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Helpless for the Summer – Chapter 5

Helpless for the Summer – Chapter 5

Day 3


I can always tell when I’m dreaming. The edges around things are blurred and the light around me feels off. That’s how I knew I was dreaming when I was jumping on a trampoline. I was naked. I guess that was probably another clue this was a dream. Bouncing next to me was Mom. She was also naked. I was perfectly happy with the arrangement. Of course, all you had to do was look at my stiffy to know just how happy I was. This was, without a doubt, the weirdest dream.

The problem with two people jumping on a trampoline is that someone eventually misjudges a jump. I was the one who misjudged things, my legs flying out from below me. Mom’s legs got tangled in mine and we collapsed into each other’s arms. Mom’s hands were all over me. More importantly, they were all over my stiffy too. I knew it was only a dream, especially when it faded into blackness.

When I woke up, I realized three things. First, the dream had given me one of the biggest hardons I’ve ever had. Two, it was too damned early to be awake, and three, I had wet myself.

There was no way I wanted to bother mom. Not yet. The dream had left me feeling icky. I knew it was only a dream, nevertheless, yuck. That was my mom I was getting boned up about. Now, though, I just wanted my stiffy to go away. If I didn’t have these damned wrist braces on, I knew what I’d do to get rid of it. A few months ago, I discovered the joys of jacking off. I had been over at a friend’s house one Friday night over spring break. When he pulled a magazine from under his mattress, I was curious. I’d seen girly magazines at school before, but in the confines of my friend’s room, the fear of being caught was a lot less, and he and I thumbed through it, looking at the sexy women.

Both of us got hard pretty quick, and he said, “Kelly, I’ll kick your ass if you say anything, but fuck, I gotta jack off.”

At the time, I didn’t really understand. But I went along, “Yeah, I know.”

Before I knew it, he had pulled his shorts and underwear down. He was almost thirteen and had some pubic hair already. His penis was rock hard when he grabbed it and started pulling on it. He glanced at me with a frown, “Come on, dude. I don’t wanna be the only one jacking off. Someone might think you’re gay if you keep staring at my schlong.”

I might have been fascinated by him tugging on his penis, but I didn’t think I was gay. So, I stripped down and was soon mimicking him, sliding my fist up and down on my stiffy. The tingling was pretty intense. More than I’d ever felt before when I touched myself down there. I was happy to keep pulling on it, enjoying the intensifying tingling.

My friend was the first to say, “Oh, fuck, I’m about to blow!”

My eyes were riveted on him as his hand practically flew up and down on his dick. Then he moaned, “Gaaa!”

White stuff shot out of his dick, splattering his t-shirt, and ran down his fingers. Before I could fully consider what had just happened, my stiffy really began tingling even more, and I felt like I was about to pee. “Um, dude, I think I gotta pee!”

He giggled, “Fuck, no. Keep jacking off, man. You’ll see!”

I kept at it and a moment later, the most incredible explosive feeling shot through my body. A clear strand of watery looking stuff shot out of my stiffy, going straight up in the air almost as high as my head before it splattered on my fist. My erection kept on spasming, like more of that clear stuff wanted to come out, but all I could make that first time was a single drop.

Now, a few months later, my broken wrists stymied me from my favorite activity and it sucked. Unlike my friend, whose cum was thick and whitish, mine was still clear and watery. But I figured that would change once I get hair down there. Of course, I was starting to worry about when that might happen, after all, I was only a couple of months short of being thirteen.

While the diaper didn’t feel as wet as before, I was still really uncomfortable; the wetness was colder than my skin. It frustrated me that my erection hadn’t gone down, but my discomfiture outweighed my embarrassment and I rolled out of bed and padded down the hallway between my room and Mom’s. Just like yesterday, she was asleep on her bed. She had kicked off her covers during the night, revealing a pair of dark blue panties. Instead of a tank-top, she wore a black sports bra.

I don’t know if I made a noise coming into her room, but Mom smiled when she saw me. Her voice was cheerful, “Hey kiddo, how’d you sleep?”

I shrugged, “Okay. Um, I’m wet again.”

What I was thinking was how much I wished my erection would go away.

Mom stretched and rolled off her bed, grabbing the changing material from below. She spread the changing pad on the side she hadn’t slept on, “Come on, baby. Let’s get you up here and get you changed.”

She pulled the rubber pants off. There was no way she could miss my erection poking against the cloth diaper. I bit back a groan when she rested her hand on the front of the diaper. “Are you sure? You don’t feel wet.”

As if touching me there would make my erection go away! Unbidden, the image from my dream returned and in my mind’s eye we were both bouncing on the trampoline. My stiffy twitched where her hand rested. But that didn’t make me feel any less wet. I mumbled, “Yeah. Pretty sure I peed on myself.”

