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Getting Laid in the Badlands

October 12, 2008

Getting Laid in the Badlands
Alex Hawk

Ah, the Dakota Badlands… what a horribly dull, boring, uninteresting place.

I sighed quietly as I looked out at the desolate nighttime scene. My family and I were out here camping all week and it was, frankly, a glimpse into hell. I really wish we hadn’t come here. But our dad had come from the nearby town of Redemption, South Dakota, and had wanted us to experience this lovely little memory of his youth.

Made me look forward to Alzheimer’s.

“Oh, how jolly,” said my fourteen-year-old brother, Ivanhoe, in a fake, pseudo-British accent.

“Yes, indeed,” replied his twin, Robin, in the same accent. “One so seldom sees quality desolation like this these days.”

“Hmmm, indeed. Makes one long for the halcyon days of yore.”

“Quite, old man, quite.”

I rolled eyes and traded a look with my eleven-year-old sister, Marion. It was bad enough putting up with them and their stupid little act at home, but now they’d taken the show on the road, and god knew where it was going to go, especially with their little habit of pranking.

“I think we’re doomed, Arthur,” she whispered.


Yes, my name was Arthur. With brothers named Ivanhoe and Robin and a sister a year younger than me named Marion, you can guess what sort of history and literature our parents tended to like.

“Doomed, dear chap?” Ivan said, coming up to put a hand on my shoulder.

“Not doomed at all, young Arthur,” said Robin, putting his hand on my other shoulder.
Ivan looked at his twin. “Oh… although… we may be lying.”

“Yes, that’s possible,” Robin said with a solemn nod.

I wiggled away from them both and stalked over to where our parents were trying to put up the tent my sister and I would be sharing. We’d been a little iffy on the idea of sharing a tent with each other, especially since I, a healthy twelve-year-old boy, had recently learned to masturbate and wanted privacy, but on the other hand, sharing a tent with the Stygian Twins, two notorious pranksters with a broad sense of humor, didn’t sound like fun.

“Mom,” I said, “why can’t you kill them both?”

“Illegal, dear, sorry.”

“Don’t worry, Arthur,” my dad said, clapping a hand onto my shoulder. “Your brothers will even out a little out here. This place is great, isn’t it?”
I sighed. My dad put me in mind of the dad from “Calvin and Hobbes”, only scarier.

“You guys’ll all have fun!” he persisted.

“Yes, Dad,” I replied, knowing that was the only way to shut him up.

The rest of the day passed by slowly. There really wasn’t much to do out here. We built a campfire, cooked some hot dogs and s’mores, put up with our dad’s idea of a sing-along and looked up at the stars. Mostly, I was paranoid wondering what the twins would do for their first evil trick. As it turned out, it wasn’t anything, which made me really nervous.

Eventually it came to be bedtime. We all dispersed to our tents. When I got to the one I shared with Marion, she was already in there, laying in her sleeping bag reading a book by the light of the lantern swinging from the top of the tent. She looked at me.

“You ready for bed, Arthur?”

“I think so. There’s a whole lot of nothing out there.”

“Good.” She set the book aside and snuggled down under the sleeping bag. I stripped down to my boxers and then turned off the lantern before getting into my bag where I removed my underwear and placed them under my pillow. My sister and I both liked sleeping nude, but that didn’t mean we wanted to see each other that way.

As we laid there in the dark, Marion and I talked with each other. It wasn’t really about anything important, it just helped us to get to sleep. Besides, as I’d mentioned before, there really wasn’t much for us to do out here but hang out with each other, though we did spend some time being concerned about what our brothers had in mind, and what we might do to get revenge.

“So what do you think Mom and Dad have planned for tomorrow?” she asked, changing the subject.

“I have no idea. Something dumb, I’m sure.”


We talked a little longer, and eventually drifted onto talking about religion. We’d been raised as atheists, but we’d also been taught to always respect other people’s beliefs, no matter how silly they might be.

One of the things we got to talking about was the difference between Jews and Christians. Most of our friends were, of course, Christian or from Christian families. But I had a friend named Seth who was Jewish, and my sister didn’t really get the difference.

“Well, ok, there’s a bunch of differences. They use Hebrew in their religion, they don’t eat pork, they have a special diet of certain kinds of foods they can and can’t eat, they don’t think Jesus was the son of God, they circumcise their boys, they have just one country where they’re the majority and they don’t use the New Testament, just the old one,” was my summary of a religion several thousand years old.

