The Snow Cabin is another high-quality story Levi Holland. The title might give the premise away, but there’s more to it than two siblings stuck in a cabin in a snowy environment. Levi’s own synopsis states:

Stuck with just her family on a trip to the mountains over winter break, 8th grader Hannah Clifton is forced to share a cabin and bed with her 6th grade brother, Luke. Over the course of their trip, the two deepen their bonds in more ways than one as an ancient threat looms somewhere deep within those cold mountains.

Well… That’s exactly the stuff I enjoy, and since your visiting my site, I think you do too 🙂

Enjoy, guys!

The Snow Cabin – Chapter 1
The Snow Cabin – Chapter 2
The Snow Cabin – Chapter 3
The Snow Cabin – Chapter 4
The Snow Cabin – Chapter 5