Mom unfastened the pins and pulled the front of the diaper away. My penis, as hard as ever, slapped my abs. I glanced toward her, certain she would stare at my stiffy.

Instead, she stared at the inside of my cloth diaper, “Well, that’s not what I expected.”


Mom wore a weird expression on her face, “Um, Kelly, have you ever had fluid other than pee come out of your penis before?”

The look on my face had to mirror that of a little kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. What did Mom know about jacking off? I knew some boys had gotten “The Talk” from their dads. But mom had never mentioned any of that sex-ed stuff to me. Too embarrassing, I’d imagine.

I shrugged, mumbling incomprehensibly.

Mom’s lips curled upward. She pulled my diaper off and held the inside up so I could see it, “Do you see the wetness in the middle?”

I’d have to be blind to miss it. I nodded.

Mom sat down beside me and rested her hand on my shoulder, “Baby, you had a wet dream. I think this wetness is your, um, semen.”

I stammered, “S-, semen?”

I knew what semen was. I just didn’t think that’s what had come out of my penis overnight.

Mom pursed her lips, “Maybe we should do the whole birds and the bees talk, Kel.”

I grimaced, “Really? I know about The Talk.

Mom squeezed my shoulder, “Okay. Well, then tell me about how the birds and the bees connect.”

I rolled my eyes. There I was sitting naked on the changing pad, my erection flat against my stomach, and Mom wanted me to tell her how babies are made?!?

I squeaked, “Really? Now?”

Mom glanced down my body. I thought maybe she would have some mercy on me. Instead, she said, “Sure. Now’s as good a time as any.”

I pulled my legs up, giving me the illusion of masking my penis. I don’t know why I did it. She could still clearly see me. I cleared my throat, “Um, well, a man puts his thing into-”

Mom laughed, “His thing? Come on, Kel. Are my tax dollars going to waste? I thought you’ve taken a health class.”

I flushed, my face was warm, “Ah, yeah, his penis. He put his penis into a woman’s vagina and then he puts his semen into her and she might get pregnant.”

Mom shook her head, chuckling, “I guess that’s the basics, Kel. Well, your body’s starting to make semen and that means that you’re growing up.”

My voice didn’t so much as crack, “I am?”

Mom leaned into me, hugging me, “Yep. My little boy’s becoming a man.”

“Mom!” I protested, pulling away. After all, I was naked. As much as I wanted to be like a man, my little stiffy looked like a little boy’s. Didn’t puberty mean having a big package and hair on your balls and above your penis? That wasn’t me. I was sitting on a changing pad, waiting for my mom to change my diaper, and I didn’t have even a single hair below my head. I didn’t feel like a man. Not at all.



I pulled Kelly up from lying on the pad and gave him a big hug, “My little boy’s becoming a man!”

“Mom!” he squealed. Oh, well, his voice would eventually catch up to the rest of his body.

Kelly looked down at himself with a critical eye. As close to thirteen as he was, surely he wondered when his pubic hair would come in. If I hadn’t been a bit of a late bloomer myself as a tween, I might have wondered the same thing. To me, his penis was perfectly normal.

As though reading my mind, he said, “Um, when do you think I’ll get, uh, you know, hair?”

My boobs hadn’t started growing until I was twelve. Being as flat as a pancake in the seventh grade can be just as hard on a girl as being short or undersized for a boy. The hair between my legs didn’t start growing until just before I turned thirteen. And girls usually develop earlier than boys.

Still wrapping my arm around Kelly’s shoulder, I said, “It’ll happen when it happens, baby. I think you look fine just the way you are.”

Kelly’s face flared scarlet as he saw me looking at his penis. His arms crisscrossed his lap, pushing his erection down, masking it mostly from view. I felt conflicted. He’ll have to wear the wrist braces for six weeks. That’s forty-two days. We’re only three days in. Between baths, diaper changes, and those times when he could get to the bathroom before needing to be changed, I’d be seeing his penis at least a hundred more times. If Kelly had broken his wrists at ten or even eleven, his shame wouldn’t have been as severe. It had to happen when he was most self-conscious of his body.

As he hunched over with his arms crisscrossed over his groin, I was of several minds. Kelly’s my son. I love him. I hated he was in this predicament. I’ve always respected his privacy. But those boundaries were in complete disarray. His temporary handicap left no real choice. I needed to care for him and that care involved bathing and changing him. That required seeing his nakedness.

What I struggled with the most is finding his penis perfect and beautiful. I hadn’t expected to fall in love with Kelly’s body. After all, he’s my son. Listening to some women at work, most of whom are teachers, I’d heard enough to know feeling this kind of attraction wasn’t entirely uncommon.

I didn’t know what to do, but listening to my heart, I took one of his arms and pulled it away, “It’s okay, baby. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.”

Kelly didn’t resist and a moment later, both his hands were at his side, letting me see his perfect four-and-a-half inches.

