Cards On The Table
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Aaron Brody was suffering in silence. The other guys around the dining room table were laughing and joking and having a good time, but Aaron was having to fake it. Well, not completely, he was still enjoying himself, but there was no doubt he was suffering as well. The cause of his suffering was clear.


Even thinking the name was like some sort of torture for the man.

Aaron had been invited to the weekly poker game five months previously by his friend and co-worker Bill Edwards. Bill and Aaron worked together for a security firm, doing high-end private security mostly for celebrities and visiting execs. The games were hosted by a woman named Amy Shore, who was the sister of Bill’s best friend, Scott. Scott and Bill had been cops, and partners. Scott had been killed four years ago during an off-duty shooting. Bill had left the force to go into security, and Amy had kept up the tradition of the poker game, which had been running more or less with the same crew for about six years. Guys would come and go from time to time, but the game endured. The other guys were mostly old friends of Scott and Bill from the force. Aaron was the most recent addition.

Amy didn’t play in the games herself, but she loved hosting and provided snacks and conversation and just a general sunny disposition. Aaron figured she appreciated all the good natured masculinity that came from the game, and the guys indulged her role as den mother.

Another benefit Aaron imagined that Amy saw in the game were the positive role-models the guys provided for Noah, her son. Noah played in the game every week, and had done so for years by the time Aaron joined. He received no mercy from the men, as he was one of the shrewder players and had cleaned the table many times. It was a friendly game, with a $20 buy in, which the kid paid just like the other guys.

Aaron had been amazed to find out that Noah was very nearly sixteen years old. In the five months since he’d joined the game the boy didn’t seem to have aged a day, and he could still easily pass for thirteen and probably twelve at a stretch.

“Yes!” Noah suddenly exclaimed, pulling Aaron from his reverie as he attempted for what must have been the thirtieth time that night to get a peek into the shadowy hollow of the boy’s short sleeve shirt as his hands went over his head in celebration of another won pot.

Aaron remained frustrated in his attempt. He’d been trying to figure out for months if the boy had any hair in his armpits. The few brief glimpses he’d managed left him thinking not, but of course each week there was a chance that had changed, or that he’d just gotten it wrong in the first place because of shadows and the need to keep his inquisitive glances hidden not just from the boy, but more importantly from the other guys around the table.

Aaron was attracted to boys. Loved boys. Was obsessed with boys. Aaron mostly avoided boys. A few years ago he’d had a close call with a boy that would have put an end to everything. He had managed to leave town amid scurrilous rumours, but no actual charges. So for years, boys had been the stuff of fantasies. And then came Noah.


Aaron obsessed over the boy. Daydreamed about him. Masturbated to him so often that it was difficult not to think of him whenever he got an erection. Once a week he’d come over here and be tortured by the boy. The sight of him, the scent of him, the nearness of him. Even the sound of his voice was torture, a boyish timbre still with just the hint of approaching adolescence. At nearly sixteen? Did the kid have hair in his armpits or not?

Aaron had always been fixated on tweens; those boys between about eleven and thirteen who were just entering the first stages of puberty. That magical time when things were just beginning to change and grow. No longer little boys, and not yet gangly, ill-mannered, greasy teens, but something ephemeral and almost angelic in his mind.

This is what drove Aaron to distraction. Where was Noah on that physical time line? The boy was about five foot two, and couldn’t weigh more than about eighty pounds. He had the skinniest wrists Aaron thought he’d ever seen on a boy. He often wore shorts, and Aaron had noted the light dusting of hair on his calves, but the boy had no hair on his lip or chin. His face was as smooth as any pre-pubertal boy.

What made it all worse, was that on some level Noah seemed to sense Aaron’s attraction and respond to it. After the first two or three games, Noah had Aaron sit next to him. As the kid played from one of the corners of the table, this meant he was constantly leaning close to Aaron, and reaching past him, or leaning across him in order to reach the pot at the center of the table. This left Aaron with the scent of the boy always in his nose, or the boy’s lithe body stretched out before him, his skinny ass within reach, his supple back begging to be stroked, his slim thighs right there.

It was so difficult not to touch the boy, to pat him affectionately on the back, or gently stroke his arm or neck or something, but he was basically a stranger, and strangers simply didn’t do that with unrelated kids. This was all made so much worse by the fact that it wasn’t just a physical longing for Aaron. Noah was smart, and funny, and creative and affectionate and Aaron was afraid that he was very simply in love. A love he’d never be able to act upon, and so he suffered in silence.

Ten minutes later, Amy, who had been in the kitchen, came out and asked, “Okay, who wants nachos?”

“Oooo, I do!” Noah said, his arm going straight up.

Aaron’s eyes immediately locked into place. It was one of the best shots he’d had in some time. The boy was just holding his arm there and the sleeve had fallen. If he could just lean a little and get a better angle… The man snapped his eyes back to Amy with a smile and a shrug, sure Noah had caught him and said, “None for me, but the hummus is great.”

Amy came around the table and put a hand on his shoulder. “I used less garlic this time. You really like it?” Amy refused to buy snacks from the store, and made everything herself. Most of these guys were law enforcement of one sort or another, and they were mostly about nacho dips and wings. Aaron tried to avoid such things, following a strict diet.

“It was perfect,” he assured her. He caught sight of Noah out of the corner of his eye and the boy still seemed to be watching him, an inquisitive look on his face. To prove his point to Amy, and avoid Noah, he took another baby carrot and dipped it in the hummus then snapped into it with a smile.

With a pat on the shoulder, Amy returned to the kitchen, leaving Aaron to studiously ignore Noah for the moment.

Of course, that didn’t mean Noah was going to ignore him. Aaron felt the boy’s presence before he saw him as he leaned closer and asked, “What’s that stuff taste like?”

The boy’s right arm was pressed against his left, Noah’s hands on the table before him. His lean body was stretched back to his chair, where he was propped on his knees. Aaron shrugged. “A bit nutty, I guess. Have you ever had garbanzo beans on a salad? That’s what it’s made from.”

“Oh! I like those,” the boy said. So saying, he reached even further to grab a carrot and swipe it through the hummus.

Aaron stared at the back of the boy’s neck, which was now right in his line of sight. It was a long neck, flowing down into willowy shoulders. His skin was smooth and pale. His shaggy brown hair caught the light as it shifted, showing sudden coppery highlights here and there. Aaron caught the scent of him, faded Axe body spray and underneath, that indefinable, musky scent of pubescent boy.

Aaron couldn’t help a glance to his left, where the boy’s pert little ass rose, sculpted in his shimmery dark blue gym shorts. Above the waistband of those he could see another black waistband of his underwear, which were apparently a dark green. How he longed to run his hand over that silky ass.

“That’s pretty good,” Noah said, leaning back enough to be able to see Aaron from about a foot away. He was chewing and had a smile on his face.

“Maybe not as good as nachos,” Aaron confided with a smile as he found himself entranced once again by the beauty of the boy’s face. He had the most enchanting hazel eyes, the softest pink lips, the most delicate nose. There was a small mole on his left cheek that seemed to draw the eye. When the boy smiled, his whole face lit up, and when he cast his eyes downward, which Aaron had seen a couple of times, he could be the very picture of innocence.

Aaron blinked, and almost blushed, realizing that he’d been staring, but the boy just held his eyes with a twinkle in his own and perhaps the slightest upward tug at one corner of his lips. The arrival of the nachos saved him, and the game resumed.

Aaron came to the game each week prepared to lose his twenty bucks. He was too distracted to put any serious thought into bluffing and strategy and reading his opponents. The only reading he did was trying to determine if they’d seen anything off about his behaviour, the only strategy he had was making sure they didn’t, and the only bluffing was hiding his growing feelings for the child at his left side.

That’s when everything changed.

Noah had been eating his nachos and queso dip off a small plate in front of him. Aaron had noticed incidentally that he’d finished them off some minutes before. Food didn’t usually last too long in front of the kid. Having sat too long in the same position, Aaron shifted a bit, pulling away from the table enough to put his left ankle up on his right knee.

About ten seconds later, Noah announced that he needed more nachos, and instead of getting up and moving down the table between Aaron and Bill where he could have gotten to them easily, he instead rose once again to his knees and stretched himself across Aaron’s space to reach them. Not only did this leave the boy practically sprawled across Aaron’s lap, but as Noah reached his full, stretched length, Aaron couldn’t help but notice that the kid’s crotch was pressed directly to his knee.

Aaron froze, afraid to move, carefully schooling his face into one of slightly put-upon amusement. Cops, he knew, could be experts at reading people, and so every week was a masterclass in acting for Aaron. Never more than in this moment, because just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, from one perspective at least, or better from another, he noticed that the squishy bit of flesh that had been pressed against his knee was growing steadily less squishy moment by moment.

Aaron felt his own groin tightening at that moment, and starting counting down the moments until the boy would move.

“It’s on you, Aaron,” Gary Jackson, a defence contractor and one of the few non-cops at the table, called to let him know the bet had come around to him.

“Yeah,” Aaron joked, feeling what he now had no doubt was a teen erection pressing against his knee, “and if it would get off me maybe I could bet.” This earned him a round of appreciative chuckles from the guys around the table, and Noah finally pulled back, eyes bright with mischief, a small smile tugging at his perfect little mouth as he saw Aaron slide his chair closer to the table to hide his growing erection.

Aaron, for his part, was carefully avoiding looking over at Noah, but was sure he saw a hand fidgeting in the boy’s lap as he squatted in his chair. He had to concentrate to get his head back into the game, and he ended up folding and allowing the action to move around to Noah, who also folded. Aaron risked a glance at the boy when he folded. He was sitting with both feet up on the chair, his legs spread wide. Aaron could see the lump of what were clearly the boy’s teen balls, but everything above that was hidden by the hem of his t-shirt.

Luckily, that seemed to be the end of it. The game went on as usual, except that Aaron spent decidedly less time trying to catch views of the boy, although now it seemed that the tables had been reversed, because he was sure he was catching glimpses of Noah casting glances his way.

A minute later, one of the cops called a smoke break and they all trooped outside for a cigarette and no doubt some ribald jokes. Bill was the only guy at the game who didn’t smoke beside Aaron, and he usually spent the smoke breaks in the kitchen with Amy. Aaron was pretty sure there was nothing going on between them other than a comfortable friendship. Bill was married after all.

Aaron didn’t like the smell of the smoke, so rarely went outside unless the wind had kicked up enough to keep it relatively clear. So he usually stayed at the table, or sometimes joined Amy and Bill in the kitchen. His favourite times were when he would be alone at the table with Noah, who generally split his time between all three as well as other areas of the house, doing who knew what.

He’d had several conversations with Noah over the last few months. Nothing deep. Just trying to learn about the boy; his likes and dislikes, what kind of music he liked, that sort of thing. He knew he was interested in drama in school and wanted to go to a college that had a good arts program. He liked to draw and he’d shown a few things to Aaron which the man felt showed a lot of promise, although he was far from an expert.

For Noah’s part, he’d asked Aaron about his job, the names of celebrities he’d worked for, bits about his past. He’d once spent a break running his fingers over the tattoos on Aaron’s arms, asking about their meanings, meanwhile sending sparks dancing along the man’s skin.

Aaron would have normally been thrilled at the opportunity to sit now and spend a bit of time with the boy, but he was feeling skittish as all hell if he was being honest with himself, so when the break was called and Aaron saw Noah’s eyes widen in anticipation, Aaron was quick to join Bill in the kitchen with as much nonchalance as he could pull off under the circumstances.

He could tell the boy was disappointed when he slunk into the kitchen a minute later, and perhaps even feeling a bit of betrayal, which scoured Aaron’s soul, but he didn’t think he would be safe alone with the boy at the moment. He needed the buffer of the others. Aaron tried a smile for the boy, but Noah wasn’t having it, seeming more confused than anything. He left the room. Aaron watched Amy following her son out of the kitchen with her eyes and a slight frown. Amy turned her eyes to him and Aaron quickly pretended to be reading a calendar next to the fridge.

The game resumed a few minutes later. Noah wasn’t cold to Aaron, but he was being a bit more subdued than usual. Still, he was a naturally ebullient kid, and after awhile he was as engaged in the game as ever.

An hour later, only three people were left in the game, the others having busted. Aaron had been first out, which didn’t surprise him at all. Noah was one of the remaining players, and he went all in, rather recklessly, Aaron thought. Jim Martin, one of the cops, mercilessly took the boy out.

“You got me,” Noah said with a grin, and then he gave an exaggerated yawn, hands high above his head which caused his short sleeves to slip down around his skinny arms, then put his hands nonchalantly behind his head.

And there they were, perfectly exposed, perfectly lit, and perfectly hairless. Aaron felt his heart speed, could swear he could smell the boy from where he was sitting, trying, but failing, not to look at that smooth expanse of pale skin. He must have looked like he was having some sort of a fit, the way his eyes kept ping ponging from Noah’s armpit to anywhere else in the room, as if they were on a tether.

Luckily, all attention was on a hot pot between Bill and Jim. The only person who seemed to notice was Noah, who was smiling contentedly and pretending not to. If the boy had a question, he’d apparently gotten the answer.

Jim took the pot, which ended up being the final one of the evening. As everyone was milling around and helping to clean up, Amy announced that the Saturday after next was Noah’s birthday. They were all asked to attend the party and, at least according to a smiling Noah, to bring presents. Expensive ones, he specified, which got him a round of good-natured boos and fake punches. Some of the guys had to immediately beg off, as they had families they had to spend time with on Saturday’s, but of course Bill said he’d be there, as well as a couple of others.

Aaron didn’t mean to linger, but he was feeling guilty over the incident with Noah earlier, so he was among the last to leave. Bill was standing talking to Amy and Aaron was only hanging around because he intended to ask Bill a work-related question once they got outside. Noah appeared from the living room and came up to Aaron.

“You’re coming to my party, right?” he asked.