“Oh, ok.” Marion thought for a moment. “What’s that word you just used?”

“Which one? Circumcise?”


“Oh. Well, circumcision is where you remove the foreskin from a boy’s penis,” I said. We’d always been brought up to use the right words for body parts.

“Remove? How?”

Dimly aware that my own twelve-year-old penis was hard, I reached down and gave it a couple slow, gentle strokes, happy that the darkness of the tent would conceal my activities.

“Well, what they do is they cut off the foreskin that covers the tip.”

“What? They cut off the tip?” Marion sounded appalled.

“No, no. Just the foreskin.”

“What’s the foreskin?”

“It’s a mass of loose skin that covers the tip of a boy’s penis.”

“They cut that off?”



I shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s just part of their religion. But some other people do it, too. In America most boys have it done.”

“Oh. Did you?”


“Didn’t it hurt?”

I shrugged again. “Maybe. I don’t remember. I was probably only a few hours old when it was done.”

“Oh.” I could tell she was trying to process all this. “So there’s some skin that gets cut off?”


“And it covers the tip?”



“Why what?”

“Why does it exist? What does it do?”

I thought. “I’m not really sure,” I admitted. “Since I don’t have one, I really don’t know.”

“So, like, all the extra skin gets cut away?” she persisted.

“No, there’s some extra skin still left.”


“Look, you’ve seen a boy’s penis before, right?” I asked.

“No,” she said, somewhat to my surprise.

“No? I thought you would’ve at least done some sort of show-me thing with some boy by now.”

“No, I’ve never seen one.”

“Oh.” Under the sleeping bag I kept fondling my penis as a thought floated into my young brain. “Well… if you want… and you promise not to ever, EVER tell anyone… I’ll let you see mine.”

“You will?”

“Yeah, if you want to.”

“Uhm… ok, sure. I guess.”


I took out the flashlight and sat up in my sleeping bag. I pulled the bag open and turned the light on, shinning it onto my erect penis.
Marion stared at my penis for several seconds and then said, “Wow… it looks… kind of cool.”

“You see the loose skin I mentioned?” I asked as I reached down and gave my penis a couple slow, gentle strokes, moving the skin back and forth and feeling a little surge of delight go through me as I realized I was masturbating in front of my sister.

“Yeah, I do.”

I smiled and then closed my eyes and exhaled a little as a wave of pleasure shot through my young body as I kept stroking my penis.

Marion looked at me. “What was that?”

I grinned. “Sorry. This just feels really good, that’s all.”


“It’s called masturbating,” I explained to my sister, “and it’s a way of getting the feeling of sex without actually having sex.”

“Oh, ok. I guess that’s cool.”

“If I keep doing it long enough,” I added, stroking a little faster, “then I’ll shoot my sperm out.”

“You will? That’s the stuff that makes babies.”


“Are you going to do that now?”

“Do you want me to?”


“Ok. Here. You hold the flashlight.” I passed it to her.

“Ok.” She pointed it at my penis.

I laid back on my sleeping bag and began masturbating nice and quick, knowing that I wouldn’t have to wait too long for my orgasm. Sure enough, after only a minute or two of my sister watching me jerk off, I felt that good feeling spread through my young body as my penis twitched and fired my sperm out all over my naked preteen body.

When I was done cumming, I looked over at my sister, seeing her staring at my body, her eyes wide.

“Wow,” she whispered. “Is that your sperm?”


“Can I touch it?”

“Sure, if you want to.”

Marion reached out with a finger and ran it through a small puddle of sperm on my stomach. She then sat back and regarded it.


“It is a little, yeah,” I said as I started to clean myself up.

“Hmmm…” She looked down at the sleeping bag she was in and then moved her hand under it. I saw her shift around for a moment and then she said, “There,” and brought her hand back out. My sperm was nowhere to be seen.

I stared at her. “Uh… that probably wasn’t too smart.”

“Why not?”

“You could get pregnant.”

“I don’t think so. I haven’t started my periods yet.”

“Oh!” I brightened up a little. “Ok. Why did you do it?”

Marion shrugged. “I wanted to see what it would feel like inside my vagina.”

“Oh,” I muttered, weakly. “Er… and… what does it feel like?”

“Nothing, really. It felt really, really good putting it in there, though.” She smiled shyly. “I wouldn’t mind doing it again sometime.”

“Uh… I see. Ok. Cool. Well.” A little creeped out, I sat back and got into the sleeping bag again. “Uh… well, we should probably get to sleep.”

“Ok. Good night, Arthur.”

