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Confession of a Boy Lover – Chapter 10

Confession of a Boy Lover – Chapter 10

I heard Donna before I saw her. Responding to the ring of the doorbell, I glanced out the peephole. With her cellphone against her ear, she said, “What the fuck, Wes? So you and Cindy didn’t just go to Hawaii on vacation? A follow-up interview?”

Donna spun around, agitated, “You’re supposed to have Jeremy through the end of the summer. I was hoping…”

Her voice died. Whatever she heard on the other end of the phone made her change colors. I had waited long enough. I opened the door. Donna’s demeanor changed. The heat in her face replaced with her too-white smile. I said, “Hi, Donna. Come on in.”

She held up her hand, “Well, fuck you, Wes. I’ll figure something else out. One day you’ll actually want a relationship with your son. And you know what? He’ll be gone.”

Swiping the phone and killing the call, Donna said, “Fuck men.”

The color returned to her cheeks, “Sorry about that, Jack. It’s just that Wes…”

“Trouble in paradise?”

She nodded as she stepped past me, “Yeah. Wes took a job in Hawaii. Son of a bitch told me that he and my shitty cousin were going on vacation. Instead, they went out there for a second interview at the University of Hawaii.”

Jem chose that moment to look up from the game on the TV. He was shirtless, wearing a pair of loose-fitting shorts. I had tried to get him to wear something more, but he had told me earlier, he didn’t want his mom thinking he was ready to leave. Somehow, being half-naked made the point in his mind. Even though I knew Donna liked the idea of me and Jem eventually being together. The key word was ‘eventually,’ like when Jem turns sixteen or seventeen.

He said, “I don’t care. It’s not like I was looking forward to spending the rest of the summer with him and Aunt Cindy making googly eye at each other. And they could get kind of loud.”

His mom glanced at him. I could feel her taking in his semi-naked body. She said, “What kind of noise.”

Jem turned, and in a high, falsetto voice said, “Oh, Wes, fuck me hard, you stallion!”

Donna’s eyes bugged, “Jeremy Andre Nelson, what have I told you about your mouth?”

Jem shrugged, “Don’t ask if you don’t want to know. So, if Dad’s not going to be back, can I stay here?”

Donna came and looked at the game on the TV. It was paused on a racing game. My car was where I left it when the doorbell rang. Jem’s was paused in mid-jump. “How was the week?”

A smile lit up the boy’s face. To me, it was like he was saying, ‘we had fun. We fucked every chance we got.’

What he said was, “I had loads of fun with Jack. We went over to the go-cart track. I killed him. We played games and had an awesome time. He was more like a dad’s supposed to be than Dad has been in a really long time. I wish he was my father instead.”

I saw Donna’s expression soften at that. She said, “I’m glad you had fun.”

She turned back to me, “Can you honestly tell me he didn’t get in the way of your work? I know a lot of what you do is time sensitive.”

I tilted my head to the side, “Yeah. He mostly left me alone during the day. Of course, he entertained himself on the PlayStation while I worked.”

Jem nodded, “Yeah. And if you let me stay, I promise I’ll even start reading some books while Jack’s working. Please!”

Donna sat behind Jem on the sofa. I recognized the look in her eye. It was the same one she gave me when she admitted Jem liked me. “Did you get a chance to talk with Jack about your… feelings?”

I held my breath. Jem’s response could make or break me. If he said the wrong thing, not only would Donna grab him by the hand and yank him away, she’s be on the phone to the police. I didn’t want to have to run again.

Jem’s lips curled at the edges, “Yeah. It’s cool to have someone who understands me to talk to. Dad would never understand what I feel. Jack does.”

Donna shot a worried look my way, “How’s he helping you?”

Jem’s face grew hard, “What? You think he’s doing stuff to me? Jeez, Mom. Either you trust us together or you don’t. Jack hasn’t done a thing to hurt me. And you and I both know he never will.”

Donna raised her hands in mock surrender, “Okay, I get it. Nothing’s happening.”

Jem added, “And won’t.”

It felt strangely surreal, watching Jem lie to his mom. After all, my life depended on it. I added, “Donna, he’s safer with me than he’d be at Wes’s. How was your time in Aspen?”

Donna leaned back against the cushions, “It was good. I met a guy, my friend’s cousin. I’m going back next Friday after work. We’re going on a date.”

I said, “See, I told you a vacation would do you well. You’ve gone off and met a guy.”

Donna blushed, “Yeah. You were right, Jack. I needed the get-away.”

I sat next to her as Jem turned around. “You look like you can still use some more ‘me-time.’ Why not take the summer and focus on Donna?”

Donna glanced between me and Jem, “I dunno. A summer’s a long time, Jack.”

Before I could reply, Jem said, “Please, Mom. With Dad abandoning us for Hawaii, Jack is the perfect sur-, serog-, um, replacement dad.”