“Sure,” Aaron smiled. “Sweet sixteen.”

Noah blushed and then said, “Okay, cool. See ya next week”, and then he gave Aaron a quick hug and hurried back into the house. Bill hadn’t noticed the hug, but Amy had and she raised an eyebrow at him, which he felt compelled to return. Noah had never hugged him before. To his knowledge, he’d never hugged any of the guys before, except for Bill, who was practically an uncle to him.

As Amy seemed entirely too interested in what had happened, Aaron decided that discretion was the better part of valour and announced that he was leaving, thanked Amy, and made his escape.

Aaron agonized about the whole night all week. There was so much to process. He knew it was making him sloppy at work, which was not a good thing in his field. Even Bill noticed, asking at one point, only half-joking, if he was having guy problems. The question froze Aaron at the time, but he was pretty sure he covered it well.

Some time ago, Aaron had ‘confided’ to Bill that he was gay. It wasn’t strictly true, but it explained why he didn’t engage in the sex talk with the guys around the office and wasn’t seen with a girl on his arm. Word had gotten quietly around the company, and he was left in peace, not having to worry about being set up on blind dates and such. Mostly. The real busy-bodies he deflected with tales of just getting out of a bad breakup and not being ready for a new relationship.

The next Friday night poker game was an entirely new experience. Aaron knew things had changed almost immediately. To begin with, Noah usually wore shorts, either cargo shorts, or thinner gym shorts he’d change into after school, but he always wore t-shirts. This time he was wearing a tank top which was obviously too big on him, as one of the straps kept falling down off his shoulder. The damned shirt left Aaron practically breathless. There was no longer any doubt about the nature of the boy’s armpits. He was also treated, or tortured depending on your point of view, by almost constant, teasing glimpses of the boy’s nipples and his smooth chest.

Another thing which became quickly apparent was that Noah had showered sometime after school. The smell of soap and shampoo was evident, and his traditional baseball cap, rarely the same one as the week before, but almost always present and under which he’d sweep up all that shaggy hair, was gone. His hair was shiny and clean and artfully arranged across his brow.

Even the boy’s shorts struck Aaron as odd for some reason, but that wouldn’t become apparent until later. They looked more like a swimsuit than the usual cargo or athletic shorts, although not quite as long perhaps.

Aaron had intentionally arrived late, so he was the last to appear. He’d come around to the back door, which they usually used as it led right into the kitchen. He’d looked through the glass as he came up the three steps that led up to the door and had seen Amy right near the door, but it had been Noah, jumping out of his chair, who had rushed to open the door before he could even knock. Aaron also got the distinct impression that the boy had wanted to hug him again, but had restrained himself and instead greeted him enthusiastically if with a bit of awkwardness.

After the usual greetings, the game got underway. Aaron was having a difficult time dealing with all the skin that Noah’s shirt was revealing, and started losing money quickly. He had to try to concentrate to stick in long enough to make it through the evening, because without the mechanics of the game to distract and support him, he’d have been lost.

Still, Aaron knew he was in trouble. If the tank top hadn’t been enough, he finally got the first idea about the issue with the shorts Noah was wearing. They were about thirty minutes into the game when Aaron couldn’t help but notice that the boy seemed to be draping himself in the chair in an odd manner. He wasn’t sitting on his feet, like he often did, or sitting back with both feet on the chair in front of him. Instead, he was sitting on just his left calf, and his right was carefully propped on the rung of the chair, spread a bit too wide to be strictly comfortable.

Aaron was attempting to avoid looking, but he kept seeing Noah adjusting himself out of the corner of his eye and then checking his reaction. He finally got what he was apparently looking for about five minutes later.

Noah gave an exaggerated yawn, showing off those armpits and that chest; a move obviously designed to get Aaron’s attention. Then the boy leaned back a bit in his seat. That’s when Aaron caught it. The right leg of Noah’s shorts was gaping open, and the glimpse of pale blue underwear inside that gap was clearly visible.

Aaron felt his eyes widen and he quickly turned away, but his eyes were inevitably drawn back, like a moth to flame, and there was no denying what he was seeing. There was a clearly definable bulge of young boy testicles in that lump, covered in cotton. They were briefs, as the expanse of silky thigh proved. Aaron felt his mouth go dry. He risked a quick glance at Noah’s face, and while he wasn’t smiling or showing any other obvious emotion, his sparkling eyes left no doubt that the pose and the glimpse were absolutely intentional and entirely for his benefit.

Aaron felt his cock go instantly hard, and had to cough and awkwardly change position in order to get a hand to his crotch and straighten things so that he didn’t injure himself. Now a quick glance showed him a smile tugging at the corner of Noah’s mouth.

“Quick pee break for me,” Noah suddenly announced, standing. “Would you like more wine when I come back, Aaron?” Noah asked sweetly.

Aaron took the opportunity to wet his dry throat and showed him the glass, which was still more than half full. “I’m good, thanks,” he managed to say. It said a lot about the group that they didn’t give him any ribbing about drinking wine while the rest drank beer or even harder stuff.

Noah returned before the play came round to him, sliding once again into his seat in time to look at his cards and fold. Then he gave another of his exaggerated yawns. As the boy had no doubt expected, it drew Aaron’s attention. However, this time the man’s eyes weren’t drawn to those underarms, but suspiciously back between the boy’s legs. He froze.

Noah’s pee break apparently hadn’t been that at all. Once again he could see the gaping right leg of the boy’s shorts, but this time instead of a flash of underwear, Aaron was presented with a clear view of the boy’s naked, hairless balls. Noah had obviously run upstairs and removed his underwear from underneath his shorts.

Aaron panicked. He had to get the hell out of there. He was sitting in front of four cops, a defence contractor, a security expert, and worst of all, a protective mother. He was toast if he didn’t move, but there was no way he could up from that table without his erection being obvious to that whole sharp-eyed crew.

Thinking quick, he saw only one solution; one way to get up while being able to cover himself without being obvious about it. Reaching out to grab a carrot, he ‘accidentally’ knocked his glass of wine right into his lap.

“Shit!” he exclaimed, jumping up with both hands over his crotch, pulling his pants away from his body as if to avoid the wetness. Luckily the glass didn’t break, but it rolled under the table, providing even more cover.

Amy, alerted to the noise, came around the corner, took in the situation, and laughingly sent him off to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Jim was already in the downstairs bathroom, so Amy gave him directions to the one upstairs. Aaron fled, feeling like he was being chased by Huns.

Aaron stood with his back to the door for nearly a full minute, feeling his heart raging. What the hell was he going to do about that boy? He had to have a talk to him obviously, but man, that was going to be awkward as hell.

As his breathing calmed, he looked at himself in the mirror and shook his head, feeling stupid. He wasn’t sure if he’d encouraged this, but he certainly hadn’t discouraged it. On top of everything, he’d probably ruined what were a nice pair of slacks. Deciding he’d at least try to save that much of the evening, he kicked off his shoes and stripped off his pants. He emptied the pockets, putting the contents on the vanity, and began soaking the stain under the faucet.

There was a soft knock at the door and Aaron called, “I’ve got it, Amy, thanks. I’m just going to soak them for a minute.”

So sure it was Amy outside the door, Aaron was startled when he heard the knob click behind him and he turned to see Noah slip through and press his back against the door. Neither spoke for a moment, and Aaron realized that Noah was staring at his crotch, which was covered at the moment only in a pair of dark blue bikini briefs.

Aaron wasn’t sure if it was worse to cover himself or remain uncovered and so froze in indecision, but managed to say quietly, “Noah, you can’t be in here.”

Noah licked his lips, his eyes never leaving Aaron’s crotch, and Aaron’s heart sped and he felt a tingle down below that told him he’d better do something. “Mom sent me,” the boy explained. He held up a bottle, eyes still locked, and said, “It’s club soda. For your pants.”

“Uh… okay, great,” Aaron said, feeling he had no choice but to step forward and take the bottle from the motionless boy. Now he was closer to Noah and the tingle grew to something much more urgent and he felt himself stiffening. “Go back downstairs now,” he said urgently, trying to reach around the boy to grasp the doorknob.

This unfortunately put him in almost direct contact with Noah, who said, “I could stay for a minute,” and then without warning pushed his hand about four inches forward, which was all that was necessary to spread his palm right over the shaft of Aaron’s erection.

“Don’t,” Aaron said, his breath shocked out of him as he felt the boy’s small fist grasp him.

“Don’t you want me to?” Noah asked softly, his voice muffled as he pressed his face against Aaron’s chest. His hand squeezed, moving experimentally up and down a little bit.

Aaron shuddered, knowing he should move, shocked by his inability to do so. How can someone just suddenly not move? he wondered.

“You can touch me, too,” Noah then whispered, and Aaron felt the boy’s hand suddenly on his, drawing it downward. “It’s okay.” His hand felt cloth, but Noah pressed it close, and he could feel the heat and hardness within.

Aaron’s fingers closed reflexively, felt around, was frustrated by the layer of cloth, and then lifted his hand and slid it up and under the waistband of the boy’s shorts. Then it was down, over smooth flesh, into the sweaty heat until he found the smooth stiffness within. Noah gasped as Aaron explored his erection, not very big, but oh so hard, so achingly hard.

Aaron felt the air on the precum leaking over his cock as his briefs were pulled away and down, freeing his cock. Then Noah’s hands were on him, exploring his length, awkward but eager, one hand going up to explore his thick cockhead, the other down, to slide into his briefs, which still covered his balls.

“I can’t be doing this,” Aaron managed to gasp.

“Please,” Noah gasped. “Oh, please.”

Aaron knew he was lost. He dropped to his knees, his eyes meeting the naked need in the boy’s eyes. He reached forward and yanked down the boy’s shorts in one movement. Noah was left exposed to him, everything he’d been dreaming of for months. The boy was smaller than he’d have thought, barely topping four inches, and Aaron felt a little mental sigh let go. Being attracted to pubescent boys, he’d been afraid that despite Noah appearance, certain physical features might be more in line with his age. However, not only was Noah’s cock the size of a much younger boy, at first he didn’t even see any more than a sparse dusting of pubes, although a closer look showed him a little bush of damp hair hidden right at the base of his thin penis. The boy’s cock was bright pink, circumcised, with a smallish head which was barely wider than the shaft beneath. His balls, which he hadn’t had time to examine before, were then larger than he’d have expected; ping pong ball sized orbs in a wrinkled, hairless sac, which were drawn up tightly.

Aaron didn’t hesitate any longer. He took him in a single motion, sliding his lips down around the slim young cock and quickly reaching the base, feeling the silky hairs there tickling his lip while the tiny cockhead tickled the back of his throat. He reached around to grip the skinny, muscled ass he’d longed to touch and squeezed it as he began to piston his mouth on the skinny cock, all the while keeping up a steady suction.

Noah was gasping, his whole young body shaking. He didn’t last long at all. Perhaps thirty seconds later the boy gave a tiny, mewling cry and shuddered while Aaron felt his mouth suddenly suffused with the salty-sweet taste of young, watery boy cum. There wasn’t much actual cum, but the taste of him was strong and enough to make Aaron shudder. He continued to suck the boy for a bit, milking the last of it out of him, savouring every drop, before finally releasing him. The boy’s cock, shining with moisture and still at least half hard, bobbed in front of him as his thin chest heaved.

After a moment, Aaron said softly, “Ah man, I’m so in the shit now. I’m sorry, Noah. No way I should have done that.”

Noah, apparently coming out of a daze said, “It’s okay, Aaron. I wanted you to. I’ve wanted you to forever. I swear you won’t get in any trouble.”

“I wish that was a promise you could keep, kiddo,” Aaron sighed. Then he rose to his feet. He saw the boy’s eyes widen as Noah got a look at his still-erect cock and was about to pull his briefs back into place when Noah stepped forward and once again wrapped his fists around his dick.

Aaron shuddered and softly said, “You’re killing me, Smalls.”

Noah grinned, getting the movie reference and loving the man for it. “Please let me try,” he said.

Aaron shook his head. “We’ve been up here too long as it is. Those are cops down there, Noah. Do you know what would happen if they knew what had just happened here? Well, let me tell you that it wouldn’t be jail, okay? It’d more than likely involve a shallow grave somewhere out near the stadium and one less seat around the poker table, you get me?”

Noah hesitated for a moment, then said, “Can I at least look at it? Just for a second?”

Aaron sighed, but didn’t see what more harm it could do. He pulled his briefs down a bit more, freeing his balls, then pulled his shirt a bit. At 6’3″, Aaron kept himself in excellent condition, and his stomach was washboard flat, rippling with muscle. His cock was just over seven inches, but considering his height and musculature looked no more than average. Still, it must have seemed impressive to the young boy, who just stared in awe, his hands gently exploring while Aaron twisted around to do his best to clean his slacks with the club soda.

It was while he was facing away that he felt the wet heat cover the head of his cock and found Noah trying to take it into his mouth. “That’s enough,” he said more forcefully. “You may not believe it, but those guys will literally kill me,” he told the boy.

Noah finally seemed to understand that, if nothing else, Aaron certainly believed what he was saying. “Okay,” he said. He took a look around to find his shorts and underwear, and then gave a childish grin and used his fingers to waggle his soft little penis at the man before hurriedly slipping back into his shorts. He turned to the door, and then back. He quickly hugged Aaron again and then, looking up at him, said, “Thanks so much. And I swear you won’t get in trouble, okay?”

Aaron nodded, but he knew that wasn’t as much in the boy’s control as Noah probably wanted to think. Already he could imagine the guys downstairs looking at their watches, wondering how long the kid had been gone, what was taking so long, judging the boy’s face, looking for a flush, dishevelled clothing, etc, etc.

Aaron knew he had to get out of there. The club soda and soaking had done a decent job with the stain, but if stained pants were the worst that came out of this he’d count himself lucky. He dabbed at the spot with a towel to get out as much moisture as he could, and then slid into the cold pants, which luckily pushed down the last of his erection. As he slipped into his shoes, he looked into the mirror, trying for the right expression, all the while distracted by the taste of Noah’s thin, young cum in his mouth.