Kelly leaned his head against my shoulder, “Why do you think I had this accident?”

Where my arm draped across his shoulder, I rubbed his upper arm affectionately, “When was the last time you, ah, played with your penis?

His head popped up from my shoulder, “Mom!”

His cheeks were even more crimson now than before. I patted his arm, “You asked, Kel. I think the reason you had a wet dream was because you haven’t played with your penis since the accident. Am I right?”

His head returned to my shoulder. I could barely hear his response, “Yeah.”

I felt a tingle between my legs at his admission. My little boy has been masturbating. Just thinking about him holding his erection in his hand sent butterflies fluttering in my stomach. My throat was dry, “It’s pretty normal. As you mature, your body starts making semen. Most boys don’t have wet dreams because they, ah, masturbate and release the pressure that way. But if you don’t masturbate, then your penis will ejaculate in your sleep, um, and it’s called a wet dream.”

Kelly nodded, “Oh, I see. The, um, wet dream, is it really a dream?”

I shrugged, “I dunno. Boys are a bit different from girls when it comes to this stuff. Why? Did you have a dream?”

I could almost feel the heat coming from his face when he nodded. I wondered what kind of girl filled Kelly’s dreams. “Was it a girl at school?

Still blushing, he shook his head.

I nodded toward the TV, “A girl the show you like watching?”

A better mother would have left it alone. Kelly deserved the privacy of his little fantasies, “Did you dream about a fantasy girl? One you made up?”

Kelly’s flush reached his chest as he shook his head again.

I was getting increasingly curious. “Was it someone you know?”

I’d eliminated just about everyone that Kelly knew already. Then I realized. There was one person who he knew whom I hadn’t asked him about. My tummy fluttered at the thought. I figured it wasn’t uncommon for boys to have those thoughts. I knew I should have stopped, but I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

“Was I in your dream?”

He looked down, staring at an erection that wouldn’t go away. The way the red spread to his ears and further down his chest was answer enough. I felt horrible at that moment. Why didn’t I stop? What Kind of mom was I? Not knowing what to say, I reached around his torso with my free arm and squeezed him around the chest. I couldn’t ignore how I felt drawn even closer to him by this revelation.

I had to say something, even though I was at a loss for words. I pulled him even closer to me, “That’s the sweetest thing, Kel.”

Then I turned my head and kissed his cheek, squeezing his chest a bit more, before saying, “Do you want to talk about it?”



I don’t know what I expected when Mom guessed about my dream. But the warm smile, gentle hug and the kiss on my cheek wasn’t it. Until that moment, I had felt guilty about it. But it was clear she didn’t think it I was bad for dreaming about her. But I wasn’t sure I really wanted to give her details. After all, in my dream I had felt up her boobs, and that’s something I’d never do in real life.

I tried to think of something to stop thinking about Mom’s breasts. “Um, do you think I’ll keep getting these, um, wet dreams? They’re kind of embarrassing, you know, with the diapers and stuff.”

Except for her arm around my back and shoulder, Mom let go of me. She glanced again at my stiffy, which seemed determined to remain as hard as ever. I wanted to cover it up, but she could just as easily move my arms away. And given how she’d see me every time she gives me a bath or every time she changed me, hiding it just didn’t make much sense, no matter how weird it felt.

She nodded, “It’s likely, I suppose. You have the wet dream because you’re not, um, playing with yourself right now.”

I groaned, “Mom! Do you have to say it that way? It makes it sound weird.”

She giggled, “Fine, you’re having wet dreams because you’re not jacking off, choking the chicken, slaying the one-eyed lizard.”

Despite how embarrassed I felt, I laughed. I had no idea Mom knew all the different ways to describe masturbation. “Jeez, okay. I get the picture.”

As I stopped chuckling, I asked, “How often do guys have wet dreams?”

Mom gave me a wink, “Well, for those who aren’t out slaying the one-eyed lizard, I guess once or twice a week. Why?”

I sighed, “It’s kind of embarrassing. I thought I had peed myself. Isn’t there a way to make it stop?”

Mom’s hand caressed my upper arm, “Just find a way to slay your one-eyed lizard without using your hands.”

It felt strange to be talking about jacking off with Mom. Certainly not something I could’ve imagined before breaking my wrists. All this talk wasn’t doing anything for my penis. It was as stiff as ever. Worse, I was horny.

“Kinda hard to do when my wrists are in braces.”

Mom tousled my hair, “I know baby. I’m really sorry about your wrists. Tell you what, if you decide you need a bit of help, let me know. Maybe I can help.”

My jaw fell open. Was Mom proposing what it sounded like? I glanced over at her and she was smiling back at me. I croaked, “Really?”

She caressed my back, “Do you want my help?”

