Do Ya Think I’m Sexy – Part 1

I was 12 years old in the autumn of 1978. I was about to enter the 7th grade at a new school and I was nervous but also excited. Part of the adventure was that I was going to be living with my aunt and uncle for a couple of months. See, my mom was planning on moving to the town where my aunt and uncle lived, but she wouldn’t be ready to move until a couple of months after the new school year had started. Seeing as how she felt the move to a middle school (6-8th grade, after I’d just finished at an elementary school that was K-6) was a big deal, she thought it was important that I start at the new school at the start of the school year. That meant living with my aunt and uncle.

Just after Labor Day my mom drove me and a suitcase full of clothes to their house. My uncle was named Larry and my aunt was Donna. They lived in a townhouse in a large apartment complex with their 9 year old son, Jimmy. My name is Tommy by the way. My uncle was a big guy, like 6’4″ and built like a football player. Beth was petite. Only 5’2, an inch shorter than me. She’s what you’d call curvy, with wide hips and big boobs, but a small waist. She had straight, shiny black hair that went all the way to her waist. Donna was also a big tanner, something that would come back to haunt her when she was older, but at the time left her golden brown and pretty sexy.

I was invited in with open arms and big smiles. I hadn’t see my aunt and uncle in a few months and they both exclaimed about how big I was getting, which is pretty embarrassing when you’re going through puberty. It’s true though, that I was now taller than my aunt, which struck me as a bit weird.

I was taking over my cousin’s playroom. At the top of the stairs my new room would be straight across, Jimmy’s to the right, and a bathroom and then the master bedroom both to the left. The bedroom had lots of Disney stuff all over the walls. Jimmy was a big Mickey Mouse fan. At least he had been. He assured me he had outgrown all that, in spite of the large number of stuffed Disney animals that were now in his bedroom. I unpacked my clothes while Jimmy talked about how cool it would be for me to live there and our parents talked downstairs.

I liked Jimmy. He was a funny kid. He’d always been very cute, but I’d always thought of him as one of the ‘little kids’, like my brother and sister. Maybe we’d get a chance to be friends now.

After a bit of time making sure I was going to be ok and generally fussing over me, my mom left for the drive back home. I spent a bit of time talking to my cousin before dinner was called at 6pm. It was Sunday, so one of only two days that Uncle Larry joined us for dinner, the other being Saturday. It was a bit strange being around a different dinner table, but I was made to feel welcome.

After dinner Larry retired to his bedroom, which was his habit I found. During the week he’d come home around 9, just in time to take Jimmy upstairs and put him to bed. I rarely saw him except for the weekends. After dinner also meant bath time I found.

I went upstairs and grabbed a clean pair of underwear and my pajama bottoms. As I exited the bedroom I met Donna who was leaving the bathroom. “I’ve put a fresh towel on the counter for you, honey,” she smiled. “There’s soap and shampoo in the shower. If you need anything else just let me know, ok?”

“Thanks, Aunt Donna,” I replied.

“Just Donna, silly, I’ve told you.” And she had. Several times in the past couple of hours. I’d get it eventually. She’d just been Aunt Donna in my mind for so long that it was hard to break the habit.

Entering the bathroom, there was a vanity with a large mirror to the right, then the toilet. That was separated by a half wall with the shower. The door to my aunt and uncle’s bedroom was to the left, opposite the bathtub. After putting my clothes on the sink the first thing I did was lock the door behind me. I then went to the other door and attempted to lock that. I didn’t hear or feel the familiar click of the little button. I mashed it a couple more times, but got nothing. Finally I unlocked the other door and then knocked on my uncle’s bedroom door.

“Come in,” I heard his muffled voice call out.

I turned the knob and stuck my head in as I opened the door. My uncle was shirtless, lying on the bed with the covers around his waist. The television was on. “Uncle Larry, I think there’s something wrong with the lock on your bathroom door.”

“Wrong, how?” he asked.

“I don’t think it locks,” I replied.

“Huh. Well, don’t worry about it. I’ll take a look at it tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m sure we can restrain ourselves from barging in on you. Your modesty is safe.” He grinned.

I grinned in return. “OK, Uncle Larry. Thanks.”

I returned to the bathroom, but still locked the hallway door behind me. I moved to the shower to turn on the water, just then noticing the shower curtain for the first time. It was a black and white design, but showed naked people all over it. I could hardly believe it. Right there in… well, black and white. They looked Greek or Roman or something to me. Like old statues I’d seen. You couldn’t really see any men’s things, but there were plenty of boobs, which was exciting enough. At twelve I got excited by anything with a hint of sexuality. Already I felt a stiffening in my pants.