Finally, as ready as he’d ever be, he went down the stairs, made his apologies to Amy and the guys and expressed regret at having to cut the evening short. They all understood, and he didn’t see any suspicion on any faces, but there was a bit of lingering sadness, he thought, in the eyes of one boy.


Aaron was glad he had the next day off. He didn’t think he could face Bill. In fact, he was pretty sure he couldn’t face any of that group again. Dammit. Damn that boy. Not really of course, he was more sure than ever that he loved him, and now he was wondering how Noah felt about him. Was it just teen hormones, or something deeper? Of course, in the end, it didn’t matter. Noah wasn’t even sixteen and Aaron was thirty-two. Almost literally twice his age. There was nothing there. Could never be anything there, and the longer he stayed, the more he risked.

Aaron had been in this situation before. Six years earlier he’d allowed himself to fall for a beautiful, lonely boy in his apartment complex. At first it had just been a casual, hanging out sort of situation, but as time went on it became more and more apparent how much the boy was leaning on him emotionally. As the boy was twelve, all that emotion was mixed up with his new and raging hormones, all of which made for a tempestuous affair.

Being twelve also meant that he wasn’t the most circumspect of individuals and little hints started getting out to his friends, which meant little hints were getting out to pretty much everyone. Once Aaron realized what was happening, he said good-bye to his little lover, who said he understood, and hightailed it out of town. The boy had apparently never talked, but the experience had taught him that there was a clear line between fantasy and reality, and it wasn’t to be crossed.

And now he’d crossed it yet again.

It would be harder to leave this time. He had a great job that he loved, people he liked to work with, and the game on Friday nights, which he’d come to love as well. He’d established a life here, and while there were security gigs in other places, few would pay as well unless he went back to someplace like Afghanistan. Still, he knew he couldn’t stick around. Not after last night. Even if Noah didn’t say a word about it, there was no way the boy would just let things lie as they were. He’d want more, and Aaron would want to give it to him. He could see it all so clearly, and the only place it could lead was disaster.

Aaron spent the morning updating his CV. Then he sent off an email to his boss at the firm putting in his notice, and apologizing profusely for the short notice, explaining that it was a family emergency that would be taking him out of state and wondering if he could possibly still get a reference when he finally found a place to work.

He wouldn’t be able to get hold of his landlord until Monday, but it wouldn’t be a huge deal. He’d lose his deposit, but it was an executive suite in a highly desirable area that he rented so they’d have no problem finding a tenant. He wouldn’t have to worry about movers and storage except for a few things, which he could arrange to have shipped to him later as soon as he figured out where he was going.

He had a friend in San Diego who worked with the feds who he knew would be able to keep an eye on the horizon and warn him if his name came up on any warrants, without asking any questions. Even if the warrant in question involved something along the line of a child abuse charge. So he’d lie low for awhile, and see how things shook out. If he was still in the clear in two or three months, he’d start over. If not… well, a guy could survive really well down in Mexico or in the Middle East with the kind of money and skills he had.

It was after ten that evening when his cell rang. He’d been lying in bed, unable to sleep, turning everything over in his mind, wondering if he’d covered all his bases. The phone was on vibrate, but he heard it rattling on the bedside table.

He picked it up but didn’t recognize the number. He almost swiped to ignore, but some instinct told him to answer, so he did.

“Hello?” he asked warily.

At first nobody said anything. Aaron could hear someone there, a snuffling sound, but no words. He was about to ask who was calling when he heard a voice ask, “You’re leaving, aren’t you?”

Aaron was shocked. The voice was undeniably Noah’s, although he’d never spoken to the boy on the phone. It was obvious he had been crying. “Noah? What…?”

“Are you moving away? It’s my f-fault, isn’t it?” The boy’s voice was muffled, as if he was trying to be quiet. “Please don’t go. P-please.”

“Noah, what do you mean? Calm down. How did you get this number?” Aaron didn’t know what to say. How had the kid found out? Did others know? Were they on the way here now? Aaron’s heart began to race and he quickly stood up, began to think about what he’d need to grab to get out right away. “Noah, is someone coming here?”

“Nobody knows,” the boy said, seeming to understand. “I swore.”

That allowed Aaron to at least calm down a bit and sit back down on the side of the bed. “Then, how…?”

“I heard my mom and Bill talking,” he said softly into the phone, still sniffling. “Bill said his boss told him that you have to leave town and you’re quitting your job, but I knew as soon as they said it why you were really leaving.”

“How did you get my number?” Aaron asked, stalling for time more than anything.

“I got it from Bill’s phone months ago,” the boy said. “In case I… you know… wanted to call you.”

“Okay, well… okay,” Aaron, said, nonplussed. Months ago? The boy had wanted to talk to him outside the confines of the game even back then? He shook his head, tried to get back on track. “Still, Noah, I know you think you understand like, what happened, and the consequences and such, but trust me, kiddo, you don’t. I can’t tell you how sorry I am about what happened. It was completely my fault. I want you to know that. I know better and I feel horrible. It wasn’t just a betrayal of you but your mom and… everything I believe. This is just so much more serious than you can imagine and I can’t… I can’t just sit here and wait for it to happen.”

“But I wanted it to happen,” the boy whispered. “And I swore I would never tell.”

“And I believe you,” Aaron said. “I believe that you believe that. Now. And maybe you never would, but that’s not all of it, is it?”

“What do you mean?” the boy asked, confused.

“Okay, imagine I come to next week’s poker game. We’re sitting there playing cards, with a roomful of cops. And your mom, don’t forget. Are you saying you can go back to that? No little peeks of this, or that, or the other? No teasing me? No wanting to slip into the bathroom? No hints or looks or anything else between us for the next two years until you’re eighteen and I couldn’t get locked up for it? Because you can be damned sure that the looks will be noticed. Those guys are trained to read people and they’re good at it.”

“I…” the boy began, but Aaron interrupted.

“Don’t answer right away. Really think about it. Could you really do that?”

This time there was a long pause. Aaron laid back and held the phone to his hear, comforted just by the sound of the boy’s breathing on the other line.

Finally, his voice came and said, “Probably not.”

“Right,” Aaron sighed, saddened but glad that the boy at least was mature enough to see the reality of their situation.

“But that doesn’t mean that you have to leave,” Noah said. “That you have to quit your job. Not all that. Not just because of me.”

“So what do I tell the others? I’m just going to stop coming to the game because I don’t like them anymore? I’m not blaming you. This is in no way your fault, do you hear me? This is all on me. And trust me, it’s just easier this way. Besides, if I stay, I’m still working with Bill, and Bill will know something is up. Also, there’s always the chance that I’ll end up running into you or something, and that would kill me.”

“What do you mean?” Noah asked, and Aaron realized that perhaps he’d said too much. When Aaron hesitated, Noah asked, softly, “Do you love me?”

“I think I probably do,” Aaron responded with a sigh.

“I love you, too,” Noah said, and Aaron smiled in the dark, wishing it were all just that easy, that the love of an innocent boy could just be enough.

Feeling his throat begin to choke up, Aaron said, “I hope you have the happiest of lives, Noah. I really do. You’re going to be a magnificent man some day. Hell, you already are. And I hope you have a great birthday tomorrow. I got you a present. I’ll see if I can get it to you, okay? Something to remember me by.”

“I swear I’ll never forget you,” Noah said in a broken voice. Then, sobbing again, “I’m so sorry.”

“Shh, shh,” Aaron soothed. “I swear it won’t hurt for long. Just go to sleep now. I do love you, Noah.”

Feeling guilt and so many other emotions, Aaron hung up the phone. Sleep was a long time in coming.


Aaron was ripped out of sleep by banging on the front door of his apartment. He was out of bed in a second, a Sig Sauer P229 in his hand. The banging continued. Through the sound of his pounding heart he determined it didn’t have quite the force and timber of law enforcement, but whoever it was certainly wasn’t happy. Hurrying to the front door, he opened it a crack, the pistol held off to the side.

Amy Shore was standing in the hallway, and she looked pissed. Aaron’s heart sank. He opened his mouth to speak and she held up a warning finger, seemed about to say something herself, the pushed past him into the apartment. A quick glance up and down the hallway showed no lingering police or anyone else, so Aaron pushed the door shut and twisted the lock, then he turned to face his ‘guest’.

Aaron saw the woman looking at his pistol, then at him. She said, with a bit of acerbic irony “Well, if you’re not going to shoot me with one of them, then I suggest you put them both away so we can talk.”

It took him a moment to realize what she was talking about, and then he realized that he was still dressed only in a pair of bikini briefs, and that he had a morning erection stretching obscenely upward. It had gone down a bit with the situation, but not enough. Blushing, he hurried into the bedroom where he put away the firearm, then took a moment to relieve his bladder and pull on a pair of track pants and a t-shirt. A glance at the clock on his bedside table showed that it was just a bit after six.

When he returned to his living room, it was to find Amy pacing back and forth in front of his sofa. Seeing him, she pointed an imperious finger and commanded, “Sit.”

Aaron again opened his mouth to say something, but a warning glare deflated him and he meekly sank onto the cushion at the end of the couch.

Amy continued to pace, silent, but determinedly. When Aaron began to worry that she’d never say anything, she finally spoke. “I’m not sure what to do with you,” she finally said. She continued to pace, barely sparing him a glance. “On the one hand,” she continued, “I should go in and get that gun and do what half of me wants to do.”

Aaron felt a shiver go through him.

She locked him in an icy stare for a moment and said, “Or I could make a call. I believe the phrase you used was ‘shallow grave out by the stadium’? Well, you should be so lucky,” she said, and Aaron knew he was finished. Noah had talked.

Of course, that begged the question of what the woman was even doing here. If Noah had told her everything, then surely that call would have already been made. He’d have been black-bagged in the middle of the night and dragged off to that uncertain, but inevitable, fate. At the very least the police would be busting down his door and hauling him off. So what was going on? Aaron felt the first sliver of hope since finding her at his door.

Amy finally stopped pacing. She stood in the middle of his living room and took a couple of deep, calming breaths. Then she turned to him, unflinching, and held his eyes, daring him to look away with the force of her will. “Do you know what it’s like to find your child, your flesh and blood, the person you love most in the entire world, sobbing in the dark in the middle of the night as if his entire world is crashing down around him?”

Aaron had gotten a glimpse of it, remembered his own connection to it in the dark as he’d heard those sobs and imagined them late into the night. Perhaps some of that showed in his face, because suddenly Amy’s eyes softened just a bit.

“He was devastated,” she continued. “Not because of what happened,” she said, “about which I’m still incredibly pissed and we will talk about,” she assured him, “but because he’s blaming himself for the whole thing, including your decision to leave. As if you could just leave! And that’s the other thing I’m incredibly pissed about. Damn you, Aaron! Just leaving! As if it’s nothing?”

“Do you think it’s just nothing for me?” Aaron asked, his voice cracking with emotion now, his eyes welling. “I…” but he couldn’t continue and tears ran unchecked down his cheeks. Amy seemed a bit taken aback by this display of emotion and almost didn’t hear the man when he said, “I thought it would be the best thing for him.”

“Him or you?” she asked, with more acidity than she’d actually intended, and she could see how the words stung him.

“Him? Me? Both of us?” Aaron said with a shrug. “I admit, I was weak. It was stupid and I immediately hated myself for it, but it was done. It had suddenly become an untenable situation. There was nowhere to go from there but disaster. Do you think just leaving would hurt Noah any less than seeing me dragged away in cuffs or simply disappearing into some landfill? I know I fucked up. I am so truly sorry, Amy. I betrayed him, and you, and myself, and I’m sorrier than I can say, but it had happened and I was just trying to do the best I could to not make it any worse.”

Amy took this all in; seemed to be processing it. “He recorded it all, you know,” she finally said.

Aaron’s eyes widened as he imagined a camera in the bathroom. Seeming to guess where his mind had just gone, Amy nearly choked out a laugh, the first sign of humour she’d given him, and clarified, saying, “On the phone last night. He was worried when he called that he’d never get to talk to you again. He wanted your voice saved, to help remember.”

Then Aaron began thinking she was talking about using the recording to prosecute him. “That’s one of the reasons I’m sitting here and not making any phone calls,” she assured him. “You were sweet to him. You explained things. You were gentle, and I could hear in your voice that you cared for him.”

Aaron didn’t know what to say, and when he began to say something just to be speaking, she waved him into silence. “Noah told me a couple of years ago that he was gay. I suppose I’d known it myself for years, but it was good to have it out in the open between us. I don’t care if he’s gay. My boy is perfect to me. However, much as I hate to admit it, there are some things I can’t make easier for him.”

Amy took a minute to gather her thoughts. “Today is his sixteenth birthday, as you know. Now, my Noah is a lot of things. He’s funny and charming and bright and compassionate and sensitive and talented and lots of other wonderful things. He’s also, at least to my eyes, an incredibly beautiful kid.”

Aaron couldn’t help but nod, and he cursed himself, not sure if he was helping or hurting himself at this point.

“What he’s not,” she continued, “is someone who his peers see as… a possible romantic partner, let’s say?” She shrugged. “Let’s face it, Noah is a late bloomer. He looks like a little boy still, and while most of his peers are driving and shaving and six feet tall and have hair on their chests, Noah looks like he could be wearing footy pyjamas and building cushion forts in the living room. But he is sixteen, with all the hormones and thoughts and drives of those older-looking teens and nowhere to direct any of it.”

