The Treehouse – Chapter 5

When I reached the ground, the rain fell gently, like any other summer rain. While I needed to pee, the idea of seeing Bryan pee was all I could think about. Can boys pee with a boner? He fascinated me, and I couldn’t shake the image of his boner popping into view earlier. While I had nothing to compare it to, I liked it even more than I had enjoyed seeing Wendy naked. And that was quite a bit.

I waited for Bryan to reach the ground before I asked, “Can I watch you pee?”

He scrunched his eyebrows, confused. I added, “I’ve never seen a boy pee before.”

“Um, I guess so.”

I ignored the doubt in his voice, and said, “I’ll show you how I do it.”

Bryan responded enthusiastically, “Okay!”

He stepped around the tree and took hold of his still erect penis as I looked on. He stared down for a bit until a dribble of urine fell from his penis. The dribble turned into a light flow before finally turning back into a dribble. He finally glanced over at me, “It’s difficult to pee when I got a stiffy. Your turn.”

I thought it was cute that he peed against the tree. It reminded me of a puppy marking his territory for the first time. I said, “Crouch down and I’ll show you what it looks like when I pee.”
Bryan squatted in front of me. Usually, when I peed outside, I would pull my shorts and panties down and squat to do my business. Naked, I didn’t need to do that. I took a step closer to Bryan and then spread my legs. When I looked down, a thrill went through me. His face was a handsbreadth away from my pussy when I started.

The boy rewarded me with a loud gasp, followed by, “Holy shit. That’s cool!”

Once I finished, I reached down and took Bryan by the arms and pulled him to his feet. We were almost toe to toe. Only a few inches separated us, and when I glanced down and saw his penis pointing toward my face, I became hot with longing. Sure, I’d had powerful feelings for Wendy back before the end of school. But those feelings were nothing compared to what surged through me at that moment.

I moved my hands up and grabbed his arms, then I leaned toward him and kissed him.

Bryan jumped and his feet took a step back as the most surprised look crossed his features. “What?”

I just knew I had stepped in it. I let go of him, “Oh, fuck. I’m sorry, Bry. I should have asked. I just wanted to kiss you.”

He raised a hand to his face and his fingers played across his lips as the shocked look faded. “I-, uh, I’ve never been kissed, Erin.”

Mentally, I swore inside my head. I really had fucked up and ruined Bryan’s first kiss. “Dude, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know. It’s just I really like you and thought you liked me, and thought you’d want…”

It wasn’t often I was at a loss for words, but I didn’t know how to make things right between us.

With a light rain falling and drenching us, he slowly closed the distance between us, stopping a couple of feet away, “You like me like that? Like me enough to kiss?”

He really didn’t have a clue what he was doing to me. His incredulous tone told me he hadn’t understood my feelings. Boys! Still, I liked this one more than I could understand. I nodded, “Yeah.”

The corners of his mouth slowly turned upward, “Wow. I like you too, Erin. A lot. Um, I wasn’t ready before, but if you want to kiss me again, you can.”

Funny, some girls would have been pissed the boy didn’t lead out. I actually liked how he asked me to try again. I stepped close until our toes touched. Much slower this time, I leaned in until I felt my lips on his. He puckered his lips, just like you’d expect a boy who had only seen kisses on TV would do. Thanks to my practice with Wendy, I kissed him the way I would want to be kissed.

It was awkward and ended in a heartbeat. But my lips tingled and my body felt like it was full of electricity. My voice was breathy, “How was that? Better?”

Bryan nodded, a look of wonder on his face, “Y-, yeah. That was really cool.”

A smile split my face, “I thought so too.”

I didn’t want this time to end. We were already soaked; we couldn’t get any wetter. I just wanted to walk hand-in-hand with him in the dark. Fortunately, the rain actually felt like a summer rain should now that the worst of the storm had passed. I slipped my hand into Bryan’s, “This is what a summer rain looks like. Let’s stay out here and enjoy it for a bit.”

After donning our soaked shoes, we walked through the thicket of trees, navigating around mud puddles while trying to stay on grass or pine needles. Erin never let go of my hand as she led me around. I was on cloud nine. I had actually kissed a girl! I could scarcely believe it. A real kiss. It amazed me that a pretty girl like Erin, who would be in the eighth grade once school started back up in the fall, would like a shrimp like me, who wouldn’t even turn twelve until the end of August.

Those thoughts took me back to when I was still in elementary school. My stepdad, Bill, told me not to look a gift horse in the mouth. The expression had confused me and he had to explain the idea behind the Trojan Horse. I still recalled my confused response, “But if letting the wooden horse into the city is what made their enemies win, why shouldn’t we look a gift horse in the mouth?”