Adjusting the water to the proper temperature, I quickly stripped out of my clothes in front of the mirror and stuffed them into the hamper. I loved this part. I loved looking at myself, flexing, turning, looking at every part of myself. I thought I was a very cute boy, and I’d been told that by lots of other people, even adults. I had shoulder length blonde hair, which was even longer when wet because it was so wavy. When I say blonde, I mean it. Platinum blonde I’d heard it called. It was so blonde it was nearly white. My eyes were bright blue and sparkling. I thought I had a good looking body, not really muscular, but not skinny either. My dick, which was standing at attention like it nearly always was when I was naked, was four inches long and about as thick as a hot dog. I was circumcised, although I didn’t really know that, having never seen anything different. I had just a very light dusting of nearly invisible blonde hairs around the base of it. I remembered that unlocked door and cut short my examination and hopped into the shower.

Less than 5 minutes later I heard a knock at the door and my cousin’s voice saying, “Tommy, how long are you gonna be?”

“Uh, just a minute!” I replied. I was actually done cleaning myself by that point and had just been playing with myself. Not really masturbating yet, but just doing this sort of sensual all over body wash thing I did with lots of soap. Rinsing quickly I shut off the water in time to hear my aunt say something outside the door and Jimmy reply, “Why did he lock the door?”

I didn’t hear my aunt reply as I grabbed the towel off the doorknob to the bedroom and started quickly drying off. I threw the towel over the shower curtain bar and then hurriedly pulled on my underwear over my still stiff cock and then my loose cotton pajama bottoms. My cousin was just saying something else as I opened the door.

Jimmy and Donna turned to look at me, Donna with a smile. “I just need to fix my hair quick,” I told them. I turned to the mirror, grabbing a hair brush and started to try to tame my shoulder length blonde locks.

“You’re still dripping wet,” Donna chided, and indeed, I could feel water from my hair running down my back. Then she grabbed the towel I’d just used and said, “Hold still.” Then she proceeded to vigorously dry my hair. After a few moments of dizzying fury, she stopped and said, “There you go.”

“Thanks, Au-… Donna,” I said.

She grinned. “Better.”

In the meantime, Jimmy, anticipating his bath, had begun to strip off his clothes. As I watched he stepped out of his green briefs and then hopped into the tub, his pale ass flashing. Jimmy often tanned with his mom and was pretty dark, so that ass really stood out well. I started to brush my hair as Donna stepped past me, opened the shower curtain and knelt down and started the water. I was shocked. Jimmy was nine. Did he still need help with his bath? Apparently he did, as Donna began to soap up a washcloth while Jimmy talked about something or other, I wasn’t paying him much attention. Finishing my hair I left the bathroom, feeling a bit awkward.

After baths we were allowed to watch tv. I was already sitting on the sofa when Donna and Jimmy came down after his bath, him dressed only in a pair of blue Superman Underoos, which he proudly modeled for me, doing a couple of karate kicks for good measure. He looked cute in them, I admitted to myself, but it was a bit weird for me to see a kid running around in his underwear. My own mom was much more strict about such things and I had a distinct sense of modesty. Plus, Underoos were little kid underwear.

I was sitting on the right side of the sofa when they came in, and Donna sat next to me in the middle. Jimmy said, “You’re in my seat.”

“He can sit there if he wants, honey,” Donna said.

“But it’s my seat,” Jimmy pouted.

“It’s ok,” I said standing, “he can sit here if he wants.” I moved to the left side of the sofa while Jimmy settled in happily, snuggling up against his mom.

Donna must have seen something in my face because she smiled and held up her left arm and said, “C’mon, Tommy, you can snuggle too.”

So we snuggled and watched tv. It didn’t take me long to find that Donna was a very touchy sort of person. Her hand was constantly running up and down my arm, over my side and chest and stomach, pretty much wherever she could reach, including my left leg, which caused a bit of a thrill to shoot through me. A few times during the evening I even got hard while she stroked my bare skin, although a quick glance during the first time assured me that it couldn’t be seen in my bunched up pajama bottoms.

Around 8:30 Jimmy switch positions, lying back on the couch with his head in his mother’s lap. She just kept on stroking his bare chest, both of her arms going at once. She leaned close and whispered, “He usually falls asleep about this time.”

After about 5 minutes she said softly, “You can lie down too if you like, Tommy.”