She gave him a look as if she was deciding whether or not to trust him, and then she continued. “A couple of months ago I came home from work early. I guess they didn’t hear me because they had the volume of the computer up, but I went upstairs to find Noah and a neighbour boy sitting at Noah’s computer with their pants around their ankles, watching porn, and doing what boys do. Then Noah starts suggesting that he and the boy could maybe try some of what they were seeing in the film. That’s when I quickly hurried downstairs and slammed the door, shouting that I was home. They came to the top of the stairs, innocent as boys can be, and I hurried the other boy home. He was twelve. A bit big for his age perhaps, but still twelve.”

She let Aaron process that for a bit then said, “So you see the problem I’ve got. Noah has the libido of a sixteen-year-old, in the body of a thirteen-year-old, and nowhere to exercise it except with twelve-year-olds. Now take all that, and add to it that he confesses to me last night not only what happened in the bathroom between you two,” and she blushed, “but that he initiated it and that he’s got a crush on you, and has had for months.”

“And then I’ve got you,” she continued. She sighed. “I’ve always thought you were a nice man, Aaron. You came into our home, and you were polite and funny and smart, and Noah took an instant liking to you. He’s a great judge of character, you know?” she asked, and Aaron nodded. “So here’s this seemingly nice guy, gay, which we found out from Bill early on, which I thought would be great for Noah to be around, and something like last night happens, which I never thought in a million years could happen. Especially in my own home, and I’m being honest, I want to murder you all over again.”

Aaron, hearing the rising stress in her voice and knowing she was being serious, sighed, knew there was no excuse and so chose to say nothing. Amy seemed to approve of his silence. “So let me ask you, and if you’re not being honest, I’m getting up and leaving right now and the chips will fall where they may, you got me?”

“I got you,” Aaron assured her.

She nodded. “Are you really gay? Or do you just like little boys?”

Aaron sighed. “It’s not quite that simple,” and then rushed on as she tried to interrupt him. “It really isn’t. I’ve dated women. I’ve tried dating a couple of guys. However, mainly, yes, I just like younger boys, and so I just mostly avoid everyone.”

“So have you ever done anything like this before?”

Aaron could see that if he tried lying, she’d know it. He squirmed uncomfortably, speared by her gaze, and nodded. “Once. Years ago. We just… found each other. It lasted nearly a year, but… life happens.”

“Did you hurt him?” she asked softly.

“No!” Aaron said. “At least, I tried not to. When I left… I don’t know. It’s why I’ve avoided it ever since.”

“And Noah?” she asked. “Do you love him? Honestly and truly? You didn’t just want…” and she shrugged, obviously uncomfortable with the thought, “down his pants?”

He met her eyes without flinching and said, “It’s been creeping up on me for months. I didn’t want to admit it, and it’s a new thing for me, but yes. Yes, I think I do.”

Amy sat staring at him. The staring went on and on. She was obviously thinking, weighing, judging. Aaron tried not to squirm under that seemingly all-seeing gaze. She finally stood with a tremendous sigh. She began to pace again, and Aaron hoped that wasn’t a bad sign.

Finally, she stopped and said to the heavens, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Then she met his eyes. “Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to contact the agency and tell them that your family emergency has suddenly gone away, and that you’d like to withdraw your notice. You’re going to cancel any other plans you’ve made to leave. You’re going to arrive at Noah’s birthday party and give him a nice present and tell him you’re staying and that you’ll talk about things after the party.”

Aaron’s brows rose in surprise.

Amy continued on. “After the party, and I swear if you make me regret this there’s not a hole in the world you could crawl into which would keep me from finding you; after the party, you’ll bring my son back here for a sleepover. You will be absolutely respectful of him and his feelings, recognizing that he is one hundred percent in charge of anything which happens, or doesn’t, between the two of you. You will be kind and gentle and loving and make him happy. You will bring him back to me on Sunday and if I find out that all of those conditions have been met, then you will pretty much get to live. If you aren’t working on Saturdays, then that will be your life until Noah wants it to be otherwise. How does that sound?”

Aaron thought a moment, and finally said, “I’m not sure how to answer that question, to be honest, but I’ll do my best.”

“Good man.”


After Amy left, Aaron was in a daze. Although it was early, he couldn’t go back to bed. His mind was still racing. Instead, he finished dressing and headed out for a run, knowing it would help him to process everything that had happened. He had a hard time imagining that things had shaken out the way they had. Was he really getting everything he’d ever hoped for?

He’d have to step lightly of course, but… had he gotten the boy in the end? It was like some twisted romcom. For the first time in years, since accepting his lot as a lonely man, he felt the faintest sense of hope.

After a long run he returned to his apartment. He stripped off his sweaty clothes and hopped into the shower. Refreshed, he took steps to reverse all the steps he’d taken to flee. Then, although he had a service to do it, and he was a naturally clean and orderly person, he went around and did a mostly pointless cleaning of the place, wanting it to be perfect for Noah.

At one point, he found himself standing at the foot of his bed. It was just a queen-sized bed. Nothing fancy. The basics had come with the apartment, although he’d upgraded the mattress. He tried to imagine himself and Noah in that bed later on that day. He looked down with rueful amusement as his cock rose between his legs. He wondered if he should go buy some condoms, but then wondered what the point would be. He knew he had no diseases. He had lube. Maybe a bit of manscaping though…

A half hour later, plucked and shaved and coiffed, he found himself in his closet trying to figure out what to wear. He wanted to look just right for Noah’s party. They were meeting at a center which offered laser tag and indoor go karts. Aaron vacillated between dressing up a bit and going full tac gear. In the end, he figured a slightly tougher appearance might be best and he put on some black tactical pants with combat boots and finished it off with a form-fitting black tee.

At six-foot three, he was two hundred twenty pounds. He knew he could bulk up a bit more, but he wasn’t willing to put in the extra work, content to keep himself in excellent shape without pushing it. With his close-cropped blond hair and blue-grey eyes, he looked like some sort of Russian super-soldier. His arms and calves were covered in tattoos, mostly from his early years in the military and then as a military contractor, skulls and images of death that he mostly regretted, but they provided great camouflage. All his ink was black and grey, no color.

Looking at himself in the full-length mirrors that covered the double closet doors, he thought he cut an imposing figure and he hoped Noah would approve. While at work, he preferred nice Italian slacks with silk shirts, but he suspected it was this tougher side of him which attracted the boy. Or perhaps it was the mixture of the two.

As he was inspecting himself, his cell rang. He grabbed it off the end of the bed where he’d tossed it and immediately recognized the number as Noah’s. Unsure what to expect, heart tripping a bit, he answered, “Hello?”

“My mom told me you’re staying!” the boy practically squealed, his voice cracking. He was obviously trying to be quiet though, and the struggle to do so was clearly communicated through the phone, making Aaron smile. “She told me everything!”

“I guess I am,” Aaron said.

“I told you everything would be okay,” the boy said. “I’m sorry I told her after I swore, but I was… I was just crying so hard and I couldn’t help it and I always knew she wouldn’t let anything bad happen cause of how bad it would hurt me.”

Aaron just shook his head over the kid’s naivete. He didn’t realize that his mom could have just waited a month or two before making the call and he’d be rotting in a cell, or that landfill, and the kid would think he was on a beach in Belize.

Aaron was about to answer when he heard a scratching sound and a muffled voice and realized the kid had likely shoved the phone under a pillow or something. After about twenty seconds there was a similar sound and Noah’s voice came back even quieter, “She never really said I couldn’t call you, but I think she wants me to wait until the party ’cause she said we could talk a little bit before. I can’t wait to see you. I love you!”

“I love you, too,” Aaron assured him, and then the boy was gone.


Aaron arrived late. He hadn’t meant to, but after getting off the phone with Noah he’d realized he had one last thing he had to do and it had taken longer than he’d anticipated.

The kid was a big fan of superheroes; Spiderman, The Avengers, all of them. The one he went on about the most however was The Flash. He watched the show religiously and was always talking about it. Earlier in the week, Aaron had found a place selling pendants which featured the Flash emblem, the stylized lightning bolt in a circle. At the time, he’d debated between the silver, and the more expensive gold. It wasn’t a matter of cost, but the perception of spending too much. In the end, he’d settled for the gold and was prepared to just shrug off the expense as if he hadn’t even considered it.

Finding a jeweller who would do an engraving on short notice hadn’t been easy, and the job had taken longer than he’d hoped, but he’d be able to present the little necklace to Noah with the inscription, ‘All My Love’ on the back.

There were about a dozen kids milling around when Aaron arrived, all of them seeming much older than Noah, who looked a bit lost among all his taller peers. He instantly knew the boy had been looking out for him and saw the look which passed between between mother and son. He caught his own look from Amy from a distance, cautious, watching, uncertain and protective.

Noah excused himself from his friends and came towards him. Aaron could tell he was restraining himself from running to him, and caught the brightness in his eyes as he approached.

“You came,” the boy said, almost breathlessly, as he got to him. Aaron nodded, not sure what else to say. He could see Bill over by Amy, also watching him, curious but with no suspicion. Luckily, he was distracted by his own, younger kids.

Noah glanced back over his shoulder and must have given some sort of sign, because Amy nodded reluctantly and Noah reached out and took his wrist, indicating he should follow before skipping ahead, glancing around to make sure he was following. Aaron followed curiously.

Noah led them to the bathrooms and disappeared. Aaron just reached the door before it swung back open and Noah said, “There’s nobody in here,” and grabbed his hand.

The boy pulled him inside and around the corner, and then he was pressed against him, hugging him hard. Aaron put a comforting arm on his back, and slid his right hand up into the boy’s hair, caressing his neck.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d come,” Noah said, his voice muffled against him.

“Wouldn’t have missed it,” Aaron assured him.

Then Noah’s hands suddenly slipped up around the back of his neck and pulled him down. Without warning, the boy’s soft lips were pressed against his, the sweetness of his breath mingling with his. The kiss only lasted a few seconds, and when Noah pulled away his eyes were shining and he was biting his lower lip uncertainly. His breath tasted of cinnamon.

“Was that okay?” he asked.

“That was great,” Aaron assured him with a smile, “but maybe let’s wait until we’re not in public?”

Noah gave a shy grin. Then his eyes lit up again. “Did you get me a present?”

Aaron grinned and reached into a pocket on his right leg. He pulled out the black velvet jewellery box and handed it to Noah. The boy glanced with excitement from Aaron to the box, then he flipped it open and his eyes widened even further.

“It’s so cool!” he exclaimed. He lifted the pendant and held it on one finger, tilting it this way and that to catch the light. “Is it real gold?”

Aaron nodded and said, “Turn it over.”

Noah did and took a moment to read the inscription. Then he was hugging Aaron again. “I love it!” he exclaimed. “Will you put it on me?”

Aaron extracted it from the box and carefully clipped it around the boy’s slim neck, taking the opportunity to lean down and smell his hair, sweet and spicy with shampoo. Noah turned and examined himself in the mirror, the pendent shining on his chest. “Maybe you should wear it inside your shirt for now,” Aaron suggested. “Let people think it came from your mom. Otherwise the inscription could… you know.”

“You’re right,” Noah said, a bit sadly as he stuffed the necklace down his shirt. Then he turned and asked, “Does this mean we’re going to be boyfriends or something?”

“Something like that,” Aaron said.

“And I’m going to your house after the party?”

Aaron nodded.

“And we’ll…?” Noah said a bit nervously.

“Let’s just worry about that later,” Aaron said hurriedly. “Right now, we should get back to your friends.”

“You look great, by the way,” Noah said with a shy grin.

“You too,” Aaron assured him. The boy was dressed in khaki cargo shorts with orange Nikes, and an orange and light blue striped polo shirt. His shaggy hair shone in the fluorescent lights. His eyes drifted to the boy’s crotch, remembering what was hidden there and he felt himself beginning to stiffen. “Why don’t you go ahead and I’ll be out in a minute.”

Noah paused at the door to shyly blow him a kiss, and then he was gone. So far so good, Aaron thought. Now to face the adults.

He gave himself a moment to get his dick under control, then exited the bathroom a minute later to see that Noah had pulled his mother aside and was showing her the necklace. He watched her turn it over and then glance over at him. She stuffed it back under his shirt and then leaned down to smack the boy on the ass and send him back to his friends.

“I wasn’t sure if you were coming,” Amy said softly, not looking at him as he sidled up to her. “You look like you’re dressed for war.”

Deciding to misunderstand the implications, Aaron said, “Well, I heard there was laser tag. I take combat seriously.”

“The necklace was thoughtful,” she said.

Aaron nodded. Saw Bill lift a hand in greeting, curiosity on his face. He returned the gesture. “Does Bill -” he began.

“He doesn’t know anything,” she assured him, and Aaron instantly realized why that would be. She was essentially okaying a sexual relationship between Aaron and her son. Wouldn’t do to let that get out. Aaron realized that gave him a little leverage of his own, and something loosened just a bit inside him.

“I told him I called you this morning, worried about your family emergency and you informed me that your sister had exaggerated things and that you wouldn’t be leaving after all.”

Aaron glanced at her with lifted brows. “Nice thinking.”

“I also told him that Noah has a bit of a crush on you, and we’ve been talking about how to best handle it so as not to hurt him. That way if Noah let’s something slip or seems a little clingy…”

“Again, nice thinking,” Aaron said. “You ever consider special ops?”

“I’m a mother. What do you think that is?”

Aaron grinned. “Touché.”

The rest of the birthday party went about as Aaron had thought it would. Noah insisted they team for laser tag, and they ended up winning every battle. Bill gave them a run for their money, especially once he’d teamed up with a particularly shrewd and athletic fifteen-year-old named Sean, but Bill didn’t have Aaron’s training or spend the time on maintaining it that Aaron did. Noah wasn’t nearly as athletic as Sean, but his smaller size allowed him to fit into some surprisingly small spaces from where he’d pulled off some magnificent ambushes.

Where Bill nearly got him was on the go-karts. One of Bill’s specialties was offensive driving techniques, and he even acted as a substitute instructor for the course offered by their firm, but Aaron was incredibly competitive when it came to physical pursuits, and his aggressiveness always seemed to allow him to just edge Bill out of each race. Noah seemed to claim each of Aaron’s wins as his own, and had a great time.

