split into several paper bags. One went into the glove compartment and the others, under the bench-seat.

We stopped at the end of the drive. In the distance, we could see another car pull into the trailer’s driveway. I looked in the rearview mirror. The house hadn’t looked this good since my dad died. Bryan and I had put lots of effort into keeping it looking nice. My eyes stung as I bit my lower lip. This wasn’t the time for tears. I blinked them away and put the car in park. I worked the house keys off the key chain and opened the car door. I moment later, I opened the mailbox and dropped them on top of a past-due utility bill.

Back in the car, I leaned over and kissed Bryan before whispering, “We’re in charge of our lives now, Bryan. No looking back?”

His eyes briefly cut to where sat his granny’s trailer, hidden by the thicket of pine and oaks. He turned to me, his beautiful heart-shaped face more serious than ever before as he clenched his jaw, “My home is with you, Erin. Let’s go.”

I turned away from the past and went the other direction. Before long, we were on the blacktop, our future uncertain. All we had was each other.

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  1. Avatar for Anonymous

    Fantastic story! I fell in love with the characters their innocence and love for each other! Definitely one of if not the best story I’ve read. Thank you!

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      I can only agree! It’s a very good story and the characters Cali created are extremely likable and adorable. I’ll make sure to pass the compliment to Cali!

  2. Avatar for JonAnd

    This story is worthy of a film, only it wouldn’t be possible to show the sex between the teenagers. A great, sometimes heartbreaking story that captivated me. I think the epilogue touched me the most.
    In fact, the story seems familiar to me, as if I had read it somewhere in German years ago, or is there a similar film…?

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