The Snow Cabin
Levi Holland

Chapter 1

I sent my best friend Sarah a snap and jumped when Dad’s ringing cell phone broke the silence in the car. Four hours deep into this grueling car ride and still no sign of freedom. I’m pretty sure my parents were about the only ones excited for the cabin we were staying at. Me? I had far better plans this winter break, and they didn’t involve being stuck in the boonies with my parents and little brother. I sighed as the evergreens rushed past outside the car window. At least if I smelled another of Luke’s farts, I might be put out of my misery.

As his phone kept ringing, Dad fumbled through his pocket and answered.

Sarah sent me back a picture, and I laughed at the puppy filter she used over her peace-sign pose. Miss you, Hannah. Try not to die in the snow!

I sent back a frown emoji and typed in: Thanks, Buttface. TTYL

“It collapsed!?” Dad shouted.

“What collapsed?” Mom asked. “Brian.” She set her Kindle on her knees and readjusted her seat. Luke still had his AirPods shoved in his ears, oblivious to the world around him.

Dad swapped ears with the phone and covered part of it with his hand while he answered Mom. “The cabin we’re going to had a cave-in from last night’s storm.”

“Oh my god,” Mom said. “I hope nobody was hurt. And of course there’s a refund policy, I’m sure.”

Oh boy.

“Sorry, continue,” Dad said. “No, we weren’t planning on it…..I mean, yes, somewhere for the night…..Well how sturdy is this other cabin?”

Other cabin? It sounded like we were about to make a bit of a detour. Well, so much for the big vacation. After Dad finished up the phone call, there was a new plan. Cheap and sleazy motels were out of the question—my parents made that clear from the get-go. They wanted someplace…private. I shuddered at the thought of them getting it on. I mean sure, I knew they had sex to make Luke and I, but yuck. No need to have that mental image seared in my brain.

Turns out the new place was about 40 minutes out of the way, and soon Dad had the SUV turned around and headed to our destination. I checked my phone to see how late it was getting and texted Sarah goodnight.

The car’s headlights struggled to punch through the falling snow as we pulled in to the driveway. All we had for traction was the gravel crunching beneath the tires as the SUV trudged forward.

“Are we gonna die out here?” Luke asked, trying to peer out the edge of his window into the inky darkness.

“What? No, be quiet, dweeb,” I said, but to be honest, wherever here was did give me the creeps.

A forest of dense trees followed us along the narrow driveway until we came upon a clearing with two small cabins facing each other at an angle. A lone streetlamp loomed over them, bathing the cabins and falling snow in soft yellow light.

“At least…there’s electricity,” Dad said.

“Jesus, Brian.”

“I’m sure it’ll be much nicer in the morning. Hannah, Luke: let’s get the bags for your Mom.”

The frosty air bit my cheeks the moment I opened the door, and it became a mad dash to race the luggage up to the cabin porches. Luke and I stamped our feet and tried to rub some warmth into our hands, but it made little difference. I’m surprised our breath wasn’t turning into ice on the way out. Mom tested the door to the larger cabin and stepped inside when she found it unlocked.

About the same time, a rusty pickup rounded the bend and crunched along the gravel path until it rumbled to a stop beside our car.

“You folks the Cliftons? Hope you found the place okay.”

An older man stepped from the truck and zipped his coat up to his thick, gray beard. His cheeks held a rosy tint that reminded me of Santa Claus. And people who drank too much. In a place like this, it was probably the second option.

“Found it alright. Are you Hank? Can’t seem to get much of a signal,” Dad said.

“That’s me. Signal comes and goes,” Hank said with a shrug, “but there are landlines in either cabin. Speaking of…”

He fished out two sets of keys from his coat pocket and tossed them to Dad.

“Oh, uh, just the one cabin is fine.”

The man shook his head. “Cabin keys come as a set. Ain’t enough room to house all four of you in one. Just a single bedroom, living room, and bathroom in the big one. Heater too, of course. Got it running for y’all when I heard you was comin’.”

