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The Best of Friends – Chapter 8

The Best of Friends – Chapter 8

Aiden’s feet pounded against the soft air cushions in the soles of his running shoes. He chanced a glance to his left. Wendy matched his pace, running easily beside him. After nine months, even on a bad day, which this wasn’t, they could beat their time from their first five-k run. Their next race was just a couple of weeks away and the boy could hardly wait. It was in San Antonio. The two of them planned a full week’s worth of activities during their stay.

A car sped along the road on the edge of campus and when its blinker turned on, he slowed his pace. Better to let the car beat him to the intersection. Through measured breaths, Wendy said, “You sure you want to do the ten-k next week in San Antone? It’s twice as far as our normal route.”

Aiden jogged in place until the car cleared the cross street, then he resumed his pace, “I know. But our route here is five miles now. That’s most of ten k.”

Instead of responding, Wendy turned her jog into a sprint as the quadplex buildings came into view. Aiden shook his head and pumped his legs as fast as possible, closing the gap between him and his girlfriend.

He liked the taste of that word on his lips. It had been the better part of six months since Nana’s heart attack. She was back home now, but Aiden had yet to move back into her house. Nana seemed to enjoy the peace and quiet. And he and Wendy enjoyed their new life together.

He finished the school year attending TOPS, an online public school that was a million times better than Travis Intermediate. In fact, he hadn’t been back across the highway to his old school since the Christmas break. And he loved it. Wendy knew so much and tutored him in anything he didn’t understand. But the teachers in the online school actually offered one-on-one on Zoom when he got stumped, if Wendy wasn’t available.

Wendy turned on more speed, pulling further ahead. Normally, Aiden would run his heart out to beat her. But seeing her backside in the microfiber shorts that barely covered her ass, reminded the newly minted twelve-year-old he enjoyed living with Wendy for more than just her tutoring skills.

When she reached the parking lot between the quadplex buildings and her apartment, Wendy’s hands shot up in victory. She spun around and flashed a wide grin at him as he reached the concrete ribbon a few heartbeats later. Aiden wanted nothing more than to grab her around the waist and kiss that grin from her face.

But even though he saw nobody else outside, he had long ago promised to avoid public displays of affection, as Wendy called them. Instead, he jogged by her, heading to the small apartment they now shared.

He leaned against the door, waiting for Wendy to unlock it. Despite it being mid-morning, the June day promised to be a real scorcher. His tank-top was soaked through and his eyes stung from sweat dripping from his unkempt hair.

Wendy patted him on the shoulder before unlocking the door, “Better luck next time, A.”

The cool air hit him square in the chest once the door swung open and Aiden made a bee-line to the fridge, where he fetched a couple of water bottles. One thing that had changed since moving in with Wendy is there was actually some food in the fridge. The boy usually ate breakfast and lunch there. They ate dinner at the cafeteria on campus closest to the apartment. Wendy didn’t have many friends, and the people who casually knew her thought she was Aiden’s nanny. He smirked as he twisted the lid from a bottle of water and handed it to her. If they only knew.

He drained the water from his bottle in a few gulps and set it next to the laptop on the dining room table where he had finished out his sixth-grade year a few days earlier, and then followed Wendy into the bedroom.

She sat on the end of the bed, her green tank-top plastered to her body. Green did a better job than white at masking her nipples, but as close as Aiden was, he could see the outline of her perky nipples through the fabric of Wendy’s shirt.

He came over to her, “Winner gets to tell the loser what they have to do. What’s it going to be?”

Wendy ran a hand through her short, wet hair, “You’re lucky I’m horny this morning, A. Otherwise, I can think of all sorts of ways to get back at you for when you won.”

Hearing the young woman admit to her needs, Aiden’s penis twitched, pushing at the fabric of his underwear and shorts. “I don’t remember you complaining, Wen.”

The twenty-year-old chuckled, “I bet you won’t either. Okay. Help me take off my shirt.”

Aiden grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. He knew every inch of Wendy’s modest breasts, how her tits didn’t quite fill out even an a-cup. But they were beautiful to him, swelling out just a couple of inches, topped by nipples only a bit larger than twice the size of his own small nipples.

He cupped one of the young woman’s breasts and squeezed it the way she liked to be squeezed. Wendy moaned, “Nice, A. Now, tell me why you’re still dressed?”

