September 20, 2018

Holiday Cabin – Two Siblings, Only One Bed

It was holiday time for Jessica and Jack, and their two children, Gareth and Wanda. The family of four were a little disappointed when they turned up at the holiday site. They were staying at a park by the beach, the park being a about forty quaint little log-cabins, with one, two or three bedrooms, all linked by gravel paths flanked with flower beds and neatly mown lawns. However, the family hit a snag when they arrived – the large three-bedroomed cabin they were scheduled to stay in had been double-booked. The camp-site manager informed them that they could stay in two smaller cabins, each with a single double-bedroom, which sounded pretty cool to the kids, Gareth and Wanda, who sensed a chance to escape their parents a bit by having their own house to themselves (albeit a small wooden house!)

“I’m not sure,” Jessica said,

“We’re not to keen on being split up as a family.”

“It’ll be fine,” her husband, Jack, reassured her,

“It’s only at night we’ll be split up, and the two cabins are right next to each other.”

“Well, how will we do this?” Jessica asked,

“Shall me and Wanda stay in one, and you and Gareth stay in the other? I’m not sure about the kids staying on their own each night, they might…I don’t know, stay up all night watching TV. Accidentally burn the place down. Whatever.”

“Oh, don’t worry about us mum,” Wanda said, brimming with excitement at the holiday ahead of them,

“We’ll be fine! Gareth and me can look after ourselves. You and dad don’t want to be split up anyway, do you?” This was true. Despite approaching their eighteenth wedding anniversary, Jessica and Jack were still very much in love in a physical way and couldn’t imagine not sleeping together for a whole fortnight! It was settled. The parents would stay in one cabin, Wanda and Gareth would stay in the other.

“It’s got just a double-bedroom,” Jessica told the kids,

“You’ll have to sleep together, so I don’t want any bickering over who’s on who’s side, who’s taking all the blanket.”

“We’ll be fine mum,” Wanda reassured her mother.

“Just as long as Wanda doesn’t snore,” said Gareth, receiving a light elbow in the ribs from his smirking sister. They went off to their accomodation, two small, neat little log-cabins near the sandy beach. Jessica and Jack went to their cabin and their children strolled of to theirs. Wanda was eleven years old. She was sometimes rather girly but mostly a bit of a tomboy, especially as she spent so much time hanging around with her brother. Four-foot-six in height, Wanda had chestnut brown hair cut fairly short. She had a cute round face, her eyes were deep blue and she had a sharp little nose and the sweetest of angelic smiles. Wearing jeans and a yellow T-shirt, Wanda entered the cabin, eyes wide with awe as she admired her small little home for the next two weeks. She had no bra on, her breasts only just hinting at beginning to grow. She had a cute little round bum though, hugged tightly in her jeans. Gareth entered the cabin behind his sister. He was twelve, three-months shy of his thirteenth birthday, and had the same brown hair (albeit shorter) and blue eyes as his sister. He had a charming face that was both handsome but distinctly cute and boyish, and being a bit of a late developer in terms of growth, still a good four-inches short of five-foot, he looked a bit younger than his age. Sometimes he and Wanda were mistaken for twins. He was wearing a black T-shirt and black jeans. The front door to the cabin opened up into the large living area, with a sofa, TV, cupboards and a fitted kitchen area in the corner. Gareth joined his sister in ooh-ing and aah-ing as they prowled the living room area of the cabin flicking on the TV, admiring the little ornaments on the shelves, looking in the cupboards in the kitchen area in the corner and dumping their suitcases on the floor.

“Let’s check out the bedroom,” Wanda said.

“Ok,” her brother agreed,

“Wherever it is!” Against the far wall of the large living room area, there was a panelled wall with two doors. Gareth opened one and found that it was a small bathroom with just a sink, toilet and a shower.

“Nice,” Gareth commented.

“This must be the bedroom then,” Wanda declared, going to the other small door and swinging it open. The bedroom was tiny, a square-shaped room about twelve-feet down each side, most of it taken up by the double-bed. The bed was flanked by small cabinets on which were lamps and a picture of a medieval sailing boat hung above the bed. A large window looking towards the beach ensured the cozy little room was well-lit.

“Hmmm, nice,” sniffed Wanda.

“It’s cool,” gareth said, joining his sister in the room,

“A bit small, but what the heck. We’ll be on the beach most of the holiday.” The double-bed had bright blue covers and soft looking pillows. gareth sat on the side by the window.