I doubted she was serious. After all, it sounded to me like she was offering to jack me off. Surely, I had misunderstood her. My curiosity got the best of me and I said, “Yeah.”

Her left hand reached across our bodies until her fingers touched my smooth pubic area. My stomach fluttered uncontrollably. Mom said, “Ready?”

I didn’t trust my voice. I just nodded. Mom’s hand slid down my smooth skin until my penis jerked at her touch. Her touch was like an electrical charge surging from my stiffy, traveling along my spine. I had no idea a touch could feel as good as hers. Her fingers encircled my erection as my eyes were glued on her hand and my stiffy.

“This okay, Kel?”

When I nodded, Mom pulled on my erection, sending tingles through my body, more intense than those I gave myself. I couldn’t tear my eyes away even if I tried. Her stroke was slow. Up and down. I leaned back until my back lay flat on the bed. With each upward stroke of her hand, Mom sent even more tingles surging through my body.

Mom reclined, facing me on her side as her fingers kept working on my erection. She murmured, “Is this good, baby?”

I moaned, “Ahh, jeez, this feels really good.”

I closed my eyes. Mom continued sliding her encircling hand along my rigid shaft. Maybe a minute or so after she started, I felt a familiar intensification of my tingling. It had been four days since I had last jacked off, and my wet dream had done nothing to lessen my arousal. I opened my eyes as I crossed the point of no-return. A few more strokes from Mom and the tingling exploded inside me. How it was possible is beyond me, but my stiffy grew even harder and it spasmed harder than it ever had before. A strand of clear cum shot into the air. I have never seen it go as high as it did that time. Before the first bit of cum reached its apex, another equally strong spasm sent another thread of semen into the air. A third squirt of my seed shot into the air by the time the first bit splattered on my chest.

It was like fireworks exploding in my brain at the same time my cum blasted from my stiffy. My eyes fluttered, closing for a moment to bask in the most incredible and intense feeling I’ve ever had. When I cracked my eyes open again, Mom was staring at my stiffy, eyes wide open, as though shocked.

She broke the silence, “Shit! That’s incredible, Kel.”

She touched my chest, rubbing her finger in my clear, watery cum. “Your semen shot up at least three feet, baby. I had no idea it would shoot out like that.”

The tingly feeling had subsided as a smile played at my lips. I don’t know why, but in that moment, nothing felt more natural than Mom making me cum. “Wow. Wow,” I managed to gasp. My thoughts slowly came together, and I added, “Yeah. I’ve never had it happen like this before. Um, your hand… it felt super good.”

Mom grabbed a wet-wipe and cleaned my chest and then my penis, which was finally going soft. “I suspect you won’t have a wet dream tonight, Kel.”

I giggled at the situation. I had been worried about having another wet dream. Some of my fear was because of wetting my diaper. But a lot of it was because I didn’t want to have sexy dreams of Mom that caused the wet dream. And now, Mom was wiping my watery cum from my chest and penis after jacking me off. Somehow or another, she and I had gone way beyond a wet dream. And I couldn’t help but laugh.

After a few minutes, Mom had me diapered, complete with the rubber pants covering the cloth. I think this might have been the first time changing my diaper when I didn’t have a stiffy. The rest of the morning was awkward. We both traded knowing looks at breakfast. We settled into the living room on opposite sides of the couch afterwards, watching some game shows. Lunch was more of the same, although smiles accompanied those knowing looks too.

After lunch, things seemed to revert to yesterday, I settled against Mom’s shoulder as she watched a couple of her soaps, and we acted like nothing had happened between us for the rest of the afternoon, on through dinner and into our movie time in her bedroom.

I was as comfortable as I could be, after taking one of the pain pills at dinner. My head lay on one of Mom’s pillows and my wrists lay on my stomach. It felt just like the previous night for me. But during a commercial break, Mom got up from the bed and cleaned some clothes from the floor, even straightening my cloth diapers. She disappeared into the kitchen with a load of laundry. A moment later I heard the washing machine.

When she returned, Mom collapsed on the bed and laughed, “I’m becoming a slob, Kel. Lounging around in my undies all day, watching TV and not getting a damned thing done. I’m not much of a housekeeper.”

I glanced over at her. Her chest rose and fell as she caught her breath. I rather enjoyed seeing her in her undies, especially because I was stuck wearing diapers for a while. Even though she groused about it, I think she went around in just panties and a sports bra to make me feel better. She was just cool like that. And what’s funny, before my accident and my broken wrists, I had never even noticed that my mom was the coolest person I knew. I snuck another peek at her chest, rising and falling. She was actually very pretty. It’s no wonder I had a wet dream about her last night.

“You a slob? No way. You’re totally awesome. I don’t know what I’d do if didn’t have the summer off. You’re my hands and do everything for me.”