Aiden chuckled. It was a rhetorical question. That was one of the words Wendy taught him. Rhetorical; a question not requiring an answer. He grinned at her and pulled his wet shirt off and tossed it into their hamper. He slid his jogging shorts off, leaving them at his feet. “I’m not. Not anymore.”

Wendy’s fingers touched the waistband of his underwear. Gone were the superhero briefs. The girl traced her finger along the waistband of his solid black briefs. From the first day she bought them for him, Wendy told him he looked sexy in the low hung briefs that exposed his abs, which the frequent running had strengthened.

Funny, no matter who won the sprint back to the apartment, they both undressed the other. Wendy hooked her fingers under the band and tugged downward. His erection formed resistance to pulling the material down. But only for a moment, a bit lower and his penis, hard as a rock, slapped upwards, making a noise loud enough to bring laughter when it slapped against his abs.

Once he kicked his underwear away, Aiden took Wendy by the hand and pulled her to her feet. Now, he was only an inch shorter than her. He didn’t need to bend his neck up to kiss her.

He just leaned in and kissed her, their lips almost perfectly aligned when they stood up, like now. Wendy tasted of sweat, but Aiden didn’t care. He slid his tongue through her lips and felt himself growing aroused as Wendy’s tongue played with his in her mouth.

He pulled at her short shorts, revealing a sexy pair of black panties. Aiden knew where she stored the matching bra. But she only wore it when they went out.

Six months before, Aiden would have paused, worried about whether he was doing things right. Now, he just pulled the panties down too, revealing the rest of Wendy’s body. She was as smooth as he. He was still waiting for the first signs of puberty to hit and she still shaved away all her hair down there. He sighed, “Wow, Wen. You’re sexy.”

Wendy stepped against him, her body pressed to his as her arms wrapped around his back, “You’re biased, A. But I’m glad you are. Let’s get the sweat washed off. I told Nana we would stop by and bring her something for lunch. We don’t want to be late, so…”

Aiden heard the unspoken challenge. He took her hand and followed her into the bathroom. A moment later, they were under the rain showerhead, each washing the other. When Aiden lathered shampoo into Wendy’s hair, he said, “Are you still thinking about your Uncle Walt’s suggestion about taking one of the apartments in the quadplexes?”

Wendy bent her head toward him as Aiden rubbed the shampoo through her hair, “I haven’t told him no, yet. But I like it here in this little apartment.”

Once Wendy rinsed the shampoo from her hair, she returned the favor. Her fingers were lathering Aiden’s blond hair, “What about you? You want your own room?”

Aiden’s eyes were clenched closed, “No. Do you think your uncle thinks we’re doing… um, what we’re doing?”

Wendy chuckled as she pushed his head under the rain showerhead, “No more than Nana. Hell, probably less than your nana.”

Aiden felt his face flush. Whenever he went by himself over to visit his nana, it was always, “How’s your girlfriend doing,” or the like. Even so, he didn’t think Nana knew how intimate he and Wendy truly were.

“If you think we should, Wen, I guess that would be okay. As long as I don’t really have to stay in another bedroom.”

Wendy’s hand reached between his legs, gently grabbing his dick. He filled more of her hand now than he had six months before. He was even slightly longer. The twenty-year-old said, “Hell no. I like our sleeping arrangement, same as you.”

Once they dried each another off, Aiden happily let Wendy guide him back to the bed. She pushed him down before crawling onto the bed and onto his lap. He hadn’t known back in December how many ways there were for two people to have sex. But this was Wendy’s favorite. Aiden was fond of it too, because seeing his girlfriend orgasm was fun and made him even hornier.

Wendy reached between them long enough to guide him into her. She shifted her hips and wiggled her butt against his groin, sending tingles through his dick, before sliding down. The feel of the young woman shuddering as she descended sent a thrill through Aiden. Even though this position was familiar, each time Wendy took him, the feelings were always intoxicating. Wendy was his drug, and he was addicted to her.

As Wendy bounced on her knees, her juices coated Aiden’s penis, creating just enough friction to send tendrils of tickles through him. One thing he liked about this position was watching his girlfriend cum several times before finally getting him across the finish line. Idly, Aiden’s hands reached up and massaged the young woman’s boobs. The gentle swells gave against his kneading fingers, and he was rewarded by Wendy’s first moan.