“I’ll take this side,” he declared.

“Oh, don’t get so territorial,” laughed Wanda, who then sat on the other side of the bed,

“I’ll take this side! And don’t move onto my side brother, stay on your side!”

“Who’s being territorial now!” laughed gareth. He got up on the bed and sat back, sitting up against the headboard. Wanda did likewise, both getting a small but barely conscious thrill out of laying on a bed with someone of the opposite sex. They sat in silence for a moment, both thinking secretly of that night, of what it would be like to be under the covers in just their pyjamas, sleeping next to someone. Being eleven and twelve respectively, Wanda and Gareth didn’t have any sexual experiences to speak of so even just the innocent (supposedly) act of sharing a bed with a sibling was a little bit thrilling. They were lost in their own thoughts a moment later when Jessice entered the cabin and walked into the bedroom.

“You okay kids?” she smiled. She was a tall woman with long black hair, wearing a short skirt and tight T-shirt that showed off her slender figure.

“Fine mum,” declared Gareth,

“We’re just admiring the bedroom.”

“It’s a bit small,” Wanda commented.

“Oh, don’t worry, it’s fine,” Jessica said,

“Your dad and me have a room the same size of this. You kids are lucky, you’re both small. Small kids, small room. It suits you.”

“The rooms cool mum,” Gareth insisted, not wanting his fussy little sister unintentionally clouding the first day of the holiday with her minor complaints.

“Are you kids going to explore later?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah, soon,” Wanda said,

“We’ll go to the beach I think. What time is it?” She looked at her little pink watch.

“Half-past-two. It’ll still be hot for a while. Hey, fancy a swim Gareth?”

“Sure,” her brother replied.

“Let’s get our swimming cozzies. Are you coming to the beach mum?”

“Maybe later. Your dad and me will unpack first. You kids go and enjoy yourself. Just be careful, remember to put some sun-tan lotion on and be back here at four. Keep an eye on each other too, don’t get split up and lost.”

“We’ll be fine mum,” Gareth said, hopping up off the bed, unable to understand why mothers worry so much when their kids are perfectly capable of looking after themselves, thank you very much. Jessica left the cabin and Gareth and Wanda went to the living-room area of their cabin. They opened their suitcases and fished out their swimming costumes. Gareth began taking off his T-shirt.

“Go and get changed in the bedroom sis,” he said, fingers poised to undo his jeans.

“Why?” demanded Wanda.

“Cos I’m getting changed here. You get changed in the bedroom. Go on, hurry!”

“Why can’t you get changed in there?”

“Because I said so. Go on, go into the bedroom. Unless of course you fancy getting changed in front of me.”

“Well, so what if I do,” grinned Wanda.

“Doesn’t bother me,” Gareth insisted,

“But I’m getting changed in here too. I’m going to take off my jeans in ten-seconds whether you’re here or not….ten, nine, eight, seven…” Wanda grinned and stood there.

“…six, five, four…are you going to clear off or not sis?”

“I want to watch you get changed.”

“Three, two…one…look creep,” laughed Gareth,

“Stop mucking around and go and get changed in the bedroom. Then we can go to the beach.” Wanda hesitated a moment then flashed her brother a grin before she wandered off into the bedroom. There, she removed her clothes. Briefly she admired herself as she stood nude, running her hands over her tender flesh. Her body was approaching puberty but it was not in any hurry. Her breasts were pretty much non-existent, just a tiny hint of budding flesh. Her nipples were dark red against her pale skin. Wanda had no pubic hair and she ran her hands around her pubic area, feeling the smooth skin and wondering what it would be like to have a fuzzy patch of hair there like some of the girls in her class at school, some of whom had loads of hair there when Wanda had caught a glance as they changed after Physical Education lessons. Wanda let her hands wander (pun intended) around her hips, feeling them still narrow but fleshing out a tiny bit. Her hands roamed round to her bottom, which she was proud of in that it was fairly plump, sticking out a little, not enough to be prominent or chubby but still nice and shapely, something to be proud of. One of Wanda’s friends at school had fairly big boobs for a girl of thirteen and liked wearing low-cut tops to show off her cleavage. Wanda may have been flat-chested, but she knew she had a nice round arse so she showed it off by wearing tight jeans or shorts that attracted the eyes of many boys (including her brother Gareth, she’d noted recently)

“You almost finished?” called Gareth, knocking on the bedroom door impatiently.