At the end of the day, Bill and his wife Joan were the last to leave, hauling off their exhausted eight and ten year old. Aaron assured the couple that he’d stay and help Amy with cleaning up and the other last minute details. Aaron, Amy, and Noah trooped out to the parking lot, where Noah retrieved an overnight bag from his mother’s minivan. He was instructed to go sit in Aaron’s SUV while the adults talked.

They waited until the Jeep’s door was shut, and then stood in awkward silence for a few moments. Aaron thought he should start and began with, “I know you’re worried…”

Amy held up a hand to stop him. She sighed and met his eyes. “Look, Aaron, I know you’re not going to hurt him, okay? I know that much about you. I’ve seen it in you. I’m just worried about the stuff we can’t see. The stuff we can’t guess at. Long term. Am I making the right decision? I honestly don’t know. This is all so crazy. What I know, is that my boy is hurting now, and you seem to make him happy, and that’s incredibly important to both of us right now. So before I start over-thinking this, just go and make sure you remember your promise to me. Okay?”

Aaron hesitated for a moment then asked, “Should we hug, or…”

Amy glanced up at him and saw the hint of humour in his eye and hit him lightly in the chest. “Ass hole,” she said with a grin. Then more pointedly, punctuated by a sharp finger in the chest, “Be good to him.”

Aaron crossed his finger over his chest where she’d poked him then, taking a step backward, he spun on his heel and headed to the Jeep.

Aaron settled into the seat and then pulled the door shut before turning to look at Noah. The boy was sitting with his overnight bag in his lap, already buckled and twisting the Flash emblem between his fingers.

“You ready?” Aaron asked. Noah nodded, but didn’t say anything. Aaron started the Jeep, put it in gear and was about to take his foot off the break when he realized that Noah still hadn’t said a word. He slid it back into park and said, hesitantly, “Noah, if you’re nervous… if you don’t want to do this…”

Noah snapped around to look at him, his eyes widening in alarm. “It’s not that!” he hurried to assure him.

“Then…?” Aaron prompted.

Noah blushed and said, “I’m just so horny I’m afraid I’ll bust if I look at you,” and he slid his bag onto the floor, revealing his throbbing boner poking up against the cloth of his shorts.

Aaron laughed, put the Jeep into drive and headed out of the lot.


It was nearly forty minutes through light Saturday traffic until they arrived back at Aaron’s building. They hadn’t spoken much during the trip, each of them lost in their own thoughts. Parking in his designated spot, they were practically business-like as they grabbed up the overnight bag and Aaron led the way. He used his key card to access the lobby and the elevator, which quickly shot them up to the twenty-seventh floor. Aaron suddenly wondered how Amy had gotten up here this morning, and figured she was harmless-looking enough to have slipped in while an early-morning jogger slipped out.

“Are you going to want to rest for-” Aaron began to ask as he let Noah into his apartment and then slid the door closed behind them. That was as far as he got before Noah was slithering into his arms and pulling him down for an awkward but quite enthusiastic kiss.

Aaron allowed himself to get caught up in it for a minute, feeling the skinny warmth of the boy in his arms, listening to his hungry breathing, tasting chocolate birthday cake on his lips. He leaned back, pulling Noah with him, sliding his hands under the boy’s small, muscled ass. Noah wrapped his coltish legs around his waist and slid his arms more tightly around his neck. Aaron felt the boy take a few experimental jabs into his mouth with his little pink tongue, and he leaned back against the door as he showed him, through example, a few techniques for tongue kissing.

Both of them breathing heavily, Aaron pulled back a bit and gave Noah a last soft peck on his soft lips as they pressed their foreheads together. “Better?” he asked.

Noah nodded, heads still pressed together.

Aaron said, “I thought maybe you’d want to rest a little bit and we could get something to eat before… you know.”

“I don’t think I could eat another bite,” the boy said, and Aaron could see how this could be true. He’d consumed a mountain of pizza and wings and birthday cake. “Plus…”

“Plus?” Aaron prompted.

“I’m so hard I think my dick might break off,” Noah said with a grin and a flush across his cheeks.

“So maybe I take care of that little problem and then get cleaned up a bit?”

“Watch who’s problem you’re calling little,” Noah said, smiling.

“Sorry,” Aaron grinned and set him back on the ground. “Let me take care of your big problem, then you can go get cleaned up and we’ll talk about later, okay?”

Noah pulled off his shirt, nearly taking Aaron’s breath away. The boy saw the effect he had on the man and grinned. He kicked off his shoes and ran his hands seductively over his chest and stomach. A quick glance showed Aaron that the blinds were all open, but he knew the windows were treated and would only reflect the sunlight outside except at night. Still, there was that moment of shivery fear at the thought of being exposed before the world with what was very quickly going to be a naked boy.

Giving truth to that, Noah grinned and hooked his thumbs into his cargo shorts and pushed them down over his skinny hips until they dropped to the faux-wood laminate floor. He was left in a pair of grass-green y-front briefs. His erection was obvious, as was the nickle-sized spot of wetness against which it strained.

Noah looked down ruefully. “I’m about to bust,” he said, pulling his waistband out a bit to glance downward at what was no doubt a very moist young cock.

Aaron walked forward and with his hands on the boy’s slim shoulders, led him over to the living room set, which included a square grey ottoman. Aaron stopped him next to it, turned him, then knelt down. He traced a finger along Noah’s slim erection through his briefs, making the boy’s breath catch. Then he carefully peeled back his waistband, exposing the reddened tip of his penis. He leaned forward then and swiped his tongue over that hot flesh, tasting precum, then leaned back and slowly pulled the boy’s briefs down over his slim legs.

Noah’s young cock glistened wetly and, as Aaron watched, a drop of clear precum oozed from the tiny piss slit, running down over the slim head and quivering hard shaft. The wetness had soaked between the boy’s legs, wetting his silky pubes and making the delicate skin of his scrotum stick to the insides of his thighs.

“Sit,” he instructed, and when Noah had done so, he pushed gently against the boy’s chest so that he was leaning back on his elbows, his legs splayed apart. The sight nearly undid him. Noah was so gorgeous, and the very picture of lustful youth. Aaron could smell the boy, the combination of sweat and precum drifting up from between his legs.

Aaron started with the boy’s balls, supporting himself with his hands on the boy’s knees, he leaned forward so that he could slide his tongue down into the crease between balls and thighs and clean up the sweet, oily liquid there. The skin of the boy’s balls was so smooth against his tongue, and after cleaning the right side, he moved to the left, realizing that they were too big to easily fit them both into his mouth. So he moved back and forth between them, teasing them playfully with this tongue while Noah stared down at him and moaned.

Aaron hooked a finger just above the base of Noah’s slim cock and moved it down and away, allowing him to get his tongue in among his little pubic bush. Aaron wasn’t a huge fan of pubic hair. If Noah had any more than he did, he’d have probably been disappointed. While none was nice, just a few was exciting. Noah had more than just a few, but it still wasn’t much, was limited to a thin area just at the base of his penis, and still had the straight, silky quality that helped differentiate him from a boy further into adolescence.

After cleaning there as well, with the boy’s slim erection now throbbing against his left palm, he slid his tongue up along his length, feeling the throbbing of it against him. There wasn’t very much transition from shaft to head on Noah’s cock, the boy’s penis being much more streamlined than others, just a thin ring of barely raised skin that showed where his foreskin had been. Noah gasped as he took the tip of him between his lips, then fell backward on the ottoman and began to thrust his skinny hips upwards, attempting to drive more of his cock into Aaron’s mouth.

Aaron allowed the boy to thrust into his mouth for a bit, until he felt him start to tremble and then he pressed down on his abdomen, easily pinning him to the ottoman, taking back control of the pace.

The man thought to tease him more then, but Noah suddenly begged, “Please, please Aaron,” and he decided to take pity on him. After all, they had all night. He relaxed the downward pressure of his hand, instead caressing the boy’s chest. Freed, Noah began to thrust again, driving his thin prick upward, his hands coming down to grip either side of Aaron’s head. Then, with a gasp and a trembling of the boy’s thighs, Aaron knew he was about to erupt.

Wanting desperately to see the boy spurt, he pulled back at the last moment, just in time to see Noah’s quivering cock jerk and send a single thin stream of watery boy cum to spatter high on the boy’s stomach. Another jerk equated to another thin stream, maybe an inch long, which simply hung suspended from the end of his cock for a moment before another jerk made it drop. There were another two spasmodic jerks from the boy’s cock, but no more cum.

Then a great sigh and Noah seemed to melt into the ottoman, his limbs going limp, his head back over the edge, his hands drooping, his thin chest heaving. His rigid little cock continued to bounce with the beat of his heart, but after a bit began to droop, beat by beat. Aaron took the opportunity to clean him, licking up the one line of slightly acrid, slightly sweet jizz, and then the rest on his crotch and off the end of his softening penis. Finally he just sat at the boy’s side, lightly caressing his torso, waiting for the boy to recover.

Noah eventually moaned and seemed to lift his head with some effort, but he had a crooked smile on his face when he did so, and his eyes were shining happily. “With everything that happened, I almost forgot how great this part was last night.”

“It’s a pretty great part,” Aaron agreed with a smile.

Noah sat up. He looked down between his legs, where his penis had softened and was now only about two inches long. He seemed to blush in embarrassment and covered it with his hand. Noticing, Aaron said, “Why are you covering it?”

Now Noah really did blush. “It’s small now. It’s embarrassing. Yours is…”

“Mine is what mine is,” Aaron said. “Yours is beautiful, stiff or not. Even like this, I think it’s sexy as hell.”

“Really?” the boy asked, unconvinced.

“Incredibly sexy,” the man assured him, moving his protective hands. He leaned down to kiss the thin shaft, just to prove his point.

“My mom made me promise to go slow tonight,” Noah said.

“That sounds like good advice,” Aaron assured him, watching at the boy’s penis started to grow again.

Noah didn’t seem to notice. “I don’t want to go slow,” he said. “I want to do everything. Everything,” he emphasized.

“Well, everything can cover a lot of ground,” Aaron said with a grin. He reached forward to run the back of his forefinger over Noah’s cock, which was once again fully erect. “Not that you don’t seem to have the stamina for it.”

Noah actually giggled and shuddered a bit, unconsciously pushing his dick upward for attention. Then he reached forward and put his arms around Aaron’s neck and asked, still a bit shyly, “Can we go get in your bed?”

Aaron gave him an affectionate peck on the lips and said, “How about you go get cleaned up first? Go to the bathroom, take a shower. We’ve got all night.”

“Do I stink?” Noah asked, putting a hairless armpit up to his nose.

“We both probably do a little bit,” Aaron told him. “Not that I mind a little boy stink,” he assured him, leaning in to run his tongue over that hairless expanse. “Mmmm, salty,” he said with a smile. “But if you want to do everything, then you’ll probably want to be especially clean everywhere, and that means a shower after you… get rid of some of those wings and pizza, if you know what I mean.”

Noah blushed and said, “Oh. Right.” Then he brightened and asked, “Can we take a shower together?”

“Maybe I’ll join you after I hear the shower start,” Aaron equivocated. “Beside, if you want to try everything I’m going to have to try to book a goat on short notice.”

For just a moment the look in the boy’s wide eyes was sincerely concerned before he realized Aaron was of course joking. “Funny,” Noah said, deadpan.

Aaron stuck out his tongue. “You completely bought it,” he teased, then he leaned back, stood, and reached out a hand to Noah, who allowed himself to be pulled to his feet. With an affectionate squeeze of his skinny cock, and a playful slap on his naked ass, he sent the boy off to the bathroom along with instructions on where to find everything.

The boy stopped after a couple of feet and turned to look around. Aaron tried to see what the boy was seeing. The apartment had come furnished and decorated, but it was very tastefully done. It was a modern design, lots of chrome and dark wood and greys, but with hints of red in the artwork and accents to give it a more artistic flair. Aaron had always been happy with it.

“Cool apartment,” Noah said, apparently agreeing.

As soon as the bathroom door closed, Aaron set about preparing the room. There was only so much he could do on such short notice, and frankly he felt a bit silly doing anything at all. He’d never had much experience with this sort of romantic gesture, and he was doing it for a sixteen-year-old boy.

The truth was, he wanted to make this moment as special and memorable for Noah as he could. He started by lowering the drapes, just to make sure the room would grow dim enough. Satisfied, he raised them so he could work, and then started setting out scented candles. Before lighting them, he stripped the bed. He’d bought silk sheets for the bed years before, but only used them a time or two. He used them now, spreading out the watery folds carefully. They were a deep grey, almost black, and fit the rest of the room perfectly. He made sure a couple of things were placed into a handy spot on the bedside table, lit the candles, and closed the blinds. Perhaps just a tiny bit more light, he thought, adjusting the dial, then, perfect.

Aaron gathered the old bed-clothes and took them into the small laundry off the kitchen. He stuffed them into the washer, followed quickly by his own clothes. Naked, he went to the kitchen sink and used a dishtowel and hand soap to do a quick clean-up of the highlights. A whore’s bath they called it in the service. He couldn’t get to his cologne, which was in the bathroom, but hoped that being clean would be enough.

Back in the bedroom, the smell of the candles was adding a seductive scent to the air. He heard the shower stop and knew he had only moments. Sitting on the side of the bed, he plugged his phone into the jack there, scrolled through to the appropriate play list, which he’d prepared during captured moments throughout the day, and then slid in between the cool shoots. Feeling a bit silly, he tried to arrange himself into what he imagined might be a sexy pose, ending up propped against a pillow, his hands behind his head, the sheet pulled up around his waist. His heart was beating with anticipation when the bathroom door finally opened, spilling light across the room.

“Aaron?” he heard the boy call, and he responded with, “Here.” His sexy drawl he thought had a hint of high-pitched nervousness to it.