“Good night, Marion.”

As we drifted off to sleep, I thought about how cool it was that my sperm was inside my sister’s vagina. Only a pity I hadn’t been the one to put it there.

* * *

Morning was dull and boring, but in the afternoon one of Dad’s friends brought in some donkeys for us to try riding this lead to Robin walking up to one.

“Oh, hello, Arthur. Looks like you could use a bit of a shave, there.”

“No, no, dearest Robin,” Ivanhoe said. “That is not our loving brother. That is a donkey.”

“Oh, how COULD I have made such an error?” he wailed.

“Well, they DO look rather alike,” Ivan said. “Except that if you look here, you’ll notice an important difference.” He pointed between the donkey’s legs.

“Oh, yes, indeed, Ivanhoe! Quite the difference! For, were that our little brother, a magnifying glass would be needed.”

I tried to kick them both, but Marion held me back.

The actual donkey riding was pretty cool, I guess, though there really wasn’t that much that I could see to admire in the Badlands, but our dad was happy which, I guess, was the main point of us being here.

Eventually night rolled around, something I’d really been looking forward to and for a change it wasn’t just because the Badlands were incredibly bored. No, I was wanting to see what was going to happen in the tent.

Marion and I went to bed not too long after our parents did. For some reason I felt compelled to do as I’d done in the past. Stripping to my boxers, then getting into the sleeping bag and then taking them off.

After about twenty minutes of laying there in the darkness, talking to my sister while I idly played with my erect penis, she said, “Can I see you make your stuff again?”

“Sure.” I pulled back the sleeping bag as she turned on the flashlight and aimed it at my penis. I started stroking it as she watched. This inspired me to say, “Can I see your vagina? I mean, you’re seeing me, so it’s fair.”

“Uhm… ok, sure.” Marion pulled aside the sleeping bag and pointed the flashlight between her spread legs. Though I knew there’d be hair someday, there wasn’t any yet, but I could see a small slit with a tiny bump at the top. Her clitoris, I realized. It was a sweet sight!

“Cool…” I whispered, continuing to masturbate as I looked at my first ever real life vagina.

My sister poked a spot within the slit and I saw her finger sink just a little bit inside. She smiled at me. “That’s where I put your sperm last night!”

“Cool…” I whispered again, still awed by that idea.

“What do you think of it?” my sister asked.

“It’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” was my sincere reply.

Marion giggled. “Cool! Yours is neat, too.”

Licking my lips and swallowing nervously, I said to my sister, “Can I touch your vagina?”

“Uh… alright!”

Rather awkwardly I reached out with my hand and let my fingertips brush against my sister’s hairless vagina. It felt… well, it felt like skin. Nothing really special. I did notice a little shiver go through her as I made contact, though.

“Where’s the place your finger went in?” I asked.

Marion took my hand and moved my finger down her slit until it encountered a slightly wet, very warm spot.

“Right there,” she whispered.

I pushed gently, and felt the weirdest sensation as my fingertip sank into Marion’s body. It was going into somewhere very warm, very wet and very tight. I pushed it forward a little more, until it was past the first knuckle, completely awed. Then I went further, until my entire finger was inside my little sister’s vagina.

“Wow,” I said, totally amazed.
Marion, on the other hand, apparently was more than amazed. She was moaning a little and twitching. I could feel the walls of her vagina rippling around my extended finger as I moved it around a little inside her. It was wonderful!

“Ooooh… Arthur… oh, that feels so nice…”

“Good,” I said, not sure what else to say. It certainly felt good for me, even though it was only my finger inside her.

“Can I… can I… touch you…?” Marion gasped.

“Oh… uh… yeah, sure.” Without withdrawing my finger from inside my sister’s vagina I moved closer so that my penis would be in range of her hands.

I paused in my fingering of Marion so that she could concentrate on me for a moment. She reached out and brushed her hand along the shaft of my penis and then wrapped it around me, just like I’d done the night before.

Giving it a couple slow, gentle strokes, Marion said, “Like this, Arthur?”

“Yeah…” I whispered. It felt better than anything I’d ever imagined. Just touching myself hadn’t felt nearly as good as this had!

“This is fun…” Marion whispered as we pleasured each other.


“Are you… going to… shoot your stuff… soon?” my sister gasped as I kept fingering her.

“Pretty soon, yeah…” I managed to say, my mind spinning.