“Almost,” said Wanda, shaken out of her thoughts. She picked up her bikini. It was a two piece one, bright pink. She pulled on the panties, feeling them hug her shapely bum. Then she put on the top half, a little peeved that she didn’t really need it on account of her lack of tits, but nonetheless proud that she looked good. Her small legs were nice and slim and her pale belly was flat. All in all, she thought justifiably, she was a hot little eleven year old! She ran her hands through her hair and left the bedroom.

“All ready?” the boy said, grabbing a towel and trying to hide his obvious appreciation of his sister’s tender young body in the tight bikini.

“Yeah,” Wanda smiled, eyes briefly appraising her brother’s lean, firm young torso. She grabbed her towel, some sun-tan lotion and sunglasses and they left the cabin, locking the door before hurrying off to the sandy beach.

Ten-minutes later, the siblings were at the beach. The sand was fine and light, the children’s bare feet sinking smoothly into the fine white grains. It was reasonably busy, but not packed, with other bathers and sun-seekers. The sea was light blue and calm, just like the cloudless sky.

“This’ll do us,” Gareth said, laying out his large blue towel on a random patch of sand twenty-feet from the lapping waves.

“It’s as good a place as any,” Wanda said. She lay out her pink towel and threw her sun-tan lotion onto it along with her pink-framed sunglasses. She sat down and took the top off the sun-tan lotion. Gareth remained standing, idly looking around. There was a woman sunbathing nearby in a skimpy, two-piece red bikini. She was about thirty, with a slim, sexy body, bronzed in the sun and glistening wetly from a recent dip in the ocean. Her breasts were very big and Gareth licked his lips as he looked at them. Worried he might be spotted perving at the woman’s tits, he looked around elsewhere. Splashing in the sea were a couple of young women, also in skimpy bikinis, and nearby a father stood up to his knees in the water whilst keeping an eye on his daughters, who were about ten and seven, splashing and swimming about in just bikini bottoms, neither having any tits to require covering up. Then Gareth looked back to the big-breasted woman lying nearby, and more specifically at her cleavage. Realizing he was beginning to get a stiffie, Gareth looked away. He was trying to memorize those images for a nice wank that night when he remembered that he wouldn’t be able to – he’d be sleeping with his sister! He figured he’d have to do it in the shower.

“Gareth?” said Wanda,

“Could you do my back?” Her brother looked round. Wanda had slathered some lotion onto her skinny legs and arms, also her belly, her tender young flesh glistening wetly.

“Do what?” asked Gareth, the images of female flesh still dancing in his mind.

“Do my back,” repeated Wanda,

“Put some sun-tan stuff on it.”

“Oh, right,” Gareth smiled, and he knelt down on his sister’s towel, Wanda handing him the bottle and kneeling up, facing away from her brother. Gareth squeezed some of the white lotion into the palm of his right hand, put the bottle aside, and rubbed his hands together, greasing them up with the lotion. The back of his sister’s bikini-top was thin, most of her back exposed. Not having much experience with physically touching female flesh, Gareth savoured this moment as he placed his slick hands to his sister’s bare shoulders. He began rubbing, feeling how firm his sister’s skin was. Her ran his hands over her upper back and was grateful that his swimming shorts were fairly baggy and would disguise his semi-hard-on. The boy ran his hands down to Wanda’s lower back, rubbing in the lotion, aware that – kneeling up and sitting on her calves – Wanda’s bikini bottom had slid down ever so slightly, just giving a tiny hint of the cleavage between her cute round buttocks. Gareth looked down, his hands back up rubbing his sister’s shoulders as he tried to get a better look, admiring Wanda’s bottom and the slight rise of flesh of her buttocks above the tight waist-band of the bikini-bottoms.

“All done?” Wanda asked after a moment.

“Huh? Oh, yeah,” Gareth said.

“You’d better put some on too. I’ll do your back.” Gareth applied the lotion to his arms and legs, then his torso, wanting to hurry up and have his sister touch him. When he’d done the parts he could reach, he knelt up and faced away from his sister, Wanda dutifully squeezing some lotion into her small hands and rubbing them over her brother’s shoulders. She admired the boy’s smooth skin, the toned muscles of his shoulders and upper back. He was still very boyish, not being far into puberty, but there was a nice hint of manliness hinted at in his frame. Wanda spent a long time running her fingers over her brother’s back, rubbing in the lotion, unaware of how Gareth breathed deeply and savoured this moment forever, his eyes closed as he felt his sister’s gentle touch. He didn’t notice his sister savouring this moment, or the way she spent twice as long as was necessary applying the sun-cream. After a couple of minutes though, Wanda finished up.