A grin flashed across Aiden’s face. That wouldn’t be the last moan, not by a long shot. After a minute or two, Wendy leaned over him, her lips locking onto his as she rested her knees but shifted her movement to her hips, sliding along his shaft, sending more tingles racing through his boner and into his body. Her tongue in his mouth only served to make the pleasure more intense. It was Aiden’ turn to moan through the kiss.

Another couple of minutes passed before Wendy sat up on Aiden’s crotch. Her knees moved, making his dick slip and slide inside the girl’s pussy, driving him crazy, with a feeling he was getting close to cumming. But as Wendy changes position or rested, the pending orgasm retreated.

Aiden’s eyes were partially closed. Wendy had cum at least three times since climbing on top of him. He had no idea about edging. Not even his twenty-year-old girlfriend could have explained it. But with the way Wendy fucked him, he closed in on his orgasm several times, only to have the moment delayed as she altered her position.

Then it happened. With barely any warning, his dick spasmed within Wendy’s pussy. His cum was a top ten moment, especially when Wendy’s vagina undulated with another orgasm, milking him dry. Aiden nearly passed out before Wendy stopped fucking him, barely hanging on to consciousness in his orgasm-addled state.

Wendy leaned forward, staying impaled, and rested her head on Aiden’s chest. Once he could think clearly, the boy said, “I never want to move.”

Head on his chest, Wendy giggled, “Not even to eat?”

Aiden’s hands found Wendy’s back, and he caressed her, “That’s what delivery is for.”

Wendy kissed him before saying, “Maybe again before bed tonight? We promised Nana we’d come over for lunch.”

Aiden rolled off his girlfriend and lay beside her, “I know. She’s doing so much better. Do you think she’s going to want me to go back and stay with her?”

Wendy climbed off the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up, “I don’t think so, A. She knows how well you’re doing with school over here and I think she enjoys not having to take care of you.”

Aiden got up and joined her in the bathroom where he cleaned his groin with a wash towel. Was he a burden to Wendy? “Do you mind it?”

Still naked, Wendy grabbed him in a hug, “We take care of each other, A. I know it’s like something from a bad movie, but I think we complete each other. Don’t you?”

Aiden squeezed her in a bear hug, “Yeah. Sometimes you finish my sentences for me.”

Wendy headed back into the bedroom where she got dressed. Aiden followed her, enjoying the sight of her slipping on her favorite peach-colored panties. Pink shorts and shirt followed. When the young woman was dressed, she glowered at him. “If you hadn’t been perving me, we’d both be ready, A.”

Aided chuckled, “But I like watching you get dressed. It’s fun.”

Still, he was sliding on a clean pair of red low-cut briefs while talking. A few minutes later, he let Wendy take his hand and head toward the door. They spent a pleasant afternoon visiting his Nana. And after Aiden helped to clean the dishes, letting them dry in the drying rack, his nana grew tired, “You two wear an old woman out. I swear. What’re you kids going to do with your summer?”

Aiden smiled at Wendy, who said, “There are some five and ten k runs. Next week, there’s one in San Antonio. Do you mind if Aiden goes to run in it? We were thinking of making a week out of it.”

Nana’s eyes shone, “That sounds like so much fun. It’s nice that you ask me, Wendy. But you’re as much Aiden’s guardian as I am. I like that you tell me, but you don’t need my permission. You kids go have fun down there and then tell me all about it afterward.”

Aiden didn’t particularly understand all the guardian stuff. But if that’s what was needed to let him live with Wendy, he didn’t really care what it was called. Wendy patted him on the shoulder, “I know, Nana. We’ll always let you know what’s going on.”

It was all Aiden could do to not snigger at Wendy. After all, he and Wendy did some things nobody else could know about. Not even Nana.

“Thank you,” Nana said with a yawn, “Now if you kids don’t mind, I’m going to lie down for a nap.”

Aiden closed the door behind him, stepping onto the old, decaying porch. This wasn’t home. Not any more. He looked over at Wendy and slipped a hand into hers. “Come on, let’s go home.”

The End.

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    Pretty short chapter, especially considering this was the ending of the story. That being said though I still think this was a nice enough ending for the story since all the characters are at a good place.

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