Mom came back outside and shouted from the porch.

“Brian! Why is there only one bed?”

“I’m working on it, dear!” Dad shouted back.

“It’s inconvenient, I know,” Hank said. “I wish probably more’n you that the other cabin didn’t collapse. Couldn’t tell you how long it might take me to fix her back up.”

“No, it’s fine,” Dad said. “We’ll make it work. Any issues with the power here?”

“None that I’ve seen,” Hank said. “House ain’t too far from here. You holler on the landlines if you need me. Same number.”

And with that, Hank loaded himself back into his truck and took off into the night.

When we gathered together inside the larger cabin, Mom was complaining about our misfortune while Dad prodded the different dials for the electric fireplace. Luke slouched down at the tiny kitchen table as we worked out what came next. It seemed pointless to find a new place tonight. The snow was too thick, the night too late.

“Well, there’s two options for now,” Dad said. “Either I can bunk with Luke in the other cabin and leave you two here, or we can put the kids in the second and take this one.”

I yawned. “Honestly,” I said, “I don’t really care what we decide. This was supposed to be a trip for you guys anyway, so if you want the main cabin together, Luke and I will be fine.”

“Luke?” Mom asked.

He shrugged. “Doesn’t matter to me. We’re just sleeping there.”

“Alright,” Dad said. “I’ll make sure the heat’s still on while you guys bring your luggage over.”

The snow hugged our ankles as we followed Dad to the second cabin. Five days. That’s how long we were stuck here, although maybe we could convince Mom and Dad to leave a day early if this place sucked as bad as I thought it would.

Without a porch or overhang to rest under at the smaller cabin, we immediately moved inside. A well-worn Welcome Home mat sat in front of the doorway. It was a tight squeeze, so we spread out to the rest of the cabin, which was essentially a one bed, one bath setup. Off to the left side was the bedroom with a queen sized bed and two nightstands on either end. A thin widescreen TV was propped up on a dresser facing the bed. To the right was the bathroom and shower. Dad stepped into the bedroom and fiddled with the electric fireplace along the wall.

“You sure about this, Hannah?”

“I’ll be fine, Dad,” I said. “We’ll be fine. You guys are right across from us if we need you. You and Mom…enjoy yourselves.”

Dad flushed a bit as he stamped off some of the snow clinging to his laces.

“Alright, well, I’ll make sure your mother is settled in, and then I’ll come back to check on you guys one last time.”

By the time Dad returned, Luke and I had already picked sides for the bed. Despite his killer farts, my brother really was easy to get along with most of the time, and having to share a bed with him was just another example of that. He took out a fresh set of clothes along with his shampoo and body wash before heading to the bathroom. Rap music began playing from his phone as the shower started.

There was a knock at the door, and Dad poked his head in.

“We getting settled alright?”

“Yeah, Dad, we’re good.”

“Alright. Well, I love you both. Your mother says she loves you too. Call if you need either of us.”

“Goodnight, Dad. Love you,” I said, and then he shut the door behind him.

On my nightstand was the other landline for the house. A few numbers for local emergencies were printed and the number for the cabin next door was circled as well. There was a TV guide book which included must-see sites for traveling tourists. I picked up the guide and flipped through a few of its pages while Luke finished his shower. Some of the activities like skiing and snow tubing sounded pretty cool. Maybe I could convince everyone to go if there weren’t any other plans.

The shower squeaked to a stop, and soon Luke was back in the room, barefoot and shirtless with the towel wrapped around his waist. There was a surprising amount of muscle definition around his flat chest and torso—no doubt from the baseball he played outside of school.

“How’s the water pressure?” I asked.

“It’s pretty good! Man, I hope this place doesn’t totally blow.”

“Let’s hope so.” I grabbed my own shower stuff and stepped into the bathroom.

Inside, the air was still thick with steam, and I set my spare clothes on the little sink area. Closing the door behind me, I cranked the hot water back on and hoped the water heater would last through our back-to-back showers.