“Fancy a swim?” she said, bounding to her feet.

“Race you there!” Gareth said, leaping up and sprinting towards the sea.

“Hey!” called Wanda, laughing as she ran after her brother. They splashed into the sea, hurrying in to where it was deep enough to dive in.

The youngsters swam about for half-an-hour before they tired out and trudged out the water, their young skin dripping wet. They lay in the sun for a while on their towels. Wanda lay on her back and put on her sunglasses, semi-dozing with her hands behind her back. Gareth lay on his front, propped up on his elbows and casting sneaky glances to the side to catch sight of the big-breasted woman who was now laying on her front. She’d taken off her bikini, and though her tits were hidden beneath her Gareth still found it fantastic to lay with his cock stiff in his pants and lightly rubbing it by grinding his hips a little as he admired the woman’s bare back and the way her thong rode right up her arse-crack. Not long afterwards, a young husband and wife set up their gear about ten-feet ahead of Gareth. The woman sat down and brazenly took off her top. Her tits were average in size but a nice shape, and Gareth glanced repeatedly at them as often as he dare. Eventually, Wanda sat up and declared it time for another swim. Gareth joined her, and they were still in the sea when their parents arrived, laying out their towels and a picnic by the children’s towels. Jack was tall, slim and had short black hair and dark eyes. He was wearing just swimming shorts, proud of his body which he kept in shape at the gym, determined not to let himself go like a lot of guys when they reached forty. He waved to his children before sitting down, whilst his wife Jessica strolled into the sea. Wanda and Gareth stood in the sea, the water up to their chests, when their mother waded in. Gareth couldn’t help but admire his mother’s body. Jessica was thirty-six years old and had a body as beautiful and as mouthwateringly sexy as it had been when she’d married Jack fifteen-years ago. She was slim and elegantly slender, with breasts that were big but still very firm and shapely, currently held in tight yellow bikini top, her cleavage deep and drawing Gareth’s eyes magnetically.

“Hi kids,” Jessica smiled,

“Havin’ fun?”

“Yeah mum,” Wanda replied,

“The sea is really warm!”

“It sure is,” Jessica agreed,

“You kids put sun-tan lotion on didn’t you?”

“Yeah mum,” Gareth said, his mind flicking back to the wonderful act of rubbing lotion into his sister’s flesh and the way she’d reciprocated.

“Is dad coming for a swim?” Wanda asked her mother.

“Not yet, he’s probably going to sunbathe a little. I’m up for a swim though!” Jessica leapt forwards, diving down into the blue-green water, her arse – hugged by her yellow bikini – surfacing and vanishing as she dived down. She then emerged, grinning, and her children dived forwards too, following their mother as she swam further out.

Swimming builds up a big appetite, and the family had a big meal that evening in Jack and Jessica’s cabin. The kids felt bloated afterwards and were content to have a brief walk round the park, admiring the sun-set, before they went back to their cabin.

“This is so cool,” Wanda said, still in just the pink two-piece bikini she’d been in all day,

“Having a place to our own.”

“It’s like we’re a couple,” Gareth laughed. He was still in his shorts. Gareth closed the door behind them, locking it, and they dumped their towels and things on the sofa.

“What time is it?” Wanda asked.

“Almost nine,” her brother replied, glancing at the clock on the wall,

“Mum and dad said we should go to bed at ten.”

“Oh boo, that’s too early,” Wanda complained,

“We’re on holiday, we should stay up all night.” Briefly, she thought about how she’d been titillated at the idea of sleeping in the same bed as her brother, and she backtracked:

“But we do need some rest. It’s been a tiring day.”

“Mum and dad might see the light is on and that we’re still awake,” Gareth explained. He knew that the bedroom window was on the side facing away from their parent’s cabin next door, but he too was looking forward to going to bed, to laying next to his sister. Not that the boy expected anything to happen of course. He just liked the idea. It was like rubbing lotion into his sister’s back that afternoon – an innocent and minor act from which a secret thrill could be obtained.

“I’m thirsty,” Wanda piped up,

“Want a drink?”