She gave me a skeptical look, “Are you sure, baby? I’m letting my routines go. Heck, I’m so far off my game, I don’t even want to get dressed.”

I shook my head, “No. Really. You’re the best. When I broke my wrists and had to wear diapers, I thought my life was over. But you’ve been so cool about it.”

I tried to snap the elastic waistband of my rubber pants, but my wrists and hands wouldn’t cooperate, “Can you imagine me having to get into and out of shorts or pants every time I have to go to the bathroom? Or slipping a shirt over these,” I said, nodding toward the wrist braces.”

A grin slid across Mom’s face, “Okay, you’re definitely easier to change in just a diaper.”

I smirked, “See, I told you.”

She scooted over until our shoulders touched as we watched the movie on the TV. The day had been the strangest. I had started it scared about my dream. I thought mom would think it gross having a dream about her. But the way she touched me, giving me the most mind-blowing cum of my nearly thirteen years changed everything. And the rest of the day had been great too. Even the awkwardness of our morning was just us adjusting to the unexpected change.

Wanting to let her know I had enjoyed the day, I shifted my left arm and slid it behind her neck. It was challenging, because the wrist brace partially got in the way. She shifted closer to me, resting her head on my shoulder.

As the movie ended, I felt like I needed to tell Mom how much she meant to me. I said, “Sorry I’ve ruined the summer. I should have been more careful on my bike. Then you’d not have been stuck at home taking care of me like I’m a little baby.”

Mom stretched her arm across my chest, “Oh, Kel, you couldn’t have known you were going to get hurt. Anyway, all isn’t lost. I think today showed we could have a fun day even with a broken arm. Right?”

I wasn’t sure if Mom was referring to the shows we’d watched throughout the day together or how she had solved my wet dream problem. “Even though you’ve gotta change my diaper and give me baths?”

Mom flashed a grin, “I don’t mind, Kel.” Her voice fell to a whisper, “I think I discovered how much fun they can be.”

My face grew hot. I was nearly certain she was talking about jacking me off this morning. “Yeah. I guess wearing a diaper hasn’t been as bad as I feared. You’ve made it easier.”

Mom’s fingers touched the top of the rubber pants and I turned even redder, “Um, you know, wearing just your sleeping clothes during the day. I feel, um, closer to you.”

Mom’s hand retreated a few inches to my belly, “So it doesn’t bother you, me wearing my underwear?”

Bother me? Hell no! Turned me on! Instead of those things, I said, “No. I like it. Makes me feel better about wearing a diaper.” It was my turn for my voice to fall to a whisper, as I added, “The only thing that would be cooler is if you wore only a diaper, like me.”

Mom craned her neck until her lips kissed my cheek. Just as quietly as me, she said, “I think you just want to see my tits.”

My eyes grew round and my jaw fell open. Partly because it was true, but mostly because Mom actually said it.

She took the opportunity to plant a quick peck on my stunned lips, “It’s getting late, Kel. It’s time to get your bath. Your hair needs washing.”

I pulled my arm from around her shoulder, wincing at the pain in my wrist, I grumbled, “Fine.”

Mom slid around me and stood on my side of the bed, “Let’s get the diaper off first.”

I tried to hide my excitement. After this morning, the idea of Mom seeing my stiffy thrilled me. But there was no reason to be that obvious to her, even though I bet she could figure that out by looking at my penis.

After a quick bit of work, Mom pulled my diaper off, freeing my stiffy to point upward. She grinned at me, “Alright, on to the bathroom.”

When Mom began filling up the tub, I said, “Couldn’t I take a shower? It’ll be easier to wash my hair under the showerhead.”

Mom glanced at the showerhead and back at me, “I don’t know, baby. Seems like it would be a waste of time. The rest of you still needs washing.”

I didn’t want to take a bath, even though Mom giving it to me was a definite improvement. Then I had an idea. “What if you stand to one side, where it’s dry? You can put the shampoo on my hair and even get me soaped up while staying dry.”

As Mom considered my suggestion, her eyes drifted over my body. My stiffy twitched at the attention. “Dunno, Kel. Sounds like I might still get wet.”

I gave her my best puppy dog eyes, “If you’re worried about getting your clothes wet, maybe you could put on a swimsuit, then it wouldn’t matter if you got wet. That way, I can take a shower, get clean and not have to take a silly bath.”

Mom’s eyes ran over my body again as she weighed the choices. “Fine, Kel. If my underwear gets wet, I guess I can change it later. If it means so much to you to take a shower, then a shower it will be.”



Day three started out like no other. Even now, having a bit of time to think about it, I don’t know what possessed me to touch Kelly’s penis this morning. But it drew me in like nothing else, and before I knew it, I had masturbated him to an eruption that satisfied him and surprised the hell out of me.