Noah took a step out of the room, dressed only in a thick towel, saw him, and with a soft, “Oh,” stepped back out of sight. “I’ll be out in a minute!” the boy said, making Aaron smile, then the door shut again.

It was close to a full minute later before the door opened again. Aaron had known he was coming because the light leaking under the door had disappeared. In the dim light he now saw Noah come out of the bathroom and shut the door behind him. The boy was holding his hand protectively in front of his soft penis as he crossed the room, likely still embarrassed by his size and soft from nerves. The boy slid under the sheet to his right.

Finally in bed together, the pair felt a moment of awkwardness, which caused them both to smile shyly. After a moment, Aaron slid closer, reaching out to caress the boy’s face as Noah turned to face him. “I’m glad you’re here,” he told the boy. “It’s… been a long time.”

Noah’s eyes dropped nervously. “I never…” and then his voice drifted off.

Aaron lifted the boy’s chin. “Remember, you’re in charge here. We’re not doing anything you don’t want to do.”

Noah nodded. His eyes roamed over Aaron’s upper body, exposed in the dim light. Aaron wasn’t overly hairy, but he had an even covering across his chest and down across his belly. In the light, it was a light shade of brown. In the dimness of the candles and muted bedroom light, it was much darker.

“You’re so beautiful,” Noah said shyly. He reached out and ran a nervous finger over Aaron’s chest, feeling the hair there, then placing his hand flat against the man’s muscled pectoral. He looked up and met the man’s eyes. “I always wondered what you’d look like without a shirt.”

Aaron grinned. “I spent months trying to see if you had any hair under your arms,” he admitted.

“I finally figured that out,” Noah grinned. “I knew you kept looking at me, but I never could figure out why. Some people are trying to figure out how old I am, but you already knew. I always sorta thought you liked me, but I could never figure it out.”

“From day one,” Aaron assured him, causing the boy to smile.

Then the smiled wilted a bit. “I don’t know why,” he said finally. His eyes shyly met Aaron’s before flicking away nervously. “I’m so scrawny. And you saw I don’t have armpit hair. Or hardly any anywhere else either.”

“I guess that’s part of what attracts me,” Aaron confessed. “Helps that you’re beautiful.”

Noah blushed, then said, “So… does that mean you like younger guys or… boys? Or what? Mom said you guys talked, but she wouldn’t tell me about it.” He blushed. “Don’t take it as an insult or anything but… are you like, a…?”

“Like a pedophile or something?” Aaron said helpfully.

Noah nodded, not meeting his eyes. “I know how old I look.”

“Well,” Aaron said, not quite sure how to answer. “First, if you want to be technical about it, a pedophile is attracted to prepubescent kids. You’re definitely not prepubescent from what I’ve seen, and I think I’ve seen everything.” Noah smiled and blushed. “So, no, I’m not one. However, if you’re asking if I’m attracted to younger boys, then, honestly, yes. I’ve been with a couple of younger looking men, and a few women, but I’m mostly attracted to cute younger boys. Which basically means I don’t have any sex life at all.”

After a long moment of reflection, Noah said, “That sounds lonely.”

Aaron took a few moments to answer, then said, “Yeah, it has been.”

“I guess I know a bit about loneliness, too,” Noah said.

Aaron slid his hand down over the boy’s shoulder. He traced a finger over the smooth skin of his upper arm. “I guess we both do,” he agreed softly.

They sat in quiet contemplation for many long moments. The song which had been playing, which Aaron hadn’t been paying much attention to, ended. When the new one started, Noah gave a small smile and said, quietly, “I love this song.”

Aaron couldn’t remember the name of the artist. It was a duet. John Legend and the girl who sang about big butts, but he remembered the name; ‘Like I’m Gonna Lose You’. He sang along in his head until the chorus, and then he scooted closer and gently kissed Noah on the forehead. Then, softly, but in a surprisingly good voice, sang, “So I’m gonna love you, like I’m gonna lose you. I’m gonna hold you, like I’m sayin’ goodbye.”

He wasn’t sure of the lyrics after that, so he let the woman finish out the chorus. Then Noah surprised him by jumping in at the John Legend part with a really good voice:

In the blink of an eye
Just a whisper of smoke
You could lose everything
The truth is you never know

So I’ll kiss you longer baby
Any chance that I get
I’ll make the most of the minutes and love with no regrets

Let’s take our time
To say what we want
Use what we got
Before it’s all gone
‘Cause no, we’re not promised tomorrow

They joined again for the chorus, each of them grinning at one another. Then, as the song continued, Aaron leaned forward and gently kissed Noah on his soft, pink lips. The boy sighed against him, sinking into him as he pulled him closer. He felt one thin arm slide up around his left arm while he stroked the boy’s slim back. The kissing was still a bit basic, but Noah was picking it up quickly, and he was making greedy sounds in his throat while Aaron moved his hand downward, feeling the subtle rise of the boy’s ass. He slid a hand over that slender globe, and Noah lifted his right leg, sliding his knee forward.

Aaron slid a hand into the sweaty cleft between the boy’s ass cheeks from behind, skirting the tiny pucker, but feeling the boy’s scrotum against his fingers. He caressed him then from there, down along his silky thigh, to the back of his knee. Noah was pressing his hips, trapping Aaron’s erection between them, the boy’s own hard-on poking against Aaron’s thigh.

Then Aaron pressed against Noah’s right shoulder, pushing him onto his back. The sheets were across the boy’s waist, but he could see the obvious erection underneath the sheets. Breaking off the kiss, Aaron bit playfully at the boy’s full lower lip, teasing it with his teeth. Then his mouth was against the boy’s neck, kissing down and around the side, feeling Noah’s rapid pulse in his throat. With his head, he pushed Noah’s to the left, so that the right side of his face was against the pillow, exposing the left.

Aaron then began to gently attack the boy’s ear. He started with the delicate little lobe, licking and nibbling. He traced the outside of the boy’s ear before moving closer and closer inward, finally tickling the inner part of the boy’s ear with the tip of his tongue and his hot breath, making the boy squirm. Aaron then moved from Noah’s ear down behind the jaw along that tender line down the throat till he reached the boy’s collarbone.

Kissing and licking along the way, he made his way around to Noah’s left armpit; the hairless armpit he’d dreamed after for months. He lapped and teased at that smooth, salty flesh, the heady smell of soap and boy filling his nostrils. From there, he crossed Noah’s thin chest until he found his nipple. The tiny bee-stung bit of flesh was already stiff, and a combination of nibbling, licking, and gentle blowing had the boy squirming. Caressing the boy’s thigh, he took a grip of the sheet, pulling it downward, slowly revealing the boy’s arching erection, which hovered over his mostly-hairless groin, quivering excitedly.

Aaron worked his way to the middle of Noah’s chest, then began to lick his way downward. His left hand caressed the boy’s right hip, while his left wrist teasingly rubbed against the boy’s penis, causing Noah to keep thrusting his skinny hips, wanting to rub it against the always-retreating arm. As Aaron worked his way to the boy’s navel, the corner of his eye filled with the bouncing tip of the boy’s swollen cock, Noah gasped and pushed him gently away.

Noah sat up on the bed. His erection stood up from his lap, the head licking wetly against his groin. He was breathing heavily. He seemed to take a moment to orient himself, and then he caught Aaron’s eyes and said, “My turn.”

Aaron, on his right side, smiled and lay back, saying “Okay.”

Then, despite his brave beginning, Noah just sat there for several long moments, biting his lower lip and staring at Aaron’s cock uncertainly. Finally, he looked up and shyly met the man’s eyes. “I used to wonder what it would look like,” he said softly. “I mean, I know I saw it, but it was so fast.”

“What do you think?” Aaron asked softly, curious in spite of himself. He didn’t have any hangups about his size. He figured every guy probably wished he was bigger, but he was pretty satisfied with what he had, and he could hardly complain, considering that Noah at sixteen had barely four inches and could conceivably gain little more. He had the sort of look and build that, in addition to being a late bloomer, spoke of being a slighter man even in adulthood.

Noah went back to staring. Aaron watched the boy’s cock twitch between his legs. He was torn between wanting that sweet little thing in his mouth and wanting Noah’s pink lips wrapped around his own. Patience, at least for the moment, won out, and he waited.

“It’s really big,” Noah said, finally reaching out to touch the man’s cock, although hesitantly, his fingers just dancing over the fevered flesh. In the dim light of the candles, Noah’s fingers traced out the thicker veins in Aaron’s adult cock. Like Noah’s, Aaron’s cock was circumcised, but where Noah’s small cock was streamlined, with a head barely thicker than the shaft, which was less than an inch thick, Aaron’s two inch wide cock grew even thicker at the top, with a widely flared crown and a thick, spongy head.

Aaron tried not to react when Noah’s small fingers danced lightly down over his balls, each hair touched racing through him like an electric spark. He felt them shift, and watched Noah’s eyes widen a bit in interest. Then the boy’s touching became less tentative. His dancing fingers became caressing touches, small circles playing over his nut sac. Then, carefully, Noah lifted one ball in his fingers, caressing, weighing. He repeated the procedure with the other before finally taking Aaron’s scrotum fully into the palm of his hand.

“I wish my balls were this big,” Noah said.

“You’d look pretty silly with balls that size and a dick -” Realizing that what he’d been about to say could possibly hurt the boy’s feelings, he clamped down on the word, but too late. Even in the dimness he could see the flush that spread across the boy’s face. “Hey, I didn’t mean -” he began, but Noah scooted forward and shut him up with a kiss.

“I know what you meant,” he assured him, and Aaron could see his smile. “Besides, I get yours tonight.”

Then Aaron gasped as he felt Noah’s fist wrap around his cock. The boy’s hand slid upwards, making Aaron tense as it rose higher and higher, then he shuddered as his thick cockhead was squeezed in the boy’s small fist. He shuddered again when Noah used his thumb against his piss hole, circling it, wetting the whole area.

Noah slid down until he was lying next to Aaron, his hand beginning an up and down motion as he leaned in and said, “I’ve wanted to touch one for so long. Mostly yours.”

“Haven’t you ever…?” Aaron asked, leaving the question open.

Aaron felt more than saw the shrug. “A couple of boys when I was younger,” he allowed. “Like twelve or thirteen.” Stroke, stroke, his hand moving rhythmically in the dimness of the room. “A little while ago I met this one boy and I jacked him once. I wanted to do more but mom came home.”

Aaron realized this must be the twelve-year-old of whom Amy spoke. For a moment the thought of Noah with this mystery boy went through his head and his cock lurched. He imagined the boy was blond, with sparkling blue eyes and a hairless cock. “I messed around with some boys when I was a kid myself,” Aaron said, thinking he’d see if he could eke out more information. “Some older, some younger.”

“This boy was younger,” Noah allowed. “He didn’t even have any pubes,” he said, and Aaron could hear a bit of embarrassment in his voice. Then, ruefully, “His dick was bigger than mine though. At least a tiny bit.”

“I love your dick,” Aaron hurried to assure him.

“I like yours, too,” the boy said, squeezing him. He drew his fist slowly upward again, turning it a bit, twisting when he reached the tip. Then, in a slightly clumsy approximation of Aaron’s earlier exploration, he began to work his way down along Aaron’s body with his mouth, licking and kissing and sucking as he went.

Like Aaron had, Noah worked his way down along the man’s neck, to his shoulders, then to his chest, with a brief stop at Aaron’s hairy armpit. The boy didn’t seem as enthused by the area as the man had been. Lips dancing through his chest hair, Noah worked down to Aaron’s nipples, which he gently teased with his lips and tongue in imitation of Aaron’s earlier treatment. All the while, his small fist continued to work up and down on Aaron’s thick cock.

Aaron found himself tensing as the youth worked his way down the sparse trail of hair which led from his chest, down over the rippled muscles of his belly, and to his navel. Then Noah shifted so that he was straddling Aaron’s leg and his head moved between the man’s legs. Releasing his cock, he carefully took Aaron’s large scrotum in the palm of his hand, lifting the hairy sac. Gently, he began to lick at the sensitive nuts, twirling his tongue against them, feeling them squirm against him. He very carefully took one, and then the other into his mouth, switching back and forth between them as his stiff cock pressed against Aaron’s hairy calf.

With a hand lifting the thick cock upright, Noah boldly licked up along the length of the man’s shaft, his small tongue dancing over every bulge and groove in Aaron’s adult penis. With his lips lightly brushing him about halfway up his shaft, his nose practically buried in the light brown hairs of his pubic bush, Noah said, “You smell so good.”

Aaron reached down to run a hand through the boy’s shaggy, silky mop of hair. He couldn’t help arching his hips just the slightest bit, pressing his cock against the softness of the boy’s lips. However, Noah needed no encouragement. With a mixture of kisses and licks, he continued his way upward, stretching his upper body off the bed so that he could finally plant a kiss right in the deep triangle of nerves right where the two meaty halves of the thick glans parted.

Then Noah strained himself even more upright, but seemed dissatisfied with his position and instead manoeuvred so that he was sitting cross-legged between Aaron’s legs, who spread them a bit to accommodate him. Taking the man’s cock back into his right hand, Noah leaned down until his hair obscured Aaron’s view of his smooth-cheeked, pubescent face.

Aaron gasped as he felt the boy’s tongue like fiery velvet as he wetly circled the circumference of his wide cockhead. Once he’d completed three full circles, the boy swiped his tongue directly upward, bisecting the head, licking over his leaking piss hole. A moment later, he felt the warmth of the boy’s mouth engulf him, lips stretching around his swollen head, tongue dancing over the spongy flesh.

After a few moments of exquisite sucking, Noah sat back, his lips making a popping sound as he released his oral grip on the tip of the man’s cock. With a slowly spreading smile, he gently jacked the thick seven-inch cock in his fist. Then, meeting Aaron’s eyes, he spoke.