I saw Donna’s expression thaw as she grinned at Jem’s attempt to sound more mature, “I guess so. I really would like to spend some time taking care of myself for a bit.”

We spent the next couple of hours visiting over Jem remaining with me for the summer. Eventually Donna relented. The sun was most of the way across the sky when Jem and I walked her to the door. After the boy gave his mom a hug, he came over and leaned against me, possessively. Still shirtless, I loved the way his body melted against mine.

Donna’s eyes took in both of us, “Jack, you sure you’re okay with Jem for the summer? I can be back out here if he’s too much.”

Involuntarily, my arm snaked around Jem, “I think we can manage it. Jem will be fine.”

I could see the hesitancy in her eyes. What she wanted to know is whether Jem was safe with me. Sure, we’ve known each other going on five years. But she was leaving her gay son with her gay former neighbor. She stammered, “A-, are you sure?”

Jem must have picked up on his mom’s cues. He said, “God, Mom. Just because me and Jack are gay doesn’t mean he’s going to, like, try to molest me.”

Donna’s eyes grew wide, surprised her son could read her hesitancy for what it was. “It’s n-, not like that, sweetie.”

Jem raised an eyebrow, “Yeah, right. Ever since Dad dumped you for Aunt Cindy, I might as well not have had a dad. Even when I go over to his place, most of the time, he’d ignore me. You’re more worried about some stupid abuse from Jack, who would never hurt me, than about the abuse I’ve received after the divorce. That’s pretty fucked up.”

Donna quailed at Jem’s prescient observation, ignoring Jem’s profanity,. “I, I do trust you guys. I promise.”

Now that we were all a bunch of liars, I said, “You’ve got my number. Call me anytime. Now, about that well-earned ‘me-time’ you’ve got coming.”

Donna forced a smile onto her face. Jem’s pointed comment about how badly he had been abused by his parent’s divorce struck a chord. Of course, he was right. What he and I had shared wasn’t abuse. Not when compared to the neglect and stress put upon him by Wes and Donna over the past few years.

Donna bobbed her head, “You’re right, Jack. It’s time to focus on myself for a little while.”

After hugging Jem again, she left a few minutes later. I felt bad for her as she pulled away from the drive. Jem had wounded her when he reminded her of how her divorce had victimized him far worse than anything I’ve done.

When I closed the door behind us, Jem wrapped his arms around me and stood on his tip-toes and kissed me, “We’re going to have the best summer ever!”



“Happy birthday, Jem. Welcome to the teen years!”

Jem gave me a bearhug as Donna stood next to the duffle bag. The boy said, “Thanks, Jack. Did you get those new games I emailed you about?”

I nodded as I grabbed the duffle bag. It was a lot heavier this year. Of course, this year he packed for the entire summer. “Yup. I even played them enough that I can kick your ass on them.”

The top of Jem’s head brushed against my chin. He’d added at least four inches since last year. He said, “You just think so, old man. I’ll show you who’s boss.”

I glanced at Donna, who smiled happily. Since last year, she succeeded in getting Wes’s parental rights terminated. Of course, it didn’t hurt that Wes didn’t bother contesting the petition, or that Jem had gone before the judge and told him of the emotional neglect even before Wes moving to Hawaii. Donna had also started dating the cousin of her friend from Aspen. They were happy together, and this guy, Gil, seemed happy that he didn’t have to make any effort to be a father figure to Jem. After all, I filled that role.

After last summer, Jem spent every third or fourth weekend with me, including a week at Christmas and Spring Break. Somewhere deep in Donna’s subconsciousness, I think she knew there was more going on between me and her son than any of us were willing to admit. Of course, Jem didn’t help things by tilting his head up and planting a kiss on my cheek. I couldn’t resist and I ran my hair through hair he hadn’t cut in a year. His golden locked reached his shoulders.

Donna ignored Jem’s playfulness as she said, “You boys have a good time this summer. Jem, I want to hear from you at least once a week. Promise?”

Jem, now only a couple of inches short of his mom’s height, nodded, “Sure thing.”

Once Donna left, Jem pushed me against the closed front door as he leaned up and kissed me on my lips. Once the kiss ended, he said, “I’ve really missed you, Jack. I know it’s only been a couple of months since I was here, but it was the longest two months of my life.”

I didn’t buy his hyperbole, but I was happy for Jem’s attention. “Come on in, son, and make yourself at home. I’ll put this in my bedroom.”

Although I had the house’s third bedroom set up for Jem, mostly for Donna’s peace of mind, there was a place in my chest of drawers and in the closet for his stuff. When I set the bag down, my newly minted teenaged boyfriend’s hands wrapped around my chest, “Three whole months, Jack. We’re going to have a blast!”