“Sure,” Gareth said, and he sat down on the sofa, shovelling the towels onto the floor with a sweep of his slender arm and grinning at the way there were no parents to wander into the room at any time and demand that he clear them up. He watched his sister stroll into the kitchen area across the room, the way her bikini was riding up into her arse-crack a little. He admired the girl as she stood facing away from him, taking two tumblers and filling them with milk. Gareth flicked on the TV and prepared to be engrossed in the business news on CNN so his sister, as she walked over to him, wouldn’t know he’d been staring at her. Wanda sat next to her brother, handing him the milk, and they sat and drank whilst channel-surfing. They found a re-run of some old sitcom and sat and giggled their way through it until nine-thirty.

“I’m off for a shower,” Gareth said, dying for a wank, his cock semi-stiff thanks to having Wanda sitting close to him (so close as to touch bare shoulders) through the course of the TV show.

“Don’t leave it messy,” Wanda called to her brother as he got up and walked off towards the bathroom,

“I want one afterwards.”

“Okay sis.” Gareth went into the bathroom, locked the door and ran the shower. He slid off his shorts and stepped into the jetting water, reaching down to play with his young boner immediately. His cock was utterly bald, no body hair whatsoever on the twelve year old youth. His prick was almost five-inches long and appeared fairly big on his small, five-foot-one frame. He was proud of it, especially the way it felt so stiff that he imagined he could swing his hips and crack the wall-tiles by hitting his cock-head against them! Well, maybe his cock wasn’t that stiff, but it sure felt that way. He pumped his fist, closing his eyes as he thought of Wanda. He thought of how pretty his younger sister was, the delightful round arse she possessed, the feel of her skin when he’d rubbed lotion into her back. Then his mind drifted off to the topless bather in front of him that afternoon, then the woman with the big tits, briefly his mother, then to the pre-teen girls splashing about topless under the watchful eye of their father…but approaching orgasm, Wanda forced herself into Gareth’s mind. He recalled the gentle way her fingers had fluttered over his shoulders, the way she’d slathered the sun-tan lotion of his back, and he imagined those hands gripping his cock now.

“Wanda,” he whispered as he stood in the shower, beating off furiously. The image of his sister’s cute bum in those bikini-bottoms was in his mind when he hit his climax, his young sperm shooting out and splashing against the tile wall. It was a powerful cum, the first that day (he jacked off five times a day at home!) and Gareth’s legs were shaky as he shot his load. Sobering up once his climax was over, Gareth angled the shower head to wash away his sperm from the wall so it gurgled down the plughole. Then he got back to washing himself, lathering down his body and rinsing off. He stepped out the shower and tied a towel around his waist before opening the door.

“All yours sis,” he called as he strolled out the bathroom.

“Thanks,” Wanda said, leaping up and strolling across towards the bathroom. Gareth went into the bedroom and threw on his clothes for bed – a white T-shirt and blue shorts. He usually slept naked at home but he knew that was out the question here! Well…maybe not, he thought. He could protest some sort of aversion to sleeping with clothes on and demand that he be allowed to sleep naked in bed. The problem was, he figured, his sister would think him a perv! Plus, he’d only end up with a big stiffie and end up nudging Wanda with it and making her squeal. Gareth was aware, as he stood in his T-shirt and shorts, that he had another stiffie. He heard the shower running through the thin wooden wall between the bedroom and bathroom, and he even heard Wanda’s lilting voice as she sang merrily to herself in the shower. Gareth reached into his shorts and played with his erection as he placed his head to the wall, listening to Wanda’s singing. It was almost hypnotic, the voice so sweet and tuneful. Gareth thought of his sister naked with just a thin wall between them. He began to masturbate again, wondering if he could ejaculate again before Wanda finished. But he couldn’t. He heard the shower turn off after a few minutes and quickly took his hands out his shorts and willed his cock to soften whilst hearing his sister brush her teeth. His cock flaccid, Gareth then took a deep breath before leaving the bedroom and strolling out through the door. Just as he left the bedroom, Wanda was exiting the bathroom, a white fluffy towel wrapped around her waist, leaving her upper body exposed. Gareth glanced at the girl’s nipples on her flat chest.

“Oi, stop perving,” Wanda shrieked, grinning despite her supposed protest at her brother’s stare. She raised her hands and placed them over her flat chest.

“You’ve got nothing to perv at,” Gareth smirked.

“Yeah well…stop looking anyway.”