“I always wondered what it would be like,” he admitted. He bit his lower lip, obviously a little uncomfortable with what he was admitting, but determined to say it. “Sucking a dick, I mean. What it would feel like, and taste like. I was worried it might be gross.”

“It wasn’t, I hope,” Aaron said with a smile.

Noah grinned and shook his head, the candlelight catching coppery highlights in his brown hair. In the shadowy space between Noah’s legs, Aaron could see the boy’s small cock straining upward, the tip glistening, no sign of hair visible.

“I still can’t believe how big it is,” Noah said, gazing downward.

“Is that okay?” Aaron asked.

Noah nodded. “I’ve seen a bunch online of course, and even at school. Not like this of course,” he grinned, holding up the stiff prick. He tilted his head to the side, obviously considering something. “I guess I really didn’t care how big it would be, just because it would be yours.” He smiled bashfully. “Of course, like you said, you’d look a little weird if yours was the size of mine. Plus, if it was much bigger, it would probably be really hard to do this,” and with that, he once again leaned down into Aaron’s lap and took the tip of him into his mouth.

Aaron reached out to push that curtain of silky hair out of the way, allowing the candlelight to illuminate the sight of the boy’s full, pink lips stretched around his cock. Noah’s eyes opened then, locking with Aaron’s. The corner of the boy’s lips quirked with a smile, as much as they could, stretched as they were. His eyes danced with lustful enthusiasm as his tongue circled unseen against the sensitive flesh of the man’s cockhead, and then he carefully moved downward, working to take more and more of the thick adult cock into his mouth.

To his credit, Noah managed to take nearly half of Aaron’s dick into his mouth before lightly gagging and backing off a smidge. Having learned his limitations, he began to work his mouth up and down, the sounds of wet, eager, sucking struggling against the sound of the soft music as his hand worked up and down on the bottom half of the man’s shaft.

Aaron began to lose himself in the rhythm of the boy’s pistoning mouth. The muscles on his stomach and down into the deep V of his groin began to bunch and roll as he started to very slowly thrust back and forth; not that Noah needed the help, but just out of an inability to lie still. Then Noah changed the game. With a groan of hunger, Noah released the spit-soaked cock from his mouth, then once again went after Aaron’s balls. After giving them a tongue bath he worked his way up again. This time, as he neared the tip of the man’s cock, he turned his head to the side.

As if he were attacking an ear of corn, Noah held the swollen head of Aaron’s cock in his left hand and fondled his large balls with his right. With his lips pressed against the throbbing shaft he began to move his mouth back and forth, up and down, pausing again and again on that tiny bundle of nerves near the tip. He was practically humming as his mouth moved wetly from one end to the other and Aaron found himself stunned by the artistry of the technique. He’d had his share of blow jobs, but few to compare to this.

Finally, needing to know, he gasped out, “Where did you learn to do that?”

Looking up with dancing eyes, mouth wet with saliva and precum, Noah grinned and said, “Porn.”

“Just porn?” Aaron asked, a bit amazed. What the hell kind of porn was this kid watching?

Noah just nodded and bent back to his task. After a few more back and forth trips, the boy began to concentrate once again at that tiny inverted V at the tip of Aaron’s cock, sucking and licking until the man was squirming.

“That’s it, baby,” Aaron whispered encouragingly.

Noah took the man’s cock back into his mouth, noisily finding his earlier rhythm. Greedy little noises began to rise in his throat as he seemed to be willing Aaron to come. For his part, Aaron was finding it more and more difficult to keep to the slow and steady thrusting of his hips, when what he wanted to do was force his cock down the beautiful youngster’s throat, burying it to the hilt while he filled him with his hot seed. As it was, he didn’t think he’d be able to last much longer.

The longer Noah bobbed his mouth on Aaron’s cock, the more of it he seemed to be able to take. He was now taking over half, feeling the way the thick head compressed against the entrance of his throat and learning how to fight the reflex to gag. His hand was a blur at the base of the man’s cock, and his other hand lightly scratched and pulled at the big balls in their hairy sac. He was watching Aaron’s face with a look of hunger and anticipation.

Finally, Aaron knew he’d reached his limit. He could feel his balls tensing in the boy’s hand, and the way his cock was swelling. He was just able to gasp out a strangled warning, “Gonna come!”

Noah pulled back until just the swollen head of the man’s cock was in his mouth, taking the first fiery blast of man-cum across his tongue. The second blasted the back of his throat, and then he was backing away, the thick cockhead wet with spit and sputtering with blast after blast of searing white jizz which struck the boy on his forehead and cheeks and across his nose and one hastily closed eye. A weaker stream caught him on the chin, and then the rest dribbled out over the fist wrapped around the pulsing shaft.

Not realizing he’d closed his eyes, Aaron opened them to see the boy sitting there with the most curious of cum-covered faces. The look on his face was quizzical, satisfied, confused and lustful. The dripping semen only added to the surreal nature of his expression.

Finally, with a lick of cum-smeared lips, Noah turned his eyes to Aaron and said, “It tastes different than I thought it would. And sorta the same, too. Different than mine. I read that it was kinda salty, and sometimes kinda sweet, but yours was also sorta oily or something.” Then he shrugged and grinned. “I liked it though.”

“And… this?” Aaron said, twirling a lazy finger to indicate the mess on the boy’s face.

Noah bit his lip and blushed, giving a shy shrug. “I always wanted to try it,” he admitted. “I’ve seen it in videos a lot and it’s… like…” another shrug, “like I’m yours. Like I’m your boy.” He reached up to wipe at his cheek, slipping the cummy finger into his mouth.

“Well, you’re my boy no matter what,” Aaron said, sitting up with a smile. He reached to a night table and grabbed a small cloth. “Let me help,” he said, gently cleaning the boy’s face.

“Did you like it?” Noah asked, his eyes searching Aaron’s as the man ministered to his face.

“I think I can honestly say that’s the best I’ve ever had,” Aaron smiled.


“Absolutely,” he assured the boy.

Face clean, Aaron leaned in and kissed Noah gently on his soft lips. The boy leaned into him eagerly, sliding his tongue into his mouth. Aaron’s cock, which had begun to wilt just slightly instantly stiffened.

Putting his hands on Noah’s narrow shoulders, he gently pushed the boy away, breathing a bit heavily. He looked down at Noah’s straining erection, and the boy followed his gaze downward. The boy’s cock lurched as they stared at it, releasing another drop of clear precum.

“That looks delicious,” Aaron said.

“You really do like it?” Noah asked, uncertainly. “It’s not too… small?”

“It’s perfect,” Aaron assured him, and to prove his point he pushed on Noah’s slim chest until the boy was on his back with his little erection pointing at his chin, hovering a couple of inches over his mostly downy haired groin.

Aaron slid the boy’s silky thighs apart and moved between them. The smell of pubescent boy was in his nose and he leaned in and inhaled before beginning to work on Noah’s thighs, kissing and licking the hairless flesh. Noah sighed and moaned underneath him. The closer Aaron’s mouth got to his groin, the more the boy squirmed, until Aaron had to grip his slender hips to keep him in place.

Delicately, he run his tongue up along Noah’s left nut, which was hanging a bit lower than the right in his loose, hairless sac. He swirled his tongue around, poking it into the loose flesh.

“That feels so good,” Noah said, his voice growing raspy.

“Just wait,” Aaron answered, moving his tongue all over, licking both balls, feeling them tighten between the boy’s legs. With his left hand, he lifted Noah’s small cock so that it was upright, then he scooted forward a bit so that he could run his tongue up along that short length, the flavor of immature precum suffusing his taste buds.

Noah gasped when Aaron took the small head of his cock between his lips, shuddering as he took half of his length. He reached out and ran his fingers through the man’s short hair. Then, with a wet smack, Aaron released him and his cock slapped against his groin.

At that point, Aaron abruptly rose to his knees, his long, thick cock rising powerfully between his legs. He reached down and gripped Noah’s skinny hips, and then spun him, so that the boy suddenly found himself on his stomach, his cock pressing into the mattress.

“Wha-?” Noah questioned, his voice muffled by the pillow.

Aaron didn’t bother to answer, instead sliding back down so that he was once more stretched between the boy’s thighs. However, this time he had another target in mind.

Noah moaned as Aaron began to lick and kiss the taut skin of his ass, shivering. “It tickles,” he said, although his voice sounded far from laughter.

Aaron continued to ignore him, spreading his kisses and wet licks across both globes of the boy’s magnificent ass. Then be began to work his way down into the trough between each cheek. Starting from the top, he moved steadily downward, eventually using the thumbs of each hand to pull the cheeks apart, revealing a spectacularly pink ass hole.

Aaron just stared, a bit awestruck. He couldn’t imagine a more perfect looking ass hole. Noah’s little bud was pink and striated and as clean as he could possibly want. Without hesitation, he leaned in and swiped his tongue over the puffy little orifice. Noah gasped and tensed. Aaron licked again, and again.

Noah quivered and said, “That’s amazing.”

“Have you ever touched yourself back here?” Aaron asked, poking teasingly at the sensitive little rosebud.

“With my fingers, or with a stream of water,” Noah said. “This is so much better.”

“See what you think of this,” the man said, and he pressed his face close so that he could spear the boy’s anus with his tongue. Noah tensed again with a grunt and a shuddering sigh.

Aaron began to work his tongue in and out, loving the sweaty taste of the boy and relieved there was nothing worse. He had very little experience with ass play, so this was mostly uncharted territory for him. His tongue moved easily in Noah’s gripping sphincter, but he couldn’t get as deep as he wanted. Backing off a minute, he grabbed a pillow and slipped it under the boy’s hips then settled back down between his legs.

Noah lifted once and slid his hand down to his crotch, apparently to adjust his cock which had become awkwardly aligned with the addition of the pillow. Now the boy was much more open to Aaron’s oral attack, and he eagerly tongued him, pushing and sucking and teasing around the quivering rim of his ass hole. Then he reached a hand up under his chin and gently cupped Noah’s balls, squeezing and caressing them while the boy ground his cock into the pillow.

Aaron pulled back then, staring down at the shiny pink pucker. It was winking at him. Still caressing Noah’s balls, he sucked his index finger into his mouth, and then pressed it gently against the gaping sphincter, which promptly closed around the tip of his finger. Noah wanted more, however, and with a groan, he pushed his firm little bottom backwards. Aaron obliged and applied pressure, feeling his finger slide deeper. However, his tongue had only penetrated so far, and the slickness it had provided didn’t go very deep. So he removed his finger and once again rose to his knees.

Noah glanced back over his shoulder, eyes growing large as he took in the large, pulsing adult cock. “Are you gonna put it in?” he asked softly.

Aaron paused, glancing down at his cock. He gave it a squeeze, then looked between the shiny pink ass hole between the boy’s legs and the nervous look in his eyes. “Not yet. Or not at all if you change your mind. Don’t worry about it yet.” When Noah had said he wanted everything, Aaron naturally assumed he meant he wanted to be fucked. It never even occurred to him that Noah might want to fuck him. Leaning over the boy he reached for the bedside table. Noah, feeling the big cock slide across his back, shivered and unconsciously spread his legs further apart.

Aaron scooped a bottle of lube from the drawer and resumed his place kneeling between Noah’s legs. His cock was red and angry looking from being pressed against the mattress. For a moment he considered slathering his dick with the lube and sliding it into the boy’s ass hole, but he wasn’t sure if Noah was ready for that, and thoughts of the boy’s mom kept him sane. For the moment at least.

Instead, he lay back down between Noah’s legs and flipped up the cap on the lube with his thumb. Then he carefully squeezed out enough to get his forefinger slick with the clear gel. Sliding his left hand up under the pillow, he found Noah’s small cock, damp between his groin and the pillow. The boy sighed when he gripped it and Aaron smiled as he felt it flexing in his fist. Then he brought his finger to bear.

Noah hissed as Aaron began to circle the swollen little rosebud and the man saw it gape open, inviting him. He took the invitation and slid his finger into the tight little ring of muscle. Noah moaned and shuddered and Aaron pushed deeper, until his finger was buried to the second knuckle. Under the pad of his finger he could just make out the bump of Noah’s immature prostate.

The first time Aaron pressed against the little bump, Noah gasped and stiffened. Then he pressed again. And again. Then, while pressing, he slid his finger back and forth. Noah’s cock was jerking crazily in his fist.

“Ungh… Aaron… unghhh… what… uhhhn,” Noah muttered.

Aaron continued to poke and prod and otherwise stimulate Noah’s little gland while the boy shuddered and began to jerkily hump his hips, driving his sweaty cock into Aaron’s fist. The man could feel his own cock throbbing wildly against the mattress. Listening to the boy’s high-pitched squeals was driving him crazy.

All thought of going slow, of taking it easy, was being overridden by the desire, no, the need, to drive his cock into Noah’s young ass. He’d never fucked a boy before, but he’d dreamed of it for years. Now here was this gorgeous boy, his ass spread out invitingly before him, sucking at his finger, begging for his cock. Still, Aaron wasn’t a complete idiot, and he did love Noah, so he removed his finger, but kept his hand wrapped around the boy’s cock, then moved up until he was once again hovering over his small body.

“Do you want it?” Aaron asked in a low, husky voice, his mouth pressed very near Noah’s ear, smelling the boy’s hair.

“Want it?” Noah managed to croak.

“You said you wanted it all,” Aaron reminded him. He slid his hot cock against the narrow valley of the boy’s ass cheeks. “Do you want it?”

“Yes,” Noah said softly.

“Are you sure?” Aaron asked, heart racing with excitement.

Noah nodded, swallowed, and said, “Yes.”

“Then tell me,” Aaron insisted, as much wanting there to be no misunderstanding as wanting to hear the boy ask for it. To beg for it.

“F-fuck me,” Noah managed, stuttering just a little.

“Say it again,” Aaron said, voice low and gravelly with lust. “Tell me what you want.”