I thought about it for only a moment, then stretched out on my back with my head in her lap. I could feel the top of my head touch Jimmy’s. Jimmy was a bit curled up and shorter, so I had more room to stretch out than he did, but I still ended up with the decision to put my legs over the arm of the sofa, drape them off the side, or cross them. I decided to cross them, leaving my legs splayed open.

Donna went back to rubbing my body as I watched tv and and enjoyed the sensation of her silken nightgown and warm thigh under my head. I wasn’t sure how much attention she was paying to touching me, or if it was just an absent sort of movement. It seemed absent, but it was hard for me to consider that some of what she was doing wasn’t being done on purpose. She had long fingernails, and she would scrape them over my skin, raising goosebumps. Sometimes she would stroke those nails over my tiny brownish nipples, causing them to pucker and stiffen. And of course that wasn’t the only thing stiffening, especially when those nails drifted down to play lightly against the waistband of my pale blue pajama bottoms.

Finally at ten o’clock the show we’d been watching ended and Donna gave me a pat on the belly. “Up and at ’em, Tiger,” she said softly. “You’ve got a big day tomorrow.”

As I stood, careful to make sure my boner wasn’t poking outward, Donna gently roused Jimmy and got him to stagger up the stairs to his bed. “Sleep tight, Tommy,” she whispered at the top of the stairs. “I’ll get you up in the morning.”

With that she led Jimmy into his room, no doubt to tuck him in. I was sorta hoping she’d tuck me in as well as I closed the door, turned off the light and crawled into bed. Then I lay staring at the ceiling for a bit, wondering what 7th grade would be like.

The first thing I was aware of the next morning was a gentle hand on my shoulder and a soft voice telling me to wake up. My eyes fluttered open to find my Aunt Donna leaning over me. My eyes went right to the cleavage from her negligee.

“Well, I guess you’re awake,” she said with a grin. I found myself blushing and averting my eyes. “Ok, up you get, Tiger. Breakfast will be ready in 10 minutes.”

I found I liked when she called me Tiger. Nobody had ever called me that before. As she disappeared down the steps I got out of bed. Feeling my piss hard-on throbbing I quickly made my way to the bathroom. I shut the door behind me and then pushed down the front of my pajamas and briefs. Pushing my straining dick down as far as I comfortably could, I leaned forward with one hand on the wall to get myself at an angle where I wouldn’t be peeing all over the back of the toilet. Then I sighed as my bladder began to empty, slowly straightening as my dick lost it’s rigidity.

Back to my new bedroom, I pulled off my pajama bottoms and slipped into a new pair of Levi’s, , socks and a new shirt, all purchased the week before when my mom took me new school clothes shopping. The jeans were a bit of a struggle. As was popular then, I’d bought them so that I had to literally squeeze into them. They were skin-tight and I liked the way you could see the thin tube of my dick in them. The new big thing was Izod polo shirts and I’d begged my mom to get me a few, even though they were a bit expensive. The one I had on was pink and I thought it looked great on me.

Donna and Jimmy were already around the dining room table when I got downstairs. Uncle Larry had already left by that time. We enjoyed bacon and eggs and toast with orange juice to wash it all down. It was a bit of a treat for me, because my mom usually just left me to make cold cereal for myself. After breakfast I took my new school supplies which mostly consisted of a Trapper Keeper and some pens and pencils and then headed out. Oak Park Middle School was only about a mile from my aunt and uncle’s house, so although I could take a bus, I felt it was much cooler to walk.

The first day of school was mostly meetings and assemblies. We started off in the morning all gathering in the gym for an orientation. There were handouts and speeches by several of the teachers as well as the Principal and Vice-Principal. Afterward we were assigned homerooms. Unlike elementary school, homerooms were just for certain occasions. We’d actually be going to different rooms for all of our classes, which I thought was cool and seemed very grown up. Each class was pretty much more of the same. We were given text books, which we stored in our lockers between classes, another cool new thing.

One thing I found worrying and intriguing was the talk we had with our gym teacher, Mr. Patton. During his talk about the sort of things we’d be doing that year we were informed that we would have to shower after every class, so we were to bring a change of underwear along with our gym clothes, which had to be taken home every Friday and washed. Mr. Patton was very big on hygiene. The thought of being naked with all the other boys had me excited and nervous and I found myself looking around at my new classmates, wondering what they would look like with no clothes.