Bill had just laughed and tousled my shaggy hair, “Good point. But here’s the deal, if something happening to you is good, try not to overthink things, and enjoy it.”

I was glad for the gentle rain. I looked into the night sky and let the rain wash away the tears. The way my mom ripped me away from my stepdad was still an open wound. But Bill was right. I shouldn’t overthink things. If Erin really liked me, who was I to complain? I thought she was just about the coolest person in my world. That didn’t really solve the confusion I felt inside, but it let me focus on enjoying the moment, walking hand-in-hand with this girl through the forest.

We eventually ended up back at the water’s edge. The Angelina River ran high. We found the canoe still tied to the tree, but partially submerged.

Erin broke our silence, “Come on, Bry, we need to get the canoe up onto the shore. We’re lucky it didn’t float away in the storm.”

Mostly full of water, the canoe didn’t look like it was going anywhere, but who was I to argue with the girl who taught me how to canoe? I followed her into the murky water. Erin pointed to the gunwale beside her, “Grab right here, Bry.”

Happy to do her bidding, I grabbed the ribbed aluminum, “Now what?”

She moved a few feet away from me and grabbed the same gunwale, “We need to turn the canoe onto its side. It’ll let most of the water out.”

I strained to lift our side of the canoe. Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought my muscles were getting stronger as we pulled the canoe onto its side. Erin scrambled to the bow, “Go to the stern, um, the back and push. I’ll pull it onto the shore.”

The canoe was easily fifteen feet long. By the time I reached the stern, I was chest deep in the murky water. My keds dug into the river bottom, but it was hard to find traction in the silty soil.

I did my best when Erin cried, “Push, Bryan!”

Despite the difficulty I had in finding traction on the river bottom, I still helped to inch the canoe forward. Once the aluminum bow crunched against the muddy back, Erin shouted, “Woo! We did it. Come around and help me pull it further.”

On my way around the side of the canoe, I lost my footing, and I sank below the surface with barely enough time to yelp. When I got my feet under me again and popped above the surface, Erin was splashing toward me, “Dude, you okay?”

I tossed my head back and forth, sending a cascade of water from my unruly hair, “Yeah. I just slipped.”

The water was waist deep on Erin when she reached me, “Thank God. I was about to shit my pants if something happened to you.”

She was standing in front of me, every bit as naked as I was. I couldn’t help but giggle, “That’d be hard to do. No pants in which to shit.”

Despite the gloom and rain, Erin’s cheeks were flushed, “Yeah. I guess not.”

I’m not sure if the water was warm or if we had gotten used to the weather, but I wasn’t in a hurry to go back to the shore. Not with Erin standing so close. We were far enough away from the faster flowing water in the middle of the river, and even though I could feel the current rushing past my legs, I felt safe enough where I stood. I splashed some water on Erin, “You ever swim out here on the river?”

Erin splashed me, “Sometimes. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?”

It was my turn to blush, “N-, no. You?”

Erin stepped closer as she splashed me again, “Once here. I almost got caught. There was an old codger on his fishing boat who motored by while I was swimming naked. I stayed with only my head above the water until he was gone.”

“You lucked out.”

Erin splashed me again and stepped closer until she was only inches away from me. My stomach fluttered at how close she stood and I’d gotten a stiffy again. She said, “Normally, when it’s not been raining, you can swim all the way across the river.”

I expected her to try to kiss me again. But when she launched toward me, she grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me under. When we came up, she was laughing as she snaked her arms around my back. Our bodies pressed together. Her chest against mine, and my stiffy poking against her. The playful look on her face quickly faded, replaced by a surprised smile.

The look on Erin’s face only made me more aware of her buds pushing against my chest and my stiffy trapped between my abs and her pelvis. While the feeling surging through me was exciting, I didn’t know what to do.

Erin solved the dilemma. She leaned in and kissed me. This time, instead of puckering my lips, I tried to mirror her lips as they pressed to mine. It felt more natural than the first or second kiss. Apparently puckering your lips like a fish isn’t how you kiss. Who knew? My heart raced within my ribcage as Erin’s lips lingered on mine. I could taste the catsup and spices from the meatloaf in her kiss. A handful of heartbeats passed before Erin’s lips pulled back.

She was breathing heavy, “Damn, dude. You’re getting really good at kissing.”

I flushed at her praise, “I like kissing you.”

She gave me another peck on the lips and then released me from the intimate bear hug, “Cool. I like kissing you too. A lot. Let’s stop playing around and get this damned boat onto the shore.”

It took pushing and pulling, but we eventually pulled the canoe fully onto the shore, after which Erin said, “We’ll come down tomorrow and lug it back toward the house. This’ll work for now.”

She took my hand in hers again, “Come on, cutie, you ready to head back to the treehouse?”