I got the surprise of my life when Kelly ejaculated. With no body hair and a smooth small set of balls, I figured my son was still preadolescent. Although the fact that he had some semen in his diaper should have clued me in. But several respectable, if clear and watery blasts left me no doubt, he was further along than I originally thought.

The rest of the morning, even though we both pretended nothing had happened between us, we traded looks. At first, I felt terribly guilty. After all, I had just molested Kelly. But the sly smile he kept giving me told me he had enjoyed the attention I gave him. By lunchtime, I told myself, Kelly couldn’t wait six weeks to take care of his needs. If there was any doubt about that, he wouldn’t be battling near constant erections. As his mother, it was my job to help him in any way I could, and it was now clear to me, he needed my help releasing the growing tension in his developing body, if only until his wrists heal enough for him to take care of his needs.

Once I realized I was truly taking care of his needs and not harming him, the rest of the day passed pleasantly. Even feeding him at supper didn’t bother me as much as yesterday. After all, Kelly needed me.

Even though I was coming to terms with how much more Kelly needed me beyond just changing his diaper, as I looked around my bedroom while watching a movie with him, I realized I was letting other things slide. In the three days since we had returned from the doctor’s office, I had done little housework. During a commercial break, I picked up stuff off the floor, got a load of laundry going and even cleaned stuff out of the sink in the kitchen. I owed it to both me and my son to be more responsible.

By the time I fell back onto my bed, I felt bad about letting things go over the past few days. I ruefully chuckled, “I’m becoming a slob, Kel. Lounging around in my undies all day, watching TV and not getting a damned thing done. I’m not much of a housekeeper.”

I felt Kelly’s eyes on me as I caught my breath. I didn’t want to admit it, but I liked the way I felt in just my underwear. I felt I was equalizing things between the two of us, with Kelly in just diapers. Eventually he said, “You a slob? No way. You’re totally awesome. I don’t know what I’d do if didn’t have the summer off. You’re my hands and do everything for me.”

We talked a bit and Kelly made me feel I could balance things while still letting thing become relaxed between him and me. Eventually, I moved over next to him, brushing shoulders with him. I wanted him to know I was okay with how things had gone today. Eventually, he responded by stretching his arm around my neck and shoulders. There was something intimate in the way he tried to hold me, even though his wrist brace kept him from holding my shoulder.

I responded by shifting even closer. Our legs touched, and I rested my head against the side of his chest. My stomach fluttered at our closeness and we stayed close until the end of the TV movie. Even Kelly felt the connection. As the credits scrolled on the TV screen, he said, “I’m sorry I’ve ruined the summer. I should have been more careful on my bike.”

I told him I didn’t mind helping him and after making him feel better about things, I gave him a quick peck on the lips. After that, it was time for his bath. I took off his diaper and was rewarded with another glimpse of his erection. But it was bath time, so we went to the bathroom where he begged me to let him take a shower. If we hadn’t grown closer today, I probably would have put my foot down, and insisted he take a bath.

Instead, I pretended to be exasperated, “Fine, Kel. If my underwear gets wet, I guess I can change it later.”

As gently as possible, I removed Kelly’s wrist braces and helped him into the bathtub before flipping the knob that sent the water to the overhead showerhead. The tub was longer and wider than most tubs because the previous owners had installed an extra-long tub and moved the showerhead to the middle. This let Kelly stand under the cascading water. I closed the curtain after climbing into the tub at one end.

Even at my end, the water splattered against my feet and shins. I didn’t see how I could escape without getting soaked. And in truth, the idea of letting Kelly see even more of me sent a shiver down my spine. For now, I watched my son slowly turn around, getting completely wet from head to toe. He stopped turning when he faced me. His penis was still poking upward, hard as a rock. I loved the view he gave me. When he wiped the water from his eyes, I stopped looking at his erection and said, “Ready for me to wash your hair?”

He nodded, and I stepped closer to him and I felt droplets of water landing on me. I ignored getting wet as I reached up and ran my fingers through his soaked hair. Kelly is about four inches taller than me and I had to stretch to touch the top of his head. Shampooing would be easier if he knelt.

“How about kneeling, baby? I can get your hair easier that way.”

Kelly knelt. His eyes were even with the bottom of my bra as I drew even closer. Picking up a bottle of shampoo, I squeezed a generous amount into my hand and massaged it into his hair, lathering it until it was mostly a sudsy white. Then I helped him lean back until his head was under the showerhead. By the time I rinsed his hair clean of soap, I was almost as wet as him.

Kelly said, “You should have worn a swimsuit, Mom. You’re all wet.”

My black sports bra was wet. The straps felt tighter than usual, and I needed some relief from how they cut into my shoulder. I said, “Yeah. I suppose. Do you mind if I take my top off? It’s digging into my skin.”

Kelly’s eyes were fixed on my breasts as he gulped and nodded, “Um, that’s cool.”