It wasn’t the first time I’d been naked with a bunch of guys. Well, it would be the second. During the summer I’d attended a Jamboree with my Boy Scout troop. One night about eight of us were sitting around and one of the older guys suggested we all show each other our dicks. We ranged in age from 11 to 16. A couple of the boys started to get stiff immediately, and then it was a contest to see who would get hard last and compare boners. I was nowhere near the biggest, that belong to a 14 year old boy who had the biggest dick I ever saw, although those were the only ones I’d seen other than a Penthouse magazine I’d seen once. His name was John, but everyone started calling him Horse after that, which always made him blush.

After school I had to rush home. Part of my staying with my aunt and uncle was that I had to babysit Jimmy after school until Donna got home at about 5 o’clock. As a middle schooler I got out of school 30 minutes before him and although I was walking home and he was taking the bus, his school was further away, so I still had about 20 minutes before he arrived home.

I planned to use that time wisely. All day long my thoughts had kept returning to showering after gym class. So by the time I got home, my dick was aching in my pants. Unlocking the door I ran upstairs to my bedroom and pulled the door shut behind me. I kicked off my shoes and immediately stripped off my jeans and my underwear. I reached down and squeezed my boner, sighing with pleasure and anticipation.

Donna had apparently made my bed after I’d left, because I certainly hadn’t done it. I grabbed my pillow from the top of the bed and then knelt in the middle of the mattress. I had been masturbating now for about 5 months, and while I did the normal sort of jacking off while I was in the shower, where I could slather my dick with conditioner (I found out quickly that soap or shampoo would sting), when I was in my room I would do it the way I’d initially learned to do it. So, taking my pillow, I would fold about 1/3rd of it over and lay it out beneath me. I’d then fit my erection into that fold and lower my weight, holding the fold in place. Then I’d pretty much rut like a dog in heat.

Very soon after starting I felt that familiar bunching sensation somewhere between my ass and balls and I’d go stiff while my orgasm thundered through my lean body. I quivered and shook, giving out a little panting moan, and then I collapsed onto my back, my cock slowly softening while I lightly stroked my hairless balls.

I started when I heard the door opening and closing downstairs and Jimmy’s voice calling out to me. I hurriedly jumped up and pulled on my underwear and jeans. I was just snapping them closed when my bedroom door burst open.

“Isn’t this great!?” Jimmy exclaimed. “I hated going to Miss Linda’s house after school. We’re gonna have so much fun. We can do whatever we want! How was your first day? I got Mrs. Baker. I’d heard she was mean, but she seemed nice to me. She didn’t give us homework, but they usually don’t on the first day. Did you get homework?”

It went on pretty much like that for about 15 straight minutes while I went down to the kitchen and fixed us both a snack. Jimmy was a talker. We finally settled in front of the tv and didn’t move until Donna got home just a couple of minutes after five.

“And how are my two handsome boys today?” She asked as she swept into the house. She was wearing a short dress. I think she worked in a department store. Jimmy got up and ran to her for a hug. Then she looked at me expectantly and I got up with a grin and went to get my own hug.

Dinner was at six and we spent it telling Donna about our days. I have no idea why, but at one point I mentioned the shower thing, that we would be expected to shower every gym class. She must have realized I was a bit nervous because she leaned close and in a soft voice said, “I’m sure you don’t have anything to be embarrassed about, Tiger.” I felt a flutter in my stomach at that.

After dinner was bathtime again. I again went first and was too nervous to jack off thinking about that unlockable door (Larry hadn’t looked at it after all) and Jimmy’s impatience to get his own bath. I suppose I would have been eager as well, if I had him mom washing me. Of course that thought made me instantly hard and I turned the water cooler so I was poking out the front of my towel when my shower was over.

Still, that thought lingered. Seemed it was a day for thinking about bathing, in one form or another. I pushed my pajama bottoms and underwear around my knees and ravaged my pillow again before putting it back under my head (I was still cumming dry in those days) and heading off to sleep.

Tuesday was my first real day of gym class. I had gym right before lunch. We’d been assigned lockers the day and I saw a lot of furtive glances all around as everyone stripped to their underwear in order to put on the gym uniform, a white t-shirt and blue shorts. I especially was looking at a boy I’d seen yesterday. His name was Billy Parker and in my opinion he was the best looking boy in the class. His locker was in the same row as mine. He was blonde like me, although his hair was more a golden shade. He had been wearing an Izod shirt yesterday as well and we’d talked a little about that. He had blue eyes and white teeth and a nice smile.

I got a bit of a surprise when I saw Billy take off his pants though. At first I thought he was wearing Underoos, much like Jimmy, but on second glance I realized they were just colored briefs. All of a sudden my own plain white briefs seemed very pedestrian. Billy was sexy and fashionable and I immediately wanted to be more like him.