“Who’s looking?” sniffed Gareth, strolling towards the sofa, all cool. Wanda hurried into the bedroom. There, she took the towel from around her waist and put on some white panties and a baggy pink T-shirt. She strolled out the room and sat next to Gareth on the sofa, both watching a bit more TV, sitting close together.

“Almost ten,” Gareth later sighed,


“I guess,” Wanda said, using the remote to flick the TV off. Gareth turned off the mainlight, just the silvery moonlight streaming through the main window lighting up the room dimly and allowing the youngsters to make their way to the bedroom. There, with the bedroom door closed behind them, Wanda turned on both bedside lamps as Gareth shut the drapes, both briefly thinking back to Gareth’s earlier comment that they were like a married couple. Here they were, preparing for bed. Gareth hopped into his side, pulling the covers up to his waist and sitting up against the plump pillows, Wanda doing the same next to him.

“I hope you don’t snore,” Gareth smirked, repeating his earlier joke to try and cover his titillation at sitting up in bed next to his sister.

“I hope you don’t snore either,” responded Wanda.

“Shall we go straight to sleep?” asked Gareth.

“What else are we going to do beside sleep?” asked Wanda.

“Read,” replied her brother, quickly,

“I meant, do you want to go straight to sleep or read a book or something. What else did you think I’d suggest?” Wanda just grinned, both of them briefly imagining ‘doing it’. Like a married couple would in bed before going to sleep.

“I’m wasted,” Wanda replied, yawning dramatically,

“Let’s go to sleep.”

“Okay sis.” They both turned out the light. It was a full moon outside and the thin drapes let in a small amount of ghostly silvery light that, once the eyes had adjusted, allowed the siblings to make out things dimly in the room. They both lay there, on their backs, eyes shut, trying to appear completely casual and unfazed but both concentrating on their situation. The bed wasn’t especially large and their bodies were fairly close, just a six-inch gap between their shoulders. They could sense the warmth from the other’s body heat. After a few minutes, Wanda turned over, laying on her side, facing her brother, eyes slightly open and spying Gareth silhouetted against the dim, silvery square of the window beyond. Gareth yawned, shifting his legs slightly, one of his feet nudging one of Wanda’s feet.

“Sorry,” he said quietly.

“S’okay,” Wanda responded. Gareth lay there, feeling tired but unable to sleep as he sensed his sister’s breathing. It was shallow as she approached sleep. Wanda was titillated at being in bed next to her brother but she was exceptionally tired and felt herself drifting off. Soon, she was fast asleep and Gareth lay listening to the girl’s breathing. She didn’t snore though, not that Gareth would have cared. In the stillness of the dark room, Gareth could sense Wanda’s breath – warm and tinged with the minty tang of her toothpaste. Gareth’s cock grew stiff and he gently slid a hand down his shorts, gripping his cock but not stroking it, feeling it grow to full erectness. He’d never had a stiffie whilst laying next to a girl before. He’d got a stiffie sitting in class more than a few times sitting close to a girl, but this was different. He wished he could jack off here, right next to Wanda, but he knew he couldn’t risk waking her. He just lay there, holding his dick. After a few minutes, Wanda moved a little in her sleep, letting out a little sigh as she adjusted her position, moving a bit closer to her brother. Her head lay on the pillow just an inch from her brother’s shoulder and she bent one of her legs so that her knee was pressed lightly against Gareth’s thigh. The boy remained in a state of titillation at the proximity of the girl, but fatigue was catching up with him. He took his hands from his shorts as he felt himself drift off. Gareth’s adolescent cock remained firmly erect for a long time after he fell into a deep sleep.