Furiously flushing at the impromptu nickname, I fell into step beside her as we walked through the gently falling rain.

Back in the treehouse, Erin grabbed the towel, which was still pretty damp, and toweled herself dry. The way she wiped the cloth across her buds and then between her legs drew my eyes. Discovering how much I enjoyed seeing her made me feel good. Once she finished, she tossed the towel to me. I felt her eyes on my stiffy as I toweled off. By now, it was easy to resist the compulsion to cover myself in front of her. Even so, I couldn’t remember another time, not even when Davy and I had fooled around, where I’d been as stiff for as long as I had been that night.

As I toweled myself dry, Erin must have been reading my mind, “Um, Bri, do you get boners a lot?”

Hearing her call my stiffy a boner made me twitch. Sure, I had heard it called that by other boys in school. But until my sex-play with Davy, stiffies had been pretty uncommon. Now though, most mornings I woke up with one. Sure, Davy had taught me about jacking off, but there wasn’t much privacy in Granny’s trailer, and I couldn’t make the white stuff, so it had been a while since I had done anything.

There didn’t seem to be any reason to lie to Erin, “Sometimes. Why?”

She spread the sleeping bags over the mattress, “Just curious. The girls in my class talk about boys and their dicks a lot. But now, I’d never seen one. And you’re hard a lot.”

I wasn’t sure if she approved or disapproved of my frequent stiffies. A bit defensively, I replied, “Well, you’re looking at it and I get stiff when you do that.”

Erin stretched out on her sleeping bag, putting her buds and pussy on full display. She gave me a coy smile, “Does it bother you when I look at you? I like you seeing me like this.”
I was out of my element. I didn’t know what to do with her admission she liked me looking at her. Or that she clearly liked looking my stiffy. Even though there was an electrical current of excitement in being naked with her, I don’t know if my embarrassment entirely went away. But perhaps that embarrassment was partially responsible for those tingles and good feelings I felt from her gaze. I wanted to answer in a way that would make her happy. “N-, no. I don’t mind you looking. But I don’t think I can stop it from getting hard when you’re looking. That okay?”

A grin spread over Erin’s face, “Yeah. Like I said earlier, I think your, ah, dick is really cute. Especially when it’s hard like that.”

Even though the confusion didn’t go away, I felt my lips curl up on their own, “I think you’re really pretty too.”

Once I settled himself next to her on the mattress, she arched her back, pushed her chest out, “You can touch them if you want.”

I could scarcely believe I had the balls to tell Bryan he could touch my tiny buds. What was I thinking? Oh, I knew what I was thinking. Despite the things I had done with Wendy, despite the accusing stares of girls like Cheryl, I was falling for this eleven-year-old boy.

The offer caught Bryan off guard, “What?”

The look he gave me was one of shock; My confidence floundered and my smile faded, “Um, my tits. You can, if you want, touch them.”

Bryan leaned forward, his boner bobbed, and he stammered, “Really?”

Maybe I had misjudged the moment. I sat up a little straighter and leaned toward him, “I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” I said as my pulse raced, “It’s just I thought you liked looking at them and it’s kind of cool that you are, so I just wondered if you wanted to, um, touch ‘em.”

I don’t think Bryan had a conniving bone in his body, still I could see something of a calculating expression on his face as several seconds passed before he finally bobbed his head, “Okay.”

I inched toward him, closing the gap, and thrust my chest toward him. He hesitantly raised a hand and reached across the half-dozen inches separating us. A charge like an electrical current flowed through me as his finger brushed against one of my nipples. I knew I wasn’t anything to look at. The tips of my nipples were hardly any larger than Bryan’s. My areolas, such as they were, were not very distinct from my nipples, and only the skin under the nipple was slightly puffy. And all of this had started after my dad died; within the past month or two. I could still get away without wearing an undershirt and, according to Wendy, I was probably a year away from needing an honest-to-god bra.

I adored the look of wonder on Bryan’s face. As his finger touched me, they shook. This was affecting him every bit as much as it was me. I bit back a moan as he his voice tremored, “L-, like this?”

That moan slipped out as I nodded. “Y-, yeah. Like that. They’re really small right now. But they’ll eventually get bigger.”

Even though Bryan seemed to enjoy himself, I heard longing in my voice. I don’t know where it came from, but for this beautiful, lovely boy, I wished I was bigger, that I would have a figure to compete with other girls. I wanted to be the only girl he thought was sexy, and that just wasn’t my body. Not yet.

Bryan reached out with his other hand and his fingers brushed against both my nipples. That air of wonderment filled his voice, “I-, I think they’re beautiful, Erin. Thanks.”
I let my head fall back as he played with my slight buds. I was in heaven. For now, at least Bryan didn’t seem to care, and that was enough for my fragile sense of femininity. I murmured, “Cool. I’m glad you like them. They like your touch.”