I don’t know how long Marion and I masturbated each other, but it was one of the coolest things I’d ever done in my life. I wished it could keep going forever, but only a few moments after my sister asked about my orgasm, I felt it starting, beginning at my penis and spreading through my entire body as, seconds later, my sperm began spurting from me.

Marion let go of my penis as the flow began. I pulled my finger out of my sister’s vagina and rolled onto my back, overwhelmed with pleasure as I experienced my first ever orgasm from another person.

When I was done cumming, Marion took a finger and ran it through a puddle of my sperm. Then, just like she had yesterday, inserted it into her vagina. She giggled. “I like doing that. It feels nice.”

“Good,” I gasped out. A thought hit. “How about… you and me… get the rest in there… together?”

I took a finger, coated it with my sperm and slipped it into my sister’s vagina. As soon as I’d taken my finger out, she did the same thing. We each repeated this process a couple times until all my sperm was inside her body.

Once we’d both cleaned up, we didn’t talk too much. Both of us were kind of tired and my brain, at least, was really overwhelmed with everything we’d done. As sleep took me, I found myself wondering what was next for my sister and I.

* * *

Fishing was on tap for the next day. We’d all been forced to get up way, way too early and get our gear together so that our dad could take us to some desolate pond where, from all appearances, if there WERE any fish, they’d probably get out of the water and beat the crap out of us for trying to catch them.

I was dimly aware, at one point, of Robin and Ivanhoe talking to each other.

“Tell me, dear chap,” said Robin. “How warm do you think that water is?”

“This time of year, fondest brother? Goodness knows. Do you have a thermometer?”

“I lack such an implement, I fear.”

“Oh, a pity. I guess we shall remain ignorant.”

“Indeed, unless…”


“Well, a thought occurs.”


“A way to tell the temperature without a thermometer.”

“Indeed? Do tell, brother of mine, do tell.”

That was when I felt a hand pushing me from behind. I fell face first into the pond and sat up, sputtering water.

“Ah! A brilliant solution, brother! But it may lack some accuracy.” Ivanhoe leaned down and asked. “Tell me, oh wetted one, what do you think the temperature of the water is?”

I snarled at my older brother, “If you really wanna know, come in and find out.” I grabbed for him, but he dodged.

“Now, now, Arthur. Maybe the Lady of the Lake will get you free from that place of damp. Come, dear brother,” Ivan said, putting his arm around Robin’s shoulders as the two of them walked off.

“I hate them so,” I muttered as Marion came over and helped me out of the water.

“Yeah, they can be jerks.”

“We need to plan something to get revenge.”

“We will,” Marion promised.

In the end, no one managed to catch any fish. Later my father confessed there hadn’t been any in that pond in decades. He just enjoyed going there and fishing, getting away from the world and all that.

In short, our dad was insane.

That night Ivan and Robin continued their amazingly clever campaign of jokes by placing a fake rattlesnake inside my tent. Ho-ho-ho. I stormed out of the tent and gave them several suggestions for what they could do with the snake, but they appeared unimpressed.

Later that night my sister and I retired to our tent. This time we didn’t even pretend that we weren’t going to do anything. We just stripped nude and laid on top of our sleeping bags, the lantern from the top of the tent set on its dimmest setting so that we’d have enough light to do what we wanted and to see it, but not enough that everyone outside would be able to see what we were up to.

“You wanna touch again?” I asked Marion.

“Ok.” She said. We moved close together and reached out with our hands, each of us starting to pleasure the other.
Marion and I didn’t say very much as we laid there, her hand on my penis and my finger inside her vagina. We just wanted to make one another happy, and we were certainly managing to do that.

“This feels soooooo good,” Marion whispered.


After a bit, though, my sister piped up with, “I wonder…” then went silent.

“What?” I asked through the pleasure.

“Well… stop for a second… I have to think…”

“Ok.” I withdrew my finger from my sister’s warm, heavenly vagina.

My sister sat up. “Do you want to try putting your penis in my vagina?” she asked after a moment of thinking.

I sat up quickly, my heart skipping a beat as my throat went dry. “What? Really?”

“Yeah… just to see what it feels like.”

“Are you sure?” I asked as I got up onto my knees.

“Yeah. I mean, it’s not like it can hurt anything and I just wanna see what it feels like to have you in me.”

“Well… sure!” I said, not really needing to be convinced of the idea of losing my virginity. “Ok. Well… lay on your back, then.” I’d seen a couple porno’s and figured that I knew how this should be done.

“Alright.” Marion wiggled around and got onto her back, her legs spread slightly.

