Kim’s Game – Chapter 7

Andrea picked up her phone and pressed the icon on the screen, turning the alarm off. She was due at work by ten. Still, she wanted time to take a long, leisurely bath, drink a mug of coffee, and not feel rushed.

Swinging her legs out of bed, her conversation with Arya and Kim came back to her, and she groaned, “Oh, God, did I really say I wanted to kiss Kim?”

She stood up and then sat down, uncertain if she should go into the living room and tell the kids to forget about last night, that it was a mistake. Sure, she thought, just as soon as she could relieve the pressure on her bladder.

She opened her door and glanced into the living room. The thick, heavy curtains blocked out any sunlight, and the room was almost pitch-black. Padding across the short hall to the bathroom, Andrea closed the door and turned on the light. She thought about getting a bath first, but first things first. She pulled her panties down and sat on the toilet. The steady stream felt good as the pressure lessened and then disappeared.

She glanced at the bathtub. She wanted to soak, maybe think about some way to explain to Kim that she didn’t really want a kiss. It was all just a misunderstanding. She could tell him she understood his feelings for Arya and would give them their space. But, next on the list was coffee. She pulled up her panties and made sure her T-shirt covered her breasts and headed over to the kitchen.

She flipped on the light in the kitchen and grabbed one of the coffee-pods. The Keurig was always ready to satisfy her craving for coffee, and she set the coffee mug under the dispenser. All she needed to do was wait a couple of minutes, and she could satisfy at least one craving.

While her coffee brewed, the young woman came around the bar into the living room. The light from the kitchen reached the bed. Arya had never put any panties on and was asleep on her back, her legs open. Kim, just as naked as her daughter, was snuggled up next to her, on his side. An arm stretched protectively across the girl’s chest as the boy slept.

One of Kim’s legs rested on top of Arya’s right leg. Andrea nearly gasped when she saw his penis, erect and laying a couple of inches below the girl’s waist. More than that, Andrea noticed. It was just a couple of inches away from Arya’s slit.

While the kids looked peaceful in their sleep, there was a familiarity in how they snuggled that Andrea hadn’t seen in the two weeks that Kim had slept over every night. Moving as quietly as she could, the young woman leaned over the sleeper sofa’s mattress. Kim’s erection has a splotchy white film on it in places. Had he cum during the night?

Even though Kim was thirteen, he had the development of a much younger boy, and Andrea honestly thought an emission was beyond his little balls’ ability to produce. Then she saw Arya’s puffy labia. It was red and inflamed. Andrea recalled the first time she had fucked Cory, how her vagina had ached for a couple of days afterward. Her pussy had looked just like Arya’s.

Andrea gasped and retreated into the kitchen. Her emotions were a riot of confusion as she realized the whiteness on Kim’s erection was something her daughter’s body produced when sexually aroused. There was a quiet beep, alerting the young woman that her coffee was ready, and she grabbed it and turned out the light, throwing the whole of the living room back into near darkness.

Still, she leaned against the countertop, troubled. The mother in her knew she needed to stop this. Kids weren’t supposed to do things like this. She had a duty to stop it. She took a sip of the near-scalding coffee and sighed. She had been deflowered by Cory when he was only ten. Just a year older than Arya. And Kim, even though he was thirteen, physically, he was less developed than Andrea had been at twelve.

She retreated back into the bathroom, where she turned on the water. She pulled her panties down and pulled off the T-shirt. Now she was just as naked as the two children in the next room. She waited until the water was full, steam rising from it. The water was hot, just how she liked it. And as she slid into it, she sighed as the heat seeped into her skin.

She closed her eyes, savoring the moment. She saw an image of Cory at twelve. He was on top of her, shoving his four-inches into her eager pussy. Before she knew it, her fingers were running over the stubble of her bush. She’d shaved it when she started going to the pool with the kids a few weeks earlier. The idea of pubes poking out from her swimsuit hadn’t appealed to her, and she’d only been too happy to watch her bush disappear down the bathtub drain.

She liked how there really wasn’t any hair to get between her fingers and her clit, as she pushed a couple of fingers into her slit. She could see Cory’s beautiful smile as he leaned over her. In Andrea’s mind, he was making love to her the time he put his seed into her womb. He gently rested his torso on his elbows as he slid in and out of her, all the while telling her how much he loved her.

As the pressure between her legs increased, the image in her head shifted. Instead of Cory’s face floating over her as he pushed his hard cock inside her, it morphed. Now, the image of Kim floated over her. Gone was her fourteen-year-old body getting fucked by her twelve-year-old lover. She was herself now. Twenty-four. And Kim lay between her legs, pounding away at her pussy with his slender four inches.

Andrea moaned, “Kim!” as her body shook, wave after wave of pleasure washing over her as her fingers pushed against her clit. She couldn’t shake the image of the boy in the other room, leaning over her, thrusting himself into her.

She yanked her hands from between her legs and opened her eyes, pushing away the intimate image of Kim. In that horrible moment, she knew she had no moral authority to talk to Arya and Kim about what they’d done the previous night. How the hell could she? From the time she had been twelve until she became pregnant at fourteen, she had lost count of the number of times Cory fucked her.

Sometimes when Andrea masturbated, she felt the sexual high of her orgasm linger and make her day better. Today, though, there was no afterglow, only shame. Kim was perfect for Arya, even though four years separated them. But he was also everything Andrea had found in Cory. And it was wrong for her to feel these kinds of feelings for Kim.

She pulled the plug on the tub when the water became tepid. She was no closer to knowing how to handle the situation than when she’d stepped into the bathtub. What she would be, was late to work if she didn’t get a move on.

She dressed and was heading toward the front door with a few minutes to spare. She paused and looked back. Light from the open door filtered into the room. A sliver fell on Kim, bathing the sleeping boy in a halo of light. She locked the front door and closed it, sighing unhappily. She had hoped the morning would bring clarity. A crystal-clear path forward. Instead, Andrea didn’t know what she would do the next time there was an intimate moment with the boy.

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