“Ungghh,” the boy groaned. “Fuck me,” he repeated. “Fuck me in the ass with your big cock.”

“That’s it, baby,” Aaron said, leaning to the side enough to kiss the boy, feeling Noah eagerly sucking at his tongue.

Aaron felt around and finally located the little bottle of lube. He again flipped the top up with a thumb and then awkwardly squirted a large dollop into his fist. Dropping the bottle, he lifted his hips and then slavered the slick liquid up and down the length of his cock, shuddering. He reached down then, feeling around until he found his target between Noah’s legs. Then he carefully adjusted himself until the thick head of cock was aligned with the tiny pucker above Noah’s balls.

“Are you ready?” Aaron asked.

“Please do it,” Noah said softly.

Aaron pressed, but was firmly rebuffed. Noah grunted. “Press out,” Aaron instructed. “Like you’re going to the bathroom.”

Noah did as instructed, and Aaron pressed forward. They seemed to be at a stalemate for a few long moments, with Aaron pressing insistently forward and Noah’s tight sphincter not wanting to stretch any further. Then, with what seemed like an almost audible pop, Aaron was inside. At least the head. Noah gasped in pain and tensed.

“Are you okay?” Aaron asked, worried. “Should I stop?”

“Just let me get used to it,” Noah said, voice strained. He shivered. “It’s so big.”

“I’m gonna pull out,” Aaron said, but Noah reached a hand back and clutched his ass, keeping him in place.

“It’s getting better,” he assured the man.

“Are you sure?”

Head against the pillow, Noah nodded. Then, to prove it, he experimentally pressed back, taking another half inch or so. Finally, he said, “Try again.”

Emboldened, Aaron decided to give his younger lover a temporary reprieve, and he pulled back first. He felt Noah’s ass hole pressing against him, trying to force him out. He allowed himself to be almost completely expelled, until just a half inch or so of his fleshy cockhead remained inside the quivering anus, and then he pressed forward again.

The pop as the thickly ridged head of his cock made it past the incredibly tight ring of Noah’s ass hole was felt by both of them, but this time Aaron didn’t pause, steadily driving forward an inch, and then two, before Noah gasped in pain again and stiffened.

“Are you okay, Noah?”

“It’s starting to feel good. I think. It just caught me by surprise. Try again.”

Aaron withdrew an inch, feeling the way Noah’s ass was now trying to draw him in, milking his thick length. He pushed forward again, feeling the magnificent heat of Noah’s ass engulfing him. He’d had sex with a couple of men in the past, but none had this tightness, this exquisite, silky heat. Perhaps it was just the sensation of the boy beneath him, so small and vulnerable beneath his muscled mass, his limbs so delicate. He wanted to hold Noah’s body in his arms, but not as much as he wanted to drive his cock deep into the boy’s bowels.

He was five inches deep and Noah was shaking beneath him. “Hanging in there?” he asked.

“It’s stretching me wide open,” the boy gasped.

“I can stop.”

“No!” Noah gasped. “No.” He groaned then. “It feels so good.”

“You want more?”

“All of it,” Noah said. “Gimme all of it.”

Aaron pulled back again, making the boy shudder and moan, and then he drove slowly forward, pressing, pressing, and then he was there. Aaron shivered himself when he felt himself buried to the hilt in Noah’s desperately clutching ass.

“It’s all in,” he said, in case Noah was somehow unaware. Noah mumbled something, but Aaron couldn’t make it out. He said, “What?”

“Fuck me,” Noah repeated.

That was all the prompting Aaron needed. Sliding his hands up under Noah’s arms so that he could grip each of the boy’s shoulders, he pulled back until just the meaty head of his cock was inside the boy’s hot rectum, and then he slid forward, the well-heated lube easing his passage, but still being squeezed mightily by the tight walls of Noah’s teen ass.

Noah grunted when he bottomed out, and then Aaron pulled back and repeated the move, a bit faster that time. The boy had his eyes closed and his mouth half open, a low moaning sliding out of him as Aaron began to work himself in and out of his gripping ass. Then, just as they were beginning to get a good rhythm, Noah slid his hands under his body and Aaron realized he was ignoring the boy’s other needs.

Aaron carefully backed until his cock slid wetly out of Noah’s ass hole, which gaped lewdly between his legs. Noah groaned in disappointment, but seemed to be in a bit of a stupor. Happy to care for his beautiful boy, Aaron took him by the hips and carefully flipped him onto his back.

Noah’s legs gaped open, his small cock red and glistening with precum. He opened his eyes a bit blurrily, blinking. “Aaron?”

“You okay, babe?” Aaron asked.

Noah managed to smile, reaching down to clutch his cock. “Great.”

Aaron smiled. He hooked a hand underneath each of the boy’s knees and lifted them up and back. “Grab hold,” he instructed, and Noah did so, perking up a bit, his eyes becoming sharper. They burned brightly as they took in Aaron’s shiny erection.

Seeing his intent, Noah eagerly pulled back on his knees, opening himself to Aaron, who knelt between his legs. He pushed his cock down, but quickly realized he was too tall. “Give me your pillow,” he said, and Noah tossed it to him before once again pulling his legs back, presenting his gaping ass hole to his man.

With the boy’s hips raised sufficiently, Aaron pushed his cock down a bit and lined up the thick head of cock with Noah’s ass hole. This time, there seemed to be hardly any resistance at all as he pushed forward, although Noah’s anus was no less tight. Within moments he was balls deep, his pubic bush tickling the bottom of Noah’s nut sac.

Noah groaned, eyes locked on where the thick cock was spearing him. “So fucking good,” he said.

Aaron gripped the boy’s thighs, holding them in order to get a good grip as he began to drive his cock in and out of the boy’s clutching ass. The squelching sound of his lube covered cock driving into the boy’s tight ass hole was matched by the meaty smack of his groin against Noah’s ass flesh, but both paled in volume to the greedy moans of the boy himself, who’s voice rose to a helpless squeal each time Aaron bottomed out inside him.

Noah began to mutter as his head shook back and forth. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” each utterance in time with a stroke of Aaron’s cock.

Aaron let go of Noah’s right thigh in order to grip Noah’s little cock, which was twitching between his legs. Noah let loose a puppy-dog whine of greed and began to hump his hips, driving his cock into Aaron’s hand as well as working his ass up and down on the man’s big cock.

Then Noah stiffened and his dick jerked in Aaron’s fist. He watched as a long spurt of watery cum jettisoned outward, splashing across Noah’s stomach. It was followed by two more, much shorter spurts. Noah gave a high-pitched squeak but continued to hold the back of his knees while doing his best to push his ass back against Aaron’s thrusting cock.

The sight of Noah’s little spurting cock almost set Aaron off, but he’d waited too long for this moment to let it be over so quickly. Wordlessly, he gathered Noah to him, holding him to his chest, and then he moved his legs underneath them both, keeping the boy impaled on his throbbing cock as he transitioned to lying on his back. After a bit of manoeuvring, Noah was left kneeling on either side of him, their chests pressed together.

“Sit up,” Aaron said.

Noah carefully did so, conscious of the way the man’s big cock was moving around deep inside him. Eventually he was sitting upright, hands on Aaron’s groin to steady himself. Between his legs, his cock had shrunk to maybe two inches, pointing more or less downward.

Aaron reached out and stroked Noah’s smooth, hairless thighs. Then they moved up to his slim hips. Once again he asked, “Are you okay?”

Once again, Noah assured him that he was. He looked down and smiled at the man, rubbing his hand over the muscles in his stomach. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“Me either,” Aaron assured him. “Are you ready to keep going, or do you need a break?”

“I’m ready,” Noah said, and to prove it, he lifted himself a few inches and then lowered himself again, sighing as he reached bottom and shuddering, feeling Aaron’s cock twitching in his ass.

“Are you sure?” Aaron asked, reaching out to lightly pinch the soft little head of the boy’s penis between two fingers.

Noah looked down, as if surprised to see his cock wasn’t erect. Then he shrugged and said, “It still feels good.”

Then he began to slowly, gently ride Aaron’s cock. He was a bit hesitant at first, getting used to the new angle and to doing the work himself, but the longer he went the more his confidence seemed to grow.

“Try twisting your hips,” Aaron suggested, his voice a low growl. Watching the beautiful young boy working himself on his cock was mind-blowing. He watched Noah’s head fall back as his skinny hips begin to grind circles, while between his legs, his small cock began to rise again. Aaron reached out and grabbed the boy’s little boner, feeling it throb as he formed a circle with his thumb and forefinger for the boy to fuck.

“Feels so good,” Noah whimpered. “Uhhhhnnn, Aaron your dick feels good inside me.”

“My cock,” Aaron growled.

“Your cock,” Noah panted. “Your big, hard cock feels so good inside my ass.”

“Oh fuck,” Aaron said, nearly overcome by the boy’s lust.

“Jack me faster,” Noah said. “I’m gonna come again.”

Aaron wrapped the whole of the boy’s stiff dick in his fist, so that just a bit of the head poked out the top, and then he began to jack him off furiously while he felt his balls begin to tighten between his legs.

Noah’s rhythm grew ragged on top of him, and with a shuddering sigh he arched his back and again spurted several droplets of immature boy jizz, which splashed hotly against Aaron’s belly.

That was all Aaron could take. Releasing the boy’s throbbing boy cock, he pulled Noah close, so that their bodies were pressed together. Already slick with sweat, Noah’s hairless body melted against Aaron’s hairy one. Aaron lifted his legs until his feet were flat on the bed and he took Noah’s small ass into his hands, clutching a rounded little globe in each hand. Then he began to fuck the boy in earnest.

Noah held on as best he could. He slid his hands up under Aaron’s arms and gripped his shoulders as Aaron’s long cock slammed into him again and again, his small body rocking violently with each meaty slap as they connected.

As he fucked the boy, Aaron could feel the shock waves of each impact rippling through Noah’s slender frame. His cock felt as if it were encased in fire. His own leaking fluids traced down from Noah’s gripping ass ring to slide wetly over his balls, cooling as they travelled downward, making him shiver. The smell of their sweat and their sex was strong and cloying. The sound of Noah’s helpless little moans as his ass was plowed were an erotic music in his ears.

Noah’s head lay on Aaron’s chest. The man wished he could kiss him, that he could feel the boy’s essence breathing into him as they were joined, but Noah was too short and he didn’t want to lose the ability to completely bury himself in his amazing ass. His whole body was aglow now from within, a building warmth starting from head and toe and reaching outward in coruscating waves to meet in the center, at his cock, which throbbed madly, threatening to explode.

“Something’s happening,” Noah said softly, cheek pressed to Aaron’s sweaty chest.

“What, Noah? Are you okay?” Aaron asked, but his hips never slowed. They were operating independent of him now, driving his cock again and again into the molten bowels of the boy huddled atop him.

“Like coming, but different,” Noah said, voice tinged with wonder and perhaps exhaustion.

And then it happened. Aaron felt Noah’s insides suddenly rippling around him, spasming, squeezing, throttling him. Then Aaron was exploding, his balls twitching as his throbbing cock spewing hot, ropy streams of cum deep into Noah’s ass.

“I can feel it!” Noah cried in a strangled voice.

Aaron continued to come, spurt after spurt. On and on, his cock jerking maybe ten or eleven times, seeming to have new spurts milked out of him by the spasmodic squeezing of Noah’s ass.

With an exhausted sigh the couple collapsed, arms out to the sides, and Aaron’s legs straightening. They lay there for some time, panting, the sweat cooling on their bodies. After some time, Aaron’s cock slipped out of Noah’s ass. Several seconds later, Noah jumped up, alarmed, and raced to the bathroom.

After a minute, Aaron rose from the bed and headed to the bathroom as well. Noah was squatting on the toilet and he blushed as Aaron appeared in the doorway. “You okay?”

Noah nodded and blushed again. “I think it was your… stuff. You know. It was leaking out.”

“Better now?”

“I think so,” Noah answered tentatively. He clutched his belly. “I’ve got a rumbly in my tumbly.”

“A rumbly in your tumbly?” Aaron grinned.

Now Noah really blushed. “It’s from Winnie the Pooh.”

“Are you okay to get in the shower and clean up a bit?” Aaron asked.

Noah glanced at the man’s big, hanging cock, still glistening with lube and cum. “Okay, just… turn around for a second, okay?”

Eyebrow raised in question, Aaron shrugged and turned. He heard toilet paper being ripped, a wipe, and then the toilet flushing.

“Okay,” Noah said.

Aaron turned to find the boy standing ready. In the light of the bathroom he was radiant, from his sex-tousled hair to his creamy smooth skin. He realized it was the first time he’d seen the boy’s penis completely flaccid. It wasn’t much more than an inch long in this state. Aaron thought it was adorable and about the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

Aaron opened up the glass door of the shower and got the water running. As they stood there waiting for the water to warm, Noah stepped up and took his soft cock in his hand. He examined it for a moment, and then he looked up and caught the man’s eyes.

“We really are like boyfriends now, huh?”

“We really are,” Aaron assured him.

“What happens if… you know… I get old and gross or something. Will you still love me?”

Aaron looked at the boy for a moment, then took him by the shoulders and leaned down so their faces were closer to even. “First, you’re never going to get gross. You’re too beautiful,” he assured him. “Second, you’re probably going to get tired of me long before I get tired of you.”

The boy began to protest, but Aaron put a finger over his lips to silence him. “More than likely,” he continued when he had the boy’s silent attention, “you’re going to get a few years older, and then you’ll find some young guy who thinks you’re awesome and you’re going to fall in love and have a great life. And when that happens, I’m going to be happy for you and understanding and we’ll always be the best of friends.”

Noah shook his head, unable to keep his silence. He stepped close and wrapped his arm around Aaron, putting his head against his chest and said, “I’m going to love you forever.”

And Aaron, his heart swelling, wrapped his arms around his boy and said softly, “And I’m going to love you forever, too.”

The End

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All rights reserved

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