I stripped out of my shirt and bra first, pausing a moment to admire my breasts through the fogged up mirror. I cupped one in each hand to see if they’d somehow gotten any bigger overnight. Today was not that day. They were still the same boring cone-shaped breasts I was cursed with. Why couldn’t I be like some of the other 8th grade girls with their busty chests? My body still looked like I was stumbling my way through puberty.

With a sigh, I unbuttoned my pants before sliding them down with my panties. If any part of me had seen a change lately, it was my pussy. Over the past year, my mound had swelled nicely, and my pubic hair was finally filling in. It wasn’t very dense yet, just a few dozen curly hairs on the outside of my labia, but it was a start, at least.

After finishing my inspection, I stepped into the shower. The hot water melted away the tension in my shoulders from the day-long road trip. I gave my hair a rinse and squirted out some of the body wash I’d brought. I rubbed the slick liquid across my bare skin and began massaging my breasts and torso. It was times like this I wish I had a third hand to take care of a different part of me as well.

I was careful as I reached the outside of my vagina so I wouldn’t get the body wash inside. Once I rinsed it away however, I teased my clit with my middle finger and trembled as I stood in the shower. God I wish I had a boyfriend. At least then I could imagine the things he would do to me. I stifled a groan and forced myself to remove my fingers. I wasn’t exactly quiet when it came to masturbating. At home I could shove a pillow in front of my face until the orgasm passed, but here? Fat chance of that happening.

Twisting the knobs off, I stepped from the shower and toweled myself dry before slipping on a fresh set of panties and a long tie-dye t-shirt.

Coming back across the small foyer and into the bedroom, I found Luke flipping through the TV channels. He was snuggled beneath the comforter with his head propped against a few pillows. He stretched his arms out with a yawn which gave me the chance to check out his bare armpits.

“Anything good?” I asked.

“Probably,” he said. “All the channels here are different though, so I haven’t found anything yet.”

“The shower was nice, at least.”

I dropped my dirty clothes beside my suitcase and got under the comforter. The mattress was a little firmer than I would have liked, but I’d live. No sense in nitpicking anything and everything that could go wrong with the trip. Dad liked to tell us that if we only ever focused on the bad stuff, then the good stuff would pass us by.

As Luke channel surfed, I felt a huge yawn come over me as I realized it was past midnight. I guess my body was finally winding down too.

“This blows,” Luke said before turning off the TV. “And I don’t have any signal on my phone so I can’t watch YouTube or talk to my friends.”

“Yeah, I know,” I said. “Same with me and Sarah. But at least we have each other. I feel like we don’t get to talk a whole lot lately. We used to all the time.”

Luke was quiet for a few moments before saying, “That’s kind of your fault.”

Now this was a surprise. I wouldn’t have thought there was any tension between my brother and I, but apparently I was wrong about that. Go figure.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“Really?” he asked. “Ever since I started middle school you’ve wanted nothing to do with me.”

“That’s not true,” I said.

“You don’t even say hi to me in the hallway.”

That part…might have been true. But it wasn’t because of Luke, really. It just wasn’t cool for 8th graders and 6th graders to interact. I was almost in high school, and 6th graders were basically still elementary kids. That’d be social suicide! But Luke’s words did sting, and I realized how selfish I’d been acting.

“You know what? You’re right,” I said.

“I am?”

“Yes, silly. I haven’t been a good sister to you. So I’ll make you a deal; from now on, I’ll be sure to spend some time after school each day with you. And of course I’ll say hi to you when we see each other at school.”

“I guess that would be cool,” Luke said, smiling now. His teeth glinted from his braces. He wasn’t the biggest fan about getting them because he thought they made him look stupid, but I thought braces were cute in a way. I could never tell him that, of course, but the braces weren’t as bad as he worried.

Seeing him now, I realized my brother was turning into quite the looker. He and I were both blessed with decent genes, although Luke was the only one with freckles sprinkled across his cheeks. Along with baseball keeping him in shape, he seemed pretty popular in school, even for a 6th grader. I wondered if he had any interest in dating yet.