At six in the morning, the sun already climbing above the horizon and promising another blazing hot day, Wanda woke up. She was laying on her back and she spent a few seconds blinking and reorienting herself. The room was bright, the thin drapes allowing in the bright sunlight. Sitting up and rubbing her eyes, Wanda yawned then looked to her side. Her brother was still asleep, Gareth laying on his back with the duvet just up to his waist. Wanda admired her brother’s slumbering face, the way he looked so charmingly handsome, unlike the boys in her class. She reached out with a hand then stopped, her fingers hovering over Gareth’s chest. He was still wearing his T-shirt and Wanda was trying to wonder why she’d reached out with her hand, realizing that it had just been an involuntary urge to touch her handsome brother. Wanda grinned as she remembered a naughty phrase she’d sometimes heard, ‘Morning Wood’ – boys having stiffies when they woke up, especially if they’d been having an erotic dream. Judging by the look of serenity on Gareth’s face, it was likely he was having some sort of pervy dream, thought Wanda. She licked her lips and grinned some more as her hand hovered over the top of the duvet, wondering whether to pull it back. She took hold of the duvet and she raised it, sliding it down a little, right down and letting it fall to Gareth’s knees. He was wearing his black shorts and they were fairly baggy so it was impossible to make out any shape under the material. Sitting up – still in her white panties and long pink T-shirt – Wanda wondered how brave she really was, whether she could go for it and try and cop a feel of Gareth’s crotch. What if he woke up? Would he shriek at her for being a pervert? Or would he laugh at her and poke fun of her for groping her own brother? Wanda wasn’t sure. She didn’t want to find out either, but she also had a tremendous urge to try and find out if her brother’s cock was hard. She thought it would be so nice to feel or see a real erection – preferably her dear brother’s. Wanda sat pondering what to do for a moment. She then flexed her fingers before carefully gripping the front of the waistband of Gareth’s shorts between her forefinger and thumb and lifted. Wanda paused, looking at Gareth’s face. He remained fast asleep. Slowly, Wanda pulled front of the shorts down a bit, letting out a silent gasp as the purple head of her brother’s cock came into view. She pulled the waistband lower, the veiny penis coming into view, clearly erect as it lay sticking straight upwards across Gareth’s lower abdomen like a flesh swollen rod of flesh. Wanda had seen a few stiffies in porn mags that friends had shown her during giggling sleep-overs, but it was the first she’d seen in real life! She’s seen her brother’s dick before, but only when they were toddlers in the bath.

Now, it was fully erect and – if no full sized – certainly more like a man’s cock than a little boy’s. Wanda sat there and admired Gareth’s five-inch erection, wondering whether she would be bold enough to reach out with her other hand and perhaps touch it! Before she could make her mind up though, she panicked when Gareth shifted a little. She quickly hoisted up the waistband of her brother’s shorts over his cock and lifted the duvet back up. Then Wanda lay down, pulling up the duvet and snuggling down, looking all innocent. It was a false alarm. Gareth turned onto his side, facing away from Wanda, and resumed sleeping. The girl lay on her back for a while, staring at the ceiling, thinking back to the sight of her brother’s erection. It had looked so great and fascinating!

This fine hard tool that could – going by what Wanda was lead to believe – give a girl such pleasure! It was there, in her brother’s pants, all hard and throbbing. She sighed, despondent that it was ridiculous to think that her darling brother would return the crush Wanda had on him. She reached down under the duvet and lifted the hem of her T-shirt up to her belly, then hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her little white panties. She slid them down to her knees, feeling liberate at her bald cunt and arse freed from her underwear (although still under the covers) as she lay next to her sleeping brother. Wanda placed her hands at her groin, her forefinger quickly and skillfully finding her budding clit. She played with it, as she had done almost every night for the last few months since discovering the pleasure to be had down there. She eased the tip of her other forefinger into her slit, pushing it in slightly, feeling her bald lips slippery with moistness. Wanda stroked her clit whilst lightly fingering her cunt, closing her eyes, her breathing becoming deeper. She’d started masturbating five-months ago, not long after her eleventh birthday. She’d done it just for fun in the bath once, wondering what the fuss was about after a girl in her class had bragged of doing it and ‘cumming’. Wanda didn’t expect to ‘cum’ the first time so was somewhat surprised when she did, sploshing about in the bath and gasping in pleasured shock as she climaxed under her amateurish but energetic fingerwork. Since then she frigged herself in bed before going to sleep nearly every night, and if she was awake early enough, before she got up in the morning too. It felt so nice masturbating here next to her brother, recalling the way her and Gareth had applied sun-tan lotion to each other’s backs the night before and also the more recent act of sneakily grabbing a look at Gareth’s dick. She helped justify her actions by remembering that Gareth had got a brief glimpse of her ‘tits’ last night when she came out the shower with the towel just round her waist, although she had to admit her brother was right in that there was ‘nothing to perv at’, her chest being flat. For ten-minutes Wanda played with herself, skilled now at the tender age of eleven at friggery, rubbing her clit and sliding a finger or two in and out of her slit in unison. She didn’t climax every time she masturbated, but she did so quite often. She wondered if she would now! She though back to Gareth yesterday on the beach, his firm torso glistening as he paddled about in the sea. Then she thought of his cock, so proudly erect, riddled with veins, the head so shiny and purple, sleek and smooth so it’d glide up into a girl’s vagina, then out again, then in, slamming in and out and in and out making the lucky girl receiving the hard fucking scream out in pleasure as her brother fucked her…