I tried to calm myself as I got between her legs. “Ok… uhm… hold your legs up and spread them as wide as you can get them,” I said, remembering the porno’s I’d seen.

“Ok,” she said, doing so and using her hands to hold her legs up.

I stared at my sister’s vagina, unable to really believe what I was going to be doing. I scooted forward and touched the tip of my penis to what I figured was the right place and then, taking a deep breath, gave a little push.

It didn’t go in.

“Stop, you’re not in the right spot,” Marion said.


She reached down and took hold of my penis, redirecting it. This time I felt the tip press slightly into her.

“Ok… that’s the spot. Go slowly, ok?”


Taking another deep breath and looking down at our bodies, I pushed with my hips once more. This time I could not only feel but also see as my virgin twelve-year-old penis entered my little sister’s eleven-year-old virgin vagina. After just a couple seconds, all I could see were my bare pubes mashed up against hers.
My mouth dropped open as I looked up at my sister’s face, unable to believe I was actually getting laid. From the expression she had it must’ve been as incredible for her as it was for me.

“Does it…” I swallowed and tried to make my mouth work again. “Does it feel ok…?”

“Oh, yes…” Marion whispered. I felt her legs wrap around my body, her vagina rippling around my penis. “It feels really good…”


Closing my eyes I started moving back and forth a little, fucking my sister slowly and really enjoying the sensation. If I’d thought that being masturbated by her was wonderful, this was a whole new order of magnificence.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold back from cumming for very long and, sure enough, very quickly I felt my orgasm building and hitting. I let out a loud gasp of pleasure and pushed deep into my sister’s vagina as I penis began to twitch, releasing my sperm into a girl for the very first time. When I was done, I collapsed on top of Marion, breathing hard, my mind basically blank. I’d just gotten laid! What a wonderful thing!

Marion giggled after a couple moments. “Are you dead?”

“I think so,” I gasped back.

She giggled again. “Did you like it?”

“Oh, yes. Did you?”


I rolled off my sister, my still hard penis popping out of her vagina. I couldn’t believe I’d just gotten laid! I’d never expected for that to happen, not in a million years and certainly not with my own sister!

We laid there quietly for a few minutes before Marion said, “Hey, Arthur?”


“Can we do it again?” She sounded a little embarrassed, but not much.

“You mean right now?” I asked, very aware that my penis was still hard.


“Sure!” I said, sitting back up.

“No, wait,” she said and blushed. “Can I try being on top this time? I heard that girls can be on top, too.”

“Uh… ok, sure.” I laid back down.

My sister moved over and straddled my waist, taking my penis in her hand. It took her a couple tries to get us both lined up correctly, but then she slowly lowered her vagina down around me.

“Oh… I think it’s deeper this way…” she whispered once I was all the way inside her.

“Yeah…” I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t really care. I just knew that it felt VERY good in there.

I reached up and tickled my sister’s nipples as she rode me. She giggled, which made her vagina contract around my penis. I liked the feeling that resulted from that and so I did it a little more.

“Ooooh… oh… Arthur…? That feels… too good… stop…” Marion gasped.

“Ok.” I did and instead moved my hands back to cup her butt as I thrust up into her.

“Oooo… I like that, too…”

I said nothing, I just kept fucking up into Marion’s vagina, lost in the bliss of incestual intercourse. It was incredible. It was also guaranteed to make me cum really quick. I tried to hold back, but it was pointless and after only about three minutes of sex, my penis once more fired my sperm into my sister’s body.
As the last of my sperm shot into my sister, I dimly wondered if I’d wind up getting her pregnant at some point. I mean, if we kept doing this eventually she’d start her periods and then I’d probably end up being a daddy with my sister. What a weird concept.

When I was done cumming this time, Marion got off me, my penis and a little of my sperm slipping out of her. She fell down onto her sleeping bag, breathing hard and smiling a big smile at me.

“THAT was fun.”

“Yeah, it was!” I kissed her on the cheek.

“We should probably get to sleep.”

“Yeah.” Come to think of it I WAS a little tired from all the activity.

“Good night, Arthur,” she said, as we got back into our sleeping bags.

“Good night, Marion.”

Slowly sleep took us.

* * *

“I am REALLY sore,” Marion whispered to me with a giggle.

“Me, too. But not in a bad way.”


We giggled as we followed our dad on some insane hike over the rocks of the Badlands. We both felt pretty silly. We’d wanted to fuck once before we got out of bed, but we didn’t have the chance. Needless to say we were really looking forward to bed tonight.