My chest tingled, and I felt a familiar dampness between my legs. Oh, God, he was so turning me on. I looked down and saw his boner bobbing between us. Bryan deserved to know the pleasure his touch gave me. I put my hand on his leg, between his knee and hip, “Can I…”

If there was any chance he could misinterpret my stalled-out question, it evaporated when I slid my hand along his thigh. Bryan’s eyes flitted from my tits to his boner and back again before he breathed, “Y-, yeah.”

To show he wasn’t just going along, he spread his legs wide as he leaned back on his hands. He was completely exposed and open to me. I moved in until my face was less than a foot away. He was so hard. “Does it ever hurt when it gets like that?”

A smile played across the boy’s face, “Only when I get a stiffy in my pants. Even then, it doesn’t hurt that bad.”

It was my turn now. My fingers touched his helmet shaped glans. The tingle ran up my arm, through my body, and came to rest between my legs. Bryan’s eyes fluttered as a silent gasp slipped through his lips.

The tip of his finger was at once entirely foreign and yet achingly familiar to me. I didn’t begin to understand, except that I enjoyed touching him. “Your, um, thing, it feels spongy.”
Bryan breathed rapidly, “Yeah, but the rest is super stiff.”

Taking that as permission, my hand moved, my fingers sliding over the bulbous bullet-shaped head, the rough texture of where he had been circumcised, until I gently wrapped my fingers around the smooth hardness of his shaft; it was thicker than a Number 2 pencil, but a lot thinner than one of those fat pieces of chalk some teachers used; perhaps the side and length of my index finger. And I was in heaven as I slid my fingers up and down it a couple of times. Bryan hissed in pleasure.

My brain was in overload, “Oh, yeah. That’s fucking hard as a rock.”

Bryan giggled.

I looked up at his smiling face, “What?”

“You’re touching my stiffy and you said fuck.”

Our laughter was a catharsis; a bond between us. The look he gave me must have matched mine. We both wanted this. I slid along his shaft, “My friend Wendy has a cousin, Kyle. And one time, last summer, she caught him jacking off. Do you jack off?”

Bryan’s eyebrows knitted in thought. I had expected a simple yes or no. But after several heartbeats he nodded slightly, “Y-, yeah. My friend Davy taught me how before me and Mom moved here.”

I could tell from the way he said it, there was a lot that Bryan was skipping over. Who was I to judge or question him. After all, the intimacy I shared with Wendy is what gave me the confidence to let Bryan touch me.

I squeezed him just enough to pull the skin of his shaft up and down as I jacked him off. The look of bliss on Bryan’s face was all the permission I needed. “Wendy actually jacked her cousin off once and told me all about it. Am I doing it right?”

Bryan bit his lower lip as he nodded. My pussy tingled and nobody was touching me down there. I could only imagine the good feelings surging through his body. I had been jacking him off for less than a minute when he moaned and threw his head back, “Ahh, fuck!”

How Bryan managed it, I’ll never understand, but his dick seemed to get slightly bigger and even harder. Then it spasmed in my hand as another moan ripped from his mouth. I couldn’t believe it. I was making a boy cum and driving him crazy while doing it.

A few spasms later, he collapsed on the sleeping bag, spent. From Wendy’s after-action report with her cousin, I knew boys could make lots of gooey, white semen. But even though I had just made him cum, nothing shot out of Bryan’s dick.

“How was your cum?”

Bryan’s eyes fluttered open, and he gave me a radiant smile, “Best ever. Wow.”

I rested my hand on his stomach, which was rapidly rising and falling, “But you didn’t shoot anything.”

He shrugged, “Davy could shoot his stuff. It was clear and slimy. He said I’d eventually make cum. I haven’t yet.”

It took a moment to think this through and a smile spread across my face, this eleven-year-old, for whom I was, was still on the cusp of puberty. Given my own developmental delays, I liked the fact that we were pretty much in the same boat.

Before I could think of any more questions to ask or anything else to do, Bryan yawned. Seeing him do it, I couldn’t control my mouth and I yawned, too. I patted his stomach, “Shit, Bryan, your yawning is contagious. I guess it’s getting late.”

The boy’s jaw popped before he finally managed to shut his mouth, “Yeah. I dunno why, but I got tired after you, ah, jacked me off.”

I leaned down until our faces were only inches apart. He whispered, “I’m really glad you found me last week. You’re the best.”

My response was pressing my lips to his. He was definitely getting kissing down. When I broke the kiss, we both slid under the covers of our sleeping bags. I heard his even breathing within a minute or two. It took me a little longer to fall asleep. But as I drifted off, it was to images of the beautiful, naked boy sleeping next to me.

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