I peeled my top off. The fluttering in my stomach was all encompassing. Even though I was soaked to the skin, I felt wet where the water couldn’t reach. I should have kept my mouth shut. But as my tits came into view, I said, “What do you think, baby?”

Kelly stammered, “Oh, ah, wow!”

A grin spread over my face at the open admiration on Kelly’s. Maybe these showers would work out after all. I said, “Your hair’s clean, Kel. Now, let’s get the rest of your body.”

He stood up again, even though his eyes never left my chest. I grabbed a bar of soap and lathered my hands and rested them on his shoulder. Then, I worked them gradually down, scrubbing his narrow chest. By the time my hands reached his belly, the look in his eyes was all the confirmation I needed to continue working my way down.

The slick smoothness of his pubic area made my fingers tingle as they rubbed soapy suds across the area above his erection. I looked up one more time and saw the delighted expression on Kelly’s face before I wrapped my soapy fingers around his shaft.

The way I leaned down was a bit awkward, so I knelt, bringing my eyes even with his smooth stomach. It also made it easier to grab his erection. My fingers slid along his nearly four-inch shaft, repeating what I had done before breakfast. Kelly rewarded me with a wordless moan of pleasure as he tilted his head back.

I must have been doing something right. His penis twitched in my fingers as more noises came from Kelly’s mouth. My fingers tugged at his glans as I decided right then, I didn’t want him to have to worry about an unexpected wet dream for the rest of the summer. If that meant masturbating him once or twice a day, well, that’s just the kind of sacrifice I was willing to make for my boy.

Kelly’s moaning changed, and his knees shook. Even though he had grown quiet in his pleasure, I was pretty sure he was close. My fingers sped up and then I felt it. His flared head seemed to expand in my hand as his shaft spasmed. A blast of cum shot across the narrow opening between our bodies and hit me between my breasts. As fast as I dared, I kept jacking him as another thing strand of clear cum hit me again. A couple of more blasts of Kelly’s watery seed landed on my stomach before I let go of my newfound toy.

Kelly sank to the bottom of the tub, sitting cross-legged, as his body came down from what had to have been an incredible orgasm.

After washing the soap from my fingers, I scooped up his watery cum running down my chest. I held it to my nose, but aside from a slight but unique scent, there was nothing. I stuck my finger in my mouth and sucked it clean. I was expecting a salty bitterness, but when his semen hit my tongue, it tasted sweet. I searched my chest and stomach and scooped up what little remained and plopped it into my mouth and enjoyed the sweet taste of my boy.

Kelly’s eyes focused on me as he came down from his blissful high. When he found his voice, he said, “That-, that was awesome.”

I sat down next to him. My panties were already soaked. It wasn’t like I could get any wetter. I thought about taking them off, but letting Kelly see my tits was enough for now. In fact, that’s where his eyes were glued as I joined him on the bottom of the tub. I said, “I’m glad you liked it. I sure did.”

He blushed, “Cool.”

I rested my hands on his knees, “I really liked it a lot, Kel. But, if this gets too weird, say something. Okay?”

Kelly’s lips curled upward, “You mean we can do this some more if I want?”

In my head, I replayed what I said to him. I hadn’t realized how open-ended I had left it. Maybe it was a Freudian slip. Even if it was a slip, I wanted to explore more of his body. I nodded, “Yeah. As long as you want it.”

The look he gave me made my guilt slide away. After all, Kelly didn’t have the means to take care of his needs himself until his wrist heals. And he’d already said what I did was helpful. I felt my lips curl into a grin in response to his. He replied, “Cool. Maybe having my wrists broken won’t be so bad after all.”

We laughed, and the tension I felt over what I’d done to my son faded away. Kelly said, “Can you wash my back?”

Without waiting for a response, he spun around on his butt, turning his back to me. I said, “Sure, baby,” as I grabbed the bar of soap and lathered my hands. Kelly is skinny. Always has been, even as a baby. I could feel the sharpness of his shoulder blades as I soaped up his back, the indentions on his spinal cord as I ran my hand ran along its straight line.

After what I’d already touched, I thought nothing of cupping my hand and squeezing his pale ass-cheeks. Even though I had already washed his chest, I shifted forward and ran my fingers over his shoulders and chest. To get my hands stretch across more of his torso, I moved my legs so they would run along either side of his body and then moved forward until Kelly’s back was just inches away from my chest.

We were both under the showerhead and as soon as I could wash his chest, the water would wash away the suds. When I ran my fingers across Kelly’s belly, he leaned back against me and I felt a thrill at his back against my breasts. In a way, my son had been the one to touch my boobs. Feeling his bony back against my chest, I couldn’t help but wonder what his hands would feel like. Of course, by the time he would be finished with the wrist braces, he wouldn’t need my help anymore.