“Guess it’s time to hit the hay, yeah?” I asked, and pretty soon, we both said our goodnights and switched off the lamps.

Sleeping in a foreign bed was never as comfortable as the one back home, and it took a while for my brain to shut down. After what seemed like hours, I felt myself drifting away into the peacefulness of sleep.

I think that might have been the end of it, too, had I not startled awake in a shiver.

The glow and crackly sounds from the electric fireplace had stopped. Beside me, Luke’s teeth chattered while he slept. The clock on our nightstand read 4 am. Dad could easily fix the fireplace, but I didn’t want to disturb him and Mom if I didn’t need to. I had to show them Luke and I could handle being alone.

I braced myself for the nippy air and threw the comforter back as goosebumps shot across my arms. Luke began to stir beside me as I jostled the covers and set my feet on the floor.


“The h-heater’s off,” I said. “I’m going to try and turn it back on. Shouldn’t be t-too hard.”

Using my phone’s flashlight as a guide, I hobbled across the bedroom to the heater and searched for buttons I recognized. It had a few unmarked dials, but the on/off switch was easy enough to spot. My hand shook as I pressed my thumb against the button, and after a failed attempt or two, the heater kicked on with a dim orange glow. There was no immediate relief, but with any luck, the fireplace would warm the cabin long enough for the sun to come up. At least then Dad could adjust the timer setting.

“Jesus, it’s f-freezing,” I said and hopped back in bed, wrapping the covers around me like a cocoon.

Rubbing my hands up and down my arms wasn’t doing much at all to help me stay warm. Beside me, Luke’s teeth were still rattling.

“We could try this thing I learned about in S-Scouts a few years ago,” Luke said.

“What’s that?”

“If y-you’re ever camping out and it’s really c-cold like it is now, it’s better to share body warmth by laying close together. It’s saved lives before.”

“Well, I don’t think we’re in danger of d-dying, but what the hell? I’ll try anything.”

Luke laughed despite the chill. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you s-swear before.”

“Just shut up and come here,” I said.

The two of us squiggled our way closer until I bumped into Luke’s arm. I grabbed his shoulder and pulled him close, my bare legs brushing against his own. He didn’t seem to be wearing any kind of pajama pants. He must have ditched them by the time I’d come back from my shower.

As we pressed against each other for warmth, Luke’s chest smushed against my breasts through my t-shirt. I won’t lie; it felt pretty neat, but we were there for warmth, not enjoyment. Within a few minutes, our chattering began to quiet. We were by no means warm, but at least we weren’t chilled to the bone like before.

There were a few beats of silence when Luke shifted against me, and something poked against my leg. He froze.

Oh my god. Was that what I think it was?

“Luke?” I whispered.

I could hear the panic and embarrassment in his voice right away as he pulled his hips back. “Sorry! I’m sorry, Hannah! It just happened. I’ll move away.”

He was shaking beside me, and he sounded close to tears, so I pulled him in for a tighter hug. It also meant his clothed erection was snug against my leg again. The fact that there were so few clothes between us was starting to turn me on, but I couldn’t let myself get carried away. This was Luke, after all. I wasn’t trying to traumatize him or anything.

“Listen, it happens. It’s not a big deal. Let’s just try and get some sleep. Besides, I think your little Scouts trick is actually working.”

He calmed a bit but still shimmied his hips further back. “Maybe Scouts wasn’t so useless after all,” Luke said. Despite the darkness, I could hear the grin in his voice.

“Goodnight, dork,” I told him before giving him a brief kiss on the forehead.

He was silent a moment before saying, “Goodnight, Hannah.”

End of Part 1

Copyright 2023 – Levi Holland
All rights reserved

But Levi, where’s the spice? You promised spicy story! Well… It’s called setting the mood. Nothing like a little appetizer before the main course. Although in this case, the salad’s probably coming out first, but that’s how these metaphorical things ramp up. If you want rampant, chimpanzee-esque sex, go to the zoo. More to come in Part 2, and yes. More spice.