During class I kept thinking about those colored briefs. There had been another 2 boys I’d seen who were also wearing them. It seemed very adult and sexy to me. I found myself wondering what a boy who wore colored briefs would look like naked. Of course I got my chance to find out about 30 minutes later. My heart was beating faster as we made our raucous way back to the locker-room. Mr. Patton was standing in the doorway repeating instructions he’d given us the day before.

“You will grab a towel off the bench,” he instructed. There were stacks of towels on a bench just to the left as you entered the locker-room. “You will go to your lockers and put your dirty clothes inside. You will proceed to the shower. No roughhousing! After your shower, dry off and throw your towel into the big hamper. After that you’ll come to this spot,” he pointed at a spot in front of his office door, “where you will be inspected. If you haven’t showered, you’ll be sent back to do so and receive a demerit. Am I clear?” We answered in the affirmative and grabbed our towels.

Acting as if I did this every day, I went to my locker, opened it up and started to strip. First my shoes, and then my socks, glancing around while trying to appear as if I wasn’t. Off came my shirt and I stretched, as if I were bored. Then, sucking in a steadying breath, I shucked off my shorts and underwear in one quick motion, tossed them into my locker and quickly wrapped the towel around my waist. I’m sure I saw at least 3 boys glance quickly away from me as my eyes did a quick recon.

There were already three other boys in the shower when I arrived, with room for 12, assuming each boy took one showerhead. I stripped off my towel, threw it on a hook and stepped to one of the free showers. I busied myself adjusting the temperature of the water so I wouldn’t have to look around, afraid of getting caught looking as well as being afraid of others looking at me. When I finally got the water right and started to soap up I finally looked around. The last of the showers was just filling up, leaving me glancing around at 11 other naked boys. My eyes scanned crotches while I pretended my eyes were squeezed shut due to the shampoo.

About half of the boys seemed to have some pubic hair, and half didn’t. I was glad all of a sudden to be in the water, because my pubic hair was pretty hard to see if you weren’t close, but showed up a little bit darker when wet, so at least the other boys would know I had some. I was fascinated by all the other penises. Some were bigger than mine, some smaller. Some boys had little wrinkly ones which I knew from my jamboree experience could grow just as big as others that appeared much bigger. Mine was one of those that hung almost its full length when it was soft, only gaining a little bit of length and thickness when it was hard. One boy had such a thick bush of black hair that you could hardly even see his pale little dickhead inside it.

“Is it ok if we share?” I heard a voice ask.

I glanced up, startled, to see Billy Parker standing next to me. I couldn’t help it, I immediately glanced down at his dick. His dick was a shower like mine, smooth and pale and thin. The head was a soft pink. I couldn’t see any hair at all around the base though.

Realizing I’d been staring I looked up guiltily, flushing. Billy was blushing too. “It’s… uh… crowded,” he said. “Is it ok if we share?”

“Oh! Uh… sure! Yeah, here,” I stammered, moving over a bit to make room. He slid under the warm spray of water, closing his eyes as the water cascaded over his face. I found myself looking at his dick again. If I turned just like… With a little twist my cock was barely an inch from his own. For some reason I found that sight very exciting and I felt that rush that indicated I was about to get hard. I immediately tried to fight that just as Billy moved and suddenly our dicks mashed together. His eyes flew open, startled.

“Oh, sorry!” he said. He gave a sheepish smile. “Not much room.”

“Uh, no, not much,” I mumbled mortified to see and feel my dick lifting. Billy must have seen my eyes because he glanced down too and saw my cock starting to stiffen. Then his lips were against my ear, his warm breath tickling and causing my penis to shoot to full attention. “Turn to the corner,” he whispered.

Luckily the shower I’d grabbed was on the end on the right side. By angling my body towards the corner nobody else could see that I’d suddenly popped a boner. “Thanks,” I muttered.

“Yeah, well, you started it,” he whispered back, turning in the same direction. I glanced down to see that he too was fully erect. The sight caused my own dick to throb even harder. I don’t know why, but for some reason I found his little cock to be just beautiful, and I longed to reach out and and grab it, to feel it throbbing in my hand.

“Think about baseball,” I whispered.

“Batter up!” he replied and we started to giggle. I glanced around to make sure nobody thought we were being suspicious. Billy whispered, “At least you have hair down there.”