As my fingers touched Kelly’s pubic area, I couldn’t shake a mental image of the two of us bathing each other after his wrists healed. In that brief fantasy, we were both touching each other.

My mind bounced back from that thought, as I rationalized my current behavior as necessary for Kelly’s well-being while his wrists heal. I pulled my hand back, “I think we’ve just about gotten you as clean as possible, baby. Ready to get out?”

Kelly laid his head against my shoulder, “Aw, I was just getting comfortable.”

I loved him so much at that moment. I wrapped my arms around his chest and hugged him, “I love you, kiddo.”

When I let go the hug, Kelly leaned forward, letting me stand up. From there, I helped him to his feet. You really don’t realize how little you can do when your hands are out of commission. When he was on his feet, he faced me, “Mom, you’re the best. I really liked my shower today.”

Seeing my son, my baby boy, standing taller than me felt surreal. Of course, since Christmas, I’ve watching him surpass me in height, but with me in just my panties and him standing naked before me, I realized even though he may not have the most noticeable sign of puberty, there were other signs he was growing up.

I caressed his cheek, “Me too, Kel. Any time.”

Then, overwhelmed by feelings not entirely maternal, I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around Kelly’s neck and gave him a hug. Sure, I could feel my breasts against his chest and his penis, quickly growing from soft to hard, against my lower abdomen. But I didn’t care as I rested my cheek against his shoulder.

When we parted, Kelly was blushing as he looked between us, no doubt at my breasts or his erection. As tempted as I was to touch him again, I resisted. “It’s getting late, Kel. Do you need to use the bathroom before we get your diaper back on?”

A bit later, after Kelly used the bathroom, I had him on the changing pad, his legs pulled up so I could pin the cloth corners together. As I slid the cloth towel under his backside, his penis pointed upward. I couldn’t blame him. His eyes were fixed on my chest. I hadn’t replaced my wet sports bra yet, and my boobs were still available for his viewing pleasure.

As I pulled the corners of the diaper up, I murmured, “Sorry, baby. I should probably cover myself.”

Kelly smiled as his penis twitched. “You’re really pretty, Mom. I think your, um, ah, tits are splendid.”

It was my turn for my cheeks to turn scarlet. Hearing the word ‘tit’ in the cherubic soprano tone of my son, as it related to my own breasts, left me feeling weak in my knees. “Thanks, Kel. I think your dick is splendid too.”

Turnabout was fair play. We were both about as red in the face as possible as I gently took his penis and pulled it down so I could pin his diaper in place.

Once he was diapered, I left Kelly on the changing pad and went over to retrieve a change of clothing for me. The little voice inside my head told me to take my clothes into the bathroom and change there. There was just something about our situation that made that voice impossible to listen to. Instead, I turned my back to Kelly and pulled my panties down. In my underwear drawer, I had several clean choices from which to pick. I picked up a rather modest pair of white panties. When I wore a dress to work, these were a sensible go-to option. I dropped them when I found a pair of pink low-cut panties with lacy trim. These were so much sexier than the others.

I could feel Kelly’s eyes on my ass as I stepped into the clean underwear and pulled them up. Dry at last, I glanced behind me. Kelly had moved toward the head of the bed, propping himself against one of my pillows. He fixed his eyes on me and his mouth was agape. I gave him a cheeky grin, “What?”

He stammered, “Y-, you were naked!”

I turned around, facing him, letting him ogle my perky a-cups, “Well, I’ve certainly seen you naked quite a few times over the past few days, Kel. But if it bothers you…”

His eyes, already large, grew bigger, “N-, no. It’s cool. I guess I never realized how, um, ah, mm, hot my mom is.”

I flushed at the compliment as I grabbed a pink tank-top from the closet and slid it over my chest, hiding at least for the time being, the object of Kelly’s attention.

I put the changing supplies back under the bed. I was about to take Kelly back to his room when I noticed how natural he looked on my bed. Apart from Kelly climbing into my bed when he was still little, I hadn’t shared my bed with anyone since before he was born. Given his injuries, it would be nice to keep him closer to me at night. At least that’s how I rationalized it. I came back around the other side of the bed before asking, “You can sleep in here tonight, baby, if you want.”

An already happy boy positively glowed as he said, “Cool.”

He shimmied his backside until he slid under the covers. He was quite resourceful without the use of his wrists or hands. I slipped under the covers and pulled them over me before I turned out the light on my nightstand.

Once the room was cloaked in darkness, I moved over beside Kelly and reached my arm around him and hugged him, “Good night, baby.”

He surprised me and took my breath away when he leaned in, his lips pressing against mine. It was only for a couple of heartbeats, but the tingles remained even after his deep breathing told me he had fallen asleep.

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    I still remember the first time mom touched my cock she was soo loving sooo gentle. i got hard sooo fast and shot sooo soon. damn she had such a velvet touch.

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