“You know, Robin, I’ve started up a new hobby,” I heard Ivanhoe say as we walked along. Instantly I tensed up.

“Oh, yes, dear brother? What sort of hobby is this?”

“Believe it or not, I’ve taken up the study of arachnids.”

“Oh? Did you know they’re named after Arachnae, from Greek mythology?”

“I did know, dearest brother, I did.”

“So what else have you learned, oh, smart one?”

” I have learned that scorpions are part of the arachnid family.”


I braced myself. I just KNEW something bad was in the offing. I made ready to spin around and deck either twin when they tried something stupid.
“In fact,” Ivanhoe continued. “I’ve actually got one here!” He paused. “Or at least I thought I did… it seems to be missing.”

Robin said, “Here it is, dear brother!”

I heard a small shriek from Marion. I looked over to see her yanking her shirt off as a very fake plastic scorpion fell onto the ground.
“I’ll kill you!” She shouted, turning around and leaping onto Robin.

It took a few moments for our parents to separate the two of them, by which time Marion had landed a good solid smack on Robin’s face, leaving a nice bruise. She got her shirt back on and spent the rest of the day staring death at the twins.

The rest of the hike went uneventfully, and when we got back to the camp, my sister and I hung around with everyone else, but really we were doing nothing but killing time, waiting until tonight when we could spend an hour or two screwing our young bodies to sleep. When night fell, we pretty much sprinted to our tent to “sleep”.

We wasted no time once we were there. We stripped naked and laid down on the sleeping bags, hugging each other and snuggling, my hard penis poking against my sister’s vagina.

Marion giggled at the contact. “You’re always ready for something, aren’t you?”

“Well, yes,” I admitted.

“Good. Me, too.”

We both giggled and I said, “Well… are you ready for me to put it in again?”


My sister rolled over onto her back. I got between her legs and very easily, much more easily than the first time, pushed my penis into her vagina, sliding in all the way with one smooth, easy thrust.

“Aaaaah…” she whispered once I was inside. “I really like this, Arthur…”

“Me, too…” I said as I started fucking slowly. I’d spent the day thinking about how I was going to do it with her and I decided that I’d try pushing all the way in, pulling out until I was almost totally out of her, and then pushing back in.

This seemed to be a good idea. Pretty soon Marion was squeezing my butt with her hands, wrapping her legs around my body and whispering, “Oh, Arthur…”

“Is this good…?” I asked.

“Oh, yes…”

I was beginning to get an idea of why adults talked about sex so much. Nothing I’d ever thought about in my life felt better than this did! I was surprised they ever managed to do anything else with their time when they could be fucking.

“You wanna try… a different way…?” I gasped out to Marion.


I pulled back, my penis withdrawing from Marion’s vagina. “Turn over and get on all fours. I wanna try doggie-style.” Like most everyone else, I’d heard about it, but of course never tried it. Figured I might as well now.


Once my sister was in position, I got behind her and pushed my penis into her vagina once more. Instantly I knew that I didn’t like it as much as I liked being on top of her or having her on top of me. It felt good, but not AS good and I couldn’t see her face or her chest, both of which I liked. Plus my knees started to hurt.
It felt good enough, though, to get me to a good, hard orgasm after only about four minutes of fucking my sister in this position. As I came inside her, I pictured my sperm swimming through her body, wondering what they’d wind up finding.

Marion and I made love three more times that night. Two of them were with me on top and once with her on top. It was pretty sweet! When we were all done, we snuggled into my sleeping bag and fell asleep together.

The rest of our camp out in the Badlands passed much happier for us. We spent as much time as we could fucking our brains out and just generally enjoying each other’s bodies in ways I’d never guessed at before.

For the next four years we carried on together, marveling at the changes that went through our bodies as we passed through adolescence. We had sex almost every day during that time, and never once used any protection, and I always came inside her. It was a minor miracle that she didn’t get pregnant during this time.

Eventually our physical relationship faded into the past, as these things do. We didn’t ever decide to stop having sex, it just sort of happened at one point. After a while we both fell in love with other people, and now she’s married, though I’m still single.

I’d never have sex with my sister again, and if I had kids and found out they were fucking, I’d be pissed. But I don’t regret anything we ever did with each other. Not everyone gets their first time with someone they REALLY love.


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved. Nunc id vedes, nunc ne vedes!

I was thinking about working on this story a little more, but I like it like it is. I hope all you enjoy it, too!

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    Not a bad story. The twins were pretty amusing though.

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