“I like it,” I answered. “I mean… I like yours.” I blushed furiously. “I mean, it’s fine. If you don’t. It’s looks good. And you’ll get some soon.”

Once again I felt that hot breath against my ear as Billy leaned close. “I like yours too,” he whispered.

It took a few minutes, but we were finally able to turn back to the rest of the shower without embarrassing ourselves. We were surprised to see that only two other boys were still in the shower and they were each getting ready to leave. We hurriedly shut off the water and grabbed our towels.

After drying off quickly we each tossed our towels into a big hamper and made our way to Mr. Patton’s office. The 2nd of the other 2 boys had just walked off. “Well, I guess I don’t have to ask if you two showered,” Mr. Patton said, with perhaps a bit of knowing irony in his voice. I watched as his eyes roamed over our naked bodies, checking, so I assumed, for signs that we’d been in the shower. “Very nice, boys,” he said. “You can get dressed now.”

After lunch I did something I very rarely did in those days, and that was masturbate standing up outside the shower. I couldn’t help it. All through lunch my dick had been throbbing, thinking about Billy’s cock. Thinking also, for some odd reason, of the way Mr. Patton had looked us over. I wolfed down my lunch and hurried out of the cafeteria, sure that everyone could see what felt like a massive boner straining inside my jeans. In the bathroom I unzipped and unbuttoned my pants and hurriedly pulled out my cock and then furiously stroked it while leaning up against the wall inside the stall.

I had to do the same thing between 6th and 7th period, and I was a nervous wreck because a boy’s voice had called out right towards the end, “What are you doing in there?” I almost had a heart attack. I’d thought I was alone in the bathroom. I hadn’t answered, still shaking with my orgasm as I stuffed my dick back into my jeans and hurried off to my final class.

The walk home from school was just as bad. I very nearly stopped on the wooded hill behind the apartment complex to jack off again, but figured I was close enough to home to hold out. Inside the apartment I was already kicking off my shoes and pushing down my pants as I made my way up the stairs. As I passed Jimmy’s room I had an idea. He had a record player in his room. All his 45s were kid music. Disney stuff for the most part. He had only one modern record and that was Rod Stewart singing, “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” I thought, if I put that record on and turned it up loud, then if Jimmy came home while I was still humping my pillow, he wouldn’t be able to hear it. So with one hand already down my pants gripping my stiff little nail, I popped on the record and dropped the needle at the start.

She sits alone, waiting for suggestions He’s so nervous, avoiding all the questions

The music started and I turned to head into my room when I spotted it. As I mentioned, Jimmy had a lot of stuffed animals in his room. Most of them were Disney. Mickey, Pluto, Donald, etc. One of them wasn’t Disney. It was a big, stuffed teddy bear. He was made with soft golden fur and he was probably about 3 feet high. I looked at that bear and I knew. Pushing my jeans down around my calves I hopped, scooted way unto Jimmy’s twin sized bed. Kneeling on Mickey’s mouse face, I grabbed his pillow and placed it just so, and then I grabbed that bear and laid him face down on top of it. Grabbing my trembling cock, I lowered myself and then carefully inserted it between bear and pillow. As my dick slid between those two items, caressed by that golden fur, I felt myself shudder. I wrapped my arms around the bear, my chin resting on his head and began to pump my skinny hips all the while being serenaded by Rod.

If you want my body and you think I’m sexy Come on, sugar, let me know If you really need me, just reach out and touch me Come on, honey, tell me so

It took maybe 10 seconds before I was shaking with one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever felt. I didn’t stop there though. After only a few seconds rest I started humping again, luxuriating in the feel of that fur against my sensitive cock. I lasted a few minutes that time, but again I was left gasping out my pleasure as the orgasm ripped through me a second time. At some point the record had ended and I hadn’t even noticed.

I was actually too exhausted to struggle into my clothes when I heard the door open downstairs. Instead I practically flopped off the bed, grabbed my jeans and underwear and quickly slipped into the bathroom. There I was able to take a minute and rest sitting on the toilet before I went out to face Jimmy.

At dinner that night Donna asked how the shower experience had gone and I couldn’t help a blush, which I prayed she didn’t notice. I told her it had gone fine. I also found myself telling her about the cool colored briefs that Billy and a couple other boys were wearing and shared with her my hope that I could talk my mom into buying me some.

You’d have thought after all the masturbating I’d done that day that I was beyond getting hot and bothered, but that night on the couch as Donna caressed my bare skin left me shaking just as badly as the first night. In bed, pillow folded under my sweating body, all I could think about was that bear.

End of Part one

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