I turned around and returned the embrace. I counted my blessings; even though his face was slightly more angular, Jem was still all-boy. His cheeks were smooth and his voice unbroken. I pulled him to the bed and pulled his T-shirt from his narrow, wiry frame. I glanced under his pits when his arms were over his head and they were still as hairless as the day we first met.

I knelt beside him and unfastened his shorts. He still wore those sexy white briefs that clung tightly to his ass. His erection pushed against the cotton fabric as I let his shorts fall to the floor. It strained the fabric enough that there was a gap between the elastic waistband and his creamy, soft skin. When I pulled his underwear down, his penis flopped upwards, making a satisfying smack against his abs.

I sighed at the sight. Even though he turned thirteen, my lovely boy was still devoid of pubic hair. I ran my hand over his pubic area, admiring the smoothness. His penis, though, was catching up with my own smaller-than-average erection. Erect, he was just under five inches, and his balls, also hairless, were the size of small grapes. By the time he turns fourteen, he’ll be bigger than me.

At least for now, his girth was a good deal smaller than mine. I pushed, and he fell on the bed, laughing as though he knew what I intended. I’m sure he had a good idea. My face leaned into his groin area. The smell of sweaty body nearly drove me wild with desire and my tongue darted out, swiping across his glans. There was sweat, a hint of urine, and something else.

I wrapped my hand around his penis and gently stroked him until a clear pearl of precum appeared. I lapped the little droplet, savoring the faintly sweet taste. Even though Jem and I had fully explored our relationship the previous summer, his cums had remained dry. Even through the end of spring break, his body had denied me the pleasures of his seed. It was only in mid-April he called me up, more excited than normal, and told me he had ejaculated when he was masturbating in the shower. And now, for the first time since that auspicious moment, I was savoring the exquisite taste of his precum.

I ran my tongue down his shaft, enjoying the mewing he made as he reclined on the bed, quietly moaning. Jem had grown more in the prior two months than he had since the end of the previous summer. When I took his mushroom shaped head in my mouth, I definitely noticed a difference. He filled my mouth more than before.  

From his glans, my tongue traveled down his rigid pole until I licked his nut-sack and took his balls in my mouth. His nuts were about half my size, maybe as big as a small grape. He groaned in pleasure when I managed to get both of them in my mouth and sucked and tugged on him.

Hungry for more, I moved back to his glans and sucked it into my mouth, and enjoyed another drop of precum oozing from his piss-slit. Then I sank my mouth on him. Well, most of him. For the first time, my lips didn’t touch his pubic bone before Jem’s dick touched the back of my throat. I pulled back when my gag reflex kicked in. I contented myself with sucking on the four inches I could take until I was ready to try again.

This time, I bobbed down until my lips touched Jem’s bald pubic area and slid back on his shaft, barely avoiding the gag reflex. Jem didn’t complain. He just moaned, “Ah, fuck!” as I slurped on his pulsating rod.

Perhaps a minute in, Jem’s butt shifted as he moaned, “I’m close, Daddy!”

I loved how he called me daddy when we fucked around. It was incredibly erotic. I applied suction, pretending Jem’s penis was a huge straw. He let slip a wordless moan and my mouth felt even fuller than before and then I felt a warm wetness hit my tongue as his glans flared in my mouth.

Jem’s penis jerked repeatedly, and the first two squirts I happily let fill my mouth. His cum was thin and watery. Later I would jack him off, eager to see the clear ejaculate of a newly pubescent boy. For now, I enjoyed the slightly sweet and salty flavor filling my mouth. Content that his orgasm was over, I swallowed.

When I pulled my head up, he grinned at me like a cat having caught a bird, “What’d you think?”

I leaned forward and kissed him, sliding my tongue in and letting him taste himself. When I came up for air, I said, “I liked it. What about you?”

The grin grew larger as he pushed me onto my back, “Now it’s my turn!”

The End

Copyright 2021 – Caliboy1991
All rights reserved

Author’s note: I contemplated telling the story of what happens later, but ultimately decided I wanted to leave that to the reader’s imagination. Whether Jem finds a boyfriend his own age and ends the relationship, or whether they stay together, or whether something else happens… I leave all of that to the imagination of you, dear reader.


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    Wonderful story.

  2. Avatar for MaryL

    I’m happy for them.

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Couldn’t agree more!

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  4. Avatar for JD

    Wow! That was a really well told, erotic, story that made me nostalgic for my early days and the man who became my “dad” and gave me what my dad could not. Just wonderful, though to be honest, I’d love to read more. You have a gift for storytelling.

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Glad you enjoyed yourself! This story wasn’t written by me (Jason) but by Caliboy1991. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard from Cali in over two years. He does have a great talent for storytelling; I couldn’t agree more!
      Maybe someday, he’ll read this comment and come back from the dead. I sure hope so! In the meantime, we still have his stories to enjoy.

  5. Avatar for JD

    Yes it is! Wish it would keep going on! It was one of the better ones I’ve read in a while.

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