“Gareth!” gasped Wanda, involuntarily, taken by surprise by her orgasm. It came upon her suddenly, the duvet around her crotch whapping around as her hands speedily moved about under there, rubbing and fingering her cunt. She screwed her eyes up, all the muscles in her vagina contracting and spasming, the ripples of pleasure rushing up her spine and spreading through her body. It was the most intense orgasm she’d ever had and she almost fainted, rubbing her slit and clit until the pleasure began to die away. It was only after the intense heat of her climax had passed that Wanda opened her eyes and realized she’d called her brother’s name! She took her fingers (now slick and slippery) from her cunt and she turned, eyes wide with alarm, to her brother, fearful of him having woken. Luckily, Gareth had not awoken. He still slept, peacefully. Wanda licked her dry lips and pulled her panties up and tugged her T-shirt down. She spent a moment recovering, getting her breath back. She still felt horny. Gareth turned over at that point, laying on his back once more, eyes shut and still slumbering. Wanda sat up, wondering whether to have another look at her brother’s dick, when she sensed him shifting about a bit more. Gareth yawned and began to slowly open his eyes.

“Mornin’ Wanda,” he said once he’d finished yawning.

“Morning Gareth,” Wanda said, casually as she sat there, looking down at her brother, eyes wide with innocence,

“Fancy some breakfast?”


Wanda stood in the kitchen area of the main room a few minutes later, still in just her T-shirt and panties, the hem of the T-shirt reaching half-way down her bare thighs. It was already warm that early in the day and the coolness of the tiled floor in the kitchen felt pleasant against the girl’s bare feet. She’d poured a big glass of milk for herself and Gareth (who was in the bathroom) and was busy making some waffles. She felt nice and grown up, having slept in a bed with a boy and now standing here making breakfast, her parents nowhere to be seen (albeit actually only next door). Feeling very happy indeed – and fresh from one seriously fantastic onanistic climax – Wanda hummed to herself as she made breakfast. In the bathroom, meanwhile, Gareth stood naked in front of the toilet, eyes shut as he pumped his hard cock. He’d waited until his sister had got out of bed to make breakfast before he’d slipped out of the bedroom and here into the bathroom. He’d woken up with a serious case of morning wood, having had a fantastically vivid dream about a girl (anonymous in the dream, but definitely the same age as his sister) masturbating him in bed. It’d been great and he thought back to the memories of last night, Wanda laying so close to him as she slept, and also to the memories of her spending all day in that skimpy bikini that showed off her cute round bum so well. Gareth thought back to a few weeks ago when Wanda had accidentally left a pair of her panties in the bathroom. He’d taken them into his room and, after hesitating with feelings of guilt, he masturbated into them. His memory of that incident was tinged with anxiety though, because he’d stuffed the cum-stained panties under his bed and the next day – planning to jerk-off into them again – he’d found them missing! He looked all over the place but couldn’t find them. Eventually he convinced himself that he’d thrown them out by mistake, but a part of his mind worried that his sister had found them and taken them off, probably to wash them and no doubt wondering why they were in her brother’s room. Gareth pushed those worries out his head and just thought of Wanda, of her lovely young body. Mastubating furiously, it didn’t long for Gareth’s sperm to rise from his full, hairless nuts, and the randy youth pointed his cock downwards and stifled a groan of lust he spurted his cream into the pan. He shot a good five or six pumps of semen into the toilet whilst imagining Wanda was kneeling next to him and jacking him off. Then he wiped himself off with a tissue, took a piss and flushed the toilet. He splashed some cold water on his face, put on his shorts then left the bathroom.

“Oooh, waffles,” he smiled as he saw Wanda standing and pouring some maple syrup onto the two plates of waffles.

“You hungry?” Wanda asked her brother.

“I sure am. That looks nice sis. You’re a good cook.”


“You’ll make a good wife someday,” Gareth said, casually, and he took one of the plates and a glass of milk. Wanda smiled, glad to be appreciated, and took the other plate and milk and followed her brother to the sofa. There they sat, stuffing their little faces whilst watching early morning cartoons. After breakfast, they showered in turn and put on jeans and T-shirts and sneakers before padding over to their parent’s cabin, knocking on the door and waking their parents up with excited requests to head down to the beach.